Castle Camelot LORD Authors Newsletter #10:

LordNews Volume 3, Issue 1 -- Created by Donald Tidmore
Covers December 02, 2001 - February 05, 2002.
Officially Released on February 06, 2002.

LORD Newsletter Issue #10 Introduction:

Welcome to the Castle Camelot LORD Newsletter's third year. This issue, #10, covers December 02, 2001 through February 04, 2002. Some info covers material learned for February 01-04, that was entered during the Feb. 05-06 final processing of this issue. Everything in here is about BBS door games developed originally by Seth Robinson, and then by Michael Preslar. Those games are collectively called LORD, which stands for Legend of the Red Dragon. After DOS LORD came LORD II and Tournament LORD -- distributed in two forms to cover Wildcat BBS's and Worldgroup BBS's. I am an official distributor of LORD programs to Fidonet's LORD echo. If you have a program you wish released, send it to me via Email file attachment. The programs that I release online are posted on: (1) the LORD Legacy FTP Site; (2) the LORD IGMs List database; (3) my site's LORD web-pages; and (4) on the Camelot LordNews FDN. If something gets released for LORD II, it will get listed on the Official LORD II IGM Archive Site eventually. Joseph Watson's joeCODE WT-LORD IGM Page is the only currently active source for new WT-LORD programming. 02/06: You can add "Solitude", Janet Terry, Bobby Thornton, and Joe Marcelletti to active programmers list.

The LordNews mailing list is used to distribute newsletter status/update reports or actual issue release files to members. To subscribe to the current list, do the following (or use the following HTML form). Send email message to, with "subscribe lordnews" in message body. An alternate email account can also be specified. My thanks to Shannon Talley for setting up my new mailing list. Personal Email note: Due to an increase in SPAM, I am now listing my email address with "-NOSPAM" added. So to reach me, you will need to delete that. NOTE: *IF* you can not reach me at my address, you may write to me at

02/06: The newsletter is finished, and released tonight, February 06, 2002. There will be minor differences between ccigm-10.html and the LNWS-10.TXT file. Please send feedback, I'm tired of spending so much time on this work, and not getting any. Thanks to everyone who helped with this issue by providing information, as well as long-time support. Official release of issue #10 will be made to LordNews List and my web-site tonight. Will send Issue files to Fidonet via my FDN site on Thursday evening. Hope you enjoy your reading. 02/07: Did web-page Links check, fixed some email links errors. No bad site links reported. Officially released Issue #10 archives to Fidonet via my Camelot LordNews FDN.

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LordNews #10 Misc. Notes Section:

LordNews #10 - Table of Contents:
Miscellaneous Notes Section LORD Programming Situation Section
LORD Authors Notes Section LORD IGMs Testing Section
Recent LORD Programs Listing Year-End LORD Programming Activity Summary
Un-Released LORD Files Section LORD Authors Status Info
LordNews Issues Links Section Newsletter Contributions Section:
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LORD Site Closures: Michael Everett's web-site, TEOS Weekly site. Mike Dillon's web-site. Dropped from listing: BBS Networks site. New LORD sites discovered: T&T Software - IGMXtend utility by Timothy Ward. Abandoned site, author unavailable by email. Re-openings: Dragon Archives graphics site, Address is: Elysium Software (

Web-site pages updates: 01/14: Replaced waterfall pictures on my Lord Links Page. Revamped layout of the Lord IGMs Page. It now lists unusable IGMs in three tables. Link checks made on LordNews Issues #1-#3, #9. 01/29: Link check made on Issues #4-#6. Initial revamp of LordNews Issue #6 started -- will be completed sometime in February. Red LORD barline

LORD Programming Situation Section:

Michael Preslar -- Alternate Email: -- LORD Legacy Site
IRC Site: -- Telnet site: -- LORD Legacy News Page
Elysium Software

12/12/01 IGM Testing notes for Joseph Masters' programs owned by Michael: NPCLORD v2.90 has RTE 200, is patch-able. It does not work, based on tests done by myself and Brian May. Sandtiger's Bar v1.00 has RTE 200, and is not usable. TeamLord v1.90 has RTE 200, but was usable after patching. On later re-test, it was not patch-able. 12/16 Testing: Aragorn's Timer v1.10 has RTE 200, and is not usable. 01/05/02 Testing: LordNet v1.40N has RTE 200, and is not usable. The LordNet Y2K Patch works. Just follow the directions in readme.txt file, from, for setting it up for InterBBS play, including making an Site.dat file. 01/09: Aragorn's Timer v1.10 was re-released without version number update. IGM Log v1.02 utility released. Neither will work in Local mode for me. Bug reports on both sent to Michael. Seth's Lotto v1.01 released on Elysium Software site. Does not run in Local Mode, unless you have an node.dat file. 01/14: The LordEvent 1.60 utility is unusable due to RTE 200 lockup. The config portion patches, but the IGM itself can't be used. 02/01: Lord utility test results: LordBull and LordConvert files by Masters are RTE200 locked. 02/05: Tested LordRecover v2.00 utility, it has RTE200, but worked after patching. Tested LordRid v1.20, it also has RTE200, but was not patch-able.

12/28 News release: Lord2, Teos, TLord, Lord/x, Lord/32, Lord/2, and WebLord: nothing has changed since last news post (on November 12). Sorry, been really busy. Lord: The bug that eats text is gone. New functionality with Lady. New functionality in Lordcfg. Also found out that 4.06 does work with DosEMU. Sometime soon, I'll be pestering the guy for his configs and get them posted here. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Boxing Day, and all the other 'end of the year' holidays. Michael 01/09: Michael's auto-responder system is fixed, so you can resume sending requests for LORD 4.07, LORD II, or TEOS beta files. (Reworded at end of Michael's entry.) Michael reported to me that the Prince/Princess rescue events are the way Seth designed them. He is going to consider updating the Prince rescue so that the lady characters get laid. The reason he hasn't been sending beta archives to requestors is that his server crashed on December 11, and it took a week to get things taken care of. So if your request wasn't taken care of, send it in again. In order to use the LORD 4.07 beta, you have to be using v4.05 or v4.06. I asked him about the "Fast Breeder" gimmick, and he explained it to me. It no longer works if you use v4.05+. In previous versions, renaming your weapon or armour using any mail code would result in your getting a free kid each time you Viewed Stats.

01/18: Source: BBS Software Development News page, by Mike Ehlert. LORD coverage dated Dec. 07, 2001. Michael Preslar is planning to release a new version of LORD for DOS this month. This version finally fixes the 100% CPU usage issue that sysops were experiencing under Windows and OS/2 during the past 10 years. Range checking has been added to prevent negative values bugs from appearing, and the display routines have been enhanced to solve various cosmetic bugs. Michael is also working on native Windows and OS/2 ports of LORD, which are currently about 60% finished. The ports will be a complete rewrite, and are expected out sometime in 2002.

02/01: From Fidonet DoorGames echo. Michael was asked by Dennis Haddox about a problem his users were having playing LORD via Telnet. When playing LORD in ASCII mode what users typed got displayed with a dot instead. He replied that it sounded like a known problem with LORD, and other DDPlus-based games played via Telnet. In DOS, hitting ENTER key sends the CR character. The Telnet specs say that when ENTER is hit, send CR and LF. LORD expects CR, sees the LF character waiting, converts it into a period, and goes from there. Solution is to set the Telnet client's options to "Send CR when you hit Enter", instead of "Send CR+LF ..". Dennis later responded that the info had solved his problem. Michael was asked by Charlie Wardick if LORD would be broken if IGM authors coded some game stats to go up to 32,767. He said that LORD checks all stats to make sure they're within range. If it's above the limit, the number gets bumped down. If the number is negative, and isn't supposed to be, it gets bumped up to zero. He is considering changing some ranges, for example for Kids, to a more reasonable maximum number like 100.

02/01 cont'd: Anyone who wishes to play with LORD 4.07's beta version, and help with its testing, is to send email to with subject "Send me LORD" (without quotes). The auto-responder catches the message and sends out a copy of the latest binaries for you to play with. Mail is checked once an hour, and the absolute latest compile is always sent. LORD v4.07 will be a very good release of the game. Performance increases, extra player editor functionality, upgrades to LADY, and soon a way to install/uninstall LADY events without manually editing files. Tons of other stuff. In response to the usual "So when is the next release" question, I don't know. I was planning one for Christmas, but things didn't work out like I wanted on the personal front, so I got behind schedule. With my wedding coming up in 78 days, I'm busy with that also. None the less, 4.07 will be out officially soon enough. Red LORD barline

LORD Universe Health Status:

LORD IGMs are being revitalized by a few authors, and some brand new IGMs are being developed. Work continues on LORD v4.07, which has various unresolved problems still. The 32-bit versions of LORD -- for Windows 95+, OS/2, and Linux -- are still in development. No 32-bit Lord IGMs work can occur until betas become available. These LORD authors were fully/semi active in late January 2002: Michael Preslar, myself, Lloyd Hannesson, Bryan Turner, Bryan Stanbridge, Brian May, Mike Hodgson, Ken Weitzel, Marty Blankenship, Paul Koukos, and Charlie Wardick. Wildcat Tournament LORD work: Program itself can not be updated, unless rewritten from scratch. Marcelletti lost its source code when he quit his previous employer. Known active programmers: Joseph Watson, Janet Terry, and Frank "Solitude". Known active WT-Lord webmasters: Shannon Talley and Joseph Watson.

02/06: Returned to active duty - Joe Marcelletti. Janet Terry succeeded in getting him to work on WT-Lord again. He will need some assistance from interested parties, so write to Janet for details on that. Her email is .

TEOS work: None other than by Preslar exists currently. Lloyd will be revamping Robert Fogt's IGM "Hal's Ocean View Resort". Worldgroup Tournament Lord work: Program will be brought up-to-date by Preslar eventually. The last known WG T-Lord programming was done in September 1997 by Mike Snyder. LORD II work: Program update by Preslar underway. Joel Gathercole is STILL off-line. Bobby Queen is still fully inactive. So, Duncan Idaho and Preslar are the only two I am sure of that are doing Lord2 programming. Therefore, L2 IGM programming is assumed still dead, excluding work by Codax Dragon. L2 New World programming is limited to Duncan. I can only report on what is currently known, so that's how things stand on February 02, 2002.

These are the LORD authors who are fully active currently, that I am sure of: Myself, Michael Preslar, Brian May, Joseph Watson, Paul Koukos, Lloyd Hannesson, Shannon Talley, Bryan Turner, Marty Blankenship, Charlie Wardick, and Duncan Idaho. Semi-active: Bryan Stanbridge, Janet Terry, Mike Dillon, "Black Omen", Eric Richardson, and Mike Hodgson, Bobby Thornton. Semi-active: David Simmons, Chris Hamilton. Former Author status: Chris MacPherson, Jason Brown, Tien Lung, Gary Hartzell, Chuck Brogan, Aaron Wornom (assumed), Nannette Thacker, Kenneth Padgett, Rick Smorawski, Chris Hamilton, Trevor Herndon, Steve Gargolinski, Elric, "Voodoo Knight", Michael Adams, Chet Rhodes, Kyle Parish. Lost/Former Authors: Jay Cochrane, Michael Bujold, Korombos, Stephen Vickers, Carlton Griffin. Other Lost Lord authors are listed inside Lost-Authors.txt file. Inactive authors are listed inside the Authors-info.txt. Red LORD barline

LORD Programs Update Summary:

Bryan Stanbridge is updating Apothecary, Grizelda's House, and Lord Suburbia. Michael Preslar has done initial updates of Aragorn's Timer, IGM Log, and Seth's Lotto. None work in local mode however. Charlie Wardick is working on updating The Changeling. Lloyd Hannesson, Bryan Turner, and Marty Blankenship have been busy beavers. Marty has released an updated Marty's Mercantile, and is rewriting Dave's Inn - formerly by David Taylor. Lloyd has already released LordMenu's update, and will soon release an updated Outhouse IGM - both formerly by Robert Fogt. He has taken over Sommer's Shiny Things - by Shawn Highfield; an TEOS IGM by Fogt; and Chuck Culver's Gallagher's Performance and MoshPit IGMs. Chuck Culver released an working update of Gallagher before he relinquished his IGMs to me, to find new homes for them. Bryan Turner started out in the RTE200 "repair" business by updating Seth Robinson's Barak's House IGM, at my request. Then he fixed The Latrine, and has taken it over from Vamsi Tadepalli. He has now taken over the Lottery from Culver. Brian May is updating all of his IGMs so that they work in Lord Telnet games. He has also started work on some new IGM/utility projects.

Chris Hamilton's RTE200 patch update of Morph's Gymnasium, v2.20, was released officially on February 04. Hiding in the Shadows patch update was released last year for Kenneth Padgett. The Hidden Spring of Turgon patch update was reviewed by Rick Smorawski, and will be released on Wednesday, Feb. 06. At last contact, David Simmons intended to recompile and update his Shauna, Princess of Sorcery, and Knight's of the Golden Horseshoe IGMs. Ken Weitzel is working on Lordy, which doesn't work in Local Mode, due to memory stack problems. Gary Hartzell plans to fix some bugs in his four Gateway RHP script IGMs.

On my "To Do List": (1) Catch up with needed swimsuit and waterfall graphics replacements on various web-pages. (2) Write installation batch file for any usable IGM that has to be manually installed, and release an update on author's behalf. (3) Do RTE200 patch update of five IGMs: Player's Market, Redwood Restaurant, Turgon's House, Werewolf, and Wise Guy. Those will be released on the author's behalf, all of whom are designated lost authors. (4) Continue re-test of IGMs previously marked fully unusable. Should any be possibly usable with tweaking, I will attempt to make them usable in some fashion for others. (5) Continue primary testing of Lord Utility programs. Red LORD barline

LORD Authors Notes Section:

Fully Active Authors Contributions:

Marty Blankenship -- Gamemaster BBS web-site -- telnet://

12/20 Note: Marty was asked by me to look at Dave's Inn IGM, by David Taylor. I could not figure out why it would not run in Local Mode. David could not explain it, and released the IGM's source code to me to have the IGM properly updated. I then sent it to Marty. 12/31: I played around with the Dave's Inn source. It is not an official IGM, because it requires the installer have an door.sys file created by the BBS. I never could figure out how to get it to install as it kept coming up with "can't find davesinn.dat", and I know the file is there. It just doesn't see it. I'll try converting it to the QWKIGM format. Update about Marty's Mercantile IGM: I never could find the v1.50 source, so it looks like I'll be updating it from the 1.0 source. It will take longer than expected, as I had thought I would be working from the 1.5 source. I found the file you sent me, with suggested IGM changes. I am changing the weapon/armour names and prices to use your suggestions. When I get an update out for the Mercantile, I'll be messing with the Dave's Inn source. I have another week off from work so I'll be working more on the IGM. 01/09/02 Notes: Have started beta testing the new Mercantile updates. Marty's ICQ number is 4458423, and his Fidonet address is 1:2320/303. 01/14: Marty's Mercantile v1.70 work finished, and sent to me for distribution today. Marty will start work on Dave's Inn update this weekend.

Lloyd Hannesson -- Tech'n Software -- LORD I IGM Listing Database
Alternate Email:

Nov. 21 Tech'N S/w news page: Just wanted to say a quick hello again to everyone out there. I've been able to scrounge up a little bit of time to update the News section here. There have been a few changes to this site that you have probably noticed happening over the past few months. The main one being that the LORD IGM database is now up to 225 entries! This is mainly due to the hard work of one individual... Donald Tidmore! Yep, the same guy that puts out the LORD newsletters has been finding time to help me update this web page, please send him some thank you notes! It takes a while to do 1 entry, never mind the hundreds that he has been doing. There have also been a few bugs pointed out to me with my latest releases of my IGMs, so you can expect updated versions soon. Also if any old LORD authors are out there reading this web page, and no longer want to support your old LORD IGMs, please drop me a line. I'm looking for the source code to older IGMs that either won't run due to the RTE200 errors, or for other reasons. I want to update them and get them back out there for people to enjoy. So if you no longer have time to update/support your work, make the source available to me, and I'll do my best to keep them out there and alive. Well I guess that's it for this update. If you have any questions/comments, please email me at

12/03/01: I've started work on debugging my IGMs. Still trying to figure out why Felicity's Temple and Warrior's Graveyard are not handling the Fairies properly. I've taken over development of Robert Fogt's Outhouse LORD IGM and LordMenu utility programs, and I'm working on their source code clean-up/optimization, and RTE 200 removal. 12/12: I believe I have figured out the problem with my IGMs taking Fairies away, but letting you keep them when given. Except for the Graveyard, it wasn't giving them to users in the first place. The door driver that Korombos wrote has a bug in it. The fact that you have a Fairy when coming into the door isn't registered. So it is written back out that you haven't got one. I wrote a little hack that seems to work perfectly. I'm currently testing it, but it looks good so far. The reason why the Graveyard didn't give you the Fairy (from the Lemon-Aide) has been fixed. It seems to work for me now. I was getting a Fairy in LORD, going into Felicity's, and then it would take it away. I tested the IGM again and found that when it gave you one, you got to keep it. From there, I was able to identify the problem and fix it.

12/19: The Fairy problems are fixed with my IGMs. I'm working on optimizing their code now. I am planning to make this the last release for each of them. The Outhouse IGM is working and looks great. It has more functionality now. Once it is completed, I will look into fixing Chuck Culver's programs, and Shawn Highfield's IGM. Otherwise, I'm working on the usual Christmas shopping for the family. Work on IGM voting scripts for the database is on hold for now, and will be resumed at a later time. 12/26: Lloyd sent me a new beta version of The Outhouse v2.00 for testing. It did not want to install if more than 8 IGMs were listed in 3rdparty.dat. But installed fine if you removed enough IGM entries, which could be restored afterwards. January News: 01/10: The "Time Limit Exceeded" error is caused by the setup of LORD on your system. What happens is that when you enter an IGM, an INFO.* file is written, with the * being your node number. Either LORD writes out the wrong file name -- such as info.3 instead of info.0 for Local -- or the IGM is reading in the wrong file. To solve this, make sure that in your LORD setup you have node 0 set to Local, and so forth. Then delete all Info.* files you find in the main LORD directory, and any in your IGM subdirectories. What the TLE means is that the IGM reads the info.* file, sees that you have 0 or a negative amount of time left in LORD, and it exits out.

01/22: Here are a few pictures of my cat. Just got a digital camera so I put some up for the world to see. I've had a mailbox corruption so that my old email messages have been lost. (Note: If you sent mail to Lloyd recently, you should check with him to see if he needs anything re-sent to him.) 01/23: Have almost completed the coding work for visitors to my LORD IGMs database to vote on IGMs' value. When the voting is working, Michael Preslar is going to use my database to generate his own IGM list pages. Jan. 22, 2002 Newsletter note: Hey all! I have finally released new versions of both Felicity's Temple and The Warrior's Graveyard for Lord 1 today. These releases will fix a bug where the IGM would take away your fairy if you entered it with one. I think this will be the final release of both of these IGMs. I think all the content that I wanted is in, and that all the bugs are squashed. Hope you all enjoy them. Other programming work info: The Outhouse 2.00 may be released soon. It still won't run from anywhere but the LORD directory. Otherwise it works now. LordMenu v1.30 is ready for testing now.

01/30: Tech'N news: LordMenu v1.3 was released today. It's a great program that organizes your IGM display into 2 columns, so you can show more than 20 IGMs per screen page. It has been tested under LORD 4.06 and 4.07 beta. It is one of Robert Fogt's old programs that I've cleaned up, fixed the RTE200 error, and its conflict with lord.dat in current LORD games. The LORD IGMs database now has the voting system that has been in development added. You may give an IGM/utility a rating from 1 to 10. The archives for the recently released Felicity and Graveyard IGMs are updated. I forgot to include some documentation files in them. So please download them again from my web-site's files page. 02/01: Lloyd has started a new LORD Web-ring. See his web- site to join it.

Mike Hodgson -- Mike's Development Page

12/05/01: Latest version of FreeDoor, as of Dec. 10th, is v1.35. Freedoor can be used to write IGMs for Lord32, but not for DOS Lord. I'm waiting on Michael to get some working copies of Lord32, and then I will write an IGM32 unit for it. 12/31: Added second email address. 01/12: Dropped the address; does not work. 02/03: Mike has been side-tracked by school and other things. FreeDoor is still being developed, but things are slow because people are NOT reporting bugs to him. His other programs are working fine, so aren't being developed further. He WANTS people to send in requests for new features, bug reports, etc. FreeDoor 1.35 contains various fixes and LORD SANSI emulation.

Duncan Idaho -- VisualMatrix Homepage

Received on 12/01: Here's today's list of updates for DuneLord2: Rewrote new player creation, made it more streamlined, and got everything aligned correctly. Fixed the last few remaining bugs in the fight engine. Fixed a HUGE bug in the Atreides Quest - looping infinitely and giving the player thousands of experience points and solari (cash). Fixed and aligned the first "Talk with Mother" that each new player goes through. I'll keep playing away and fixing all the crap I find. ... DUNELORD archives up to about 350 kb so far. That will increase after the map overhaul, and at this stage I can't give people an estimate. But I'll be doing everything I can to keep it as small as possible. As for the RTE200 problem being dealt with by old LORD authors ... Tsk tsk, first rule of coding: DON'T USE OPEN CODE. Find the source you need and adapt it to suit you. That way you KNOW what's going in to your programs, and if it messes up, you know how to go about fixing it. I haven't got around to updating my site since the last update. All the valid info is still there though, and I'll get onto it soon. I'm doing a total graphics update on it too, so it'll have a new look and feel to it.

12/11: Well, it's finally happened. I've decided that DUNELord is now "playable" ... to an extent at least. All I need to do before sending it out all over the place is to change the old intro ANSI's, as they still advertise my now nonexistent BBS. So sometime in the next few days you will get your very own copy of DL. There's still plenty of work to be done on it, but, in its current state, it's playable. Gives people an idea of what to expect. Plus having feedback from players should help with the bug detection/fixing. I need to find some good ANSI artists to help with the handful of New Worlds that I have on the drawing board. 12/23: Here is a long-awaited release of DUNELord. Labeled it "Public Beta 1". There's still a whole heap of stuff to do to it, but, like I said earlier, it's playable. Plus hopefully people will email me with bugs and stuff to fix. I haven't had time to write much in the way of author contact stuff - just the intro ANSI and something in the help menu about it. For bug reports, people can contact me through . Cheers, hope you all enjoy it. Merry Christmas to all. DGT Note: (451 KB) is available now from my LORD II IGMs Page. 12/26: Well, I got to thinking on a world based on David Eddings stuff, that you suggested I try doing, and I made a start on it yesterday. Tentative name will be LORD2: Eddings Style. The idea I've got for it so far is for the player to first quest for Cthrag Yaksa (The Orb), then for Cthrag Sardius (The Sardion). Then once the player has a high enough Will, they can combine the stones and become a God. Just an idea, open for suggestions, of course. 01/28: Have had to reformat my system again, and I'm dealing with a suicide attempt by my girl-friend. There has not been any feedback on DuneLord. I'll be working on my Lord2 projects again soon.

Paul Koukos -- Hellas BBS -- Hellas BBS Files Page -- Telnet: - ICQ: 9899458 -- Freq Files:

02/03: Paul tested Cathedral of Nalishar 2.00 for me on his BBS, and reported it was not usable. He requested a listing of Usable LORD IGMs on Fidonet last week, and I have created one. See Usable-Igms.Txt inside His file's latest update is dated 02-02- 2002. Robin Hood's latest update is dated 01-27-2002. Both files are available from his Files page. Paul has been helping me with rechecks of my IGM Testing results, and his help is greatly appreciated.

Bryan Stanbridge -- Purple Frog Productions -- Alternate Email: -- Bryan's Files Page

12/01/01: Bryan has started work on a "Things to do" list for his IGMs. He is looking for users' suggestions and/or bug reports for Apothecary, Grizelda's House, and LORD Suburbia. So if you want to help out, send him an email. 12/08: I'm going through the Suburbia code and seeing what works. And trying to figure out exactly what I was doing when I wrote it. I'm reworking some text, fixing some options, and changing a few things. The standard new version items. I'm debating, for Suburbia, whether to keep the free registration keys in the program, or to remove them completely. My new web-site is nearing completion and will premiere during the holiday break. When it is opened, the site will be at 12/10: The main source code for LORD Suburbia has been processed. I have to do RTE 200 testing and configuration program work, then the first new version of Suburbia will be ready for beta testing. 12/14: Suburbia v2.01 beta testing started today. 12/16: Had updates ready for Grizelda's House and Apothecary but discovered that a new routine is locking up the system. So their release has been delayed awhile. The next release will be 1.75 beta for those two. Bryan is also looking into doing more IGMs in the future. 12/21: Beta testing is now underway for updates of Apothecary and Grizelda's House. 01/01/02: I'm getting ready to return to college, and working on the IGM packages. It seems that Grizelda's House is the most popular IGM now, so it will receive my primary focus for awhile. Suburbia still has a few bugs left, but they'll be taken care of later. The current goal is to have Grizelda, and hopefully, Apothecary, ready to go by February 01. (Did not happen. DGT) 01/27: Added link to entry header for alternate Email address, and new web-site address.

02/03: Beta testing notes. Bryan has released an updated beta for The Apothecary, v1.76b. It has been optimized in several areas, and the Bee Sting penalty incident has been worked on. Both Apothecary and Grizelda still have some problems dealing with Items.dat generation, so beta testers are using an Generate.exe program to create them. Adding more features to the two is a low priority. Grizelda's House has new prompting routines. Its next version update will be to v1.80. He will be writing up strategy guides for people to use in playing each of the IGMs at a later date. 02/06: Bryan reports that he has no new features planned for the various IGMs, unless people send in requests for them. He is dealing with personal issues, and with college class-work, so there won't be any IGM work done for awhile.

Shannon Talley -- LORD Cheats Page -- Fidotel LORD site
Icerage Technologies -- telnet://

12/09 Notes: Has set up the new LordNews List for me. Actively running his Fidotel site, and hosting the IceRage site. 12/23: Some info about his site. He has had DSL service since October 2000, uses a dual processor P850 system with 2 GB of RAM. His BBS offers many ways to get Fidonet echomail. Users can retrieve Fidonet via NNTP (News), Telnet, QWK (on Telnet AND web), and of course Web. Every user receives a free Email account that can be retrieved via the web (Hotmail style) interface, telnet, or QWK. He has gotten Tom Wildoner, author of door games Lemonade Stand and Bordello, to allow him to start selling registrations for them again. 01/09: Shannon has added the Operation Overkill game. New CD-ROMs are online and accessible via the Web-site, Telnet and FTP. More CD's are on the way.

01/23: Found Wildcat Tournament LORD v2.90, July 2001 text files rewrite update, on the Icerage site. It can be downloaded from there, or from my Tournament LORD IGMs Page. Shannon will be deploying in March on active naval duty, so will be gone most of the time, for the rest of this year, and part of next year. He is making arrangements to have his web-site/computer equipment watched over while he's away. FidoTel has also just plugged into the FidoNet World Wide Backbone (WWB). The WWB provides access to Fidonet conferences available all over Europe and South America. This is a "great" place to get a true pen pal. Some of these places do not have internet access and the mail may take a few days before it arrives via a network of computer modems. FidoTel now has "dial-up" access for the local Hampton Roads, Virginia area. If you live in the area code 757, simply point your terminal program to the phone number 631-0455 (56.6, n, 8, 1). We have also updated our FidoTel Surfer program to accommodate the new dial-up access. As some of you know, I'm serving my country as a member of our armed forces. Because of this, I may deploy for extended periods of time. During these times, FidoTel runs very well unattended. However, Murphy's law states that if FidoTel is left unattended for a long period of time, something will happen. I have a good friend who lives very close and monitors the BBS for me while I'm away. He stops by and reboots when necessary and adjusts the temperature in my residence to accommodate a good functioning network. But - things may "happen" which are unavoidable and not fixable without me to fix them. Last summer, I lost my Hub/Router combo, UPS and a few other things. Upon my return, FidoTel was up and running within 12 hours, but it was "DOWN HARD" for approximately 1 month. This is just a "heads up" because this year will be an extremely busy deployment year for me. Should FidoTel go down, please rest assured that it will likely come back up within the following 12-48 hours.

Charlie Wardick: Info from Fidonet Doorgames echo. He is working on updating various BBS programs including The Changeling LORD IGM. Has looked over the KDrive program and reported several problems. 01/25 message: After some time working with my old code, I have decided that I must not even bother with anything based on KDrive. I have discovered that: (1) The lord module install routines are broken (this is not the show stopper). (2) Documented commands no longer exist in several cases, which makes me wonder what else is or isn't there that I haven't found yet. (3) Logging is broken. (4) No idea what valid command line switches are in v7.2. I would guess the same as 7.0, but don't know, and there is no easy way to test. I'm not going to waste time in this area. (5) Further evidence of some major things different in KDrive that I can't resolve involves my MailSpy program. An old version of MailSpy.exe compiled with Kdrive v6.? works fine. I recompiled it with Kdrive v7.2 without error, however the program is quite useless at the moment. Not sure when the beta version of Changeling will work due to all that. I will be using DDPlus to update Gutterbowl, and the Angel tool-kit for everything else. However, Angel does not include an LORD IGM interface unit. It is on Jimmy Rose's agenda and perhaps I can assist in that area. Since Angel is in its early stages, it is missing lots of things that I took for granted in KDrive. The missing things are not important as far as a viable door-kit goes. It is just missing a lot of string handling and numerous general programming functions and procedures. I have to re-invent the ones I need as required. 01/26: The worst part about converting to something else from KDrive, aside from syntax changes, or lack of many useful functions and features for general programming, is KDrive's heavy use of imbedded string commands. So not only do you have hundreds of syntax corrections to make, each and every line of string output to the screen needs to be revisited. I don't have any gotoXY commands in my programs as I have used the imbedded codes. I've created an unit that is a drop-in for the Angel door-kit, which can be easily modified for other door-kits. You simply add it to your uses statement, and you won't have to revisit your text strings. For full details, contact Charlie. Or read message #4916 on the DoorGames echo. Charlie is also considering work on an old Lord IGM project named Altered Plains. 08/13: Charlie is now using email address. Altered Plains project remains dead.

Joseph Watson -- joeCODE WT-LORD IGM Page -- Main WT-LORD Page
WT-Lord Discussion Board -- Alternate Email:

12/08: I have just posted the update to Our Town, version 3.10. It has a bunch of new stuff in it over the earlier releases. It's available for download on my web-site as well as my BBS. It has more hidden stuff, and more riddles and things to solve. 12/10: Posted to Camelot LordNews FDN on Fidonet. 12/08: WT-LORD D.B. entry. In response to requests to have an IGM for users to bash terrorists and the Taliban, Joseph responded that this ability was already inside the WhiteHouse IGM. He is also willing to consider doing a separate IGM for bashing the Taliban, and other terrorist groups. If interested, you are invited to send him ideas via email for that IGM. 01/23: Discovered this past weekend that Joe released Dodge City v1.30 on December 30, 2001. No other news known on his programming activities. 02/03: Joseph has released three more IGM updates: EverGreen Cemetary v2.20, Redneckin' v1.10, and The Rue Morgue v1.80. He has also released "Ladies of the Night 4 U". It is NOT for WT-LORD. And an update to the WhiteHouse is in beta testing currently.

Ken Weitzel

12/23 Fidonet info: The email address inside is not usable. Use instead. Ken's message, written from Shakey Jake's BBS in Santee, CA (1:202/1324): Sorry fellas, sold the ISP and shut down the board about the end of May, haven't been paying much attention since. Still reading a little mail at Jacques place, but didn't even realize I wasn't seeing the LORD echo anymore. Anyway, Jacques kindly agreed to pull it for me, and I popped over to Chowdanet to get old messages. Sure surprised that lots were about my work! So many messages that I'll try to answer them all in one here. About the fact that some don't offer many rewards. Shades of Della Moore. We hold that the game is LORD, the IGM's are merely a diversion, a little spice as it were. Don't think that they should significantly effect the outcome of a game. About the fact that they install into the LORD directory. Memories of Joseph Masters. Yes they do, and for good reason. In return, there is NO install program with its myriad questions about paths to LORD, paths to drop-files, com port numbers and speeds, locked or not, etc. Simply type IGMname install and it's done, with zero possibility of error. NO need to create a key file, just IGMname register and it's done. AND, for those who feels it clutters up the LORD directory, it cleans up after itself instantly. Just IGMname uninstall, answer yes or no as to whether to delete files and it's all gone as if it was never ever there. About the possibility of RT errors (divide by zero). (Reworded this part:) My IGMs will work as long as LORD works, even when CPU speed reaches 100 zillion Gigahertz.

About local play. hey, they're DOOR games, there was never any intent to design them for local use. LORD itself will, but that's an inadvertent side effect of the DDPlus package. Mine will, IF you care to load an ANSI driver, but the design intent was that the caller's terminal would provide it. About the password in Caverns. Part of the "game" is that you should guess it. Hey, all the clues are right there on the screen that you're looking at when it asks. No back-spacing though. One guess per day. If all of you still can't get it let me know. (Answer was provided on LORD echo by another user: Dragon's Drums. DGT) About e-mail f'reqing from Irex systems (most, if not all of the email freq bbs's). You have to use the word freq BOTH on the subject line AND in the body of the message, like so: subject: freq then in the body of the message, freq filename. Easy to forget, so to remember, just keep thinking that to freq from Irex you have to double freq. 01/02/02: From Fidonet LORD Echo. Dirk Manuel's LORD IGM, Visions of the Past, is identical to my own, and will still run fine also. Dirk has disappeared but I can still register and support his IGM should anyone wish registration/support help for it. 01/09: Lordy v1.10 does not work in Local mode. All other IGMs by Ken work fine, provided you have ANSI support. 01/21: Fidonet Lord echo. Ken gave us details on how the Lordy game works. The reason it doesn't run on some machines is because it uses a tremendous amount of stack. Its stack usage, plus what LORD itself holds, requires that you have lots of conventional memory available. I'll try to update the program and compact its memory stack usage some. Ken's Fidonet node address is 1:202/1324. Red LORD barline

Semi-Active Authors Contributions:

Mike Dillon -- Crystalline Realms

12/24: If you check that version of Open Doors, that you asked me about, you'll find I had made a function in it. od_send_file_section() is the function I added. Rob Swindell added door32.sys support. I've mostly been working with Smurf Combat, an older door that hasn't been updated in years (since 1994 or so). I'm also planning on doing GreyDrive as I need it to write Smurf Combat more liberally. I haven't done any work on ALE or my IGM yet.

Codax Dragon -- Codax's Homepage

01/29: I'm sorry for my lack of correspondence with you and others. I've been working 70+ hours a week for the last few months. Release of the Cruises Lord2 IGM beta is fine with me. No one else has written me about it, or any other IGMs, so I figured that no one cared. I'm looking for non-telnet Lord2 games running on the Internet. DGT Notes: Released Cruises IGM on Lord Legacy FTP site a few days ago. It may be downloaded from my LORD II IGMs Page. Program is named Gigantic/Tritanic Cruises, and it is an LORD II IGM. Codax is attending college in Philadelphia, or was when I last heard from him last year.

Orion Elder -- SMAUG site -- KnyteHawk's LORD II IGM Programming

01/01/02: Written for other LORD IGM authors: I am a C/C++ coder. If you have any C based LORD coded IGMs or whatever, let me know, I'd be interested in looking them over. I MIGHT be able to work on them (never seen a LORD IGM in C++), and put out updates. As for my current work, I've been too busy with work/family to try to deal with it, but for the C-based codes, let me know and I'll see what I can do about getting some updates. :) Oh, and I am updating my LORD II/LORD III web-sites (mainly to make them look better). But, for the above reasons, it's taking awhile. 04/09/02: Inactive; email address changed to

Brian May -- Crazy Boy Productions: L.O.R.D. IGMs and Utilities
Alternate email:

12/14: No real progress made on IGM updates process. I've found the source code from my old laptop computer, and my copy of Turbo C++ v3.00. The IGM you asked about, King Carnage's Castle, was only developed in idea form. I never wrote any code for it. In answer to your other question, when Seth Able introduced the IGM concept there was a limit of 9 IGMs. That is why some of the older IGMs have that limit listed in their documentation files. I did some testing with Dragon's Claw Tavern and Lord v4.02a (since v3.55 wouldn't work (RTE200)) under Windows 2000 and ANSI.COM. I had a lot of problems, which ultimately lead to the system rebooting itself. So I'm not going to support DCL or any other IGMs under Windows 2000. I have a Win98 machine at home, so I will do more testing at home, but not much will get done until the new year as I have other obligations that have a higher priority. Testing to be done includes DCLord and cbcc.exe. I'll see about having DCLord keep its files in its own directory. And find out why CBCC's uninstall routine nukes a user's 3rdparty.dat file. That can be fixed if I ever find the source code for it. Some data on how DCLord works, as requested. To take Wendy to bed your charm must be equal to, or higher than, 50 points. Then there's a 50% of your getting lucky. The warriors fighting was designed on my own, as I didn't know how Seth did his battle coding. As for why in the IGM your strong characters received damage, but don't in regular Lord play, that should be happening in regular LORD. I don't know why Seth omitted that part. The reason why most of the IGMs refer to arcane stuff about DOS Share and SmartDrive is that they were mostly all written years ago. Win95 wasn't released yet, and most people were using DOS with/without Desqview, or DOS under Windows 3.11. So roughly probably 90% of what is in old IGM's docs is now useless.

12/17: Possible reason for the 3rdparty.dat problem with cbcc.exe is that it was written when LORD allowed only 9 IGMs. So when it uninstalls an IGM, it may just delete the extra IGMs in the process. DDC and CO IGMs were not added to CBCC, either because they were not fully completed or at an 1.00 release at that time. No Testing will be done on my 700MHz 128 MB Ram Win98 system at home. In updating DC Tavern and the other IGMs, I will set them up to use their own directory for program/data files. From web-site page, email messages: 12/26: I found all of my old LORD programs' source code while searching through an old laptop computer. Found code to a Lord IGM named Arena of Life that was made specifically for my BBS. Working on a 32-bit registration code generator program for my LORD programs. The DCLord IGM has a bank in the Underworld. It is almost a game in itself. King Carnage's Castle, if I get around to developing it, will probably be bigger than LORD itself. I have put up an web-site at and put all of my LORD programs on it. 12/27: Web-site started. Working on Dragon's Claw Tavern, cleaning up the source code, splitting it into several files, and considering new features. Such as marriage to Wendy, and fixing display of ANSI characters when ANSI.SYS isn't loaded. Work on Wise One - Code cleanup, splitting code into several files, to increase readability and functionality. Only change will be to have IGM use its own directory. 12/28: Working on converting CBCC to a Windows-based program. Downside will be its file size, as the work is in Visual Basic, which has to have .DLL files, etc. King Carnage's Castle - may write it as a separate door game.

12/30: Looks like trouble ahead. I loaded up Synchronet on my machine today to see if Dragon's Claw Tavern would work in a Telnet BBS setting. Nothing. It didn't work. So I spent a few hours searching the net for updates to the Door Library that I was using, Rickie Belitz's CKIT DOOR Tool-kit v2.58, nothing found. So I loaded up a FOSSIL driver, X00. Nothing. Loaded up the NetModem/32 virtual modem package. Nothing. Tried stripping the CKIT code out of Wise One, thinking that it might work then. Nothing. Unless I can figure something out, no updates will be made to the IGMs. No point really, since dial-up BBS's are finished. If I can't get the IGM's to work in a Telnet setting... well.. what use will they be? Local only with no other player interaction sucks. I may release its source code. Then people can laugh at my mad coding skills from years ago. It's not pretty. 01/03/02: Wise One is working now in a Telnet setting. It was a partial code rewrite, but I think it is now usable as a basic shell for IGMs. It's still ugly in Local Mode without ANSI.SYS/COM, but the strange part is that it does change the colors, but also leaves the ANSI code on-screen. The ckitdemo app does that also, so it may be a limitation of CKit. Also Wise One is working in its own directory now. I just have to do more local mode testing, add multi-node awareness, and update CBCC. Do more testing, then release Wise One v3.00. CBCC will be the most difficult, as I have not been able to read in and remove IGMs from 3rdparty.dat files. Which could possibly have hundreds of IGMs installed. 01/09: Brian is planning on using OpenDoor to make Win32 ports of his IGMs for the 32-bit LORD programs, with Wise One being done first. He has a Telnet BBS set-up, but is not ready to release its address yet. Brian has posted The Wise One v2.90 beta 2 on his site. Brian has this advice for other IGM authors, after encountering a problem where his IGM trashed the player.dat file during its beta testing. He found that when he was reading/writing player.dat info from the NEW Wise One to the old one, it was doing the read operation fine. The write mode was not working correctly though. He was using mode "wb" which CREATES a binary file instead of "r+b" which opens the binary file for reading/update.

01/14: After discussing the idea with me and Seth, Brian is going to work on writing the WizardStone IGM, where the player goes out and avenges Olivia's murder. He also tested the NPC Lord v2.90 program. Like me, after patching its files for RTE200, he was unable to get the programs to work. So he's writing a new Lord utility, called Artificial Intelligence for LORD, to provide Lord players new NPC functions.

Bryan Turner -- Vagabond Software
Vagabond Software Mailing List -- ICQ#:106168174 -- Bryan's software Registration Page

12/17/01: From Fidonet LORD echo, msg #490, dated 12/10/01. The latest Seasons IGM for LORD from Ken Weitzel is now available. Freq SEAS2001.ZIP from Shakey Jake's 1:202/1324 or via email from You can also dial in to Shakey Jake's BBS. Node 1 (619) 448-6470; Node 2 (619) 448-2658; or via WWW at; or via Telnet at Jacques Shake, The new Seasons IGM can be downloaded from my LORD IGMs Page. From Fidonet LORD echo, msg #492, dated 12/15/01. Bryan has offered to keep a listing of InterLORD Leagues on his LORD page at Just send him info by email, and he'll list your League BBS/site on the page.

01/05/02: Received Jan. 1st: I have not had time to do a lot as of late, because all of my time has been put into Operation Overkill. Although I do get asked a lot to fix IGMs for other authors. I guess that since I fixed Seth's Barak's House IGM, other people want me to fix their IGMs now. OK, Here is the Deal. In order to even look at attempting to fix your IGM, I need your Source Code to it. As well, I will only look at Basic and Pascal IGM's. I will be more than happy to sign a Non-Disclosure before you send me the code. Although attempting to fix your code via Email would be like a Volkswagon Mechanic attempting to fix a MG over the phone. (It ain't Gonna Happen.) You want more info, contact Donald. 01/14: I asked Bryan to look at Barak's House again. It was not awarding skill points after 40, and the current LORD game allows users to go up to 100 (but not in LORD itself). He made the changes, and I released v2.02 tonight. 01/23: Discussed Latrine IGM with Bryan and Vamsi over the past weekend. Bryan had recompiled it for Vamsi, back on January 1st, but it couldn't be released without version number changes, etc. Vamsi agreed to turn over the program to Bryan completely. Bryan worked on it, and has converted it to a Freeware IGM, which includes an registration code generator inside the Setup program. Version 3.20 is available from my LORD IGMs Page or from Bryan's web-site. Filename: 01/30: Bryan has agreed to take over the Lottery IGM from Chuck Culver. It is a freaky IGM that has caused me much aggravation with player.dat corruption and character loss in LORD 4.07 (beta) while trying to test it. At present, I can not recommend that anyone run Lottery v1.50 until Bryan has it behaving properly. Red LORD barline

Inactive LORD Authors Contributions:

Joel Gathercole --

01/03/02: My Lord2 server is not up yet, and that makes me sad. I have not given up on getting online again. Did not get to work on CNW during the holidays. I'll be back on IRC in a few days, probably after this weekend. Got plenty of work to do before then. 01/12: The domain name works now - when I'm online. It will be fully dedicated on the first week of February. I'm sure now that I'll have a dedicated connection by then. 02/04: Informed by mail server other day that Joel's email account was dead, so email link removed. Found his new site on-line, but it has nothing Lord-related visible.

Shawn Highfield. 12/12: I tested Shawn's IGM, Sommer's Shiny Things, and found it unusable due to an install program failure. It was refusing to accept the location inputed for lord.exe, similar to how Barak's House acted in a secondary LORD game directory setup. Shawn told me that his IGM was based on Seth's IGM, so that was why it behaved the same way. He thinks the routine that gets the current LORD program directory path and validates it got broken by the RTE200 patch. He sent me the source code after finding it on a backup CD-ROM disk. He considers the IGM and its code to be freeware and released his copyrights for it to me. I have submitted the IGM and code to Lloyd Hannesson for him to work on it, since I have no DOS Pascal compiler myself. Or the LORD programming knowledge to work on old/new IGMs. He is now classified a Former LORD Author. 03/06 Note: Lloyd released the IGM for updating to Bryan Turner, who is now working on it.

Bobby Queen - - Official LORD II IGM Archive Site -- Kiteria's Korner - new location (K. Korner).

12/04/01: Heard from Bobby yesterday, and he's doing real well on the weight loss schedule. Some info from Bobby on his progress: I've gone down to 42 waist pants now, and gone down to large size shirts. I've lost 24 inches in my waist in just 9 months, and 141 pounds and feel a lot better now. I have another 15 months of weight loss to go, as the doctors require patients to lose weight for two years after their surgery. Bobby's latest project is a weight loss newsletter.

Janet Terry -- The Realm of Vandora
Vandora's WT-LORD IGMs Page -- ICQ: 6695096

01/01/02: My new email address is . I can also be reached as Queen Venom in ICQ at 6695096. It was the name of a heroine in a medieval novel several of us were writing years ago. Another popular character was Scarlett, a female first knight, and she has completed about 285 pages in her first novel. Called "Scarlett, First Knight of Vandora." To all you old Winserver Sysops. I am getting ready to put Winserver back up, what's changed in the last 4 years? Is it worth an upgrade? Has Santronics done anything spectacular? Also, is there any sure fire ways of making the web site earn some cash these days? Another interesting note for those who remember the Wizard of Vandora. Tom got married in Reno, Nevada, this past weekend to a 21-year old Filipino girl, named Leziel Chatterton. Edgar Abulencia, who used to be married to Nikki/Thundra, has re-married this past year, to a fine lady named Mellie. Is it worth while for me to update my old games? Food Fight, Wild Wild West, and my Tournament LORD IGMs? DGT Note: Janet's Ask Clinton IGM was developed further by Joseph Watson until it was discontinued in early 2001.

Her current WT-Lord IGMs are Blackwing's Cove, Erschlagenhalle, The Jeweler, Molun's Tavern, and Scarlett and the Vandoran Knights. 01/23: Janet is working on new releases of her IGMs, to update contact information. Blackwing's Cove v2.00 will be released, along with updates of the other IGM later this month. She thinks her daughter, Megan, will write the Realm of Vandora IGM someday. Megan is studying programming. She is writing a novel titled "First Knight of the Realm of Vandora". Janet is working on a new WT-LORD IGMs web-page. When available, it will be at: 01/30: Janet is having her IGMs checked over for needed updates by Bobby Thornton. 02/03: Janet sent me Food Fight II v7.00 for distribution. It has been updated and is now usable as an WT-Lord IGM, as well as being a stand-alone WC5 BBS door game. 02/04: Janet reported to me a way to change the menus in WT-LORD. You just create ANSI files and name them the same as the original menu files - main.ans, etc. And then stick the new ones into your game, and they overwrite the built-in ones. And she's attempting to talk Marcelletti into rewriting WT-Lord from scratch, using the 50% WT-LORD source code she bought years ago from him, as a starting point. Red LORD barline

Former LORD Authors Contributions:

Charles Culver. 12/14: I've given up on the IGM recompilation updates. I can't figure out why they don't work for you. They seem to work OK for me. I've reached the point where I don't even care anymore, and I'm beyond frustrated with it. ... So if either Bryan Turner or Lloyd Hannesson want to take a look at the source, they are welcome to it. Sorry I couldn't get the IGMs working. I'll attach the source code to this message, and you can forward it to whomever you would like, for them to try fixing it. DGT: The files named,, and have been sent to Bryan and Lloyd in the hope that they can get them to work reliably for Chuck, and his IGM's users. Summary of problem encountered: Chuck used the programming library with the Turbo Pascal code for Gallagher and Lottery. The RTE 200 message disappeared, but was replaced by one saying "Time Limit Exceeded". Every time I tried to run his betas at 933 Mhz, the same T.L.E. message pops up. He tried hard-coding a time limit, and that didn't make any difference. He could duplicate the T.L.E. message on his system at times, and at other times the IGMs worked.

01/10/02: Released Gallagher's Performance v1.50 IGM update today officially, after testing it for a couple of weeks. I have posted The Lottery v1.50 on the Lord Legacy FTP site, in the IGMs directory, along with a text file. It still has some usability problems, and needs others to beta test it on BBS Lord games. 01/18 rewrite: The Lottery IGM occasionally still gives the T.L.E. message. Solution: Find and delete any Info.* files in your LORD directories. Delete its entry lines in 3rdparty.dat, then try re- installing it again. 01/30: Chuck has relinquished his IGMs to me to find new homes for them. Bryan Turner has taken the Lottery, and I believe Lloyd Hannesson is taking over Gallagher's Performance. Not known yet which one will take MoshPit, which has not been worked on. The Lottery 1.50 IGM causes player.dat corruption errors and character loss in my Lord game. Both Chuck and I did our best to diagnose the IGM, but we were unsuccessful with it. 03/06 Note: Bryan Turner has fixed the Lottery's problems, and it has been offically released as v2.01.

Michael Everett -- Bobo's BBS

My ISP dropped my web/email/DNS hosting thanks to a stupid web server crash. Then failed to tell me about it. And they failed to recover my web-site, along with other people's sites. Apparently their tape backups were not working. Since I was under the impression that they were doing a reliable backup, I didn't keep one myself. So some 3 years of work are now gone. I guess that's what one can expect from free non-profit web-site hosting services. My BBS is still up at (IP address) although nobody gets on it much anymore. Since I don't own the IP, I can't DNS it to the domain. In short, email doesn't work. And the addresses are down. Telnet BBS is up but mostly idle at the fore-mentioned IP address. I still own all of my domains so that's no problem. Since I used for all of my BBS related topics and email lists, I'm pretty much lost as to how to get up with everyone. After being online for 4 years with mostly uninterrupted service, it is aggravating to have everything down for months on end. I have built a Windows 2000 Pro. server that will take any requests made on its port 23, and forward them to my IP. It has remote support available via VNC. So if I can get a place to store this bad boy and clear it with the University, I'll have my domain able to receive telnet calls again. I've found a local guy who will host for $40.00 a month, but I want to try and find someone who will do it for cheaper/free, since the bandwidth taken up by it will be very very small. Getting the University's permission will be the hard part, but I'm gonna work on it. Tell the BBS community I may be down but I'm not out *L*.

Robert Fogt. 12/05/01: Regarding my LORD, LORD II, and TEOS programs, whoever wants them can have all rights to them. If they do change a program, then they should put my name on them as author. I don't want my name listed as author on programs written by someone else. They can leave my name in, like original version by me, modified version by them if they wish. Or they can remove my name completely. If changes are made to programs by them, I don't want to be listed as the sole author. DGT Notes: Robert has found source code for the Lord programs Outhouse and LordMenu. They have been taken over by Lloyd Hannesson, who is working on updating them, including RTE200 fixes. He also located source code for the TEOS IGM Ocean View Resort. Both Lloyd and Michael Preslar are looking over the program. I do not know yet which one will wish to take it over. At last contact, he did not have source code files located for SANSI v2.00 Lord2 utility, the Immigration Office TEOS IGM, or the PlanFair TEOS utility.

Chris Hamilton 12/13: Have not got anything done on Morph's Gym IGM work yet. I'm in the middle of two moves. My office is moving right now, and I'm physically moving right after Christmas as well. Hopefully I'll have something to report/release in mid-late January after I get settled in at my new place. 01/14: Chris reported that he was unable to locate his old Lord files, so can't recompile his IGM or provide new registration keys. He's checking to see if he can find old customers that he can get a registration key from. He'll re-package the current IGM with updated documentation and RTE200 patched .exe files. 02/01: Received Morph's Gym v2.20 from Chris. Sent to friend for BBS testing. 02/04: V2.20 update released today.

Gary Hartzell -- The Arena -- Gary Hartzell's IGMs Page -- telnet://

01/07: Gary has reported that he is going to quit doing LORD programming, so he can concentrate on his final semester of college, and upon job search. He graduates in late March 2002. He may return to LORD work later on. 01/16: Will do some rewrites of his IGMs to fix some bugs when he has time.

Brent Jackson. 01/04: Brent decided not to write LORD programs. Instead he is working on a LORD-style MUD game. It's not released publicly yet, and is being tested by a group of 20+ friends over a cable modem link. There are several versions. The text-based version requires a terminal emulator and network connection. Minimum 33.6 kbps access suggested. The SVGA client version requires 32 MB+ RAM. It runs in X-Windows, requires 16 million color video, QuickTime 3 libraries, and Perl. The MUD is a work in progress that is playable. To learn more about X-Windows he suggests people go to

Chris MacPherson. 12/17: Chris has had no luck fixing his Pawn Shop IGM. He is staying a Former LORD author. His problem lies with the IGMDrive program by Korombos that is unsupported since Korombos disappeared on everyone this past summer. Plus he has been unable to get rid of RTE200. He is debating whether to release his source code. He appreciates the help that various authors including Bryan Turner and Lloyd Hannesson have offered him.

Kyle Parish. 12/12/01: Asked Kyle what his plans were for rewriting his LORD Stables IGM. In my first testing, I could not get the install program to work. On a subsequent test, the program worked fine. Kyle: Actually, no I hadn't planned on rewriting the whole program, I'm just breaking the surface of learning C++, but I can try rewriting the install program. It was really generic to begin with. I have the program files, but not the source code. It's gone and I don't know why.. But I can test the install program and try rewriting it.

Eric Richardson -- Eric42 Homepage

12/19: Eric finally answered my posting in his Guestbook from September, and has a whopper of a bad luck story. My old web-site (located at has had bad luck lately. Awhile back, I tried to move the website a bit and get a brand new email address. (At the time, I was getting very tired of Geocities.) Well, not knowing what I was doing, I screwed up, got the password to the page changed on me. Then I lost the new email address before I could ever regain the new password, thus I am unable to update the page at its old (and current) address. Having this happen to me, I felt defeated and quit my work on LORD stuff. Having recently gotten re-interested in LORD, I've been planning a brand new LORD website to be located at my current web-site ( The current planned address of the LORD site is going to be So people can start checking for it every now and then. It will focus on being a file library, as another place you can find copies of the Seth Robinson games (LORD, LORD II: New World, Planets: TEOS; and maybe even a copy of Dink Smallwood, but mostly LORD and LORD II: New World.) It'll also focus on being a place for Legend of the Red Dragon fan- fiction, which at one point before I screwed things up, actually started to take off. 12/22: Well, I'm simply going have the files for the latest version of LORD and some of the older versions that I have on my hard drive. A mirror site you could say.

Having seen the lack of a FAQ/Guide that presents information to you in a straight forward way, I will be writing two different FAQs: one for versions 3.55/4.00/4.00a and another one for versions 4.02a and later. I'm doing this so players can get help for particular versions. Since I am going to try to have versions 3.55 and 4.00/4.00a up on the site as well as the latest Preslar versions, I want to have a FAQ that covers the other versions. LORD fan-fiction will be the secondary section of the page. I'd love to help spark fan-fiction writing based on Legend of the Red Dragon. It's such an easy thing to write about, as the only storyline that you sort of have to stick to is the Red Dragon, and perhaps the little bit of revealed history between Violet and Seth Able. My fan-fics are still up on the Internet, located currently at, which I put up since Preslar's links to the fics aren't working correctly for some reason. 01/27/02: Eric's new site is online. Eric, Thanks for the nice compliments about me on your page.

David F. Simmons -- Simmons Software

12/13: I've not had the time to find the source code for my IGMs. My main PC's power supply decided to burn up, and I've just gotten the system working again. I'll try to work on the programs, and code searching, over the holidays if I have time. DGT: When tested, I found that Shauna, Princess of Sorcery was fully unusable due to RTE200 at 933 Mhz. 01/14: Knight's of the Golden Horseshoe was tested in early January. It also is unusable due to RTE200 lockup. Heard from David. His father died last week, and he's not been able to do any LORD work yet. 08/13/02: Both program's source code was lost when the old drive they were on turned out to have defective drive motors. RTE200 patch updates of both IGMs are now in circulation. See LordNews Issue #12 for details.

Vamsi Tadepalli 12/31: Received his permission to have the Latrine IGM updated, so that its RTE200 lockup problem is removed. 12/31: Bryan recompiled the IGM, removed the RTE200 code, and returned the IGM for testing to Vamsi and myself. 01/23: Vamsi gave the Latrine over to Bryan, and he has revised it into a Freeware program. It now has a registration key generator built into the setup program, which will enable the user to enjoy all parts of the IGM. Latrine v3.20 is available on Bryan Turner's site.

David Taylor. 12/18: I checked out Dave's Inn and was unable to use it in Local Mode. BBS usage is undetermined. So I asked David about it. David: I'm not aware of an solution. My testing was done using the Renegade BBS system years ago. I've attached the source code and the linking files used from DFRAME. If anyone would like to use it to update the program or port it to another language, I release all rights to the source code (ie: public domain/freeware). QBASIC is kind of old to be programming in now-a-days. DGT Note: I sent David's IGM files to Marty Blankenship, who is a QBasic author, to have them updated to work properly for everyone. David is interested in having the updated program files back later. He may make a 32-bit IGM version for use with the 32-bit versions of LORD, whenever it becomes available for the authors to begin work with it. 01/06/02: David's new site, located at, is not open yet. It is still under construction. Still not open, as of Jan. 27th.

Nannette Thacker -- Shining Star Software

01/05: Tested the Moondust County Fair program. It worked fine. Got it confused with another that didn't, so wrote to Nannette about it. She is not supporting her BBS programs today, but will still sell registrations for them. She has only kept her web-site up so that die-hard BBS-ers can have continued access to her programs, and for sentimental reasons. Red LORD barline

Non-LORD Authors Info Section:

Ruth Argust - - DDS on the Web -- Goldengate ddsdoors FTP

01/18 Fidonet DoorGames Echo: I had surgery on July 23 last year, and ended up with almost every complication in the book. The expected 3 day stay turned into 3 weeks. Then I had months of medical diets, a hard plastic neck collar for 4 months, due to their replacing/fusing four cervical disks. So I had months when I wasn't allowed to do much more than watch TV. Waiting now for more surgery to decompress the ulnar nerve in my left elbow, that will hopefully allow me to use my left hand again. Having to use voice recognition software to do most of my computer work. Thanks to everyone who email-ed me their concerns, and who didn't get replies. My husband, Gerry Calhoun, has been taking care of me mostly full-time, so very little got done on the DDS computer system, other than basic maintenance work. 01/19 message synopsis: Ruth started hatching out files she had received over the past 7-8 months. If you need any BBS files hatched, she will do her best to get them all taken care of before her next surgery. Which will bring her renewed computer activity to a halt for awhile. She has added a new door section named Vintage Doors to the DDS site. They are door programs that have been sent to her, which run fine without registration, and whose authors' whereabouts are unknown.

She reminded us, on the Echo, that all submitted files for Fidonet distribution have to conform to the DOS 8.3 convention. All files have to contain file_id.diz files, be in standard .ZIP format, and the sender is supposed to scan them for viruses before sending them. Her Fidonet address is 1:2404/201, and she is only reading the DoorGames, Doorware echoes, and her regional echo currently. All files hatched out by Ruth are listed in her Goldengate Ddsdoors FTP directory. And everything she receives is checked with McAfee VirusScan, and tested for file integrity before it is sent elsewhere or hatched. 01/24 Notes: These are the URLs for the DDS files sections she is hatching files to. Everything is accessible from pull-down menus on her web-site. contains general BBS files. and the Goldengate ddsdoors site contain door game files, including LORD programs. For information on hatching your files into DDS - DoorWare Distribution System, request DDS from 1:2404/201 or 1:2404/200. 02/04: Ruth reported some bad news. Her server has died, and until it can be replaced, the DDS site is down. Also no new mail will be distributed in the Fidonet DoorGames echo until things get replaced. Her next surgery has been scheduled for Feb. 11. Red LORD barline

Lost LORD Authors Info Section:

Korombos: Real name unknown. Owned the SHARKware software line. Before disappearing on everyone last year, in early summer, he was the registered owner of the following programs. KDrive, KLord, Haunted Mansion LORD IGM, IGM-X Lord utility, Fun & Games Lord IGM. Other program notes: In January 1998, he took over Sean Price's Rude Dog Software line, which included the Vampire Knights and Dragon's Claw door games. In September 1998, he took over from Devon Brooks the Blazing Fire Software line, including the Realm of Kisom; and the Thomas Smith software line - included Fun & Games Lord IGM. Red LORD barline

LORD IGMs/Utilities Testing Section:

02/04: LORD IGMs Testing Results Summary: There are 100 IGMs that are proven usable in Local Mode. All are assumed to work as intended in BBS Lord games. 23 IGMs -- including Lordy, which is being revised -- do not work in Local Mode. 115 IGMs are listed as Fully Unusable. The majority are unusable because of RTE200 lockup. LORD Utilities Testing Results, to date: 44 programs have not been tested yet. 11 are listed under MiscUtil on my system -- some are RIP graphics related files, and some are InterLord/Lordnet files. 40 utilities passed testing. 37 utilities did not work in Local Mode, so they are listed as Unusable. Some of them may work on a BBS. I will probably have them all tested by the end of February. The Lord Menusets Page is being edited over time to reflect results of the Lord Utilities testing.

Inside Lnws-10h you will find Usable-IGMs.txt. It lists the IGMs that are known to be Fully Usable, and those that are listed as Non Local-Mode usable. So I don't plan to list IGM names here. List of IGMs undergoing beta testing by myself and others: Apothecary, Changeling, Grizelda's House, Lord Suburbia, Outhouse, and Wise One. Lordy is also being worked on, but I have no data on its update status from Ken Weitzel. List of RTE200 patch updates done, but not released. Castle of L.O.R.D., Hidden Spring of Turgon, Love Shack, and Violet's Cottage.

Planned work: Attempt to reach as many old Lord authors, concentrating on IGM authors first, using postcards and postal addresses. I plan on making RTE200 patch updates for these IGMs, so that others can skip needing to do patching. Player's Market, Redwood Restaurant, Turgon's House, Werewolf, and Wise Guy. If they can be made to work better, I will write installation batch files for Lord Anarchist, Nudist Colony, and Overnighter. See my LORD IGMs Page to view the listing of tested IGMs, IGMs in beta testing, Non Local-Mode usable IGMs, and the two tables for Fully Unusable IGMs. If the IGM is listed for download, I have tested it. That includes ALL six Vanadia IGMs, in case someone wonders.

Brief Summary of known IGM update work: Ken Weitzel is trying to fix Lordy's memory stack usage problems. It is assumed that David Simmons intends to fix/recompile his two IGMs - Shauna, Princess of Sorcery and Knight's of the Golden Horseshoe. Marty Blankenship is converting Dave's Inn to QWK-IGM format. Lloyd Hannesson will be working on MoshPit, Sommer's Shiny Things, and Hal's Ocean View Resort (TEOS). He is finishing up work on The Outhouse v2.00. Bryan Turner is analyzing and working on The Lottery. For reasons I do not understand, Lottery 1.50 worked for him, but continues to cause character loss for me. Bryan Stanbridge is working on The Apothecary, Grizelda's House, and Lord Suburbia. Brian May is working on Wise One. Chris Hamilton's Morph's Gymnasium patch update has been officially released. Rick Smorawski's Hidden Spring of Turgon patch update works, and will be released on Feb. 06, 2002.

On my system, I am now unable to use any version of LORD before v4.05. The RTE200 problem with them is now un-patchable. Apparently the farther you go in time, the harder it becomes to patch an old program, and have it work afterwards. Various notes on problem IGMs: Overnighter - you have to make a backup of 3rdparty.dat before installing it, then do manual update of the backup. This is because the IGM overwrites 3rdparty.dat, instead of appending data to it. Lord Life caused a total system crash of Windows ME, so I don't advise anyone use it on 933+ Mhz systems running Windows ME or XP. HateMail *MAY* be safe on a BBS game, but in Local Mode it exits to the DOS prompt instead of returning user to LORD. Dragon's Breath Square is unreliable both for me and for Paul Koukos. May be reclassified fully unusable.

List of reasons detected to date for IGM failures: (1) Config program does not work. (2) The actual IGM does not work. (3) The entire IGM is RTE 200 locked. (4) IGMs that destroy the 3rdparty.dat file are all listed as unusable, unless the damage is easily handled. (5) Some IGMs refuse to accept a valid LORD directory path. Most of these then refuse to exit to DOS, requiring user to close the DOS prompt window. Lastly some IGMs simply don't work and don't give error messages. Just as Michael Preslar warns users to backup their LORD game files before installing the 4.07 beta, I also recommend that people do a FULL backup of their important LORD data files before installing IGMs. One never knows when one will screw up your game, ranging from destruction of player.dat to corruption of lord.dat. Red LORD barline

Recent LORD Files Section:
Covers December 03, 2001 - February 03, 2002.

                      Recent LORD IGMs:
SEAS2001 ZIP    86829  12-17-01  Tis the Season Xmas 2001
ARTIM11b ZIP    39465   1-07-02  Aragorn's Timer v1.10 update
GALAG15  ZIP    54603   1-05-02  Gallagher's Performance v1.50
SLOTT101 ZIP    35678   1-10-02  Seth's Tribute Lotto v1.01
MARTY17  ZIP   117894   1-14-02  Marty's Mercantile v1.70
BARAK202 ZIP    61798   1-14-02  Barak's House v2.02
BGSS11   ZIP   119163   1-22-02  Biggies Smoke Shop v1.10
LATRIN32 ZIP   107958   1-21-02  The Latrine v3.20
FEL2_1   ZIP   119991   1-24-02  Felicity's Temple v2.10
GRA1_8   ZIP   109991   1-24-02  Warrior's Graveyard v1.80
GYM220   ZIP    83937   1-31-02  Morph's Gymnasium v2.20
ROBIN4   ZIP   177718   2-03-02  Robin Hood v4.00 (01/27)
HS310    ZIP    27875   1-22-02  Hidden Spring of Turgon 3.10
COL220   ZIP    65362   1-21-02  Castle of L.O.R.D. v2.20
LOVE130  ZIP    49969   1-21-02  Love Shack v1.30
VIOLET53 ZIP    54677   1-21-02  Violet's Cottage v5.30
    These four IGM updates were released on Feb. 07, 2002.

                          LORD IGMs in beta testing:
LOTTER15 ZIP    55930   1-05-02  The Lottery v1.50 beta
    (Posted online in January 2002 for others to help beta test.)
W1-290B4 ZIP   102277   1-15-02  Wise One v2.90 beta #4
GRIZ175B ZIP   57,750  12-21-01  Grizelda's House v1.75 beta
SUB201   ZIP   88,372  12-13-01  Lord Suburbia v2.01 beta
OUTHBETA ZIP   54,594  12-27-01  The Outhouse v2.00 beta
APOT176B ZIP    63459   2-03-02  The Apothecary v1.76 beta
CHAN2B2  ZIP   105138   2-02-02  The Changeling v2.00 beta 2

                      LORD Releases - beta files:
BETALORD ZIP   272487   2-01-02  LORD v4.07 beta files (01/27)
    ** Available upon request from Michael Preslar.  Send message to
    **, with subject of "Send me Lord".
WTLORD29 ZIP   625777   1-19-02  Wildcat Tournament Lord v2.90
    ** Documentation rewrite update, posted in July 2001 on the
    ** Icerage Technologies web-site.

                        Recent LORD Utility Releases:
IGMLG102 ZIP    16835   1-07-02  IGM Log v1.02
LORDWF31 ZIP    91716   1-08-02  Lord Web FAQ v3.10 (Play Guide)
TP7P5FIX ZIP     2476   1-10-02  TP75Fix v1.01 RTE 200 TSR utility
LNKEYGEN ZIP  151,288   1-23-02  Official Lordnet Key Generator
                                 * Added an file_id.diz file to it.
LRDMNU13 ZIP   10,535   1-23-02  LordMenu v1.30
L444     ZIP    79863   2-03-02  Hellas BBS League 444 files

                             Recent WT-LORD IGMs:
OTOWN31  ZIP   277950  12-08-01  Our Town v3.10
DODGE13  ZIP   362122   1-19-02  Dodge City v1.30 (12/30/01 release)
EVER22   ZIP   313574   2-03-02  EverGreen Cemetery v2.20
RED11    ZIP    41588   2-03-02  Redneckin' v1.10
RUE18    ZIP   300334   2-03-02  The Rue Morgue v1.80
FF2_V700 ZIP   778027   2-04-02  Food Fight II v7.00
                                 ** Now usable as an WT-LORD IGM.

------------ Unreleased WT-LORD IGM updates: By Janet Terry:
    Note: All are undergoing text files rewrite updates.
BLKWNGV2 ZIP    27624   1-19-02  Blackwing's Cove v2.00
ERSCH23B ZIP    54316   1-07-02  Erschlagenhalle v2.30 update
JWLR19B  ZIP    55213   1-07-02  The Jeweler v1.90 update
MOLUN11B ZIP    46179   1-07-02  Molun's Tavern v1.10 update
SCARL13B ZIP    79050   1-07-02  Scarlett and the Vandoran
                                 Knights v1.30 update

                           Recent LORD II Programs:
CNW1371B ZIP   652606   8-29-01   Lord II: CNW 1.37 component updates
    Released publicly in December 2001. Contains CNW files released
    after CNW 137.1 was issued in March 20001 by Joel Gathercole.
DLPBETA1 ZIP   461183  12-24-01   DuneLORD Lord2 New World beta #1
BAG      ZIP    8,121   1-12-02   Lord2 utility code by Black Omen.
    Not released. Reviewed by Joel Gathercole.  Contained material
    already available in the Externally Defined Items program.
CRUISE09 ZIP    83243   1-23-02   Gigantic/Tritanic Cruises 0.90
                                  * Unfinished Beta version.

                       LORD Programming-Related files:
ODOORS62 ZIP   610573  12-21-01  Open Doors v6.21 C/C++ Tool-kit
R200FIX  ZIP    15799   1-16-02  RTE 200 .EXE file patch utility
BP-TFDD  ZIP    15973   1-17-02  Pascal code routines library
--  GNU Library GPL v2.0. Contains demo for CrLf unit; text file
--  logging code;  and emulation of Extended Pascal's 'WriteStr'
--  procedure for Borland Pascal.
CTBPPAT  ZIP    49883   1-17-02  c't magazine's RTE200 patch program
NEWDELAY PAS    13882   1-17-02  new pascal Delay function file
RDELAY   ZIP     5791   1-17-02  Roger Donais Delay Pascal file
T7TPLFIX ZIP    30261   1-17-02  Patch for Turbo.TPL RT Library
TSFAQP   ZIP   165966   1-17-02  Timo Salmi's Turbo Pascal FAQ

                LORD Source Code Archives - Not released yet:
ARAG-SRC ZIP    38569   1-26-02   Aragorn's Timer v1.00 Source Code
SETH-SRC ZIP    47795   2-04-02   Seth's Lotto v1.00 Source Code

            LORD Newsletter Issues HTML Archives - Current status:
CCIGM-1H ZIP    35480   1-29-02  LordNews Issue #1 - Fully updated.
CCIGM-2H ZIP    25355   1-25-02  LordNews Issue #2 - Fully updated.
CCIGM-3H ZIP    31899   1-25-02  LordNews Issue #3 - Fully updated.
CCIGM-4H ZIP    55699   1-29-02  LordNews Issue #4 - Fully updated.
CCIGM-5H ZIP    40480   1-29-02  LordNews Issue #5 - Fully updated.
CCIGM-6H ZIP    37520   1-29-02  LordNews Issue #6 - Update underway.
CCIGM-7H ZIP    41276  10-31-01  LordNews Issue #7 - Not updated yet.
CCIGM-8H ZIP    59947  10-18-01  LordNews Issue #8 - Not updated yet.
CCIGM-9H ZIP    55981   1-29-02  LordNews Issue #9 - Fully updated.

                     Castle Camelot Miscellaneous Files:
DGT-LORD ZIP   72,440  02-02-02  my Lord Play Guide files
               -- Last major update done February 02, 2002.

                   Kiteria's Korner! - Master files status:
- Last update posted on Apr. 06, 2002.

The primary pages (Lord Links, Lord Archives, Lord IGMs) will be
brought up-to-date once LordNews Issue #10 work is completed.

End of recent LORD releases listing. Red LORD barline

Prepared for George Pope, and other interested parties. Authors-Info.txt: 5 page listing of Lord authors information, Divided into Active authors and Inactive ones. Lost-Authors.txt: 3 page listing of lost Lord authors, primarily IGM authors. Both files were created on January 12-14, and released later on Fidonet's LORD echo. Usable-IGMs.txt: Listing of IGMs that passed IGM testing at 933 Mhz. Including betas in progress, it will list 100 Lord IGMs. Prepared on Feb. 3rd. Two sections. Section #1 is fully usable IGMs. Section #2 is IGMs not usable in Local Mode, which should work on BBS Lord Games. 02/27/2002 Note: Removed individual files from and LNWS-10.ZIP archives. Substituted CC10-APP.TXT, which contains all three LordNews Issue #10 "addendum" files. Red LORD barline

Year-End LORD Programming Summary:

January-April 2001 period: Bryan Turner quit full-time LORD programming, along with Jason Brown, Tien Lung, and Elric. Bryan has been helping old LORD Authors with recompiling their old IGMs to get rid of the RTE 200 problem. We lost Becky Benjamin and Colby Reich. We also "lost" Elric, who has not done any LORD2 programming in well over a year. At my urging, Korombos released updates of his KDrive v7.20, KLord v7.20, Fun & Games v2.20, Haunted Mansion v1.80, and IGM-X v4.10 programs in April. Korombos disappeared on everyone during the summer. So all of his programs are unsupported currently. Joel Gathercole released the LORD II IGMs Pouch of Documents in February; and Voodoo's Temple v2.00 and Xena's House v2.00 in March. His web-site was closed in late August, and is still closed as of February 04. A new site page is online, but has nothing Lord2 related on it.

Michael Preslar released LORD v4.06, LORD II v1.02, and Planets: TEOS v2.02 in February. The last official releases of LORD II: Complete New World, v137.0 and v137.1, were released in March by Joel Gathercole. WT-LORD files info: Carnal Knowledge v1.70 was released by Joseph Watson in late December 2000, and discovered in January. Aaron Wornom released Easter Egg Hunt v1.20 in January. Joseph's Revenge v1.70 was released in March. Chuck Brogan released his WT-LORD Hints Guide in March.

May-August 2001 period: We lost Michael Bujold who stopped responding to email. Gary Hartzell released three LORD script IGMs, based on Jason Brown's Gateway IGM. The Abandoned Mines, Merry Christmas, and Garrison's Training Grounds were released in August. Robert MacLeod released his Rustic Keep Lord2 IGM in June. Joel Gathercole released his last update of his Lord2 Telnet program in May. Michael Everett released the SuperColored Monsters menuset in July. His web-site shut down around early December. Thanks to work by Robert Olsen and a friend, the Lord2 new world, Teos Lord v1.70, was re-released by Michael Adams in August. Joseph Watson released The White House v1.00 in July. 01/22/01: Everett is still around, but is having trouble getting back online.

September 2001 - January 2002 period: Robert Fogt, Chuck Culver, David Taylor, and Shawn Highfield quit LORD programming. Chris MacPherson abandoned his Pawn Shop v2.00 beta IGM update, but has not given its source code to anyone. I found new homes for the other guys' programs. Lloyd Hannesson took over Outhouse, LordMenu, and Hal's Ocean View Resort from Robert. And he took over Chuck's Gallagher's Performance and MoshPit IGMs. Bryan Turner took over Chuck's Lottery IGM. And Marty Blankenship took over David Taylor's Dave's Inn IGM.

I prepared/released two LORD2 IGMs, Snowy Pass Blizzard and Highton Thieves Guild, in October. They were created from components of the Lord II: CNW program. I do not know if they work outside of L2:CNW. In November, John Elson released LORD Web FAQ v3.00, after years of inactivity. In December, v3.10 was released. He is not responsive to email. The first public beta of DuneLord was released on Christmas Eve 2001 by Duncan Idaho. I posted my file in December 2001 on the Lord Legacy FTP site for others to use. It contains CNW components released after CNW 137.1 was issued by Joel Gathercole in March 2001. Joseph Watson released the following IGMs between December 01 and February 03: Carnal Knowledge v1.70, Dodge City v1.30, EverGreen Cemetery v2.20, Our Town v3.10, Redneckin' v1.10, and The Rue Morgue v1.80. And Janet Terry released Food Fight II v7.00 in early February.

Chris MacPherson tried to update his Pawn Shop IGM, but gave up on it, when he could not get rid of the RTE 200 problem. Gary Hartzell released his fourth Gateway IGM, Trick or Treat, in late October. Ken Weitzel released Tis the Season 2001 IGM in early December. At my request, with Seth Robinson's permission, Barak's House v2.00 was recompiled to fix RTE200 problems, and released, by Bryan Turner in October. It was updated to v2.01 in November to fix a problem with barakcfg.exe. V2.02 released in January, allows users to earn Skill points up to 100 points per Skill. Morph's Gymnasium v2.20 was released on February 04, 2002 for Chris Hamilton. Bryan Turner recompiled and released The Latrine v3.20 in January 2002, after taking it over from Vamsi Tadepalli. An unknown author released Biggies Smokeshop Lord IGM last year, and it became available in January 2002. Lloyd Hannesson released updates of Felicity's Temple v2.10, and Warrior's Graveyard v1.80 in late January 2002. He released an updated LordMenu v1.30 utility in early February.

03/02 Notes: I forgot a few items last month, so here they are. My apologies to the guys whose hard work I left out of this section. Joseph Watson released Merry Christmas v2.70 and Indian Joe's Horse Barn v1.40 WT-LORD IGMs in November. Mike Hodgson released various versions of FreeDoor during 2001, with the last versions, v1.30 and v1.35, done in November. Paul Koukos released Robin Hood v4.00 in September. I released an RTE200 update for Kenneth Padgett's Hiding in the Shadows v1.50 IGM in November. Also released by me in November were RTE200 patches of Bryan Stanbridge's Apothecary v1.72 and Grizelda's House v1.72 IGMs, and of his Path Editor utility. And Brian May started updating his Wise One IGM around late December. It is currently at v2.90 beta #4 and is publicly available. Added version number info to some IGM names in this section. Red LORD barline

Un-Released LORD Files Section:

Information about LORD program files obtained during 2001 from various authors. They have not been released publicly/officially. By Chuck Culver: - 11/22/01 beta version update of The Lottery, v1.50. Taken over by Bryan Turner in late January 2002. By Chris MacPherson: - 11/22/01 beta version update of the Pawn Shop, v2.00. Does not work due to RTE200. Author unable to fix IGM due to related problems with the IGMDrive component. Has not been willing to share source code with anyone yet, to have IGM worked on by them. Program believed abandoned by author completely. By Bryan Stanbridge: - LORD Suburbia v2.01. - The Apothecary v1.76. And - Grizelda's House v1.75. All three are undergoing extensive beta testing. By Brian May: The Wise One v2.90 beta is available from his web-site. Being updated to work in Telnet LORD games. By Lloyd Hannesson: - The Outhouse v2.00 beta version. Undergoing final beta testing.

By Robert Fogt: - Hal's Ocean View Resort TEOS IGM's source code. - The Outhouse v1.00 source code. Including LordMenu, all three were turned over to Lloyd Hannesson for further support and updating. By Shawn Highfield: - Sommer's Shiny Things v1.00. Turned over to Lloyd Hannesson. By David Taylor: and files turned over to Marty Blankenship for support and update. IGM does not work in Local Mode, (or on BBS's) and David didn't wish to work on it anymore. 03/02 Note: IGM name is Dave's Inn. Red LORD barline

LORD Authors Status Notes:

This section lists status notes on current issue participants, or those who were listed in the previous issue. Some LORD friends are active email correspondents, but don't do LORD programming often or at all now. Active LORD Authors: Bryan Turner, Michael Preslar, Shannon Talley, Duncan Idaho, Lloyd Hannesson, Joseph Watson, Paul Koukos, Marty Blankenship, and Brian May. Semi-Active author friends: Gary Hartzell, Bryan Stanbridge, Michael Everett, Mike Dillon, and Ken Weitzel. Former LORD authors: Jason Brown, Shawn Highfield, Robert Fogt, Chuck Culver, and Vamsi Tadepalli. Semi-Inactive or Former Authors: Jason Brown, and Orion Elder. Red LORD barline

LordNews Issues Links Section: (12/02/02)

Web-Page Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Released on April 28, 2000. -- Issue #1 Archive
LordNews Issue #2 - Released on June 26, 2000. -- Issue #2 Archive
LordNews Issue #3 - Released on June 28, 2000. -- Issue #3 Archive
LordNews Issue #4 - Released on Sept. 20, 2000. -- Issue #4 Archive
LordNews Issue #5 - Released on December 20, 2000. -- Issue #5 Archive
LordNews Issue #6 - Released on April 19, 2001. -- Issue #6 Archive
LordNews Issue #7 - Released on August 05, 2001. Issue #7 Archive.
LordNews Issue #8 - LordNews Issue #8 Archive
Released on Oct. 08, 2001 in two parts. Recombined into single web-page on May 28, 2002.

LordNews Issue #9 -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 03, 2001.
LordNews Issue #10 -- Issue #10 HTML Archive. Released on February 06, 2002. Updated on February 27, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 -- Issue #11 HTML Archive. Covers February 06 - May 16, 2002. Revised 05/30/02.
LordNews Issue #12 -- Issue #12 HTML Archive. Issue released on October 07, 2002.
Red LORD barline

Text Version Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Text -- Issue #1 Text Archive. Released on December 20, 1999.
LordNews Issue #2 - Text -- Issue #2 Text Archive. Released on April 05, 2000.
LordNews Issue #3 - Text -- Issue #3 Text Archive. Released on June 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #4 - Text -- Issue #4 Text Archive. Released on September 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #5 - Text -- Issue #5 Text Archive. Released on December 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #6 - Text -- Issue #6 Text Archive. Released on April 19, 2001.
LordNews Issue #7 - Text -- Issue #7 Text Archive. Released on August 05, 2001.
LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part One -- LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part Two
LordNews Issue #8 Text Archive. Released on October 08, 2001.
LordNews Issue #9 Text Version -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 04, 2001.

LordNews Issue #10 Text Version -- LordNews Issue #10 Appendix
Issue #10 Text Archive. Last Appendix files update: April 29, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 - Text -- Issue #11 Text Archive. Released on May 18, 2002.
LordNews #10 Data Files: Contains up-to-date copies of Authors-Info.txt, Lost-Authors.Txt, and Usable-IGMs.txt files.
LordNews #11 Data Files: Contains up-to-date copies of: Unusable-IGMs.txt; CC11igm1.txt - lists LORD IGMs released during January-February 2002. And CC11igm2.txt -- Lists LORD IGMs released during March 01 - May 16, 2002 period.

LordNews Issue #12 - Text -- Issue #12 Text Archive.
LordNews #12 Data Files.

12/02/02 Note: Until I decide where to have my web-site full-time, the Lordnews text issue files will not be available except in archive format.
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Newsletter Contributions Section:

This issue was started on Dec. 07, 2001 in skeleton form. Actual development started on Dec. 09, 2001; and concluded on Feb. 06, 2002. My thanks to these long-time friends and currently active newsletter participants: Marty Blankenship, Mike Dillon, Codax Dragon, Orion Elder, Michael Everett, Chris Hamilton, Lloyd Hannesson, Gary Hartzell, Mike Hodgson, Duncan Idaho, Paul Koukos, Brian May, Michael Preslar, Bobby Queen, Bryan Stanbridge, Shannon Talley, David Taylor, Janet Terry, Bryan Turner, Charlie Wardick, and Joseph Watson. Thanks to old friends for keeping in touch: Joel Gathercole, Jason Brown, Ken Weitzel, Brent Jackson, Seth Robinson, Mike Ehlert, Suzanne Franklin, Ruth Argust, Eric Richardson, and David Simmons. Thanks to new friends such as George Pope and Daryl Stout; and to former author friends: Chuck Culver, Shawn Highfield, Robert Fogt, Kyle Parish, Chris Macpherson, Vamsi Tadepalli, and Nannette Thacker.

Image credits: The only graphics used here are the red Lord barline and background graphics files. They are both public domain. My web-pages are all done using a DOS text editor, Wordpad, and my old Professional Write word processor. The pages are designed for Netscape browsers primarily, and are tested under Communicator 4.79 and MS Internet Explorer 5.50 SP2. Printed page length, as of Feb. 06, is 26 pages. 02/15: Printed master copy of issue. Red LORD barline

Issue #10 Appendix Files Links:

Use these links to periodically check for updates of these three text files, which comprise the LordNews Issue #10 Appendix. The first two are updated as I learn informatin regarding old authors I am attempting to contact via postcards; or via Email, using addresses I find using search engines like Google. The third file is updated as I continue reclassifying IGMs. See LordNews Issue #11 for more information on that work. To read the original Appendix, sent out to the LordNews List members, view CC10-App.txt, located inside either LNWS-10.ZIP or Issue #10 Addendum files: Authors-Info.txt --- Lost-Authors.txt --- Usable-Igms.txt Red LORD barline

Post-Release Revisions Section:

02/23/2002: Revisions of Authors-Info.Txt, Lost-Authors.txt, and Usable-Igms.txt files, which form an Appendix to this issue, will be stored in my site's LordNews directory. 03/02: Changed sentence because of current unreliability of Lord Legacy FTP server links. 02/27: Added Appendix notes section to web-page, and to LNWS-10.TXT. Actual Appendix, with modifications, added to Issue #10 archive files. Original separate addendum files removed from the archives. 03/02: Added paragraph to cover LORD authors's work in past year that I forgot to end of the Year-End LORD Programming section. IGM names in section are now italicized for emphasis. Released updated Issue #10 files with changes on March 02. 03/06/02: Replaced all Vagabond Software web-site links.

05/13/2002: Replaced Michael Everett's email info. Have resumed IGM testing, so Usable-IGMs.txt file will be frequently updated for awhile. Authors-Info.txt and Lost-Authors.txt files were last updated on April 29. CC10-APP.TXT was last revised on April 06. 05/30, 08/13: Revised LordNews Issues Links section. Misc. error checking done. 12/02/02: Brief update of file for upload to re-activated GeoCities site. Updated LordNews Issues Links section.

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