Castle Camelot LORD Authors Newsletter #11:

LordNews Volume 3, Issue 2 -- Created by Donald Tidmore
Started February 18, 2002. -- Official Release: May 18, 2002.

LORD Newsletter Issue #11 Introduction:

Welcome to Issue #11 of the Castle Camelot LORD Newsletter. Coverage is from February 04 through mid-May 2002. The newsletter covers the BBS door game Legend of the Red Dragon and its sequels, LORD II and Tournament LORD. To receive official release LordNews issues or LordNews status/update messages, be sure to subscribe to my mailing list. Use the following HTML form dialog box to subscribe quickly. Or send an email message to, with "subscribe lordnews" in the message body -- don't use the quotes. An alternate email account can also be specified. And to write mail to me via Fidonet, use 1:123/450. I can be reached by Net-mail, or in the DoorGames and Lord echoes there.

09/13/02: The second HTML Form was added to LordNews Issue #12's web-page on Aug. 27, 2002. LadyScripts Mailing List is for public discussion of LADY Scripts programming ONLY. To subscribe manually, use instructions for the LordNews list, and substitute ladyscripts for lordnews.

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05/16-05/18 - Final Release Notes: Development notes have all been moved to cc11note.txt, inside archive. Initial spell check was done on May 14-15. 05/18: Did initial work on LNWS-11.TXT on May 16th. Issue's release delayed due to modem/ISP troubles. So this issue's coverage span ended up being three months. LordNews List note: For the time being, pleae avoid sending ZIP files to the list. The first LordNews Digest message had one embedded inside, in binary code, which isn't fun to read. If you want to distribute a LORD program, to List members, please just provide an URL for others to download it from. Janis Kracht Info: She will be moving to New York on May 25th, so the Filegate system will be off-line for a few days. This means that my Camelot LordNews FDN site will be unavailable during that time. If you need a LORD program, look on the Lord Legacy FTP server or send me an Email request for it.

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LordNews #11 Misc. Notes Section:

LordNews #11 - Table of Contents:
LORD Programming Situation Section LORD Authors Notes Section
LORD IGMs/Utilities Testing Section Recent LORD Programs Listing
LordNews Issues Links Section Newsletter Contributions Section:
Post-Release Revisions Section:

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LORD Site Relocations: Bryan Turner has moved to My Castle Camelot site has been relocated to And Kiteria's Korner has been relocated to Openings: Michael Everett has reopened his site. Joel Gathercole's site. Max Larivee has reopened the Fieldsoft IGMs site. He will also be reopening the Official Lord2 IGM Site as soon as he find a host for it.

Closures: Bobby Queen's Official Lord2 IGM Archive and Kiteria's Korner and sites are closed. 04/30: My access to Lloyd Hannesson's IGMs database is no longer working. His site is still online, but appears to be abandoned. Have been unable to establish email contact with Lloyd since early March. Lloyd's Telnet site is also unavailable. 05/30/02 Update: Lloyd re-appeared last week, and has fixed the problems with his web-site.

Web-site pages updates: 02/09: Replaced pictures on my Swimsuit Links Page. The swimsuit photos are of Kate Fischer and Cindy Margolis. 03/13: Replaced pictures on my LORD Menusets Page. The waterfall photos are of Bridal Veil Falls, in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, and Undine Falls, in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Replaced waterfall pictures on my Tournament LORD IGMs Page also. The new photos are of Upper Yellowstone Falls, Wyoming, and Middle Twin Falls, in Twin Falls State Park, Oregon. 04/12: Replaced pictures on my LORD IGMs Page. New photos are of Noccalula Falls, Alabama; Athabasca Falls, Alberta, Canada; two kittens in a tree; BridalVeil Falls, Yosemite National Park, California; and Alexander Falls, British Columbia, Canada.

Web-site Changes: (1) The Old Lord Versions Page has been eliminated. Its contents were merged into the LORD Utilities Page. (2) The Misc. Topics Page has been eliminated. Its contents were merged into my Index Page. (3) Debating elimination of my Lord Links Summary page. Its contents are kept available in the Links Page on my Kiteria site. (4) Contents of Highlander Links page merged into the Hercules/Xena Links page; and I have eliminated the cam- high.html page, effective May 1st, 2002. Red LORD barline

LORD Programming Situation Section:

IceRage News: 04/14: Learned from Janet Terry, that Joe Marcelletti had admitted that he had no intention of completing v3.00 of Wildcat Tournament Lord. So the program is classified as dead. He sells registrations for it, but will not provide update support.

Acquiring LORD 4.07 Beta: To obtain 4.07 beta, for use with either 4.05pb or 4.06, send email message to Subject should be "send me lord", "send me lord2" to get Lord2 beta, or "send me teos" to get the TEOS beta. In message text, simply state what you are requesting. I believe you have to do a separate message for each program beta being requested. Users are advised to always backup their current game before using a beta version. Send bug reports to Michael, if you spot anything that needs fixing. Red LORD barline

Michael Preslar -- -- LORD Legacy Site
Telnet: -- IRC: -- Elysium Software
Alternate Email:,
04/30: Michael chose to not participate in this issue. He continues to work on LORD, LORD II, TEOS, etc. For use by webmasters, he has created a web-page access counter named ZCount. Contact him for info about it. It uses the PHP language, and is customizable. Red LORD barline

LORD Features Analysis:

04/09: Michael has updated copies of Lord.doc and Lady.doc, they simply got omitted from the LORD v4.06 distribution archive last year. Work on Lady.doc is ongoing as Gordon Lewicky, myself, and others report Lady script problems that need fixing, or suggest possible features that should be added. Examples: Lady scripts being able to write a message to the Daily News file. Various Lady script variables are being worked on as version 4.07 is developed.

05/03: Wrote Bandit script on May 1st to steal player's weapon, and exchange it with one of lesser value. The script does not work, as a change to Weapon Number does not initiate LORD to change Weapon Name also. 05/15: I don't know how IGMs are able to change names of Weapons and Armour, but its impossible to do so using a Lady Script. Both fields are read-only, according to Gordon Lewicky's research. My own research shows that in LORD v4.02 you could use Lordcfg to change the Number fields, but Lord never changed the Weapon/Armour Names to match. Both number fields were eliminated from Lordcfg in v4.05pb. In the Bandit, the weapon number determines how much strength points are lost by the player. I saw no point in writing a script that was based on Armour Number. Red LORD barline

KDrive/KLord problems report:

Charlie Wardick: 02/25: Work continuing on beta testing of Changeling IGM update. Info on solving KDrive's trouble handling/reporting fairies, received today from Charlie. In a nutshell, it is a simple process. Kdrive reads the INFO.X file at startup to get user info passed from Lord. Kdrive doesn't read in the fairy. The fix is for the programmer to manually read the info.x file, and get the correct info from line 4 of the info.x, and code accordingly to add a fairy back to the player. Added text file CC11-Fairy.Txt to LordNews Issue #11 Archive, containing info from Charlie on KDrive Fairy situation. 03/16: I've written the ANGEL version of KDrive's KLord stuff. I've also written a KDrive compatibility unit for the ANGEL door-kit to make it easy to recompile a KDrive-based door to Angel with minimal fuss and broken code.

03/20 - Charlie: Program names for those two files are KAngel (Kdrive compatible Angel) and AngLord (Lord support for Angel). Working on fixing a status bar bug in the Angel tool-kit. 03/25: The Changeling v2.00 is ready for public release. There are two executable versions: the first is adapted KDrive code, and the second is Angel code-based. Will be put into circulation tonight. I have now retired from LORD programming. 05/11: I've given my Changeling code to a well known author that has not made any official announcement yet that they possess the code. (07/25 Note: That was done later in month by Bryan Turner.) 05/11 cont'd: The Changeling should be relatively bug-free. However, I have discovered that there is a problem with my range checking routines. You are fine if you are well under the max limits. I am developing a new BBS door game named Daring Rednecks of Legends (D.R.O.L.). Contact me for info about it.

DGT: This is a list of problems with KDrive/KLord v7.20 that I have learned of. Info about Fairy handling was first learned be me from Lloyd Hannesson. All other info listed here is from Charlie Wardick. Thanks guys for your hard work. (1) The IGM installation routines are broken, and mostly unusable. DGT Example: Using Haunted Mansion v1.80, I found that it would write to the lognow.txt file to do an install message, but did nothing else. The IGM turned out to be usable if one uses the command string used by The Changeling v2.00. (2) KDrive does not properly report fairy info back to LORD. Details: Using KLord v7.2, if you have a fairy and enter an IGM written with KDrive 7.2, you won't have a fairy inside the IGM, or when you return to LORD. The IGM's author needs to check for fairy themselves, and list the player as having one, if they are supposed to have one. KDrive will properly write back the fairy info. This is why, I believe, the previous version of Felicity's Temple let you keep an Fairy when you were awarded one by the IGM. See the cc11-fairy.txt file, inside, for info provided by Lloyd and Charlie on handling the Fairy issue correctly. It contains Pascal code for fixing the broken KDrive fairy-handling commands. (07/25 Note #2: Changed some wording in first two paragraphs, revised Charlie's email address. Following his recent move, it is now

(3) The IGM Logging function is broken and unusable. (4) Usage of KDrive in an LORD IGM may result in odd handling of the Skill points. (5) Several documented commands no longer exist in several cases. Or they no longer work as documented. Charlie used his MailSpy program for testing. It was written with KDrive 6.x, and compiles and works (once the RTE200 is handled). Using the same code, MailSpy compiled with KDrive/Klord 7.20. No code had to be changed, however the program would not run. (6) All versions of KDrive/KLord do range checking for LORD stats based on the ranges used by Seth. So it is not very usable with IGMs developed for usage with LORD v4.02+, due to changes made to LORD by Michael. It is usable, however, any range value of INTEGER or LONGINT are being capped by Lord at a value less than the max. Examples: INTEGER is 32,767, but Lord counts up to only 32,000. LONGINT = 2,147,483,647, Lord stops at 2,000,000,000. Kdrive will range check over the Lord max. Charlie: I added code to The Changeling to account for this. I experimented with using values over the Lord max and the results were less than perfect. and I don't recall specifics things I tested, however you could expect to see values zeroed out or go negative.

(7) Using KDrive 7.20, Charlie has had DOS window lockups and/or DOS Only sessions locking up while testing his Changeling IGM. Using a basic test IGM and basic normal door with both KDrive 7.0 and 7.2, he only saw the lockups occur when v7.2 was used. This he thinks is limited to IGM authors using the Windows 98SE system, as the situation did not occur when he used Win-XP. (8) KDrive 7.20-based IGMs do not keep proper track of the time an user spends in them, unless the author fixes its broken procedures that cover that function.

Haunted Mansion Install note: You have to manually install the program. Optionally, you can run the broken IGM setup if you want the IGM welcome added to Daily Happenings. It works in either the main LORD directory, or in an subdirectory. With alteration to fit your own game setup, use these lines in 3rdparty.dat: "C:\Internet\Lord\IGMs\IGMH.EXE /TLord /N* /PC:\Internet\Lord". On the second line, use "Haunted Mansion". It may work without the /Tlord parameter. The IGM's text is hard to read on-screen so I skipped any further analysis of it. Red LORD barline

Angel Tool-Kit Notes Section:

Information provided by Charlie Wardick: 03/15: The Angel door-kit now supports LORD IGMs. Its routines for accessing player.dat still need work though. The Changeling IGM's code has been recompiled with Angel. 03/25: Changeling was released today officially in KDrive-based code, and in Angel-based code, using two executable files. 03/16: I've essentially written the Angel version of KDrive's KLord stuff. I have also written a KDrive compatibility unit for the Angel door kit to make it easy to recompile a KDrive-based door game to Angel with minimal fuss and broken code. 03/25: Angel now properly keeps track of player's time usage in Angel- coded IGMs. Red LORD barline

LADY Scripts, RHP IGM Programming Section:

03/21-03/24: Wrote an RHP IGM for use in Outlands Tavern on March 21th. It is called The Secret Alcove. Working on fine- tuning it to do suitable reward/penalty outcomes. Included it inside the Outlands Tavern RHP Set #1 archive. There are two versions, with the second one imposing penalties for infidelity by married players. v1.00 was released on March 25. 03/30: Version 1.10 was tested and released. The married player who is a Gentleman/Lady receives healing.

03/22-03/24: I wrote my first LORD Lady Scripts: Sharpen Weapon and Polish Armour. They were released on March 25th. 03/30: 5 more scripts are in progress. Wrote initial draft of my Gem Trader script. Gordon Lewicky did drafts of TaxMan and Goofy Events. The latter contains three scripts: DragonPoop, Horny, and SexChange. Our scripts are distributed together inside the archive. 04/03: Gordon's TaxMan and Goofy Events scripts, and my Gem Trader script, were publicly released today. 04/13: Final revision of TaxMan released. 04/19: Final revision of Goofy Events released. My Two-Gems script was released, with revision of Sharpen.ldy.

04/20: In the past week, Gordon released Doofus the Gnome, the Lady Language Quirks file, and his Random Number Count programs. I released the Nice Hag and High Spirits scripts. I also released my Two Gems, Pretty-Stick, Ugly-Stick scripts. Scripts by Michael Everett and Dan Stovall were tested and released, inside dgt-lady collection. They are Golden Tree, Blue Fairy, and Ruined Castle. Released revision of Polish.ldy. 04/22: Released my New Skill Use Point script. 04/25: Released my Charm Tax Man script. 04/26: Gordon released revision of The Gnome. 04/26: Released The Gem Trader v1.06. 04/27: Released Two Temp Hitpoints, Pretty-Stick, and Ugly-Stick scripts. The latter are variations of original LORD scripts. 05/07: Released The Nice Hag v1.12, The Bandit v1.00, and High Spirits v1.01 scripts. Red LORD barline

Gordon Lewicky -- Fidonet NC 1:153/0; Milky Way 1:153/307; AdventureNet 33:500/150
03/24: Gordon has written a TaxMan Lady script, which he's going to send to me for public distribution. When you reach 10 million Gold in Bank, it starts imposing an income tax. If you have 10+ million, there is a 10% tax. Moving up to where there is a 50% tax if player has 1+ billion Gold. He reports seeing possible problems in most versions of LORD, from v3.55 forward, involving bank overflow situations. Such as overflows in the game itself, from bank monetary transfers tipping an account over, gambling in the Dark Cloak Tavern, the forest Blackjack event, Gold on Hand handling during forest fights, and from the Magic Happens event when Seth Sings. He altered his Lord.ldy file, where it executes the Horse Event. Lord v4.06's file uses a double random test for the Horse, which means that you have a 20% chance of getting to the second test. That one has a 25% chance of your seeing the Horse event. So the end user has a resulting 5% chance of seeing it. Easiest solution is to remove the second random test from your lord.ldy file. Gordon runs an InterLord game with Barak's House, Wise Man, and Inter-Lord.

03/30: Gordon's TaxMan.ldy scripts taxes the player each time they encounter it. Everyone who has more than 1 million gold gets taxed. Goofy.ldy is his new project utilizing LADY's Boolean variables. DragonPoop has you slipping in the Red Dragon's poop, with various outcomes, including death. Horny script allows player to use Romantic Mail, if it has already been used. SexChange script has angry fairies who give you an undesired Sex change magically. 04/20 Update: Gordon released Doofus, the Gnome, Gem Trader Supreme, this past week. Doofus is like Peddler Jack, but is quite different. Both will sell you potions for Gems. Doofus also will sell you an Orphan or an Horse. If you swindle either, you get punished. Doofus will beat you nearly to death, and take your gems, if you are dishonest and are caught. contains Gordon's analysis of quirks and oddities in the LADY Script Language, pertaining to LORD v4.06 and 4.07 beta.

05/15: LADY research notes by myself, Gordon Lewicky, and Charlie Wardick from the past two weeks. We used count.ldy and count.exe (inside the file), and Pcount2.exe (by Charlie). The Lady script engine fails to return an zero on repeated tests of Count.ldy. Using 10,000 repetitions of Count.ldy, and a seed value of 9, only 1-3 numbers ever got selected. At present, LORD can not do truly Random number generation. To learn more about this, try running Count and Pcount yourself. The Pcount files have been added to, and the update will be distributed today. For more info, write to Gordon via Email. Red LORD barline

LORD Source Code Proposal:

05/15 rewrite: Created section on May 11th. I have been beating my head against a stone wall for months trying to bring as many IGMs with RTE200 back to life as possible. Most old authors have proven impossible to reach using Email addresses found via search engines. Some authors refuse to acknowledge email, and have abandoned their programs. I am currently retesting RTE200 IGMs to see if I can salvage any more, using an EXE file decompression utility and the ctbppat RTE200 patch utility. I will do the same with Lord utilities during the remainder of May, and in June.

In the hope that it might generate some action, I proposed last weekend that LORD authors send me copies of their IGM/utility source code archives to put in an Source Code storehouse. To date, no one has taken me up on the offer. I would only release an author's programs to another active author after they had been missing for over 2-3 months. The new author would assume support for the programs, and provide updates for them, if they were ever needed. If/when the original author appeared again, they would be able to resume support/development of their programs from the temporary host. If you wish to participate, then contact me via email, and we'll work out the arrangements. I would attempt to reach an author by Fidonet, email, and postal mail, before releasing their programs to the temporary host. My interest in saving IGMs is well-known to everyone, so I hope everyone will consider making arrangements so that your programs will be support-able if you die or otherwise disappear from the LORD scene. The recent disappearance of Lloyd Hannesson, and last year's loss of Korombos, led me to make this proposal. Red LORD barline

LORD Authors Notes Section:

Semi/Fully Active Authors Contributions:

Marty Blankenship -- Gamemaster BBS web-site -- telnet://
Marty is working on adapting Dave's Inn IGM to the QWK-IGM format. 04/27: Marty has put off further work on Dave's Inn, until Bryan Turner's new EZYIGM program is released. He will adapt the IGM to work with either EasyDoor or the new EzyIgm program.

Brad Carson: 02/25: I wrote several add-on programs for LORD. I also wrote a door game named Armageddon about three years ago and hosted it on my BBS (Eternal Darkness) in Peterborough, Ontario, but with BBS use in severe decline, it unfortunately never really caught on. 02/26: I think what you are doing is great. I was truly sad to see the BBS era decline. I don't know of any boards in my area anymore. LORD was one of my favorite games and it got me hooked into game design. I managed to find a disk which I believe contains the source to my two IGMs. (DGT: My initial message to Brad asked if he could update Obo's Black Market and Redwood Restaurant.) There are two other IGMs listed on the disk, one of which is for Planets: TEOS, I think, and the other I'm not sure about. Your work has inspired me, and I will try to resolve the RTE200 error and re-release the IGMs as freeware as soon as I have some time. ... Ruth Argust helped me with the release of Armageddon years ago. I'll consider re-releasing it if there is enough BBS users out there interested in it. You have stirred my interest, and I'd like to see what's still out there in terms of boards and the people involved. It's hard to find time right now, but I'll keep you posted on my progress.

03/02: I've managed to patch the IGMs with one of the utilities you sent me. It works in a "coerced" local mode here, by that I mean that it doesn't really run in local mode at all, unless it is fed a dummy BBS drop file. While reminiscing through the programs, I discovered that they aren't very robust or flexible and there are several errors. They aren't particularly exciting (least of all OBO), but I would like to fix them up, as there seems to still be interest out there. I should be able to provide new versions shortly when I get some time and I'll gladly release them as freeware. The disk I found contained two TEOS IGMs, whose status I'm not sure of yet. 03/03: My IGMs were written in 1996 when I was in the 10th grade, with assistance from Seth Robinson and a few others. The IGMs were not running in local mode, because they were looking for the DORINFOx.DEF file. I got them to run successfully with the dummy drop file. I'll be working on disabling the IGM's registration features.

03/06: I've gone through 2000 lines of source code for the Redwood IGM. It is now restructured and debugged. The configuration program is also heavily modified, and is more user-friendly now. Will be adding some new features and removing some useless ones from it later. Have not decided yet whether to continue support the Obo IGM. It was my first IGM, is very simple, and allows the purchase of LORD game stats for gold. So I now feel it detracts from the Lord playing experience. The two TEOS IGMs that I have, which are being worked on now, are called Star Shadow and Ice Caves. The first one is a kind of graphic shoot-em-up game. Have not tested it yet, so don't know yet if it is working. The Ice Caves IGM may not work, and I'm not sure what it does yet. Going to look over both of them soon. I've used the new CRT library and successfully recompiled all four programs. Also tested the RTE200 patch programs, and found both pent2.exe and tppatch.exe didn't work for me. The program ctbppat.exe did work successfully on my programs.

03/11: Spent last few days sifting through Redwood code, and am now doing alpha testing locally on it. Its installation program is updated and more user-friendly now. It should fully function under multi-node conditions, but I can't test for that myself. Tavern events are toned now to be more fun, and have less impact on the overall LORD game. So it doesn't drastically modify Lord statistics any more. Have not decided what to do with Obo yet. I may recompile its code to get rid of RTE200, and change price settings on it. But I'm not sure about promoting it as an IGM, because it's not very fun or fair. I have the Redwood program ready for you to test now. It will be awhile before I work on Obo or the TEOS IGMs. Note: Received IGM as, and started testing it.

03/14: Thanks for the suggestions on the IGM. I'll change the color scheme and make the screens easier to read. Note: Brad gave me run-down on how the IGM works, and is including the info in the program's documentation. It's lengthy, so I'm skipping its inclusion here. He's adding View Stats and "ATM" features to the IGM, and asked me to hold off distribution of the beta IGM. He is at Trent University, in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Doing his last year as a Computer Science major. The BBS door game that he had on the marked was named Armageddon, but it needs a lot of work. So he may rewrite it this summer. 03/24: Received v2.10b of Redwood Restaurant for testing. Update now includes new color scheme, etc. 03/25: Redwood Restaurant officially released today as v3.00.

Mike Ciesiensky, Jr. -- Ski Software
03/25: Established contact with Mike via forwarded postcard sent to his old address. He is the author of Turgeon's House, and still has the source code for the 2.50 version. The v2.80 code was lost over the years. He's already recompiled the code and taken care of the RTE200 problem, and is working on bringing the IGM up-to-date. Beta testing the recompiled file has not revealed any problems so far. He is going to include the following changes: Allow user to install IGM in a subdirectory if they wish to; add a View Stats function; and otherwise bring the IGM up to current compatibility with LORD v4.0x. He used DDPlus v7.10 in the IGM, and would like to see it updated. A slimmed down version, without items that an IGM doesn't need, would be nice to have. He wrote his IGM to always be a challenge to figure out. A lot of his events are randomized, so you can't "cause" something to happen. He uses an LordIGM.pas file to keep all the procedures and functions used by his IGM in, so that the main IGM code can be kept small. And the file unit can be included in other IGMs easily. His IGM is spelled Turgeon because its British English, like the LORD defensive equipment is named Armour, instead of Armor. 04/30: Turgeon's House v3.00 finished beta testing last week, and was publicly released on April 28th. The next planned update will be around September.

Michael Everett -- Bobo's BBS -- Telnet:
03/06: I'm back online again at, and will be uploading a totally new site over Spring Break next week. I got a good deal on domain hosting from a friend here at school. If anyone needs a domain hosted, he can do it for $50 a year, and you get something like 1 GB transfer per month, and 1 GB of disk space. Next thing I have to work on is getting a server to redirect telnet sessions from its IP to my own school IP. I can't DNS the school's IPs, but I don't think forwarding the packets from port 23 of some co-located/DNSed server to my IP here on campus would cause any problems. They have no problem with me running a BBS, they just don't want their IPs being DNSed by any other DNS server than their own. If anyone has a good contact with a cheap colocation company, I would really appreciate their help. I just need my own IP and a very small amount of bandwidth since the server is just gonna say "what you want isn't here, it's at this IP." I have a tower system that can do the redirects or a rack mounted box if they require that. Someone around North Carolina would really be best. 04/30: May have lost contact with Michael again. Old address is no longer usable.

Gary Hartzell -- The Arena -- Gary Hartzell's IGMs Page -- telnet://
02/23: Gary sent me corrected versions of his Trick or Treat IGM (v1.01), Abandoned Mines IGM (v1.11), and a new IGM file "Dude With A Joint" (joint.rhp) for the Outlands Tavern IGM. They are available from my Lord IGMs page, and other locations. He's working on setting up a Synchronet-based BBS. His main priority will be finishing college, and getting employment. But he's not leaving the Lord community altogether. Please remember to give Gary and others feedback on programs they've written. 03/09: Gary's graduating with a 4.00 GPA, and is looking into writing IGMs in C++ language. So if anyone can provide him assistance with that, please do so. 03/10: Gary lives in Pittsburgh, and will get to wear a gold sash at graduation. 03/11: I've finished another script for Outlands Tavern, and will have it ready soon. I'm thinking about rewriting the Across the Tracks IGM, that Tom Toothman did. (One of the authors who have disappeared.)

03/15: Have finished the docs for The Outlands Tavern RHP Set #1 ( Some values in the Dude With A Joint RHP are updated to cover better hitpoints/defense rewards, and the punishment for passing out is updated. Found a bug in the RHP scripting language. If you use the @fights@ command to alter the number of player fights, the code line is displayed to the screen, instead of producing a typical LORD stats change message. The second RHP script is called Meet A Stranger. 03/17: Info relayed by Gary from Jason: Use @fight@ code instead for player fights. Gary is attending the International Academy of Design and Technology.

03/20 Notes: Revised versions of Jason's RHP Code documentation files done by myself and Gary, and submitted to Jason Brown for approval. Section for LORD text color codes added to each IGM's RHP Codes file. Rewritten docs done by myself for L.O.R.D. Cavern, the two LORD Cavern RHP Sets, and The Gateway; sent to Jason for approval, and usage. Problem discovered, and reported to Jason, by both of us, in how the Cavern and Tavern IGMs handle RHP files. The third RHP scripts and others are either not accessed at all, or very rarely. In the RHP language, the @defence@ code is misspelled. It's supposed to be @defense@. 03/22-23: Discussed Secret Alcove RHP code with Gary for ideas on how to do my first RHP program for Outlands Tavern better. Also got feedback from Gary on my two LORD Lady Scripts - polish.ldy and sharpen.ldy.

(07/25 Note: During my updating of Jason Brown's LORD programs, I have put into usage for RHP script authors, the @DEFENSE@ code. So both @defence@ and @defense@ will be usable with the next public releases of The Gateway, L.O.R.D. Cavern, and Outlands Tavern. If anyone wishes to test an beta of either IGM, contact me via Email using ktidmore (at); or my usual email address of donald.tidmore (at) Donald)

04/05: The Arena BBS will open to the public on April 16. There will be 5 nodes and 4 games of LORD: Game 1: 10 deeds, no IGMs, 40 FFs, 4 PFs; Game 2: 50 deeds, only 4-5 IGMs, 25 FF, 3 PF; Game 3: 20 deeds, 10 IGMs, 25 FF, 3 PF; Game 4: *Adult game* 10 deeds, 8-10 IGMs, 15 FF, 3 PF. You must be 18 years of age or older to join. For security reasons, I perform manual validation. Users will receive 30 min a day until validated; once they are validated, they will receive 4 hours a day. Also, I am offering 8 hours a day for donaters. $5 = 8 hours a day for a month. The telnet address is: . Secondary telnet addy: . Web-site: or . My new email: . 04/10: Gary released The Abandoned Mines v1.12 today. 04/20: Gary graduated from college last weekend. He is working on a new Gateway IGM, for release sometime this summer. 05/03: Gary is adapting the unusable IGM, Aladdin's Palace v2.00, to bring it back to life, to work as an Gateway RHP IGM program. 08/13 Note: For some reason, Gary's LORD IGMs page is not viewable very well using Netscape Communicator v4.xx (or v7.00) browsers.

Jay Hodges -- -- BackAlley Software
02/25: Discovered Jay through the Google search engine. Out of several old author searches, this one worked. Good news is he is going to make his IGMs freeware, and is updating them all with new text files. Bad news is that he lost the source code and registration code generator programs years ago, so full version updates are not possible. He has given his permission for anyone else who wishes to, to take over his IGMs and rewrite new versions of them, if they wish to do so. At present, he is checking into ways for people to register the Thor's Backalley IGMs. In order to make Werewolf v3.01 fully usable, all the user needs to is the following. Install Werewolf, and use 'Jay Hodges' for Sysop Name and 'BackAlley BBS' for BBS Name. Then the IGM will allow full usage. I have already supplied him with an RTE200 patched copy of the Werewolf.exe file, so the IGM is fully usable once you do this. If old registered users of his IGMs will send in information on their registrations, Jay will try writing a program to generate new registration codes for them. Otherwise, he's not going to try to support the programs, which were written when he was 19, and in college.

Jay is putting up a web-site - - and will list his IGM files there for people to download them. His Draco Digital firm provides graphics design, custom programming, web design, database programming, custom graphics, print proofing, multimedia production, etc. Plus he offers web-site hosting services. Jay advises that all of the IGMs would be fairly easy to replicate except for BackAlley Bar and BackAlley Orphanage. The Bar IGM had various tricks related to mixing drinks/drugs, etc, which were never discovered. And the Orphanage had a random dungeon maze that he thinks people never located. Possibly he will retry IGM programming himself at some point, and rewrite IGMs in C language. List of Jay's other programs: BackAlley Church, Elaikses Tower, Forest of Intrigue, and Seth's Cottage. His IGMs will work from Lord subdirectories, but you have to manually move the IGM's files. The installation code in the various IGMs had some problems. The BackAlley Bar can also be registered by using Jay's Sysop name and BBS name info.

03/12: I was wondering if anyone has considered moving LORD to the Internet as a database-driven game? I think that moving all the data files into a relational database, using a graphical interface, and providing easily used tools for IGM programmers would bring new life to the LORD game. One could write import/export files to update entire player.dat files, etc. and so forth. If Gameport is interested, and acquiring a license/purchase of LORD's source code was not too costly, I would like to undertake this project. 03/22-24: No luck yet getting an usable registration system for BackAlley Church. Gave me info on Forest of Intrigue. To get out of the maze, one simply moves South several times. To properly use FOI IGM, one has to manually move FOI.MON file to your FOI subdirectory.

FOI Hints: Each location is based on a 7-digit number that can spell messages, or is just a numbered sequence. Examples: 2222222 - Exit; 9482438 - Wacky Witches; 4325378 - Healers Hut; 3864366 - Dungeons Of Intrigue; In the Dungeons Of Intrigue: 2222222 - Exits To Forest, 8342849 - Drow Elves, 8735234 - Healer. Other locations can be found using letters from a telephone's keypad, and following corresponding directions. If anyone finds a new location, they are requested to send Jay the 7-digit code and info on it, to

Mike Hodgson -- Mike's Development Page
03/06: FreeDoor v1.50 was released on February 25th, along with a new PDF documentation file (freedoor.pdf). 04/26: Mike's working on a small FreeDoor revision, to fix ANSI display problems. He's still waiting for a usable Lord/Win32 program to work with. When it becomes available, he will work on and release an 32-bit LORD IGM interface for FreeDoor.

Duncan Idaho -- VisualMatrix Homepage
03/04: Here is an update on the plans for the various L2 worlds I have going. DuneLord2 is in testing, waiting on feedback from people before I go any further with it. L2WoT: Slowly ploughing through the creation of the map on this *still*, but I'll get there. L2-Eddings Style: Still jotting down the plans for this, and creating the basic layout. I was thinking of making a few versions of this one, based on each series. The Mallorean and Belgariad series both use the same map so can be fused together. The Elenium uses an completely different map, so I could do a version for that, etc. Will catch up with updates of my web-site soon. Been swamped with work on other people's sites.

Paul Koukos -- Hellas BBS -- Hellas BBS Files Page -- Telnet:
ICQ: 9899458 -- Freq Files:
Work on cheat-proofing Robin Hood v4.00 is still being done. Latest (known) update was posted on March 18. 03/16 Note: I heard from Paul in early March that he and his family were/had been sick with the flu. So if anyone wondered why they didn't hear much from him at that time, that's why. 04/29: Has been plagued with computer/modem problems lately. Old email addresses are no longer usable, including the old Mindspring ones. Major hassles with old DSL connection/service, switched over to cable modem.

Max Larivee -- FieldSoft IGMs -- Official Lord IGM Archive
05/03: Hi there, Thanks to you, FieldSoft IGMs Homepage is back online at: And it may now be restored to your links page. My friend Nash (Alex Bourassa) has cooked it all up with all I wanted him to put up. He'll be the new Web-page operator for FieldSoft IGMs. This is an official FieldSoft press release: (1) "Are you operating a LORD II game, and just can't find the IGM that fits your needs? FieldSoft IGMs will gladly fill out any request for long or short IGMs, for free! You want to have your customized IGM made just the way you want it, that does just what you wished it did, and that says what you want it to say? Contact us at".

(2) "Wish you were able to make IGMs yourself? The making of an IGM for LORD II is the simplest process that you could think of. But for extra help and suggestions, FieldSoft IGMs is ready to teach you all there is to know in animated cut-scenes, external variables, and advanced REF File Making. Full tutoring through IGMs is also offered, all free! Contact us for assistance. (3) "LORD II IGM Authors wanted! FieldSoft IGMs is working on several projects, and is looking for authors with ideas of their own to join the team! Contact us for the making of your first IGM, or submit your own productions to us, to join in the distribution!" 05/06: Fieldsoft IGMs would appreciate it very much if everyone would delete copies of our old IGMs and not distribute them. New versions of their IGMs are in development now.

05/07 Notice: Max Larivee was granted permission by Bobby Queen tonight to take over the Official Lord II IGM Archive Site. Details will be published as to new location sometime soon. 05/09: Removed hyperlink for the Fieldsoft site (at Geocities) from Entry header, at Max's request. 05/18: Shannon Talley set up two new sites for Max on the Fidotel server. The new Fieldsoft site will be at: And the new Lord2 IGM Archive will be at: Max released, on May 16th, updates of his Lord2 IGMs - HillSide City v2.10 and SandLand Village v2.00. Nash has finished fixing up the FieldSoft IGMs site now. Max is going to set up a new Lord2 Forum and a new Lord2 web-ring - Lord II: The Scene, as time permits. The Lord II Forum will be part of the Lord2 IGM Archive site.

05/19 Note: The new Fidotel sites are not operational yet, but will be soon. Max will be using email account for Lord2 Archive-related email. The upcoming Lord2 Forum and Lord2 Scene web-ring will be set up as subsidiary components of the L2 Archive as well. Doing some rewording of Max's entry to improve readability. I posted his two new IGMs to Fidonet on Saturday, so they are fully in circulation now.

Shannon Talley -- LORD Cheats Page -- Fidotel LORD site
Icerage Technologies -- telnet://
03/19: Shannon is currently aboard his U.S. Navy warship, doing his naval intelligence duties. So he will not be doing LORD stuff until he returns to his home port in New Jersey. 05/16: He has set up my LordNews List so that all subscribers will receive a Digest every seven days. Any ZIP files transmitted to list members will also be received by everyone. 05/16: Shannon's server port changed, so he advises that people use in links they have to his site, the IceRage site, and other sites hosted by him. His DNS service does automatic port resolution, so there is no more need to use He has setup web-site accounts for Max Larivee -- check Max's entry for URLs, short info message. 05/17: First LordNews Digest message sent to LordNews List members by fidotel's list server.

Janet Terry -- The Realm of Vandora
Vandora's WT-LORD IGMs Page -- ICQ: 6695096
02/25: Janet's new IGMs page went online around February 9th. It lists all of her BBS door programs for download. As of April 30th, Janet has released new versions of Molun's Tavern v2.00, Wild Wild West v3.00, Spring Menus for WT-Lord, Food Fight II v6.00, and Blackwing's Cove v2.00/v2.10. Other updates are being worked on for her by Joseph Watson, and his friend Bobby Thornton. Janet and her daughter Megan are fellow cat lovers. 05/11: Janet is working on updates of her other IGMs, which are: Scarlett, First Knight of Vandora; Erchenlagenhalle; Ask Clinton; and The Jeweler.

05/11 - Janet: Could we all link to one another to help promote LORD again? I just started a game, and just got my system set back up. I could use some players over here. A little help would be appreciated. And I will exchange links, banners or whatever. It would be better if we could have a small program that actually advertises the systems running LORD right in LORD, like the Daily News log where players can hit a key and get a list. Or something like that. If we are going to promote, then let's stick together and do it. 05/14: Janet is working on Blackwing's Cove v2.20, and it will be distributed soon. 05/17: Received the debugged IGM archive for distribution. Will hatch it to Fidonet on Saturday.

Bryan Turner -- Vagabond Software
Vagabond Software Mailing List -- ICQ#:106168174 -- Bryan's software Registration Page
02/25: Bryan is working as usual on his Operation Overkill program interests, and on updating The Lottery IGM. Which he took over from Chuck Culver in January. 03/01: Bryan has released The Lottery v2.01, and it is available from his web-site. 03/06: Discovered that Bryan has changed addresses, and set up his own domain: Updated all previous LordNews issues' web-pages to update his web-site address info accordingly. Bryan is still using the Darktech email account. Its contents are forwarded to his new vbsoft account. There is also a new domain devoted to Overkill matters now. 03/19: Bryan is working on updating Sommer's Shiny Things. It is recompiled successfully, and is being gone over to make sure that all IGM routines work as intended. He is working on fixing a bug in Inter-Lord which causes an registered LORD v4.0x game to become un-registered. He released a recent update of the Easy Door tool-kit program, which is for BASIC programmers. It is NOT for LORD use, but he is considering adding LORD IGM support to it eventually.

04/09: Bryan has taken over The Changeling v2.00 LORD IGM from Charlie Wardick, and is providing support and a new home for it now. 04/25: VagaSoft List info. My next project is EZYIGM, and it is almost ready to be tested. After that, I will be doing a new IGM called Kiteria's Brothel. 04/29: Bryan released Sommer's Shiny Things v2.00 LORD IGM today, which was taken over from Shawn Highfield. 05/12: He has agreed to finish the work on Gallagher's Performance, MoshPit, and The Outhouse that was left undone when Lloyd Hannesson dissappeared. 05/30/02 Update: Lloyd is no longer missing. Red LORD barline

Lost/Missing LORD Authors Contributions:

Lloyd Hannesson -- Tech'N Software -- LORD IGM Listing Database
Alternate Email:
02/25: Lloyd has put Outhouse on back burner status for awhile, and is working on a new release of Gallagher's Performance. It has an consistent color scheme throughout now, some more content, and is now limited to one use per day. He's going to probably re-write Outhouse from scratch to eliminate some persistent bugs. 03/03: Added 03/19. Gallagher's Performance v2.00 is up and working. MoshPit is also working, but its changes haven't been finalized yet. He is almost finished on back-end coding to handle listing LORD Menuset programs on his web-site. The current plan for Outhouse is to reorganize it into a Lady Scripted program. Lloyd needs info on an ANSI editor program that works on current systems - i.e. does not have RTE200 errors. I have beta tested the Gallagher v2.0 IGM and it works well on my Pentium III system.

04/30 Notes: Lloyd is now classified as a Lost author due to inability to reach him in past two months approximately. His Telnet site is unavailable, and my access to the Lord IGMs Database is no longer working. So for reasons unknown, Lloyd's site is dead. 05/11: Unless someone else takes them over, Gallagher's Performance, The Outhouse, and MoshPit are classified as abandoned. I am also classifying Felicity's Temple v2.10, Warrior's Graveyard v1.80, Ye Olde Farm v1.00, the Lord2 IGM versions of Felicity and Graveyard, LordMenu v1.30, and LordType v1.10 as abandoned at this time. I never had source code for Lloyd's original programs, or for his in progress updates of Gallagher, Outhouse, Moshpit, and Hal's Ocean View Resort. 05/30/02 Update: Lloyd is no longer missing. Red LORD barline

Old LORD Authors Contributions:

Heath Axton. Heard from him on March 04. He's the author of the Lord2 new world, DarkLord, and is available at OR if anyone wants to write him. (07/25 Note: Heath has transferred support and development of his program to Max Larivee, of FieldSoft IGMs.)

David Hasbrouck. Author of Old Skull Inn. He lost the source code over the years, and is no longer involved in BBSing. He does not plan to revise the IGM's .doc files.

Paul Mullins: Entry added 05/18. 04/13: Heard from Paul, an old LORD friend. He was digging around in his hard drive and found his old IGM, Realm of Lore. It was up to v144.5 beta, but never released. He got it to run locally on his AMD Ahtlon system. He decided to release the IGM's Pascal source code publicly, so that others could benefit from studying it. 04/16: Received code archive, from Paul. He used modified DDPlus code in making it. 04/21: He is now involved with Quake programming, in C language. 04/25: Had told Paul about the RTE200 situation, and he went to work using the CRT library update, by Pedt Scragg, that I sent him, to update/fix the IGM. 04/27: Paul released Realm of Lore v1.44 through me publicly today. It is locked in "registered mode" thus making it a Freeware release. The config options and game features are all enabled, including any hidden secrets. ROL IGM Info - Paul's wording: Realm of LORE v1.44 LORD IGM. One of the best IGMs for LORD! Multiple regions for players to conquest. Many foes to battle and treasures to find. A must play for the serious LORD fan! Change Class, Learn Skills, Trade Weapons and Armours, Camp-sites and much More! Runtime 200 FIXED, Freeware release. DGT Note: Publicly released on April 28. Code archive was publicly released on April 29. Re-posted on May 02, with an file_id.diz file. I almost forgot about Paul's info. Sorry about that, Paul.

Kenneth Padgett: 04/05: Feb. 27 info. Author of Hiding in the Shadows LORD IGM. He wrote in to let me know that his email address would be obsolete soon. His current/new email address is 05/11: Originally, I had wanted to update my Hiding in the Shadows IGM, but aside from not having the time lately, I also need to find my Turbo Pascal install disks, source code, and read up on that RTE stuff... I suppose the source code idea would work... I'll have to look for mine, someday soon.

Jonathan Rosebaugh. 04/29: Lost QuickBasic source code for Nudist Colony LORD IGM years ago. Does not support the program these days, and does not care now what is done with it. Web-site: (non-LORD). (07/25 Note: Forgot earlier to include that Jon authorized my usability batch file update of his IGM, which was done on February 22, 2002.)

Marc Ryan. Author of unfinished Pleasant Valley IGM. He does not plan to finish the program, and prefers for people to not list it for download anywhere. Has not received any feedback on it, other than from me. Also has not has had a single request for the full version. So he sees no point in making a new, complete version. Red LORD barline

Semi/Fully Inactive Authors Contributions:

Chuck Brogan -- Acad's World - Lord page
Other links: -- telnet:// 03/06: Finally heard again from Chuck. He's still alive, and was supposed to be working on his WT-LORD IGM Hint Bulletin. 04/20: Zero news from Chuck in past month. Heard from Gary Hartzell that one new Hints page for Joseph's Revenge WT-Lord IGM is available now. You can see it at: Page is simply a long list of acronyms used by the IGM. Due to lack of news, Chuck is still classified as inactive.

Jason Brown -- Jason's Programs Page
03/25 Notes: I updated the documentation files, with Gary Hartzell's assistance, for Jason's IGMs L.O.R.D. Cavern, The Gateway, and the two LORD Cavern RHP Set files completely. The RHP Codes files only are updated for Outlands Tavern. I'll be fixing up his text files soon for RHPTest, LordStat, Outlands Tavern, and the Stones Lord2 IGM. Jason asked me to find someone willing to take over his Lord programs. But no one stepped forward. He is considering turning them over to me to take care of. No actual decision made on matter as of April 20th. My friend Gary Hartzell is willing to take over The Gateway IGM, which he is familiar with. And I'm fully willing to handle L.O.R.D. Cavern and Outlands Tavern, if that comes to pass.

Joel Gathercole -- 03/10: Has dropped out of sight. Darktech email account previously reported as dead back in January. 04/30: No work reported on Lord II: CNW, by Joel, since last summer. Yahoo email address is working again. CNW web-site is in progress, with various dead/broken links observed, when it was last checked. (07/25 Note: Joel dropped out of sight again in May, and has not been heard from again since then. CNW site is again viewed as abandoned, and is fully inactive. As is the Lord2 mailing list that Joel setup last year.)

Brian May -- Crazy Boy Productions LORD page -- Alt. email:     02/25: Brian has been busy with other projects, and will be doing some more Lord programming soon.

Bobby Queen --- Former Host of Official Lord II IGM Archive Site, and Kiteria's Korner
05/08/02: Bobby shut down the Official Lord2 IGM Archive site and Kiteria's Korner in early April 2002. The two webjump mirror sites were dumped by the firm in late March. I took over total control of the Kiteria's Korner site, and relocated it along with my own, to Michael Preslar's server. Bobby has transferred control of the Lord2 Archive to Max Larivee. No web-site address available yet for site, but it is being fully revamped by Max currently. Bobby is now Fully Inactive, but continues to moderate the Lord echo on Fidonet.

Bryan Stanbridge -- Purple Frog Productions -- Bryan's Files Page
Alternate Email:
02/25: Received February 05. Bryan has been dealing with some sad events in his life, so has not done much Lord work lately. 03/25: Purple Frog Productions took over all projects formerly held by BSS Micropics including three LORD IGMs last year. In addition to providing support for previous versions, Purple Frog ( has produced new versions of all three IGMs (LORD Suburbia, The Apothecary, and Grizelda's House). All are in various stages of Beta Testing. Two, the companion IGMs Apothecary and Grizelda's House, have now been released, after five years, in updated versions 1.76. You can find both at For more information on Purple Frog IGMs and the Purple Frog Beta Team please contact Bryan Stanbridge ( Thank you all, and have a Great 2002! Bryan Stanbridge, Lead Designer, Purple Frog Productions. 09/14/02: Email address believed invalid. No word from Bryan in several months.

Spencer Vickers -- Miniature Lord2 Page. 03/09: Yes, I have abandoned taking care of my Lord2 site. I had my time in the sun with Lord2, and have moved on from it now. I've also given up on computer programming. The site goes back to 1998, and I still monitor it occasionally. So if anyone emails me about the site or programs I'll respond to them.

Aaron Wornom -- Sweet Dreams Software
03/06: I'm still supporting my IGMs, and I still invite people to give their demo versions a try. And when you're interesting in registering them, just let me know. I'm also still fixing minor problems with them, and may have updated releases of my Easter Egg Hunt and Barber Shop IGMs out this summer. School takes most of my spare time. My support BBS is available if needed at 03/07: Yes, I'm waiting to see what the new WT-Lord 3.00 will bring. So that's another reason to hold back doing some updates. I won't have time until this summer to write any additional IGMs, but will be considering doing new ones. Red LORD

Old Lord2 Authors info: Jay "Elric" Weber is now using email address. Some older email addresses are also still usable with him. His Lord II web-site and web-ring both remain fully inactive. To reach Tien Lung, use . Red LORD barline

Non-Participating Authors Info Section:

Section added to newsletter on May 08, 2002. Skipped listing email addresses, and web-site addresses. For the latter, visit my site's LORD Links Page. Active Authors: Joseph Watson, Michael Preslar. Active webmasters: Ruth Argust, Mike Snyder. Inactive Webmasters: Mike Ehlert. Inactive Authors: Mike Dillon, Elysium Software members (excluding Mike Hodgson and Bryan Turner); John Elson, Robert Olsen, "Black Omen", and Orion Elder. Former Authors Status: Joe Marcelletti, Justin Pasher, Seth Robinson, David Simmons, Nannette Thacker, Steve Gargolinski, Tien Lung, Chet Rhodes, Eric Richardson, Codax Dragon. Re-classified sites: I am now listing Tech'N Software and Simmons Software sites as abandoned. The first one due to Lloyd Hannesson's disappearance. The second because of failure to obtain any info over six months about David's IGMs.

Recap of LORD sites - no URLs listed, categorized as Abandoned or Dead for past year: Arctic Productions. Barak's House IGM Diagram. Blackfist Lord Page. Dore's Lord IGMs page. CanuckSoft. FX Sound Systems. Carlton Griffin's LORD Utilities. Mad Systems. PhSoft. Minature Lord2. Purple Haze. Shaun's LORD Cheat page. TonyTown Software. T&T Software's Homepage. Wonderland Software. L.O.R.D. Domain. LORD Ring - Preslar. LORD Domain Ring - Colby Reich. WT-Lord Ring. LORD II Ring - Elric. LORD Ring (never started) - Hannesson. WiseGuy Software. New Realm Interactive. Binary Hurricane BBS Lord Files page. Galileo Games Library page. Softcon BBS doors page. "webspin" File Library page. Telnet Sites: I don't try to categorize them. If they are accessible, they are listed on my LORD Links Page. If they don't respond when tried during a page Links check, they are dropped from listing occasionally. Red LORD barline

LORD IGMs Testing Section:

02/22: Determined these programs work only on a BBS system, because they require the presence of BBS drop files. Pool of Transformation, SpellBinder's General Store. Was unable to get Dragon's Bone Shipyards to install, so it is now considered fully unusable. 03/11: Testing stats: 8 IGMs reclassified as usable, using Node 1+ configuration. And 7 IGMs are in beta testing currently. 4 IGMs are unusable in Local Mode, and 3 IGMs were verified as usable only in BBS system LORD games. 16 IGMs are unusable for non-RTE200 related reasons, and 106 IGMs are unusable due to partial/total RTE200 lockup. IGM stats as of May 16, 2002: 14 IGMs in testing process that work. 112 IGMs in Passed Testing category. 115 IGMs in Unusable category. 3 IGMs in Passed Testing/Beta - unreleased by author. 6 IGMs in Non-Local unusable category. And 25 Lady scripts released to date by myself, Gordon Lewicky, and Michael Everett. 8 IGMs were reclassified usable between May 11-16, 2002, using RTE200 patching and EXE decompression utilities.

02/22 Notes: These IGMs will work in Local mode, providing you create a Node 1 configuration. Dweebo the Geek's Clubhoue, Gate Way To Heaven, Lord Anarchist, Lord's Brothel, Red Dragon Casino, and Socrates Shop. You'll have to use Start 1 to run some. Attempts to do RTE200 patches of Redwood Restaurant, Let's Have Fun, and TeamLord did not work for me. So all 3 are now listed as unusable in my Lord IGMs Page's Unusable programs tables.

How to use RTE200 Patch utilities, such as Pent2.exe. Unzip an IGM into a temporary directory under your Lord directory. Try to run each .exe file. If one gives RTE200, then do this (revised 05/14): (1) First determine if an program is compressed. If it is, use UNP or some other utility to decompress it. (2) Run ctbppat.exe on each program file. Has to be done manually. (3) Retry executing each .EXE file. If all .EXE files in an IGM work, install the IGM in LORD and actually run it. Some IGMs fail this last test. They can look normal again run from the DOS prompt, but won't work right in LORD. Example, using Pent2: To patch barak.exe (v1.00), type " pent2 barak.exe" and press ENTER key. Tppatch and ctbppat work the same way, except that ctbppat requires user input all the time. This primer is for those who've no idea how to run RTE200 patch programs. Note: If you patch something successfully, BE SURE to back it up. For some odd reason, what will patch one month often refuses to patch months later. So anything you patch reliably, be sure to backup the program somewhere. I forgot to backup my original patch of TeamLord, and it wouldn't patch properly back in January.

No IGM updates possible: All of Trevor Herndon's IGMs: source code stolen years ago. The Wise Guy - Adamax Creations: No valid postal/email address. Old Skull Inn - David Hasbrouck: source code lost. Jonathan Rosebaugh - Nudist Colony: Source code lost. Jeff Donchez - Lord's Brothel, various LORD Menuset files: No valid postal/email address. Ahkenaton - IGMs unusable due to RTE200; classified Abandoned. Chris MacPherson - Pawn Shop. Abandoned, RTE200 unusable. Devon Brooks - Aladdin's Palace, etc. David Simmons - Shauna, Princess of Sorcery, Knight's of the Golden Horseshoe. Abandoned; RTE200 unusable. I tried for 6 months to get them updated without any luck. Larry Patterson - no valid email address. Tried over 2 dozen possible addresses, to no avail. His Axehandler IGMs are all RTE200 unusable.

05/11/2002: Resumed my LORD IGMs Testing again. I have discovered that ctbppat.exe can make some IGMs usable again, by repairing the Delay-Function routine. Neither Pent2.exe or Tppatch.exe were usable with such IGMs. Restored to usable status: Aladdin's Palace v2.01; Arkhaim Asylum v2.03; Chance's Cafe v1.51; The Surgical Clinic v1.51; and Arena of Lords v2.01. Updates done on behalf of lost authors.

These IGMs are re-confirmed unusable. Either because of setup problems, not working if user has more than 9 IGMs in use, or the RTE200 doesn't go away. Across the Tracks, Adoption Market, Aladdin's Bar, Axehandler's Arena, Axehandler's BattleGrounds, Axehandler's Dominion, Barton's Battle Training, Business Department, Circus of Freaks, City of the Sun God, Haldar's Arena, and Willy Tart's Carnival.

05/15 Notes: Daemonica - Unable to patch overlay files, which continue to have RTE200. IGM remained unusable. However, I was able to get component files Daerank.exe, Demed.exe, and Edmod.exe to execute, after patching them with ctbppat. Dragon's Breath Mountain: After patching, IGM caused repeated DOS window freezes. Remains classified unusable. DK-Lotto: Could patch the program files, but can not see IGM do anything when executed. Just shows a black screen with copyright data, then a momentary flash of some other screen, before it returns to Other Places menu. Not planning to release patch archive. Downside Tavern: Patching worked. Released online on May 15th as Castle of the DreamLord, and Dragon Town University: With both IGMs, I got rid of the RTE200 problem. However I ended up with RTE 104 error messages. Both remain classified unusable.

Late Testing notes: 05/16: Examined Red Dragon Flea Market - patched version returns RTE 104; remains unusable. Fairy Town - patched successfully. Will distribute soon as Galactic Warriors - patched EXE files, but OVR file remained unusable due to RTE200. Shauna, Princess of Sorcery -and- Knight's of the Golden Horseshoe - patched each IGM's EXE files. In both cases, the config program worked, but the IGM remained RTE200 locked. And you get an RTE 104 error at end of Config process. The Graveyard - Patched successfully. Will not work on Node 0, but works in Local mode using Node 1. Will distribute soon as All other IGM/utility testing will be reported in LordNews issue #12.

05/20 Note: ALL of my testing was done on an 933 Mhz Pentium IV system. Some programs listed as unusable may be usable on slower systems, especially if they are below 400 Mhz. Which is where the RTE200 error starts showing up.

06/09/2002 Note: Please do NOT distribute, released in early May. Unless I can reach the author, and get permission to distribute the patch update officially, I am pulling the file from online distribution. There is a possibility that doing RTE200 patching and then distributing that updated archive is a copyright violation. Red LORD barline

LORD Utilities Testing Section:

Results as of 05/14/92: Not tested yet: 16 utility archives. Waiting to be re-tested: 1 archive. Listed in my MiscUtil directory - LordNet, InterLord, RIP graphics files: 14 programs. Reclassified Bub-Lord program as Usable. Passed testing: 51 files. I've not tried to test usability of the utilities. Failed testing - complete failures and non-Local mode usable listed together. 45 programs. Red LORD barline

Recent LORD Files Section:
Covers February 06 - May 16, 2002.

Recent LORD IGMs - Official releases:

NC-07P   ZIP    73609   2-22-02  The Nudist Colony v0.70
THOUS28P ZIP    44951   2-22-02  Turgeon's House v2.80 patch
MINES111 ZIP     4907   2-23-02  The Abandoned Mines v1.11
TRICK101 ZIP     4942   2-23-02  Trick or Treat v1.01
BA506-1  ZIP    52423   2-25-02  BackAlley Bar v5.06-1
BAC403-1 ZIP    34353   2-25-02  BackAlley Church v4.03-1
BAO302-1 ZIP    31751   2-25-02  BackAlley Orphanage v3.02-1
ET200-1  ZIP    30368   2-25-02  Elaikases Tower v2.00-1
FOI101-1 ZIP    52479   2-25-02  Forest of Intrigue v1.01-1
SC201-1  ZIP    29327   2-25-02  Seth's Cottage v2.01-1
WW301P-1 ZIP    43704   2-25-02  Werewolf v3.01p-1
LOTT201  ZIP    42650   3-06-02  The Lottery v2.01
JOINT    RHP     1176   3-15-02  Dude With A Joint - O.T. RHP IGM
STRANGER RHP     8357   3-15-02  Meet A Stranger - O.T. RHP IGM
OTRHP1   ZIP     8009   3-24-02  Outlands Tavern RHP Set #1
CHAN2FIN ZIP   194930   3-24-02  The Changeling v2.00 (Angel/KDrive)
REDWD3   ZIP    64817   3-25-02  Redwood Restaurant & Tavern v3.00
APOTH176 ZIP    63960   3-25-02  The Apothecary v1.76
GRIZ176  ZIP    58245   3-25-02  Grizelda's House v1.76
ALCOVE1  RHP     6097   3-29-02  The Secret Alcove - Simple version
ALCOVE2  RHP     6779   3-29-02  The Secret Alcove - Infidelity version
                                 -- is coded to punish adultery.
OTRHP1   ZIP    11143   3-29-02  Outlands Tavern RHP Set #1
MINES112 ZIP     5090   4-10-02  The Abandoned Mines v1.12
ROBIN4   ZIP   177773   4-22-02  Robin Hood v4.00 - 4/12 update
THOUSE30 ZIP    51904   4-27-02  Turgeon's House v3.00
ROL144   ZIP   122037   4-28-02  Realm of Lore v1.44
SOMMER20 ZIP    42723   4-29-02  Sommer's Shiny Things v2.00

LORD Lady Script Files:

2TEMPHP  LDY      711   4-20-02  Two Temp HP script
BLUEFARY LDY     1643   4-20-02  The Blue Fairy
COUNT    LDY     1914   4-21-02  Random number Count script
GEM2     LDY      473   4-19-02  Two Gems script
GOLDTREE LDY     1046   4-20-02  The Golden Tree script
GOOFY1   LDY     5950   4-19-02  Goofy Events #1 (renamed).  Contains
                                   DragonPoop, Horny, and SexChange.
HIGHSPIR LDY      852   4-20-02  High Spirits (for script authors)
ME-LADY  ZIP     1591   4-20-02  * Michael Everett's Scripts archive.
NICEHAG  LDY    11158   4-22-02  The Nice Hag v1.10
POLISH   LDY      879   4-20-02  Polish Armour
PRETSTIC LDY      693   4-19-02  Pretty-Stick
RUINCAST LDY     6588   4-20-02  Ruined Castle
SHARPEN  LDY      791   4-19-02  Sharpen Weapon
SKILLUSE LDY     1785   4-22-02  New Skill Use script
TAXMAN   LDY     3406   4-13-02  The TaxMan
UGLYSTIC LDY      739   4-19-02  Ugly-Stick
2TEMPHP  LDY      888   4-27-02  Two Temp Hitpoints
CHARMTAX LDY     6526   4-25-02  The Charm Tax
GEMTRADE LDY    18690   4-27-02  The Gem Trader v1.06
GL-LADY  ZIP     9817   4-27-02  Gordon Lewicky's 4 Lady Scripts
GNOME    LDY    19453   4-26-02  The Gnome
PRETSTIC LDY      819   4-27-02  The Pretty-Stick
UGLYSTIC LDY      867   4-27-02  The Ugly-Stick
BANDIT   LDY     7901   5-07-02  The Bandit
HIGHSPIR LDY     1197   5-07-02  High Spirits v1.01
NICEHAG  LDY    12995   5-07-02  The Nice Hag v1.12

LDYQUIRK ZIP    20735   5-15-02  Lord's Lady Language Quirks
-- Includes Count.ldy, Count.exe by Gordon Lewicky; and PCount.exe
-- by Charlie Wardick.

DGT-LADY ZIP    48897   5-17-02  Belgarion's Lady Scripts v1.30
-- Contains all Lady scripts released by Myself, Gordon Lewicky,
   Michael Everett, and Dan Stovall. 04/20 Note:  Gordon's files are
   now packaged in, and Michael's files are in Both are inside

Notes: O.T. stands for Outlands Tavern IGM, which is required to
run the programs.  The Joint/Stranger IGMs are by Gary Hartzell.
All IGMs by Jay Hodges released with new documentation;  Werewolf
is an RTE200 Patch update as well.

IGM Releases on behalf of lost LORD Authors:

These include an batch file to handle manual installation:
ANARCH12 ZIP    24900   2-19-02  Lord Anarchist v1.10 update
                                 - Changed version number to v1.20.
WL-V10P  ZIP    72495   2-22-02  Warlock of Shadow Vale 1.00 update

These files are RTE200 patch updates:
PMV14P   ZIP    54379   2-22-02  Player's Market v1.40 update
WGUY12P  ZIP    45747   2-22-02  The Wise Guy v1.20 update

05/17/02 Warning Note:  I used ctbppat.exe to fix the following
IGM patches.  It is possible that some may be unstable in actual
LORD game play.  Patching Delay Function routine or Divisor may
have caused problems.  Some have been already reported for the
Aladdin's Palace patch.   Use caution running these patches:

APV201   ZIP   129171   5-11-02  Aladdin's Palace v2.01 update
    (Removed from online distribution in early September 2002.)
ARENA201 ZIP    44953   5-11-02  The Arena of Lords v2.01 update
ASYL_203 ZIP   264576   5-11-02  The Arkhaim Asylum v2.03 update
CHANC151 ZIP    50441   5-11-02  Chance's Cafe v1.51 update
CLIN-151 ZIP    49151   5-11-02  The Surgical Clinic v1.51 update
DSIDE103 ZIP    58069   5-15-02  DownSide Tavern v1.30 update
FTOWN110 ZIP   161999   5-16-02  Fairy Town v1.10 update
GRAVE340 ZIP    71026   5-16-02  The Graveyard v3.40 update
-- Removed from online circulation on June 09, 2002.
-- Due to possible copyright violation situation.

** 06/09/02: All other RTE200 patch updates done, listed here,
** are by authors who mention nothing in program docs to indicate
** that releasing them would violate their copyright status.

Un-Released LORD IGMs in private beta testing:

SUB201   ZIP    88372  12-13-01  Lord Suburbia 2.01 beta
OUTHBETA ZIP    54594  12-27-01  The Outhouse 2.00 beta
GALAG20  ZIP    54704   3-05-02  Gallagher's Performance 2.00 beta

                     LORD IGMs - Update Work In Progress:
CAVE14B  ZIP    93747   3-19-02  L.O.R.D. Cavern 1.40b w/revised docs
CAVERHP1 ZIP     9774   3-19-02  LORD Cavern RHP Set #1 - revised docs
CAVERHP2 ZIP     7875   3-19-02  LORD Cavern RHP Set #2 - revised docs
GATE10B  ZIP    83559   3-19-02  The Gateway 1.0b w/revised docs
RHP_EDIT ZIP    17636   3-22-02  Updated RHP Code files, J. Brown IGMs

Notes: I'm rewriting the Docs for all of Jason Brown's IGMs, and
working on convincing him to do program updates as well.  OTRHP1
contains RHP Scripts written by Gary Hartzell and Myself, for the
Outlands Tavern.  The Secret Alcove is my first LORD IGM program.
    See Lord Legacy FTP server's IGMs directory to download
Caverhp1, Caverhp2, and Rhp_edit files.  Cave14b and Gate10b were
never put online by myself or Jason, containing the updated docs.

Recent LORD Utilities:

L444     ZIP    80193   4-22-02   LORD League 444 LordNet Info
                                          - 4/22 update.

                          LORD Source Code Archives:
                      (Prepared from original IGM files)
ARAG-SRC ZIP    38569   1-26-02   Aragorn's Timer v1.00 Source Code
SETH-SRC ZIP    47795   2-04-02   Seth's Lotto v1.00 Source Code
ROLDEV   ZIP   563356   4-21-02   Realm of Lore IGM source code
                                  - Freeware release by author.

Recent WT-LORD Programs:

Lists one WT-Lord utility program, then IGM releases:
LRDMNS   ZIP     4049   2-22-02  Spring Lord Menus for WT-Lord
MLN200   ZIP    29629   2-22-02  Molun's Tavern v2.00
WWST300  ZIP   349416   2-22-02  Wild Wild West v3.00
BLKWNG21 ZIP    58079   4-11-02  Blackwing's Cove v2.10
BLKWNG22 ZIP    74719   5-16-02  BlackWing's Cove v2.20

Recent LORD II IGMs:

HSCITY21 ZIP    17382   5-16-02  HillSide City v2.10
SLVIL20  ZIP    20848   5-16-02  SandLand Village v2.00

                   Misc. Castle Camelot LORD Files:
DGT-LORD TXT    51888   4-15-02  Belgarion's Lord IGM Guide, page 1
DGT-LORD ZIP    75478   5-16-02  Belgarion's LORD IGM Play Guides
DGT-LRD2 TXT    47838   5-16-02  Belgarion's Lord IGM Guide, page 2
DGT-LRD3 TXT    66520   4-15-02  Belgarion's Lord IGM Guide, Page 3
IGM-PAGE ZIP    29285   5-16-02  Trentsoft LORD IGMs page archive
IGMPAGE  HTM   106527   5-16-02  Revamped Trentsoft LORD IGMs page
CC10MISC ZIP    16029   5-15-02  LordNews #10: Data text files
CC11MISC ZIP     7486   5-15-02  LordNews #11: Data Text files

End of recent LORD releases listing, for LordNews Issue #11. 
Red LORD barline

LordNews Issues Links Section: (12/02/02)

Web-Page Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Released on April 28, 2000. -- Issue #1 Archive
LordNews Issue #2 - Released on June 26, 2000. -- Issue #2 Archive
LordNews Issue #3 - Released on June 28, 2000. -- Issue #3 Archive
LordNews Issue #4 - Released on Sept. 20, 2000. -- Issue #4 Archive
LordNews Issue #5 - Released on December 20, 2000. -- Issue #5 Archive
LordNews Issue #6 - Released on April 19, 2001. -- Issue #6 Archive
LordNews Issue #7 - Released on August 05, 2001. Issue #7 Archive.
LordNews Issue #8 - LordNews Issue #8 Archive
Released on Oct. 08, 2001 in two parts. Recombined into single web-page on May 28, 2002.

LordNews Issue #9 -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 03, 2001.
LordNews Issue #10 -- Issue #10 HTML Archive. Released on February 06, 2002. Updated on February 27, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 -- Issue #11 HTML Archive. Covers February 06 - May 16, 2002. Revised 05/30/02.
LordNews Issue #12 -- Issue #12 HTML Archive. Issue released on October 07, 2002.
Red LORD barline

Text Version Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Text -- Issue #1 Text Archive. Released on December 20, 1999.
LordNews Issue #2 - Text -- Issue #2 Text Archive. Released on April 05, 2000.
LordNews Issue #3 - Text -- Issue #3 Text Archive. Released on June 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #4 - Text -- Issue #4 Text Archive. Released on September 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #5 - Text -- Issue #5 Text Archive. Released on December 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #6 - Text -- Issue #6 Text Archive. Released on April 19, 2001.
LordNews Issue #7 - Text -- Issue #7 Text Archive. Released on August 05, 2001.
LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part One -- LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part Two
LordNews Issue #8 Text Archive. Released on October 08, 2001.
LordNews Issue #9 Text Version -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 04, 2001.

LordNews Issue #10 Text Version -- LordNews Issue #10 Appendix
Issue #10 Text Archive. Last Appendix files update: April 29, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 - Text -- Issue #11 Text Archive. Released on May 18, 2002.
LordNews #10 Data Files: Contains up-to-date copies of Authors-Info.txt, Lost-Authors.Txt, and Usable-IGMs.txt files.
LordNews #11 Data Files: Contains up-to-date copies of: Unusable-IGMs.txt; CC11igm1.txt - lists LORD IGMs released during January-February 2002. And CC11igm2.txt -- Lists LORD IGMs released during March 01 - May 16, 2002 period.

LordNews Issue #12 - Text -- Issue #12 Text Archive.
LordNews #12 Data Files.

12/02/02 Note: Until I decide where to have my web-site full-time, the Lordnews text issue files will not be available except in archive format.
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Newsletter Contributions Section:

This issue was started on Feb. 18, 2002 in skeleton form; and was completed on morning, May 18, 2002. The following people participated in this issue, in an active form: Charlie Wardick, Gordon Lewicky, Marty Blankenship, Brad Carson, Mike Ciesiensky, Michael Everett, Gary Hartzell, Jay Hodges, Mike Hodgson, Duncan Idaho, Paul Koukos, Max Larivee, Shannon Talley, Janet Terry, and Bryan Turner. Until his disappearance in late March, Lloyd Hannesson was an active contributor. Old Lord authors who participated: Heath Axton, Joel Gathercole (-- reclassified Former Author), David Hasbrouck, Kenneth Padgett, Jonathan Rosebaugh, Marc Ryan. Inactive authors participation: Chuck Brogan, Jason Brown, Brian May, Bobby Queen -- Former Author, Bryan Stanbridge, Spencer Vickers -- Former Author, Aaron Wornom, Jay "Elric" Weber, and Tien Lung. Late addition: Paul Mullins entry.

No one else participated during this issue's preparation. My correspondence with Michael Preslar contained various discussions regarding LORD v4.07 beta and his other projects. But he never gave permission for it to be included in a public forum, such as this newsletter. Other authors have been contacted repeatedly but have failed to provide anything for the issue, or have failed to write back altogether. Image credits: The only graphics used here are the red Lord barline and background graphics files. They are both public domain. My web-pages are all done using a DOS text editor, Wordpad, and my old Professional Write word processor. The pages are designed for Netscape browsers primarily, and are tested under Communicator 4.79 and MS Internet Explorer 5.50 SP2. 05/16: Current page length, using Medium Font, is 21 pages, according to Netscape Navigator's Print Preview.

05/18/2002 Notes: Issue #11 was officially released to the LordNews List members this morning. Posting online and to Fidonet done this afternoon. See for current updates, done today, of Authors-Info.Txt, Lost-Authors.txt, and Usable-IGMs.txt files. The next issue will be started around Memorial Day. You may send in info for it at any time.

Page counter info: As of April 30, the ccigm-11.html page on my GeoCities site had 37 hits. The counter was in use since Feb. 18, 2002. Red LORD barline

Post-Release Revisions Section:

05/19: Reworded and restructured Max Larivee's entry. Issue #11 files were officially released on Saturday night. 05/22: Fixed some HTML tag errors. 05/30: Updated LordNews Issues Links section; Revised some statements regarding Lloyd Hannesson. 06/09: Added notes on situation involving Graveyard IGM's RTE200 update. 07/25: Printed my master copy of newsletter issue; evening revisions are marked by 07/25 Note references in various places. 08/13: Ran page links check. Fixed some link errors. 09/14/02: Revised HTML code to be compatible with Netscape v7.00 browser. Updated some Email links. Added LadyScripts List HTML Form. 12/02/02: Brief update of file for upload to re-activated GeoCities site. Updated LordNews Issues Links section.

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