Castle Camelot LORD Authors Newsletter #12:

LordNews Volume 3, Issue 3 -- Created by Donald Tidmore
Started May 29, 2002. -- Official Release on: October 07, 2002.

LORD Newsletter Issue #12 Introduction:

Welcome to the twelfth LORD Newsletter issue. It covers May 17 through September 30, 2002. Its purpose is distribution of news on LORD, LORD II, and Wildcat Tournament LORD authors' activities and programming those 4 1/2 months. It also is used to report on my own LORD programming, in LADY Scripts, Jason Brown's LORD IGMs and Utilities, and Charlie Wardick's LPEdit LORD utility. My report on the results of re-testing several dozen LORD IGMs, with usability or RTE200 problems is included. No NEW material was included here that was received after September 30. 10/07/02: Officially released Text Version to LordNews List. 10/08/02: Officially released issue files on web-site, and to Camelot LordNews FDN on Fidonet.

Fidonet contact info: Currently the LORD echo has gone dead, possibly because everyone is now using either Lord_Dev List or the LordNews List for their LORD discussions. I can be reached via Netmail, LORD echo, or the DoorGames echo on Fidonet, using 1:123/450. If you need a LORD program released, send it to me. It will be posted to my official Camelot LordNews FDN site, as well as to the Lord Legacy FTP server.

LordNews List info: The list is used for distribution of text versions of each newsletter issue; and for discussion of LORD news by its members. To join the open discussion list, please use the HTML Form. To subscribe manually, write to Use "Subscribe LordNews List" for Subject, or something similar. In message body, say (without quotes), "subscribe lordnews your_email". No verification is required, and a LordNews Digest is prepared automatically for all members for each 3 days of list activity. The LadyScripts List was created for specific discussion of LADY Script programming. To subscribe to it, use the second HTML Form, or this manual subscribe info. Using LordNews info above, substitute "ladyscripts" in the message line. No verification is required for this list either. Contact Shannon Talley - - if you have questions about the list server.

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LordNews #12 Misc. Notes Section:

LordNews #12 - Table of Contents:
Michael's LORD News Reports: LORD Authors Notes Section
LORD IGMs/Utilities Testing Section Recent LORD Programs Listing
Miscellaneous Info Section LordNews Issues Links Section
Newsletter Contributions Section:
My primary Web-site Links:
Kiteria's Korner! Site -- Redesigned layout 09/24/2002. Camelot LordNews FDN Site - Fidonet
Castle Camelot Waterfalls Homepage Castle Camelot LORD Links Page
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Popular site info: 10/05/02. Decided to check counter stats on the inactive Geocities site. Since the May 30 reading, the following major changes are: camelot4.html - over 3,000 new hits; camelot5.html - over 1,500 hits; Camelot.html - over 3,000 hits. Was very interesting discovery. I wonder how many other people have totally inactive sites that are still that popular. I have no idea how many accesses there are each month on the LordLegacy site pages, but I suppose it's a lot. Red LORD barline

Michael's LORD News Reports Section:

Michael Preslar -- -- LORD Legacy Site
Telnet: -- IRC: -- Elysium Software
Alternate Email:,
08/12 Info: The latest public release of LORD is 4.06. 4.07 is in the works. There are some things I'd like to do before releasing it. 4.07 already is the largest release of LORD in 10+ years. (If I remember right, 3.25 was the largest before this one.. 3.27 - 4.01a were little things here and there.. I could be wrong. LORD's been around for more than 15 years, so I could be mistaken about some of its history.) LORD 4.07 is NOT ready for general public use. At any time, some bugs may show up that cause problems. So if you are not comfortable running beta software, wait for 4.07's official release. There is a 40% complete LORD/Linux beta, which may be accessed from my web-site: . There are not any usable betas available yet for Win32, OS/2, and Web people to use.

Michael is now self-employed, doing contract programming. He does not spend all of his time working on LORD projects, and he has a very large web-site - He has a wife, and his original family to spend time with. He experienced some computer problems in late July that he dealt with, including a dead video card, motherboard, CPU, and NIC. If you wish to reach him, you can do so via Email, and IRC - Internet Relay Chat. (Telephone info not included in newsletter.) His server is, and the channel is #lord or #bbs. His handle there is "Z". He wants people to send him feedback on the LORD project programs. Details on how 32-bit Win32 IGMs will work have not been figured out yet. He says that doing LORD in an open-source language - PHP, PERL, etc, is a bad idea. Because the author can't protect his work from others altering it, and distributing their changes. The legal contract(s) with Metropolis Gameport allow only one programmer - Michael - to work on LORD, LORD II, TEOS, and Worldgroup Tournament LORD programs.

07/08/02: The ZCount web-page counter was recently made public. It's available at: And ZMail, for reading Fidonet mail, is available at: If you would like to help Michael with the LORD work, one way to do so, is providing him with donations for the bandwidth, administration, and maintenance of the server/domain. He also has a PayPal account accessible on his web-site. June 2002 - Lord_Dev List: When LORD 4.07 is released, Michael will be including data on the new structures used by it. Including the Red Dragon and the Trainers. Acquiring LORD 4.07 beta: To obtain 4.07, which requires you to start out with 4.05pb or 4.06, send email message to: Subject should be: "send me LORD". To get LORD2 beta, use "Send me LORD2". To get TEOS beta, use "Send me TEOS"; without the quotes. The best way to send in LORD/LORD2 bug reports is via his Lord_Dev List. It is used by Michael for new compile announcements, and for discussion of upcoming changes, bugs, etc. He encourages LORD sysops and IGM/utility authors to also use the mailing list. To subscribe to it, send Email to with "subscribe lord-dev your_email" (without quotes). Remember when using beta compiles that you should always backup your LORD game before installing a new release. The compilations are usually released over the weekends.

08/17,27/02: New work has been done on LORD v4.07 beta to fix some LADY scripts problems. The 8/25/02 compile does not cause LADY Scripts to shut down the LORD game. Michael's latest posting of the Lord/X beta is available at: Note: The URL is correct. He used the wrong date by accident. 09/11/02: Note: Michael's site works best with either Netscape v7.00 or MS Internet Explorer v5.50+ browsers. Sept. 11 News release: "32-bit versions of LORD, SK, etc". Lots of recompiling going on. Over the course of one night that I couldn't sleep, I've been able to get a lot of stuff compiling for Win32/sockets. Downloaded Manndoor from It's a door-kit for Turbo Pascal and Virtual Pascal. Thought to myself, "Wonder how hard it would be to recompile some of my old stuff for Win32/sockets??". Well, my Hangman and Marx's MTNC games are converted; Savage Kingdoms kind of compiles. And for you LORD fans: It compiles too. Need to work some bugs out of LORD, but it's a step in the right direction.

How did I get all this done in _one_ night? Easy: I added a DDPlus face to MannDoor. After doing that, all I had to do was go into my sources, replace "uses ddplus" with {$ifdef VIRTUALPASCAL} uses manndoor {$else} uses ddplus {$endif} and poof. It compiles and works as expected (most of the time.) Will need to get with Manning about some weird errors I've ran across, but none the less.. Truth be told, I've done this a couple of times, with a couple of different kits. I got the furthest with FreeDoor, a kit by Coolio .. Manning and I ended up adding some good stuff to it to help it to be a really good kit.. But FreeDoor and LORD didn't get along.. Anyway, maybe I'll get all this stuff working properly and tested, and be able to release it sometime in the near future.

09/17/02: Edited news report from LordNews/Lord_Dev List message. Here are various notes on all of my LORD related projects and some non-LORD related stuff. .. I will be posting this to 2 different mailing lists, and my web-page. When I first started writing this, it was going to be quick and simple. However, it didn't take long to realize that this post would be quite long. ... The LORD Web-page: 1) Some people hear from me on a regular basis. Others don't. For those that don't: No, I haven't died. No, I haven't dropped LORD, LORD2, TEOS, T-LORD, or WebLORD. Yes, I haven't posted anything to my news page in a long time. Yes, I haven't posted anything on my web-page's message board in a long time.. To be honest, I haven't had a lot of free time, so I had to decide between coding, or updating a web-page. I chose to code. (2) When I first created the LORD web-page, I did most of it in Embedded Perl. Now, I'm wanting to get away from Emb. Perl and go to PHP. Which means a lot of code rewriting. I have no idea when I'll get around to doing the conversion.. Actually, if anyone wants to help with that, let me know.

(3) I want to add another section to the (already _huge_) site.. "Support".. A list of mailing lists, message boards, and other whatnot where people can get help with LORD, IGMs, etc . This is another one of those "I'll get around to it eventually" things.. (4) Last spring, I wanted to work on something different.. Something small.. You know.. The kind of thing that pushes your brain in a direction different than what you are used to. What I ended up creating.. I was able to take the LORD BBS list from my web-page and kick it out into an Mtel dialing directory ... I all but forgot about it shortly after, and only remembered it when I was doing some cleanup work on the server a few weeks ago. For anyone that wants to download it, use: .. Note that my mtel.fon has every BBS in my list, but MTEL only displays the first 100 of them. LORD: For those who are interested, you can see my current whatsnew.txt file at .. Please note that 4.07 has _not_ been officially released yet, and therefore, I may add, change, remove, blah blah stuff.

Porting LORD to Win32: I've attempted to port LORD to Win32 in the past.. Things didn't work as well as I had hoped, and since I didn't have a lot of free time, there was nothing I could do but let it sit.. Broken.. A few days ago, however, I got to working on it once again.. Started porting an old copy of the LORD source, and poof... it compiled after one nights work (and a lot of experimentation).. Sept 16, round about 4 p.m., I started porting the current LORD sources to Win32. And I tell you.. LORD's source code has been through quite a bit of changes.. Its easy to tell since the old copy was ported within a night, and the current code.. Well, I've been working on it for 9 hours straight, and it's nowhere near done.. Something else I want to make a note of.. Doing this port has me going through some LORD source that I've not seen in awhile.. Which means I've been cleaning a bunch of stuff up.. Optimizing.. Less memory. Faster.. Etc.. For both the DOS and the Win32 versions. LORD2 and Teos: It's been awhile since anything was done with these games that you guys can see.. There have been changes, but they've all been internal. However.. Once LORD is successfully ported to Win32, it'll be very easy to port LORD2 and TEOS.. So keep an eye out for that.

Tournament LORD: Have I given up on TLORD? No.. Have I done anything with it? Yes and no. Yes: It's written in a language that's new to me.. And since it's a MajorBBS/WorldGroup module, it's written a lot different than a standard door (does "re-entrant programming" mean anything to you?) So I've got a good bit to learn before I can do anything with it.. But I have been working towards learning the language and the method of coding. No: There haven't been any changes in the code. WebLORD: It's been a long, long time since I heard from the guy that was going to do WebLORD.. And to tell the truth, I haven't heard anything from Gameport about it either. Last I knew, the guy needed paperwork from them so he could continue development. To me, that constitutes "official talks".. But since I've not heard anything from anyone about it, I have no idea what happened. What I have done, however, is started the process of creating my own. It's not Java based, like the other guy's engine.. It's a port of LORD/x.. I work on it when I have time, but I want the Win32 version of LORD done before I really dedicate any time to another project. (To the guy that was going to do the Java WebLORD.. I would have called or emailed you by now, but I've lost your contact info..) LORD/x: I released a new beta a couple of weeks ago.. and to be honest, I haven't touched it since. I really haven't had the time..

The Joseph Masters IGMs and Utils: Awhile ago, I adopted all of the IGMs and utilities that Joe ever wrote for LORD (and one IGM for TEOS, I think).. Since then, however, my free time has all but disappeared.. So here's what I'm going to do. Anyone interested in helping me by cleaning up these IGMs and utilities.. Email me. Notes on these programs: (1) They're all written in Turbo Pascal, and the IGMs use modified DDPlus kits, and they should remain in either Turbo Pascal or Virtual Pascal. (2) Their source codes are messy. Joe wrote these when he was 13-14 years old or so, and if I remember right, he learned how to program by writing these.. I would have already worked on these myself, but I'm of the mind-set that they really need to be rewritten. (3) I have the complete source to most all of the programs. However, Joe had lost some of his sources; therefore, I don't have them all.. For example, LordNet won't compile due to missing source (and it's stuff I don't have in my own collection, and don't have time to recreate). (4) I reserve the right to decide who works on what. If I'm not comfortable with who's asking, it's probably won't happen. (5) For a full list of Joe's programs, read the next sentences, or visit The adopted LORD IGMs are Aragorn's Timer, Seth's Lotto, LordNet, Sandtiger's Bar, and TeamLord. The adopted LORD utilities are: IGM Expander, IGM Log, LordBull, LordCops, LordEvent, and NPCLord.

MannDoor: Since I don't have a ton of free time to create new communication routines, I've been using MannDoor -- a Virtual Pascal door-kit written by Manning (Rick Parrish). To help make the transition easier, I've added a DDPlus "face" to MannDoor.. This allows doors written for DDPlus to be easily ported to MannDoor.. When I'm comfortable with it, I'll be sending a copy of my DDPlus face to Manning, so he can add it to his copy. Once that is done, I encourage everyone with doors using DDPlus to port your games.. MannDoor is free, Virtual Pascal is free.. Why not? :) Using the DDPlus face I created.. I was able to compile an old copy of the LORD source, my game Savage Kingdoms, and my hangman game.. All in one night. The DDPlus face is a good thing. This also means that if you want to help out with the Win32 port.. Take a look at MannDoor.. The better it is, the better LORD is.

Mailing Lists: There are 3 different LORD related mailing lists.. If you would like to subscribe to any of them, here are the instructions. LORD Development: This list is maintained by me, and covers all of the LORD related projects I'm involved with. To subscribe, send an email to with "subscribe lord-dev" (without quotes) in the body of the message. (Donald: See issue's introduction for details on subscribing to LordNews and LadyScripts mailing lists.) Vagabond's BBS News: For a long time, there were few web-sites where people could get any kind of BBS related news.. PCMicro had (and still has) a good news page, but its only updated once a month, and only covers BBS software's (not doors, utils, etc) .. Other web-sites tried, but didn't last very long. Bryan Turner has started a new News page that has stuff about BBS software's, doors, utils.. Most everything.. Updated whenever he gets news.. You can find it at .. Bryan has been involved with boards for many, many years, and won't be going away any time soon.. So his BBS news site won't either.

09/23/02: As most of you are aware, Michael needs financial assistance to keep the server in operation. If you can provide that help, please do so. If the server closes, he does NOT intend to move it's material to someone else's computer server, as some have offered to handle for him. Donald Red LORD barline

Other Official LORD News Notes:

Joe Marcelletti has abandoned the idea of finishing WT-LORD v3.00. Via Janet Terry, I learned that he lost his remaining source code in a hard drive crash in mid/late May 2002. Therefore, WT-Lord remains classified a Dead program, due to author's inability to further develop it. Registrations may still be purchased for it. (It beats me why anyone intelligent enough to write a massive BBS program, doesn't understand that it is intelligent to keep regular backups of computer files.) 10/04/02 Note: The last report was that Joe had lost his Wildcat wcCode software. So he is out of the LORD business forever, I believe.

LORD II News: 06/04: Max Larivee has reopened the Official LORD II IGM Archive Site. He is the third manager of the site, which was created by Ben Tiefert, for Seth Robinson. Ben turned the site over to Bobby Queen, who I helped manage the site for the past few years. A new LORD II web-ring is available, named LORD II: The Scene. Other than Max and Duncan Idaho, all known LORD II authors are either MIA/lost, retired/Former authors, or fully inactive. See Max's entries for further information. WT-LORD News - See entries for Janet Terry and Joseph Watson. Aaron Wornom and "Solitude" both reported, in Issue #11, that they will work on WT-LORD IGMs this summer. No work actually done by either as of late August, that was reported to me. Watson released five IGM updates in July 2002. Nothing has been released for WT-Lord by anyone since July, as of Sept. 30, 2002, according to his web-site's IGMs Page. His Discussion Board appears to be dead, based on the lack of activity in it during summer 2002. Red LORD

LORD Authors Notes Section:

Donald Tidmore: 10/07/02 rewrite. I've completed work on The Gateway IGM, the LordStat utility, and the RHPTest utility package, and am awaiting Jason Brown's permission to put them into public distribution. The L.O.R.D. Cavern v1.5 is undergoing final error checking. The Outlands Tavern v1.4 is going to offer Food/Drink again. I chose to work towards finishing the newsletter, instead of the IGM last month. Designing a random event based set of procedures will be a good challenge.

At present, I have one LADY script project in skeleton draft form. I'm going to do a Lady script version of The Outhouse IGM. And I plan to work on the IGM itself and get it to compile. It uses old Joseph Masters Pascal files, and has been extremely cranky so far. Assuming that Lloyd Hannesson doesn't return to LORD programming, and release his v2.00 beta of it, I'll continue to work towards fixing the stubborn critter myself. Then I will eventually start work on my own solo LORD IGM, then see what else I can accomplish afterwards. It will be easier to write a couple of complex LADY Scripts I thought of doing during the summer, now that the random number generation problem is dealt with.

I've been working on Charlie Wardick's LORD utility, LPEdit, for the past two weeks. He created it for me in March 2002, and I felt I understood enough Pascal and Lord programming to start completing its coding. He's helping me with complex material, such as Marriage/Divorce handling. A LORD IGM can detect whether LORD is registered by reading the Lord. files. But they appear to be auto-deleted when Lord is closed down, so LORD utilities have nothing to check to determine the game's registration status. Seth Robinson verified for me that there was no real way for a utility to know such info, unless they could read LORD's config files. But their structure has never been released to the public. The game is designed to disallow changes such as someone changing their game level past 6, if LORD is not registered. Others have done player editors in past years, so I am going to share my work with others. If they like the program, I hope they'll tell me. But I didn't do the work to get money, or praise. I did it to re-awaken my dormant programming skills, and to give myself a new challenge.

In mid-June 2002, I started analyzing how L.O.R.D. Cavern operated and began fixing some bugs and problems it had. With assistance from Jason Brown, Charlie Wardick, and Bryan Turner, I've learned a lot about writing/updating LORD programs. I've now worked on six LORD programs, and each one is improved in various ways. I hope others enjoy what I've worked on. My plans for the next months include the following: 1) Finish L.O.R.D. Cavern, Outlands Tavern, and LPEdit. 2) Create a LADY Script version of The Outhouse IGM; and get the actual IGM working again also hopefully. 3) Resume writing complex LADY Scripts such as Sexy Samantha - a spin-off of The Gem Trader. 4) Continue testing LORD IGMs and utilities, and resume work on my LORD IGM Play Guides files. And 5) Write my own solo LORD IGM.

As for the LORD Newsletter, I need a break from working on new issue's web-pages. Rick Parrish offered to do Issue #13 for me, and I accepted his offer. I'll continue using the LordNews List to report on Lord news that I come across, and let him handle putting it into a usable newsletter format. So remember to share your news with both of us, for October-December 2002. How long the issue covers will depend on how much LORD news you guys generate. Red LORD

Active LORD Authors Contributions:

Marty Blankenship -- Gamemaster BBS web-site -- telnet://
07/04: Will do bug-fix update of Marty's Mercantile later this month. I discovered wording problem in Pet Shop's handling of money given to player when they sell Horse/Fairy. It's not very clear without careful reading what happens when you sell something. 07/08: He's still waiting for Bryan Turner to finish his EZIGM software so he can use it to redo the Dave's Inn LORD IGM, which is unusable. 09/05: My IGM has been using the 100 point system for the Skill Points since version 1.7. Still slowly tinkering with the update and hope to include some new options to the departments as well as some hidden goodies. I'm working on converting Dave's Inn over to the new format, hopefully I'll have a WORKING copy out before Thanksgiving.

Michael Everett -- LORD on Bobo's BBS -- SuperColored Monsters Page -- Telnet:
07/23: I'm working on a new Gateway RHP Script IGM. It is basically a travel agency, which right now just lets married people go on a honeymoon. It takes their money and announces their departure in the LORD Daily News. A lot of people evinced interest in the idea, so I'll be building on the idea. 08/26: On June 17, Michael fixed errors in two of his L.O.R.D. Cavern RHP Scripts: Mushroom Patch and A Random Hobbit. Both are now v2.00. In early August, he fixed some errors in his Bats script also. The three files are in the L.O.R.D. Cavern RHP Set #2 archive. Beta tester of L.O.R.D. Cavern and my other LORD programming projects. 09/02/02: Informed by Michael that Jay Cochrane is working on updates of his LORD programs at this time. No valid email address reported to me for Jay. Michael still plans to assist Jay with hosting/distributing his IGMs and affiliated web-pages, if he wishes the help.

Gary Hartzell -- The Arena -- Gary Hartzell's IGMs Page -- telnet://
05/29: Gary is working on adapting Aladdin's Palace IGM to run under the Gateway, using RHP Language. IGM remake renamed in June to "The Palace Beyond". 07/04: Gary is one of my beta testers for updates of Jason Brown's LORD IGMs and utilities. Please note that he has new email/web-site/telnet addresses, and adjust your own Email address book, web-site bookmarks/links accordingly. 07/07: Here's the info on my new site, effectively immediately: Home page --; Primary Telnet -- telnet://; Back-up telnet -- telnet://; Email --; and LORD Add-ons page -- Gary had his 30th birthday in early June. 08/28 Note: Gary's site does not work for users of Netscape Navigator 4.xx browsers. So use Netscape 6.0+ or MSIE. Beta tester of L.O.R.D. Cavern and my other LORD programming projects.

Jay Hodges -- -- BackAlley Software
07/28: Started rewrite of BackAlley Church IGM in early July. Is using Barak's House code as starting point for recreating it, using Borland Pascal v7.0.

Mike Hodgson -- Mike's Development Page
06/01: Found FreeDoor v1.60 and NewANSI v1.02 programs on Mike's site. 08/27: FreeDoor v1.70 was released recently. 09/16: The FreeDoor project is going to be discontinued. I started the project with the idea of it being a "community" effort. Unfortunately the majority of people would rather re-invent the wheel as they say. That being said, I would like to thank Michael Preslar for the contributions he made, as well as those who offered various bug fixes. Mike.

Paul Koukos -- Hellas BBS -- Hellas BBS Files Page -- Telnet:
ICQ: 9899458 -- Freq Files:
07/03: Have all of the file URLs fixed now on my Files page. 07/12: Have been working on redesigning LordNet menus inside that IGM. 07/13: Was able to convince Paul to get interested in writing RHP Scripts, so he has joined my Cavern Beta Team. As a beta tester of my work on Jason Brown's LORD programs. Paul: I would really appreciate it if someone out there could remove the Unregistered Delay from the DIYIGM program. The author will not do it himself, but has granted permission for that to be done. I'd love to continue writing LORD IGMs with it since I know it by heart, but the delay stuff is very annoying to deal with. 07/15: I'm working on my first RHP, The Hotel. 07/18: Received beta of an RHP script IGM for Outlands Tavern from Paul, named The Other Room. 07/21: Finished work on Robin Hood v4.01, which is the final work on the IGM. Have started work on v5.00 now. Would appreciate people deleting their old copies of and replacing them with Beta tester of L.O.R.D. Cavern and my other LORD programming projects.

Rick Parrish --
08/18: In response to inquiry on LordNews List: "Could you write an IGM as a 32-bit console mode application and load it from within LORD just like any other IGM? Rick: I had limited success with this. If you use NetFoss as your fossil driver then LORD will be able to run Win32 IGM's, although it is not what I would call usable. The IGM can open the socket handle and send text to the user just fine. But when the user presses a key, NetFoss will intercept the input. Because of this, the IGM will never receive the users key-presses and they'll be forced to drop carrier since they can't interact with the IGM.

So the short answer is no, the DOS version of LORD can't run Win32 IGM's. However, for testing purposes, I wrote a stand-alone door which mimics LORD's Other Places menu. It can be used in conjunction with any socket-capable BBS system (Synchronet/Elebbs/ Mystic) and allow you to install Win32 IGMs into your LORD game. Since (afaik) there are no Win32 IGM's available yet, I haven't bothered releasing this door. But if there is enough interest, I can finish it up and release it. 08/27 Note: Rick wrote up some quick docs and released Other Places v1.00 on evening of August 18. Source code was not included. Check out for the door and source information.

08/27: Asked Rick how to classify the new program. Rick 08/19: I personally refer to them as Win32 IGM's. And OtherPlaces is an unofficial LORD utility, which assumes that Michael will make LORD/32 handle IGMs in the same way as LORD for DOS does. If he does, then anything made to work with O.P. should work with LORD/32 when it comes out. But if he does change something, then any IGM's made to work with O.P. may need to have changes made to work with LORD/32.

08/27: OtherPlaces v1.10 was released. Of course there are no WIN32 IGMs to test it with yet... I'm almost ready to release my door kit. It is somewhat LORD related since it has support to read LORD's INFO.* drop file, so it can be used to make LORD IGM's. It will support both DOS and Windows. Possibly Linux in the future. Updated versions of some Joseph Masters IGMs are compiling with my own door kit, meaning they have both DOS and Win32 native versions. I'll start releasing them as soon as I'm sure they are good to go. The door kit supports Pascal, and has been tested with Turbo/Borland Pascal 7.0, and Virtual Pascal. Some units will require changes to compile under FPC. Official support for this compiler is not currently planned. 09/10: Rick released update of his MannDoor Pascal tool-kit last week on his web-site. It is used with Turbo Pascal for 16-bit IGMs work, and with Virtual Pascal for 32-bit IGMs work. Copy posted to Lord Legacy FTP server and to Camelot LordNews FDN using name. Red LORD

Shannon Talley -- LORD Cheats Page -- Fidotel LORD site
telnet:// -- Icerage Technologies
07/28: Returned home from naval sea duty yesterday. 08/26: Set up the new LadyScripts mailing list for me last week. It is dedicated to LORD Lady Script discussion. And it is an open discussion list that anyone can post messages to, once they've joined. 09/14: Shannon has set-up new mailing list "LORD IGMs Beta Team List" using for usage in my LORD IGM programming. List is available to other LORD authors if they also wish to use it. He reports that anyone who uses the service to filter their e-mail is blocked from receiving ALL mail from And that the administrator refuses to respond to his complaint about being blacklisted by them. This means that *ALL* LordNews List, LadyScripts List, and any other Fidotel mail will never be seen by list members who use that service.

Bryan Turner -- Vagabond Software -- Vagabond LORD Page
VagaSoft Mailing List -- Software Registration Page -- ICQ: 106168174
06/04: Working on various things, including rebuilding his BBS. 09/06 Notes: Web-site redesigned to use PHP files during summer. Email address recently changed to . InterLord v3.00 was released by Bryan on 09/05/2002. It is a few bug fixes, and a recompilation using a new version of OpenDoors tool-kit. The registration scheme is completely removed, so people no longer have to register via the Vagabond web-site. He wants everyone to report any errors found to him immediately. He is also releasing the entire Vanadia IGMs series with various bug fixes, and non-registration change. Bug reports are requested for them also. The Gypsy Camp IGM has not been released yet since it has some unresolved bugs, which are being looked into. InterLord v3.00 is downloadable from Elysium Software site. Updates of Vanadia IGMs have not been released yet. 09/10-11: Mosh Pit v2.00, in 16-bit DOS and 32-bit Windows versions, released by Bryan. The Win32 version is usable with Rick Parrish's OtherPlaces program. Will work with LORD/Windows, whenever a beta becomes available. And it will work with Lord/Linux.

09/30: From VagabondSoft List. I have not said anything really about what I am doing right now so I am going to give an update. 1) My main project right now is oomap/32. This is the new map editor that I am writing in Delphi. This will be a Graphical (GUI) map editor that will let you quickly edit and create maps. ... (2) Easyigm is still in the works. I actually have a prototype but ran into some glitches that I can not remember how to do in Basic. (I have moved on and am starting to forget the language that I learned first.) (3) GAC stuff. Having major problems with this. In fact if anyone used Borland C++ and Opendoors, please contact me directly at I have some questions about the settings of the compiler. (4) Still on the list of things to do is porting all the IGM's that I released (from other authors) over to a 32 bit IGM. I know Lord/32 is not done yet, although I want to get this done for the release so that it will have a few IGMs to run when it is done. Red LORD

WT-LORD Authors Contributions:

Janet Terry -- The Realm of Vandora
Vandora's WT-LORD IGMs Page -- ICQ: 6695096
05/30: Posted Molun's Tavern v2.40 and Scarlett and the Vandoran Knights v1.40 WT-LORD IGMs to Camelot LordNews FDN, and Lord Legacy FTP server. 06/09: Janet re-released Molun 2.40 and Scarlett v1.40; and has released new updates of Blackwing's Cove v2.40, The Jeweler v2.10, and Erschenlagenhalle v2.50. She is offering FREE registrations of her WT-Lord programs to other Lord authors, in return for registrations for their own WCBasic programs. Her newest IGM, named Lancelot's Castle, was released publicly on June 12th. 07/08: Here are brief descriptions of Janet's IGMs:

Blackwing's Cove: - Lets you sell horse for Gold; sneak into Blackwing's cellar, and caverns below his house, to look for the pirate's hidden treasure. Players can try to seduce, or may be seduced, by Blackwing's man-servant or a mysterious woman. Erschenlagenhalle: It is the estate of Viking Lord Ulric Grimmheld and his Lady Circe. You may get a horse and gold from him. The lady sometimes will give you a Fairy. Master Derry, the stable master, is a handsome youth, who the ladies love to try to seduce. Marta the maid will either take a skillet to a man, or go tumbling in the hay for some wild loving. Player may get attacked by wolves. Kara, a woman who walks with wolves, can heal all wounds. The Jeweler: Lets you sell Gems for fair price, or try to steal some. The lady jeweler may also let guys have some loving. You can also try to steal gold from her. Molun's Tavern: A quaint log cabin in the woods to buy food and drink at. But, beware it may be poisoned. But, it also can enhance your health. Guys get to flirt with lovely blonde thief girl Thundra, and ladies get to make out with Mountain man, Merit. Both of them can grant you charm, albeit by advising you to clean yourself up. Can obtain hitpoints also.

Scarlett, First Knight of Vandora: She's a hard-to-meet beauty, but the person that gains an audience with this lady has a grand surprise. She's surpassed in power only by the Queen. Guys can try to seduce Scarlett, but have to have the right "stuff" to get her to bare it all. You also get to try to seduce Brad, her second in command warrior; and Vauka, a female warrior who trains the knights. Neither are easy prey, but are much easier to seduce than Scarlett. You can pick a fight with a knight, and your performance may earn you an audience with Scarlett. Can find gold while leaving the Knight's Halle. And you can find/earn Hitpoints. Lancelot's Castle:, Lancelot is a guy's guy, who men envy. Women think he's a jerk, but are helplessly drawn to him.. He's a great dragon slayer who overthrew a kingdom and took the crown for his own. His lifestyle is killing, drinking, and seducing women. His scores with the babes is posted publicly on a Wall of Fame. After he seduces a lady, they get tossed out of the place in the morning by a maid, albeit with a bag of gold. He's always throwing a party, and someone can try to sneak in, and rob his bedroom. But if you get caught, he takes back what you stole. If you're empty-handed, you lose your head. You also get to fight a Green Dragon, and if you win, get a hefty reward from the King. New Hospitality feature opens all options, in every IGM, up for the Sysop, so he/she can see what they get for their registration fees. Bug reports are always appreciated and bugs will be fixed soon afterward.

Joseph Watson -- joeCODE WT-LORD IGM Page -- Main WT-LORD Page
WT-Lord Discussion Board -- Alternate Email: jmwatson@cox-
The Rue Morgue v1.90 was released in late May, and v1.91 in early July. Four IGM updates released in late July: Carnal Knowledge v2.00, EverGreen Cemetery 3.00, The Rue Morgue v2.00, and The Twilight Zone v2.00. Nothing reported personally by Joseph since February. Red LORD

Fieldsoft IGMs and L2Archive Info Section:

Max Larivee ("Cracktus Jack") -- author/administrator of FieldSoft IGMs
05/29: Updates of Seth Able's Music Shop and Stones! IGM (created by Jason Brown) are available now. 06/07 - Max: You have worked on one or more IGMs for LORD II before, but for some personal or professional reason, you are about to leave the LORD II Scene. Would you abandon your IGM(s) (or non-IGM programs), leaving no support or possibility of updating for future users of your programs? With your formal approval, we'll take care of it for you, offering help and support for users of your productions. Contact us for details, using And you can join our programming team, actively or inactively. 06/21: Max is sort of multi-personality minded. So for PERSONAL mail use; for FieldSoft IGMs related mail, use; and see below for LORD II IGM Archive info.

07/23: Max has been recruiting new LORD II IGM Authors, and he relayed this news to me: Heath Axton's DarkLORD, now owned and to be updated by FieldSoft IGMs, has brought new ideas to FieldSoft IGMs's teamwork on FieldSoft's LORD II Advance. Will contact Heath for his opinion on merging both DarkLORD and FieldSoft's LORD II Advance ideas for a better New World package. Two New Authors have joined the team. I've changed an Beta Tester, and I'm now looking for a new ANSI Artist who would like to join the team for graphical inputs and perhaps a bit of MapArt. FieldSoft IGMs authors are progressing as so: (1) Max Larivee: Work continues on Mount Ice IGM, replacing former Tends Village IGM. Map Size is now stretched to a whopping 15 screens, graphics are done as best a possible by author, and has a planned release for August 1st. A bug-fix/update of Sandland Village is being prepared to fix problems with 24-line display Telnet games. (2) Alex Bouffard ( Completed designs on a large IGM called Forgotten Kingdom. Graphical work are just initially started, planned release for August 24th. (3) Almon Strowger ( Progress underway for a first release of Old Hallow Tree IGM. Should be completed soon. 08/26 Notes: SandLand Village v2.10 was released by Max on June 21th. At that time he was working on an Barak's House for LORD II IGM.

10/04 entries: 06/02 Fieldsoft site info. The Gannon Keep IGM that you asked me about is a replacement for the Runion Keep IGM. Dema's Lair is one of the 5 castles from LORD I's Olivia story, that are in LORD II. It's patterned after the one where you find the two princes/princesses playing chess. They learn that their father has been killed and proceed to fight over his kingdom. Penyon Manor is another castle IGM that is being rewritten. Femeden Village is an IGM for women to enjoy, with nude male dancers. One new IGM will be about leprechauns. One of the most valuable features a LORD II program can use was developed by Tien Lung: the Animation concept. Which not even Seth Able had realized the LORD II engine could handle. Note: Max lives in the Montreal, Canada area. 06/13/02: My approach for handling IGMs that overwrite other IGMs' map locations, is to keep track of the problems during the review process. Once all of the IGMs are reviewed, I will generate the needed IGM patches at that time. 06/14/02: While wandering on the Gameport LORD II message forum, I found a guy, Jonathan Yeldon, who's been watching but not participating. He indicated that he may write some LORD II IGMs. I'm looking into creating an Inter-BBS LORD II game.

10/04 info. 09/27: I've been busy the past months finishing school, and going through a house move. I will be contacting other Fieldsoft IGMs members and BBS's to get LORD II interaction going again. I've moved in with a friend, Alex Bouffard, and he is resuming work on Forgotten Kingdom. It turned out to be larger than expected. He's also considering writing a complete New World program. I don't have current info on Strowger's LORD II work. Barak's House is halfway completed, and Mount Ice is nearly done. It will have the sasquatch character that you suggested in it. The Fieldsoft and L2Archive sites will be brought up to date soon. Max.

Official LORD II IGM Archive Site
Hosted by Max Larivee. For email contact, use 05/29: The LORD II: The Scene web-ring is operational now, and accepting members. 06/07: The LORD II IGM Archive site went online a few days ago. It's still under construction, as it takes time to rebuild a large web-site, and review some 200+ LORD II IGMs. Then do the same with the non-IGM LORD II programs. 07/23: Still working on updating the LORD II Archive, doing a few new IGM reviews at a time. Justin, of L2: Rebirth site, got dropped by his web-site host. Haven't heard anything from him recently due to his going off on summer vacation. 08/26 Notes: Max has determined so far, during IGM reviewing, that some are not install-able, or are otherwise defective. Frostglint Keep doesn't install at the right coordinates. These other LORD II IGMs are also now categorized as defective: Aragon's Homely Home, and The Reporter's Office. 10/04 entries: 06/02. L2 Archive site info. An updated version of Violet's House is underway, and I have 200 more IGMs to rate and add to the LORD II World Map. Red LORD

Other Active LORD II Authors Section:

As of 10/04/2002, there are only three people known to be active in LORD II programming. Michael Preslar, Max Larivee, and Duncan Idaho. So Duncan's info is the only content for this section. A few other people related to me over the summer their plans to do LORD II work, but never followed through with actual newsletter reports. Or they all changed their mind and stayed Former LORD2 Authors. To be declared ACTIVE, the following rules had to be met: (1) Like Preslar, be known to be actively working on LORD II programming. (2) Have an active LORD II-based web-site. And (3) they had to release some LORD II programs sometime this year.

Duncan Idaho -- VisualMatrix Homepage
07/28: Working on web-site redesign. Continues to develop his LORD II New World programs: LORD II: Eddings Style and LORD II: Wheel of Time. 08/27: Here is a status report. DuneLord2, I haven't done anything to since its release. Future plans are to completely redo all the ANSI, finish the animations I had started, and fix up a few bugs I've found since release. L2WoT: Map is about 90% complete.. very time consuming thing. The fight engine is started... it is very complex. Kind of proud of it so far. Hunting out decent ANSI's to accompany it, and eagerly awaiting release of book 10 on 13th November 2002 (in Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series.) L2 Eddings Style, I'm doing backwards. Leaving map until last. I'd go insane doing two at once. Fight engine is complete, stats screen is done, working on fine touches to various player- involvements to the story-line. I'm back at the university, with a 40-hour week of classes. Red LORD barline

Inactive LORD Authors Contributions:

Brad Carson: 07/04: Brad has decided not to recompile/update Obo's Black Market. He feels it was badly designed, and is not worth the effort. The IGM itself remains on Unusable IGMs list because it doesn't install/configure correctly at 933 MHz after RTE200 patching using ctbppat.exe.

Mike Ciesiensky, Jr. -- Ski Software
09/23: Mike has not done any more work at this time on his Turgeon's House IGM. He wishes to be informed of WHO is using version 3.00 (or earlier versions), and what changes they want, or need, to see made to the IGM. Please send feedback ASAP to him at address. 09/29: I will begin work again on Turgeon's House in the next few weeks. I'm located in Dallas, Texas.

Mike Dillon -- Crystalline Realms
Mike is changing email addresses in connection with his moving to a new home soon. He advises people use or to contact him. 08/27: In response to Orion Elder's recent question - on LordNews List, on doing LORD IGMs using C/C++, you can use OpenDoors as your door-kit. Note that it is actually a C door-kit as opposed to C++. Read the lordstrc file with LORD, it tells you the mail codes you can use. This way you don't have to read/write to the player file itself (not recommended). IGM programming in C is as straight-forward as Pascal. You simply use a door-kit, it handles all the nitty-gritty stuff. Then you write your game code, and pass back a file that contains mail codes for LORD to process upon return. This will modify the player's stats and other attributes. If you need copies of the C structures for LORD (if you must read/write to the player file) you can find them on my site.

Harvey Hall. 06/17: Harvey has written a new LORD menuset program, LordANSI v1.00. It provides new ANSI graphics for people's LORD program. And it has been tested for usage with the current LORD v4.07 beta compiles. Red
LORD barline

Fully Inactive Authors Contributions:

Jason Brown -- Jason's Programs Page
06/14: Started work on update of Jason's LORD IGMs - L.O.R.D. Cavern, The Gateway, and Outlands Tavern; and his LORD Utilities - LordStat, and RHP Toolkit. Max Larivee took over support and development of Jason's Stones! LORD II IGM on June 1st. Max can be reached at for questions or comments on Stones! IGM.

Codax Dragon -- Dragon's Den Unlimited (non-LORD site)
07/19: My girlfriend, and partner, and I have been touring up and down the East coast since January. We've hit about 8 conventions in the past 6 months, and have created over 200 commissioned pieces of art. When I'm not drawing, I'm handling all the other business aspects of how Dragon's Den Unlimited is run. From Public relations to Marketing, to coding to Booking, it's been fun. People are able to order our art-work online from the web-site. We had over 40,000 hits in just the past month. I'm in the middle of doing a massive site redesign, which does not have any of my BBS programming web-pages or LORD II IGMs included. At present, my old IGMs may not be put back online. I am still supporting all of my programs, but I don't plan to advertise or promote them at this time. If others want to work on my IGMs, I don't mind as long as I get to see what has been changed before updates are released. I'm still working for the Philadelphia School District, and doing more Anime conventions this summer. Returning to college at end of September. Miguel "Codax".

Orion Elder -- KnyteHawk's LORD II IGM Programming -- SMAUG site
06/04: Heard from Orion on May 31th. Still working with MUD games. And he's still looking into writing LORD IGMs in C++ language. To play his Crimson Oracles MUD game, visit, Port 4000. His Crimson Oracles web-site is at:

Lloyd Hannesson -- Tech'N Software -- LORD IGM Listing Database
Alternate Email:
He returned to "life" on May 27. But since then, it is still difficult to get email responses from him. Also membership applications to his new LORD web-ring were not getting approved for awhile. The LORD Database has not had any new entry work done on it since late March. 06/18: Lloyd is taking care of real-life needs, so is not spending time currently on LORD programming. The Lord database is inactive because it was moved to a different server, which works very differently. The server change broke the script code that underlies the database web-site. When he has a chance, he plans to go over the code for Warrior's Graveyard and Felicity's Temple and release it publicly on his web-site. 09/11: Finally heard from Lloyd again. His email client was auto-deleting mail from people. Ouch. He's using Win-XP and reports it is VERY bad about DOS support. His wedding is in a few weeks.

Brian May -- Crazy Boy Productions LORD page -- Alternate email:
06/01: Response to query on Brian's work on his Artificial Intelligence for Lord utility: Actually, I wanted to make AILord act like LORD, and I have written to Preslar with some questions about the Masters' strength and defense, as well as the Dragon's strength and defense, and have gotten no reply. Without that information ... AILord will never act like LORD, which is a big part of the program. As for WiseOne, I'll think about its official release, and see if it's really ready for prime time. Your testing has helped immensely. My focus has changed a little since I got engaged. Brian.

Robert Olsen -- telnet://
06/04: Robert's doing free-lance programming with his wife for various corporations. He's still running his BBS, but is focused on web-based games now, with one nearing completion soon. And he's planning on opening a Cyber Cafe type place, that would be focused on gaming instead of serving Coffee and food. He thinks Reflection has put the LORD II: Awakening project on hold again, and reports that his friend is building his own 3D engine. 07/23: Removed BBS link - web-page is unavailable.

Kenneth Padgett -- Kenneth's site (non-LORD):
07/11: Have just finished moving, and I'm occupied unpacking, etc. I still want to do a re-release of Hiding in the Shadows, and may release its source code as well.

Bryan Stanbridge -- Purple Frog Productions -- Bryan's Files Page
Alternate Email:
07/08: I asked Bryan last month what the current development status was for The Apothecary and Grizelda's House. This is his June 24th answer: There hasn't been anything to report. As I said for the last newsletter, if I didn't get any response, then I would stop working on the two IGMs. I appreciate your continued interest in them, but it's the only interest I see. As such, I'm stopping production on the two IGMs. I just have too much else to do for my career to keep doing a hobby if I don't get any response/feedback. I don't do it for money, so it's obviously only based on response and there was none. There were problems with all of my IGMs, both perceived and actual. But, like Bryan and Lloyd have reported, I don't have the time to devote to them. I contemplating releasing my source, but have decided not to do so. There are some proprietary routines in my IGMs. If I wasn't still working in Delphi - or if Pascal was truly a dead language, I wouldn't have a problem. But I don't want to have to rewrite portions of my code to remove those routines, just for someone else to come along and read my source code. 09/14: Bryan is still around; sometimes his Yahoo account gets flooded with SPAM, and that prevents valid mail from getting through to him.

Aaron Wornom -- Sweet Dreams Software
07/08: Hasn't had time to work on his WT-LORD IGMs yet, but still plans to do some updates this summer. Note: Aaron hasn't reported any IGMs production to me yet, as of 10/07/2002. Red LORD barline

Miscellaneous LORD News Section:

07/21: Bob Newell was able to hex-edit patch Axehandler's Arena, Axehandler's Battlegrounds, and Axehandler's Dominion. However, I can not certify the patched archives as usable, because their Install.exe files won't run on my system. They create a "black hole" in the DOS prompt. Only way to get rid of it, is manual shut-down of the DOS session window. Bob believes they are usable, but not on Windows ME systems. If someone wants the patches, I'll send them to you via Email. Otherwise, at this time, I have no intention of posting/distributing online LORD files that I can't install and test. On July 17, the Post Office returned my postcard sent to Larry Patterson as undeliverable. So I think people should view these three IGMs as abandoned software.

Brian Pirie -- OpenDoors Site
09/16: Contacted Brian to learn status of OpenDoors web-site, after my old link for it stopped working. The current officially released version remains v6.0. The current beta is v6.1.1. The new site URL is:" (Note: The v6.21 version that is around is by Rob Swindell.)

George Pope. 09/30. Added info received on July 05, about City of Eros LORD IGM, to the dgt-lrd3.txt file portion of my Belgarion's LORD IGMs Play Guides. IGM itself remains classified Unusable at 933 mhz, after it failed to work following RTE200 patching earlier this year. George reported it is highly abusive, allowing players to obtain large stats increases without having to pay for them. Red LORD

Former LORD Authors Section:

Brian Bosscher. 09/03: Have checked my hard drive for the source code, but can't find the files. I was 15 when I wrote the Aladdin's Bar and Skill Training Center IGMs. I will check some backups before giving up, but chances are that I will not be able to fix them. Starting school this week, so things are crazy around here. Note: He thinks the code was on his dad's old system, which suffered a crash at some time. So he doesn't think he will be able to do anything with the programs.

07/17: Made contact with Scott Emrich. He does not care about his programs whatsoever, and granted me permission to patch Mysterious Hut IGM, if possible. When asked for copies of his other LORD programs, which I've not been able to find, I never got an response. So consider all software written by him to be abandoned and unsupported.

Charles Mandeville -- New Realm Interactive
07/08: I located Charles on June 28th via Email. He wrote The Blarney Stone, The Vampire of Shadow Vale, The Warlock of Shadow Vale, and A Visit To Santa Claus LORD IGMs. 07/02: My IGMs are currently not being developed. If I can find the source code, I would be glad to release it to the public domain, and support them any way I can. The batch file -- written for Warlock IGM by me --- looks good. Thank you, and I'm more than willing to allow it to be distributed with the IGMs. I've lost control of the site years ago, but I am more than willing to mirror and update the site.

I am interested in setting up a telnet BBS on the net, but I have not gotten around to it. Nice to hear from old BBS'ers. 08/28: Hasn't reported anything since early July. 09/02: Charles has narrowed search for his LORD files to two old hard drives. Prepared updates of his 4 IGMs with new docs, batch file installer. Blarney Stone 1.10, A Visit to Santa Claus 1.30, The Vampire of Shadow Vale v1.60, and The Warlock of Shadow Vale v1.10 will be made available when Charles releases them. 09/16/02: Officially released all four IGMs with their batch file updates. Charles has not reported locating his source code yet, as of 10/04/02.

Joseph Masters -- Trentsoft IGMs:
09/30: June 09 info. Learned that Joseph had just graduated from college, was taking the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) on June 10th, then was returning to programming work in July. Joseph: While I'm no longer involved in LORD programming, I list my source code on my site's web-page for download. I tried to sell it to Metropolis but they weren't interested, so I made it freely available to everyone online. Note: I obtained the code files from Joseph in June and later posted them in two archives, each one roughly 1 Meg in size, on the Lord Legacy FTP server. The files are named and Note #2: Some old IGMs based upon Joseph's program use source code files from both archives, such as Robert Fogt's Outhouse IGM. 10/15/02: Both files have been removed from distribution at Michael Preslar's request.

Eric Richardson -- Eric42's L.O.R.D. Page: 09/14/02: Heard from Eric last month. He had various site problems and never got restarted. From his site's notice: Back in early April, I had a entire web-site planned out that would focus on the BBS door game, Legend of the Red Dragon. It was to have a full FAQ based on all known versions of the game, a community for the game, and stuff like that. On April 17, I had perhaps 30% of the site ready, with about 50% of the FAQ complete. On April 18th, however, the computer that I was using at the time got a virus. It wiped everything on the hard drive, including the pages that I had worked on for this web-site. It took over two months to get the computer up and running once again, but, I however no longer have the interest in working on the page again at this time. You never do know what I will feel like doing in the future, so I may return. But for now, I'm once again out of the game before I had the first real chance to get into it. Keep playing LORD in the meantime! 10/07/02: Email address reported as invalid.

Marc Ryan. 09/30: July 06 info. I've completed my MtSQuest game program, that contains a tribute to LORD inside. I lost my original plans for the Pleasant Valley LORD IGM, and what I did wasn't very good, so I decided to quit. I'm not interested in having anyone else take over the program, and would appreciate people not distributing it. ICQ #42897049.

David F. Simmons -- Simmons Software
07/21: David checked out an old hard drive that contained his LORD programs and source code files. The drive motors malfunctioned and the drive smoked. So his source code is kaput. Bob Newell looked into Shauna, Princess of Sorcery and was able to hex-edit patch the program. Normal means of patching failed because the RTE200 code was in two locations in the .EXE files. Shauna v2.10p has been tested and is now in public distribution. Knight's Of the Golden Horseshoe was hex-edit patched in similar fashion by Bob. I fixed the IGM's setup program via ctbppat.exe when it would not behave. It had behaved fine for Bob. The IGM tested fine and has been sent to David for docs updating. When ready, it will be released as v0.70p.

Both IGMs have the same quirk: One has to have less than 8 IGMs installed in 3rdparty.dat for them to correctly install. You can restore the other IGM entries from a backup copy of the 3rdparty.dat file after each one is installed. Once installed, neither IGM cares how many IGMs one has in use. 08/25: was released publicly on July 20th. 10/05/02: Prepared RTE200 patch update of David's TopChop LORD utility. It will be released publicly tomorrow. He'd appreciate being told if anyone still uses the program.

Kaolin Fire Stockinger. 06/11: Located author of Dragon's Castle LORD IGM. He lost the IGM's source code five years ago. And he authorized me to release an RTE200 patch update of the IGM, which I sent to him, to update the IGM files. 07/04: Have released preliminary RTE200 updates of Dragon's Castle and Hospital Lobby for Kaolin. He is unable to update either program, or provide registration codes. However, he grants permission for someone to share their registration codes with others. 09/23/02: Released final drafts of Kaolin's two LORD IGMs RTE200 patch docs updates which he recently returned to me. 09/30: From July 04 message. With the code missing, I am unable to generate new registration keys, so I am leaving the IGMs in the public domain. If anyone feels like sharing their keys or reverse engineering key-gens for either IGM, I'm all for it. My current contact info is, I'm not involved with BBSing any more. My ICQ # is 42040903.

Marvin G. Wise, Jr. -- WiseGuy Software
07/24 Entry. 06/28: Located Marvin via email inquiry. He wrote the Dragon Bone Shipyards, which is currently Unusable due to RTE200 lockup, and configuration problems. He is going to look around and see if he still has the IGM's source code. He's been dealing with a lengthy divorce, and is also moving again. If anyone needs to reach him, he has an Yahoo email account -, that he'll check periodically. He reported that the IGM was never finished because of the divorce situation and other things that he's been dealing with for the past 3 years. He was amazed that people were still playing LORD and all of the IGMs. 08/28: He has located his C source code and will work on fixing the IGM's problems when he has the time. Red LORD

Former LORD II Authors Section:

"Black Omen". 09/30: July 06 info. Due to financial reasons, I have no time for programming and designing. However, if anyone would like some help with LORD II programming, I will try to help them out. Dave Henderson. Note: Dave's Lord2 web-site closed down recently.

Stefen Enns. 08/23: While browsing through your site, I stumbled across my name in your fourth newsletter issue. Seems as though I've been filed under the "dead sites" category. Rightfully so, since my site *has* been dead for several years. I am not involved with BBS/LORD development any more. I've released some LORD II IGM's since my site went down, which I originally developed for use on my BBS and should be available through the LORD2 IGM site. I might release some more as time permits. For the time being, though, I'm inactive. If anyone wants to contact me about any of my old programs (or anything else, for that matter), I can be reached through this email address. Just thought I'd make it known that I'm still around, if anyone is actually interested. 08/30: My site was named Mystical Software. I'm still providing support for my old Lord2 software. It's good to see that LORD is still under active development. 10/07/02: Email address reported as invalid.

Tien Lung -- Godlike Productions
07/08: 06/02 info: He lost control of his LORD II web-site for awhile, and also lost a lot of his old computer files when his computer died. He's still working on Dungeons and Dragons material, which is on-paper and not computer programming. He authors products that are requested by D&D players. He's been requested to create an entire world from mythology to the mundane which he's been working on for the last 6 months. He was a quarter-way through it in early June. 06/07 Info: He's planning to get his web-site working, but it is low- priority. His new system has a rewrite-able CD-rom drive, and he's sent the old drive to Symantec to see if they can recover any of his files. Lastly, Tien is now engaged to be married. Red LORD

LORD IGMs Re-Testing Report: May-September 2002:

10/04/02 rewrite. I completed my testing of 77 LORD IGMs which do not work on my 933 Mhz Pentium III system, for various reasons, in early September 2002. BadPatch.txt: Listing of the 77 IGMs that are unusable on my system. Added Unusable LORD Utilities section to file, 10/04/02. URL for access is: PassTest.txt: Listing of LORD IGMs and Utilities that are classified Usable at 933 Mhz. Includes Miscellaneous LORD Utility files directory list. URL for access is:

Here is the current breakdown of LORD IGMs: Non-Distribute category - 9 patched games. Non-Local category: 6 games. LADY/RHP Scripts category - covered in Recent Releases section. TestBeta - Gallagher's Performance 2.00 beta, The Outhouse 2.00 beta, and Lord Suburbia 2.01 beta. Neither is available to the public yet. Fully tested by myself and/or their authors: 147 IGMs. Classified unusable at 933 Mhz: 77 IGMs. LORD Code files: I did not try to check those for current usability. KDrive/KLord's unusability problems were covered in LordNews Issue #11. OpenDoor info is covered in Brian Pirie's entry. And MannDoor/FreeDoor are covered in Rick Parrish and Mike Hodgson's entries. LORD Utility files: Did not complete testing yet. Not processed yet: 16 programs. MiscUtil category: LordNet, InterLord, etc. support files - 18 programs. Passed Testing: 55 programs. Failed Testing, most due to RTE200 lockup - 42 programs. Possibly some of them will be patch- able using ctbppat.exe.

Summary of LORD IGMs that I patched so far. Each program was tested briefly. Non-Distribute IGMs: Kanen's Lotto Hut, Zephyr Town Square, Dragon Town University, Aladdin's Palace, The Graveyard, Maldorf's Mountain, Mirror of Illusion, Talent For the Skill, and The King's Dilimma. Un-released, made for Michael Preslar: RTE200 patch of LordNet with integration of Y2K patch Lordnet.exe file. And Sandtiger's Bar patch.

Released, some officially, RTE200 Patch, RTE200 recompilation, or Usability Update IGMs: Nov. 2001 - Hiding In the Shadows; Jan. 2002: Gallagher's Performance, Barak's House, Latrine, Castle of LORD, Love Shack, Violet's Cottage; Feb. 2002: Morph's Gymnasium, Hidden Spring of Turgon, Player's Market, Wise Guy, Werewolf; March 2002: Lottery, Changeling (KDrive/ANGEL versions), Redwood Restaurant, Apothecary, Grizelda's House; April 2002: Turgeon's House, Realm of Lore, Sommer's Shiny Things; May 2002 #1 (LordNews #11): Surgical Clinic, Chance's Cafe, Arena of LORD, Arkhaim Asylum, DownSide Tavern, Fairy Town.

May 2002 #2 (this issue): Anastasia's Honeymoon Hotel; June 2002: Daemonica, City of the Sun God, Galactic Warriors; July 2002: Across the Tracks; Shauna, Princess of Sorcery; Knight's of the Golden Horseshoe, Adoption Market; August 2002: Let's Have Fun, Mega Bucks Lottery, L.O.R.D. Pit, Magic Shop, Old Man, Lord Looks, Midsummer's Dream, Forest of the Raven, Sandtiger's Bar (clone), Ski Resort; September 2002: Blarney Stone, A Visit to Santa Claus, Vampire of Shadow Vale, Warlock of Shadow Vale, Nudist Colony, Mosh Pit (16-bit, 32-bit versions), Jadov, Dragon's Castle, and Hospital Lobby.

Updated/Patched/Recompiled LORD Utilities: Nov. 2001: Pathedit. Jan. 2002: LordMenu. Feb. 2002: LordRecover. June 2002: LordHtm, Lord No Cheat. Aug. 2002: DaeRank and Galactic Warriors Help. September 2002: TopChop. Official release of patches summary: All IGMs by Trevor Herndon have been patched and put back into Usable status. Both IGMs by Kaolin Stockinger are now usable. Both IGMs by David Simmons are now usable, thanks to Bob Newell's extremely valuable assistance. David's TopChop utility is now patched and usable again also. Three IGMs and two support utility files by Ahkenaton are classified usable again. Red LORD

Recent LORD Files Section:
Covers May 17 - September 30 2002.
Limited coverage - October 01-05, 2002.

Recently Released LORD IGMs List:

Regular IGM Release files: 
ROBIN401 ZIP   176044   7-23-02   Robin Hood v4.01
OTHERP~1 ZIP    46501   8-18-02   Other Places v1.0 for Win32 LORD
    ---- First release of an 32-bit LORD program to date (known).
OPLACES  ZIP    45986   8-28-02   Other Places v1.10
ILORD300 ZIP   362016   9-06-02   InterLord v3.00
MOSH     ZIP    53245   9-11-02   Mosh Pit v2.00 - DOS version
MOSH32   ZIP    77144   9-11-02   Mosh Pit v2.00 - Win32 version
    ---- For use with the OtherPlaces LORD utility.

Authorized RTE200 Patch IGM updates: 
HOTEL11  ZIP    60157   5-24-02   Anastasia's Honeymoon Hotel v1.10
DAE402P  ZIP   347542   6-28-02   Daemonica v4.02p
AKCTY21P ZIP    70308   6-29-02   City of the Sun God v2.10p
GALWAR2P ZIP   197140   6-29-02   Galactic Warriors v2.00p
SHA210P  ZIP    36489   7-14-02   Shauna, Princess of Sorcery v2.10p
KNIGHT70 ZIP    59164   7-20-02   Knights of the Golden Horseshoe 0.70
KFS1-253 ZIP    73622   8-01-02   Dragon's Castle 2.53 patch
KFS4-101 ZIP    46101   8-01-02   Hospital Lobby 1.01 patch
LPIT260  ZIP    47177   8-13-02   The L.O.R.D. Pit v2.60 patch

Authorized Batch file LORD IGM updates:

The first IGM update was done for John Rosebaugh;  and the other four
were done for Charles Mandeville: 

NC-07P   ZIP    73862   9-06-02   The Nudist Colony v0.70 update
BSTON11  ZIP    69531   9-02-02   The Blarney Stone v1.10
SANTA13  ZIP    75482   9-02-02   A Visit To Santa Claus v1.30
VALEV16  ZIP    75520   9-02-02   The Vampire of Shadow Vale v1.60
WL-V11   ZIP    74188   9-02-02   The Warlock of Shadow Vale v1.10

LORD IGM Betas Info:

Unreleased old IGMs: Abandoned, Unfinished, or in Deep Freeze status
GALAG20  ZIP    54704   3-05-02   Gallagher's Performance 2.00
OUTHBETA ZIP    54594  12-27-01   The Outhouse 2.00 beta
    ---- Work on full hiatus by Lloyd Hannesson.
SUB201   ZIP    88372  12-13-01   Lord Suburbia 2.01 beta
    ----  Abandoned by Bryan Stanbridge due to lack of feedback:

    Currently unreleased new IGM Betas:
COAST    RHP     7697   4-27-02   The Mystic Coast RHP
TPB-B1   ZIP     4286   6-09-02   The Palace Beyond RHP beta #1

    In progress IGM/utility Updates, done for Jason Brown:
CAVEBETA ZIP   120593  10-05-02   L.O.R.D. Cavern v1.4l
GATEBETA ZIP    80590  10-04-02   The Gateway v1.1 - Final Beta
LSB-BETA ZIP    39950   9-20-02   LordStat 1.6c - Final Beta
OUT-BETA ZIP   117389  10-03-02   Outlands Tavern, The v1.3e
RHP-BETA ZIP    35482  10-04-02   RHP ToolKit v1.1b beta
-- Contains RHPTest v1.2 and LordType v1.2 utilities.

    In progress, Player Editor utility, by Charlie Wardick/myself:
LED-BETA ZIP    63623  10-06-02   Chasware LPEDIT v1.0 beta archive
LPEDIT   EXE   131120  10-06-02   ChasWare LORD Player Editor - Beta

Unusable RTE200 Patches, under Windows ME
Usage status on other systems unknown.

AA22D-P  ZIP    69246   7-20-02   Axehandler's Arena 2.2d-p
AB09C-P  ZIP    71828   7-20-02   Axehandler's Battlegrounds v0.9c-p
ADOM09CP ZIP    53897   7-20-02   Axehandler's Dominion v0.9c-p

Released RTE200 Patches. For Lost Authors.

ACT51P   ZIP    57200   7-11-02   Across the Tracks v5.10p
ADPTMK16 ZIP    30332   7-20-02   Adoption Market v1.60p
LHFUN21  ZIP    31891   8-19-02   Let's Have Fun! v2.10p
LL130P   ZIP    75085   8-19-02   Lord Looks v1.30p
LOTTO15  ZIP    45870   8-19-02   Mega Bucks Lottery v1.50p
MSDRM-22 ZIP    43971   8-19-02   Midsummer's Dream v2.20p
MSHOP253 ZIP    92906   8-19-02   Magic Shop 2.53p
OLMAN22  ZIP    34132   8-19-02   Old Man 2.20p
RAVEN-24 ZIP    55315   8-19-02   Forest of the Raven v2.40p
JADOV17P ZIP   159107   9-12-02   Jadov 1.70p

Tested RTE200 Patches - Sent to Michael Preslar.

LNET14NP ZIP   234445   8-19-02   LordNet 1.4n with RTE200,
    - and Y2k fixes joined together.
SBAR102P ZIP    76576   8-30-02   Sandtiger's Bar v1.02 patch

Tested RTE200 Patches - Non-distribution:

APV201   ZIP   129406   8-30-02  Aladdin's Palace v2.01p
DTU14P   ZIP    51028   8-29-02  Dragon Town University 1.40p
GRAVE340 ZIP    71026   5-16-02  The Graveyard v3.40p
KLH110   ZIP   355891   5-31-98  Kanen's Lotto Hut v1.10 - patched
KLH111   ZIP   281104   5-26-98  untested: Kanen's lotto hut 1.11
MMV260P  ZIP    57235   8-19-02  Maldorf's Mountain v2.60p
MOI22P   ZIP    57731   8-19-02  Mirror of Illusion v2.20p
TAL12P   ZIP    45924   8-31-02  Talent for the Skill v1.20p
ZTS09AP  ZIP    88049   9-05-02  Zephyr Town Square v0.9a patch
-- Programs were fixed mostly using ctbppat.exe.  All attempts to
locate the missing authors have failed.

RHP Script IGM Updates Section:

    For LORD Cavern IGM usage: 
HOBBIT   RHP     2210   6-18-02   A Random Hobbit v2.00
MUSHROOM RHP     1248   6-18-02   The Mushroom Patch v2.00
CAVERHP1 ZIP    11904   9-08-02   L.O.R.D. Cavern RHP Set #1 v1.10
CAVERHP2 ZIP    10187   8-21-02   L.O.R.D. Cavern RHP Set #2 v1.10

   For Outlands Tavern IGM usage: 
ALCOVE   RHP     9188   9-09-02   The Secret Alcove v1.25
OTRHP1   ZIP    11301   9-09-02   Outlands Tavern RHP Set #1 v1.16

   For Gateway IGM usage: 
GTC100B  ZIP     4657   7-17-02  Garrison's Training Grounds v1.00b
XMAS100B ZIP     3633   7-17-02  Merry Christmas v1.00b
-- These files are periodically uploaded to Lord Legacy FTP server.

Passed Testing LORD IGMs Listing file:

09/06/02: Added complete listing of LORD IGMs which have passed testing at 933 Mhz.
-- Included inside -- --

LADY Scripts Archives Info:

GEMTR107 ZIP    12396   6-24-02   The Gem Trader v1.07
GEMTR108 ZIP    15769   7-02-02   The Gem Trader v1.08
LADY_132 ZIP    56731   6-16-02   Belgarion's Lady Scripts v1.32
LADY_136 ZIP    63062   7-26-02   Belgarion's Lady Scripts v1.36
-- Copies posted to Camelot LordNews FDN on Fidonet.
GEMTR112 ZIP    25662   8-25-02   Gem Trader scripts v1.12 archive

                        LADY Scripts - Recent Updates:
GL-LADY  ZIP    11618   6-16-02   Gordon Lewicky's scripts archive
GNOME    LDY    20650   6-16-02   The Gnome v1.10
GOOFY1   LDY     8031   6-16-02   Goofy Events #1
LDYQUIRK ZIP    20738   5-17-02   Lord's Lady Language Quirks
ME-LADY  ZIP     4105   6-16-02   Michael Everett's scripts archive
BANDIT   LDY     7975   8-25-02   The Bandit v1.04
CHARMTAX LDY     6779   8-25-02   The Charm Tax v1.15
DGT-LADY ZIP    72150  10-04-02   Belgarion's LORD Lady Scripts v1.38
EVENTS2  LDY    82370   8-25-02   Combined file: my lady scripts
GEM2     LDY      675   8-25-02   Two Gems v1.03
GEMFAIRY LDY     8852   8-25-02   Gem Fairy Trade v1.00
GEMTRADE LDY    28600   8-25-02   The Gem Trader v1.12
HIGHSPIR LDY     2473   8-25-02   High Spirits v1.07
NICEHAG  LDY    13291   8-25-02   The Nice Hag v1.17
POLISH   LDY     1025   8-25-02   Polish Armour v1.03
PRETSTIC LDY     1151   8-25-02   Pretty-Stick v1.04
SHARPEN  LDY      998   8-25-02   Sharpen Weapon v1.03
SKILLUSE LDY     1952   8-25-02   New Skill Use Point v1.03
TROLL2   LDY     2919   8-25-02   Troll #2 v1.00 w/fairy revival
UGLYSTIC LDY     1385   8-25-02   Ugly-Stick v1.04

Recent LORD Code files:

JMSOUR-1 ZIP  1045995   5-21-02   J. Masters LORD Code #1
JMSOUR-2 ZIP   952692   5-21-02   J. Masters LORD files Code #2
    -- File #1 contains Pascal files.  File #2 has .TPU unit files.
CRTFIX15 ZIP    20915  10-05-02   CRTFix v1.15 RTE200 patch utility
    -- Found in late September. Added a file_id.diz to it.

   Patched LORD Utility/IGM Support Files: 
DAERNK2P ZIP    12969   8-30-02   DaeRank v0.2 Patch
GWHELP1  ZIP    16133   8-30-02   Galactic Warriors IGM Help - patch
    ---- Authorized fixes of LORD programs by Ahkenaton.
TOPCHO11 ZIP    21010  10-05-02   TopChop v1.10 patch
    ---- Authorized release for David Simmons.

   Recent LORD Programming Utilities: 
EASYDR28 ZIP   341598   4-30-02   EasyDoor v2.80 IGM tool-kit
-- Forgot to list in previous newsletter issue (#11).
FDOOR160 ZIP    90773   5-31-02   FreeDoor tool-kit v1.60
NEWANSI  ZIP     2171   5-31-02   NewANSI ANSI Emulation Units v1.02
FDOOR170 ZIP    89477   8-19-02   FreeDoor v1.70 toolkit
MANNDOOR ZIP    31447   9-07-02   MannDoor 09.07.2002 pascal toolkit

   Recent WT-LORD Programs: 
ERSCH24  ZIP    64762   5-19-02   Erschlagenhalle v2.40
JWLR20   ZIP    34804   5-19-02   The Jeweler v2.00
MLN23    ZIP    31802   5-19-02   Molun's Tavern v2.30
BLKWNG23 ZIP    73055   5-31-02   Blackwing's Cove v2.30
RUE19    ZIP   328125   5-31-02   The Rue Morgue v1.90
BLKWNG24 ZIP    78342   6-08-02   Blackwing's Cove v2.40
ERSCH25  ZIP    76187   6-08-02   Erschlagenhalle v2.50
JWLR21   ZIP    45970   6-08-02   The Jeweler v2.10
MLN24    ZIP    41024   6-08-02   Molun's Tavern v2.40
SCRL14   ZIP    77292   6-08-02   Scarlett & the Vandoran Knights v1.40
LNC10    ZIP    81377   6-12-02   Lancelot's Castle v1.00
JOSEPH18 ZIP    47757   7-03-02   Joseph's Revenge v1.80
RUE191   ZIP   328361   7-03-02   The Rue Morgue v1.91
CARNAL20 ZIP   317445   7-28-02   Carnal Knowledge v2.00
EVER30   ZIP   338202   7-28-02   EverGreen Cemetery v3.00
RUE20    ZIP   336745   7-28-02   The Rue Morgue v2.00
TZONE20  ZIP   303616   7-28-02   The Twilight Zone v2.00

   Recent LORD Utilities: 
LORDHTM2 ZIP    65060   6-06-02   LordHTM v1.11 Lord utility
LNC30P   ZIP    61653   6-25-02   Lord No Cheat v3.00p - RTE200 patch
L444     ZIP    80371   8-10-02   League 444 LordNet info

   Recent LORD Menuset program: 
LORDANSI ZIP    20451   6-15-02  LordANSI v1.00

   Recent LORD II IGMs: 
SLVIL20  ZIP    20852   5-18-02   SandLand Village v2.00
SETH23   ZIP    10113   5-22-02   Seth Able's Music Shop v2.30
STONE!12 ZIP     9591   5-25-02   Stones! v1.20
SLVIL21  ZIP    21534   6-21-02   SandLand Village v2.10

Misc. Castle Camelot LORD Files:

DGT-LORD TXT    54157   7-11-02   Belgarion's IGM Guide #1
DGT-LORD ZIP    76811   9-30-02   Belgarion's LORD IGM Play Guides
DGT-LRD2 TXT    47971   6-09-02   Belgarion's Lord IGM Guide, page 2
DGT-LRD3 TXT    68316   9-30-02   Belgarion's Lord IGM Guide, Page 3
IGM-PAGE ZIP    30599   9-12-02   Revamp Trentsoft IGM page archive
IGMPAGE  HTM   112670   9-12-02   Revamp Trentsoft LORD IGMs Page

End of recent LORD releases listing, for LordNews Issue #12.  
Red LORD barline

Miscellaneous Info Section: (09/14/02)

Rules for LadyScripts List. It is for LADY script discussion only. Rules for LordNews List: Please do not send large graphics files to list members or large .ZIP files. Either one is repeated in the next LordNews Digest message, in MIME format. If you need to distribute something, please post it online somewhere, then include an URL hyperlink in your message. Then members can decide whether they wish to access the zip file or graphic. This also protects people who have small email accounts.

LORD Site Openings: Late May 2002 - Max Larivee has the Fieldsoft IGMs site up and running at Work is ongoing on bringing the Official LORD II IGM Archive back online. The new LORD II: The Scene web-ring is operational and accepting members. 06/04: The new LORD II IGM Archive Site is now officially open. Site relocations: Phsoft site - Mike Barrientos. Long-time inactive ex-author.

LORD Site Status changes: Late May - Tech'N Software is fully inactive. The new LORD web-ring remains in limbo. I've classified Joel Gathercole as an Lost Author. He does not respond to email, and his web-site was never finished. It is fully inactive. The Hellas BBS site was off-line during parts of June 2002. Closures: Black Omen site; LORD II: Rebirth site; Chet Rhodes' LORD II site; Robert Olsen's BBS site. Eric Richardson's Lord site. 09/02: Jay Cochrane reclassified as Semi-Active/Lost Author. 09/07/02: Richardson can be reached at

Web-site pages updates: 05/28: Combined LordNews Issue #8 into single web-page again. My Web Rings Page is up-to-date again. 05/29: Replaced waterfall photos on my site's Waterfalls Homepage. July News: 07/22: Dropped use of pictures on LORD Menusets Page. 07/26: Dropped use of pictures on Browser Resources Page. Replaced pictures on my Swimsuit Links Page. 08/06: Replaced pictures on my LORD Links Page. 09/17: Replaced pictures on my HTML Resources Page. Also replaced pictures on Castle Camelot Index Page. Restored LORD II: The Scene web-ring code to LORD II IGMs Page. I don't LIKE Web-ring's driving people nuts over little tweaks to their code, but am giving them another chance. Red
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LordNews Issues Links Section: (12/02/02)

Web-Page Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Released on April 28, 2000. -- Issue #1 Archive
LordNews Issue #2 - Released on June 26, 2000. -- Issue #2 Archive
LordNews Issue #3 - Released on June 28, 2000. -- Issue #3 Archive
LordNews Issue #4 - Released on Sept. 20, 2000. -- Issue #4 Archive
LordNews Issue #5 - Released on December 20, 2000. -- Issue #5 Archive
LordNews Issue #6 - Released on April 19, 2001. -- Issue #6 Archive
LordNews Issue #7 - Released on August 05, 2001. Issue #7 Archive.
LordNews Issue #8 - LordNews Issue #8 Archive
Released on Oct. 08, 2001 in two parts. Recombined into single web-page on May 28, 2002.

LordNews Issue #9 -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 03, 2001.
LordNews Issue #10 -- Issue #10 HTML Archive. Released on February 06, 2002. Updated on February 27, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 -- Issue #11 HTML Archive. Covers February 06 - May 16, 2002. Revised 05/30/02.
LordNews Issue #12 -- Issue #12 HTML Archive. Issue released on October 07, 2002.
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Text Version Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Text -- Issue #1 Text Archive. Released on December 20, 1999.
LordNews Issue #2 - Text -- Issue #2 Text Archive. Released on April 05, 2000.
LordNews Issue #3 - Text -- Issue #3 Text Archive. Released on June 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #4 - Text -- Issue #4 Text Archive. Released on September 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #5 - Text -- Issue #5 Text Archive. Released on December 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #6 - Text -- Issue #6 Text Archive. Released on April 19, 2001.
LordNews Issue #7 - Text -- Issue #7 Text Archive. Released on August 05, 2001.
LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part One -- LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part Two
LordNews Issue #8 Text Archive. Released on October 08, 2001.
LordNews Issue #9 Text Version -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 04, 2001.

LordNews Issue #10 Text Version -- LordNews Issue #10 Appendix
Issue #10 Text Archive. Last Appendix files update: April 29, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 - Text -- Issue #11 Text Archive. Released on May 18, 2002.
LordNews #10 Data Files: Contains up-to-date copies of Authors-Info.txt, Lost-Authors.Txt, and Usable-IGMs.txt files.
LordNews #11 Data Files: Contains up-to-date copies of: Unusable-IGMs.txt; CC11igm1.txt - lists LORD IGMs released during January-February 2002. And CC11igm2.txt -- Lists LORD IGMs released during March 01 - May 16, 2002 period.

LordNews Issue #12 - Text -- Issue #12 Text Archive -- LordNews #12 Data Files.

12/02/02 Note: Until I decide where to have my web-site full-time, the Lordnews text issue files will not be available except in archive format. 12/10/02 Note: I will plan on starting work on the next issue, #13, sometime after Christmas.
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Newsletter Contributions Section:

This issue was started on May 29, 2002. The background and barline graphic images may be used by others. You may also use logo graphics from my web-pages for linking to my web-site. This issue was prepared using QEdit DOS Text Editor and Wordpad; and tested for compatibility with MS Internet Explorer v5.50 and Netscape Navigator v4.79/v7.00 web browsers. The black cat icon is used with Ruth Argust's permission. It is NOT public domain, and is copyrighted by her. The Powered by Z icon is the copyrighted property of Michael Preslar. And the American flag icon is public domain.

This issue is comprised of information from or about the LORD activities of many people, including my own LORD activities. The issue's author entries are attributed to the following participants: Michael Preslar, Shannon Talley, Janet Terry, Bryan Turner, Lloyd Hannesson, Brian May, Jason Brown, Bryan Stanbridge, Stefen Enns, Aaron Wornom, Marty Blankenship, Michael Everett, Gary Hartzell, Jay Hodges, Mike Hodgson, Paul Koukos, Rick Parrish, Joseph Watson, Max Larivee, Bob Newell, Tien Lung, Duncan Idaho, Chris Carson, Mike Ciesiensky, Mike Dillon, Harvey Hall, Charlie Wardick, Gordon Lewicky, David Simmons, Codax Dragon, Orion Elder, Kaolin Stockinger, Robert Olsen, Kenneth Padgett, Pearl Pirie, George Pope, Brian Bosscher, Charles Mandeville, Joseph Masters, Eric Richardson, Dave "Black Omen" Henderson, Marc Ryan, and Marvin Wise. Thanks also to long-term supporters Suzanne Franklin, Seth Robinson, and Bobby Queen.

Final Spell check done at 7:00 pm, 10/07/2002. Split LNWS-12.TXT into three equal portions for distribution via LordNews mailing list. The actual newsletter Text version was transmitted in four portions, with the fourth containing the Issue #12 Appendix.

Post-Release to LordNews List Notes: Have already learned that the following people's email addresses are invalid, as used in this or previous newsletter issues. Eric Richardson, Stefen Enns, and Heath Axton. 10/15/02: Michael Adams has also disappeared. Jason Brown is currently unavailable. Revised Joseph Masters entry. Red LORD barline

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