Castle Camelot Lord Authors Newsletter #5:

Volume 2, Issue 1 -- Released on December 20, 2000.
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LordNews #5 Newsletter Introduction:

Welcome to Volume 2, Issue 1, of my LORD IGM Authors Newsletter. This is the fifth issue, and marks the anniversary of the newsletter's renewal by me in November 1999. The purpose of this newsletter is to let people interested in the BBS door games LORD, LORD II, and Tournament LORD know about the various active authors, and info on recent LORD program releases. Entries are on or by the various LORD authors and webmasters, and are listed in alphabetical order, by last name, or web-site title. When development is finished, a text version will be created of this HTML web-page and released on my LordNews mailing list. Those who wish to receive it by email should register using the Listbot LordNews subscription section, located on my LORD Links Page -- camelot5.htm. Issue #5 covers September 20 through December 31, 2000, and is the last quarterly issue. Special Notes: If you know of any new or updated Lord programs, that are not listed on one of my LORD web-pages, please send it to me by Email. I'm especially looking for these IGMs: The Jeweler's Shoppe, Old Skill Center, and Market Place. Red LORD barline

Post-Release Updates Section:

12/23 Update: Bobby's web-site status is still considered Inactive, but he is still available by Email. The site's last update was made in late August 2000. 12/25 Update: Various parts of this issue have been rewritten, to incorporate information received from Bobby Queen, Paul Koukos, and Ruth Argust. The Recent Lord Releases and LordNews Issues Sections have also been updated. 12/31/00 Update: LordNews Issue #3 web-page updated and released. 04/15/01 Update: LordNews Issues #1-#5 revised and updated, as part of overall re-release of all old newsletter issues. The Listbot text files have been moved on my web-site to an Lordnews subdirectory.. LordNews Issue #6 will be released Monday, April 16, 2001. See it for current updates on people listed here.

02/09/2002: Stopped usage of the drag-109.jpg dragon picture. Checked over issue for any needed updates. Red LORD barline

12/10/01: The LordNews mailing list is used to distribute newsletter status/update reports or actual issue release files to members. 09/13/02: The second HTML Form was added to LordNews Issue #12's web-page on Aug. 27, 2002. LadyScripts Mailing List is for public discussion of LADY Scripts programming ONLY.

06/27/2007: Replaced old LordNews/LadyScripts Lists section with new HTML Form dialog code.

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The LORD Programming Situation:

This is a summary of LORD programming this year, through November. LORD has not had any work done on it, to my knowledge, since the v4.05 beta was released in March. Michael Preslar is hard to reach by email, and has been kept busy by his paid work. I have not seen a single IGM released since Seth Robinson released LORD v4.00, that uses any of the features added to LORD by him or Michael. LORD II has not been worked on by anyone since Seth released v1.01a in July 1997, except for two patch files released through January 1998. To date, I have seen three LORD II utilities and four LORD utilities released this year. No menuset or play guide files were released this year. There have been fifteen LORD IGMs, that I know of, released to date. Eight of the IGMs were Y2K updates. The list of active LORD/LORD II IGM authors is currently limited to Bryan Turner, Rick Parrish, Jason Brown, Tien Lung, Lloyd Hannesson, Ken Weitzel, and Marc Ryan. There were six LORD II IGMs released this year, most by Tien Lung and Michael Bujold. No Lord II New World programs were released this year. However, a couple are known to be in progress. Only two LORD II utilities were released this year.

The Official LORD II IGM Archive site has been inactive most of the year, due to Bobby Queen's personal/family health problems, and has not seen any new IGM reviews added in over a year, other than ones made by Codax Dragon. This has had a freezing effect I have been told on many authors producing LORD II programs. Also, the IGM authors are unable to easily avoid program conflicts due to the lack of an up-to-date LORD II block address record FAQ, which Bobby has been unable to provide to them. Due to my inability to contact Bobby by email anymore, I'm listing his web-sites in the Fully Inactive and "Dead Sites" sections currently. His site has been completely inactive since late August 2000.

04/15/01 Update: Bobby's web-site remains inactive, but was updated by Bobby after this issue's release. He is recovering from surgery currently at home, since mid-March 2001. Both Bobby and his web-sites are classified, until he recovers enough to resume site updates, as Fully inactive. For more information, see LordNews Issue #6.

Some good news is that Lloyd Hannesson is continuing to post all of the LORD IGMs on his Tech'N Software site, and will eventually have them tested for Y2K compliance, and other problems. So people looking for a single source for the LORD IGMs should thank him for doing this for us. Here is my take on LORD's future. With the exception of Joseph Watson's IGMs work, and his friends' work, WT-LORD programming has stopped. There is NO work of any kind done to support Worldgroup T-LORD, so it can be considered as deceased. LORD II is viewable as being in a coma, with brief signs of life, from the few active LORD II IGM authors. And classic LORD is on life support, with occasional IGMs getting released for it. This is an analogy. LORD had three doctors in residence. Dr. Preslar has been away from his patient for eight months in essence. Dr. Marcelletti killed his patient, in my opinion. And Dr. nobody at Gameport has left LORD II in its coma. I am thankful though that there are still over a dozen of us who have continued to care for our beloved LORD programs. As long as that continues, there is always hope for LORD's future to improve.

04/15/01 Update: Lord II was updated by Preslar in February 2001, in a cosmetic update, which included recompiled L2.exe/L2cfg.exe files which fixed the problems Lord2 had running on fast systems. For full details, see LordNews #6.

Tournament LORD's Worldgroup version has been abandoned as far as I can tell by everyone. No one writes IGMs for it, and no one is working on the Worldgroup version for Gameport. The Wildcat version (WT-LORD) was abandoned this summer by IceRage (Marceletti) when they apparently went out of business, so the ownership rights have returned to Gameport. With the exception of a patch release in December 1999, WT-LORD had not seen any work done to it by IceRage. The only author to produce IGMs for WT-LORD continues to be Joseph Watson, although I've heard there is one other person working on an IGM for it. Gameport does not seem to care about any of the LORD programs, and is known to be completely hostile to anyone producing a 32-bit Windows or OS/2 version of LORD. Joseph has, to date, released twelve IGMs this year, three of them brand new.

04/15/01 Update: Preslar was authorized by Gameport to do 32-bit versions of LORD for Windows, OS/2, and Linux. Gameport is also trying to contact Icerage personnel to obtain the source code for Wildcat T-Lord. For full info on this, see LordNews #6.

01/29/02 Notes: The LORD II rewrite is still underway by Preslar; the 100% CPU usage problem has been solved. He will be working on Worldgroup Tournament Lord when he can. IceRage is reopened, but the WT-Lord source code was lost, so no program updates are possible. For information on IceRage reopening, see LordNews Issues #7 through #10. For information on updates made to date on LORD 4.07, LORD II, and TEOS, see the same issues.
02/09/02: Thanks to the efforts of Janet Terry, Joe has started WT-Lord v3.00. He is rewriting WT-Lord, using source code that he had sold years ago to Janet as a starting point. Work also underway on bi-column Other Places menu, either as integral part of WT-Lord, or as an add-on Utility.
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April 2001 Summary for above section:
The following authors are no longer actively writing for LORD or LORD II: Bryan Turner, Rick Parrish, Jason Brown, and Tien Lung. Info on LORD/Lord2/WT-Lord programs released since December 2000 may be seen in ccigm-6.htm. Codax Dragon continues to work on his Cruises Lord2 IGM, and Duncan Idaho is still working on his DuneLord and Wheel of Time Lord2 new world programs. The primary impetus in Lord II programming at this time is by Joel Gathercole. Lloyd Hannesson continues to work away at listing/hosting LORD IGMs on his site. One person other than Joseph Watson is known to be working on WT-Lord igms, and two others are maintaining qualily WT-Lord igm hints pages. On the doctor analogy, Lord and Lord II are alive and kicking, other than in the IGMs production department, where classic Lord remains fairly comatose. The WG Tournament LORD programming area remains totally dead. Dr. Preslar and "Doctor" Gathercole are doing good work on the Lord II patient, but no Lord2 igm authors are responding to their medical care so far. Lastly, Gameport *IS* now going full-speed on development of 32-bit LORD games, LORD II development, and even Planets: TEOS. Also WebLord, for Internet sites play, is under development at this time - April 2001.
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LORD Newsletter Survey Notes:

Thanks to the few friends who participated in my survey to determine the future of this newsletter. Here are the results, all effective immediately: The newsletter will be produced three times per year, or every four months. I have streamlined this page to use one single barline graphic. As some indicated would be appreciated, I have added a dragon art picture to this issue, and will select another later on for Issue #6. The Listbot Text version of this issue will no longer have the author entries edited to include email/website addresses. If you need them, see this web-page (ccigm-5.htm). This issue's HTML web-page will be Emailed to those who wish to include it directly as some have requested, via a new Mailing List I have set up in Eudora. If you wish to be included, let me know, and I will add you to it. I am not planning to make any changes to the Listbot LordNews mailing list. This issue, when distributed through it, will be transmitted in two sections. As for questions about the future of this newsletter, as long as there are twelve or more Lord friends who remain interested, and provide contributions, there will be a new Issue each four months. The original LordNews survey message is archived inside, as cci-1122.txt. 01/29/02: Renamed file to cc05-note2.txt. Archived most of Other Notes paragraph inside cc05-note3.txt.

Other Notes, reworded 01/29/02: The Text version files for Issues #1-#5 are being stored on the Lord Legacy FTP server, in the Lordnews subdirectory. The text version archives will continue to be available on my site. The issue #1-#5 Text Version files were all brought up to date, as part of the relocation process done to move the newsletter's text files into a LordNews directory. Issues #6-#9 were later released and placed there. Red LORD barline

Kiteria's Korner Status Update:

12/23-12/25 Update: Kiteria's Korner has not been updated since early August, due to Bobby Queen's health and family problems. Also, the majority of the site is not updated unless new Lord articles are provided for it. I have been in contact with Bobby, and he plans to keep hosting Kiteria's Korner. (Deleted several lines of text here on 4/16/01. I dropped the idea of setting up a separate version of Kiteria's Korner on my web-site.) There is now a new mirror of the Official Lord II IGM Archive and Kiteria's Korner sites on the Lord Legacy server, thanks to Joel Gathercole and Michael Preslar. Also there is no longer any need to worry about Bobby Queen's ISP shutting him down, so other than our still needing to help him occasionally with the sites' updating, all that is needed is for everyone to "nudge" him at times into doing site updates.

For those who ask "What is Kiteria's Korner?": It is a storehouse of articles on LORD created by Bryan Turner and Suzanne Franklin over several years. It doesn't cover Lord II or Tournament Lord, other than listing the web-sites that relate to them, in its Lord Links page, which is based upon my Lord Links Summary Page. I have been helping Suzanne with her site since 1998, when Bryan stopped working on it for her. Due to her own health problems, Suzanne felt the site would benefit from Bobby Queen taking over the site's hosting, development, and management, which happened in early May 1999. Since then, he and I jointly have taken care of her site. We completely redesigned and renovated Kiteria's Korner in June 2000. These changes are fully detailed in LordNews Issue #3.

With some exceptions, Bobby has been fully inactive for this entire year (2000), due to health problems. Then there has been the "dangling sword" situation, where since September 2000, we've been expecting his ISP to shut down his accounts at So far, that hasn't happened, as of mid-December 2000. And for the past month approximately, I've been unable to reach Bobby by Email, or through friends' messages on the Fidonet Lord echo. His primary email account appears to have been shut down, and it is not clear what the status of his secondary email account is. Bobby has backed up his Official Lord II IGM Archive site, and Kiteria's Korner, on his mirror site.

April 2001 Notes: In late December, after this issue was originally released, I was able to hear from Bobby. had been losing his email, from me and many others. That problem was finally resolved after nearly a month of aggravation, for all concerned. Over the past four months, I've updated components of Bobby's Official Lord2 site, some of which has not yet been uploaded to the site. I have also updated the Kiteria's Korner site with updated pages, which included doing spell checking on several Article pages that seemed to need that done. Bobby underwent surgery in March 2001, and has gone quiet on people, while he recovers from that ordeal. So until he resurfaces, both the Kiteria site and the Official Lord2 site will be fully inactive once again. If the situation changes, it will be reported in one of these ways: (1) Notice via my Lord Links page; (2) addendum notice added to the LordNews issue #6 files; or (3) put into the LordNews Issue #7 web-page. Red LORD barline

LORD Site Openings/Closures:

Site Re-Openings: Lord II: Complete New World - new address. Site closures: Frogland BBS site, Hellas BBS site, Help Port Lord Petition page, Sunshine IGMs (Benjamin) and LitterBox sites. Site Revamping: The Tech'N Software site has been redesigned by Lloyd Hannesson. The Earthdrake Software site is undergoing redesign by Elric currently. Lloyd is working on posting all of the known Lord IGMs on his web-site, along with doing Y2K testing of each program over time. See his Tech'N site for more details. No new Lord sites are known of, for this issue's time period. 12/25/00 Update: Hellas BBS is back in operation at Red LORD barline

Castle Camelot Website Updates:

October Notes: 10/07: Replaced pictures on my Castle Camelot LORD II IGMs Page. 10/13: Replaced pictures on my LORD Links Page, and added link for this issue development file to it. 10/20: Replaced pictures on my HTML Resources Page. 10/28: Replaced pictures on my Swimsuit Links Page. 10/31: Replaced pictures on my Browser Resources Page. November Notes: 11/01: Replaced pictures on my LORD IGMs Page. December News: 12/14: Replaced pictures on my LORD Menusets Page. 12/16: Added dragon picture to this page. 12/31/00 Update: Replaced the waterfall pictures on my Tournament LORD IGMs Page. Red LORD barline

LORD Program Authors Notes:

Ruth Argust --- DoorGames.Org - DDS on the Web -- Standard Entry
All IGM/utility authors are invited to send their file(s) to ( so that the file(s) can be sent to sysops all over the world (and Internet webmasters). Please be certain that the file is virus-free and DOES contain a FILE_ID.DIZ file. For more information on having your file hatched, please see the DDS Web Page at or contact me directly. This is a free service to all in order to provide you with wide circulation of your programs. There is also a ListServ for receiving all files hatched into DDSDOORS for those who do not otherwise have a way to receive them. For more details, see the file.

Mike Dillon - -- Crystalline Realms
10/10: I have almost completed a new Lord, Lord2, and TEOS utility. It works under Windows 9x/ME, Linux, and DOS. It takes the player database from those 3 games and creates an HTML file which can be posted on a web- site by the sysop. 10/14: Crystalline Stats program released. It is available either from Mike's site directly or from my LORD Menusets Page in three versions. A DOS/DPMI version, the Windows version, and a Linux ELF version. The program takes player stats from LORD v3.55+, Lord II v1.01, Planets: TEOS v2.0, and Avalon, such as player name, gender, experience, etc., and creates HTML statistics pages. 12/19: Some new details on CStats: The new binary is basically a bug fix, to fix problems with the program's output. I've re-designed the core of CStats to be more flexible, so support for new doors can be easily added. I'm expecting to add 3-5 more doors soon, and don't have a date set for releasing the next version. 04/16/01 Note: Mike is still working on his Crystalline Stats program. 01/29/02, 09/07/02: Replaced email address.

Mike Ehlert --- BBS Archives --- PC Micro LORD Addons Page
--- PC Micro LORD Utilities Page --- PC Micro Door Developer Kits Page
The BBS Archives have a large collection of Lord, Lord2, and T-Lord IGMs and utilities, with over a thousand Lord-related files. The LORD programs are primarily on these pages:,, and Mike supplies BBS/Lord authors with free web hosting, without annoying pop-up ads and banners. You will get 20 megabytes of fast web space for free, along with a web-page hits counter, guest-book, and link manager. See for details. Authors and others may send BBS programs to Mike for hosting on his web-site either by Email, or by uploading them to his FTP server. For more info, read Mike's entry in LordNews Issue #4.

Michael Everett -- Bobo's BBS
-- LORD on Bobo's BBS -- SuperColored Monsters Page -- Telnet:
10/30: I have a registration generator program for Baldur's Camp, and will be putting it online soon. 11/15 Note: The Baldur's Camp registration code generator is now available from my Lord Menusets Page. 12/03: I have heard from Jay Cochrane ( and he reports that he is still supporting his IGMs (WonderLand Software) and that anyone needing help or registration can email him. Also he will be doing a special for registrations due to the current status of the BBS community. And he is thinking of putting his BBS back up, and is still working on some BBS projects. He says he can put up a web-site for his IGMs if there is a need. (So I think we should all write him and ask him to do so. We always need more Lord web-sites. DGT). Michael also reports that he and a friend are working on a new Lord IGM named CC45, which will be released in a few months. Michael has a Telnet site that offers Lord games at telnet://, which has over 60 players now. 12/17: I've finished my exams, and I'm working a lot on some of the projects that I couldn't give much attention to during the school year. I am working with KDrive and KLord to make my first Lord IGM. Which isn't too easy since I know C++ and Java, and not a lick of Pascal . I've always wanted to learn so hopefully after Christmas, I'll have enough completed to release the first beta version. I would appreciate any tips from the other authors who have used KLord. 04/16/01 Note: Michael Everett has not released any Lord programs, as of mid-April. 01/29/02: Michael's Supercolored LORD Monsters menuset program was released in summer 2001. Removed site links, he is working on getting back on-line, after site closed in early December 2001. 03/06: Web-site is back online now.

Joel Gathercole --

11/23: New email/website address entry created, thanks to information from Mike Ehlert. Joel has lost his old copies of the Lord II: CNW files, so those who have older versions are asked to send them to him. 11/26 - Joel: I've recently registered my own domain at, and I was able to locate the v136.0 CNW file in my lord2@egroups mailing list. Which is a mailing list for Lord II authors, players, etc. I was unable to locate my CNW files on the server, and their administrator no longer had them. I've been working on rebuilding my web-site, and joining various Lord related webrings. I will be working on updating the CNW program soon.

11/27: Hello everyone, I must apologize for my bad URLs I've had in the past, I've been trying to find a suitable dynamic DNS address. I ended up with some sort of problem with each one I tried. So, I decided to register my own domain name for my webBBS. I also had moved all my web- sites to my own server. Meaning ALL my old addresses no longer exist. Please, if you have in your links section a link to LORD2: Complete New World, please make the link to: -- this is where the site will rest. I will now be working on more releases of the CNW packages. I will be now responding to ideas and to bug reports. As in the past 6 months or so, I've had no time what-so-ever for this. Now, I would like to hear about any new or updated Lord2 IGMs that have been released in the past 8 to 10 months. Please email me at or on the mailing list. REMINDER, join the mailing list if you haven't yet!

04/16/01 Note: Joel has been very busy the past few months. Just read LordNews #6 to find out about his activities. 01/29/02: Removed CNW web-site links, site is still closed. 03/06: No valid email known now for Joel. Yahoo account is over quota, and Yahoo is rejecting mail sent to it.

Lloyd Hannesson --- Tech'N Software
Alternate Email:
Warrior's Graveyard v1.70 was released in late September, and Felicity's Temple v2.00 was released in mid-October. Lloyd also has redesigned his site, including the new Lord IGM Archive, that he is still working on. This will contain all of the known Lord IGMs when finished, which will be tested for Y2K problems as well. Lloyd also is planning to list and host the Lord Menusets/Utility files, and Lord II programs eventually. 12/19: Lloyd has been busy with moving to a new apartment in early December and getting a new DSL line installed and working. If you've been waiting for him to respond to your email, he's working his way through a month of messages. 04/16/01 Update: Lloyd continues to work on listing Lord igms on his Tech'N Software site. He has not started listing non-IGM Lord programs.

Robert Olsen -- Lord II: The Awakening Project
10/22: The Awakening Project is a multi-player online game under development, which will have an engine demo available publicly soon. My BBS is temporarily down and relocating. Since I run one, Reflection chose to make a Lord modification that is based on the Awakening Project Gameworld. 01/10/2003: No contact with Olsen in several months; program appears to have been abandoned.

Joseph Watson -- joeCODE WT-LORD IGM Page --- Alternate Email:
10/21: Trader Vic's is almost ready for release, and a new program in development is called Lady Cara's Tea Parlor. Another project is an IGM that is a menuset program to allow more IGMs in WT-Lord. The Ask Clinton IGM will be renamed and updated to relate to current events, and to the next President. A friend, Bobby Thornton, is working on an adult IGM named Bubba's Strip Club. Lastly, Joe has added a WT-Lord players gallery page, which will list some info on players using his BBS. 10/29: I've set up a discussion board for WT-Lord IGM tips, etc, on my site. Visit and use the link under the poster to access it. I've released a new IGM, Lady Cara's Tea Parlor. It's a little trinket for the guys, but is written for the girls so they can get back at guys who are harassing them online. Ladies, you can now go kick the guys in the crotch, call them names, and stuff like that. 11/15: The Trader Vic's IGM is now available, either from Joe's site, or from my Tournament Lord IGMs Page. 12/15 Note: The Twilight Zone v1.20 IGM update has been released on Joe's site.
04/16/01 Update: Joseph has been busy in the last four months. See LordNews Issue #6 for changes since December 2000. 02/09/02: For material after April 2001, see his entries in Issues #7 - #10.
Red LORD barline

Category: Semi-Active LORD Authors/Webmasters:

Marty Blankenship --- The GameMaster BBS Web Site
12/19: Marty is planning on a mid-January release of his Marty's Mercantile IGM update. He's dealing at the moment with family Christmas planning, and raising his three pre-teen daughters as a single parent. 04/16/01: No news received from Marty since December 2000 issue was released. 01/10/2003: Marty's Mercantile v1.70 was released in early 2002. Marty also assumed support for Dave's Inn IGM, by David Taylor, which is currently not usable.

Jason Brown --- Jason Brown's IGMs Page
Alternate Email:
Inactive, going to college. He's considering releasing his Lord IGMs and Utilities as open source, retaining control over version releases as an administrator. He wishes to know if anyone is interested in this idea, so if you are, please write him. 11/26: Jason has started development of RHPScript version 2. 11/28: With your recent view on the future of LORD, perhaps all of us programmers on the list can get together and start something new? Something that could start out as a "clone" of LORD, but perhaps with grander ideals later on? Such as making it Internet based. Just a thought, before everyone goes their own ways. I'd be interested in the project, personally. I can do the scripting language. :) Note: I think this is a wonderful idea, Jason has, so hope some of the rest of you can look into doing this with him. 12/12: RHPScript v2.0 is new scripting language to replace/augment features in my IGMs, and make them more robust. And I may be updating LordStat soon. 04/14/01: Updated Jason's email address. 04/16/01: Jason has quit Lord programming, and is working on other projects. He's graduating from college in May 2001.

Duncan Idaho -- VisualMatrix Homepage -- Current Projects
12/11: Work on DuneLord is going slow due to college work, required by the government, and several personal problems. Marriage plans and move to Sweden cancelled. I'm planning on getting the new Brian Herbert Dune novels -- House Atreides and House Harkonnen, and seeing if they have anything useful for DuneLord. 04/16/01: Duncan is still working on his DuneLord and L2:WoT programs. 01/29/02: Fixed web-site links. DuneLord beta was released on December 24, 2001.

Jay "Elric" Weber -- EarthDrake Software
10/05: I'm currently on inactive status. I should be getting a new, faster computer sometime next month, as well as a bigger hard drive. This will give me plenty of room to work on all my projects, so hopefully I should return to active status by Christmas, or at the latest, early next year. Newsletter Contribution: For those of you who are still interested in LORD/LORD 2, you can visit my Message Board and discuss it. Currently, I only have 2 areas set up: one to discuss the various LORD 2 programs I've made, and one to discuss my new world. I'll set up areas for general LORD and LORD 2 discussions if enough people show interest. The message board is powered by ezBoards, so you might want to register an account. It's free, but it's not required to use the board. You can find the main message board here: 10/31: I've got my main page redesigned so, and am working on fixing the rest of my site. 11/24: Yahoo is continuing to screw up the various webrings, so if someone is dropped from the Lord II webring, they will have to rejoin, since they have made it very hard for me to work on webring site info. My hard drive has died on me, on Nov. 15, so my computer/Internet access is limited to a laptop computer. Work on my web-site is stopped until I get a new hard drive or computer, probably after Christmas. 01/29/02: Fixed email address link. See LordNews Issue #9 and #10 for current info regarding Elric. 04/16/01: Elric remains inactive Lord-wise. Still waiting for a new computer system. Is a busy beaver otherwise, via wife's laptop, running multiple BBS web-pages and message boards.

Orion Elder -- SMAUG site -- KnyteHawk's LORD II IGM Programming
12/18: I'm currently looking to find some MUD builders interested in doing a few areas based on the LORD game. For example, creating an Inn with Violet, Seth, and the bunch, or a training area with Barak, and the like. Founder of Crimson Oracles MUD. 04/16/01: See LordNews #6 for details on Orion Elder's contributions to that issue. 04/09/02: Inactive; email address changed to

Michael Preslar -- LORD Legacy Site -- Lord Legacy FTP: files area -- Elysium Software
IRC Site: -- Telnet site: -- LORD Legacy News Page

11/10: Well folks, I've heard from our friend Michael, and here is his entry for this issue: So what all have I been up to.. Let's see ... to put it simple: tons. The company I work for has kept me incredibly busy.. Apparently, I've done well enough that I got a promotion a few weeks ago to head programmer. No need for details on the work they've got me doing, as everyone knows how it is.. Soon as you meet one deadline, they give you another.. As far as lord stuffs go.. Unfortunately, my 486 died.. That machine has all of my BBS programming, including lord, on it. So until i can recover it.. Not sure when I'll be able to do that either.. More than like, I'll replace the machine.. But won't be able to afford that until Christmas. I've recently took on a couple of side-project contracts to bring in a bit more income.. But my server has been doing rather well, other than the hard drive crash in October. I've slacked a bit in updating the lord site, and the LORD2 and TEOS sites are on the way back burner.. Maybe one day. I'd like to think that the lord site (the skeleton I'll follow for the LORD2 and TEOS sites) is setup in such a way that most anyone could come in and make use of it.. There's not a lot to say other than I've been a very busy code monkey over the past year or so. 12/19 Note: The Lord Legacy site has been inactive since August 2000. 04/16/01: Extensive work was done by Michael in the last four months, including Lord v4.06. The Lord/Linux program is in progress, and WebLord is in progress. See ccigm-6.htm for details. 01/29/02: Lord Legacy site is active again. Fixed Elysium site link.

Tien Lung --- Godlike Productions Files page
Tien has discontinued working on the CALiB Lord2 new world. However, he is considering having it published by a software company. He is still working on the Nightmare's Gate Lord2 IGM. 12/12: My Lord2-related news is that I am no longer working on any of my IGMs. I've decided to walk away from the BBS and door games scene due to the lack of public interest. My focuses are now centered around the Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition game and on finishing my PSX demo for Activision. 04/16/01: Tien quit doing Lord2 projects, and both CALib and Nightmare's Gate were abandoned. 05/10/02: Added current email address to header. 03/26/04: Replaced email address.

Ken Weitzel: No email contact since previous issue. The Seasons 2000 Lord IGM has been released, and is available from the DDS web-site and FidoNet. 04/16/01: Ken has no plans for Lord programming until its time to do the next Seasons IGM. Proceeds from its registration fees help support charities he cares about. 01/29/02: Replaced email address. See LordNews Issue #10 for current information on Ken.

Paul Koukos -- Hellas BBS -- Hellas BBS Files Page -- Telnet: - ICQ: 9899458 -- Freq Files:
12/25/00 Addition: Hellas BBS is back in operation after rebuilding from a hard drive failure. Paul is an inactive Lord author, who offers Lord games online on his site, and wrote the Robin Hood Lord IGM. Red LORD barline

Inactive LORD Authors Section:

Black Omen -- Page of Omen
11/11: I currently am unable to update my web-page, due to my computer system having died, and I no longer have Internet access. However, I plan on fixing those problems soon. As soon as I regain my computer and Internet access, I will be back and kicking. During the downtime, I am working on a new Lord II new world program, that is rather complex. 04/02/01 Note: Still working on Lord2 program. Semi-Inactive.

Codax Dragon -- Codax's Dragon's Den Ultd Homepage
12/17: I'm sorry for having gone another year without putting out an IGM. I just got my system back recently, and have started doing a major overhaul of everything. I feel so close to finishing my Cruise IGM, that it's painful! That and I haven't gotten any response on anyone wanting to do some of the ASCII animations with me, so progress is... less than satisfactory. What I really need to do, is sit down one weekend, and do some hard-core coding. I hope to get a chance like that when I go home for Christmas, but time will only tell. The only definite thing I can say is that this will be my final IGM. In order to make time for my new art venues, I've had to make several changes to the things I do. My getting an actual job also had a hand in this. This won't be my last update, and if anyone sends me an Lord II IGM, I'll still review/test it. Happy Holidays to all and I appreciate everyone's support. 04/02/01 Note: Still working on Lord2 program. Semi-active.

Korombos --- SharkWare (Closed down) 12/17: I've been extremely busy lately. Had a tooth removed as an emergency, and family has been busy. And it's "Christmas" time, when we all rush around like a headless chicken . 12/19 Note: I have not heard back from Korombos, so I'll just summarize here that he has indicated previously that a new version of KDrive and KLord, and possibly his Lord IGMs, will be released sometime soon.

04/16/01 Note: KDrive, KLord, IGM-X, Haunted Mansion, and Fun and Games updates all released this past weekend. For details, see LordNews Issue #6. 01/29/02: Korombos disappeared in early summer 2001 and is still missing. Email address and web-site address both removed from entry. Red LORD barline

Fully Inactive Authors/Webmasters:

Bobby Queen -- Official Lord II IGM Archive Site (closed April 2002)
Kiteria's Korner!
Fully inactive due to family health problems. As of September 2000, he was active as moderator of the FidoNet LORD echoes. His primary web-sites at continue to be available, but have been expected to be closed at anytime for over two months now by the ISP. He stopped reviewing Lord II IGMs last year. His web-site has been fully inactive since August 30. Due to his becoming inaccessible by Email, Lord II authors who wish to have their programs distributed and/or hosted on the Internet, need to send them to Ruth Argust. She will post them on the Fidonet for you, and on the DDS Lord/Lord II page, located at 11/23: Reclassified Bobby and his web-sites in the "Dead Sites" category, due to loss of email contact, and the long-term inactive status of his Official Lord II site. ... Note: The address seems valid, but I've not received any response from Bobby using it. My last contact with Bobby was on November 16, when he told me he had surgery scheduled on his right hand, for nerve problems, on Nov. 28. And he was still dealing with taking care of his grandmother. 04/02/01 Note: See previous notes regarding Bobby in LORD Programming Situation section. And see ccigm-6.htm. 04/16: The hand surgery was cancelled. Email contact regained with Bobby until mid-March 2001, after which he's been quiet on everyone, while recovering from major surgery. Possibility of his ISP shutting him down disappeared around January 2001. Codax Dragon has agreed to do additional IGM reviews of programs listed on Bobby's Untested IGMs page.

05/08/2002 Update: The Kiteria's Korner! site was closed down on Bobby's server in early April 2002. It was relocated to my new site location on the Lord Legacy web-server in late April 2002. The Official Lord II IGM Archive Site was turned over to Max Larivee ( in late May 2002. 03/20/03: I reopened Kiteria's Korner in mid-January 2003 at:

Seth Robinson --- Robinson Technologies
10/21: I received an interesting ICQ conversation log from a friend. I've placed it in the file ICQ-0909.TXT, inside the archive of this newsletter issue. It is too long and cumbersome to try to reword into paragraph format, but I feel that others might find some value in it. The topic is the early origins of the LORD game. 12/11: Seth has created at an unknown date a LORD/TEOS FAQ page on his web-site that answers many questions people are asking him about Lord, Lord II, Tournament Lord, or Planets: Teos. See

Others who are Fully Inactive: Suzanne Franklin, Bryan Stanbridge, David Simmons, and Chet Rhodes. Semi-Inactive: Michael Bujold, as of April 2001. Paul Koukos is considered active for web-site management, and fully inactive for Lord programming work. Becky Benjamin's site closed sometime after January 2001. Eric Vinson is considered a Dead site author, due to lack of a valid email address. And Bryan Turner, Tien Lung, and Jason Brown have all quit Lord/Lord2 programming, as has been previously noted. And as noted, Bobby Queen is back on full inactive status, until he recovers from his surgery. Red LORD barline

LORD Programs Listing: January 01 - December 31, 2000 Files:

Notes: I've decided to incorporate into this issue a full listing of the Lord programs I've found during this year. Some were actually released in a previous year and are marked accordingly. I've separated the files released, or discovered by myself, since LordNews Issue #4 was released on September 20, 2000.

------------ Lord IGM Programming files:
RDCOM    ZIP     7892   3-15-00  Lord2 REC Decompiler - Eric Vinson
LSTRUCTC ZIP     8394   8-20-00  Lord C/C++ Structures
L2STRUCT ZIP     3284   8-20-00  Lord 2 C/C++ Structures
TSTRUCTC ZIP     4092   8-20-00  Planets:TEOS C/C++ Structures
LATSRC   ZIP   658580   9-08-00  Latrine IGM source code.
-- Note: Released in 1998 by author, Vamsi Tadepalli. No programming
files known to be released in October-December 2000 coverage period.

------------ LORD IGM files:
V0REA200 ZIP   178529   1-01-00  Vanadia's Arena of Warriors v2.00
V1BAN200 ZIP   273738   1-01-00  Banda's Boardinghouse of Vanadia 2.0
V2GYP200 ZIP   270260   1-01-00  Gypsy Camp of Vanadia v2.00
V3FOR200 ZIP   288659   1-01-00  Haunted Forest of Vanadia v2.00
V4DIS200 ZIP   209868   1-01-00  Shepley's Distractions of Vanadia 2.0
V5MED200 ZIP   194175   1-01-00  Medieval Tournament of Vanadia v2.00
-- Note: Vanadia IGMs all released on December 31, 1999.
ILORD210 ZIP   371991   1-22-00  InterLord v2.10
LORDNET  ZIP   125721   3-15-00  LordNet Y2K update
CAVE14B  ZIP    93516   8-16-00  Lord Cavern v1.40b
OUTS13A  ZIP    96396   8-16-00  The Outlands Tavern v1.30a
GATE10B  ZIP    79063   8-16-00  The Gateway v1.00b
PVALLEY  ZIP   153679   9-17-00  Pleasant Valley v1.00 (1998)
GRA1_7   ZIP   109880   9-22-00  Warrior's Graveyard v1.70
FEL2_0   ZIP   120978  10-20-00  Felicity's Temple v2.00
RGWRLDV2 ZIP    57575  11-14-00  Rodger World v0.1 (October 97)
RHPSV5   ZIP    75113  11-14-00  Rocky Horror v0.5 (January 99)
SEAS2000 ZIP    87356  11-30-00  Tis the Season Xmas 2000

------------ Lord II IGM files:
BONEFORT ZIP     5267   1-11-00  Bonetown Fortress v1.0 (1999)
TEMPLE   ZIP    19024   1-11-00  The Sysop's Temple v1.0 (1999)
XENA200  ZIP    11663   1-11-00  Xena's House v2.0 (1999)
LAW201   ZIP    14249   6-28-00  Lawyer's World v2.01
TMHSK3   ZIP     9101   7-05-00  Frostglint Keep v3.00
ORC300   ZIP     7811   7-06-00  The Oracle of What's to Come v3.0
FRANKS10 ZIP    20141  10-04-00  Frank's Firearms v1.00
TOMS15   ZIP   100366  10-04-00  Crazy Tom's Hut v1.50
VIOLET12 ZIP    11719  10-04-00  Flirt With Seth Able/Violet v1.20

------------ Lord Menuset files:
TLORD20  ZIP    41772  10-04-00  Star Trek: OS LORD v2.00
VLORD15  ZIP    18123  10-04-00  Star Trek: Voyager Lord v1.50

------------ Lord II: CNW and LORD v4.05 files:
CNW-1360 ZIP  2334660   3-11-00  Lord II: Complete New World v136.0
LORD405P ZIP   341174   3-17-00  LORD v4.05 Public Beta

------------ Lord/Lord II Utility files:
WEDIT10  ZIP    17365   1-12-00  BDSoft World Editor v1.0 (1999)
LORDHTM  ZIP    57057   2-24-00  LORD HTML page generation utility
LORDST16 ZIP    37135   5-10-00  LordStat v1.60
MEDIT1_4 ZIP   149671   5-10-00  Map Editor v1.4 (MEDIT)
RHPTEST1 ZIP    45019   5-16-00  RHPTest v1.0
MPARSE   ZIP    80470   5-17-00  Mparse v1.0
FLUXED   ZIP    36381   6-12-00  Fluxed v1.00 (1999)
REFSM098 ZIP    13937   7-09-00  Lord 2: The Awakening files
LORDT_11 ZIP     6517   8-30-00  LordType v1.1
CS012D   ZIP    89697  10-18-00  Crystalline Stats v0.1.2 for DOS
                                 Note: Requires a DPMI Server.
CS012W   ZIP    97438  10-18-00  Crystalline Stats v0.1.2 for Windows
CS012L   TGZ    179 KB 10-18-00  Crystalline Stats v0.1.2 for Linux/ELF
REGGER   ZIP    26716  11-15-00  Baldur's Camp IGM Registration Code
                                 Generator w/source code (January 99)

------------ Wildcat Tournament Lord IGM files: (current versions)
WITCH29  ZIP   112041   2-09-00  The Witch Doctor's Hut v2.90
RUE16    ZIP   273133   2-09-00  The Rue Morgue v1.60
MADM26   ZIP    69782   5-01-00  The Mad Mage's Tavern v2.60
MADDOG16 ZIP    34848   5-31-00  The Mad Dog v1.60
OTOWN30  ZIP   252783   5-31-00  Our Town v3.0
BLACK29  ZIP    17069   8-03-00  Blacksmith's Shop v2.90
BOBS29   ZIP    56878   8-03-00  Bob's Beer v2.90
BREW10   ZIP    76780   9-13-00  The Brewery v1.00
CLINTN22 ZIP    56921   8-03-00  Ask Clinton v2.20
BREW10   ZIP    76780   9-13-00  The Brewery v1.00
CARA10   ZIP    21284  10-30-00  Lady Cara's Tea Parlor v1.00
DODGE12  ZIP   349314  11-10-00  Dodge City v1.20
FOL11    ZIP    15476  11-10-00  Fountain of Life v1.10
VICS10   ZIP    53024  11-10-00  Trader Vic's v1.00
TZONE12  ZIP   357087  12-15-00  The Twilight Zone v1.20

Lord programs released this year, then updated by author:
    ------------ Lord IGMs:
CAVE14A  ZIP        91,731  04-22-00 L.O.R.D. Cavern v1.40a
GATE10   ZIP        76,982  04-26-00 The Gateway v1.0
    ------------ Lord II IGMs:
TOMS16   ZIP         8,547  02-25-00 Crazy Tom's Hut v1.60
LAW200   ZIP        13,627  06-28-00 Lawyer's World v2.0
    ------------ Wildcat T-Lord igms:
OTOWN29  ZIP       224,565  02-09-00 Our Town v2.90
DODGE10  ZIP       338,796  04-26-00 Dodge City v1.0
FOL10    ZIP        15,735  05-01-00 Fountain of Life v1.0
GRA1_6   ZIP       107,964  08-14-00 Warrior's Graveyard v1.60
DODGE11  ZIP       349,532  09-13-00 Dodge City v1.10
TZONE11  ZIP       334,998  08-03-00 The Twilight Zone v1.10

Post-Release Updates:  Added on December 25, 2000.
CHRIST26 ZIP    19896  12-23-00  Merry Christmas v2.60 WT-Lord IGM
CCIGM-05 ZIP    18251  12-20-00  LordNews Issue #5 - Text archive
CCIGM-5H ZIP    35447  12-20-00  LordNews Issue #5 - HTML archive
CCIGM-5P ZIP    40177  12-20-00  LordNews Issue #5 - Graphics archive
    Available from my web-site, and through the Fidonet Lord Echo.

End of 2000 LORD downloads file listing. Red LORD barline

LORD Authors Status Info Section:

These authors are currently considered to be either Partially or Fully Active: Jason Brown -, Joel Gathercole -, Joseph Watson -, Ken Weitzel -, Lloyd Hannesson -, Michael Everett -, Mike Dillon -, Mike Ehlert -, and Ruth Argust -

These authors are either Partially or Fully Inactive: Black Omen -, Bryan Stanbridge -, Codax Dragon -, David Simmons -, Dawn Bidot -, Duncan Idaho -, Marc Ryan -, Marty Blankenship -, Michael Preslar -, Orion Elder -, Robert Olsen -, Sallee Huber -, Seth Robinson -, Suzanne Franklin - (contact me), Tien Lung -, Tom Toothman (no valid email), Elric -, and Korombos (no valid email). Also Inactive: Bobby Queen -, Bryan Turner - 04/02/01: Michael Bujold on semi-active list: Paul Koukos also semi-active: 09/07/02: Updated email info for Mike Dillon, Bryan Turner.

Current listing of authors in "Dead Sites" classification: Eric Vinson -, Mike Snyder -, and Steve Gargolinski - The following have been labeled "Dead Sites" in past issues, but their web-sites are still in operation, so I'm listing them here in summary. Spencer Vickers, Tony Brown (TonyTown Software), Mad Systems (Purcell), Michael Adams, Chet Rhodes (Fully Inactive), Ben Tiefert, John Elson (3dham), Arctic Productions, Billy England, Mike Collard (FX), Carlton Griffin, No Name Productions (Padgett), Shaun Thibault, phsoft (Barrientos), Purple Haze site, Eric Richardson, Colby Reich (Lord Neko), and Rick Troiano (Fully inactive for years now). 09/07/02: Kenneth Padgett can be reached at Richardson can be reached at

Note: If anyone is listed in a section they don't feel they belong in, let me know. Everyone listed in the Dead Sites section are there because of one of these reasons: (1) Unable to reach by email for at least 2 months, or never responds to email inquiries; and (2) the web-site has not been updated in over 6 months, or appears to have been abandoned. I'm also now classifying as "Dead" the LORD Domain Web Ring and Michael Preslar's LORD Ring. All of the listed email addresses are believed to be valid, as of December 19, 2000. Section updated in April 2001. Red LORD barline

LordNews Issues Links Section: (01/04/03)

Web-Page Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Released on April 28, 2000. -- Issue #1 Archive
LordNews Issue #2 - Released on June 26, 2000. -- Issue #2 Archive
LordNews Issue #3 - Released on June 28, 2000. -- Issue #3 Archive
LordNews Issue #4 - Released on Sept. 20, 2000. -- Issue #4 Archive
LordNews Issue #5 - Released on December 20, 2000. -- Issue #5 Archive
LordNews Issue #6 - Released on April 19, 2001. -- Issue #6 Archive
LordNews Issue #7 - Released on August 05, 2001. Issue #7 Archive.
LordNews Issue #8 - LordNews Issue #8 Archive
Released on Oct. 08, 2001 in two parts. Recombined into single web-page on May 28, 2002.

LordNews Issue #9 -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 03, 2001.
LordNews Issue #10 -- Issue #10 HTML Archive. Released on February 06, 2002. Updated on February 27, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 -- Issue #11 HTML Archive. Covers February 06 - May 16, 2002. Revised 05/30/02.
LordNews Issue #12 -- Issue #12 HTML Archive. Issue released on October 07, 2002.
Red LORD barline

Text Version Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Text -- Issue #1 Text Archive. Released on December 20, 1999.
LordNews Issue #2 - Text -- Issue #2 Text Archive. Released on April 05, 2000.
LordNews Issue #3 - Text -- Issue #3 Text Archive. Released on June 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #4 - Text -- Issue #4 Text Archive. Released on September 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #5 - Text -- Issue #5 Text Archive. Released on December 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #6 - Text -- Issue #6 Text Archive. Released on April 19, 2001.
LordNews Issue #7 - Text -- Issue #7 Text Archive. Released on August 05, 2001.
LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part One -- LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part Two
LordNews Issue #8 Text Archive. Released on October 08, 2001.
LordNews Issue #9 Text Version -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 04, 2001.

LordNews Issue #10 Text Version -- LordNews Issue #10 Appendix
Issue #10 Text Archive. Last Appendix files update: April 29, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 - Text -- Issue #11 Text Archive. Released on May 18, 2002.
LordNews #10 Data Files: Contains up-to-date copies of Authors-Info.txt, Lost-Authors.Txt, and Usable-IGMs.txt files.
LordNews #11 Data Files: Contains up-to-date copies of: Unusable-IGMs.txt; CC11igm1.txt - lists LORD IGMs released during January-February 2002. And CC11igm2.txt -- Lists LORD IGMs released during March 01 - May 16, 2002 period.

LordNews Issue #12 - Text -- Issue #12 Text Archive.
LordNews #12 Data Files.
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Newsletter Summary and Contributions:

Future issues of my newsletter, effective Dec. 31, 2000, will cover four months per issue, approximately. This issue's coverage period is for mid-September through December 19, 2000. LordNews Issue #6, when started, will cover January-April 2001 LORD author contributions, program releases, and other Lord news. Remember to subscribe to the LordNews mailing list via my LORD Links Page. You can also request HTML page delivery by Email for this and subsequent issues. Photo credits: 12/16/00 - The drag-109.jpg, original name 109.jpg, is from the The Dragon Archives site, an excellent source of public domain dragon graphics and poetry.

This issue was started on Oct. 06, 2000. Any Lord authors who wish to stop supporting and developing their programs are asked to contact Lloyd Hannesson, who along with Bryan Turner and Korombos, are interested in taking them over. And old WT-Lord authors are asked to contact Joseph Watson, and let him take over development and support of your old programs. The following faithful supporters are thanked once again for their continued support and participation. Ruth Argust, Marty Blankenship, Jason Brown, Mike Dillon, Codax Dragon, Mike Ehlert, Michael Everett, Joel Gathercole, Lloyd Hannesson, Duncan Idaho, Tien Lung, Michael Preslar, Joseph Watson, Elric (Jay Weber), Codax Dragon, and Michael Preslar. Thanks also to others who have been supportive in the past, including Suzanne Franklin, Sallee Huber, Bobby Queen, and Seth Robinson. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This web-page was created using the Qedit v3.0 DOS text editor, and developed using Netscape Navigator v4.72-v4.76.

Final development notes: Added link to my Castle Camelot Guestbook, and did Listbot Text version file creation work. I hope you all enjoy reading the newsletter, and remember the HTML page is the primary version, for those reading the Text version file(s). 12/20/2000 Note: I have provided Ruth Argust and Mike Ehlert with a third LordNews Issue #5 archive,, which contains the three graphics files used by the HTML newsletter issue. This Issue's text version was released via Listbot in two sections. Red LORD barline

Post-Development Notes: 12/23 and 12/25: Newsletter sections relating to Bobby Queen and to Kiteria's Korner status have been rewritten, to cover late arriving information received from Bobby Queen and Paul Koukos. The original newsletter files are also now available from the DDS Lord/Lord II page. 12/31: Released updated LordNews Issue #3 web-page; modified LordNews issue links section. Newsletter length: 14 pages, using MS Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator.

Starting on March 27, 2001, LordNews Issues #1-#5, text versions, have been brought up-to-date with notations and/or updated information, preparatory for release of LordNews Issue #6 web-page, in mid-April 2001. 04/14/01: Started update of ccigm-5.htm by replacing LordNews issues links section. Finished update of Issue #5 files on 4/16/01. 10/31/01: Replaced LordNews Links Section. 01/29/02: Did various entry updates, email address changes; Replaced LordNews Links section. Will do Link Check of page soon. Added -NOSPAM to my email address due to increase in SPAM last year. 02/09: Various entry update notes revised; stopped usage of drag-109.jpg picture. 02/23: Posted issue archive to Fidonet. 03/06: Restored site links to Michael Everett's entry. Verified others' email address and site links. 09/13/02: Revised LordNews/LadyScripts Lists HTML Forms code section.

January 2003 revision. Replaced old GeoCities URL links to work with current web-site. Updated LordNews Issues Links section.

06/27/07 Note: All web-sites formerly hosted on were either closed since 2003 or have been relocated. IceRage Technologies is closed; Kiteria's Korner is relocated; Lord2 IGM Archive Site is closed; and FieldSoft IGMs is closed. Did brief update to replace hyperlinks. 01/13/09: I will replace the web-page counters code eventually (maybe). Fixed some HTML coding errors.

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