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Castle Camelot LORD Authors Newsletter #6:

Volume 2, Issue 2 -- Started January 31, 2001. -- Text Version released on April 16-17, 2001.
Web-page version released on April 17, 2001. -- Created by Donald Tidmore.

January 2003 URL revision.

LordNews Issue #6 Introduction:

Welcome to the sixth issue of the LORD Authors Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 2. This issue covers January through April 2001, and is about the BBS door game LORD - Legend of the Red Dragon, LORD II, and Tournament LORD; and Planets: TEOS. Authors and/or web-site entries are listed in alphabetical order, divided by status: Active, Inactive, or "Dead Site". The Lord Programming Situation section is now used for info from/about Joel Gathercole, Brandon Pierce, Michael Preslar, and Bobby Queen. Beginning with this issue, all issues now cover four months each.

Distribution notes: This newsletter's issues are distributed primarily through my web-site, the LordNews mailing list, and via the Fidonet Lord echo. Copies are also available from the Lord Legacy FTP server, and from Kiteria's Korner. All five previous issues have been updated, including their text versions, as of April 16. The file ccigm-6p.zip contains the graphics files used by this issue. Drag-070.jpg was added here on March 17, 2001, and is from the Dragon Archives public domain site.

Official Release notes - 04/17: LordNews Issue #6's text version was released via the LordNews mailing list on Tuesday morning, at 12:30 am. The Listbot text version file (CCIGM-06.TXT) was created after I finished the Issue #5 update, Monday night. It is stored on my web-site, along with the other text issue files, in the Lordnews directory. Listbot notes: Issue #6's text version was released in three parts on Tuesday morning, April 17, 2001.

03/06/02: Started full revision update of issue #6. Relocated these sections: Old Issue Rewrite Notes, Standard Entries, 03/08: Discontinued usage of drag-070.jpg picture. Red LORD barline

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Miscellaneous Notes Section:

LordNews #6 - Table of Contents:
LORD Programming Situation Section LORD Authors Notes Section
Recent LORD Programs Listing Lord Authors Status Info
LordNews Issues Links Section Post-Release Updates Section
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LORD Sites Openings/Closures:

"Dead Site" entry updates - Sites not having been updated in last 6+ months. A few were believed closed down, but are still open. I've decided to skip listing these site's addresses. (05/21/01 Note: Please do not misunderstand this designation. It does NOT imply that the authors/webmasters are dead, or that they have abandoned supporting their Lord programs. Simply stated, these sites have not been updated in a long time, no programs have been released by the authors, or their email address is invalid.) Moved or reopened sites: Lord Domain site, and Sweet Dreams Software. Previously covered sites: Blackfist Lord, LORD Fan-Fiction Center, and Shining Star Software. Previously thought to be closed down: WT-Lord Webring page, and the Mad Systems site. Recently discovered sites: Blackhand Productions, Demonic Productions, DoRE's Lord IGMs page, [SYS] LORD site, and Wonderland Software files page.

09/13/02 Notes: These sites referred to above are abandoned or long-term "Dead Sites". Lord Domain, Blackfist, WT-Lord Webring, Mad Systems, Blackhand, Demonic site, Dore site, SYS Lord site, and Wonderland site.

These sites closed down during this issue's coverage period: LORD Domain Ring homepage, Red Dragon's Lair, and Sunshine's IGMs. The sites were run by Colby Reich or Becky Benjamin. Three valuable Lord sites were discovered in March: The Goldengate ddsdoor FTP directory - ftp://bbs.goldengate.net/ddsdoors; Shannon Talley's Fidotel LORD site - http://www.fidotel.com/public/lord, and telnet://telnet.fidotel.com. I also found two valuable WT-Lord IGM cheat pages at Acad's World, and on Shannon's site. And I found that the WT-LORD WebRing, run by Thomas Kloos, is still running. 05/21/01 Note: It lists sites for playing WT-Lord, as there are only three active (known) WT-Lord sites around: Acad's World, Joseph Watson's site, and Shannon Talley's Fidotel site. Four sites if you include my Tournament Lord IGMs page. Red LORD barline

LORD Programming Situation Section:

Joel Gathercole -- http://www.lordii.net/. ICQ #16277704

01/02/01: LORD2: Complete New World v136.1 was released on December 29th, 2000. There are many new bug fixes throughout the game. I've added in a telnet BBS list, so users can add other systems to the list. Please, if your system is NOT currently listed there, and you have CNW on your telnet BBS, please post it up in the lord2@egroups.com site database, and email me your system info, so it would be listed in the next release. You can get it off our website: http://www.greenmachinebbs.com/lord2/. You can also play the latest CNW at our CNW telnet server: telnet:greenmachinebbs.com. Come on in and play. 02/16: CNW 136.2 and 136.3 updates are now available. 02/18: I've officially released updated versions of the REFHELP.DOC and RULES.REF files on my site. When I have released CNW 137.0, probably before the end of this month, I will be releasing those IGMs of mine which do not use NPC stuff -- Blue Water Falls, Locker Rooms, and Pouch of Documents. I am now also the new developer of all unsupported Lord2 IGMs, including Xena's House, and one of the beta testers for Lord II. I will be re-releasing all of those old IGMs with all needed bug/variable fixes, as is mentioned in the new Refhelp.doc file. The new IGMs will comply with the new Lord2 New World IGM rules, so there will be no problems with future conflicts and bugs from other IGMs. 02/20 Notes: Added link on both LORD Links Page and LORD II IGMs Page for new update of the LORD II REF Help Guide, redone by Joel. Added telnet address.

02/21: LORD II:CNW is a package set up for sysops and/or webmasters who do not have time to install many IGMs, and to keep checking for those that overwrite other IGMs. The current package has 136 external IGMs, and many other IGMs that Joel has created. The Lord2 Mailing List is for anyone who is interested in LORD II, CNW stuff, or classic LORD. The auto-update system was discontinued, and individual updated CNW files may be accessed at http://greenmachinebbs.com/lord2/cnwfiles, which is updated each night. The mailing list may be joined at EGroups.com, lord2@egroups.com, by sending an email to lord2-subscribe@egroups.com, or via the web-site. For more details on CNW, ask Joel, or read the CNW.TXT file in the archive. CNW-only IGMs: These are IGMs made by Joel, which currently have not been released outside of CNW. They include Bed of Roses, NPC Characters, TIME, and Taxes. Others listed previously. 02/22: Voodoo Knight has just passed me his four IGMs: Voodoo Temple, Red Dragon Town, Happy House, Figaro's Castle. And gave me the permission to continue their development and support. 02/23: The Pouch of Documents IGM was released today. 02/28 Note: Joel's excellent list of Telnet Lord sites, is at: http://greenmachinebbs.com/lord2/playit.htm.

03/20: Lord II:CNW v137.0 was released on March 17. Finally, I ran out of bugs to fix. This is a total new look for New World. It's more exciting, less exploits. No more bugs that we could find. TeamLord has been totally redone. IGMs were upgraded, enhanced and fixed. Removed tons of bad ANSI chars and much more. cnw-1370.zip can be downloaded from my LORD II IGMs Page. 03/21: Updated versions of Voodoo Temple and Xena's House were released today. Both can be downloaded from the Lord2 Projects Page: http://greenmachinebbs.com/lord2/l2igm.htm. 03/27 - Lord2 Mailing List: I've been working on an Auction House IGM which will shortly be released outside of CNW. Just testing it now. So far it works great, players can auction off any items or gems that they have. So far it works good, I need a bit more testing before it actually gets released though. If you want to check it out, log into my lord2 server and you'll find it right beside the GreenTree bank. Soon I'll be adding in support for deeds. I want to make it able to handle ANY deed without including the details on each deed separately. I'm also adding in support so the NPCs can place bids or put items up for auction. I'll be adding that feature when I complete the NPCs item support. Yes, if you haven't read my to-do list, you wouldn't know about this. Yes, NPCs will be able to handle items, you will be able to sell your items to any NPC that is interested, or buy their items, or gems, or use gems to buy stuff. All depends on the various NPC skills combination. Meaning, some NPCs may try to sell a green-potion for 2 gold each if you buy all of his green-potions, yet another would sell each for 8 gold.

03/31 Notes: Joel has released CNW v137.1 update (146 KB), and is working on CNW 137.2 update. CNW To-Do list updated, along with several Lord2 IGM component files, dated after March 28. Some updates noted: Xena's House, StonePass Lodge, Auction House, TeamLord, Property Taxes, Gargoyle tower, Loki's Inn, UGA, and Mom's House. Suggestion to Joel: Make those .REF/.IGM files available via FTP programs, to make them easier to download. Using a browser to locate updates is very time consuming, since the directory listing is shown alphabetical, and not sorted by date.

04/07: Question: Joel, would you please clarify for me, when a Lord2 program should be called an IGM, and when it can be termed a utility? Answer: IGMs: In Game Modules, do you know what that means really? It means new stuff added to the game itself, where players would see the changes or something like that. An actual MODULE, which builds up things. UTILITIES: well things that only the SYSOP (or webmaster) can use to make changes to like player info, or programming guides, can be utilities. Mostly stuff to do with programming the IGMs would be utilities. Question #2: I would like to include in this issue, or the next one, a list of the Top 10/25 Lord2 IGMs. Would you be able to help me with that? Answer: I put up polls for the best IGMs, accessible from the Lord2 mailing list. Which is located at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lord2/. I can send you a list of the top IGMs before you publish the issue. Question #3: How is the CNW work going for your next update? Answer: I will probably skip doing a v137.2 update, and just release CNW 138.0 or higher. Including my Pouch of Documents IGM, there are now more than 137 external IGMs in the Lord2:CNW package. We, the players and I, keep finding more little bugs and exploits to fix, and keep coming up with tweaking ideas, so stuff is always being added. The primary new stuff for the next release would be MORE major changes in the Cool Team Lord IGM.

05/04/01 Update: Joel would appreciate help from the other Lord2 authors with (1) doing IGM reviews for listing on the Lord2 Projects Page - http://greenmachinebbs.com/lord2/l2igms.htm. And (2) rewriting the unsupported IGMs to fix bugs, conflicts with other IGMs and the Lord2 program, and other needed updates. Reminder to those authors: If you're not planning on working on your Lord2 programs any more, consider transferring them over to Joel, so they can be supported and developed further. Those who are not members of the Lord2 mailing list should read joel0429.txt, which I have just added to ccigm-6h.zip and ccigm6hc.zip. It is information on the upcoming release of CNW v138.0. 01/29/02: Removed all hyperlinks to CNW site. It closed down in August 2001 and is still off-line. However, it will be reopened in February 2002 at www.lordii.net/.

09/13/02 Notes: Joel's CNW site was put back online in limited usage format in Spring 2002, but is still classified a Dead Site as of early September 2002. He is still unable to put the site back online in full operating status. But hopes to do that by October 2002.

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Michael Preslar -- michaelpreslar.com -- LORD Legacy Site
Telnet: telnet.lordlegacy.org -- IRC: irc.lordlegacy.org -- Elysium Software
Alternate Email: mike@lordlegacy.org, e_maus@covingtononline.com

The following information on LORD's current status was obtained from Bryan Turner, and from the Lord Legacy site's News page. Some parts have been edited or rephrased, including where old info is repeated. The first entries are from Michael Preslar, on the Fidonet LORD echo. Other entries are from the Lord Legacy News page - (abbreviated L. L. News). 01/08/01: I have finally got a BBS online, telnet access only: telnet://bbs.lordlegacy.org ... For those wondering about Lord's life ... The system used for my DOS programming died, and I have bought a new system for Christmas, and installed the old system's hard drive in it. Now that I'm able to work on the programs again, and have a BBS to test them on, I'm going to work on the Joseph Master's IGMs -- LordNet, TeamLord, Aragorn's Timer, Lord Cops, Lord Event, NPCLord, Sandtiger's Bar, and a few others. If anyone has anything to say about the Masters' programs, or LORD, LORD II, TEOS, please let me know. Message #2: I have just received permission from Metropolis Gameport to port LORD to OS/2, Linux, and Windows 32-bit. I have also received permission, again, to work on updating LORD II and Planets: TEOS. I want everyone to know that their work on the Lord Petition did not fall on deaf ears. Michael.

01/10 L. L. News Page: It's been awhile since I last updated the site. I have some good news. ... So when will new versions of these programs be released? I don't know yet .. As with LORD, I will do a cosmetic release first .. putting the MGP name on the programs, and then I will work on cleaning them up. More news: This little web-site has become the "official" Lord site.. And a guy from MGP, Brandon Pierce, is going to take over the webmaster job here. 01/10 - Brandon: So there you have it dear friends, Lord II should be up and kicking again sometime soon, assuming Michael doesn't have any more gremlins playing with his computer. Don't you just hate it when that happens? Congratulations Michael on getting the go-ahead on porting Lord to Windows, etc. Good luck on programming it for Windows M.E., 95/98, and NT/2000, OS/2, and Linux. Question: If you do a Lord for Windows, would it be able to run the DOS-based Lord IGMs, or would people have to recompile and/or rewrite the IGMs to work with a new Lord/Windows program? 01/29/02: Brandon later left Gameport, no valid email address known for him; removed his email link.

02/05/01 L. L. News: Lord v4.06, Planets: TEOS v2.02, and Lord II v1.02 were all released today. What's new with them? That "give the hag a gem" thing is gone from Lord (my if/then code for Lady was a bit too greedy). I'm still working on finding out why it cuts off the beginnings of text sometimes ... In Lord II ... cosmetic changes noting the new owners. The L2.exe and L2CFG.exe files no longer need to be patched for fast machines. The smackrod won't let you teleport onto something solid anymore. In TEOS.. Nothing spectacular .. (the) Planets.exe/.ovr and plancfg.exe (files) no longer need to be patched for fast machines .. and I've started cleaning up the code. So when's the next release of these fine games?" you ask? Not sure right off-hand. I'm working on a new L2CFG (finished the player editor this morning). Want to rework PLANCFG. And otherwise, I want to clean the code up. So we'll see. Michael.

02/15/01 Email: Question: I was wondering if you knew yet if the 32-bit version of Lord will be able to run all the old IGMs and other support files. Answer: Here's Mike's answer about Win32 LORD running IGM's: I'm going to say yes, with one condition.. that the game is run on a normal fossil or async connection. If they want to make use of the door32 standard (AKA Windows handles instead of fossil or async), the sysop would need upgraded IGMs. Brandon. Metropolis, Inc., 8650 College Blvd., Overland Park, KS 66210, Ph: 913-663-9519, Fax: 913-663-3200.

03/22 L. L. News: So what's going on in my little corner of the world? Lots. For those that don't know, I've been given permission to work on Lord, Lord2, TEOS, and T-Lord; and to port Lord, Lord2 and TEOS to Win32, OS/2, and Linux. There is a possibility of Palm and Win/CE versions of these games as well. Web versions? A high possibility.. Matter of fact, a friend is working on WebLord as we speak. Recently, I've been working on Lord/X (the Linux version).. Donald Tidmore asked why I was working on the Linux version before anything else.. The answer.. The 16-bit version of the game will run on Win32 and OS/2 systems easily. With a little tweaking of DOSEMU, it can run on Linux systems as well. I'm working on the Linux port first so that Linux users wont have to mess with DOSEMU. The Linux port will also speed up Palm and Win/CE development. I'm also hoping that the Linux port will encourage other BBS developers to consider coding for this platform (Remember folks, the more BBS programs out there, the more activity the BBS scene will see..)

I'm hoping to have a very basic public beta of Lord/X soon (2-3 weeks if all goes well with my personal life and day job. More info below).. I've made sure to not have any limits on the number of players.. Uses stdin, stdout, stderr, so crafty shell scripters, Perl coders, tcl coders, etc should easily be able to redirect the game to whatever they like.. One guy I was talking to in IRC said he could possibly make an MIRC script to run the game over IRC.. Wouldn't that be weird? I'm also making sure that all ports are compatible with one another.. Meaning, you could run a BBS with Lord on it, and a web server with WebLord on it.. Both on the same machine.. They could share data files, and thus share players.. Giving players a higher chance of game activity. Let's hope this works out.. Why am I working on all of these ports? Am I abandoning the BBS game? No way.. I'm not abandoning it in anyway. I just want to get more people playing these games. Lord has long been a staple to the BBS community. With these newer forms of "people interaction", a game like Lord is needed to encourage people to have a good time with their hobbies.

What's the news on the Win32 and OS/2 ports? I've been collecting info on doing these, but haven't started the actual coding yet. I had worked on Lord/32 before, and it took me all of 2 weeks to have the port 50% done.. So, I'm expecting these ports to go rather quickly when they get started. Unfortunately, I either deleted that source or lost it during one of the machine upgrades, and will have to start over from scratch with that. I'd also like to continue updating WTLord, however the IceRage guys have all but disappeared. I've yet to track down a working Email address for them, and icerage.com has been down for quite a while now. I know they weren't too happy about me working on Lord.. That's why I say "I'd just like to continue updating". I just want to make sure that there is support for the game. Brandon Pierce will be leaving Metropolis soon. He's moving on to bigger, better things. Here's wishing him the best of luck with that. He's told me that he will stay involved with the projects, as he wants them to work out as much, if not more, as I do. (Here's also hoping that he doesn't mind me speaking for him)..

While we're in the "personal life" area.. I am also moving to a different job. I should start for the West Corporation sometime here in the next 2 weeks or so. This also means I'll be moving.. So I'll be without an internet connection once I move until DSL is installed. The move shouldn't be a problem, and the new job has better hours so Ill be able to work on my personal projects (read: lord) more. The job change also means that my BBS (bbs.lordlegacy.org) is down. Not sure if I'll be able to bring it back in the future or not. Depends on the move, and if I have the time to work on it.. (I prefer coding instead of sysop-ing, but it was nice having a system right there that I could mess up if need be, instead of messing up someone else's system).. In closing, Id like to encourage everyone to stay involved with the BBS community.. Dial-up, telnet, coding, web-sites, IRC.. The more activity the users see from us, the more activity they'll bring in. Michael.

03/25 L. L. News: Just an update on my situation... I'm not outright leaving Metropolis as Michael reported a few days ago. He wasn't lying, actually. Last week, it did look like I'd be leaving outright, but I've worked it out so I can stay on part-time to manage things like LORD development, and a few other projects. I'll still be hanging out in the IRC channel and working on the sites and stuff. I just won't be in the office. =) Brandon. 03/28 L. L. News: These just in.. screen shots of WebLord.. It's in development, which means a good bit could change, but it's working, runs well, etc .. Enjoy.. Two pictures: Client-side view, and Server-side view. 05/21/01 Note: The public beta of Lord/X has not yet been released. 09/13/2002: See LordNews Issue #12 for current details on LORD/X, which IS available in beta now. First beta of Lord for Windows is almost ready for release according to Michael's latest news report. Red LORD barline

Bobby Queen -- Official Lord II IGM Archive Site (closed April 2002)
Kiteria's Korner! site archive.

Notes: As those who received my Jan. 11 LordNews update by Email now know, Bobby's email account was extremely unreliable. (03/04: That is no longer the case. The shelby.net ISP has fixed the problem.) Bobby and I will continue to be working on updates for his web-site, and on the Kiteria's Korner site. Those Lord II authors who need it, can get a fairly recent Lord II Blockfaq.htm page, showing which record blocks are in use, etc, from Tien Lung. (03/04: Bobby's reported that he had lost the file he was working on in a crash, but has restarted a new version.) Kiteria's Korner will remain located at Bobby's site, unless he moves to a new server and ISP, which is under consideration. Suzanne's site is run jointly by the two of us, with periodic updates. Over time, I am checking each LORD article page and fixing spelling errors, and some grammar errors. Some of the articles use bad spelling on purpose, and that will be kept at times. We also are working on adding some new article pages, from Dawn Bidot's LORD Inn site, and one that I am working on, concerning the Horse's effect in Lord. There are two mirror sites, for the Official Lord II site and for the Kiteria site, run at webjump.com by Bobby, and at the Lord Legacy site, provided by Michael Preslar and Joel Gathercole. Note: I updated the Kiteria Lord Hints page on January 29, and fixed a problem I'd noticed with how it appeared in Netscape Navigator's Print Preview.

03/04: Bobby has updated parts of his web-site. The news page, utilities page, Untested IGMs page, and the other IGM pages have been updated now. On the Kiteria site, he has uploaded revisions of my Lord Links, Lord Archives, and Lord IGMs pages, bringing those up-to-date. On my site, the Lord Links Summary has been updated to match what is on my master Lord Links page. The only major changes on Bobby's site are as follows: (a) News page update, contents follow; (b) recent Lord2 IGMs and utility releases added to site; and (c) IGM review pages updated, with new entries on Untested page. The following paragraph is from Bobby's news page entry.

Bobby: 03/04/01 (Sunday). Okay I finally got around to updating the site. I have updated some pages with ones sent to me by Donald Tidmore who helps me on the Kiteria LORD site. This website is still in danger of going down at any time, and my email got real bad during January and early February. I will be posting a new email address soon. Also please start using the webjump site for the updates, as this one may go down at any time. Remember it's at lord2igm.webjump.com. Also I am due to have surgery this week, on Thursday 3/8/01. It should be nothing major and I should be home no longer than 6 days later but one never knows. :) Until then I just wanted to announce that Michael Preslar has updated L.O.R.D. and also Planets: TEOS and Lord 2. The updates mainly just change the info on who now owns the programs for right now. In fact Michael stated on 3/3/01 that he is currently working on a version of LORD for a new OS (Linux). He said it would be awhile before he starts work on Lord 2, which is bad news for an already floundering BBS game. If you do find any new Lord 2 IGM's or other add-ons, remember to send them to me.

03/04 - from Bobby's email messages to me: The Snowy Pass Blizzard IGM was an early buggy IGM that I lost during the incident a couple of years ago, where my hard drive was erased by the computer repair shop. The author never responded to my messages, and didn't fix the program. And the Goldengate ddsdoors FTP directory is a file area in the Fidonet network. 03/23/01 Note: Bobby's surgery was successful and he is now at home recuperating.

05/21/01 Update: Bobby updated components of the Kiteria's Korner site - Links page, Archives page, and IGMs page, which I'd previously brought up-to-date, around April 19. The IGM review pages, which I had updated in March, and some other main site pages, were also uploaded by Bobby to his main Lord II site on April 19.

05/08/2002 Update: The Kiteria's Korner! site was closed down on Bobby's server in early April 2002. It was relocated to my new site location on the Lord Legacy web-server on April 11, 2002. The Official Lord II IGM Archive Site was turned over to Max Larivee (cracktus@hotmail.com) in late May 2002. New location: http://www.fidotel.com/public/l2archive/. 03/20/03: I reopened Kiteria's Korner in mid-January 2003 at: http://www.fidotel.com/public/kiteria/. Red LORD barline

LORD Authors Notes Section:

Active Authors Contributions:

Chuck Brogan -- Acad's World - Lord page -- http://come.to/acad -- telnet://www.acad.dynip.com

03/28: I have the Acad's World web-site, which is available also by telnet: Acad's World BBS. I have nine games of WT-Lord running, and that is the only door game I offer. I get over 300 calls every day, and have 14 nodes, and offer unlimited playing time. While it seems the authors don't show much interest in Lord programming, the games continue to be popular on the players side. To help players out with learning WT-Lord and its IGMs, you can check out my WT-Lord IGM Hints and Tips Page, which was recently updated this month. It is also available as a downloadable archive from my site.

Jason Brown -- Jason's Programs Page -- Jason's Homepage -- Alternate Email: farlander@mailandnews.com

01/27/01:: I am working on RHPScript v2.0. I have hit a snag, where I am getting weird crashes, but you can write to screen, as well as create and change variables, and I have all the Lord-specific variables in. Good news about the web-based LORD program, I'll want to keep up on that and see how add-in programs will work with it. 03/14: Added alternate email address. 03/24: I've stopped working on my Lord programming because there have been no bug reports, or email from anyone interested in my IGMs, and I've moved on to Unreal Tournament coding. If anyone shows interest, I'll keep on working on the LORD projects, otherwise I'll consider them finished. If even one person will request it, I will work on porting my Lord IGMs to Linux, if I can get help from Michael Preslar on the Linux code writing. Same deal for doing enhanced versions for Win32 Lord. 03/31: Noticed some new programs on Jason's programs page, but none are Lord-related. Unreal Tournament, etc. 04/13: Changed primary email address. The jmbrown@mines.edu email account will be closed after Jason graduates from college next month. After that, people are to use his new farlander@mailandnews.com email address.

Mike Dillon - -- Crystalline Realms

01/13/01: The Crystalline Stats utility is still being worked on. GreyDrive is about my only truly dead project since there isn't much a demand for a C/C++ door kit these days. ALE, well, it's just sitting here... I haven't worked on it in a while... I guess that's basically the low-down of what is going on currently. 02/13: I will also be working on my TinyTIC program soon, and some other non-BBS related programs. 03/14 - Mike's news page: March 08: Just a side note, I am continuing work on TinyTIC and Crystalline Stats (CStats) as soon as I get some other projects completed. I have been practicing with Windows 32-bit programming lately so that I can get ready to start working on ALE again as it will be a complex project. 09/13/02: Changed Email link.

Codax Dragon -- Codax's Dragon's Den Ultd File Area -- Homepage

03/28: I've not given up on LORD2. Right now I'm trying to figure out why it keeps run-time erroring me out during daily maintenance. I think it may be my processor speed. Turbo Pascal programs have a tendency to die after 350 Mhz. I've tried the patch, but it only halfway worked, and won't fix Lord2cfg.exe. Right now, I'm looking for a 486 emulator, That might work. Nothing is really new as of yet, I'm very close to actually being able to start a 2D action platform game. All I need to do is to write an engine. And so far, I've not heard from Joel about anything he needs me to do for Lord2 programming.

04/05: Question: Please tell me what the status is of the Cruises IGM? Answer: These are the sections I think still remain to be added/fixed (from largest to smallest): The 3/4 endings (I refuse to just let them be weak text ending like I did with Battlefield). 2 Animated Dinner conversations. Final implementation of Job/Work/Class system (partially to be taken care of in ending). Misc. tweaking of the Gym fight. Tweaking of moving NPCs. 1 screen of the Upperclass (A) Deck. Putting together a beta release may be easily done soon. Most of the brunt of the coding is finished. Just the endings and some cosmetic things need to be worked on. I can probably also just do implementation of the Job/Work/Class system, and throw in some "To be completed later's" in the IGM.

Question #2: Please update me on this question you asked in the first LordNews issue, back in December 1999: "I'm trying to find out if Seth was able to overcome Pascal's 65k for variables limit. If he has not, then I have found that I have found the problem with my IGM. Otherwise, I need to find another option." Answer: I'm not quite sure on this one. I was able to kill the problem by cutting a few of my files in half and trying to keep them under 20k. But I'm also wondering if it had to something with a particular set of commands I used. Namely the @show command and the @do move x y command. LORD2 really hates it if you use a @do move right before an @show command. So that's something for others to watch out for. I'm no longer worried about Pascal's limitations. I have become quite fluent in C++ and have started to do a lot of programming with that. I'm sure Seth found the way using some custom memory management TPUs. I never really found anything I could use that was free ... But as I said, I now have C++ and DirectX v8.0a, so I'm set for a high level coding environment.

Orion Elder -- SMAUG site -- KnyteHawk's LORD II IGM Programming

03/22 - Orion: I would like to see a listing of places with a good number of Lord players, as that is LORD news. I'm always looking for a place with a good number of people to play LORD with. (I'm not personally aware of such stuff, so if anyone can provide one, I'd appreciate it. DGT). Also, a "Realms of the Month" category that spotlights the best LORD, LORD II and TEOS games each month, would boost players at different places, and possibly generate more activity for the boards, keeping them from dying out. (If you guys will provide such information, I will use it in the newsletter. DGT). 04/09/02: Inactive; email address changed to orion_elder@charter.net.

Elysium Software -- Michael Preslar and friends

03/27: I decided to check the site out again, after several months of not having done so. I discovered it now has some Lord-related material, so I'm including it in this issue. They have released two Lord utilities, LordCops v1.90 and NPCLord v2.90 - both by zoob; one Lord2 utility - Lord 2 Levels v1.0, by Eric Vinson; and two IGM programming files: BBS Coder's Guide to Pascal Programming v3.0 - by e_maus, and FreeDoor v1.08, a BBS door developers kit, for use with Virtual Pascal - by Mike Hodgson. None of the files were recent. They date between December 1998 and December 2000. 01/29/02: Replaced Elysium site links. The LordCops and NPCLord program updates are both unusable due to RTE200 lockup problems.

Lloyd Hannesson -- Tech'N Software -- LORD 1 IGM List -- Alternate email: dasme@dasme.org

03/22: I've been plagued with many problems, including broken Internet access at home, mail filters at work, and a dead CPU. The Tech'N site has been updated, and I am now back at work again. I will be working towards getting things there 100% finished. Excerpts from web-site: I've added a few new features to this web site that hopefully everyone will enjoy. I've gone out and indexed all the available LORD IGMs out there and they have been added to a database. I'm doing the same with Lord Menusets and Utilities. Thanks to everyone for their continued support! March 19 entry: Hello .. I'm still alive, the stories of my disappearance have been greatly exaggerated. No aliens or kidnappings. just a dead CPU and the lack of Internet access in my new apartment. Work has developed a strict usage policy for internet access, so I hadn't had a chance to update until now. I have DSL and a brand new CPU to use it with so things should be ok and back to normal in the next few weeks. The page is still alive, and when I have a chance I'll list the rest of the IGMs that I have for download. Also my BBS is down, and will be for a while yet I think. This means that I've lost track of how things had been progressing on the Fidonet boards, and am totally out of the loop. I'm going to try to get things back together and functioning so I can at least pop in to an echo and say hello. If you guys have seen any posts about errors in my IGMs, could you forward a copy of the message to me? Thanks much :)

March 21 entry: I just wanted to clue you all into a few site changes I've made over the last couple of days. The first and most obvious is the cool little Top Ten IGM Downloads box. These stats are generated real-time each time the IGMs page is viewed. I've made a few other changes as well ... one being a total overhaul to my file download system. I made it more robust, and changed the way the download stats are saved. This should mean quicker download starts, and less hassle to me when I add other file sections. I've also started again with the IGM additions to the database. But that will take awhile to get completed. There are still 130 IGMs I have to add to the database, and it's a time consuming process. I hope to have everything in the database within the next month, but I can't promise anything. That's it for this update. I hope you all like the changes I've been working on. It's nice to be back and on the Internet :) And please start writing me again. I've been out of the loop for a while, and I'd like to get back in :) 03/29: Added link for Lloyd's LORD I IGM List section. 03/31: Added Lloyd's list of Top Ten Downloaded Lord IGMs. From #1 to #10, it shows: Warrior's Graveyard, Felicity's Temple, Dragon's Breath Mountain, A Visit To Santa Claus, Barak's House, Across the Tracks, Apu's Pawn Shop, Axehandler's Arena, Aladdin's Bar, and Baldur's Camp.

Duncan Idaho

03/22: Sorry I've been so quiet on people. With my recent moving to a new house, and swapping ISP's, things have been a little haywire around here. I've been working almost full-time on my web-pages, programming, and Lord2 Worlds, plus re-reading both the Wheel of Time and Dune series to get my knowledge back up-to-date. Progress is coming slow at the moment with so much on the go, but I'm still ploughing ahead. Still doing animations and the likes for DuneLord. It's a time- consuming process, and I hate it, but it's my work, I have to do it - sigh-. Wheel of Time is coming along as well - the map is almost complete, but I don't like some of the graphics, so somewhere I need to find the time to have a play and figure out new graphics for it.. unless someone out there is willing to aid? My email address has changed, and the old Ihug one will be cancelled very soon.

Korombos -- Sharkware: (Closed) 03/02: KDrive is getting minor changes. When that is finished, I will be posting the new release on the web, in a month or so. I'm busy with running my web hosting server, so server programming time takes away from my available Lord programming time. The new release of KLord will be released when KDrive is finished. An error was found in KLord, and that's been fixed. I have received encouraging messages about my Fun and Games IGM, and I would like to add a few other games to it, that are like the simple ones already included. Suggestions would be appreciated for the IGM. My web-site has been moved to its own area, on the korombos.org server. It is accessible from the main http://www.korombos.org address by clicking on the Sharkware link, or you to can go straight to http://sharkware.korombos.org. For those who want to see it, I've added a fun page, http://fun.korombos.org, that shows some of my critters and outings when I get out into the wild. 04/11/01: My favorite top 5 Lord IGMs are my IGM-X utility, and Haunted Mansion IGM; and Dragon's Breath Mountain, Barak's House, and Socrates Shop. 04/13: I sat down and did the program upgrades. KDrive and KLord are now upgraded to version 7.10, and are on the web- site. I have also upgraded the Fun & Games (v2.1), IGHH (v1.8 - Haunted Mansion) and IGMX (v4.1) Lord IGMs. Thanks for continuing to ask about them. It helped prompt me into upgrading. I have given more thought to a list of top Lord IGMs I like most. Although it's not a real IGM in the sense that you get anything, I personally enjoy the IGM statistics that my IGMX program provides, so it remains my #1 pick. #2 forward are: IGMH, Dragon's Breath Mountain, Barak's House, Socrates Shop, Lord County Fair, The Wise One, Across the Tracks, Axehandler's Dominion, and Felicity's Temple. The data came from IGMX's top 10 listing.

04/14: Korombos has released Fun and Games v2.20. He has also released KDrive v7.20, KLord v7.20, and IGM-X v4.20, updating the programs released just a day or two ago. Revised entry links to go to Sharkware files page, and to Korombos's main homepage. 04/15: Details from Korombos on history of IGM-X: Well, it's unique. It was originally written when LORD only allowed 9 IGMs. I wrote it to do more than just act as an IGM front, but it records statistcs such as usage. When I first started, I had like 29 IGMS more or less, and wondered why I should have so many. I wanted to track how many hits each IGM got. Many IGMs got a lot of traffic, while others didn't. When run, IGM-X saves info on your IGMs usage to a fast binary database, and makes ANSI/ASCII screens on the fly. 08/09/01 Note: We lost Korombos, details unknown, during the summer. His email address is closed, as is his web-site.

Tien Lung --- Godlike Productions Files page

01/12/01: I am going to be working on Lord II with the map work. And as already stated, I've stopped working on my Lord II IGMs. 03/29: Added Homepage link; Tien is working currently on Dungeons and Dragons programming. 05/10/02: Added current email address to header. 03/26/04: Replaced email address.

Marc Ryan - -- ICQ #42897049

Feb. 13: I am going to school, and have not finished the update of my Pleasant Valley IGM. What I'm working on is adding a hotel and bank to the game. And I've decided to write the program in C/C++, so started over with the coding. I'm also working on two computer games called MtSQuest 1 and 2, which will include a miniature LORD town to honor Seth Able and his great game, as well as a few IGM-like sub-towns. 02/21/01 Note: Removed site address - non-LORD related.

Shannon Talley -- LORD Cheats Page (CLOSED) -- Fidotel LORD site (CLOSED)
telnet://telnet.fidotel.com (CLOSED) -- Icerage Technologies (CLOSED)
-- Joe Marcelletti: All email contact is/was via Shannon.

03/26: I'm the webmaster/administrator of Fidotel.com. I run an extensive LORD site, with free access to play Lord games, via my "Fidotel Surfer" program, and Telnet. I have LORD, WT-LORD, LORD II, TEOS, and many other games available. I also have all of Joseph Watson's WT-Lord IGMs available for download from my site. I have local LORD game news, updates, etc.. With Fidotel Surfer installed, people can click and start up LORD right from my web-pages, without using a telnet application. And for WT-Lord players, I have my own WT-Lord IGM Cheats Page (CLOSED) for them to enjoy. It covers both IGMs and the main WT-Lord program. I will be adding an "InterBBS" Lord game sometime within a week or so. And the regular 16-bit Lord game is relatively new to Fidotel. It's only recently taken off (January). The web page will change to reflect the scores, etc. of the new LORD 16 bit (and LORD II) games.

Joseph Watson -- joeCODE WT-LORD IGM Page --- Alternate Email: jmwatson@cox-internet.com

01/02/01: I've created a new voting booth at FreeVote.com entitled "Favorite WT-LORD IGM". If you would like to vote in my booth, you can visit it at: http://www.freevote.com/booth/daddyx. Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you. Feb. 12: No program releases since Dec. 20. 03/26: I've been pretty busy working 3 jobs since January. I keep people pretty well up to date on my WT-LORD discussion board. We were even visited by a guy who said he worked for Gameport.... I released "Joseph's Revenge v1.7" a couple of days ago. It now has 250 acronyms to keep things lived up a bit. "Ask Clinton" is being discontinued and work has begun on a more up to date.... "The WhiteHouse" which is going to be a lot of fun. People have been asked to toss in their ideas on what they would like to see in the IGM. It should be available within a couple of weeks for testing. The main core module has already been written. "Our Town" is being updated and is now in beta and should also be available in the next week. (05/04 Note: Has not been released yet, past v3.0, which came out in May 2000.) 03/29 Note: I've checked out Joseph's Favorite WT-Lord IGM voting page, and it appears that everyone's top two IGM choices are The Twilight Zone, and Our Town. I've also added entries for Chuck Brogan and Shannon Talley, who both run WT-Lord game sites, with excellent hints pages for playing WT-Lord and using Joseph's IGMs.

Added May 04: Aaron Wornom -- Sweet Dreams Software WCBasic Page

Author of Easter Egg Hunt, Lord County Barber Shop igms. I am not 100% sure he is active, but am going to list him that way for now. The files inside easter12.zip are dated in January 2001, but info inside them indicate it was released in July 1999. 10/31/01: Replaced Aaron's email address. Reclassified as Semi-Active. Red LORD barline

Category: Semi-Active LORD Authors/Webmasters:

Elric (Jay Weber) -- EarthDrake Software

03/29: Hello, sorry for being quiet on people lately. I've been very busy. I'm now maintaining 5 web-pages and a message board all by myself, and I'm co-maintaining 2 web-pages and a message board. Sometime in the very near future, I'll be adding 2 more message boards, and another web-site. And I've got my 3-year old daughter to take care of. I'm still using my wife's laptop computer, since my new computer system hasn't arrived yet, so I'm still on hiatus from doing Lord2 work.

Michael Everett -- Bobo's BBS
-- LORD on Bobo's BBS -- SuperColored Monsters Page -- Telnet: bobobbs.net

03/28: I've been occupied hacking away at my BBS, and leaving LORD to fend for itself. For months now, LORD has been holding its own on my BBS with only 3-4 IGMs and over 125 users. The number of users keeps growing, so I haven't found a need to work on Lord-related "stuff". I've been occupied with college and part-time jobs, and a wonderful girlfriend. I've been searching for a few more LORD authors again, to feature on my site, but haven't found them yet. 05/21/01 Note: If you're an old Lord author, please contact Michael, so he can feature your programs on his site. 01/29/02: Site closed since December 2001, removed site links. Michael is working on getting back online. Red LORD barline

Inactive LORD Authors Section:

Note: I've skipped listing information for Lord authors who are known to be fully inactive, have fully inactive sites, or who I have not heard anything from in at least two months. Fully inactive status: Dawn Bidot, Marty Blankenship, Suzanne Franklin, Robert Olsen, "Black Omen", Paul Koukos, Chet Rhodes, Bryan Stanbridge, and Bryan Turner. Elric is also fully inactive, if Lord2 programming work is considered.

Michael Adams -- Michael's Homepage

02/27: Hello, all of my current stuff is on my web-site. I am no longer a Lord developer; however, if someone does need any help with my stuff, I still have some of the notes from the work I did. I'm glad to hear that the LORD crowd's still around: look into Java/ANSI BBS clients for possible expansion. And let me know if there's anything else that I can help with. Good luck with the newsletter.

Michael Bujold --- CanuckSoft

Feb. 28: I'm still alive and well, but my LORD programming status is debatable. I still consider myself partly active, even though my site has been dead for some months now. I have done a small News page update, to indicate I'm still alive. As far as my IGMs go, I am content to keep them myself, and update them as necessary. But feedback is the backbone of all my work. Until I hear otherwise, or find out otherwise myself, I'll assume my IGMs work fine as is, and that everyone is content with them. It would be great if anyone using them would just drop me a quick note. But these days it's getting harder and harder to find free time to work on them! So that's the other half of my problem. I can manage, but like I said, feedback would really help. Note: Michael's Lord2 programs are Crazy Tom's Hut v1.50, Flirt With Violet/Seth Able v1.20, and Frank's Firearms v1.00. He's also done two Lord menusets for classic Star Trek and Star Trek: T.N.G..

Robert Fogt

Feb. 25: I will not be updating my Lord programs anymore. I will transfer them over to Joel Gathercole for support. 04/06: Question: I was wondering if you had ever released the source code for your TEOS programs? Answer: Not yet, but I'll move it up on my to-do list, to search for the source code.

Steve Gargolinski -- Black Dragon Software

Feb. 26: I am not working on anything currently due to the lack of good ideas. If anyone wants something done, that they don't know how to program, I'd be happy to give it a whirl for them. 03/31: Semi-active status. 06/07/02: No valid email address. Programs viewed as currently unsupported.

Bryan Stanbridge -- Purple Frog Productions -- Alternate Email: bryan@purplefrogprod.com -- Bryan's Files Page

04/05: Question: Back in Lordnews #1, you indicated that you might release updates of your Lord IGMs, to be Y2K compliant. Were any updates done? Also, has anyone ever contacted you about taking over development of your Lord programs? Answer: I added that caveat to the December 99 issue in case none of my programs worked beginning in the year 2000. As far as I know, the programs are still operational and have not needed a fix made to them, so I have made no fix. No one has contacted me with taking over the designs fully. In 1997, someone did contact me about using Suburbia in T-LORD, but as far as I know the project was never completed. Part of my stipulation was that there be no charge for the module, and I believe that may have been a source of problem. If it is being developed for TLORD or any other port of LORD, actually, it is being done so without my knowledge or permission. If someone were interested in taking over the code, then I would be interested in talking with them in doing so. It's all in Pascal, however, so I know it's not the most popular code of choice right now. Music is my life, and I highly doubt I will ever have the luxury to return to computer programming, barring some unforeseen injury that sidelines me forever (which I hope never comes). I may pick it up again as a summer hobby, but highly doubt it.

Ken Weitzel

03/26: Question: Do you have any current plans to do more Lord programming? Answer: Yes, I will keep doing Seasons IGM updates for each Christmas virtually forever. As for other updates, I can't find any reason to, since I never have had anything to fix in them, other than a couple of programs. There are a few half finished ones that I've got on storage, that perhaps I will finish up someday. Otherwise, all my programming time is devoted to fully graphical Winserver-type door programs. And I can be reached by telnet at doorfactory.pangea.ca. Red LORD barline

Standard Entries section:

Ruth Argust --- DoorGames.Org - DDS on the Web

All IGM/utility authors are invited to send their file(s) to (ruth@doorgames.org) so that the file(s) can be sent to sysops all over the world (and Internet webmasters). Please be certain that the file is virus-free and DOES contain a FILE_ID.DIZ file. For more information on having your file hatched, please see the DDS Web Page at http://www.doorgames.org or contact me directly. This is a free service to all in order to provide you with wide circulation of your programs. There is also a ListServ for receiving all files hatched into DDSDOORS for those who do not otherwise have a way to receive them. For more details, see the ddsinfo.zip file.

Mike Ehlert --- BBS Archives --- PC Micro LORD Addons Page
--- PC Micro LORD Utilities Page --- PC Micro Door Developer Kits Page

The BBS Archives have a large collection of Lord, LORD2, and T-Lord IGMs and utilities, with over a thousand Lord-related files. The LORD programs are primarily on these pages: archives.thebbs.org/ra98a.htm, archives.thebbs.org/ra99a.htm, and archives.thebbs.org/ra102a.htm. Mike supplies BBS/Lord authors with free web hosting, without annoying pop-up ads and banners. You will get 20 megabytes of fast web space for free, along with a web-page hits counter, guest-book, and link manager. See http://thebbs.org/homepage for details. Authors and others may send BBS programs to Mike for hosting on his web-site either by Email, or by uploading them to his FTP server. For more info, read Mike's entry in LordNews Issue #4. 05/04/01 Note: The site was off-line, reason unknown, in April. Red LORD barline

LORD Programs Listing Section:
January-April 2001 Files:

                 LORD, LORD II, and Planets: TEOS updates:
LORD406  ZIP   348518   2-12-01  Legend of the Red Dragon v4.06
L2102    ZIP   467388   2-12-01  Lord II: New World v1.02
PTEOS202 ZIP   282873   2-12-01  Planets: TEOS v2.02

                                  Lord IGMs:
TURDUN19 ZIP    55007   2-27-01  Turgon's Dungeon v1.90 (Nov 1995)
FG_V2-1  ZIP    71109   4-13-01  Fun & Games v2.10
IGMH_1-8 ZIP    71653   4-13-01  Haunted Mansion v1.80
FG_2-2   ZIP    69630   4-14-01  Fun and Games v2.20

                               Lord Utilities:
LIGMR101 ZIP    12258   2-27-01  Lord IGM Randomizer v1.01 (Jan 2000)
LM95V102 ZIP   191205   2-27-01  Lord Monster Editor v1.02
                                 -- Windows version. (April 2000)
LMON251  ZIP    28040   2-27-01  Lord Monster Editor v2.51 (Apr 2000)
LCOPS190 ZIP    22596   3-27-01  LordCops v1.90 (July 2000)
NPCLD290 ZIP    67945   3-27-01  NPCLord v2.90  (July 2000)
IGMX_V41 ZIP    64291   4-13-01  IGM-X v4.10 Lord IGM/utility
IGMX_4-2 ZIP    64294   4-14-01  IGM-X v4.20

                            Lord II: CNW releases:
CNW-1361 ZIP  2204876   1-03-01  Lord II: Complete New World 136.1
CNW-1362 ZIP   148349   2-16-01  Lord II: CNW 136.2 update
CNW-1363 ZIP   373038   2-16-01  Lord II: CNW 136.3 update
CNW-1370 ZIP  2126894   3-19-01  Lord II: Complete New World v137.0
CNW-1371 ZIP   150396   3-31-01  Lord II: CNW v137.1 update

                                Lord II IGMs:
REPORTER ZIP     4264   9-23-99  The Reporter's Office v1.00
-- Released in June 1995; not previously listed on Lord II IGMs page.
POD-158  ZIP    10169   2-23-01  Pouch of Documents v1.58
VDHUT300 ZIP    14425   3-21-01  VooDoo Temple v3.00
XENA300  ZIP     8988   3-21-01  Xena's House v3.00

------------ Following igms created by me, from Lord2: CNW files:
BLIZZARD ZIP     3856   2-23-01  Snowy Pass Blizzard v1.00
HIGHTON  ZIP     2927   2-23-01  Highton Thieves' Guild v1.00
Note: The Blizzard program requires Extitem3.zip contents to be used.

                         LORD II "Utility" programs:
RTSCR11  ZIP    20209   1-22-01  Lord II RTScript Programmers Manual
                                 v1.10 -- released in October 2000.
LORD2TEL ZIP    59469   3-07-01  Lord2 telnet app program (April 2000)
L2LEVELS ZIP     9797   3-27-01  Lord 2 Levels v1.00 (July 2000)

                        Wildcat Tournament LORD files:
CARNAL17 ZIP   245030   1-03-01  Carnal Knowledge v1.70
EASTER12 ZIP    18761   2-27-01  Easter Egg Hunt v1.20
JOSEPH17 ZIP    60106   3-26-01  Joseph's Revenge v1.70
IGMHINTS ZIP    16336   3-28-01  WT-Lord IGM Hints and Tips (Brogan)
-- Available at: http://w3.ime.net/~brogan/igmhints.html.
CHEAT1   HTM  (37 KB)   3-28-01  LORD Cheats Page (Talley)
-- Available at: http://www.fidotel.com/public/lord/cheat1.htm.

                        IGM Programming Utility files:
BCGPPV3  ZIP    49523   3-27-01  BBS Coder's Guide to Pascal Prog. v3.0
                                 - Released in December 1998.
FDOOR102 ZIP   116787   3-27-01  FreeDoor v1.02 BBS door dev. kit
FDOOR108 ZIP   200756   3-27-01  FreeDoor v1.08 BBS door dev. kit
                                 - Released in December 2000.
KD_7-1   ZIP   326420   4-13-01  KDrive Door Game Tool Kit v7.10
KL_7-1   ZIP    73563   4-13-01  KLord, KDrive Kit Addition v7.10
KD_7-2   ZIP   326369   4-14-01  KDrive Door Game Toolkit v7.20
KL_7-2   ZIP    73391   4-14-01  KLord, Kdrive Kit Addition v7.20

End of Recent LORD Releases Listing.

Notation: Copies of all Lord programs listed above have been uploaded to the Lord Legacy FTP site, and may be obtained there. Or use my Lord IGMs, LORD II IGMs, LORD Utilities, LORD Menusets, or Tournament LORD IGMs pages to download these programs. See Joel's site for all CNW files. Red LORD barline

Favorite LORD IGMs Section:

For a list of favorite WT-Lord igms, see Joseph Watson's entry. For favorite LORD igms, see Lloyd Hannesson's entry. And hopefully, enough of you will use Joel's new Favorite Lord2 IGM polls, for us to be able to determine what the top favorite Lord2 igms are. I've looked at his other Lord2 related polls, and here's a summary of their questions and results. (1) Do you want a Lord II game? 45.45% have said yes, if it is a MUD with a cool graphical client. (2) What is your favorite Lord2 New World? Amber Crystal received 15.79%, Complete New World 15.79%; and the TEOS Lord2, Miniature Lord2, and Quest for Mom programs each received 10.53%. (3) How long should years be in Lord2? 30% wanted 100 days, and 40% chose 30 days. (4) How old should Violet be in Lord2, given that she now has a teenage daughter? The top votes were for 25 years - 25%, and 30 years - 37.50%. My vote: 35 years old. I think of Violet as a lady, and ladies do not have children before they turn 18. And (5) Should CNW be included in Lord2? 85.71% said that they want Lord2 to remain as small and original as possible, and that CNW should remain a separate program.

This is a list of my favorite Lord igms, which is from my BBS days of playing LORD. Back in 1997, I had no idea that there was over 200 Lord igms out there. At most, I probably was aware of 50, at a guess. These are my favorites still: Barak's House, LORD Cavern, Castle of Lords, Free World, The Graveyard (or Warrior's Graveyard), Socrates' Shop, Haunted House, Love Shack, Reflections, Sherwood Forest, LORD's Realm, Turgon's House, Violet's Cottage, Village of the Phoenix, and Werewolf. I really loved Lord's Realm, and really liked Village of the Phoenix, but both of them, in those days, were bad about crashing BBS's. Which didn't make the player or the sysop happy. OK, now people, what were your FAVORITE IGMs? Please write in with your selections. I am only interested in igms for classic Lord, Lord II, and WT-Lord. Red LORD barline

LORD Authors Status Section: (Revised 09/13/2002)

This is a summary of the current status of known LORD authors, modified on May 04. The following are considered partly or fully active: Codax Dragon - codax_dragon@juno.com, Mike Dillon - gsvalore@lordlegacy.org, Orion Elder - orion_elder@charter.net, Elric (Jay Weber) - afn63169@afn.org, Michael Everett - sysop@bobobbs.net, Joel Gathercole - greenie_23@yahoo.com, Lloyd Hannesson - dasme@dasme.org, Duncan Idaho - midori@quicksilver.net.nz, Michael Preslar - mpreslar@mailcity.com, and Joseph Watson - jmwatson@cox-internet.com. Bryan Turner - v@vbsoft.org, Marty Blankenship - marty@atcc.net. Possibly active: Ruth Argust - ruth@petpride.org, and Aaron Wornom - awornom@sdsoft.org. No longer active: Jason Brown - farlander@mailandnews.com -OR- jmbrown@pcisys.net, Tien Lung (no valid email), and Mike Ehlert - mike@pcmicro.com, Marc Ryan - MMFan@rocketmail.com, Chuck Brogan - brogan@ime.net, Sallee Huber - mallard500@hotmail.com. Active non-authors: Shannon Talley - shannon.talley@fidotel.com. 03/06: Removed entries for lost authors with no valid email address; changed addresses if needed as well. Notes: Bryan Turner is fully active again, since October 2001. Chuck Brogan and Sallee Huber are no longer active. 09/13/02: Rewrote paragraph.

The following authors are either partly or fully inactive. Robert Olsen - rjolsen@bard.net, Black Omen - b_omen@yahoo.com, Bobby Queen - wizards@shelby.net. Fully inactive non-author friends: Dawn Bidot - dawnavon@juno.com, Suzanne Franklin - fuzzykin@flash.net, Bryan Stanbridge - sorcerer@geocities.com. Ken Weitzel (dfactory@ilos.net) has returned to being fully inactive, until around Christmas 2001. David Simmons (dfsimmons55@earthlink.net) - Former Author status. 03/06/02 Notes: Marty Blankenship is fully active now. Ken Weitzel is semi-active. Seth Robinson is still around at seth@rtsoft.com, but doesn't try to take part in LORD matters. Mike Snyder is fully inactive as to WG T-Lord programming, but is an active T-Lord site webmaster. Red LORD barline

LordNews Issues Links Section: (01/04/03)

Web-Page Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Released on April 28, 2000. -- Issue #1 Archive
LordNews Issue #2 - Released on June 26, 2000. -- Issue #2 Archive
LordNews Issue #3 - Released on June 28, 2000. -- Issue #3 Archive
LordNews Issue #4 - Released on Sept. 20, 2000. -- Issue #4 Archive
LordNews Issue #5 - Released on December 20, 2000. -- Issue #5 Archive
LordNews Issue #6 - Released on April 19, 2001. -- Issue #6 Archive
LordNews Issue #7 - Released on August 05, 2001. Issue #7 Archive.
LordNews Issue #8 - LordNews Issue #8 Archive
Released on Oct. 08, 2001 in two parts. Recombined into single web-page on May 28, 2002.

LordNews Issue #9 -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 03, 2001.
LordNews Issue #10 -- Issue #10 HTML Archive. Released on February 06, 2002. Updated on February 27, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 -- Issue #11 HTML Archive. Covers February 06 - May 16, 2002. Revised 05/30/02.
LordNews Issue #12 -- Issue #12 HTML Archive. Issue released on October 07, 2002.
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Text Version Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Text -- Issue #1 Text Archive. Released on December 20, 1999.
LordNews Issue #2 - Text -- Issue #2 Text Archive. Released on April 05, 2000.
LordNews Issue #3 - Text -- Issue #3 Text Archive. Released on June 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #4 - Text -- Issue #4 Text Archive. Released on September 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #5 - Text -- Issue #5 Text Archive. Released on December 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #6 - Text -- Issue #6 Text Archive. Released on April 19, 2001.
LordNews Issue #7 - Text -- Issue #7 Text Archive. Released on August 05, 2001.
LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part One -- LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part Two
LordNews Issue #8 Text Archive. Released on October 08, 2001.
LordNews Issue #9 Text Version -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 04, 2001.

LordNews Issue #10 Text Version -- LordNews Issue #10 Appendix
Issue #10 Text Archive. Last Appendix files update: April 29, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 - Text -- Issue #11 Text Archive. Released on May 18, 2002.
LordNews #10 Data Files: Contains up-to-date copies of Authors-Info.txt, Lost-Authors.Txt, and Usable-IGMs.txt files.
LordNews #11 Data Files: Contains up-to-date copies of: Unusable-IGMs.txt; CC11igm1.txt - lists LORD IGMs released during January-February 2002. And CC11igm2.txt -- Lists LORD IGMs released during March 01 - May 16, 2002 period.

LordNews Issue #12 - Text -- Issue #12 Text Archive.
LordNews #12 Data Files.
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Post-Release Updates Section:

04/19/01: I decided that people might appreciate a table of contents for the newsletter issue, so I've created one. New programming files seen: Internet Door Programmers Tool Lit v1.00 (1,359 KB). The file description said it is for programmers using Delphi v5.0, to write for the Windows DirectX DirectPlay API. What with Michael working on a 32-bit Lord game eventually, perhaps this file is relevant to Lord programming. New Lord sites links: While looking over the WT-LORD WebRing, I checked out Sharon Aiken's The On Ramp WT-Lord site. It had a nice listing of WT-Lord telnet sites. I hope that people enjoy the new table of contents for this issue.

05/02-05/04 Notes: I have started work on doing a condensed version of this issue, which is available for viewing, as it is developed, on my web-site: LordNews #6 Condensed Version. This new Condensed version page is going to act as this issue's primary addendum file, and is archived as ccigm6hc.zip. -- (12/03/02: Discontinued ccigm6-c.htm page in Fall 2002.) Added short update on Lord II: CNW 138.0 to Joel Gathercole's entry. Added Aaron Wornom entry. Modified Elysium Software entry. Minor update of LORD Releases Section. 05/21: Minor editing updates, for personal web-page printing purposes made. The LordNews #6 C.V. page was officially released on May 04, since I had no comments from friends who reviewed it, to indicate it needed any further work. 07/14 Note: Due to the upcoming closure of Listbot's free hosting services, I have removed the Listbot LordNews code from this issue. No other updates made to page.

09/13/02 Notes: Officially terminated revision support for LordNews Issue #6 Condensed Version as of today. Red LORD barline

Old Issues Rewrite Notes:

As part of an overall update of all previous newsletter issues, needed for two reasons, I have updated all of the issues. First, the old issues needed to reflect the changed location of the updated LordNews text version files. And second, each issue's section listing links to other issues, needed to be revised. This process was started on March 27, 2001, and completed on April 16, 2001. 04/15: Issues #1 through #4's HTML pages have been updated, and aligned to match their Text version pages. Anyone wishing to link to my Lord Links Page is invited to use lordlink.jpg for a graphics link, if they wish to use one. This HTML page has been checked for spelling errors. 04/16: Archived April 2001 development notes info in Note0416.txt, inside ccigm-6h.zip. Issue #5 files rewrite completed this evening.

05/21/01: revised wording of Old Issues Rewrites paragraph. Update notes from the issue's development phase are archived inside ccigm-6h.zip, as note0320.txt, note0416.txt and note0416.txt. In late March, thanks to the support of several friends, I decided to keep on doing these newsletter issues. I still want and need people's feedback on this issue, and all other issues. Lord programs search note: Should anyone come across these LORD igms, please send them to me: The Jeweler's Shoppe, Market Place, and Old Skill Center. 03/06/02: Combined Development phase note files into cc06-note1.txt file. Red LORD barline

Newsletter Summary and Contributions:

LORD Newsletters, Issues #1-#5 covered three months each. Issues #6 and forward cover four months each. Addendum messages are prepared and released at the end of issue release months, to cover anything learned after the issue's official release. They are sent out via the Lordnews mailing list, and will also be incorporated into the LordNews issue they are updating. Information for Issue #6 was collected between January 01 and April 15, 2001. This web-page was created on January 31, 2001. This section recognizes my LORD friends who have provided significant parts of the newsletter, or who are long-time supporters. Names are listed in alphabetical order, by last name usually, here, and in the Lord Authors Entries section. My thanks to: Jason Brown, Mike Dillon, Orion Elder, Joel Gathercole, Lloyd Hannesson, Duncan Idaho, Tien Lung, Brandon Pierce, Michael Preslar, Bobby Queen, Bryan Turner, and Joseph Watson.

Special thanks for assistance with the Lordnews form I've worked on during April to Joel Gathercole, Orion Elder, and Brent Jackson. Unfortunately, I was unable to ever get it to reliably work for me. Special thanks to Joel Gathercole and Korombos, for providing me with so much information for this issue; and to Michael Preslar and Brandon Pierce for keeping their Lord Legacy News page updated in recent months. Long-term thanks to: Ruth Argust, Mike Ehlert, Suzanne Franklin, Bobby Queen, and Bryan Turner who have helped me with this newsletter ever since I decided to start doing it on Thanksgiving Day, 1999. Thanks to Michael Adams, Robert Fogt, and Bryan Stanbridge, for answering the questions I had from previous newsletter issues. This web-page was developed using the Qedit v3.0 DOS text editor, and checked out using Netscape Navigator v4.76-v4.80 and Microsoft Internet Explorer v5.01/v5.50. My web-pages are optimized for Netscape browsers. Netscape browsers. This web-page is 19 pages long.

Note: The Introduction, Recent Lord Releases section, LordNews Issue Links section, and the Contributions section were modified for this issue's official release on April 17. I decided to not update CCIGM-06.TXT, after its modification on April 17, following the Listbot text version's release to the LordNews mailing list. Issue #6 was officially released on Apr. 17, 2001 at 04:08 am. Red LORD barline

Post-Release Update Notes Section:

04/19/01: Added table of contents, and post-release updates section. Briefly updated issue. 05/02: Released LordNews Issue #6 Update, as the primary update for this issue. It is an condensed version of Issue #6 which was requested by Michael Everett. 05/04: Updates section revised. 05/21 Note: Web-page updated for printing purposes. See Old Issues Rewrite Notes section for updates information. 07/14: Removed Listbot LordNews code from page, due to upcoming shutdown of Listbot's service next month. 08/09: LordNews Issue #6's Text version updated with email/web-site addresses for each author's entry. Related changes made to this web-page. LordNews Links Section updated. 08/10: Fixed Mike Dillon email address. 09/04: Fixed minor coding error. 10/31/01: Replaced Aaron Wornom's email address. Replaced LordNews Issues links section.

Relocated here 09/13/2002, from ccigm6-c.htm web-page, which is being discontinued. 07/22/01 Note: Moved green dragon picture here from the LordNews Issue #7 web-page. Source is the Dragon Archives site. Picture is public domain. 03/08/02: Removed dragon picture from usage.

Jan. 29, 2002 Updates: Started overhaul of Issue #6. Link check made of issue, and link errors fixed. March 06: Did section relocations and general check-over of issue. All email/web-site addresses in this issue have been looked over and changed if needed. 09/13/02: Entry changes: Joel Gathercole, Michel Preslar, Bobby Queen. Section updates: Added LordNews/LadyScript Lists HTML Form section. Revised LordNews Issues Links section. Issue Update Finished. ccigm6-c.htm file support is now terminated. 12/03/02: Brief update of file for upload to re-activated GeoCities site. Updated LordNews Issues Links section. Restored Counter code.

January 2003 revision. Replaced old GeoCities URL links to work with current fidotel.com web-site. Updated LordNews Issues Links section.

06/27/07 Note: All web-sites formerly hosted on fidotel.com were either closed since 2003 or have been relocated. IceRage Technologies is closed; Kiteria's Korner is relocated; Lord2 IGM Archive Site is closed; and FieldSoft IGMs is closed. Did brief update to replace Fidotel.com hyperlinks. The Kiteria's Korner web-site was returned to Suzanne Franklin in June 2006, and is now located at http://kiteria.lordlegacy.com/. 01/13/09: I will replace the web-page counters code eventually (maybe). Fixed some HTML coding errors.

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