Castle Camelot LORD Authors Newsletter #4:

Volume 1, Issue 4 -- Started on August 10, 2000.
Released on September 19, 2000.
Full Revision on Feb. 07, 2002.

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January 2003 URL revision.

LordNews #4 Newsletter Introduction:

Welcome to my Lord IGM Authors Newsletter. This is Issue #4, of Volume 1, and covers July-September 2000 events. The newsletter is quarterly in nature. The next issue will be released in mid-December. Anyone who is an author, webmaster, or fan of LORD, LORD II, or Tournament LORD can participate in this newsletter. I will also accept anything relating to the Planets: TEOS programs for inclusion. All entries are listed alphabetically by author's last name, or by web-site title. All future issues, including this one, are developed as HTML web-pages. A text version is created for public distribution via my LordNews mailing list on Listbot. See my LORD Links Page if you wish to sign up for the mailing list.

Entries are listed as follows: Active Section contains all entries submitted by active authors/webmasters. Inactive Section lists those self-classified, or classified by me, as being Inactive. The "Dead Sites" list is for those whose email addresses are invalid, or whose web-sites are over a year without update. Those in particular will not be included in future newsletter coverage, unless I hear from the author by Email. Primarily, an author is listed as Inactive if they (a) haven't released anything for Lord since Spring, (b) have not written me in the last 3 months, or (c) their web-site has not been updated in the last 3 months significantly. Anyone currently listed as (fully) Inactive, unless I hear from them, or they show conclusively they are Active, will be omitted from future newsletter issues. To be active, one must be actively working on Lord programming or Lord-related web-sites, or otherwise involved in the Lord community. Red LORD barline

Info Requests and Other Notes:

If anyone knows of an update for the Ballistic Labs' QWKIGM program, please write me and Marty Blankenship with details. The last known version we have is v1.40. Marc Ryan would appreciate help from other Lord IGM authors in learning how to do Lord programming better, and understanding how registration codes work in Lord programs. Old Lord authors are requested to contact me with details on what they are up to, whether they are still supporting their programs, and whether they plan to resume Lord programming or not. I would especially like to hear from Jay/Cammy Cochrane, of Wonderland Software.

As of 5:00 am, Sept. 19, 2000, primary development of this HTML Web-page, and the Listbot Text version, is now completed. Page count info: 19 pages are required for printing. Newsletter released via Listbot to mailing list members, in three parts, by midnight, Sept. 19, 2000. Newsletter issue addendum composed and sent out via Listbot, on Sept. 20, 2000. Archived inside as ccigm04d.txt. I hope everyone enjoys their newsletter reading now. 9/20/2000. 2:50 am. Red LORD barline

Post-Release Notes:

10/07/2000: Added ccigm04d.txt file to the archive file. Status update message released via Listbot on October 05, covering September 20 - October 05 Lord news updates. Revised page to replace the access counter code. Revised Closing Section notes.

04/02/01 Notes (from updated CCIGM-04.TXT file): LORD v4.06, LORD II v1.02, and Planets TEOS v2.02 updates were released by Michael Preslar in early February 2001, and are downloadable from the Lord Legacy web-site. *ALL* of the Lord newsletter issues are available as HTML web-pages, which are fully enabled for email/web-site address hyperlink clicking. Inserted edited copy of LordNews #4 Addendum message into CCIGM-04.TXT, at the end of the file. Those wishing to read the original, unedited message, will find it inside either CCIGM-04.ZIP or, as ccigm04d.txt. 04/11/01: Started update of HTML page. Incorporated original newsletter issue's addendum message into this file.

12/10/01: The LordNews mailing list is used to distribute newsletter status/update reports or actual issue release files to members. To subscribe to the current list, do the following. Send email message to In message, say "subscribe lordnews". If you wish to use an alternate email account, specify it on that line. There is a form dialog on my LORD Links Page which you may use to subscribe quickly and easily.

02/07/02: Issue overhaul notes. Moving some paragraphs into cc04-notes.txt file, inside, that are no longer needed. Should your antivirus program indicate an virus in this archive, do not worry. There is no executable files included. The virus scan trips over the contents of the included gfx.ref file. Red LORD barline

12/10/01: The LordNews mailing list is used to distribute newsletter status/update reports or actual issue release files to members. 09/13/02: The second HTML Form was added to LordNews Issue #12's web-page on Aug. 27, 2002. LadyScripts Mailing List is for public discussion of LADY Scripts programming ONLY.

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LordNews #4 News Section:

LORD Site Openings/Closures:

New sites, or ones recently discovered: Tech'N Software - reopened by Lloyd Hannesson in early August 2000. Purple Haze Site - Abandoned site, worthless email address given. LORD IGMs - Sallee Huber. A very good collection of Lord IGM playing hints. Web-site address changes: Elysium Software, as of February 2002, is located at Canucksoft has been moved to GeoCities by Michael Bujold, due to hassles from the recent merger of Xoom with NBC. And the LordNet Homepage, by Rick Parrish, was moved to the Lord Legacy server. No other Lord site openings are known for this issue's time period. Site Closures: IceRage Technologies, and Blackfist site. WT-LORD is now unsupported based on people's inability to reach Marcelletti via Email. LORD Reborn site - not closed, but replaced basically by the LORD Legacy site.

Section update notes: 01/20/02: The IceRage site was reopened in July 2001 at WT-Lord supported by author to limited degree, due to loss of its source code. 01/22/02: Elysium relocated to LordNet work dropped last year by Rick Parrish. He was returning to college, and just didn't have time to work on it. Michael Preslar is going to update the program himself over time. 02/07/02: WT-Lord is being rewritten by Marcelletti, thanks to the efforts of Janet Terry and others. Red LORD barline

04/02/01 Notes: Elysium Software released a few Lord/Lord II programs last year. No valid email address known for Eric Vinson. Michael Bujold classified semi-inactive. LordNet Homepage, classified a "Dead Site" - no activity in over a year. Note, from Issue #4 Addendum: I discovered in September 2000, while reviewing my old archive files for closed Lord sites, that Eric Vinson was the writer of the Exile to Another World Lord2 program. Like many other Lord II new world programs, I think it was abandoned. 01/22/02: Due to lack of email contact, Eric Vinson, Michael Bujold are classified former Lord authors, and the Bujold site is now categorized as abandoned. Red LORD barline

Castle Camelot Web-site Updates:

The following pages were updated with new swimsuit or waterfall pictures, during the last two and a half months. Castle Camelot Swimsuit Links Page, Waterfalls Homepage, Browser Resources Page, LORD Utilities Page, Castle Camelot Index Page, LORD Menusets Page, and the Tournament LORD IGMs Page. My LORD Links Page has been reorganized, and now lists sites as Active, Inactive, or Dead, based on my research of their status. The file links on my Lord IGMs, Lord II IGMs, Lord Utilities, and LORD Menusets pages were recently checked, and bad links were repaired. Red LORD barline

LORD Program Authors Notes Section:

Category: This area is for the active or inactive authors, webmasters, and friends, who have submitted entries or shown support for this and previous issues. (04/11/01 Note: Unless otherwise indicated, *ALL* dates are for 2000, when this issue was released.)

Ruth Argust --- DoorGames.Org - DDS on the Web

09/18: All IGM/utility authors are invited to send their file(s) to Ruth Argust ( so that the file(s) can be sent to sysops all over the world (and Internet webmasters). Please be certain that the file is virus-free and DOES contain a FILE_ID.DIZ file. For more information on having your file hatched, please see the DDS Web Page at or contact me directly. This is a free service to all in order to provide you with wide circulation of your programs. Ruth. From previous entry: There is also a ListServ for receiving all files hatched into DDSDOORS for those who do not otherwise have a way to receive them. See the DDS web-site for more info. Authors should remember and check out the file there also. It goes into detail on how to properly submit your BBS-related programs.

DGT Note: The File_id.diz file in my experience should contain the program name, version number, author's name, and a brief description of its purpose. Optionally, include email/website address info. All files submitted to DDS should be in .ZIP format. Also, it does NOT hurt for authors to do a general check before releasing a new program to make sure the archive filename you want to use isn't already in use. If your program(s) are for Lord, please also remember to say whether it is for classic Lord, Lord II, or Tournament Lord. Lastly, non-authors should know that you have to have the author's written permission to release their programs for them through Ruth's DDS site. 04/02/01 Status: Fully active. 12/10/01: Ruth has been inactive since May 2001 due to health problems. I am now taking care of LORD programs distribution to Fidonet myself. See LordNews Issue #9 for details. 01/22/02: Ruth is still dealing with health problems, but has resumed some LORD/BBS activity, and is updating her DDS web-site with files sent to her in the past several months. LORD Authors can also send their files to me, for publication on Fidonet, through my Camelot LordNews FDN.

Marty Blankenship --- The GameMaster BBS Web Site

08/26: I've been busy lately raising my three daughters, and getting them ready for school each day. Since I'm a single parent now, I haven't had too much time to program as much as I wanted to. However, I would like to continue being considered Active. 08/28: Here is my newsletter update: My BBS is now Telnetable between the hours of 8:35 pm and 11:30 pm (Eastern time) every night. You can now get your free registration code (for Marty's Mercantile) by telnetting to and going into the registration door via the central menu. This might get more people to call and get their code to get the extra area in the IGM. I also have running an InterBBS L.O.R.D. game with about 15 other boards in it, as well as the latest version running for players just on the BBS. It would really be nice to see more people calling in to get their free registration code, maybe that would inspire me to add more features to the IGM. I finally found my library that I used to create the IGM, that's why I haven't released an update yet. The first thing that I am going to do is add a few ANSI graphics to it, and update the selling and buying of gems from a set amount, to level-based. 09/04: Due to problems with my other two domain name servers, I've added 2 more servers so that in case you are unable to connect to one of them, you can try the others. I have also extended my telnet hours. The new times are from 8:30 pm to 4:00 am EST every day. Hope to see you online. Telnet URLs:,, 04/02/01 Status: Semi-inactive. 12/10/01: Working on IGM update. 02/07: Marty's Mercantile 1.70 was released in January 2002. Marty is now working on Dave's Inn IGM, taken over from David Taylor.

Jason Brown -- Jason Brown's IGMs Page

May 14: I wrote to good old Michael Preslar with my idea, got some disturbing news. He and a fellow named Maarten Bekers were working on porting the DDPlus communication package for Turbo Pascal to FPC, with interest in making Win32 and OS/2 versions of LORD. Rock! But Metropolis Gameport doesn't want ports, and the project was stopped! (I think personally, for LORD to continue actively, it needs the ports (and possibly a Linux port, too). Note: I forgot to include this in the previous issue, so it is in this one.

08/13: I've gotten another report of my IGMs not working, the only constant is Microsoft's Windows 98. So my only options are to get a hold of a copy of Turbo Pascal v7.0 to test if that helps (my communications program does not compile under FreePascal, unfortunately) or to get someone else to fix my communications routines. 08/14: Good news! Looks like TP7 did the trick, it's early 8/14 and I'm going to be uploading newly compiled versions of my IGMs. 08/16: Question: What was the problem with your Lord IGMs not running under Windows 98? Answer: Basically, the IGMs would either lock up trying to communicate over either Telnet or modem, or would act like there was no connection. I just used Turbo Pascal v7.0 to recompile them, and they at least worked for one person. Haven't heard back from the other two yet. I had to be the only LORD developer using TP6. Sept 13: Jason is currently occupied with college work.

Notes: Updates of Jason's IGMs The Gateway, LORD Cavern, and The Outlands Tavern may be downloaded from Jason's website, or from my Castle Camelot LORD IGMs Page. His other programs are the Stones! Lord2 IGM, LordStat utility, and LORD Cavern RHP Sets files. 04/02/01 Status: Semi-inactive. 04/14: Replaced primary email address. 08/10: Fixed email address link (again). 01/10/2003: The LATEST versions of Jason's IGMs are now kept online in the LordApps directory on my web-site.

Michael Bujold --- CanuckSoft (Abandoned site)

09/17: Received word from Michael of email and website change, due to hassles caused by Xoom merging with NBC. Programming status: inactive. Website status: recently updated and moved to new location. No actual entry received at time of newsletter release from him. 12/10/01 Status: Former LORD/Lord2 Author, fully Inactive. 01/22/02: Due to inactivity, and lack of email contact, the web-site is now classified as Abandoned. 01/10/2003: Zero contact with Bujold in over 6 months. 01/28/04: Removed worthless email address hyperlink. In essence, web-site no longer exists.

Mike Dillon --- Crystalline Realms (CLOSED)

08/08: Question: Did you ever learn anything new about Preslar's attempt to get permission to do a Windows 95/98 32-bit version of LORD? Answer: No, I haven't heard anything about getting a ported version of LORD done. I talk to Michael often because he's always on IRC. He seems to be a lot different than when he started which isn't a good thing IMHO. 08/21 Notes: Mike has released updates of his programs -- Lord C/C++ Structures, Lord 2 C/C++ Structures, Planets: TEOS C/C++ Structures, and some other non-Lord related files, that are for IGM programming. The new files are available from his web-site.

08/21 cont'd: Question: Please give me an update on your programming efforts, especially the GreyDrive project that you're working on. Answer: GreyDrive is an 'idle' project right now since there isn't much of a demand for a C/C++ door kit. I have had to put many of my programs and projects on hold because I have so many to keep track of. I'm slowly getting each task done because they all require a good deal of time to work on. If I get a job then the delay will become greater but at least I'll have the funding I need to continue getting supplies I need such as books and stuff to help expand techniques. ALE is on my list of priority projects but I probably won't get to it until later on because of its complexity. Lately my most prevalent project has been TinyTIC, but that is not a LORD or TEOS program. 09/01: ALE is among my listed *MUST DO* projects, and I'm still debating on the layout I want for it. I sincerely hope to get a beta version out by the end of the year. 04/02/01 Status: Fully Active. See ccigm-6.htm for more info. 08/10/01, 09/07/02: Fixed email address link. 01/28/04: Updated entry headers info. Mike is now using gsvalore (at) for email.

Codax Dragon --- Codax's Dragon's Den Ultd

July 31: I just got back from my vacation and wanted to drop you a line to give the status of my goings on and the like. I've been a bit (surprise surprise) behind schedule due to increasing work demands, but I'm happy to report that I found out what was killing my IGM and giving it a nasty runtime error in Windows and just plain freezing up in DOS. It's funny because I don't remember having a problem with it before. So in an effort to help all those who might be in the same rut as me, here is my biggest piece of LORD2 advice: NEVER mix a @do move command with a @show command, ie .... @do move 3 24 @show Wierd text you had planned displayed here.

Now all I have to do is refresh myself with my old plots... good thing I wrote them down, I'm going to be gone next week for Otakon, but when I get back I hope to spend some serious time on the IGM. I feel sort of bad since I haven't really contributed much to LORD2 for awhile, so I'm gonna give you guys some of the graphical routines I've used to make the past few games. These things will really save you a lot of time and code once you get them down. I don't have a help file written, but the internal documentation isn't too shabby and shouldn't take too long to figure out. Just don't get scared by lines like: @do write `r`p23``p24`s01 (this actually just writes a block with the background color stored in `p23 and the foreground color of `p24 then outputs `s01 ... and yes I do know that colors can be taking care of inside `s01 as well as time delays, I just have that there to make things more robust) or @do write `r`p22``p23+`W`W (This one pretty much does the same thing as the one above except it outputs a plus (+) sign then waits 2/10s of a second). If you have any question about any of this code just email me. I have a few more routines running around my computer somewhere, but it's late now and I still have to unpack. I hope everyone enjoys this bit of source code and at least finds it useful. See you next newsletter!

Notes: Please see the gfx.ref file, included in the archive, for Codax's contribution to other Lord II authors. Thank you Codax for sharing this information. Programs Listing: The Battlefield, The Cave of Hope and Despair, Dragon's Den Housing, GreenTree Prison, The Pit, The Pond, and Scavenger Hut IGMs. DGT.

Sept. 12: I've heard that Tien Lung has put out his new IGM (Oracle of What's To Come v3.00), and I'm looking forward to seeing what he's been up to. I would love to do some collaborative work with Tien, and speaking of that, my IGM (The Cruise) needs endings! I need to come up with about 40 minutes of animation for 3-4 endings, so if any author is any interested, please write me, and I'll send you the appropriate materials and code. I'm currently working on finishing up the dinner scene in the IGM. It's gotten so big that its almost like a New World. The big trick for me is trying to get people to use all 5,000 of their steps to see everything in my IGM per day. And with the 6 or 7 classes of passengers/crew on the ship making something for everything is a bit difficult. I really wanna show off my new fully animated gambling casino and scrolling text bars (custom not Seth's), not to mention this really sweet drinking game I came up with. The only problem with sending (the program out) early is that the endings aren't completed and it basically would leave you stranded forever on the ship. Plus there are a few loose ends and hot-spots to tie up and together. But at least it stopped crashing every 5 minutes so that makes me quite happy. Lately, I've been doing some commission work on Quake 3: Arena mods. Skins, bots and the like, which is keeping me busy. And I've been working on getting DirectX to work for me. It would be great if one could figure out how to make an HWND (hwindow thingy), but none of the programming books seem to tell you how to that. I've also been playing with Microsoft's new optical mouse, and a brand new 1 GHz computer system. 04/02/01 Status: Fully Active. See ccigm-6.htm for more info. 01/29/02: Semi-active, going to college. Is still around, and is supporting his Lord II IGMs.

Mike Ehlert --- BBS Archives --- PC Micro LORD Addons Page
--- PC Micro LORD Utilities Page --- PC Micro Door Developer Kits Page

Sept. 18: Hello LORD fans, As many of you know, the BBS Archives has a large collection of LORD, LORD2, (and T-LORD) IGM's and utilities, with over a thousand LORD related files. Thanks to Donald Tidmore for sending many of them to us over the years. Did you know that you can search for either filenames or certain keywords in the file descriptions on our site? Our new search engine was written earlier this year by the current LORD developer, Michael Preslar. It allows you to search every file area in the Archives, (by searching on the main page), or you can go to a specific page such as LORD Add-On's or LORD Utilities and search just in that specific area by using the search box up at the top. Addresses are: Main BBS Archives page - LORD IGMs Page - LORD Utilities page - And the Door Developer Kits page is

BBSNet Announcement: Earlier this year, a new BBS IRC network was formed to allow Sysops and BBS users to chat on BBS related issues. Recently, several IRC servers have joined BBSnet, including the famous run by Michael Preslar. If you have a static IP address, you can run your own IRC server linked to BBSnet. The IRC server software is free, and runs under Windows, OS/2, and Linux. The Win32 version requires two megabytes of RAM, and uses very little resources. You don't need to run your own IRC server to join the crew at BBSnet. Use your favorite IRC client and connect to (port 6667) or any of the other linked servers. There are usually people hanging out in the #bbs channel at

Free Web Hosting! Are you looking for a free web hosting service like GeoCities for your BBS or LORD site, without the annoying pop-up ads and banners? You can have 20 megabytes of fast web space for free. No Ads, No Pop-ups or other gimmicks. You also get a free web-page hits counter, guest-book, and link manager. See for details. Free Dynamic DNS! Join the BBS Organization and get your own sub domain for any BBS related site. Even if you don't have a static IP, you can have people find your server under the "" and it's totally free. There are several dynamic DNS client programs that automatically update your DNS entry every time your IP changes. Static domains are also welcome. See for details.

No Win32 version of LORD? Here is my rant section. Earlier this year Michael Preslar was working on porting LORD to a Win32 version. When Metropolis Gameport heard about it, they ordered the project stopped. I don't know what their reasoning for this was, but to me it makes no sense. LORD has been the most popular door game in BBS history, and now that Win32 doors and development kits are starting to appear, why is LORD being left out? Michael has fixed many limitations that LORD had, such as allowing it to work on COM ports above COM9. But one problem that remains is that LORD is very CPU hungry. With just one node running on a Pentium III 600 Mhz system, the CPU usage is close to 100%. LORD does not release idle time-slices back to the CPU as most other doors do (including LORD2, which only uses 1% CPU resources on the same computer). If LORD was running on several nodes at once, it would slow the BBS down to a crawl. Michael has been unable to fix this problem, due to the way that Seth Able, the original author, coded Lord into the door driver kit itself. Apparently LORD was written while Seth learned how to program in Turbo Pascal, and much of the code was rather messy because of this. Anywise, a Win32 port of LORD would have been an excellent solution to the problem, as this would have replaced the internal door-driver code in LORD with one that had no time-slicing problems. Perhaps if everyone that is interested in seeing a Win32 port of LORD would let Metropolis Gameport know how they feel, they might reconsider. You can email them at, or call them voice at (913) 661-0601. Regards, Mike.

From previous entry: LORD Authors and other BBS program authors can send their programs to me (Mike) for distribution online on the BBS Archives web-site. DGT Note: It would be great if everyone would do this, instead of just posting your programs on your own site. After all, if your site goes down, then how do you think others would later be able to find copies of your programs, without sites like Mike's. Also, please remember and follow the standard rules BBS's have followed for decades, such as making sure your programs aren't virus-infected, have File_id.diz files inside, and are released in .ZIP format. DGT. 04/02/01 Status: Fully Active. 01/22/02: 32-bit ports of LORD to Windows, OS/2, and Linux started last year; not released yet. Mike is viewed as semi-active currently.

Orion Elder -- SMAUG/SmaugWiz Resource Archive --- KnyteHawk's LORD II IGM Programming

Sept. 02: My site is somewhat defunct. I leave it up for those who need it's resources, but my site was supposed to be an archive of help, for those that needed it... Since no one has e-mailed me anything in over two years for it, I've not done much with it. And, when BBS's died in my area, very recently, I pretty much lost interest in Door Games. I was an avid user of the DOS-based terminal apps, and that's not exactly an easy thing to find, when using Telnet. I have, since the Door Games of old, moved on to MUDs, of which I currently own one of my own. It's called Crimson Oracles, and is hosted at on port 4000 (telnet, or a MUD client of some kind), where some ideas from the LORD type games are used... (not very many, but some. ;) The game is very addictive, like LORD... once you learn what you're doing, it is similar to LORD in that it will draw you in and keep you playing. ;) 04/02/01 Status: Semi-Active. 04/09/02: Inactive; email address changed to

Michael Everett -- Bobo's BBS --- -- LORD on Bobo's BBS
SuperColored Monsters Page -- Telnet:

08/29/01: I'm going to be working on making some more RHPs for the LORD Cavern IGM. I'm also going to create a web-site on just how easy Jason Brown's RHP programming can be, and how with his new Gateway IGM, you can essentially write your own IGM without knowing the first thing about a compiler. I am still looking for people to help me get in contact with all the LORD authors and see what's happening in their lives... should be fun. Question: You referred to more RHPs, did you mean in addition to the ones Jason has written or ones you wrote yourself? Answer: I'm kind of the reason he started back working on his IGMs a year or so ago... I'm also the main reason the Gateway exists... I wrote like 5 RHP's and asked if I could let users pick to run certain ones... so that I could write my own IGMs inside of this menuing system (The Gateway)... I have started college and never got time to write a really big RHP but part of his RHP #2 set is from me... specifically hobbit.rhp and bats.rhp are mine. Question: I wondered if you had heard of any other LORD authors that were around? Answer: Well the people from Wonderland Software - they wrote a bunch of LORD IGMs - live in my city. But I haven't heard anything from them recently.

Notes: The Wonderland Software authors are Jay and Cammy Cochrane, and their Lord IGMs are: Highway Man, LORDopoly, Turgons Titty Bar, Turgons XXX Bar, and Turgons Dungeon. And here's a listing of the files in the two LORD Cavern RHP Set files for those who may not know about them. In Canyon.rhp, City.rhp, Dmine.rhp, magician.rhp, and waterfall.rhp. In bats.rhp, flowers.rhp, hobbit.rhp, mushroom.rhp, and women.rhp. See Jason Brown's Programs Page to download his files. DGT. 04/02/01 Status: Semi-Active. 01/22/02: Michael's web-site address stopped working in December 2001. Cochrane's also listed as lost authors, and his files page is now classified as Abandoned. All Lord files by Jay Cochrane are totally unusable now, because of RTE200 lockup.

Steve Gargolinski --- Black Dragon Software

08/31: Let's see... Not too much happening here on the LORD front, and I've been real busy this summer. As far as writing stuff for LORD goes, I don't play enough to really know what people are looking for in utilities, so I don't really have much stuff to write. So I'll probably be idle on the LORD scene for awhile, but one suggestion I'm open to: If anyone wants to co-design something with me, whether it be giving me an idea for a new utility, or you planning something out and I'll write the code, I'm open to that. 12/10/01 Status: Former LORD author. 06/05/02: No valid email address; all programs viewed as Abandoned. 01/10/2003: Zero contact with Gargolinski for close to two years now.

Lloyd Hannesson -- Tech'n Software -- LORD I IGM Listing Database (CLOSED)
Alternate Email:

08/03: Hello! Things are great over here, thanks for asking :) I was happy to finally find something happening with Lord 1 and 2, most pages that I found before were over 2 years old. About the Tech'n Software web site, well I wasn't aware for a while that it in fact shut down. I used to work at the ISP that hosted it for 3 years, and they neglected to tell me when it was about to expire. I tried to re-register it shortly after, and found that someone else already did. So that basically killed my chances to let the public know what happened. I haven't had my BBS up in years :) I keep meaning to update my IGMs, and at the least re-release them with updated docs etc. I've also heard that my LORD IGMs will no longer run on newer machines because of the Turbo Pascal error. Tppatch.exe doesn't seem to work either. I'll have to get moving and find an updated library and recompile I guess (do you by chance know where I can find an updated lib?). I've just recently started calling a few local boards again, and boy has it ever changed. I'm currently toying with the idea of running a telnet BBS, so I can at least have a support site for my IGMs and other unfinished projects. My new domain is, and the Tech'N Software website is now located at

08/05: Well I've finished an updated build of Warrior's Graveyard (ver 1.6) that fixes a few long standing bugs.. and will run on any speed of system. It's being beta tested while I'm gone (on vacation), and I'll release a full version shortly after I get back. I've started to convert Felicity's Temple as well, but I think that one will take quite a bit longer. I've also been in talks with a few people on writing new IGMs. So that would be interesting as well. 08/14: Well I've just finished the full build of The Warrior's Graveyard IGM, so version 1.6 is out. Finally! :) Felicity's Temple is next, and then who knows... I have a few ideas that I'm kicking around, so maybe I'll keep this BBS coding habit I'm developing :) I'm getting this file ( hatched out right away, so hopefully people will switch to this version. 08/21 Note: The Warrior's Graveyard update can be downloaded from Lloyd's website. He also has updated the LordType utility to version 1.10. And lastly, Ye Olde Farm is an LORD II IGM. DGT.

08/28: I've found a few bugs in my version 1.6 release of Warrior's Graveyard. Both of the big ones have needed an updated KLord driver from Korombos to fix, which he was quick to deliver! I'd personally like to thank him for that! Other then that I've added a few more secrets to the game and it's in it's final stage of beta testing. I'm hoping for a release this week. The bugs that were reported were that when a user exited the IGM their reported screen type in Lord would change from ANSI to ASCII. And there was a problem with KLord's experience checking routine. If someone had more then 900k Experience, the IGM would reset their exp. to 1. Korombos compiled new Beta's of Klord within minutes of me reporting these bugs. If there is anyone out there going above and beyond the norm in their support for this hobby, Korombos is the one. Work has also been progressing well with Felicity's Temple 2.0. It is also in the final beta stage and should be released around the same time as Warrior's Graveyard. Also I have brought my BBS back up as a telnet only board. It can be reached at telnet:// - telnet over and help beta test the latest IGMs/Games from Tech'N Software :)

DGT Notes: Lloyd and I have been discussing setting up a web-site holding all of the current version LORD IGMs. This is a summary of some of our conversations about the project. Lloyd: Well I looked into getting that Lord IGM site hosted today, and haven't found much of use yet. I did, however, start designing the database that the page will run off of. I have a working flat-file database now that is called through a CGI program. This should make maintenance nice and easy for the page, as it'll make all the pages on the fly. I'll have to look for a site that will allow me 30+ megs. and has cgi-bin access, then I'll stick up a test page. DGT: I'll let people know on my LORD Links Page when/if the new Lord IGMs site gets started. Some of you probably recall my working on this idea last year with Bobby Queen and Michael Preslar, and eventually I hope to get the rest of my Lord programs collection on Michael's LORD Legacy FTP site. It occurred to me that some might not know where all or most of those files came from, so I'm reporting about it now, here.

Sept. 19 Notes: Lloyd's mother is in the hospital, due to an heart attack. He is working on finishing his IGMs when possible. Everyone is asked to pray for her good health and recovery. Her doctors are planning on doing double bypass surgery in October when she is stabilized. The LordType program has done another disappearing act from Lloyd's website. I think someone has sicked ole Mr. Murphy on that poor program. If you want it, I suggest you write Lloyd for a copy. DGT. 04/02/01 Status: Fully active. 01/22/01: The LORD 1 IGM List database is available for anyone to use. Lloyd is currently active, details are in LordNews Issue #6 and later issues, including LordNews Issue #10. 01/28/04: Lloyd's IGM Database site went off-line in 2003 and has not been resumed operation yet.

Shawn Highfield --- TinySoft (site closed)

Shawn is no longer writing Lord programs. He only wrote one IGM, Sommer's Shiny Things. He wanted to warn users of his IGM that the email addresses listed in the IGM's docs are mostly all invalid, and they should use to contact him. 04/02/01 Status: Fully inactive. 12/10/01: Web-site is closed. 01/22/02: Shawn turned over his IGM, which is unusable due to RTE200 lockup, to Lloyd Hannesson. A new version will be available sometime soon. 01/10/2003: IGM was turned over to Bryan Turner, who released a new version in 2002, and is supporting it as the new author now.

Sallee Huber -- LORD IGMs -- New Lord (closed down)

Sallee's site contains several nice IGM Hints pages. While it has not been updated since March 2000, it is still worth visiting if you haven't already done so. Perhaps if people compliment her, she will add some more Hints pages soon. 04/02/01 Status: Semi-Active. 01/29/02: Removed New Lord page link, closed down. 01/10/2003: Zero contact in over a year.

Duncan Idaho -- VisualMatrix Homepage

08/08: Just letting you know I've **finally** gotten hold of a colour monitor - one that will be in my possession indefinitely, so work on all my Lord2 worlds, etc is back at full steam ahead. I've also got two beta testers on-site here, so DuneLord will be finished a bit quicker than expected. 08/09: It's good to be back in the world of colour! The funky thing about DuneLord is that it RAR's/ZIP's down to about 300 kb. Most of the weight of the files are in the map file. The code only accounts for about 500-750 kb so far. I am looking at ways to get the size down, but so far, no luck. 08/27: Had recent aggravation with Outlook Express, and re-installing Windows 95. BBS's have just about died out in New Zealand. Since January 01, the five main BBS's have shut down, and only one well-known BBS still stands. It's a sad loss for us, but there isn't a lot we can do. As for DuneLord, I'll be submitting an entry on it sometime in the next few days, as soon as I deal with some networking problems.

08/29: Hey mates, here is my initial full entry for the newsletter. Well, here we are - yet another release of the newsletter we've all come to love. Updates on everything... DuneLord is coming along nicely. I now have two on-site beta testers (Flatmates are wonderful at times) and we've found and removed a lot of bugs I didn't even know about. Still updating the graphics on it. Added a lot of animations, changed the storyline just a tiny bit. I've been doing a lot of work on the Fremen - they were seriously unmentioned in the last release. Still having a few problems coming up with IGM's for it though... if anyone has any ideas, email me please!

My other world, based on the Wheel of Time series, is coming along nicely, about 2/5ths the way through the map. As I said, it's another biggie, but not as big as DuneLord. Far more complex, though. Those of you who have read the Wheel of Time series will know why it's going to take quite a while to release even a beta. I've got plans for yet another world. This one will be considerably smaller than DuneLord and WoT. I'm keeping it hush-hush at the moment, just in case I run over schedule with DuneLord and WoT. Don't want to disappoint you all - I figure you've waited long enough for the final releases of DuneLord, why suffer more? Well, that's it for now, I'm out. Take care all, have fun. 08/30: I'll be making my company website soon (BYTE-ME Software Productions) - that's what I program my Lord2 Worlds under, so I'll turn that into a half-lord site as well, and add it to the ring, but I cant say when I'll do that. Far too much on the go to think at the moment. 04/02/01 Status: Semi-Active. New email address added to listing. The Innuendo BBS site link previously listed here doesn't exist, so it was removed. 08/10: Fixed email address link. Added web-site address link to Duncan's new site. 01/22/02: Beta version of DuneLord was released on Christmas Eve 2001, and is available from my LORD II IGMs Page. Duncan is working on other Lord2 projects now, including one based on the Belgariad series by David Eddings.

Korombos -- SharkWare (CLOSED)

08/25: I've been working with Lloyd Hannessen to update his Lord IGMs. He has also been working with me, to iron out a few bugs that were overlooked in Klord. He should be releasing his IGMs shortly. Other than that, I have been busy with my new son, born May 16th, 2000. I have almost finished updating and converting Galaxy 5, so my time has been elsewhere (other than any IGMs). I have not abandoned any of my works, just slow, ultra slow to getting them upgraded. Do not give up on me my friends. The hardest thing about Lord is the new owners, and their reluctance to upgrade Lord so it runs with/on Win95/98 and OS/2. Take care buddy, and thanks for your hard work, and dedication! I for one do appreciate it, even if I am not as active as I should be... a prod every once in a while is nice too (I forget ...). Take care!

Programs List: KDrive and KLord, Fun and Games, Haunted House, and IGMX utility. Sept. 12: Question: Due to the beta drivers you have been working on for Lloyd's IGMs, will there be any updates of KDrive soon? Answer: As far as KDrive goes, the newest version (v7.0 currently) is always available on my web site, as well as KLord. However, the beta's are not. You can expect the newer releases shortly though. After the beta's are released as public, then my Lord IGMs will be upgraded as well. 04/02/01: Updated email/web-site addresses. He's working on updated versions of the KDrive, KLord, and LORD IGM programs. Those were released in mid-April 2001. 08/10: Email/web-site links closed down this summer. 02/07: See LordNews Issue #10 for current details regarding Korombos, and recently discovered problems with KDrive/KLord.

Tien Lung --- Godlike Productions Files page

08/09: I've been on holiday, so was out of touch for a couple weeks. In July I finished the update on the IGM Oracle of What's to Come. Now I'm currently working on the IGM Time Stands Still, trying to bring more of an old original LORD feel to it (wizard and his cottage, fighters' trials to kill someone, etc.) It also is going to have a tie-in for my, still in the design phase, IGM Nightmare's Gate. As for CALiB, its map is being cleaned up (being the old Final Nightmare map) to get it ready to be used with its newer engine. It's going to take more story-boarding the other projects as its going to be a pseudo-Final Fantasy world.

08/27: Question: Is Nightmare's Gate for Lord II like your other programs? Answer: Nightmare's Gate is another Lord 2 IGM that I've been hinting at doing for the past 2 years... Can you tell how much I really want to do it... the idea's great, I just groan at the thought of doing it. Sept. 12: Once I have completed work on the Time Stands Still and Nightmare's Gate IGMs, I believe the only things for LORD2 that I will be doing afterward, is supporting them if problems arise. I'm working with my collection of Dungeons and Dragons files, following Wizard of the Coast taking over TSR, and releasing a new edition of D&D.

Programs Listing: Amber Crystal, CALib, and Final Nightmare Lord2 New Worlds; House of Dreams, Lawyer's World, Oracle of What's to Come, Tien Lung's House, Time Stands Still, and Underdark IGMs. 03/27/01 Note: Tien Lung has quit working on Lord II IGM programming. He is currently involved with Dungeons and Dragons programming. All programs are still supported. The CALiB and Final Nightmare programs were never completed. 05/10/02, 03/26/04: Replaced email address.

Michael Preslar -- -- Elysium Software -- ICQ #9590896
Alternate Email:, --- BugZilla

News Page entry: August 7th, 2000: Wow.. Its been a quick summer.. For those that don't know.. I've been in Tennessee for the past 2 and a half months.. I had to leave my win95 machine in Nebraska, which meant no work on Lord, or any of my other BBS stuff. I'm back in Nebraska, and have got my BBS machine back up and running, and will be getting to coding sometime here real soon.. Soon as I get these 183 email messages answered ... I'll also be able to get back to work on the Lord2 and Teos web-sites.. I'll need help with them.. Speaking of help, I could really use some help getting all the files I've got on my FTP server in a database so they'll list in the IGM Lister/Ratebox. Speaking of Lord2 and Teos.. I'll be calling MGP sometime soon.. Try to find out when I'll be able to work on those games since I've already been told I could..

09/01: For the newsletter.. I work 60-70 hours a week, have started college, work at the college radio station, and help part time at the local coffee shop. I sleep maybe 5-6 hours every 1.5 - 2 days.. I've been able to get active in the Lord echos again.. And I've recently started an IRC server ( .. I go by the handle "Z"). How about work on Lord? I've not had a chance to get any dos programming done recently. I'm hoping to soon, as the project I've been working on all summer is coming to a close soon.. That's all for now. Keep up the good work on the newsletter. Sept. 19 Note: See Mike Ehlert entry for more info on Michael's contributions to Lord authors, webmasters, friends, and players. 04/02/01 Update: New versions of Lord, Lord II, and TEOS were released in February 2001. Fully active. See later newsletter issues for further info on Michael's LORD programming work. 01/29/02: Changed all Elysium URL references. 01/28/04: Replaced entry header info.

Seth Robinson --- Robinson Technologies

08/28: I wanted to let you know that I have just started work on a new LORD-like game. The server is designed to run on any Windows 98/NT/2000 system and be played over the Internet. 04/02/01 Update: No longer involved in any way with LORD, and has not responded to email inquiries in several months, except for long form letter auto-responses.

Marc Ryan --- MMFan's Page

09/17: Writer of new Lord IGM, Pleasant Valley. Website has long complicated address, so just use the address. Site uses frames. This is his first Lord program, and his website only covers his Maniac Mansion program currently. He is trying to learn the ins and outs of Lord programming, and would appreciate help from the other IGM authors. He wants to learn more about how registration codes work, as well. 04/02/01 Status: Semi-Inactive. Supposed to be working on IGM update. Author is a teenager, in high school. 12/10/01: Abandoned LORD igm work during summer, program never finished.

Vamsi Tadepalli
Entry based on ICQ Conversation with Michael Everett

Sept. 03: Vamsi created the Latrine Lord IGM and he is still giving out free registrations to his IGM. All you have to do is send him an email with your real name and BBS name so he can generate it. ICQ Conversation notes: Michael: Hey you wouldn't happen to have any news you would like to share about your IGM... There is a Lord newsletter that goes around... even if you haven't worked on your IGM lately, you could tell people they can still get registration codes. Vamsi: Yeah, just tell them that I am still around and can be reached by email. Michael: ... When was the last time you worked on the IGM and do you maybe plan on working with it any more? Vamsi: Worked on a new version but never finished it. It was the v3.0 final. But I never got all the bugs out and didn't finish some of the additions that I was implementing. I don't plan on finishing it, unfortunately. Michael: Well sorry to hear that, might you plan on releasing the source code? Also thanks for such a great IGM. My users really love it. Vamsi: Well if you want the source code, I can send you a zip of all the stuff I have in that directory, but you'll have to sort through it. Latrine.pas is the main file. ... Let me know if you have any questions. End of ICQ Info.

Michael: He also goes on to say that he used to run a Lord website and that when he passed it on to someone else they abandoned it. I will be adding his IGM to the list on my site at There will be a link to his email there and to the source code that he sent me via email. Everyone wanting to see his IGM in action can visit it in my main lord game at: telnet:// The Lord game there just reset and a user wanted me to add his IGM to the list... 04/12/01 Note: Fully inactive. He has no current interest in LORD. 02/07/02: Vamsi turned The Latrine over to Bryan Turner. Update was released in early winter 2002.

Tom Toothman:     09/01: I am an ex-Lord IGM author.. I'm interested in your Lord mailings, I'd even make a new one (IGM) if I thought people were interested enough.. I just don't think there are enough players to warrant it. Maybe there are, I don't know. DGT: Tom wrote the Across the Tracks Lord IGM, but not the same-named WT-Lord IGM. That one was by John Winter. 04/02/01 Status: Fully inactive. No email contact in several months. 12/10/01: Email account closed earlier this year. 01/10/2003: Zero contact in over a year.

Joseph Watson -- joeCODE WT-LORD IGM Page --- Alternate Email:

Program Notes: Released four updated IGMs in August: Blacksmith's Shop v2.90, Bob's Beer v2.90, Ask Clinton v2.20, and Twilight Zone v1.1. His other programs are: Ask Clinton, Carnal Knowledge, Dodge City, EverGreen Cemetery, Fountain of Life, Indian Joe's Horse Barn, Joseph's Revenge, The Mad Dog, The Mad Mage's Tavern, Merry Christmas, The Mines of Mt. Avalon, Our Town, Redneckin', The Rue Morgue, Russian Roulette, Up Country Fishing, The WCX-Files, The Wishing Well, and The Witch Doctor's Hut.

Sept. 12: Sorry I've been out of touch lately. I've been working two jobs trying to make ends meet. Programming related questions can be sent to me at Here are answers to your questions: Question: Do you have any news on the WT-Lord situation? Answer: I've corresponded with Joe Marcelletti about buying the program, but he is asking for ten thousand dollars, which is far more than the program is worth. And I don't see anyone else willing to buy the program. I've not sold any programs myself in more than 6 months as well. As far as I know, WT-Lord will no longer be developed. Question: Have you finished any more programs lately? Answer: I just posted a new version (v1.1) of Dodge City for download on my BBS! It has some AWESOME updates to v1.0! I also just released a NEW IGM called "The Brewery". The concept and storyline is by Joe Carpenter and I did the programming. It's a Redneck bar .... party with the crowd and listen to the band while enjoying a beer.... pretty wild stuff happens in the Brewery. Both programs are available from my website or BBS. Question: I was wondering what had happened to your JoeCode mailing list? My listserver is on the blink. I upgraded my system and it died. I'm not sure when or if I'll get the list server running again soon. WT-LORD is far from dead on my system. I have tons of people playing on my system and having a great time. Stop in and play.... my system is on the Internet and is free to everyone! Farpoint BBS: or Telnet to 04/02/01 Status: Fully Active. See later newsletter issues for further info on his WT-Lord programming work.

Ken Weitzel

08/21: Ken will be releasing a new Seasons Xmas IGM later this year. Ken: I don't have a website; but people can freq or e-mail freq stuff from here ... and all my stuff is at Jacques Shakes board, in California, USA. (; or telnet or wcNavigator to Actually, you can go there if you wish, to play lord, or upload/download qwk/rep fido echoes... (be sure to type the last "s" in shakeyjakes.) I've done around 15 IGMs if I recall correctly. Not much else in production; I've been working on winserver client/server programs, and 32-bit door- games. And I may do some new Lord IGMs to stay ahead of the other IGM authors.

List of Ken's Lord IGMs, that I know of: Cavern of the Creators, Let's Go Fishing, The Forgery, The Greasy Spoon, Lester's Palace, The Lord Wheel; Lordy, Lordy, Lordy; The Messenger, The Picnic, Poor House, The Races, Reflections, Rest and Relaxation, School Days -- may be called Ye Olde Schoolhouse; Tis the Season Xmas (1995, 1996, and 1998 versions), and Sherwood Forest. Also LordTest utility. (Note: The Seasons 1997 Lord II IGM was released by Bryan Turner.) 04/02/01 Status: Fully Inactive. Only Lord-related plans are to continue releases of the Seasons Lord IGM each Christmas to support various charities. 12/10/01: All software now unsupported unless by postal mail. BBS closed down in Spring 2001. Email account no longer in use, and no participation in Fidonet's LORD echo since summer 2001. 02/07: Replaced entry header. Ken is fully active again, and has started work on updating Lordy!, which has memory stack usage problems. See LordNews Issue #10 for details. Red LORD barline

Category: No recent program releases or web-site updates.
Still supportive or working on Lord programs or LORD web-sites.

Dawn Bidot --- Legend of the Red Dragon Inn --- (Alternate Email:

July 06: I have not updated my web-site for a good while, and I am too busy to even play LORD now. I have a home business that is taking all of my time, along with my family. DGT Note: Dawn has been great and has given Bobby and myself permission to use some of her Lord play guide files on the Kiteria's Korner site. Thanks again Dawn for that, and good luck with your home business.

Elric (Jay Weber) -- EarthDrake Software

08/30: Hello friends, I'm still on inactive status. I've been having major computer problems lately. I've almost finished my 2nd reformat and reinstall in the past 3 or 4 months. Meanwhile, if you remember, my web host crashed big a couple of years ago, and I lost a lot of my LORD/LORD 2 stuff. Well, apparently, they've recently restored more stuff, because it looks like all my stuff is back. I haven't had the chance to do a full check, so I'm not sure what, if anything, is missing. Hopefully, things will get back to some semblance of normal sometime in the near future... Please make a note that my email address has changed. 04/02/01 Status: Fully Inactive. See ccigm-6.htm for current details on Elric. 12/10/01: Also see ccigm-9.htm. 01/29/02: Fixed email address link.

Joel Gathercole -- -- Alternate Email: or -- ICQ: 16277704 -- telnet:// -- telnet://

June 27: My wife just gave birth on June 18th to our new son. So I have not been near a computer for almost three weeks. I do not have any work done recently on the LORD II: Complete New World program. The new baby is keeping us busy. 04/02/01 Status: Fully Active. He set up his own web-site/domain a few months ago. Currently working on Lord II: C.N.W. version 138.0. For more info, see LordNews Issue #6; see the Lord Programming Situation section. 12/10/01: CNW web-site shut down in August 2001, not back online yet. 06/05/02: Joel put his web-site up partially at around March, and then he disappeared again. He is unresponsive to email again, as of early June 2002. All CNW programming is currently believed unsupported.

Bobby Queen -- Official Lord II IGM Archive Site (closed April 2002)
Kiteria's Korner!

Kiteria's Korner Updates summary: Bobby and I worked through most of June revamping the Kiteria's Korner web-site. We added an Lord IGMs Page; a Dragon Graphics page; a revised format Lord Links page; and an Lord Archives Page. All of the Article pages were rewritten to clean up the HTML code, provide an uniform look among the pages, update the dragon art pictures, and add a button graphics links table, to guide users from one Article page to the next. We also received permission to add other Article pages at a later time which were on Dawn Bidot's site, but those have not been not added yet. 03/11/03: I reopened Kiteria's Korner in mid-January 2003 at new location: DGT.

08/10: I have a few files to put online soon for the Lord II site. I've been busy with my Ebay and Yahoo buying/selling business and family needs. I've had to fix problems on the FOTI website. So people don't worry, I'm still kicking, and will be updating my site again soon. 08/30 Note: Bobby has all of the Official Lord II site's files backed up on the mirror site. He's having trouble with his ISP,, due to lack of funds for the ISP bill. So he could use financial help with maintaining the web-site, as well as other forms of support. I've added the addresses for his mirror site above, and people should use them if the main sites disappear. DGT.

08/30: I am sorry to hear about the dropping LORD sites but it's a sign of the times. FidoNet is losing about 100 BBS's per week and has lost over 3,000 since January 1st. In fact, except for a message every once in a while from someone wanting to know if I have a cracked version of LORD, I rarely get any other LORD-related mail. I do still have a few items to get online and I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get them on, but with everything else going on it has just gotten me really depressed lately.

08/30: I have updated the News Page on both Lord2 sites - and Work on getting the Blockfaq.htm page is proceeding but not finished yet. Here is my submission for the newsletter: Yes folks, I am still alive although you couldn't tell it by me not updating the sites in 55 days. Hopefully I can get caught back up and then keep everyone updated on what is going on. It's possible that may be closing down my sites there in the near future. I hope everyone remembers that I have a mirror of the Lord 2 site at; and I recently made a mirror of Kiteria's Korner at So if does drop my sites, they will still be updated at the webjump addresses. I currently update both when I do my updating.

As for the future of BBS's and Online games in particular it looks bleak. Except for updates new stuff has stopped coming in and BBS's are still closing right and left. My BBS still has callers almost every day and when most of them are from BRAZIL, PUERTO RICO, ENGLAND, AUSTRALIA and other countries then I'm keeping it online. Remember it's at 1-704-434-8904 and is online what time I'm not on the Internet. I still haven't figured out why I get calls from all over the globe especially since I lost all my fancy ANSI graphics last year when I had the crash but they do so I'm not arguing. Well got to get the few files online that I have gotten for Lord 2 and add a few more pages to the Kiteria LORD site. Remember to email me and cuss me out if I slip up and don't update the sites at least monthly.

Sept. 18 - Bobby: My main email address has been restored. It was only down 24 hours and then you'll never guess why. :) Internet of Shelby, which had been bought out by a company in Florida, who was bought out by a company in Kentucky, got bought out yet again by a company in Hickory, NC. So they were changing over all the stuff to their equipment over the weekend. What gets me is I still haven't gotten a bill since May when Internet of Shelby was first bought out. Its possible that all these companies that keep buying each other out don't even know about my account. :) Anyway if they do drop me, the sites are mirrored on webjump already and I do have a bunch of CD's for FREE Internet access. doesn't exist now, but all our old sites are still working for now. I have a feeling they will use their new address sometime in the future. It's, so I guess my sites may change to and /kiteria. But I'm not sure of anything right now. All the other companies that bought them out left the names the same on old accounts. I am still working on those (new) pages for the Kiteria site and will eventually get them finished if I can stop going to doctors (all the time).

04/02/01 Status: Fully Inactive. Please view LordNews Issue #5 and Issue #6 for info on Bobby's current status, and recent activities. 04/12: Both the Official Lord2 site and Kiteria's Korner are currently inactive. 04/11/2002: Both webjump mirror sites are shut down; both sites are also shut down. Kiteria's Korner relocated to, as of April 11, 2002. Future of Lord2 IGM site not determined yet. 05/08/02: Lord2 IGM site was turned over to Max Larivee ( The new location is: 03/20/03: I reopened Kiteria's Korner in mid-January 2003 at:

Justin Scott --- Darktech

Joined LordNews mailing list in June. No contact since early June. Adapted from June issue: If you have a LORD-related web site, let me know and I'll get you added to the BBS links database at Darktech. Any other BBS-related sites are also welcome for the links database. 04/02/01 Status: Completely abandoned all interest in LORD. Stopped sponsoring/hosting LORD web-sites on his server. 08/10: Fixed email address link. 03/20/03: As of Fall 2002, Darktech no longer had anything to do with LORD matters, and as of Spring 2003, several Darktech-hosted web-sites had ceased to exist. No email contact with Scott in well over a year. 08/05/03: Removed email address hyperlink at Justin's request.

David F. Simmons --- Simmons Software - Files page

Has no plans for any new/updated Lord IGMs, but is still supporting his programs. 12/10/01: Will work on fixing problems with Shauna, Princess of Sorcery IGM in January 2002. Currently classified as Former LORD Author. Still available by email. 06/05/02: Does not respond to email; both IGMs are classified Abandoned. Neither are usable, due to RTE200, on 400+ Mhz systems using Pentium II+ CPU's. 01/10/2003: With assistance of Bob Newell, I was able to get usable RTE200 patches done of Shauna and Knights IGMs. They were released officially for/by David in Fall 2002. All source code for the programs was lost, so no support is available.

Bryan Stanbridge -- Purple Frog Productions -- Alternate Email: -- Bryan's Files Page

Continues to support his programs, and is willing to transfer rights to his programs if anyone wishes to take over their development. Author of Apothecary Shop, Grizelda's House, Lord Suburbia IGMs; and PathEdit utility. 12/10/01: Working on IGM updates currently. Fully active again. 01/10/2003: Resumed full inactive status in 2002, after giving up on LORD programming. Updates of Apothecary and Grizelda were released last year. Suburbia update has not been released publicly. Red LORD barline


Category: Semi-Inactive Authors:

Note: Next issue I will classify anyone I haven't heard from in six months as being fully inactive, and possibly omit major coverage of their sites. Those listed as fully inactive now, who haven't been heard from in a year, will be classified as "Dead authors/sites", and definitely omitted from the December issue, and later issues.

Bryan Turner -- Vagabond Software
Vagabond Software Mailing List -- ICQ#:106168174 -- Bryan's software Registration Page

No personal email contact since April 03, no newsletters since April 28, and no web-site updates in several months. 04/02/01 Update: Has quit all LORD programming, but remains active on the Fidonet LORD echo. 01/29/02: Has resumed Lord programming, by taking care of recompiling old Lord IGMs to get rid of their RTE200 problem. Fully active again. 09/07/02: Replaced email address link. Red LORD barline

Category: Fully Inactive Authors:

These are authors who I have not had email contact with since 1999; have stopped Lord programming; have not done program releases or web-site updates in 6+ months; or do not respond to Email messages.

Black Omen - no site update since July 1999. Tony Brown (Tonytown) - no site update since August 1999. John Elson (3dham Software) - no activity noted since December 1998. Eric Vinson (Elysium) - no contact in several months. Paul Koukos (Hellas BBS) - no contact in several months. No Lord programming done in years. phsoft - Michael Barrientos. No site update in years. Sunshine IGMs (Becky Benjamin) - no site update since 1996. Billy England - no site update since September 1996. Shaun Thibault - no site update since May 1998. Chet Rhodes - no longer writing Lord programs.

04/02/01 Update: On Semi-Active classification: Black Omen, Paul Koukos. On "Dead Site" classification: Tony Brown, Elson, Vinson, Barrientos, England, Thibault, and Rhodes. Becky Benjamin's web-site closed down a couple of months ago. See ccigm-6.htm for recent info on Vinson. Red LORD barline

Category: Inactive but Supportive Authors Summary:

These people either have provided recent support for my newsletter and web-site coverage of LORD programs and authors, or have done so in the past. Some have entries in the main section of this issue. This is a summary of their names. Also some are inactive only in regards to their programming. Marty Blankenship, Michael Bujold, Orion Elder, Steve Gargolinski, Shawn Highfield, Sallee Huber, Seth Robinson, Vamsi Tadepalli, Tom Toothman, and Ken Weitzel. Also Dawn Bidot, Elric, Suzanne Franklin, Joel Gathercole, Justin Scott, David Simmons, and Bryan Stanbridge have been recently inactive, (or inactive for a long time), along with Bobby Queen, for reasons noted in each person's entry. Suzanne doesn't write often, but has approved of all of the changes Bobby and I have made to date to her Kiteria's Korner site, and has always supported me for many years in my coverage of LORD news.

04/02/01 Update: No longer participating in Lord newsletter support and/or Lord programming: Robinson, Gargolinski, Highfield, Tadepalli, Toothman, Scott, Simmons, Stanbridge, and Turner. 02/07: Returned to active LORD programming: Bryan Stanbridge, Brian May, Bryan Turner, Janet Terry, Joe Marcelletti, Ken Weitzel, and Marty Blankenship. Now Former Authors: David Taylor, Chuck Culver, Vamsi Tadepalli, Trevor Herndon, Chris MacPherson, Chris Hamilton, Kenneth Padgett, Michael Bujold, Steve Gargolinski, and Shawn Highfield. Joel Gathercole is still fully inactive, and still off-line as to Lord II:CNW material. Red LORD barline

"Dead" Sites Category: Invalid email address. Or No Email response.

Notes: Those in the fully inactive and Dead sites categories will be omitted from the December issue, and other future issues, until such time as they resume being Active, or sites close down completely. These authors and sites will continue to be listed on my LORD Links Page as long as they are online. Some may be accessible to those with BBS access, Fidonet accounts, and ICQ or AIM message systems. If you happen to reach one of them, please ask them to contact me, either by Email, or through my web-sites's Guest-book.

Peter Jackson - Last word in early June was that he was working full-time at his air-conditioning job. Whether he will be supporting his programs is no longer known. If anyone can reach him, please tell him to reach me by some new email address or through someone. 04/02/01 Note: Email address closed down last year.

Michael Adams - No contact since May 26. Both his Lord web-site and the Angel's Planets:TEOS site have to be considered dead sites, due to loss of email contact. 04/02/01 Note: No longer involved in LORD/TEOS programming.

I tried my best to reach these Lord authors but was unable to either get a response or even determine if they are still around. They are: John Elson - 3dham Software, Billy England, Colby Reich (Lord Neko) - Lord Domain, "Black Omen" (Located again in 2002), Stefen Enns (Located in August 2002), Becky Benjamin - Sunshine IGMs, and Tony Brown. My conclusion has been, after leaving guestbook messages for some, that all have to be treated in the future in the "Dead sites" category. 08/30/02: Added revision info.

02/07/02: John Elson is active again, but not reachable by email. He only accepts email sent from a form on his web-page, due to excessive spam problems. And seldom responds to email still. Black Omen is accessible, and doing some LORD2 programming. The others listed here are Lost authors. Also Lost/Former Authors, listed below: Ahkenaton, Collard, Fountain/Obery, Griffin, Phillips, Purcell/Reilly, Tiefert, and Vickers. Marcelletti, Olsen, Padgett, and Richardson are all currently accessible via email and/or web-sites.

Ahkenaton - Children of Galaexy. FX Sound Systems (Mike Collard) - No recent site updates. Arctic Productions (Shawna Fountain/Craig Obery) - no site activity in years. Carlton Griffin - No contact or site activity in years. Joe Marcelletti - Icerage Technologies; website closed down. Robert Olsen - "Lord II: Awakenings Project". No-Name Software (Kenneth Padgett) - no site update since August 1996. Purple Haze (Phillips) - No site activity in years. Mad Systems (Brendan Purcell/Thomas Reilly) - No dates used on site. Eric Richardson - no site update since June 1997. Ben Tiefert - Lord II programming abandoned over a year ago. Spencer Vickers - Miniature Lord site. No contact since June 14, no recent web-site updates.

04/02/01 Notes: The Ahkenaton site, and Icerage, both closed last year. Benjamin's site closed a couple of months ago. (removed Icerage sentence) 04/12: No valid email address exists for Fountain/Obery, Griffin, Phillips, and Purcell/Reilly. No email contact in several months or longer from Tiefert, Vickers, or Reich. See LordNews Issue #5 - #10 for info about Robert Olsen and Eric Richardson. The majority of the other names listed above either have dead email accounts, or they don't care to respond to email inquiries.

08/21/01: As of mid-July 2001, Icerage Technologies is back in business, hosted by Shannon Talley. For full details, see LordNews Issue #8. To access the new site, use this link: Icerage Technologies. Red LORD barline

Recent LORD Program Releases:
Covering July 01 to Sept. 30, 2000:

                      Recent LORD IGMs:
GRA1_6.ZIP    107,964  08-14-00  The Warrior's Graveyard v1.60
CAVE14B.ZIP    93,516  08-16-00  L.O.R.D. Cavern v1.40b
OUTS13A.ZIP    96,396  08-16-00  The Outlands Tavern v1.30a
GATE10B.ZIP    79,063  08-16-00  The Gateway v1.00b
PVALLEY.ZIP   153,679  09-17-00  Pleasant Valley v1.00

----------- 04/14/01 Note: Released after issue's official release:
GRA1_7   ZIP   109880  09-22-00  Warrior's Graveyard v1.70

                                LORD II IGMs:
LAW201.ZIP     14,249  06-28-00  Lawyer's World v2.01
TMHSK3.ZIP      9,101  07-05-00  Frostglint Keep v3.00
ORC300.ZIP      7,811  07-06-00  The Oracle of What's To Come v3.00

                        Wildcat Tournament LORD IGMS:
BLACK29.ZIP    17,069  08-03-00  The Blacksmith's Shop v2.90
BOBS29.ZIP     56,878  08-03-00  Bob's Beer v2.90
CLINTN22.ZIP   56,921  08-03-00  Ask Clinton v2.20
TZONE11.ZIP   334,998  08-03-00  The Twilight Zone v1.10
BREW10   ZIP   76,780  09-13-00  The Brewery v1.0
DODGE11  ZIP  349,532  09-13-00  Dodge City v1.10

                          IGM Programming Utilities:
LSTRUCTC.ZIP    8,394  08-20-00  Lord C/C++ Structures
L2STRUCT.ZIP    3,284  08-20-00  Lord 2 C/C++ Structures
TSTRUCTC.ZIP    4,092  08-20-00  Planets:TEOS C/C++ Structures
LATSRC.ZIP    650,200  09-11-00  Source code - Latrine (Lord IGM)

                               LORD Utilities:
LORDT_11.ZIP    6,517  08-30-00  Lord Type v1.10

                                LORD Menusets:
TLORD20.ZIP    41,454  09-18-00  Star Trek: O.S. LORD Patch v2.0

End of recent LORD Programs Listing. (updated 4/14/01)

Notes: I have not found any LORD II Utilities since January 12. No Lord II New Worlds have been released since August 1999, but I know of at least two authors working on them currently. There have been no Lord Text files found since September 1999. And nothing for the Worldgroup version of Tournament Lord has been released in a very long time. Some files, especially Tlord20, were released months ago, but I only found them recently. Some were released after I finished LordNews issue #3 in mid- June. Everything else was released in July-September 2000. The listed files were found between June 28 and September 18, 2000.

04/02/01 Note: Several Lord II programs, including LORD II v1.02, were released after this issue was prepared. For listings of them, refer to ccigm-4.htm, ccigm-5.htm, and ccigm-6.htm web-pages. Lord II New world development: Duncan Idaho continues to work on his DuneLord and Wheel of Time programs. Black Omen, at one time, told me he was working on a Lord II N.W. program, title unknown. Red LORD barline

Requests and Surveys Section:

Authors Survey: Please send me a listing, with BRIEF descriptions, of all LORD programs you have written, are working on currently, and have planned for the future. Please note that when I say LORD, I mean "classic" LORD, LORD II, and Tournament LORD. If you have a web-site, please remember to include the web-site address when you contact me. Please indicate if you are still supporting your programs, and if not, whether you are willing to turn them over to someone else, such as Korombos or Lloyd Hannesson, for continued support and maintenance. Red LORD barline

Newsletter Summary and Contributions:

Future issues: Each issue is produced on a quarterly basis, with this one covering July 01 through September 2000. LordNews Issue #5 will start Volume 2, and cover October through December. To receive each issue by Email, please remember to join the LordNews mailing list, via my Castle Camelot LORD Links Page.

Notes from ccigm-04.txt file:
Text Issue #4 Addendum - Released via Listbot on Sept. 20, 2000: See ccigm4d.txt file inside CCIGM-04.ZIP or inside
** Incorporated into CCIGM-04.txt in revised format on April 02, 2001.
** Incorporated in original text in this page on April 14, 2001.
Notes: LordNews Issue Links section rewritten, in both ccigm-04.txt, and in ccigm-4.htm. That section is in different layout styles, for the HTML/text pages, so are not identical. Please update any issue files you have from those on my web-site, so they will all be up-to-date. Donald. 04/15/01.
Red LORD barline

Newsletter Contributions Section:

The Lord Authors section entries are listed alphabetically, by the author's last name. Since there are so many entries this time, I've decided to just list those who have been major contributors and supporters. Ruth Argust, Marty Blankenship, Jason Brown, Mike Dillon, Codax Dragon, Mike Ehlert, Michael Everett, Lloyd Hannesson, Duncan Idaho, Korombos, Tien Lung, Michael Preslar, Bobby Queen, Seth Robinson, Joseph Watson, and Ken Weitzel. My thanks to all of you, and anyone I may have forgot to mention.

Final Notes: My LORD Links Page lists the names of programs released by those authors who have web-sites currently running. It is organized so as to list "active" sites separate from Inactive sites. Inactive meaning that they are never updated, have not been updated in 3-6 months, or the author(s) are not reachable by Email, usually due to dead email addresses. I hope everyone enjoys reading the newsletter, either via Email or through the web-page. Text version was created using Netscape Navigator v4.72 and Qedit v3.00. MS Windows' Wordpad program used to copy Issue #4's three sections into Listbot's dialog box to send it to the mailing list.

I decided to write an addendum to this issue while transmitting the third part of the Text version on the Listbot site. This issue marks the first anniversary of this Lord Authors Newsletter. The addendum is archived inside CCIGM-04.ZIP, as the file ccigm4d.txt. It lists old Lord authors and sites that have been lost over the years. This seemed to be a good time to remember those whe have lost over the years.

10/07/00 Note: Added newsletter addendum file to archive file. 04/15/01 update: The addendum file was renamed to Lnws04-addendum.txt, in the file. Original addendum text added to this HTML web-page on Apr. 14, and revised addendum text was added into CCIGM-04.TXT file earlier this month.

Started initial development of this issue on August 10, 2000. Primary development of this HTML web-page, and the Listbot Text version, was ended on Wednesday morning, Sept. 20, 2000. Newsletter issue released in Text format via Listbot on Sept. 2000. Released through my Castle Camelot web-site on Sept. 20, 2000: HTML Page version, Listbot Text Version, and archive files and CCIGM-04.ZIP.

From CCIGM-04.TXT: Starting on March 27, 2001, LordNews Issues #1-#4, text versions, have been brought up-to-date with notations and/or updated information, preparatory for release of LordNews Issue #6 web-page, in mid-April 2001.

April 2001 updates summary: Added 04/12/01. About half of this issue page is updated and aligned with the ccigm-04.txt file, which was primarily updated earlier this month. Replaced Lordnews issues links section. Updating author entries with short current status notations. Verification of email/web-site addresses mostly is done. 04/14: Updated LordNews Issues Link section, updated Lord releases section, added revised LordNews #4 addendum text here, in following section. 04/15: Finished Issue #4 files rewrites.

February 2002 Note: Issue is undergoing revamping, to remove no longer needed entries. Removals are archived inside cc04-notes.txt. 02/07: Revisions made so far: Visually checked email links. Entry updates: Hannesson, Tadepalli, Gathercole, Stanbridge, Turner, Blankenship, Korombos, and Weitzel. Section rewrite updates: Inactive/Supportive Authors Summary, Issues Links. Will analyze following Addendum section for needed pruning soon. Red LORD barline

LordNews Issue #4 Addendum - Revised Text:

Revision of original addendum added to CCIGM-04.TXT on April 02, 2001. Original format addendum added to ccigm-4.htm on Apr. 14. Any needed update notes, will be added at bottom of the addendum here. Copy of original Addendum is archived inside LNWS04-Addendum.txt, and in CCIGM-04.ZIP: ccigm04d.txt. I chose to use a different name for the HTML archive file copy.

LORD Authors News, Issue #4 - LISTBOT Release Notes:
Newsletter Addendum - Prepared on September 20, 2000.

Dear Lord friends, I hope everyone enjoys your reading of this new issue of my Lord Newsletter. Please remember and let me know how you like things, and anything you have to suggest about making the next issue even better. I can't promise shorter since I WANT lots of contributions. This issue, marks the end of my first year of newsletter writing, issue-wise. Come Thanksgiving, it will be the first anniversary of the date I started writing the first newsletter issue. This one entered the finish lane at a healthy 70-72 KB size for both the HTML and Listbot Text version files. So it was the biggest one to date, but I think everyone will find it well worth the download and reading time.

I've noticed some changes that need to be made to the files for Issue #1 and Issue #2, so I will be uploading new updates of those two Issues' files later this week to my Castle Camelot web-site. Here's what you can expect to see should you go back and re-read them, once they are updated. Issue #1 has the email addresses for authors just listed, and not hyperlinked, in the HTML version. Somehow I missed that all these past months. Issue #2 has the email addresses hyperlinked to themselves, and I can't recall why I did it that way. So I'll change that to where the email address is linked to the author's name. Issue #3 looked fine, and the only update needed common to all three, is to update the URL links in each one to refer readers, who are new to the LORD Newsletter, to the next issue's files. All the links in Issue #4 were checked out, and all looked OK.

One thing I would appreciate everyone doing is this: Please check your entries and see if I have the email and website addresses for you presented correctly. It's always difficult to get something completely perfect, and I hope everyone has the right addresses so people can contact them without problem, should they want/need to do so. The links to access the new Issue #4 files will be updated on my Castle Camelot LORD Links Page before I update the web-site this morning, along with uploading the final versions of the HTML page, and the Listbot Release page. The following stuff is some material I decided to write tonight as an archived addition to Issue #4. The actual newsletter is large enough as is, so I'm just going to place this file, ccigm04d.txt, inside the archive.

A one-year anniversary to me seems to be an excellent time to look back, and say goodbye again to those dearly loved LORD friends who we have lost. I don't know if they are lost forever, but they aren't reachable by email anymore, that I know of. Should anyone have a usable and working address for these people PLEASE let me know it/them. Some do still have valid email addresses, but aren't programming for Lord anymore, so I'm just going to list them all together.

Lost track of, may still be active: Bryan Turner, Peter Jackson, and Spencer Vickers, Paul Koukos, Justin Scott. Not reachable by email without getting long auto-response letter: Mike Snyder. Inactive, nothing released for LORD: Eric Vinson and Elysium Software.

Gone but not forgotten: Joseph Masters, Janet Terry, John Winter, Michael Adams, Robert Fogt - stopped Lord programming altogether; Joe Marcelletti - don't know what happened to him, but we all are sorry to have Wildcat Tournament Lord now be unsupported; Chet Rhodes - also one who stopped his Lord programming; Shawn Highfield - not programming now, but hasn't lost his interest in LORD; David Simmons and Bryan Stanbridge - both have stopped Lord programming, but are still with us; Carl Tice, Ben Tiefert, Dawn Bidot and Suzanne Franklin - our dear Lord play guide buddies, both are still interested in Lord, but not active; Tony Brown, Max Larivee, Thomas Reilly and Brendan Purcell, "Romeo", Thomas Torbech, Tom Toothman - inactive, but will do a new IGM if enough people encourage him. So everyone please do that. Assumed totally inactive - couldn't ever get an email response, or their site seems to be on auto-pilot: John Elson, Black Omen, Tony Brown, Paul Koukos and Eric Vinson (listed above also), Michael Barrientos, Becky Benjamin, Billy England, Shaun Thibault (last name assumed).

02/07/02: Bryan Turner and Paul Koukos are still fully active. Mike Snyder is accessible by email again. Janet Terry has returned to active duty. And so has Joe Marcelletti. He is working on rewriting WT-Lord currently. Robert Fogt and Shawn Highfield turned over some of their Lord programs to Lloyd Hannesson. 09/07/02 Notes: Joseph Masters - Former Lord author. Available again via email. Marcelletti - Former author. WT-Lord v3.00 work abandoned. Stanbridge - Former author. No valid email known. Larivee - took over Official Lord II IGM Archive in May 2002. Toothman - no valid email.

Rewritten portion of Addendum section, original paragraph has been archived inside cc04-notes.txt. List of people who don't respond to email, and/or whose sites appear to be dead, or on life support. John Elson, Billy England, Colby Reich, "Black Omen", Stefen Enns, Becky Benjamin, Tony Brown, Mike Collard, Arctic Productions, No-Name Productions, Carlton Griffin, Robert Olsen, Andy Phillips, Mad Systems (Purcell/Reilly), Eric Richardson, Ben Tiefert.

02/07/02: Black Omen is an semi-active Lord2 programmer. Robert Olsen and Eric Richardson are non-author LORD friends who are semi-active. The Benjamin and Tiefert web-sites are closed. 09/07/02 Notes: Enns - former author. Olsen, Richardson - former webmasters.

There are probably some other old Lord friends I am not thinking of, but they would all have been gone for well over two years. As some of you will notice in reading the newsletter, I would love to hear from any old Lord authors and webmasters who might come across this message. We are all fortunate I think that Lloyd Hannesson came back to us, and that Michael Everett found our old friend Vamsi Tadepalli and forwarded his ICQ conversation to me for the newsletter. I can recall many old friends and/or LORD web-sites that I miss.

Dark Lair Software/BBS - Rick Martin (Located August 2002); Gregory Campbell; Trevor Herndon (located in 2001); Aussie Creations - M. Freeman; Avalin Software - Casey Leonard and Rod Swigart; John Maynus "Azor"; Ballistic Labs; Sweet Dreams Software - Aaron Wornom (Located August 2002); Brian Bosscher (Located August 2002), David Miller, Dekka Visions Software, Wonderland Software - Jay Cochrane; Andrew Doran, Charles Feldmeier, Nannette Thacker, Chris Macpherson, Chris Fisher, Stephen Oberholtzer, Joshua Eckerman, John Gibbard, John Tucker, Brian May (Located in 2001), Jeff Fanjoy, Matt Granberry, Chad Schwartz, David Hasbrouck (Located in 2002), David Coburn, Charles Culver (Located in 2001), Charles Mandeville (Located in 2002), John Hutton, Marvin Wise (Located in summer 2002), Rafi Bodill, Paul Mullins (Located in spring 2002), Devon Brooks, Ahkenaton, Tom/Thomas Moore, Dan Buckler, Craig Edgar. Foxfire, James Cornman - Hybrid Software; Insane Productions; Jam's Den, KnightSoft, Chris Larkin, Mamoosoft - Robby Dittman, MatrixSoft, Mystic Software (Stephen Enns - Located August 2002), Night Fire Software - John Winter; Noel Software - Thomas Smith; Charles Mandeville, Steven Blunt, Kyle Parish (located in 2001), PolarShock, "Romeo", Sherwood Zone and Starlink sites, SlayerSoft, and Steven Millar.

If anyone thinks of any other old Lord authors, and knows how to reach them, please let them know I'd like to know what they are up to, and if they'd ever consider updating their old Lord programs, or writing new ones. Some of the people I've listed were old friends that I met through their web-sites, or by email, many years ago, when I first started keeping track of the Lord sites and people. One sure does notice a lot of lost sites when you look back and actually see who has been lost, don't they? Note: I've been looking over my old archives for closed Lord sites, and had never realized before that Eric Vinson was the writer of the Lord II New World: Exile to Another World. What happened with that program's development, I'd love to know.

So everyone, here's your chance to help me prepare for the next Lord issue. Everyone is invited to send in entries anytime you wish to, and I likely won't actually start this next issue until October. I've got a new project to do, in connection with one I'm working towards with Lloyd Hannesson. I'm going to update the IGM Page from Joseph Masters site, with every known Lord IGM listed, along with last known version number, author's name with any valid email address hyperlinked, author's web-site if one is available, and removal of the comments parts. I don't need them, and getting rid of those short reviews will result in a much shorter web-page. Once this is done, anyone who would want to, can always access it from my web-site, and be able to write messages to people, or visit their web-sites, knowing what they'd written.

I'd love to consider doing something like this for Lord II IGM authors, but I'm not that crazy. Someone else can tackle a project like that if they want to do so. I don't have a list of email addresses for the hundred plus Lord II igm authors, most of whom, I seem to recall from working on the Official LORD II IGM Archive's review pages for Bobby Queen, don't have a web-site. *IF* I had a list of valid email addresses for all the Lord II igm writers, and a list of any web-sites they might have by now, I'd be willing to consider working on an additional Lord web-page to cover them. I guess that's all I wanted to say to conclude this Listbot mailing for the fourth newsletter issue. Donald.

Update notations for matters covered in the above Addendum. Prepared on Apr. 14, 2001. The current issue, to be released later this month, is LordNews Issue #6, and should be consulted, along with Issue #5, for news relating to those referred to in this issue. Lost track of ... update: Bryan Turner is now fully inactive. Lost all contact with Peter Jackson and Spencer Vickers last year. Paul Koukos is active only in connection with his Hellas BBS web-site. Justin Scott is no longer involved in any way with LORD. Not reachable ... update: Seth Robinson also is sending auto-response form letters to anyone who writes him about LORD. See Issue #6 for Elysium Software coverage. Black Omen is a participant in Issue #5, but is fairly inactive. For other info, just read the update notes in the HTML web-pages for each newsletter issue. Red LORD barline

LordNews Issues Links Section: (01/28/04)

Web-Page Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Released on April 28, 2000. -- Issue #1 Archive
LordNews Issue #2 - Released on June 26, 2000. -- Issue #2 Archive
LordNews Issue #3 - Released on June 28, 2000. -- Issue #3 Archive
LordNews Issue #4 - Released on Sept. 20, 2000. -- Issue #4 Archive
LordNews Issue #5 - Released on December 20, 2000. -- Issue #5 Archive
LordNews Issue #6 - Released on April 19, 2001. -- Issue #6 Archive
LordNews Issue #7 - Released on August 05, 2001. Issue #7 Archive.
LordNews Issue #8 - LordNews Issue #8 Archive
Released on Oct. 08, 2001 in two parts. Recombined into single web-page on May 28, 2002.

LordNews Issue #9 -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 03, 2001.
LordNews Issue #10 -- Issue #10 HTML Archive. Released on February 06, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 -- Issue #11 HTML Archive. Released on May 18, 2002.
LordNews Issue #12 -- Issue #12 HTML Archive. Issue released on Oct. 07, 2002. Last revision 03/31/03.
LordNews Issue #13 -- Issue #13 HTML Archive. October 2002 - June 2003 coverage. In final processing.

LordNews Issue #14 -- Covers July 2003 forward.
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Text Version Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Text -- Issue #1 Text Archive. Released on December 20, 1999.
LordNews Issue #2 - Text -- Issue #2 Text Archive. Released on April 05, 2000.
LordNews Issue #3 - Text -- Issue #3 Text Archive. Released on June 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #4 - Text -- Issue #4 Text Archive. Released on September 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #5 - Text -- Issue #5 Text Archive. Released on December 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #6 - Text -- Issue #6 Text Archive. Released on April 19, 2001.
LordNews Issue #7 - Text -- Issue #7 Text Archive. Released on August 05, 2001.
LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part One -- LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part Two
LordNews Issue #8 Text Archive. Released on October 08, 2001.
LordNews Issue #9 Text Version -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 04, 2001.

LordNews Issue #10 Text Version -- LordNews Issue #10 Appendix
Issue #10 Text Archive. Last Appendix files update: Apr. 29, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 - Text -- Issue #11 Text Archive. Released on May 18, 2002.
LordNews #10 Data Files: Contains Authors-Info.txt, Lost-Authors.Txt, and Usable-IGMs.txt files.
LordNews #11 Data Files: Contains Unusable-IGMs.txt, CC11igm1.txt, and CC11igm2.txt files.

LordNews Issue #12 - Text -- Issue #12 Text Archive.
LordNews #12 Data Files -- Contains the BadPatch.txt and PassTest.txt files.

LordNews Issue #13 - Text -- Issue #13 Text Archive.
Patched LORD Apps Listing. Appendix for LordNews Issue #13.

Go to the LordNews Table of Contents Page. Red LORD barline

Post-Release Notes Continued:

04/15/01: Finished updating issue #4 files, both web-page and text version. Did not try to align material involving the addendum, and its related update notations between the two files. 08/02/01 Notes: Brief edits, fixed HTML coding error. Jason Brown, Tien Lung, and Bryan Turner have quit doing LORD programming, but are still supporting their programs. Korombos's server has closed down, reason unknown. IceRage Technologies has resumed operation - see Issue #7 for details. 08/10: Fixed email address link errors. 08/21: Added LordNews List update, replaced LordNews Issues Links section. 09/13, 10/31: Updated LordNews Issues Links section.

December 2001/January 2002 Notes: 12/10/01: Revised LordNews Links section; Replaced LordNews mailing list subscribe info; added update notes to various author's entries. 12/21: Miscellaneous editing updates. 01/20/02: Replaced LordNews issues Links section. 01/22: Updated Ruth Argust's entry. 01/29: Codax Dragon entry updated. Did Link check of web-page, fixed various errors. Dropped links to closed sites: TinySoft, New Lord page, Lord II:CNW site. Revised links: Elysium, Elric. Rewrote some of the Addendum Section. 02/23: Posted issue archive to Fidonet. 03/06/02: Replaced all Vagabond Software web-site links. 09/07/2002: Updated email links - Bryan Turner, Mike Dillon. Issue links updated. 09/13/02: Revised LordNews/LadyScripts Lists HTML Forms code section. Updated Bobby Queen's entry.

January 2003 revision. Replaced old GeoCities URL links to work with current web-site. Updated LordNews Issues Links section. 08/05/03: Removed Justin Scott's email address; updated issues links section. 01/28/04: Updated entry info for Michael Bujold, Mike Dillon, Lloyd Hannesson, Michael Preslar, and Joel Gathercole. Updated LordNews Issues Links table.

06/27/07 Note: All web-sites formerly hosted on were either closed since 2003 or have been relocated. IceRage Technologies is closed; Kiteria's Korner is relocated; Lord2 IGM Archive Site is closed; and FieldSoft IGMs is closed. Did brief update to replace hyperlinks. 01/13/09: I will replace the web-page counters code eventually (maybe). Fixed some HTML coding errors.

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