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Castle Camelot LORD Authors Newsletter #8-A:

Volume 2, Issue 4 -- Started on August 11, 2001, by Donald Tidmore
Officially released on October 08, 2001 (HTM) and Oct. 09, 2001 (Text version).
Recombined into single web-page on May 28, 2002.

January 2003 URL revision.

LordNews Issue #8 Introduction:

Welcome to the eighth issue of the LORD Authors Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 4. The coverage span of this issue, originally distributed in two parts, is Aug. 05 - Sept. 30, 2001. Final release work was done October 01-02, 2001. LordNews issues cover LORD, LORD II, Wildcat Tournament LORD, Planets: TEOS, and the 32-bit LORD programs being worked on by Michael Preslar. Due to lack of news, Worldgroup T-Lord is not covered, except in Preslar's entry. There is no non-official development known for it, or for TEOS. Author entries are alphabetized, by last name usually. And divided into various Status sections: Active, Inactive, Former, etc. Mailing list release of this issue is through the LordNews List, via Lord Legacy list server, set up for me by Michael Preslar. Current distribution routes: my web-site, the LordNews list; Eudora HTML Delivery mailing list (must request this option); Fidonet release via Ruth Argust. Issue archives files are also sent to Mike Ehlert and Bobby Queen for posting on their web-sites. All LORD Newsletter files are backed up 1-2 times a month on the Lord Legacy FTP site.

05/28/02 Rewrite: All issue development notes are stored inside ccigm-8h.zip, and CCIGM-08.ZIP, in the files cc8note1.txt and cc8note2.txt. When originally released, this issue was distributed through my LordLegacy-hosted mailing list. Following info is revised, and up-to-date, for May 2002. LordNews List subscriptions: You may use the following HTML Form to subscribe to the list, which is now a Discussion list.

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05/28/02 Rewrite: October 02 Release Notes: Archived portions of original Issue inside cc8note2.txt. Issue #8 was released, in two parts, both Text and HTML versions, on October 02, 2001. I hope you enjoyed reading the original issue, and this revised format issue. Thanks for participating in, or subscribing to, my LordNews Mailing List. Rewrite of Oct. 05, 2001 Notes: Was unable to properly distribute issue #8 Text version via the LordNews list server, so it had to be re-released on Oct. 08. Michael Preslar's entry was revised during the intervening week. Changes are dated 10/04-10/08 for the October 2001 revisions. Issue #8 got released successfully the second time on October 08, 2001. All LordNews issue files were updated in early April 2002 during my web-site relocation. Replaced all URL's that reference my Kiteria's Korner site; the Official Lord2 IGM Archive site (under new management now); and any other sites that have changed location since October 2001. Red LORD barline

LordNews #8 Misc. Notes Section:

LordNews #8 - Table of Contents:
Miscellaneous Notes Section: LORD Programming Situation Section
LORD Authors Notes Section Former LORD Authors Section:
RunTime Error 200 Info Section: LORD IGMs Project Section:
Old Authors Research Notes Section: WT-LORD Discussion Notes Section:
Recent LORD Programs Listing LORD Authors Status Section:
LordNews Issues Links Section Contributions/Summary Section

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Miscellaneous Notes Section:

Current Projects: (1) I am working with Lloyd Hannesson to finish his LORD IGMs List database. The research I have done on LORD IGMs is from looking at each IGM to gather info for creating/updating database records. Lloyd is working on script files that will allow visitors to assign a value rating to each IGM. Authors will be able, as currently planned, to log-in and upload new IGMs or updated IGMs into the database. (2) I am working on my own LORD Play Guide files. I would appreciate contributions for it on IGMs I have not ever used myself. Contributors will have their names and email addresses listed in the guides, unless you prefer to be anonymous. Eventually, I intend to integrate these files in some form into the Kiteria's Korner! site. 03/20/03: I reopened Kiteria's Korner in mid-January 2003 at: http://www.fidotel.com/public/kiteria/. Some files from Dawn Bidot's LORD Inn will eventually be integrated into the site as well.

10/24/06 Notes: Lloyd Hannesson's site no longer exists, and he is no longer doing LORD/BBS programming. No valid email address is known for him now. Kiteria's Korner was returned to Suzanne Franklin in August 2006, and is now located at: http://www.lordlegacy.com/kiteria/.

To view my LORD Play Guide's text files, use these links: dgt-lord.txt, dgt-lrd2.txt; or download the dgt-lord.zip archive, from my web-site. (3) I am updating Joseph Masters' old LORD IGMs Page, to list currently available IGMs. Updates are posted in the igm-page.zip archive. As of April 2002, the actual web-page is also viewable. (4) Finish rewriting LordNews Issue #6's files. And (5) complete work on adding waterfall data to my Yellowstone Waterfalls Page. The Yellowstone page work was finished on Nov. 21, 2001.

Castle Camelot Site Update Notes: 08/08/01: Replaced waterfall pictures on my Tournament LORD IGMs Page. 08/09: Replaced the waterfall pictures on my LORD Utilities Page. 08/22: Replaced the pictures on the LORD Links Page. The cats picture is of two of my three cats, Butterscotch (yellow cat) and Simon (brown Siamese cat), sleeping. 09/11: Relocated LORD IGM Support Files section from my LORD Menusets Page, to the LORD IGMs Page. Feedback Reminders: (1) Send bug reports, feature requests for LORD, LORD II, LORD/X, Planets: TEOS, Worldgroup T-Lord; and Joseph Masters' LORD programs, including LordNet, to Michael Preslar. (2) Send questions about LORD II: CNW, to Joel Gathercole. And (3) please send me some feedback on the Newsletter issues. 10/06/01 Rewrite.

Help requests: If you have experience with LORD or LORD II programs which can not be installed/run, even after patching, due to Runtime Error 200, please let me know the program names. If you know a person listed in the Non-Accessible Authors section, please let me know how to contact them. If you have attempted to register a LORD program, and couldn't reach the author, please let me know about it. LORD Programs Release info: Ruth Argust is back to work hosting the Fidonet LORD DDS echo, and running her DDS web-site. Bobby Queen is accessible by email again. WT-Lord IGM/utility files should be sent to Shannon Talley, and to Ruth. LORD programs sent to me will be posted on the LORD Legacy FTP site. New/updated LORD IGMs are being posted into the LORD IGMs Listing database on Lloyd Hannesson's www.dasme.org/techn/ site. If you wish to release Lord programs' source code, contact Michael Everett and Ruth. If you want someone to take over program development, I advise talking with Lloyd Hannesson or Michael Preslar.

10/24/06 Notes: Ruth Argust is no longer involved in Fidonet due to bad health. Bobby Queen is presumed to be dead, and has not been heard from in two+ years. Deleted email hyperlinks used for Ruth and Bobby. All LORD programs distribution by me is now done to my web-site; Mike Ehlert's BBS Archives site; Shannon Talley's Fidotel BBS site; and to Michael Everett's NightfallGames.com site. Lloyd Hannesson quit doing LORD/BBS work in 2005 and no longer has a valid email address or web-site. Red LORD barline

LORD Sites Openings/Closures:

New sites: Robert Olsen's BBS site, Gary Hartzell's site. 08/28: Binary Hurricane BBS Lord Files page. 10/24/06: binaryh.com site no longer exists. Closures: Caladron's Nest dragon pictures site. 09/25: Shawn Highfield's TinySoft site.
10/02 Closures: Elysium Software, Michael Adams Programming (old nbci.com page), Angel's Planets: TEOS site, Tieftech site, Billy England site. Artibbs FTP site no longer responds to Anonmyous FTP access. Still no response from Lord II: CNW site. Listed as Closed now. Most CNW hyperlinks have been removed from issue. 10/02 Address Changes: Michael Adams moved his homepage to http://wolfsheep.com/koolhost.com/index.html. 05/28/02 Note: Gary Hartzell relocated to the Lord Legacy server, like myself, in early April 2002.

10/24/06 Notes: The binaryh.com site no longer exists. Gary's site is now at http://www.legendarydragons.com/, and does not cover LORD now. Red LORD barline

LORD Programming Situation Section:

Current analysis of LORD programming activity, excluding web-site activity. The following people are the only ones known to be currently fully Active, based on actual/upcoming releases of Lord programs, and/or email contact with them. Michael Preslar, myself, Jason Brown, Paul Koukos, Michael Everett, Mike Dillon, Joseph Watson, Codax Dragon, Duncan Idaho, James Baran, Jay Cochrane, Gary Hartzell, Rick Parrish, Chuck Brogan, Michael Adams, Ruth Argust. Returned to Semi-Active status: Bobby Queen, David Simmons, Robert Fogt, and Mike Ehlert. Current status undetermined: Brian May. For other WT-Lord material see the WT-Lord Notes section.

Joel Gathercole -- No LORD2 web-site -- Alternate Email: joel-NOSPAM@viedigi.com or joelgathercole-NOSPAM@yahoo.com -- ICQ: 16277704

08/13: Telnet site still closed down, and the FTP site remains unresponsive. Considered fully Inactive, due to lack of information via Email, and the unreliable day-to-day status of his FTP, Telnet, and web site sites. 08/23: Source: Lord2 M.L. Digest: Joel's Aug. 20 message: Hello, I was unexpectedly gone for about 2 weeks. So my server here at home was all working automatic. Most of it worked ok when I was away, until the power went off for many hours, then the lord2 server didn't start-up as it should have. Any ways, the great news I have to announce is, I'm moving my server yet again, from Quebec to Ontario, Canada. As well changing the connection. We're moving to a commercial cable modem connection, which is better than this ADSL here. From the max 17 mbits/s to 384 mbits/s connection.. That's much faster. The new server should be in place before end of August. The Lord2 server will most likely be down in a few days until the new connection is ready. I'm also hosting domains, and BBS related domains I will host for free on my new server. I've recently registered Lordii.net and BBSReview.org. For those of you wondering, I have not gotten my 6cpu super server operating yet, I have not had the time to work on it yet. Been so busy with family situations here. 08/22: The LORD2 IBBS server will be down until the new, faster connection is ready in Ontario, Canada. I will also be away until then. This might be for another 7-10 days from now, so basically, by the end of the month it might be down.

09/15: From Lord2 M.L. Digest #95. Posted 09/11: Hi. Nice to know there are still fans around. I'm trying to set up a high speed commercial server at my internet cafe. So far we only have dial-up. This is a small town, so it's harder than I thought. Anyway, I'm still working on getting that T1 (phone line) in here. I just need some local people who are interested in helping out with the expenses, and who want to share the T1. I've found so far 1, and he knows many others that might be. So it's good news right now. Well my servers are still offline until further notice. I have not forgotten or have not gotten lost, I'm working hard here to get it all put together. I also just got the internet here where I am now, so I'll be able to update you guys every couple of days or so. And hey, if you're in the Grenville area, come and visit my internet cafe I'm putting together. Located in Prescott, Ontario, Canada.

10/02-06/01 Notes: The CNW site was either inactive most days in July, August, and September, or was closed. So I have removed all CNW links from my LORD Links Page, and have replaced all CNW-based hyperlinks in the LORD files pages. The CNW Telnet/FTP servers stopped working back in early July, and never became reliable again. 10/18: Joel is still working on setting up a high-speed Internet service in his area, so that he can go back online. 05/28/02: Joel has been working at getting online since March 2002, but the new CNW site is still not fully operational. And he has disappeared again, and does not answer his email.

10/24/06 Update: Joel's CNW site was off and on at times in 2004, then was closed down. Deleted its hyperlinks. He is retired from BBS programming.

Michael Preslar -- michaelpreslar.com -- Elysium Software -- ICQ #9590896
LordLegacy.Com -- LORD Beta requests: files-NOSPAM@lordlegacy.com

09/07: It's awesome to see that the newsletter is getting so big. That means there's tons of people still interested in the game. DT> I would appreciate knowing the current update status of Joseph Master's Lord programs. A few things here. Since all of them run with the current versions of Lord, and since I don't know of any bug reports (there's been little feedback from sysops about them), there's really not much need for updates. They do what they're supposed to, without (many) problems. One day, I'd like to go through them all and clean up the code. Make them run faster, better, etc.. But, that's one of those mysterious "one day" things. Here is my Newsletter Entry: LORD 4.07 is coming along nicely. The main thing with v4.07 is that the 100% CPU usage bug is pretty much squashed. LORD/32 (the win32/door32 version), and LORD/2 (the OS/2 version) both compile and run. They have their problems, but they at least run. It'll be a bit before they're released to the wild. LORD/x (for Linux) is waiting on me to get back to it. I think it's getting lonely. I'd like to have LORD/32, LORD/2, and LORD/x all finished and released at the same time. A big day in LORD history. LORD2 and TEOS have also come along a bit. I've been working on cleaning up the code for these games. LORD, LORD2, and TEOS all use the same tool kits, so a bug fixed in one, fixes it in all. So, all 3 are getting better on the CPU usage bit (LORD2 still has problems with that though since it's so multi-node intensive.) If anyone wants to see the new versions of LORD, LORD2 and TEOS in action before they're released. They can shoot over to my Telnet site - telnet://bbs.lordlegacy.org, and play there. Not only do they get to see the games before they're released, but they also help test the games for me. I've been very busy with my day job. But it's cool. They've got me working with speech recognition stuff. I did some web sites that were the editing system of a telephone-based Voice Recognition platform - very cool stuff. Matter of fact, the work I did on the project is what got me the promotion. Got moved to the "web team", the "go-to" guys that help everyone else. (Note: The LORD v4.07 game on Michael's telnet site has no IGMs, according to a friend who is playing there.)

Michael 10/02: A quick addition for the newsletter: Whenever it's been awhile since I released something new, I like to kick out something quick and easy for the sysops and players. So, I've got a gift for you all. http://lord.lordlegacy.org/levent.html. A registration generator for LordEvent. Eventually, a freeware version will be released. But this is for those that can't wait. Eventually, all of the Joseph Masters IGMs I adopted will be released as freeware with a registration generator web page as well. Enjoy! Added to issue on 10/03/01. 10/06 New additions, posted by Michael: TeamLord web-page: http://lord.lordlegacy.org/teamlord.html; NPC Lord web-page: http://lord.lordlegacy.org/npclord.html; Sandtiger's Bar web-page: http://lord.lordlegacy.org/sandtiger.html.

Added 10/06/01. Source: LORD Legacy Message Board. Posted by Michael on 09/05/01, responding to WebLord message by Q, posted on 08/26/01: Q: Any news on when WebLORD might be available? An expected release date? Sorry to pry, but I'm very curious. I've been planning to put my BBS back up, but I may go with WebLORD instead. All I plan to use it for is LORD, so WebLORD will save me a lot of time. Michael: WebLord was to be worked on by a friend of mine. Last I knew, Metropolis needed to get some necessary paperwork his way. It's been awhile since I spoke with him or MGP. Being as such, I can only assume that he still needs the paperwork. Unfortunately, that matter is out of my hands. Hopefully you can fill me in. You have questions, I have answers. Let's see if they match. The answers I give here are based on what I've seen of WebLord so far. In the end, things could be a lot different, so don't take my word as gospel. In other words, I'll answer to the best of my knowledge, but keep in mind that things may change. Q: Will it have IGM support? How are IGM's written? Michael: IGMs ... The WebLord I saw was written in Java (the reasoning for Java is sound. Trust me ... I'm not a Java coder, but if I remember right, Java can start up other applets. So, I'll say yes.

Q: How will it be licensed? Will I have to pay a one-time shareware fee, or will I have to pay based on concurrent connections? Michael: This I dont know. That would be totally up to Metropolis.. Q: Can I run multiple games on a single server? On my old BBS, I had three LORD games running, each with a different menuset. Could I do this with WebLORD? Michael: I'll say "depends" .. On one hand, yes. The game's engine could be ported at different ports, so, technically, multiple games could be ran. On the other hand, the game's license might have something to say about multiple copies running concurrently. So .. I'll say that it's technically possible, but would depend on the license. Q: Will I be able to customize the menus, like in LORD? Michael: I didn't get to see the internals of the engine, so I can't be certain. But if it's not currently possible, it's a definite thing to add. I'll answer with an "if not now, eventually". Q: The LADY scripting language in the newer versions of LORD is very interesting. Will this be supported? Michael: Glad you like Lady.. Since I'm not a Java coder, I dont know if Java can handle text files. I'm pretty sure it can. If it can, its highly possible that WebLord could have its own Lady engine. Granted, that would be something to add down the road once the main engine is complete. Q: Okay, I have a LOT of questions. If you can't answer them for whatever reason, I understand. Please keep us posted though! Michael: Ask all the questions you like. Always good to see people interests piqued by the work we do.

10/24/06 Update: DOS LORD v4.07 was released on June 07, 2006, and the 32-bit LORD versions' development is on hold. See his LordLegacy News page for further details. Because people abused his beta files request service it was temporarily discontinued in early 2006. Michael no longer uses the michael@mailcity.com email account. Use only mike@lordlegacy.com. Lordlegacy.org was replaced by Lordlegacy.com. LORD v4.08 betas are in inactive status currently, after development of DOS LORD and its 32-bit versions was resumed in late September 2006. He no longer has a publicly accessible LORD FTP server.

Bobby Queen -- Web-site links removed 05/28/02.
Email link removed 10/24/06.

08/14: I am doing fine and am still losing weight. I've dropped to using clothes sizes that I haven't used since my first or second years in high school. My grandmother has been having problems with her foot, so I was taking her to the doctor 3-4 times a week. She fell this past Sunday, and several of her kids went and helped her up. My mother checked on her Sunday night and found her having trouble breathing, so she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. The original diagnosis was congestive heart failure, fluid on her lungs, and a broken foot. The latter either caused from the trouble weeks ago, or from the fall Sunday. She had been unable to walk on the foot for a month or more. My doctor checked her last night and discovered that she had a stroke when she fell on Sunday. The signs showed up late, and her face is affected on the right side, and her left arm and left leg are virtually paralyzed. So I will be gone from emails and messages for awhile, to take full-time care of her. In the meantime, my grandfather continues to be weak but is holding on so far. Originally he was not expected to make it past last Christmas. So my family's needs come first with me, even above my own health.

09/25: My grandmother died on August 23, a week and a half after she was admitted to the hospital. I am still taking care of my grandfather, who is unable to take care of himself. Otherwise, I've been taking care of myself, my family, and focusing on the Weight Loss group web-site. The doctors have declared me officially cured of diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. My arthritis problems have also disappeared. I am still dealing with back pain. I will work on updating the Kiteria's Korner site with the past months' updates. I have now lost 118 pounds. The Runtime Error problem you have been researching also occurs in LORD II itself, unless the sysop uses the tppatch.exe program. Current Fidonet news: We had to merge all the LORD echoes into one, and it isn't getting any messages at all right now. I had one old IGM author contact me last week, and he said that he was glad to see I kept the site online. But after questioning him, he said he has no plans to update any of his IGMs, or do new ones, even if Michael does the proper ending to LORD II. Fidonet is now down to less than 300 BBS's in the USA, and more and more, they are telnet-able and not dial-up boards any more. I've been thinking about shutting my own board down, but as long as people are calling, I'll keep it open.

10/01 Note: Bobby had to re-upload the entire Kiteria's Korner site. His ISP had deleted the whole site - bunch of idiots there! The Kiteria site is up-to-date again now, and the Official Lord2 site is partly updated except for his news page. Should you have trouble using the shelby.net sites, remember they are mirrored at webjump.com. 05/28/02 Notes: Bobby's webjump mirror sites got wiped out somehow in late March. Then his ISP screwed up his main sites as well. In the end, I took over full operation of Kiteria's Korner, now located at http://www.lordlegacy.org/kiteria/; and I found a new host for Bobby's LORD2 IGM Archive Site in late April. The new Lord2 site is in development, by the new host, Max Larivee. It is located at http://www.fidotel.com/public/l2archive/. Bobby remains fully inactive, except for his moderating duties of the LORD echo on Fidonet. (12/03/02: Kiteria site is off-line currently. 03/20/03: Reopened in early January 2003 at: http://www.fidotel.com/public/kiteria/.

10/24/06 Update: Bobby Queen is presumed dead. No 07, 2006, valid email address has been known for him in 2+ years. His web-sites are all closed for 2+ years now. Kiteria's Korner is now run by Suzanne Franklin, at http://www.lordlegacy.com/kiteria/, as of August 2006.

Shannon Talley -- LORD Cheats Page (CLOSED) -- Fidotel LORD site (CLOSED)
telnet://telnet.fidotel.com (CLOSED) -- Icerage Technologies (CLOSED)
-- Joe Marcelletti: All email contact is/was via Shannon.

08/16: Joe has finally finished the code on the WT-Lord registration generator. We are finally up, and selling codes, and the web site has been updated. The two-node version's registration is free. The unlimited node registration is $50.00 (US Currency). I am hosting the Icerage support site at Fidotel. However, I've had some recent problems. Due to the Code Red virus problems, my ISP (Verizon) has decided that I need to be protected against the virus, and has installed a "BLOCK" on port 80. While I battle my ISP, with my attorney's help, for violating our service agreement, I have paid TZO to redirect my URL. So that means that you can't go directly to a web page within my web site. You have to go to www.fidotel.com, and follow the link to the Icerage web site. This is a temporary situation, but I don't know how long it will last. The Icerage web site is restored, thanks to Donald's help. I've edited the old web pages you sent me, created my own graphics, or stole them from memory, and updated everything quite well. We also have a list-server running. If you would like to keep up-to-date on the development of the software, send an Email to listserve@fidotel.com, using subscribe as the subject, and subscribe icerage on the first line of the message. If you go to our support website, we have a line which you can simply type in your Email address and be subscribed. 08/18: What is TZO? It's a service, named Tzolkin, for DSL users. It sits in the system tray and keeps web-server's DNS services apprised of my current dynamic IP address. And forwards requests from port 80 over to port 82. 08/19: The Icerage site's web-pages use style sheets, and Netscape browsers don't handle them properly, so some pages will display oddly. So it's best to view the site using MSIE. Playing WT-Lord in a stand-alone fashion, like you can LORD is not possible. You have to play the game on a Wildcat! 5 or later BBS using dial-up, telnet, or Wildcat! Navigator. Of which I have a personalized version called Fidotel Surfer. It incorporates the Web into the BBS and users can click on a web link, and the game will pop up. 08/16: Here is a quick message from Joe:

10/24/06 Update: IceRage site is now located at http://www.fidotel.com/public/icerage/. Updated Shannon's headers entry.

Joe Marcelletti 08/16: Sorry it's taken so long everyone. It hasn't been a high priority lately, and I didn't even know the community was still kicking. After losing icerage.com to a forgetful re-registration, I have been out of touch. You can reach me here now, on the list-server. Cheers, Joe Marcelletti, Formerly Icerage Technologies. 09/15: As far as WT-LORD and all that, people have a right to be upset, but they also have to understand that I can't base my life around a product like this. It is for a VERY limited market, and to uphold the licensing I agreed on, when I sold the software, there is no money to be made off the system any more. My first partner backed out about 8 months before I dropped my support, realizing that could not continue with this as something to support himself on, and then my second sort-of partner went on to a real job, as I did myself. Keep in mind the first release of WT-LORD was written by myself (14 at the time) and Allan Benjamin (Yama) when he was 15. As young as that seems, we did what we had to do, including going to a press conference in California (from New Jersey). It's 6 years later now, I'm 20, and I have to support myself financially. I just cannot invest the time into WT-LORD that I used to.. any time really. I have not been selling registrations for QUITE some time now, but have received various e-mails requesting codes.

So I figured the least I could do is offer those BBS's a chance to HAVE the full version so they don't have to sit with their shareware. I even decided to give the 2 node version out free, since I can't see charging for that anymore. And the full node was dropped by a good amount. Basically enough to cover my time to do the registrations. (That included the time it took to rewrite the registration maker and what-not porting the code over). I'm sorry if some people feel offended that they have to pay for a product which they will no longer get support for. However if you feel that way, simply do not purchase it, and we will all be happy. 09/16: I've been looking into what I can do to help the WTC in every way I can, and on a car ride I just took, another way occurred to me. Any donation that you make to WT-LORD will get you a full registration code, and the full amount will be dropped off to a local donation by myself. Nobody needs this money more than those people right now. 09/24 Note: According to Shannon, not one person has taken Joe up on this offer. And all the nagging and criticizing has just stopped dead in its tracks. Makes you wonder if they realized how badly they were behaving? My view: Anyone who takes advantage of Joe's offer needs to remember the money will go to the families of some 5,000+ people who died. So if you short-change him, you will have dishonored the memory of those people who died in New York City, Pennsylvania, and in Washington D.C. Red LORD barline

LORD Authors Notes Section:

Fully Active Authors Section:

James Baran

08/30: I am currently working on 2 new IGMs at the moment, the 1st is entitled "Mike's Food Basic$", and the 2nd is entitled "Fantasy Realm 3D". The latter has a better chance of being the first to be released. It's closer to being completed than the 1st one. Fantasy Realm 3D has ANSI graphics of the creatures that you fight. 09/01: Well, they're both LORD II IGMS, but originally, I was planning Fantasy Realm 3D to be a game itself, but I realized that there was really no point in making a game out of something that was really meant as an IGM. So I guess you could say it's an add-on really... Something else for the players to try and defeat... But the "Mike's Food Basic$" IGM is supposed to be a spoof of the grocery store that I work at... but not for long though.

Jason Brown -- Jason's Programs Page -- Jason's Homepage
Alternate Email: farlander@mailandnews.com

08/24: The reference in my RHPTest program's documentation file, to an upcoming IGM named The LORD Catapult should be ignored. It was an old idea for an ANSI game, where one could pay to aim a catapult at targets, and win prizes. I dropped it some time ago. 09/17 Note: Info obtained from Jason on L.O.R.D. Cavern incorporated into my new LORD Play Guide project files, including a list of weapon/armour names one can get by robbing the Skeleton. 09/22: Jason reports that he's working on a Wild West theme RHP for the Gateway IGM, and is thinking about doing a DragonBallZ theme RHP as well. Another RHP Set will be released later this year containing his new RHP files, along with those produced by Gary Hartzell.

10/24/06 Update: Jason ceased doing LORD programming in 2001. I have been developing all of his LORD IGMs and Utilities since June 2002. RHP scripts referred to were never created.

Jay Cochrane (no valid email address) -- Wonderland Software Files (CLOSED)

09/02: I'm in the process of updating my LORD IGMs for use with the faster machines in use now. They should be out in about four weeks, released through Michael Everett. 09/27 Note: Jay will be fixing his IGMs to deal with Pascal runtime error 200 problems, and possibly adding new features to them. 06/07/02 Notes: Author un-responsive to email inquires since September 2001. All of the IGMs are unusable at 933 Mhz, due to RTE200 lockup, and they are classified as Abandoned.

10/24/06 Update: Deleted hyperlinks for email and web-site address, which no longer work. Author was contacted in 2006 by Doug Rhea. He was completely unwilling to provide support for his unusable LORD/BBS programs, or to turn them over to someone else for support/development.

Mike Dillon -- Crystalline Realms (CLOSED)

09/04: I was waiting until you finished your editing work on LordNews issue #7 completely. I had already started on the HTML Help conversion prior to your e-mailing me the finalized version. I have attached the HTML Help file. ... As far as LORD programming, I'm still working on tweaking ALE's core design. I think I've figured out what I want for it, now it's just a matter of DOING it. :) 09/05: I used to write software using TP7, but that was before I switched to C/C++. CSS is easy to learn, and you should take it up sometime. I have revamped my site completely, and it uses CSS now. Unfortunately, Netscape v4.xx and Microsoft IE v3.xx won't like the site very well. Netscape v6.xx and IE v4.0+ are very good though for viewing the site. 09/05: Yes, the HTML Help program I used is the Microsoft HTML Help Project. To get your own copy, use this link: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/htmlhelp/html/ htmlhelp.exe - MS HTML Help Workshop SDK v1.31. Size is 4.0 MB. Other related files are also offered on Microsoft's web-site. (If the link doesn't work, type it in manually.)

10/24/06 Update: Deleted web-site hyperlink. Mike is no longer doing LORD programming.

Michael Everett -- Telnet: bobobbs.net -- No web-site.
NightfallGames.com LORD Files Library site

08/14: The Monster Set's web page has been updated. It now contains all 12 levels, except the last four levels' screen shots look weird, so I'll be redoing those later. Also, on the 18th, I'll be moving onto campus, and should be able to work closer with my BBS, if I'm allowed to have it up there. 08/24: Added Telnet link. 09/10: College is going good. They don't mind me putting my server up, they just don't want me to DNS an outside domain to my EDU IP. It's really dumb, but I'm just gonna put up a relay server to get around it. Yeah, I'm using the new LORD with lower CPU usage, and it seems to be working fine. I just keep getting lots of file access errors. I sent out my Lady scripts to another sysop for beta testing, and as soon as he says they are OK, I'll probably package them up with a small installer and send them your way. He also likes my monster set and is testing that for me as well. I'm currently working on a web-based email validator for my BBS due to so many cheaters and multiple accounts. But that's another story all together.

10/24/06 Update: Updated Michael's headers entry. He provides the NightfallGames.com web-site for access to LORD programs. He is no longer doing LORD script programming. Deleted dead header links for Bobo's BBS web-site and Supercolored Monsters web-page.

Lloyd Hannesson -- Tech'N Software (CLOSED) -- LORD 1 IGM List (CLOSED)

08/17: My site is finally resolving to www.techn.org as well as www.dasme.org/techn. It took 8 months for the mx changes to get processed. My mother is doing great, and has finished her first chemotherapy treatment. So we're waiting until later this month when she goes in for more tests. Had troubles with my apartment flooding, due to a leaking roof. Only recent coding I've done is some demos for the new Gameboy Advance system. 09/24: I have been helping Lloyd since August with completing his LORD IGM List. The database is nearly completed now, as to having it list all available LORD IGMs. 09/26: I'm busy packing and doing other stuff for our move to a new home at the end of September. I will be back to programming work on my web-site shortly after we move/settle in. Answer to your question on Warrior's Graveyard about why user doesn't get to keep the fairy. LORD itself does not allow IGMs to transfer a fairy back into the game. So if you receive a fairy in an IGM, you can only use it there. I added the part where one can get a fairy from the Lemon-Aide before Seth released full specs, and it never got taken out. 10/06 Side-Note: I got a Fairy playing Felicity's Temple a couple of days ago, and it was still there when I re-entered LORD. So there is probably a bug in the Warrior's Graveyard IGM that keeps LORD from being told the player has a Fairy.

10/25/06 Update: Lloyd quit doing LORD/BBS programming completely in fall 2005, and no longer supports or develops any BBS programs that he had written or adopted. His LORD web-site was closed down permanently in fall 2005.

Gary Hartzell -- Gary's Lord Page

08/10: I would like to become an active participant/developer. I have written 3 IGMs using the RHP script for The Gateway by Jason Brown, and am very pleased with them. But still, I think I would like to have my IGMs show up directly under Other Places. The only programming language I am familiar with is C++, and I have tried LSDoor and Open Doors for writing IGMs, but either they aren't helpful enough or I just don't know ENOUGH C++. Maybe what I am looking for is source code in C++ for an already written LORD IGM. I don't want to mess around with drop files or linking to LORD. I want something that has that done for me, where I can just start writing the content of the IGM itself, and compile it with Visual Studios, and tada! I have tried Do-It-Yourself, but had nothing but problems with it. Right now,, I have a page up with 2 of my 3 RHP's available for download at: http://arenabbs.n3.net/igms.html. IGM Names: The Abandoned Mines v1.10, and Merry Christmas v1.00. I hope to have the BBS, this site promotes, up on the Net by Sept. 01. Any help people can give me regarding my coding issues will be greatly appreciated. In regards to Jason's LORD programs, his RHP scripting language is really good, easy to learn, and can do a lot.

08/12: My site's short URL is thanks to the www.dhs.org site. You get a lot of pop-ups when you set up an account, but it's free, and once you have things set-up, you don't have to go back to them often, if ever. Viewers don't have additional banners or pop-ups, and existing ones are not bothered. My third RHP IGM is called Garrison's Training Center. It will give players a chance to gain up to 5 points in either strength, defense, or hit points each day, but only one of the three skills per day. There is also a massage parlor where you can get healed or gain some forest fights. The IGM is complete, except for writing the documentation. 08/13: So far I haven't had any luck finding someone to help me with writing IGMs using C/C++, so I will just continue to write them using the Gateway RHP language. The third IGM's massage is done by a large man named Bruno. But later IGMs will have naked women in them.

08/22: I can provide some info on the IGMS I am running on my BBS and some of the IGMs I've trashed for various reasons. I really can't remember most of the IGMs that I rejected -- if they didn't work for whatever reason, I trashed them. One problem I do remember was with Socrates Shop and LORD Trivia. I had both IGMs installed in the same LORD game. For some reason, the clue Socrates gives you wouldn't display: i.e. 26 L------ in the A------- would be the clue for the answer 26 Letters in the Alphabet. So that IGM was useless. Another player pointed out to me, that she played LORD Trivia after Socrates, and the clue that didn't show up in the Shop, showed up as her first trivia question! And, I had them in separate directories! Very weird. Also, LORD Trivia didn't display properly. So, I wouldn't recommend running either of these IGMs, and NEVER running them together. Here's a list of LORD IGMs that I have run successfully. Granted, only 3 people have tested these since I haven't opened my BBS to the public yet, but I have played these quite a bit, and have had no problems. Aladdin's Palace, Barak's House, Felicity's Temple, The Gateway, The LORD Cavern, The LORD Flea Market, LORD Life, Mega Bucks Lottery, Morph's Gymnasium, The Old Skull Inn, The Outhouse, The Outlands Tavern; Shauna, the Princess of Sorcery; Violet's Cottage, and The Warrior's Graveyard. Hope the above info helps. More news soon - the BBS is still scheduled to go online Sept. 1.

08/23: Garrison's Training Center will be completed soon. The next IGM will be R-rated with 2 chances a day to get laid - one woman will be naked, and the other wearing a bikini, but not for long. 08/25: I released the Garrison IGM today: http://arenabbs.n3.net/gtc100.zip . I will be opening my BBS in a couple of weeks, and it will be running on a 1.4 GHz CPU system, using Windows 2000, with 512 MB RAM memory. 09/09: LORD for Windows will be well worth the wait, in my opinion. I am more anxious for a 32-bit version of LORD than anything else. As far as DOS LORD goes, what I've seen of 4.07 on bbs.lordlegacy.org, it's looking good. Can't really tell how the CPU handling is going from the player's end, though. I believe the future of LORD will be with the 32-bit version programs when they come out. 05/28/02: Gary relocated his web-site to the Lord Legacy server in early April 2002. 10/30/04: Updated Gary's header. He has changed his email address, and does not want it posted on web-pages. You can reach him via a contact page on his new web-site, at http://www.legendarydragons.com/, or via me using email.

CENTER> Duncan Idaho (no valid email) -- VisualMatrix Homepage (CLOSED)

08/15: Don't worry people, I'm alive, just very busy. I've added another four web sites to the heap I've already got planned, plus I had a rush job on some designer logo's that needed doing. I've resumed my work on my programming course as well, though I'd best get that finished sometime soon. DuneLord2 itself is coming along nicely. I've fixed so many bugs in the code, it just isn't funny. I'm surprised half the junk worked most of the time. Oh, and add to that a millennia worth of spelling mistakes. Worked a bit on the fight engine - making it similar to Tien Lung's engine for Final Nightmare. Multiple characters, multiple monsters. So far I've got up to 2 monsters... it's a hell of a job, but I'm getting there. Also I need to have Tien authorize me on his ICQ soon. With so much on my plate at the moment, I'm letting L2WoT sit for a while, as that's still just map development right now. I'll get Dune Lord2 out of the way first I think. As for Lord2 stuff on the web page - it's there (Or should be) on the Projects page.

09/01: Wanted to let you know what's been going on in my neck of the woods. L2:WoT: Done very little with this, although I've started re-reading the series again to keep the story line in my head, and to see if there's more information I can gleam from it. The map is still coming along. I hate it. It's so tedious. I'd *PAY* someone to do it for me, but you know what they say - if you want something done properly, do it yourself. DuneLord2: After playing the game right through and fixing what seems to be an almost undeterminable amount of grammatical and spelling errors, I've decided I might just go ahead, and rewrite the 6 main quest scripts. This will take some time (a couple of weeks) but should improve game play. My scripting skills have become significantly better, and that means less redundant coding, etc. I'll also be updating the web site shortly, too. Still won't be complete, but it's getting there.

09/25: Busy dealing with the Nimda virus. It caused one friend 4 days of work clearing it from his company network. Thanks to stupid employees who didn't listen and re-connected their machines to the network, thereby re-infecting themselves and everyone else. Nimda attacks systems' firewalls on port 80 and port 8080, and is extremely annoying. Re DuneLord: The last few days have been used reloading the operating system 3 times. Finally got one stable enough to actually run all my services. Previous installs were completely locking my system overnight, and that just would not do. But before all that happened I rewrote the custom fights scripts. It will randomly select between 1 and 4 enemies to fight at one time. Looks kind of flashy too. My plans for it are to begin rewriting the major quests, and finish the Sardaukar/Fremen quests (finally). Get everything looking good. Then I should be ready for a beta release. I'll have to update the web-page also. L2WoT has had a few more ideas thrown into the planning file. Made some changes with the races and occupational stats as well. No idea when I'll commence actually coding it though. I'm still doing the odd hour or so work on the map here and there. Oh and when I do start coding it, I need to get hold of some *GOOD* ANSI artists. Preferably, people of the levels of ACID (ANSI Coders In Demand) etc.

Paul Koukos -- Hellas BBS -- Hellas BBS Files Page
Telnet: hellasbbs.com - ICQ: 9899458 -- Freq Files: irex@nyc.rr.com

08/23: I visited a BBS some years ago, and the sysop had a menu full of different LORD menu sets. Does anyone know how to do that? Where your user can choose the menuset they want to use in LORD? Like for example, Mt. Olympus or Arabian Knights, chosen as the background or the standard LORD colors, and then enter LORD with those choices enabled and in use. I know that you can randomize the menus, but when a new player enters the game, it defaults to the new random menu. 09/04: What I need is a menu of say 10-20 Lord flavors, such as Arabian Knights, The Munsters, Hellfire, etc. Then each time a player enters LORD, he chooses his own background so it will stay the same throughout his game. And not be affected by other players choosing different menusets. 09/15 Note: Paul is being helped on this by Jason Brown, and has been advised to check out the Lord Looks IGM, which may have solved this problem. 09/08: About the Robin Hood v4.0 work, I'm not working on it or anything else right now. If I can't find someone to kill that delay of unregistered, it does not pay. (Note: See LordNews Issue #7 for previous info on this problem.)

09/22: Robin Hood v4.0 can now be downloaded from my http://hellasbbs.com/public/Files.html page. Version 5.0, as it is worked on, will be available there also. Started work on Ye Olde Town Mall IGM, but I lost all of my original data, and am starting from scratch. Also please note that I am checking out ROBIN4 item by item to make sure that is Cheat Proof, so I can put it up on my LordNet League. What this means to you, is that I will be uploading the file with the same version, since I will not be adding anything to it, except for minor programming changes. Your ideas and suggestions are welcomed. 09/23: The alternate email account, hellas@inch.com, will be closed down soon, so don't use it to contact me. Menusets problem update: What I was thinking of, and Michael Preslar also verified it, will only work on single player LORD, where you have one LORD game, and just copy/rename your lenemy and lordtxt files to what the players choose. For multi-node to work, you have to have 1 LORD directory for each different menu. Too much work and too much space for that. The Robin Hood problem is that the DIYIGM.EXE program says it's unregistered, so it delays you 10 seconds when exiting the IGM. I'm still using LORD v3.55 because it's the only version that will work with my Win2000 Pro O.S. All of the other versions keep deleting and corrupting the player.dat file, requiring use of Lordcfg every 2 days to reset the game. Which really makes one mad, as well as your players. Told Michael about this problem and never heard back from him. As for Parrish, I did send him a list of Lordnet problems/bugs, but I never heard from him in response. And I have more Lordnet problems to tell him about as well. Our Lordnet Leagues will be starting up after October 01. 09/26 Notes: Added Paul's ICQ number. Paul has an InterBBS Games webring, address unknown, that people running BBS's are welcome to join. Contact him for details. 10/02 Note: Paul posted an update of Robin Hood v4.0 to his site's files page, dated Sept. 30. The same archive filename is used for each revision update posting. 05/28/02: Using Netscape v4.79, Paul's files page does not currently allow people to download any of his files. 10/25/06 Update: See LordNews issues #9-14 for newer info on Paul's BBS activities. Updated header entries. The problem with his files page from May 2002 was resolved years ago.

Robert Olsen -- -- web-site (CLOSED) -- telnet://dtserver.com

08/09: My BBS is going back up, at www.dtserver.com. Right now, it is telnet-able at telnet://dtserver.com. The BBS section will be available on the web page around this Friday. I'll check with the author of the Lord II: Awakening site about their status and plans, and get back to you with the answers. 08/10: Due to AT&T disabling inbound port 80 connections, I've had to re-code the web site. You can access it now using www.dtserver.com:8080. 08/12: Yes, the AT&T problem is due to the Code Red 2 virus, and they have failed to provide any info about disabling that port to their customers. I had to find out how to do it from a friend that saw a CNN news report. At this point, I've not written any IGMs in C/C+. I've wondered if there is anything like CNW for LORD. It would be nice if someone would do something like that for LORD. Have all of the "best" IGMs in one package. Or is there a good site that ranks the IGMs for LORD? And other than CNW, are any of the other LORD2 new worlds any good? 08/13: Are there any drop files that do/don't work when trying to detect RIP support? I can get RIP across my BBS, but I cannot get LORD to properly detect it. I've tried door.sys and dorinfo1.def... But RIP detection seems to be out the window... Once in LORD, I can use "2" from the main menu to switch to RIP mode, but I would prefer it if RIP was just detected.

Those wishing to play LORD using RIP graphics should download RipTel and the LordFX package, and install them. The LordFX files are extracted to the Riptel/icons directory. Then you connect to a LORD game on a BBS. 08/14: RipTel can be downloaded -- a 60-day evaluation version -- from http://www.telegrafix.com. It's the same thing as Ripterm v2.2, but is for Telnet usage. To play LORD in RIP mode via Telnet on my site, go to dtserver.com on port number 23, which it should default to. You'll need to use my email verifier to gain access to the BBS itself. Once verified, from the main menu, selected external programs. From there, go to LORD. Which won't auto-detect RIP, so after creating your character, go to the main LORD menu, and hit the number 2, enabling the RIP interface. You should also unzip Lordrip2.zip and fxwaves.zip to your Riptel\icons directory before connecting to a BBS/telnet site. (Note: If you need LordFX, Lordrip2, and fxwaves.zip, see my LORD Menusets Page.

08/14: This is from the author of Lord2: The Awakening, Pieter Kirkham. I asked him to fix parts of Lord2: TEOS a while back. He did so, and here's the result (fixteos.zip). We never contacted the author of the mod, since I wasn't able to find an e-mail address or anything. On the subject of Lord2: The Awakening. We're going to be getting to work on it quite soon. (yes, we) I offered to help him out with development, and he happily agreed. We should be starting on it in the next few days. No clue how long it will be though... (Note: I sent the patch to Michael Adams, and he has integrated it into his program, which is re-released as version 1.70. Downloadable from Michael Adams' web-site. Robert: I'm going to do a comprehensive research project on RIP before I get involved with the Lord2 development. I have not been able to find any "good" info out there regarding the different doors with RIP support, and with which RIP terminals they work with. I'm going to compile that info over the next couple of days.

09/06: I've been working with several game authors to get them to update their games to 32-bit/Multi-tasker friendly versions. Other than being a diplomat and protagonist, I'm working on two new games. Hoping to have one in beta by next weekend. Reflection is reworking his info for the Lord2: Awakening site. About LORD IGM's, I'm quite frustrated with the quality (or lack there-of) of many of the IGM's out there. I hope that someone gets a good rating system going. For a while, I was just going to forget using ANY IGM's because they're all such a pain to wade through. Some of them have good install programs, some don't have ANY. Some have install programs that don't allow you to specify the LORD directory, etc. This kind of info needs to be presented to sysops with some sort of rating system so that they can avoid the pit-falls of this MASS of IGM's that are out there. 09/27 Note: Moved Robert's info on RTE 200 to separate section. 10/01 note: Archived Robert's BBS usage statistics info inside cc8note3.txt file, in ccigm-8h.zip. Red LORD barline

Semi-Active Authors Section:

Michael Adams -- Michael Adams' Homepage -- Wolfsheep: Michael's Programming Page

08/08 entry, added 08/20: Michael suggests that a new engine should be coded to play the LORD games with, under Windows, Linux, and other platforms. And add real graphics to the game, since not many people are running/using BBS's any more, and ten times the people would play a game with Color. 08/14: Here's TEOS LORD v1.70. It will be posted to my web site soon. Give my thanks to those guys who tweaked it (Robert Olsen and friend). Not sure what they did, but it runs a little better than I remember. I have added your email and page address to the program's README file. I figure people should seek you out if I'm not around. Enjoy. Oh and people can get free E-mail services like I do from http://www.linuxfreeemail.com, if they love using Linux. 08/18: Added link for Michael's new programming page. To download the new version, use this link (replaced on 08/21): TEOS v1.70. The .REC files were eliminated from the new version, which incorporates the updates you sent me (in fixteos.zip). The program now uses REF files, and they are more compressible, resulting in a smaller archive file size. Note: the Fixteos.zip file has not been distributed publicly. 10/02: Removed old Programming page link. Angel's Planet link found unusable. Site either closed down or moved. Note his web-site has changed servers, and has a new address. 10/24/06 Update: Replaced bad link for TL170.ZIP.

Orion Elder -- SMAUG/SmaugWiz Resource Archive
Realm of the Green Dragon Project -- LORD II IGM Programming Information Site -- Crimson Oracles, The Web Experience

08/18: I waited until the BBS was up... it's not full-time, yet, but I'm working on that... Anyway, yes, I do have a BBS running now. Still can't really run it full time, but I'm working on that. On the games, I have two LORD games, two LORD II games, and two Planets: TEOS games. Crimson Oracles MUD: crimson-oracles.2y.net - Port 4000. I've had some trouble in LORD with ANSI graphics attempting to bleed, and have noticed some bugs that need reporting. So far, almost everything is working fine. I am still having problems getting a second copy of LORD, and Planets to work, but other than that it's going good. And no troubles on my end from the Code Red viruses. You asked about the Realm of the Green Dragon? It's another MUD project, in part based on LORD. Big Green Dragon is a plague, and hopefully it will be fun. 04/09/02: Inactive; email address changed to orion_elder@charter.net. 10/24/06 Update: Orion is using knighthawk@geocities.com email address. Updated headers entry lines.

Rick Parrish -- Lordnet page (CLOSED)

09/10: From LordNet Homepage, August 12 posting: It has been exactly 1 month since my last news update. In that period of time, I have received exactly 0 bug reports. I did get 1 person who emailed me informing me they had a big list of bugs... but it never materialized. So I've changed my mind again. I'll assume since I received no bug reports that the current release of LordNet HAS no bugs. I know that isn't true, but I'll assume it anyway. And since there are no bugs, I'll just continue with the total rewrite like I had initially planned. But LordNet is no longer a high priority for me. I used to try to work on it at least a little bit every day, but now with the response I've gotten (or complete lack thereof), I don't know if it's worth my time any more. I'm pretty sure it's not, but maybe I'll still work on it anyway. But then again, maybe not.

Added 10/08: Source - LordNet site. September 27, 2001: It's been quite some time since I last opened up the LordNet source to get some work done. I just haven't had the time or inclination. And I recently started my first semester of college, so my schedule just got a little busier. And between that and work, I'm not going to have a whole lot of free time. The little bit I do have I sure won't feel like spending coding. So I am officially resigning or whatever you want to call it. In all the time I've had the source, the only thing I accomplished was fixing a single Y2K bug, so I think it's time someone else took a crack at it. You'll have to head over to http://www.lordlegacy.org/ (CLOSED) for news until someone else takes over since I won't be updating this page anymore. It's been fun. 10/25/06 Update: Rick stopped working on LordNet a few years ago. The old lordlegacy.org server also died years ago, and was replaced by lordlegacy.com. LordNet's page is now a place-holder page at http://lordnet.lordlegacy.com/, which belongs to Michael Preslar.

David F. Simmons -- Simmons Software - Files page

09/23: Response to my message regarding Shauna v2.00 IGM being unusable: I am pretty far removed from programming right now. Is there a compiler related or TP fix for the Runtime Error 200 problems? I could try and fix it, if I knew how. The hard drive that contains all of my TP source is stored in a closet. I would have to, and intend to, put a computer together to do it. I have several floating around here and will start working on the project. If I can get the source together, and can't fix it myself, I would be interested in passing the code along to you. There again, be patient as I work a lot of hours and have other projects in the works before Winter arrives. Take care, David. DGT Note: The Knights of the Golden Horseshoe also had the RTE 200 problem, but patched OK using tppatch.exe. 09/23: I'll get the hard drive containing my TP source code/programs out of a closet, and put it into a system. Then I'll get to work on recompiling Shauna so it will work again. No idea when I'll be able to do the work, as I work a lot of hours, and have other projects to do, before winter arrives. 05/28/02: David has stopped responding to Email. Both IGMs are now classified as Abandoned. Both are fully unusable on Pentium III systems. David himself is classified as a Lost Author.

Bryan Stanbridge -- Purple Frog Productions Homepage
Purple Frog Files page

09/28: I'm still staying busy doing the marching instruction gigs, as assistant marching director of the local High School band. The RTE 200 bug has actually been fixed in the Apothecary and Grizelda's House for a long time. I had thought 1.72 was compliant with the faster processors, but perhaps I had made the fix immediately after 1.72 and just not released it intending to add "just one more thing." I'll look around my archives and see if I can't find a v1.73 lying around and release it as a quick fix for both. I do know that The Apothecary and Grizelda's House are working on a telnet BBS that has a fast processor, so perhaps I re- released 1.72 and you have the older of the releases or something along those lines. Let me know if the version on my web-site (archaic though it is) works any better than the version you have. If not, I'll scrap around for that source. (09/29 Note: I have checked the Apothecary/Grizelda IGM archives on his web-site. They still have the RTE 200 problem. LORD Suburbia, Bryan's third IGM, works perfectly.) 10/25/06 Update: Bryan ceased work on his IGMs in 2002. He is no longer doing LORD programming. LORD Suburbia v2.01 was released on July 27th, 2003. The Apothecary v1.76 and Grizelda's House v1.76 were both released on March 25th, 2002. No work has been done on either program since 2003. Red LORD barline

Bryan Turner -- Vagabond Software -- Vagabond LORD Page --- -- ICQ #: 106168174 -- BBSNews.Org Site
Software Registration Page--- Pegasus Flight BBS - telnet://pegasus.bbs.us -- Operation OverKill Page

Note: The recent information in Bryan's VagaSoft mailing list has been about his non-LORD programming. 09/12: Update on Korombos. His phone number has been disconnected, and I have no idea if his address is still correct. If I learn anything else, I'll let you know. 09/25: The InterLord and Vanadia IGMs are OK, as they were done with C, and only the Pascal programs have the RTE 200 problem. 09/26: As you requested, I took care of recompiling Seth's Barak's House IGM, and fixed the RTE 200 problem. Copy sent to Ruth Argust for posting as Barak20.zip. It has been fully tested and verified.

10/25/06 Update: Updated Bryan's header entry. He released Barak's House v2.02 on January 14th, 2002; The Latrine v3.2 on January 21th, 2002; The Lottery v2.01 on March 06th, 2002; Sommer's Shiny Things v2.00 on April 29th, 2002; Inter-Lord v3.00 on September 06th, 2002; Mosh-Pit and Mosh-Pit/32 v2.00 on September 11th, 2002; and Seasons '03 for LORD2 on November 21th, 2003. Since then he has not done any other LORD or LORD II programs. He has stopped doing BBS programming in recent years, other than work on Operation Overkill. Red LORD barline

Inactive LORD Authors Section:

Black Omen (no valid email) -- Page of Omen (CLOSED)

08/27: DT> Any news on the Lord2 New world program you were going to write? I've been busy with work. And had practically no time to work on it. I still have all the old paperwork from what Ideas I had in mind, but I kept changing things left and right, and still haven't gotten it down in code format yet. Progress is so slow. But I will do it! 10/24/06 Update: No valid email address is known for him, and his web-site died years ago. Updated header entry.

End of first half of LordNews Issue #8. Red LORD barline

Former LORD Authors Section:

Isaac Adolph

08/16: Leonard wasn't the one who wrote the Darkest Dungeon Lord2 program, but rather it was his son (me). I used my dad's email address since at the time we were new to the Internet, and didn't know about things like Hotmail then. None of the Worlds I've made actually got completely finished. I lost interest for many reasons, the main ones being that all the local BBS's disappeared so I had nowhere to post them for people to play. And when the Official Lord II site went down or moved, and I couldn't find it anymore, I stopped working on things. I have a more updated version of the Darkest Dungeon program than the site does for sure though, and I have various other worlds that I never bothered to upload. If you were interested, I wouldn't mind letting you see them all. I doubt if anyone would turn down a chance to show off their creations. I could probably finish one or two of my new worlds if I knew of a good Telnet or other BBS emulating type site that would put them up, but otherwise I've stopped working on them. Oh yeah, and I never bothered to give the stuff version numbers because I was quite young at the time I was working on the stuff. BTW, your Camelot stuff is cool. 09/09: Nothing new to report. I don't have any real motivation to work on the Lord 2 stuff right now. It's been so long and there is nobody specific who is interested in my work, so it's really not a priority.

Ahkenaton (no valid email) -- Children of Galaexy (CLOSED) -- montserration.com

08/28: DT> Are you still supporting your Lord programs, should users need help, wish to do new registrations, or replace lost registration keys? My IGMs are all freeware now, and while I am no longer updating them, I will answer questions. DT> Do you have a current web site? http://www.kulchadon.com/cogfiles.html. DT> Do you want to announce anything in my newsletter? Well not really, perhaps just the link to the files, and the fact that the IGMs are all freeware. I am no longer interested in making IGMs or any other programs for LORD. DT> Would you be interesting in having another LORD author take over your LORD programs' support and development? Ok, I might be interested in that. But they were made with a really old Sharkware engine, not sure if it's even worth the trouble to try and update them. Nice hearing from you, good luck with the project.
09/25 Notes: I told Ahkenaton a month ago that his web-page was completely unusable and it still is today. It uses illegal \'s in file URLs, and has other illegal HTML coding mistakes. Several files listed, once you edit the page to fix the screwy HTML coding, don't actually exist on his site. I have all of his LORD programs listed on my LORD IGMs Page. The IGMs, all freeware now, are City of the Sun God, Daemonica S. Dominion, Fairy Peddler (replaced The Jewler), Galactic Warriors, and Grizelda's Place. Support files are adultd.zip, Daemonica Rocks menuset, and DaeRanks utility. 05/28/02 Notes: Author does not respond to email. All of his programs are currently classified Unusable, at least on an 933 Mhz system, due to RTE200 lockup. All are classified as Abandoned.

10/25/06 Update: He never resumed email contact and his C.O.G. web-site died in summer 2006. All of his programs are classified as Dead and Abandoned. Deleted email/web-site hyperlinks.

Brian Bray

08/28: DT> I'm writing about the support/version status of your LORD utility, Anti-Cheat. AC 1.5 was all I've ever done... I wrote that like 6- 8 years ago, when I was like 15, and still running a BBS. Do people really still use it? I haven't played LORD for a long time, and wasn't even aware it still existed. As for updating my program, I don't think I have the source code for it any more.

Eric Cameron

08/28: DT> I'm writing about the status of your Galagher Lord IGM, and any other programs you wrote. It was my friend and me who put those together. I just happened to be the one with the web space when we put it together, oh, 5 years ago. I don't have a copy, and I don't know if he will either. 09/27: Removed sentence on Culver email address. See Culver entry for further info.

Chuck Culver

08/30: Wow. Your message brought back some memories. I used to run a BBS about 6 years ago and LORD was THE GAME at the time. If you weren't running LORD, you were nothing. At the time, I was fairly decent at programming in TP7. I even wrote a door game of my own. Sort of a LORD clone... Called "FATE" Kind of a vampire-based theme.. Anyway, about these IGMs. Galagher wasn't the only one that I did. I also wrote Lottery v1.0, Mosh Pit 1.0, and one that didn't take off too well called The Nudie Bar. Anyway, I might, somewhere on a floppy disk in my closet, have the source code for them. I'll try digging around and see what I can find for you. 08/31: I went digging through all my old stuff and I found the source files for the three IGMs. The Nudie Bar IGM seems to be lost however. No big deal, it wasn't that great anyway. I have WIN2k & WIN-ME at home, and I recompiled them and they ran fine last night. Talking about them made me want to play them again. Almost every one has a little bit of our lives mixed into the game. Mostly in the Mosh Pit. Band named Eric's Dad. Friends who tag along with you are buddies from school, etc. I'll re-compile them "officially" and make them totally free-ware since the game is so old now. Back when I was 17 or 18 that nominal registration fee could have helped. But now when I'm actually making a REAL salary, who cares. 09/27: Moved Chuck's comments on RTE 200 to new section.

Suzanne Franklin - "Kiteria" -- Kiteria's Korner

08/05: Hey, I enjoyed the newsletter. It was very informative! It's great to see that everyone has been so busy and keeping this great BBS game alive, as well as all their other projects. I got a big laugh out of Jack Phlash's name for his company, Damned Software. I bet everyone's said that a few times, and Jack just took it to the next step. Well Donald, keep up the good work, and I'll write more again later. Your friend, Suzanne Franklin "Kiteria". Notes: If you need to talk to her, use fuzzykin@flash.net. But she prefers not to have people asking her LORD questions. She's retired from LORD play. If you want to visit the Kiteria's Korner! site, go to www.lordlegacy.org/kiteria. Bobby and I try to keep it fairly up-to-date. 10/02 Note: Kiteria site was updated this past weekend. (12/03/02: Kiteria site is off-line currently.)

10/25/06 Update: Updated header info. Suzanne's health improved over the past few years, and she resumed ownership of her Kiteria's Korner site from me in late August 2006. It is now located at http://www.lordlegacy.com/kiteria/. I shut down my Kiteria site, which was at http://www.fidotel.com/public/kiteria/, in late August 2006. Those who wish to resume contact with her can reach her at sycatz-NOSPAM@ev1.net, or by using the web-site's Guestbook.

Robert Fogt

09/25: I found the source code for The Outhouse Lord IGM, and the Lord Menu utility, which is a menu system for sites with tons of IGMs. Still looking for the source for Hal's Ocean View Resort TEOS IGM. I talked to the guy I had sold my programs to, and he no longer wants to have exclusive distribution rights to them. So I can send you the source to any of my programs that I find. I also have a ton of Searchlight BBS utilities, should anyone want any.

Trevor Herndon

08/29: DT> What can you tell me about the Anastasia's Honeymoon Hotel IGM, which was listed as being by a Kris Anderson. Actually, I wrote the software, but she was the inspiration (her middle name is Anastasia actually). If you'd like to list the programs as freeware, be my guest. No luck so far on getting the TPU unit from Seth, still working on it. 09/11 Notes: Trevor is not able to provide support for his IGMs other than to answer questions. He is unable to provide new registration codes, due to the loss of the registration code generator program. His LORD IGMs are Anastasia's Honeymoon Hotel, Castle of LORD, The Love Shack, and Violet's Cottage. He will give out advice on how his IGMs are supposed to be used, if someone wants/needs that kind of help. 09/20 Trevor: I'm glad the IGMs work after being patched, but I'm no longer associating myself with them publicly. Anyone who wishes to do so has my permission to crack the IGMs to get registration codes, provided they share them with others. IGMs info: LORD Pit is like the original Pit game. The Anastasia IGM has a bug, don't use it. If it's exploited by someone, they can win the LORD game easily. As for Seth, I've not heard anything from him myself in years, about the TPU file that I need to be able to give out IGM registration codes. The Castle of LORD IGM's knight.dat file is needed by the game. It's a zero-byte file that stores the info of the user when they enter the IGM, then it purges itself when they exit. 09/27 Note: Picked this up from Michael Everett's site. Info is from Trevor. To register Violet's Cottage, use Me! for the Registration Name, and 69930 for the Reg. code. Usable only for that IGM. 09/28 Note: Seth Robinson has searched through his old BBS files, but was not able to find Trevor's TPU files. He thinks that Gameport has those TPU files, but isn't sure. I've asked Preslar to check into that. 05/28/02: Was never able to find the lost TPU files for Trevor. His IGMs continue to be unsupported due to source code loss. RTE200 patch updates were posted online in January 2002 for Castle of LORD, Love Shack, and Violet's Cottage. An similar update will be posted soon for Anastasia's Honeymoon Hotel.

Brian May

09/27: Contacted author about problems with on-screen gibberish in Wise One and Dragon's Claw Tavern IGMs. He's looking into figuring what causes problem, noticed playing LORD on 933 Mhz, Win-ME system. Programs worked normally on Win95, 200 Mhz system. Tried out Caldor's Orphanage - doesn't work in Local mode. Author of LType v2.00 Lord utility also. Don't know if Brian has a web-site.

Kenneth Padgett -- Kenneth's site -- No-Name Productions (CLOSED)

08/29: I'm still around, but I haven't worked on Hiding in the Shadows in years, and version 1.0 is/was the only released version. I even installed my Iomega ZIP drive, and checked my archives to be sure! To my surprise, no one ever complained about any bugs. As for any other IGMs, I never completed one for Planets: TEOS called "The Great Space Race", it was going to be a moving ANSI star field, fly your ship through to get points, collect items, etc type thing, with a ranking to see who was the best, etc. It never got very far! Unfortunately, the prodigy account I had (it was a free one, a long time ago) where that web site is hosted is no longer functional, and I'm amazed that the server is still up and running, being as out-dated as it is. So to answer your question, is there an up-to-date site? No. The No-Name BBS, my BBS, went down sometime in '96, much like everyone else has. Us sysops can thank the good old NET and it's high bandwidth for that. I still know a guy that runs a telnet BBS, but he is certainly among the rare these days. Since the last registration I sold for HITS was in the middle of '98, I attached a free registration you may post on your site for your visitors. You may also list my email, maverick@lords.com, which, for the foreseeable future, should work. Hope I answered your questions; feel free to contact me any time!

08/29 Source: Freeware.txt file received by Email. This code is registered to Freeware! Thank you for registering Hiding in the Shadows! This registration code will work with all versions. Name IGM is registered to: FREEWARE. Registration Code: 2688913461. To register Hiding in the Shadows on your BBS, use SHADCFG.EXE and choose the config option from the main menu. Enter the name and code exactly as shown above. The latest version of Hiding in the Shadows is v1.00. Thank you for registering! By doing that, you are making Hiding in the Shadows a bigger and better IGM. 09/23: If you want to re-package the IGM and include the freeware status change and registration info, that's OK with me. Just bear in mind people that I don't have the ability to support the IGM very much now, and bug fixes are probably out of the question these days. Loved the LORD IGM Listing site you're working on with Hannesson, it's awesome! Keep up the hard work. 02/27/2002: Replaced Kenneth's email address.

10/25/06 Update: Updated header info. Kenneth's old No-Name Productions site is closed this year, exact date unknown. He turned over his Hiding In the Shadows IGM to me years ago, and it is currently in development.

Justin Pasher -- Lazor Software (CLOSED)

08/25: Wow. It's pretty amazing to hear from someone that still does things in the BBS world. It turns out that the versions of LORD Player Deleter and UnCheat you have are the latest versions. Since I wrote the program many years ago on the verge of the Internet taking over the BBS world, I never had to write a new version, since I received no comments or complaints. As far as putting the files back on my site, I've never really thought of that, since very few people do stuff with BBS's anymore. However, I went ahead and stuck the links back in the page for those two programs, so if you like, you can link the site. The exact URL is http://web2.airmail.net/jpasher/lazorsoft/. 10/25/06 Update: His Lazor Software site is closed down, date/details unknown. Email address validity is unknown.

Seth Robinson -- Robinson Technologies

09/20: In answer to your questions, I did sell Barak along with the rest. All of the new changes you mentioned were added by Preslar I believe, I hadn't even heard about that. (DGT: I'd asked Seth when LORD changed to only allow access past Level 4, and had the bartender start robbing patrons during gems conversions. I discovered this in v4.06 while using LORD to evaluate IGMs for the RTE 200 problem.) The Barak's house source code IS included with Barak's House though, so anybody could recompile it if they had the Turbo Pascal stuff. As for re-packing, I don't hold any rights or have any say-so, but I doubt anybody would mind. I've been working along on various stuff, PocketPC stuff is going pretty good, also testing FuneralQuest, the game I told you about a while ago. People are welcome to give it a shot here at my alpha testing link: www.rtsoft.com/fq, (Feel free to share the link with your mailing list!) Thanks, Seth. 09/27 Update: I asked Bryan Turner if he'd mind taking Barak's House and recompile the IGM, so that others didn't have to worry about the RTE 200 problem. Bryan has done that, and released Barak20.zip to me, and sent it to Ruth Argust for the Fidonet DDS echo. It has been tested and verified to work on Bryan's BBS.

Vamsi Tadepalli -- Alternate Email: vtadepalli@hotmail.com

08/29: Hi, I'm not really in the loop when it comes to LORD any more. I wrote the Latrine back in high school, but have not done anything since, except for sending my source code this past spring to Michael Everett. Sorry, hope you have better luck contacting old LORD authors with everyone else.

David Taylor

08/26: I'm no longer writing any BBS software, and I don't support them any further. The code for the Dave's Inn IGM, last version 0.91 beta, should be considered public domain, and open to the world to use, if need be. I believe I have the source code lying around somewhere. I didn't write any other Lord programs, but did write a BBS door called Dave's Lotto that had some success. 08/30: My web site is not functional at the moment, but it may be by November. When it becomes available, it will be at http://www.elasticrebound.com. (Note: The site is not available yet as of October 01, 2001.)

Janet Terry -- The Realm of Vandora (CLOSED) -- ICQ #: 6695096

08/24: I'm busy with a new way of living, following the death in 1999 of my husband, which includes taking care of my daughter, and working on writing a novel. I have purchased some of Carl Tice's games. I owned The Fair, and sold it. I bought Wild Wild West, and Food Fight. I also bought some of Joe's code from WT-LORD to help program certain parts of the game I was working on - MORK. It would have been a western version of LORD, and Wild Wild West mixed. Wrote 27,000 liners of code and never finished it. I have a server setting idle, and don't know when I will put it back online. I can't afford the expense right now, and first need to figure out a product that will pay the expenses. With so many dot coms going under, one needs to be careful before leaping in and accumulating a lot of bills. I am surprised that WT-LORD is still so popular. One of the main reasons I stopped programming is that so many sysops who ran hobby boards closed down, and there seemed no profit in writing a program. Also, I did not sell even 1 version of my IGMS, so lost heart in creating them. 05/28/02: Janet went back online around March 2002, and has been working on updating all of her WT-Lord programs. See Issue #11 for current information.

10/25/06 Update: Janet is now using jsueterry (at) yahoo.com for email. Updated email hyperlink. She is retired from WT-LORD programming. Her web-site is 100% devoted to romance books publishing related topics. Red LORD barline

Nannette Thacker -- Shining Star Software

08/29: DT> Are you still supporting your LORD/BBS door programs? I still offer them for download and sale. But I don't "support" them. The installer and user are on their own in that regard. http://www.shiningstar.net/bbsdoors/. From Nannette's web site: NOTICE: I no longer SUPPORT these doors. Don't ask me for help, and don't ask me for upgrades. The price is cheap because you don't get support. I have not been in the BBS door programming business for years. So make sure you install them and they work before you purchase them! The registration fee per program is $10.00.

Tom Toothman: 08/26/01: I don't know if anyone is still using my Across the Tracks LORD IGM, but if anyone is interested in me updating it, I'd be glad to do so. I am fully supportive of my program. 05/13/02: No valid email address. Has disappeared. Discovered that his IGM is not usable, due to RTE200 problem, sometime after his email address stopped working.

Last minute notes: 10/01: Read this weekend's email. Heard from Kyle Parish. He was not able to locate the source code for his LORD Stables IGM, and is going to rewrite it from scratch. No news heard for issue from my friend Codax Dragon, who is going to college. Closed issue to new entries after adding info from Bobby Queen and Kyle Parish. All final edit notations are listed as 10/01 or 10/02 usually. Red LORD barline

Standard/Miscellaneous Entries Section:

Ruth Argust -- DDS on the Web -- Goldengate ddsdoors FTP (Dead site)
All IGM/utility authors are invited to send their file(s) to ruth@doorgames.org so that the file(s) can be sent to sysops all over the world (and Internet webmasters). Please be certain that the file is virus- free and DOES contain a FILE_ID.DIZ file. For more information on having your file hatched, please see the DDS Web Page at http://www.doorgames.org or contact me directly. This is a free service to all in order to provide you with wide circulation of your programs. There is also a ListServ for receiving all files hatched into DDSDOORS for those who do not otherwise have a way to receive them. For more details, see the ddsinfo.zip file. Services offered by Ruth include web site hosting at low prices, at petpride.net. 09/27 Note: Ruth has recovered from back surgery in July, and has returned to work as the Fidonet DDS echo host.

Mike Ehlert -- BBS Archives -- Door Games: LORD IGMs (uses frames) -- Door Games: LORD Utilities (uses frames)
Door Developer Kits (uses frames)

The BBS Archives have a large collection of Lord, LORD2, and T-Lord IGMs and utilities, with over a thousand Lord-related files. Mike supplies BBS/Lord authors with free web hosting, without annoying pop-up ads and banners. You will get 20 megabytes of fast web space for free, along with a web-page hits counter, guest-book, and link manager. See http://thebbs.org/homepage for details. Authors and others may send BBS programs to Mike for hosting on his web-site either by Email, or by uploading them to his FTP server. For more info, read Mike's entry in LordNews Issue #4. 06/23 Note: I offer a free BBS-related mailing list service at theBBS.org, which contains no advertising or spam. It lets the owner add/remove members, and they can also join your list from a web-page, like they do it at www.elebbs.com. 09/28: I'm doing great. I recently switched over to a new ISP, which has given me additional bandwith as well as a more stable connection. I have not done any updating to the BBS Archives pages in quite a while, but plan to do so in the upcoming couple of months as I've just completed some other projects that have been taking up much of my time. 10/25/06 Update: Updated header entry info.

Rob Starr

08/10: My LORD involvement is that I'm a BBS sysop, as well as a player, and I am an LC of a League, named League 10. Time Warp of the Future BBS: Dial-up: (360) 891-0969 - 12 AM to 9 AM PST. Telnet: Time.Darktech.Org - 9 AM to 12 AM PST. Timewarpfuture.Dyndns.Org (backup) - 9 AM to 12 AM PST. ICQ #11868133 10/25/06 Update: Fixed error in email hyperlink. Red LORD barline

RunTime Error 200 Info Section:

09/27 Note: I've decided it makes more sense to combine all sources of data on RTE 200 into one place. Chuck Culver 08/31: The problem with almost all old DOS programs, and especially for LORD, is the fact that all new machines are faster than 200 mhz. It doesn't really have much to do with Y2K. You probably have noticed that when most of them are run, you get Runtime Error 200. This is caused by a Turbo Pascal 7 programming bug involving timing with the CRT unit. There are a number of utilities to fix this problem. Just do a Yahoo search for "runtime error 200". There are TSR's to catch the problem and allow the program to run correctly. There is also a few patches for the .exe files themselves so you don't need a TSR running. And there is a "fixed" crt.tpu unit so that when the program is re-compiled, everything should be fine. Chuck 09/05: Here's some information links on the Runtime Error 200 problem. Intel saying why the runtime error 200 happens: http://support.intel.com/support/processors/pentiumII/run200.htm (Dead link). Here is one page for patches: http://www.merlyn.demon.co.uk/pas-r200.htm. Here is another: http://www.brain.uni-freiburg.de/~klaus/pascal/runerr200. Basically just do a search on Yahoo, or another search engine, for: runtime error 200.

Robert Olsen 09/06: Some IGM's compiled with Turbo Pascal that exhibit the Runtime Error 200 message can be fixed with the TPPatch Runtime Errors patch program. However, there are some other IGM's that were compiled with "something else," that do not get fixed with TPPatch. Trevor Herndon 09/11: About runtime errors in LORD IGMs, RTE 200 is not patch-able by users other than by using the Tppatch program because of the Hardware on your PC, NOT the software. You can also try the tp7p5fix program, but I haven't tested it either. This has to do with a bug in the Turbo Pascal compiler written by Borland, and it has nothing to do with the O.S. you're using. My notes 09/25: See download link for tppatch.exe. Those looking for info can also search for bp7patch.zip. Converted the RTE info site URLs into hyperlinks. For updating source code files to fix RTE200 problem, programmers need to get by Pedt Scragg's CRT.ZIP file. His web-page should be read before using the program. Go to http://www.pedt.demon.co.uk/crt. His page also reports that the tppatch fix may fail on systems with CPUs over 450 MHz depending on which 16-bit fix the program uses. As I check up on Lord IGMs to determine which ones have RTE 200 problems, or other problems, people can see my LORD IGMs Page for updates. Those IGMs that have RTE200 problems are marked, and if they are unusable, that is noted also. Red LORD barline

LORD IGMs Listing Project Section:

09/24: I have been helping Lloyd Hannesson finish his LORD I IGMs Listing database. The database now has around 200 IGMs listed, and is nearly completed. Since August, I have been looking at each IGM to see if the author can be accessed by email. Many never listed an email address at all. Others gave ones that are worthless today. And some seem to work, but no one ever responds to my messages. In order to determine if the IGMs work or not today, I started out by installing LORD v4.06. I currently know of 234 LORD IGMs, most of which are now in Lloyd's database. I have attempted to install about 1/4 of them in LORD so far. Results vary, and I've learned some things in the process.

LORD version 4.06 does not allow the unregistered player past Level 4. Also, the bartender cheats the player during gems conversion frequently. Version 4.00a of LORD still works, but has to be patched first with tppatch.exe. I have not tested any other LORD versions, but assume previous versions also have RTE 200 problems. And that really old ones may not be usable at all. I do not run a BBS, so my testing is done in Local mode. At least one IGM, Socrates Shop, installed OK, but would not run when selected from the Other Places menu, because I did not have a BBS setup. Another IGM refused to install because I already had 9 other IGMs installed. If you need a copy of the tppatch program, use this link. Some IGMs can be fixed using TPPatch, and some can't. It's possible that Windows ME, under which I'm doing my IGM testing, also does not allow some programs to run, that might run on older Windows O.S.'s. As I test an IGM, if it gives the RTE 200 message, I am making an entry "See RTE Note" beside it on my LORD IGMs Page. The programs that I am unable to install or use for other reasons are being listed there, and in this newsletter issue. I would appreciate the assistance of any newsletter participants or readers with the testing. If you've already determined that an IGM can't be used on a fast (200+ MHz) system, due to RTE 200, or some other reason, please send me a listing of programs you found can't be used. I can easily foresee that many more LORD IGMs will eventually be completely unusable unless updated by their author, or someone else who can get the programs source code. As I find an IGM that I can't use at all, I'm mentioning it by name on my IGMs Page, and in this newsletter issue. Similar research done after this issue is finished will be placed in Issue #9.

List of problems with old LORD IGMs (and utilities): (1) The Runtime Error 200 problem may be patch-able with Tppatch.exe. And sometimes it doesn't work at all. Authors who used Turbo Pascal can recompile their programs, if they have the source code, and software patches. See the web-page links in Chuck Culver's entry for more info. (2) No valid Email address: Many IGMs never listed email addresses at all, and many others list addresses that are now invalid. Some never give an author's name. Others only give a nickname. I have not tried to check out postal addresses. But many may be invalid today. (3) Lack of Update Support: OK, you've managed to track an author down. Some may no longer have source code, because it was lost, stolen, or just thrown away? (4) Which brings up the registration component. Most shareware IGMs will not work after a preset period of time, or are crippled in various ways. Without an registration code, you are stuck with that, unless someone can crack the program. Which without the author's permission is illegal. Some IGM authors are still around and can provide you with registration codes, either for money, or for free. But its up to the end- user to track them down. Some authors are accessible but have no intention of updating their Lord programs any further. I think we need a "check-in station" where old authors can drop in, and leave current contact info, or updated programs.

Program usage problems: (1) The IGM has RTE 200, and does not patch. Example: Haunted House. (2) What if the IGM is infected, has no other usable version, the author is unavailable for assistance, and your Antivirus program is unable to safely remove the virus, without destroying the program? (3) You can have IGMs whose configuration works, but the Install option doesn't work. Example: Shauna, Princess of Sorcery. Or the config program freezes up, requiring you to use CTRL-ALT-DEL. Example: Spellbinder's General Store. (4) IGM only works when a BBS is present, and not in LORD's local mode. Example: Socrates' Shop. (5) Other Local Mode screw-ups: I have tried three of Ken Weitzel's IGMs - Sherwood Forest, Reflections, and School Days. All behave identically in Local Mode - badly. You have gibberish on-screen, of text combined with ANSI symbols, completely or mostly unreadable. 05/28/02 Note: Problem was identified as being IGM's lack of internal ANSI handling code. User has to have ANSI.SYS loaded or the PC Magazine ANSI.COM utility to use all of Ken's IGMs, along with other LORD IGMs.

Ken Weitzel is accessible via Email or Fidonet again, as of May 2002. See LordNews Issue #11 for details. Original issue text resumed: Usage problem #6 is that some authors don't respond to Email inquiries. Or you can't find a valid email address for them. Problem #7: The registration process is BBS-based, and that BBS no longer exists. And the author is nowhere to be found. Lots of ways to find yourself out of luck. A good friend says he no longer will pay for a product whose author is not available in some fashion online. Another friend predicts the Fidonet will be gone in 2-3 years. Registration should have a clear benefit to the payer. The author should be willing to help a person evaluate their program, and if necessary, update it so it works properly. Registration is a two-way street, where both author and user owes each other something. Ignoring people's requests for support is something no one appreciates, or tolerates for long.

You're asking, how can I help perhaps? If anyone else has a list of gripes about IGMs, please let me know. As well as letting the author know. And your lists of unworkable/unusable IGMs would be appreciated. If you've tried to register a program, and your letter came back undeliverable, let others know about it. Save them some time, postage, and frustration. Authors: Update your programs, provide CLEAR and understandable documentation, etc. Give the user a decent installation program. Especially one that doesn't require dumping a bunch of files in the main LORD directory. Let the user decide where he wants to store your programs files. If you change email address, change web-site address, then release an IGM update so that people can find you again. There is nothing wrong with releasing a program where only the doc files change. Provide a decent explanation of what the IGM does. If the IGM has the possibility of killing the user, let them know. They deserve the knowledge. I *hate* it when someone writes an IGM, labels it an alpha or beta release, then they simply disappear. I see it a lot in both LORD and LORD II programming. One has to ask themselves, if the program means that little to the author, why waste your time with it? What about an old IGM that won't install in LORD if you have 9+ IGMs already in use. Why should the user have to remove another IGM they are already using just to try out your program? Example: Chapel of St. George. If anyone else wants to vent some frustration on an unusable Lord program, send it in for LordNews issue #9. Perhaps the author will pay attention to your complaints and fix the problem(s).

Questions: (1) While using LORD v4.00a as a platform to test IGMs out under, I was using Warrior's Graveyard for about a couple of weeks, and it started giving me "Time Limit Exceeded" messages and stopped running. The same message appeared for Felicity's Temple after only one day of usage. Does anyone know for this means? (2) After patching Tommy Baker's Graveyard IGM, when executed, running LORD in local mode, at 933 Mhz, I can briefly see some error message, then the program quits and returns to the LORD Other Places menu. Does anyone know how one can use the IGM in local mode, or does this happen to others using similar high-speed systems on BBS's? Red LORD barline

Old LORD Authors Research Notes Section:

Starting in August 2001, I began trying to determine if old LORD IGMs' authors could be reached by email. Many never gave an email address at all, and most of the ones who did, the email info given is now unusable. I have not tried to contact old authors by postal mail, but plan to try that using postcards eventually. I'm hoping that others will help in that project. Michael Everett has been working for over a year to find old authors. He and I together have convinced some authors to update their programs, release them as Freeware, and/or release program source code. Some examples are Vamsi Tadepalli, Brian Bacon, Isaac Adolph, and Jay Cochrane. I have convinced some old friends to resume Lord programming as well, such as Bryan Stanbridge. Earlier I also checked up on Lord II New World authors. That's how I found Isaac Adolph. Unfortunately, every other old known N.W. author turned out to be unaccessible, or has quit all Lord programming, such as Tien Lung or Elric. During the past year, I have checked up on LORD II IGM authors also. Only a quarter or so I think ever bothered to give email contact data, and many who did, either never responded to inquiries or their email account was reported dead/closed. I have checked up on a few LORD utility authors as well. This section is for reporting what I have learned. And yes, this is one major reason, why this issue got so big. But this is LORD news, so it deserves to be reported. If you recognize someone listed below, and know their current WORKING email address, please send it to me. I will then remove them from listing as inaccessible. If authors can not be reached by postal mail, say to register a program, please report that to me. It will save me (or others) wasting time trying to contact those people. If a program is marked with an (*), it is one I don't have, and wasn't aware existed until recently. In some cases, a program may be listed that was never released. If you have one of those marked programs, PLEASE send it to me. The following authors are unavailable by Email.

Christian Danychuk - Arkhaim Asylum; Gary Hall - Arena of Lords; Brian Bosscher - Aladdin's Bar; Devon Brooks - Aladdin's Palace, Maldorf's Mountain; Ng Joong Onn - Lord Anarchist; Derek Peterson - Adoption Market; Bram Luknight - Haldar's Arena; Jay Hodges - BackAlley IGMs, Elaikases's Tower, Werewolf, Seth's Cottage, and Forest of Intrigue -- Available again as of May 2002; Brian Bacon - Baldur's Camp, Torrin's Training Center (*), and Launcher! (*); David Coburn - Barton's Battle Training, Haunted House, Larissa's Lair, and The Mystified Mage; Rafi Bodill - Business Department; Charles Mandeville - Blarney Stone; Tom Walsh - The Magic Kiss, Willy Tart's Carnival; Paul Klingler - Overnighter; Chris Fisher - Castle ColdDrake, Kaldor's Court; Jeff Fanjoy - Caves of Despair; Daniel Owens - City of Eros; Mike Zrichuk - Fairy Town; Korombos - KDrive, KLord, Fun & Games, Haunted Mansion; Jason Jones - Red Dragon Flea Market, and Red Dragon Pet Shop; and George Batalias - Free World. Note: Batalias has an email address, but does not respond to email inquiry.

Unavailable authors continued: 08/30: Kevin Foster - TOD LORD, Lordfos (*); Lord II Authors: Habib; Mike Hutson; N. McKinney; Talaphid; Spring Fang; Dave Henderson; Jim Reardon - Darkness Falls; Andrew Dubry - Sword of Fate; Heath Axton - Darklord -- Available as of May 2002; LORD authors resumed: Chris Carson - Chance's Cafe, The Surgical Clinic; Larry Patterson - three Axehandler IGMs; Charlie Wardick - Changeling -- Available as of May 2002; Ricky Friesen - Dragon's Breath Mountain, Player's Market; Alan Boyer - Dragon's Breath Square; Brian May - Dragon's Claw Tavern, Caldor's Orphanage, and The Wise One -- Available as of May 2002; Digant Kasundra - DKLotto; Chris Dorf - DownSide Tavern; Joshua Eckerman - Dragon Town University, Mirror of Illusion; Charles Feldmeier - Strong Man I igms: e-Man World, Love Shack, and Race Trek; Alex Earhart - Castle of the DreamLord; John Hutton - Lord TRX!: Socrates' Shop; Allyn Cross - Napping Ocean Adventure, RimWell Isle of Witches; Mike Collard - LordFX, etc; Jeremy Stewart - Village of the Phoenix; Timothy Ward; Michael Stephens - Kanen's Lotto Hut; Ed Mullins - Lord Explorer, Lord Looks, Random Lord Looks utility; Tommy Baker - The Graveyard; Matt Ernisse - Psyc0's Inn; Shane Smotherman - Spellbinder's General Store; "Storm" - Lord Guessing Game, Old Mans Church, Russian Roulette (*); Chris Hamilton - Morph's Gymnasium -- Available as of May 2002; Robert Strange - Player's Guild, Lord Trivia; and Arthur Lewis - Gate Way To Heaven. 08/31: Martin Hoffmann, Becky Benjamin, and Nick Shreders.

September Notes: 09/03: Brian Myers - Juancho's Paradise. 09/07: Barry Webb - K9; Kaolin Fire Stocking - Dragon's Castle, Hospital Lobby; Steven Lorenz - Kingdom of Barbadore, LordChat igm. 09/08: Wiley Black - Clan Master's Inn; Lee Hull - Lester's Palace; Jeff Donchez - Lord Brothel, Ldrrated.zip, Ldterror.zip, Ldxrated.zip, and ldxxx.zip; Robert Ehrhardt - Lord Hunter; Tobin Fricke - L.O.R.D. Gambling Casino; Chad Schwartz - Let's Have Fun; Trevor Kooy and Shawna Fountain - LORD Life; Scott Orheim - LORD Trivia. 09/12: Michael Ciesiensky - Turgon's House -- Available as of May 2002; Joe Pelley - Lord's Realm; John Gibbard - Land of Merdiqua; David Holderness - Forest of the Raven, Midsummer's Dream, Oasis of El-Sayal, and Mos Eisley Spaceport TEOS IGM (*); Stephen Oberholtzer - Magic Shop; Kevin Sauer - Mystic Tower; Scott Emrich - Mysterious Hut, The Monastery (*). 09/14: Matt Granberry - The Old Man, Ski Lodge; Jon Rosebaugh - Nudist Colony -- Available as of May 2002; Brad Carson - Obo's Black Market, Redwood Restaurant -- Available as of May 2002; William Turner - Old Man's Cave. 09/15: Carlton Griffin, John Tucker, Scott Emrich, Mike Eheler, Jason Naumann; Lisa Johansson - Chapel of St. George, and The Well (lord igm *).

10/08: Removed Rick Smorawski from section, was contacted by him this week. Email: rickms@email.com. Author of Hiddin Spring of Turgon v3.0. IGM has RTE 200 problem, but works after patching. Red LORD barline

WT-LORD Discussion Notes Section:

All entries through Joseph Watson's 09/07 entry are from his site's WT-Lord Discussion Board. Subsequent notes are based on Icerage WT-Lord Mailing List messages. Entries are listed in chronological order.

Shannon Talley 08/18: Hey Joe and everyone else. Icerage's support website is now at http://www.fidotel.com. We also have a discussion group (Listserve), which is moderated by myself and the author of WT-LORD, Joe Marcelletti. To join the discussion listserve, send an email addressed to listserve@fidotel.com. Subject: subscribe, and on the first line of the message write, subscribe icerage. Or you can subscribe from our online form on the Icerage support page at Fidotel.com.

Joseph Watson -- joeCODE WT-LORD IGM Page -- Main WT-LORD Page
WT-Lord Discussion Board -- Alternate Email: jmwatson@cox- internet.com
Joe's WT-Lord News Letter - July 2004

08/19: I've had complaints about most of those items. The two that make most people mad here are: 1. Losing a Dragon Kill if you do it just before midnight and are still online playing when the clock strikes midnight. 2. People also complain about the unlimited gambling in the inn. I agree, with them on that problem. I'm writing a script to go in and gamble hundreds of times... over and over. This should be limited to a designated number per day ... maybe only allow a person to gamble say 10 times in a day. If those fixes were in place I wouldn't mind recompiling my IGMs for a change in the player record file. Watson 08/19 #2: Yes!!!!! Without a doubt, the program has some problems which should be addressed ASAP! I would also like to see better menu support for IGMs. Maybe listing them side-by-side or a more prompt added if you exceed 22 IGMs in a game. I'm sure you can add a lot more things to the wish list. 10/25/06 Update: Revised header entry info.

Chuck Brogan -- Acad's World -- WT-Lord IGM Hints and Tips

08/19: I agree the IGM menu has to be improved as well as the IGM editor. The editor is very difficult to use once a dozen or more IGMs are added. You have to delete the file and start over just to make a simple change or (to) delete an IGM. I'd like to see a limit on the number of times the gambling can be done in the Dark Cloak Tavern, as well as the amounts that can be wagered. This has to be fixed; it can ruin any game of LORD if abused. Also there is a file open at times that prevents gold transfers from being completed. Not sure if it only happens when players are involved are online or not. It does happen. Not all of the events of the day get recorded, number of lays, IGM activity, and etc. I still think it is possible to lose a Dragon kill at the start of a new day. Importance of fixes: 1. Gambling 2. IGM menu & editor 3. All other issues. 08/19 #2: The database overflow as I call it. Once a player goes over a billion in experience points or in gold all sorts of things go wrong. Experience points aren't recorded or displayed incorrectly. The bank becomes unusable. Some IGMs may not work correctly.

Shannon Talley 08/20: I agree Joe. That's one of the only things I would like to see changed. I spoke with Joe about this many moons ago, and he was honestly hoping someone would develop a 3rd party IGM menu program to address this. Perhaps you should drop him a line on our listserve (icerage@fidotel.com) - he is a member.

Chuck Brogan 08/20: The problem as I see it is not the IGMs but the data presented to them. I know the simple solution is to slay the Dragon and everything is fine. Some players just haven't quite got the concept of the game and refuse to slay the Dragon and start over.

Joseph Watson 08/21: IGM menu system for WT-LORD? I feel it should be done by WT-LORD and not by an IGM. Have your IGMs do a "submenu thing"? Once again I feel WT-LORD should contain a better IGM menu/configuration system! Example: Other Places =-=--= 1. Barak's House 2. (Joseph's 25 IGMs). This is what a menu would look like if you were to control it with an IGM. I'd prefer to have WT-LORD take care of it. Do you still support and update your IGMs, (people ask me)? Stop asking me the same questions over and over! Some of the IGMs do not need to be updated! Therefore I do not release updates to them regularly. Others that I add additions to are only updated to the public when I feel they are ready for release. Chuck Brogan and I run "BETA" versions of the public releases before anyone else. We check them out and fine-tune them. When they are ready for release, I release them! I feel I've proven myself to release "stable" and relative "bug free" IGMs. Many of them at that.... over the years. I continue to program IGMs because I enjoy playing LORD. It would please me to see WT-LORD updated. How long has it been? We still are faced with the same problems that still haven't been corrected! How can I find out what's happening, (you ask)? Read and write on the discussion board! That's what it's here for! Most ideas for the last IGM (The WhiteHouse) were voiced here and incorporated into the IGM.

Joseph Watson 08/23: Since it looks as though WT-LORD will remain as is with it's coding then I'll consider writing an IGM menu system. I won't work on it with the intention of getting it done quickly due to my current work schedule but I will look into it.

Chuck Brogan 08/23: The IGM menu must be handled by WT-LORD. A third party solution is not the answer. The IGM editor is in the LORD source code and that is the only solution. ... Joe's IGMs are supported and updated when needed. He even updates his freeware, Merry Xmas and others. His IGMs go through a beta testing and when a new release or an upgrade is released it is solid. I've been using all of his IGMs for over three years and have no problems with them. WT-LORD fails but his IGMs don't.

Bobby Thornton 08/27: From what I see of the game. 1. Icerage needs to support the game better. IE: Bug fixes for KNOWN problems. 2. Joe's IGM's are the BEST of any I have every played. Not only are they updated, there are no known bugs to boot. 3. Joe, I believe, that you are the only reason that LORD has not gone the way of the DO DO (bird). 4. If you play LORD you MUST have Joe's IGM's to have any chance of having a fun in the game. Knock them Dead Joe, you've done real good!

Gary Hartzell 08/29: When I was first thinking about putting up a BBS dedicated to LORD a few months ago, I briefly considered running Wildcat and WT-LORD. The price tag for doing so quickly changed my mind! I went with DOS LORD -- $15 compared to $50 for WT-LORD! After reading through all these messages detailing all the bugs in WT-LORD, I am even happier for my decision to go with the original LORD game! The IGMs scrolling off the screen has to be my biggest complaint as a WT-LORD player. Good luck getting your problems addressed!

Joseph Watson 08/30: WT-LORD was available several months ago? This is news to me. I've been under the impression that WT-LORD has not been available for registration for close to 2 years. Metropolis even contacted me and wanted help due to people contacting them about registering the program. So as far as I know, WT-LORD registrations have "JUST NOW" become available again. DOS LORD is being worked on by Michael as well as a 32-bit version of LORD. (... No news on the 32-bit version coming anytime soon though, but I will continue to listen for info on it, and would be willing to take a look at LORD in 32-bit form. Now for DOS LORD! It's a 16-bit program that doesn't release processor calls, therefore it will take your system resources to 100 percent, and your 32- bit O.S. will drag to a halt. WT-LORD in 32-bit wcCODE. I've had 20 people playing it at the same time on my system without dragging the system down. Please don't take it like I'm bashing 16-bit LORD! I'm not ... but for someone running NT or Windows NT server, it's the only way to go currently if you wish to run it multi-node.
My complaints with WT-LORD have been problems that have never been addressed in the core programming of the game. The menu system problem? I think I can fix that with my own programming but that's also another story! I don't feel it's my place to fix it. Gambling limits? Not enforced in DOS LORD either. Would be easy to fix though ... WT-LORD is equally as stable as DOS LORD but if registrations are being "SOLD", I personally would like to see a couple of things fixed. I have no intentions of porting my 25+ IGMs to DOS LORD or 32-bit LORD. The 32-bit LORD programming language is different from my Microsoft Visual Basic 6, and I can't see sinking money into a new language. For now I will stay with WT-LORD and may write a "Menu Interface" for people running registered IGMs of mine. Darn, I'm a friendly guy. So, please people, give me a break. If anything sounds like it's bashing, then you're taking it the wrong way. Maybe I should just move on to more positive things.

Gary Hartzell 08/30: This wasn't several weeks ago, this was several months ago - WT-LORD was available at the time, as it is now. Either way, you get my point -- no offense intended -- it was always the money issue for me, since I have so little of it. I may even upgrade to Wildcat in a few years if my financial situation changes and I'm still running my BBS. I have heard nothing but good things about Wildcat Netserver. I'm not saying DOS LORD is perfect, by any means! Michael P. is, however working on the bugs, and it's not too bad at all. But, this isn't the place for discussion of DOS LORD.

Joseph Watson 09/02: I've updated the Mad Mage's Tavern and Dodge City! Sharon will never be the same again. The Fly is now funnier than ever! More stuff not mentioned also....

Butch Bigwood 09/05: Good luck getting them to fix WT-LORD. I think they just want to sell some more codes to the program and not support it. A 2-node version is no good even if it is free. Think about it a minute, go into the forest and start a fight but do not finish it. Walk off from the game for about 15 minutes and when you return you have been disconnected and the game will think you are still in a forest fight. If 2 people do that then no one else can play that day until the sysop kicks them out of the game or until the game resets at midnight. So much for a 2-node version. That is what I have to say.

Joseph Watson 09/07: ... The updates mentioned are running on Farpoint and Acad's World and being tested. They both have major additions made to them and I want to make sure they don't corrupt the storage databases. 10/01 Note: Pruned out first part of entry, never did get email response from Joseph. Guess he forgot about my message.

Shannon Talley 09/13: The new Icerage mailing list is for (1) the requests by WT-Lord users for registration keys, and (2) discussions about Icerage Software. Discussion about Wildcat 5 is also allowed. FidoTel is hosting Icerage's site for the distribution of keys. FidoTel does not own or operate Icerage software. (But we do have a nice game of WT-Lord going on.)

IceRage List Digest mode is a compilation of each week's messages combined into one message. To subscribe send an Email to listserve@fidotel.com, subject Subscribe, and on the first line of the message type: subscribe icerage-d. Note: If the digest doesn't show up in your email, ask Shannon to add you to the digest list manually. Restored to Issue #8 files on 10/08/01. Red LORD barline

Recent LORD Files Section:
August 05 - September 30, 2001.

 LORD IGMs, recently released or discovered:
MINES110 ZIP     4838   8-10-01  The Abandoned Mines v1.10 (RHP)
XMAS100  ZIP     3282   8-10-01  Merry Christmas v1.00 (RHP)
GTC100   ZIP     4321   8-25-01  Garrison's Training Center 1.00 (RHP)
DAE402   ZIP   348819   8-28-01  Daemonica S. Dominion v4.02
PSYC0INN ZIP    54603   8-28-01  Psyc0's Inn v1.00
ROBIN4   ZIP   145140   9-22-01  Robin Hood v4.0 - first release
BARAK20  ZIP    61614   9-27-01  Barak's House v2.00 - recompiled
ROBIN4   ZIP   146709  10-02-01  Robin Hood 4.00 - current update
Notes: The IGMs marked (RHP) require the Gateway IGM, by Jason Brown,
to be installed in your LORD game. The Robin Hood IGM will be updated
occasionally as the author works on making it cheat-proof.

LORD II New Worlds:
FIXTEOS  ZIP    63741   8-14-01   Lord2: TEOS patch program
TL170    ZIP   324464   8-15-01   LORD II: TEOS v1.70 new world

Non-IGM LORD Programs:
ADULTD   ZIP    32305   8-28-01  Adult text file for Daemonica IGM
TTPATCH  ZIP     9623   9-15-01  Tppatch Runtime Error 200 fix
L444     ZIP    79611   9-22-01  LordNet League 444 info file
CRT      ZIP            9-25-01  Pedt Scragg's Pascal CRT library.
Note: For usage by Lord programmers wishing to recompile their
programs to fix RTE 200 problem.  Visit this web-page
http://www.pedt.demon.co.uk/crt/ before using crt.zip.

End of recent LORD releases listing.
Red LORD barline

LORD Authors Status Notes:

LORD Authors run-down: I'm defining Fully Active in this issue, as those who are known to be actively working on LORD programs, or web sites; or who I get Email from often. Some fully active authors are listed as Semi-Active, if they haven't released anything in recent months. Anyone who has not released a program or sent me Lord news since April 2001 are now classified Fully Inactive. Any LORD web-site with copyright dates before January 2001 are classified as Abandoned.

Fully Active: Myself, Lloyd Hannesson, Gary Hartzell, Robert Olsen, Shannon Talley, Michael Preslar, Duncan Idaho, Michael Everett, Paul Koukos, James Baran, Mike Dillon, Ruth Argust, Jay Cochrane, and Mike Ehlert. Fully active sites: LORD Legacy, my web-site, DDS site. Non LORD-active authors: Bryan Turner and Seth Robinson. Semi-Active: Michael Adams, Orion Elder, Black Omen, Bryan Stanbridge, Codax Dragon, Isaac Adolph, Joseph Watson, Chuck Brogan, and Bobby Queen. Semi-active Web sites: LORD II: Awakening, LordNet site, Prowler Productions site, Kiteria's Korner site, and BBS Archives site. Assumed Active: Rick Parrish, Mike Hodgson, Aaron Wornom, Mike Snyder, Sallee Huber, Robert McLeod, Brent Jackson. Goldengate Dddsdoors FTP directory. Working on IGMs to fix RTE200: David Simmons, Robert Fogt, and Jay Cochrane. Inactive Web-sites: Official LORD II IGM Archive Site, LORD II: CNW site (since late June). Authors assumed Inactive: Joel Gathercole, Michael Bujold, Marty Blankenship. Unresponsive authors: Steve Gargolinski and Ken Weitzel. Both are considered fully inactive currently.

Former Authors: Spencer Vickers, Jason Brown, and Charles Culver. No-Name Productions, Shining Star Software sites. Notes: These authors are no longer associated with LORD programming. Suzanne Franklin, Trevor Herndon, Joe Marcelletti, Marc Ryan, Rick Troiano, Vamsi Tadepalli, Ahkenaton, Chet Rhodes, Michael Adams, Tien Lung, Voodoo Knight, Eric Richardson, Tony Brown, Brian Bray, Eric Cameron, David Taylor, Kenneth Padgett, Justin Pasher, Nannette Thacker, and Tom Toothman. Some are working on recompiling their programs to fix RTE200 problems, however they are not resuming active LORD programming otherwise. 09/24 Notes: I don't see much point to listing Lord-based web-rings in the newsletter, since the ones I belong to all seem to be fully inactive. However, Paul Koukos has an InterBBS Games webring that is active. Webring remarks: Lost track of Colby Reich, and can't detect activity any more in LORD Domain web-ring. Preslar's LORD ring's homepage disappeared last year, and I believe the ring is currently inactive. Elric's Lord II ring has been inactive for many months now. Old files sites notes: I don't list the Goldengate FTP site directories as active anymore in issues, other than the ddsdoor directory. I found that the Artibbs FTP site has not added a single file to its Door games directory since 1997. The Galileo files site is also never updated. All references to Telnet sites, and online LORD game sites, except in Authors' entries, are hereby removed as well. The same goes for Dragon graphics sites since I have lost my interest in keeping track of them.

Abandoned sites: WT-LORD Web-ring, LORD IRC web-ring, LORD Domain web-ring; Shaun's Lord Cheats, Billy England's site, Purple Haze site, Blackfist Lord site, Arctic Productions, Dore's Lord IGMs, FX Sound Systems, phsoft, Carlton Griffin's site, Mad Systems, Colby Reich's sites, [SYS} Lord site. Sites with copyright dates that are over a year old are listed as Abandoned. If the site's listed email address is invalid, it is listed as "Dead".

10/02 Status Changes: Kyle Parish is reclassified as a Former LORD Author. The Lord II:CNW Site is closed currently. And the Artibbs FTP site is no longer usable by Anonymous FTP. 10/08: Heard from Elric (Jay Weber). He continues to have computer problems, and is fully inactive as to LORD programming. Further info will be in Issue #9. Red LORD barline

LordNews Issues Links Section: (10/30/04)

Web-Page Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Released on April 28, 2000. -- Issue #1 Archive
LordNews Issue #2 - Released on Jun. 26, 2000. -- Issue #2 Archive
LordNews Issue #3 - Released on Jun. 28, 2000. -- Issue #3 Archive
LordNews Issue #4 - Released on Sept. 20, 2000. -- Issue #4 Archive
LordNews Issue #5 - Released on December 20, 2000. -- Issue #5 Archive
LordNews Issue #6 - Released on April 19, 2001. -- Issue #6 Archive
LordNews Issue #7 - Released on August 05, 2001. Issue #7 Archive.
LordNews Issue #8 - LordNews Issue #8 Archive
Released on Oct. 08, 2001 in two parts. Recombined into single web-page on May 28, 2002.

LordNews Issue #9 -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 03, 2001.
LordNews Issue #10 -- Issue #10 HTML Archive. Released on February 06, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 -- Issue #11 HTML Archive. Released on May 18, 2002.
LordNews Issue #12 -- Issue #12 HTML Archive. Issue released on Oct. 07, 2002. Last revision 03/31/03.
LordNews Issue #13 -- Issue #13 HTML Archive. October 2002 - June 2003 coverage. Released on Aug. 03, 2003.
LordNews Issue #14 -- Issue #13 HTML Archive. Covers July 2003 to present date. In progress.
Red LORD barline

Text Version Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Text -- Issue #1 Text Archive. Released on December 20, 1999.
LordNews Issue #2 - Text -- Issue #2 Text Archive. Released on April 05, 2000.
LordNews Issue #3 - Text -- Issue #3 Text Archive. Released on June 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #4 - Text -- Issue #4 Text Archive. Released on September 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #5 - Text -- Issue #5 Text Archive. Released on December 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #6 - Text -- Issue #6 Text Archive. Released on April 19, 2001.
LordNews Issue #7 - Text -- Issue #7 Text Archive. Released on August 05, 2001.
LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part One -- LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part Two
LordNews Issue #8 Text Archive. Released on October 08, 2001.
LordNews Issue #9 Text Version -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 04, 2001.

LordNews Issue #10 Text Version -- LordNews Issue #10 Appendix
Issue #10 Text Archive. Last Appendix files update: Apr. 29, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 - Text -- Issue #11 Text Archive. Released on May 18, 2002.
LordNews #10 Data Files: Contains Authors-Info.txt, Lost-Authors.Txt, and Usable-IGMs.txt files.
LordNews #11 Data Files: Contains Unusable-IGMs.txt, CC11igm1.txt, and CC11igm2.txt files.

LordNews Issue #12 - Text -- Issue #12 Text Archive.
LordNews #12 Data Files -- Contains the BadPatch.txt and PassTest.txt files.

LordNews Issue #13 - Text -- Issue #13 Text Archive.
Patched LORD Apps Listing. Appendix for LordNews Issue #13.
Red LORD barline

Newsletter Summary and Contributions:

LordNews issues #1 - #5, and #7, covered three months each. Issue #6 covered four months. Issue #8's development started on August 11, 2001, and it was officially released on October 02, 2001, around 10 p.m. The focus here is on active participants only, and the listing is mostly based on Issue #7 participation. Names are in alphabetical order, by last name. My thanks to: Chuck Brogan, Jason Brown, Mike Dillon, Codax Dragon, Orion Elder, Michael Everett, Joel Gathercole, Lloyd Hannesson, Gary Hartzell, Mike Hodgson, Duncan Idaho, Paul Koukos, Robert Olsen, Rick Parrish, Michael Preslar, Bobby Queen, Mike Snyder, Bryan Stanbridge, Shannon Talley, Bryan Turner, Joseph Watson, Aaron Wornom, and Kyle Parish. Thanks for long-term support: Ruth Argust, Mike Ehlert, Suzanne Franklin, and Seth Robinson. Suzanne is always appreciated especially, since she never forgets my birthday, and sends me cards for other holidays as well.

Image credits, etc.: The red LORD bar line graphic is public domain. This web page was developed using the Qedit v3.0 DOS text editor, and checked out using Netscape Navigator v4.78 and Microsoft Internet Explorer v5.50. My web pages are optimized for Netscape Navigator browsers. Note: Those pages with many tables are best printed using MS Internet Explorer. Official Release printing notes: Part One, HTML, uses 15 pages. Part Two, HTML, uses 16 pages.

Update Notations: 02/27/02: First update since Issue was released. Changed Kenneth Padgett's email address. Replaced LordNews Issues section. 05/28/02: Recombined issue #8 web-page into single HTML file again.

Page counter info: As of May 30th, the ccigm-8.htm page on my GeoCities site had 254 hits. And the ccigm-8b.htm page had 227 hits. The first counter has been used since Aug. 11, 2001; and the second one has been used since Sept. 27, 2001. 12/03/02: Brief update of Issue #8 files for upload to re-activated GeoCities site. Updated LordNews Issues Links section. The GeoCities/Fidotel sites' copy is the single web-page version.

January 2003 revision. Replaced old GeoCities URL links to work with current fidotel.com web-site. Updated LordNews Issues Links section. 10/30/04: Updated Gary Hartzell's info. LordNews Issues Links section updated.

October 2006 Updates: Replaced headers entries for most of the contributors to this issue. Added notations to most entry sections. Most email address links are still valid, but some have not been recently verified as to validity. Bobby Queen and Max Larivee are presumed to be dead. Entry updates done: Joel Gathercole, Michael Preslar, Bobby Queen, Shannon Talley, Mike Dillon, Jason Brown, Jay Cochrane, Michael Everett, Lloyd Hannesson, Michael Adams, Duncan Idaho, Orion Elder, Robert Olsen, Rick Parrish (Lordnet entry), Bryan Stanbridge, Bryan Turner, Suzanne Franklin, Black Omen, Ahkenaton, Paul Koukos, Kenneth Padgett, Janet Terry, Vamsi Tadepali, Mike Ehlert, Rob Starr, and Joseph Watson.

06/27/07 Note: All web-sites formerly hosted on fidotel.com were either closed since 2003 or have been relocated. IceRage Technologies is closed; Kiteria's Korner is relocated; Lord2 IGM Archive Site is closed; and FieldSoft IGMs is closed. Did brief update to replace Fidotel.com hyperlinks. The Kiteria's Korner web-site was returned to Suzanne Franklin in June 2006, and is now located at http://kiteria.lordlegacy.com/. 01/13/09: I will replace the web-page counters code eventually (maybe). Fixed some HTML coding errors.

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