Castle Camelot LORD IGM Authors News #1

Volume 1, Issue 1 -- Started November 25, 1999.
Text Issue released via Listbot December 20, 1999.
Web-Page Version Released on April 28, 2000.

LordNews Issue #1 Introduction:

Created by Donald Tidmore -- Castle Camelot LORD Links Page Red LORD barline

06/25/07 Note: All web-sites formerly hosted on were either closed since 2003 or have been relocated. IceRage Technologies is closed; Kiteria's Korner is relocated; Lord2 IGM Archive Site is closed; and FieldSoft IGMs is closed.

January 2003 URL revision.

Note: This newsletter started with Bryan Turner two years ago, and was discontinued after the eight issue. The issues ran on a quarterly basis from March 01, 1997 through March 06, 1998. Some of you will know me already from frequent email conversations I've had with my Lord friends over the last three years; some may know about my Castle Camelot web-site, -- URL updated 01/08/2003 -- which I created for private use in July 1996, and went online with in April 1997. For the past year, I've been doing my best to keep Lord authors and fans notified of where to find new Lord-related web-sites and programs. I am also the maintainer and author of the Lord Links page available on the Kiteria's Korner! site -- (12/02/02: OFF-LINE), which was run for a long time by Suzanne Franklin, with Bryan's help, and is now hosted by Bobby Queen. I decided it was time, a couple of months ago, to find out if Bryan would restart the newsletter once Lord v4.05 was released by my friend Michael Preslar. Bryan told me I could take over doing the newsletter if I wanted to. After a week or so of thought, I decided to try doing this project. Bryan is still active in his support of Lord and BBS-ing, but wanted to spend his time on other projects.

My BBS history consisted of several years of using dozens of BBS in my area, Northwest Alabama, the Quad-Cities region specifically, where I was a co-sysop for a couple of years on several boards. I have for a long time taken care of getting Lord programs that I find placed online on the major Lord file sites, such as the NightFall Games LORD Archives Site, and my own Camelot LordNews FDN site. (Revised sentence 01/15/2004.) People can do this if they don't have a web-site by sending me their Lord, Lord II, Tournament Lord, or Planets: TEOS programs via Email File Attachment. 04/11/02: Lord II authors should send their programs to me for posting online or on Fidonet.

LordNews #1 Misc. Notes Section:

LordNews #1 - Table of Contents:
LORD Authors Notes Section Active Lord Authors Info
Inactive Lord Authors Info 1999 LORD Programs Listing
LordNews Issues Links Section Newsletter Contributions Section:

Post-Release Issue Revision Notes Section:

11/11/00 Note: This newsletter was originally released in text format in December 1999, and was converted into this HTML format web-page, in late April 2000. Changes made to this issue are listed in the Modification History section. Note that over time some email/web-site addresses will change or become unavailable. I have modified this page in early November 2000 to update them as needed. 03/27-31/01: Updated the text issue page to bring its links and information up to date. 04/03/01: Checked over this HTML page for needed updates. 04/04: Aligned text and HTML versions to use basically the same update editing notes. 07/20/01: Web-page updated to correct email addresses, update author's status entries, or to update web-site addresses. Entries updated: Jason Brown, Korombos, Icerage, Michael Preslar, Mike Snyder, Bryan Stanbridge, Janet Terry, Elysium, Kiteria's Korner. And a few modifications in other places.

Added 11/28/2001: Fidonet LORD Echo info: Janis Kracht, head of the Fidonet in North America, has set up my own Fidonet Distribution Network, and I have been handling all LORD files distribution personally since October 13. I will accept and handle LORD, LORD2, TEOS, and T-LORD material. As they are primarily released, or updated periodically, all LORD Newsletter issues are/will be posted to my Camelot LordNews FDN, along with LORD/TEOS related programs I receive or find. All LORD/TEOS material I come across WAS posted to Michael Preslar's Lord Legacy FTP Site. (Closed down late November 2002. 02/22/03 Note) LORD IGMs are posted in Lloyd Hannesson's LORD IGMs List database. I can be reached on the Fidonet LORD echo by writing to me at 1:18/450. Other contact methods are Email, and web-site guestbook. (12/02/02: The LordNews Entry Form Page never gets used, so is being dropped.)

06/25/2007: Replaced old LordNews/LadyScripts Lists section with new HTML Form dialog code.

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12/24/01: Added Table of Contents; Release notes section header line. Relocated 1999 Programs Release section, and the LordNews Issues Links Section. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Red LORD barline

LORD Authors Notes Section:

Michael Adams -- Michael Adams' Homepage -- Wolfsheep: Michael's Programming Page

Author of Legend of the Magus Slug and The Slug House Lord/LORD2 IGMs. Also host of the Angel's Planets: TEOS Support Site. 11/11/00 Note: Fully inactive. 10/02: Removed old Programming page link. Angel's Planet site closed. New homepage address listed. 01/15/04 Note: Replaced web-site links. TEOS Lord v1.70a email address update released by Michael on June 26, 2003. File will be available from Camelot LordNews FDN and other sources, and can be downloaded from Michael's site. 01/23/04: Michael's email address is now cwolfsheep (at)

Jason Brown -- Jason's Programs Page

09/01/99: I enhanced my SETUP program and some minor things in the RHP. Also made LORD Cavern Freeware, and it should be ready to go, but I'm going to release slightly enhanced RHP packs to go with it, and the Outlands Tavern just needs the SETUP and RHP enhancements added. My other program may need some more fixes, though. Question: Do your current versions of Lord have any relation to the features added by Seth to v4.00a, or to the Gameport's v4.02? Answer: In order, the reason there are new versions: LORD Cavern: Bugfixes, enhancements to RHP and SETUP. Outlands Tavern: Addition of RHP engine. LordStat: Ability to create custom bulletins. 09/05/99 - Question: Good luck with continued development of your IGMs. How is work coming along on any other Lord programs you were working on? And did you decide to do anything else for Lord II yet? Answer: I can tell you that what I have out now (with the exception of a new IGM, The Gateway, that will be going into beta soon) will be it. I don't have any interest in doing anything more for LORD II, and these versions of my IGMs will likely be the last, unless I need to do bugfixes. So far they're turning out to be fairly bug-free, and I've been testing my new RHPScript engine like mad, and all my enhancements seem to work great. About the only other program I might release is my RHPTest program, it runs RHPs outside of the IGMs so they can be made sure to work. I need to work on a syntax checker for it before I can release it, though, otherwise it seems very unfinished...

12/10/99: The LORD Cavern v1.4 and The Outlands Tavern v1.3 are now availiable for download! 12/15/99: Howdy all! Well, looks like there may be a bug in the LORD Cavern, and I'm waiting for more feedback from my tester. However The Outlands Tavern looks like it's 100% so far! Testing my new IGM The Gateway has gone super, and it looks like it can be released any time now. All it needs is more RHP scripts. :) As for a new version of LORDSTAT... I need to fix some column separation errors, and that can be out. That one isn't a priority. Fortunately, everything is ship-shape. If LORD is changed in any major way, I'll probably do the work myself to make my IGMs compatible! In the unlikely event that I don't do that, I'll make sure to give the code to someone that will. Oh, and did you know that The LORD Cavern is now freeware? :) I very well will probably not do any more new IGMs or utilities, as I have larger programming projects in mind. Right now I'm working with Unreal Tournament coding. I guess that's all for now! 07/20/01 Update: Deleted 04/03/01 edit notes. Status is now Inactive, has quit LORD programming.

Michael Bujold (No valid email address)
--- CanuckSoft (Dead site)

As of December 1999, Canucksoft has only 4 LORD IGMs out - 2 LORD menusets and 2 LORD II IGMs - The Flirt with Violet/Seth Able IGM, and Crazy Tom's Shack. As of this time, Canucksoft has several IGMs in production to enhance and expand upon the gameplay of LORD II. My philosophy is to provide worthwhile IGMs for absolutely no cost. I believe one feature of LORD II that should be upgraded is the maximum number of hotpoints allowed in a LORD map. This might understandably cause the game to slow down, but, it is one feature I have a problem with. 03/27/01 Status: Semi-inactive. Added new email address. Frank's Firearms LORD2 IGM released in February 2000. Re-released in September 2000 to update email/site addresses in doc. files. No other Lord2 programming activity has been done by Michael since then. 11/28/01: Classified as Former Author since summer 2001. 03/11/2003: No contact with Bujold in several months or more. Web-site reclassified as Abandoned. No valid email address. 01/15/04: Site is Dead. Web-page has no actual content.

Codax Dragon --- Codax's Dragon's Den Ultd

He is currently working on a new LORD2 IGM, but hasn't been able to get some problems fixed yet. His web-site may be moving soon to Xoom, but currently is at GeoCities. The new IGM being worked is tentatively called Gigantic/Tritanic Cruises, The Cruise for short. Here are some of his comments on it: "If you played the Battlefield IGM I made, and were to compare it to The Cruise, it would be akin to comparing East StoneBrook and BoneTown. Every screen has some kind of movement and there are more than 30 screens. If all would go according to plan it would have more than an hour in total cinema sequences. It has the most advanced casino..."
Notes: Codax, Thanks for helping me with this newsletter, and for the great ideas you provided me on upgrading Lord II, which were relayed to Michael Preslar. His other IGMs are: The Cave of Hope and Despair, Dragon's Den Housing, GreenTree Prison, The Pit, The Pond, and Scavenger Hut. Here's a question Codax would appreciate an answer to, about Lord II: I'm trying to find out if Seth was able to overcome Pascal's 65k for variables limit. If he has not then I have found I have found the problem with my IGM. Otherwise I need to find another option. ... spawn a new section to the newsletter. A sort of question answer thing between developers and users. 03/31/01 Status: Semi-active. Still working on his Cruises LORD2 IGM. 08/02/01: A Beta version of the Cruises IGM is available upon request from Codax. 01/29/02: Semi-active, going to college. Is still around, and is supporting his Lord II IGMs.

Mike Dillon -- -- Crystalline Realms (off-line)

ALE (Advanced Lord Editor) currently is capable of accessing Players and Monsters. It gives a variable ability to change not only the weapon names but their numbers as well, which I noticed in the LORDCFG program you cannot do that (v4.05+). So really ... it's a LORD Player & Monster editor. I'm working on adding a menu editor to it as well so people can modify the menus and ANSI or create their own sets. After looking into the data for Planets: TEOS and LORD II, I am going to add abilities to ALE to edit their respective data files. In TEOS support, you will be able to Add, Delete, and Modify: Players, Planets, and Enemies. As far as editing Cartels, I am not planning on that. LORD II support will include editing the Player and Item editors. I am looking into making support for Item editing in TEOS and map editing for LORD II. ... If TEOS support is added, the program will likely be renamed to: Advanced Legacy Editor or Legends..

I have plans to write a LORD-IGM but since my idea is rather complex, ... I'm not sure when or if I'll be ever able to create it. The basis behind it is a quest that you undergo to find things and meet NPCs and players on their quests as well. It will also have certain options in the main menu such as a Marriage Church and a place to go on a honeymoon so people can't take your stuff. (IGM will reset the stats even if they are killed but it will only do so when the person logs on again). As far as other options, I'm not sure as of yet but am open to suggestions. My IGM will protect the player in the aspect that if they are killed, once they log on again, it'll resurrect them, and give them their stuff back. ... Oh just to mention something funny about ALE. I found out in the new version, I'll have support for roughly 9 million players or so. Lord itself only supports 150 players and 131 monsters. I made mine variant so it can supports many more which is funny:). ... BTW, if you wanted to know what the name of the IGM I am eventually going to write is, it will be called: "City of the Sapphire Gold" :) Notes: Mike is one of the members of the Elysium Software group. 03/27/01 Status: Fully active. 08/20/01: Updated email address link. 10/02/01: Fixed web-site link. 09/07/02: Replaced email address link. 03/10/03: Replaced web-site link. 01/15/2004: Web-site has been shut down for several months.

Elric (Jay Weber) -- EarthDrake Software

Here's what I have to add to the Newsletter: I plan to have EDS (EarthDrake Software) back in full swing again sometime in January of 2000. I have quite a few ideas that I am going to try implementing in my Quest For Mom new world, as well as trying to revamp the EDS web-site. I'll probably follow Tien Lung in revamping my various IGMs, using all the nifty tricks I've learned from him. Finally, I'll also be one of the people involved in Godlike Productions' Chaos: A Legend is Born (CALiB) new world. Notes: Elric's programs are: The Quest for Mom; JayMonsters, Lord2 Stuff Pack, and MapSwap utilities; Arris Training Grounds, Dark Cloak Ruins, Faerie Glade, Greentree Lotto Hutt, Jester's Casino Update, Northlands Coliseum, Ralphie's Roses, and Sharks' Tooth Island IGMs. 03/27/01 Status: Fully inactive. Still waiting for a new computer system. Work on CALiB was cancelled last year. 08/02/01: Has never resumed either LORD2 web-site development or LORD2 programming. No longer responding to email inquiries, so reasons are unknown. 08/20/01: Fixed email address link.

Robert Fogt:     08/27/99: I won't be doing any more versions of any of my IGMs. I sold all of my DOS programs to someone who has put them on a CD. I still own all previously released versions, but he owns the rights to all future releases, and the source code. I have switched to web programming. Right now I am working on a Web-based on-line role playing game. It's similar to lord, but it's graphical, and is played online with your web browser. It should be in beta testing stage in a month or so. 12/16/00: The Ocean View Resort IGM for Planets:TEOS has been released as freeware. Version 2.13 contains a registration code generator you can use to make registration codes to enter. I released version 2.13 on DDS. I'll dig through my archives and find the source code and release that as well. If anyone wants to own the rights to it, I'd be willing to give that away too. Just let me know before I release the source code or give it to somebody else. Right now most of my efforts are in Perl and CGI programming. I have written a couple games and many utilities, including a popular web based chat program. Notes: Hal's other Lord programs are the Lord Menu utility, The Outhouse IGM, and the Sansi Converter Lord/Lord2 utility. His other TEOS programs are the Immigration Office IGM, and the PlanFair utility.

12/11/01 Notes: Robert is a Former Lord/Lord2/TEOS author, who has released his programs as Freeware. The Outhouse IGM and LordMenu utility programs have the RTE 200 problem, and are being recompiled and updated by Lloyd Hannesson. Lloyd has taken over both programs as his own. The Ocean View Resort is being reviewed for needed changes by Lloyd and Michael Preslar. Robert has not located source code for his other programs. Original update notes for Nov. 11, 2000; Apr. 06, 2001; and Nov. 28, 2001 rewritten. For further information, see LordNews Issue #9, and LordNews Issue #10. 01/15/04: I assumed support of Outhouse IGM in 2003 from Lloyd and it is available as The Forest Outhouse v2.20 now.

Steve Gargolinski - Black Dragon Software

Author of the IDFEdit (Lord2) and LMonEdit (Lord) utilities. 11/11/00 Note: Semi-inactive, still supports his programs. 03/06/02 Note: Email account is not usable, messages sent there are being returned by Hotmail, due to it being over quota. 06/05/02: Deleted email address from entry. 01/15/04: Web-site no longer exists.

Shawn Highfield --- TinySoft

Question: Are you still working on Lord programs? Answer: There won't be anymore from me. I only ever wrote a small IGM (Sommer's Shiny Things) for the local users to my area who knew the person it was based on. Other than that, I only have some un-finished ones that I probably couldn't find the source for if I dug. 03/27/01 Status: Fully Inactive. 10/02: Removed web-site address. TinySoft closed down, date unknown. 03/11/2003: Bryan Turner assumed authorship of Shawn's IGM, and did recompile updating work on it. Version 2.00 was released on April 29, 2002.

Korombos -- Sharkware:     (No valid Email/ web-site address)
Question: If you have no plans to ever write for Lord, Lord II, or Tournament Lord again, ... Michael Preslar is willing to take over your programs, and provide support and upgrades for them. If this interests you, contact him at Answer: I am interested in taking over older LORD IGMs as well. ... I have taken over the LORD IGM Fun and Games, but I also wrote IGMX and IGM-H (Lord Haunted IGM). My Web site is ... I have several LORD IGMs being worked on at the moment, and all information about them, when available, can be found on my web site. Notes: Korombos also is the author of the KDrive IGM/BBS Door development software, and the KLord, Kdrive Lord Kit Addition software.
04/01/01 Notes: Fully active. Updated email and web-site addresses. Sharkware now has its own domain: He is currently working on finishing up updated versions of KDrive, KLord, and his LORD IGMs. No other LORD IGMs have been released. 04/14: Fixed email address. KDrive v7.1 and other Lord updates are now available from his web-site. 07/20/01: Web-site is closed down, and email account is dead. No other info known. Status unchanged as of Nov. 28, 2001.

Paul Koukos -- Hellas BBS -- Hellas BBS Files Page -- Telnet:
ICQ: 9899458 -- Freq Files:

Author of Robin Hood LORD IGM. Runs the Hellas BBS site. No info sent for newsletter issue. 12/11/01 Notes: Paul's BBS went off-line due to computer troubles in Summer/Fall 2000. Revised web-site address link on March 27, 2001. Revised email address link on Aug. 20, 2001. Robin Hood v4.00 released on Sept. 22, 2001. IGM updates for LordNet League usage have been released each week since then. Files page link added in September 2001. For current news from/about Paul, see LordNews Issue #9, and LordNews Issue #10. Previous update notations all rewritten.

Joe Marcelletti -- IceRage Technologies (CLOSED)

Question: Do you ever upgrade the IGMs when you do major rewrites of WT-Lord? Was there a significant change between v1.x and v2.x that required some authors to do total rewrites of their IGMs? Answer: Hello, Yep, I changed the player database records.. They had to make a simple change in their code.. but it wouldn't be backwards compatible. I updated all of my IGMs and dropped support for Lord 1.x. Question: Lastly, do you have any plans to do a version 3.0 sometime. Answer: If I do 3.0 it will be nothing special. Just bug fixes and what not. I have RIP support in there hidden. :) I forget how to turn it on.. I think its either one of the number keys or an * or something. Notes: Wildcat T-LORD IGMs owned or supported by Joe are: Barak's House, Castle Coldrake, Molun's Tavern, Mystic Bar, Mystic Mountain, and Sharkey's Place.

12/11/01 Notes: The original IceRage site closed in May 2000. Joe's email account was also closed at that time. Current Icerage site started by Shannon Talley in mid-July 2001, located at For about 2 months, Marcelletti only corresponded with people through Shannon. Around September he publicized his own email address in the IceRage Mailing list. If you are interested in it, you can sign up on the IceRage web-site. Free registration keys for the basic 2-node version are available. The unlimited node version costs $50.00. Proceeds are being donated currently to the Victim Funds for the World Trade Center disaster. WT-Lord and the IceRage IGMs can not be updated due to lost source code. For full details, read LordNews Issue #7 and LordNews Issue #8. 02/07/02: Joe has started rewriting the WT-Lord program with the assistance of Janet Terry, who provided him with the 50% WT-Lord source code she had purchased years ago. Full details will be listed in mid-February inside LordNews Issue #11. 01/15/04: Marcelletti vanished in 2003 and no one knows where he is now. Has no valid email address. Icerage site was taken off-line last year by Shannon Talley. Due to loss of WT-Lord code, and author's disappearance, WT-Lord registrations are no longer available and all IceRage programs are fully unsupported now.

Michael Preslar -- -- LORD Legacy Site -- Elysium Software
Alternate Email:,

Hello everyone.. Michael Preslar here.. Seth Able's successor as the guy responsible for the care and development of "Legend of the Red Dragon" As of this writing, Lord version 4.05 has yet to be released, as final touches need to taken care of. But once done, the entire world will see that Lord is far from dead, and that there are lots of new and exciting things that can be done without upsetting the game, or turning it into a different game. Not only that, but the release of 4.05 will allow me to take over the care and development of Lord2 and Planets: TEOS as well. Like Lord, Teos is thought to be pretty much finished, but I believe there's life still in the game. As for Lord2.. Anyone that has ever played the game knows that there is a lot of room for improvement.. The world needs to be finished out, commands need to be added to the REF language, bugs need to be worked out.. Lots of things. Id like to close this little writing with.. Keep an eye open.. Things wont be quiet for long.

Notes: Observations on the future of Lord, based on my lengthy emails with Michael. ... Great guy who doesn't mind reading my mail -- he's even named an entire email folder/mailbox for me. Michael is working on a Windows 95/98/NT version of Lord, as well as one for OS/2. And he plans eventually to do a Linux/Unix version. Eventually, an Internet-based version of Lord is a possibility. Those wishing to play Lord on the Internet can visit, which is accessed by Telnet. Michael is developing updates of Joseph Masters' old LORD IGMs and utilities.

12/11/01 Notes: An Y2K update of LordNet was released in February 2000. LORD v4.05 was released in March 2000. Elysium Software released updates of NPCLord and LordCops in 2000. NPCLord does not work reliably and has RTE 200 problems. No other LORD programming has been done since then by Elysium authors, other than by Mike Hodgson and Michael Preslar, that I know of. LORD v4.06, LORD II v1.02, and Planets TEOS v2.02 were released in February 2001. The Lord2 and TEOS programs are cosmetic updates. Last year, there was a petition circulated among LORD fans that was sent to Gameport. It convinced them to authorize Preslar to do 32-bit versions of LORD. So during 2001, he has been working on Lord/32 (Windows), Lord/2 (OS/2), and Lord/x (Linux). Another version of Lord, for the Internet, called WebLord is also being produced. For full details, see the entries for Preslar in LordNews Issue #6 through LordNews Issue #9. Due to the closure of Joel Gathercole's Lord II:CNW site in August 2001, most CNW-related links have been removed from this issue.

Bobby Queen --- Former Host of Official Lord II IGM Archive Site, and Kiteria's Korner

Here is a short article for the newsletter. Okay folks, sorry for the slow response in updating the site lately. As some know already, I have health problems and also have been picked by my grandparents as their driver the past year. They both stopped driving and now I have to do all of it for them. :) But lets get back ON TOPIC. :) I have gotten quite a few new IGMs lately and Tien Lung has started updating all of his IGMs. I have quit reviewing the IGMs since my time is so limited now but all the new ones can be found on the untested.htm page. :) Remember the OFFICIAL site is at and the mirror site is still online at Remember to send IGMs to me attached to email to and talk at ya l8er.

03/31/01 Update: Bobby is currently classified, for the past year, as semi-inactive. At times he has been fully inactive. Due to his health problems, or other reasons, his web-site has rarely been updated in the last year. For details, see LordNews Issue #6, and the previous LordNews issue web-pages. 12/11/01: All LORD programs distribution are now handled officially by me through my Camelot LordNews FDN on Fidonet, and through postings to the Lord Legacy FTP site. 05/08/2002 Update: The Kiteria's Korner! site was closed down on Bobby's server in early April 2002. It was relocated to my new location on the Lord Legacy web-server on April 11, 2002. The Official Lord II IGM Archive Site was turned over to Max Larivee in late May 2002. It was put back online at: 12/02/02: Kiteria site is off-line currently. 03/10/03: Kiteria's Korner is now located at: The L2Archive site is fully inactive currently.

Chet Rhodes -- Rhodes' Ramshackle Roost

Question: Are you still working on your Lord II programs? Answer: I took my BBS down a few years back, and no longer write LORD II IGM's. Notes: Chet's programs are: Bandit's Hideout, Breanna's Cove, The Shipwreck, and The Wedding Chapel LORD2 IGMs. 11/11/00 Status: Fully Inactive.

Seth Robinson --- Robinson Technologies

Glad to see someone is helping people find the LORD and TEOS files they need... surprised to see people still play them, especially TEOS.. but hey, it was a fun game. :) I'll update my TEOS file page when I get a chance but I'm pretty behind on my real work so .. maybe somebody wants to start a better one? Have a great Christmas everyone! 11/11/00 Status: Fully inactive - LORD-wise.

David F. Simmons --- Simmons Software - Files page

I appreciate you asking me to be a part of your newsletter... I really don't have anything to add as I am so far outdated with L.O.R.D. at this time... Given my schedule and all the other factors in my life right now, I don't know if there will even be a time in the near future that I will be able to work with my IGM's, or any other part of L.O.R.D., for that matter. Notes: David's LORD IGMs are Knights of the Golden Horseshoe and Shauna, Princess of Sorcery. 12/11/01 Notes: David's Shauna IGM is fully unusable due to RTE 200. He is going to work on recompiling it, and possibly the Knights IGM, sometime next year. He is currently classified as an Former LORD author. See LordNews Issue #9 for more info. Rewrote old notes. Also see LordNews Issue #12. 01/15/04: RTE200 patch updates were released in 2003 of Shauna and Golden Horseshoe IGMs. They are accessible from the Castle Camelot LORD IGMs Page.

Mike Snyder -- Prowler Productions Homepage -- Distant Places Page

I don't plan on writing any more scripts, and the Distant Places module is pretty flawless and not really in need of an update. I would post script IGM's if people write and send them to me though. For those who aren't familiar with it, T-LORD is a version of LORD written especially for Worldgroup/MajorBBS systems (by Galacticomm). In fact, T-LORD will only run on those systems and is not compatible with traditional DOS and Windows-based BBS's. T-LORD shouldn't be confused with LORD, LORD 2, or the Wildcat version WT-LORD. Prowler Productions is one of only 2-3 companies which created and marketed IGM's for T-LORD. To write a Worldgroup module (something compatible with T-LORD) you need some pretty expensive tools. You need Pharlap DOS Extender, a copy of Worldgroup, Borland C++ (4.5 or 5.0), and the Worldgroup Developer's Kit. These packages could cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 altogether, depending on where you get them. This made creating T-LORD IGM's a pretty expensive and questionable task. But, we had an idea. Why not write a single IGM the "native" way (as a Worldgroup module) which is responsible for running a new type of IGM? That's what we did. We had already created Lunatix 5.xx for WG, which used a technology we called LunScript. LunScript was a simple programming language which allowed virtually anybody to create IGM's. You'd write the IGM in LunScript, and the game itself is responsible for interpretting and running it. We extracted the LunScript parser from Lunatix and modified it to be T-LORD specific. The new module was called Distant Places.

Here's how it works. The BBS SysOp installed the "Distant Places" IGM itself. People playing T-LORD will go to the "Other Places" option inside the game, and from there they'll be able to access all traditional IGM's (The Gem Shop, Fairy Fountain, and Distant Places). The player picks Distant Places. They're now brought into our IGM, which serves as a doorway to all the LunScript IGM's people have created. Play "Quest for the Golden Condor" or "Evansmite the Oracle" or several others already in existence. The LunScript IGM's currently in existence are free! To download Distant Places for your BBS, LunScript IGM's available for it, or the free LunScript IGM Developer's Kit, go to and get started! The demo version of Distant Places itself will allow a 3-turn-per-day limit. Registration is just $40.00 and will allow this turn limit to be increased a lot higher. Contact us before placing an order. If you'd like to play LunScript IGM's at home (without the need for a BBS) you can download the free IGM kit and the available scripted IGM's. They're fun even just by themselves! If you create a LunScript IGM you'd like us to post for download at our web site, make sure you send us a complete copy (in ZIP format) and let us know what it's about. If you are interested in writing a LunScript parser (the equivalent of Distant Places) for the other LORD/WT-LORD BBS versions, please contact me for permission. I'd love to see IGM's created for the other LORD's that would run all the same LunScript IGM's across the board. That would rock! Just contact me so I know what's going on. :)

To check out some of Prowler Productions' most recent projects, visit our home page at We currently have a full-scale web-based multiplayer RPG (Lunatix Online) which can be played at (home page is at This is a slick, updated, graphical version of the popular BBS game where you play the role of a mental patient in an insane asylum (originally a parody of LORD, but now a successful game in its own right). A stand-alone Lunatix adventure game is even available. Created in September 1999, "Lunatix: The Insanity Circle" is available for direct download at In L:TIC, you get to find out what it's like to be Dr. Hammer instead of a patient. Those interested in the original BBS Lunatix will be pleased to know that the entire Lunatix package (complete with a LunScript parser and Player Editor) is now just $10! A version is also available for Worldgroup/MajorBBS.

We're currently working on a new multiplayer web RPG called StarLock, and a beta should be coming in several months. Check it out! We also have a couple CGI scripts available for download which can help provide interactive content for your web site (a chat room script and a poll script). Those are available at With all that we're doing, we're sometimes asked if we plan to create, support, and continue with our LORD products. This is pretty easy to answer. Although we aren't writing LORD IGM's *ourselves* at this time, we still support and sell registrations for Distant Places. We're not going anywhere. We encourage anybody who wants to help keep LORD alive to check out Distant Places and its simple LunScript kit. Write a LunScript IGM. Ask us about porting Distant Places to the other LORD versions. Thanks!

Notes: Mike is the only person who is active in working with the Worldgroup version of Tournament Lord. His WG T-LORD IGMs are Distant Places, and these IGM Scripts: The Cemetary, The Dragon's Dungeon, Evansmite the Oracle, Insane Blackjack, Quest for the Golden Condor, The Stables, and The Temple of Zolain. 12/11/01 Notes: No other Worldgroup T-Lord sites currently exist. All other WG T-Lord programs are considered unsupported as well. Mike's WG T-LORD IGMs page has been fully inactive since before November 2000. Work on his StarLock program was still in progress, as of April 2001. His Lunatix pages have been fully inactive since 1998. Mike reported in July 2001 that he has no plans to do further WG T-Lord programming. And in Fall 2001 Michael Preslar received permission to work on WG T-Lord. It is slowly being worked on.

Bryan Stanbridge -- Purple Frog Productions -- Alternate Email: -- Bryan's Files Page

Currently I have very limited plans for my IGMs. I do have a strong feeling that they may not be exactly Y2K compliant, though it's been so long with the code, I can't be sure. If they're not, I will definately work on getting a fix for that as soon as I can, but chances are my version of Turbo Pascal isn't Y2K compliant either. :) I have noticed that the software might not work on Win98 systems, in which case people should contact me, and I can get a fix to them post haste. It's something dealing with the CRT unit and I've gotten an unofficial fix that seems to do the job nicely. While I do have plans for upgrading and implementing new things into Suburbia, The Apothecary (Shop), and Grizelda's House, if someone else would like to take on the project they should feel free to contact me and we could work something out. I'd hate to see a new version of LORD without a new Suburbia taking advantage of all the new features. Notes: Bryan also wrote the Path Editor Lord utility. His current focus is on his music major at Eastern Michigan University, and his work as percussion equipment manager there.

12/11/01 Notes: Bryan has returned to active LORD status, and is working on RTE 200 recompilation, Y2k update testing, and regular version updates of his IGMs. Beta versions will be in testing soon by myself and other friends. The web-site has been renamed to Purple Frog Productions, and will be officially reopened later this month. Current details on Bryan's activity are listed in LordNews Issue #9 and LordNews Issue #10. Rewrote previous notes.

Janet Terry -- The Realm of Vandora
Vandora's WT-LORD IGMs Page -- ICQ #: 6695096

She is still supporting her Wildcat Tournament LORD IGMs, but has not been able to work on new versions as originally planned due to the sad death of her husband in September. Notes: Janet's programs are: Ask Clinton, Blackwing's Cove, Erschlagenhalle, The Jeweler, Molun's Tavern, and Scarlett and the Vandoran Knights LORD IGMs; and the Food Fight II and Morkun County BBS door games. April 2000 Note: Janet closed her web-site down around November 1999, and has not been heard from since. Email/web-site address are no longer valid. All but one of Janet's programs are now unsupported. Ask Clinton was taken over by Joseph Watson. 07/20/01: According to Shannon Talley, Carl Tice transferred his WT-Lord programs to Janet, so she will be supporting them. 10/02: Restored email address. No web-site reopening is currently planned by Janet. 12/11/01: Janet has published her first novel, and is pursuing life as an book author now. 01/20/02: Replaced email address link. 02/07/02: Janet has resumed WT-Lord programming, and has reopened a new Vandora Software site.

Carl Tice: (No valid Email address known)     Question: I am trying to see which Wildcat Tournament Lord authors are still either working on WT-Lord software or supporting their old programs. I am specifically writing about your WT-Lord programs, Aragon's Cave, WT-Shell, WT-Food Fight II, and Sandtiger's Bar. Answer: I am no longer supporting Wildcat WcCode programs at this time. April 2000 Note: Carl is no longer reachable by email. His programs are now unsupported.

Ben Tiefert -- TiefTech Productions: (No valid Email address known)     Author of Beyond Imagination Lord2 New World. Fully inactive. 11/11/2000 Note: Ben's email account went dead in November 2000. Work on Beyond Imagination was abandoned in Spring 2000. It was never released past beta #5a ( 10/02/01: Removed web-site link, site closed, date unknown.

Tien Lung --- Godlike Productions Files page

Question: What's the name of your next updated IGM(s)? Answer: The House of Dreams. I've changed that IGM to do graphically what it did in text mode, and it now looks for a file that's created by the new version of Tien's House. All of my IGMs now have tie-ins for a new one I'm making called The Nightmare's Gate (It's sort of like Warcraft II's dark portal). Here is a list of my current major work: Lord II: Amber Crystal, Lord II: Final Nightmare, and CALiB (you don't know it yet, but you'll love it). And IGMs too! Notes: Tien's IGMs are: The House of Dreams, Lawyer's World, Oracle of What's to Come, Tien Lung's House, Time Stands Still, and Underdark.
03/27/01: Tien has given up on LORD II programming, but was going to be helping Preslar with LORD II maps programming. His Lord2 programs are believed to be still supported by him. Both Nightmare's Gate and CaliB were abandoned, and never released in any form. His programming interests are now solely about Dungeons and Dragons. 05/10/02, 03/26/04: Replaced email address.

Bryan Turner -- Vagabond Software
Vagabond Software Mailing List -- ICQ#:106168174 -- Bryan's software Registration Page

Question: How did you get into developing other people's Lord programs? Answer: About 3 months ago I contacted Greg Campbell (GAC Software) in reference to his GAC Black Jack Door game. I wanted to look at his source code for it and since we were personal friends (*Face to face) he had no problem with it. Well one thing led to another and he gave me the source code to all his software. Although time has not permitted me to get it Re-Released, it is now listed as all of Vagabond Software's Releases as POSTCARD WARE. This includes All of the Vanadia Series, Fireside Chat and Interlord! Once these igm's retailed for 10.00 EACH, now just the price of a postcard. More information available at my web-site. I am hoping to have the time to have these RE-RELEASED right after the new year. (Per usual, they will be released on my web page, and hatched via the DDSDOOR File system at And remember... Keep looking up! Cause' that is where the Dragon is! (I had to say it one last time. :) Notes: Bryan also is the author of the Seasons 97 Lord II IGM, and the original author of the LORD IGM Authors Newsletter.
11/11/00 Status: Fully inactive Lord programming wise; still active on the Fidonet LORD echo. 04/03/01 Update: In January 2000, Bryan released version 2.00 of each of the Vanadia LORD IGMs, and InterLord v2.10. In January 2001, he announced that he would no longer be doing any LORD programming. 11/28/01: See LordNews Issue #9 for current info from/about Bryan. 12/11/01: To obtain free registration codes for InterLord and other old GAC programs, use his Vagabond Software Registration Page. 09/07/02: Replaced email address link. InterLord v3.00 released Sept. 06, 2002.

Spencer Vickers --- Miniature Lord site

Question: Are you still developing your Lord II programs? Answer: I have stopped writing IGMs or anything for Lord2. I will continue to support my programs, and I will fix any errors if they are present. Spencer's programs are the Miniature Lord and Classic Miniature Lord new worlds; and the Greentree Givers and Voyage IGMs. He has provided me with an additional message and proposal: I want to give a contribution to this newsletter. ... Since my Miniature and Classic Lord2 are Unregistered, and I have charged people to buy the registered versions off me... You can make up some kind of contest or promotion for the opening newsletter, I can't think of one of the top of my head, naming the authors maybe? I dunno, something that requires them reading the newsletter.. They answer a few questions and first one right can get a full copy of one of my games. 11/11/00 Note: Spencer is now fully inactive. It is not known if he is still supporting his Lord programs, or if his email address still works.

Elysium Software - Eric Vinson and others

The purpose of the Elysium Software Group is to help bring more attention to the BBS scene again. We are also here to make sure good BBS programs don't go unsupported.. We want to keep the BBS scene alive by continuing to develop BBS software that the origional authors no longer wish to support because they don't have the time to support their BBS related software. Currently we are working on optimizing and fixing some bugs in the J. Masters IGM's such as LordNet, TeamLord, NPCLord, and more... I am personally working on TeamLord and will release a new version as soon as the next version of LORD is officially released. Currently we're going to just be a BBS Software support group... maybe some day in the future we'll do some other types of software but the future is not set. We'll have to see what happens... Michael still doesn't hasn't gotten the contract for Lord II or Teos .. but he most likely will get them... I don't know exactly what his plans for Lord II will be but it'll most likely be good.. For myself I am currently working on an InterBBS add-on for it (Lord II) ... I think it'll make the game a bit more interesting... When Michael gets the Lord II contract maybe he'll be able to implement built in InterBBS support.

12/11/01 Notes: For full summary of current Elysium Software news, read Michael Preslar's section in LordNews Issue #9. The only currently known programming by Elysium Software members is by Preslar and Mike Hodgson. Updates of NPC Lord, LordCops, and LordNet were released by Elysium authors in 2000. NPCLord has RTE200 problems and may not be reliable. Details on the updates are listed in LordNews Issue #6, and later issues. No valid email address is known for Eric Vinson. Other old notes deleted or rewritten.

John Winter -- Night Fire Software: (No valid Email/site address known)     Question: John, will you be doing any more work on your WT-Lord IGMs soon? Answer: Yes, I do plan to add more IGM's soon. I have been really busy with real life. I have an updated version of Across The Tracks right now, I just havn't posted it yet. NOTE: In December 1999, John was one of the three authors who produced Wildcat Tournament Lord programming. The others were Joseph Watson and Janet Terry. Unfortunately, we lost both John and Janet soon afterwards. His email and web-site addresses both closed down. His WT-LORD IGM was abandoned. Red LORD barline

Non-Author LORD Friends:

Ruth Argust --- DoorGames.Org - DDS on the Web
Goldengate Ddsdoors FTP

Ruth: DDS hatches out all the LORD files that I receive. The DDSINFO.ZIP file, available on the DoorGames.Org site, will tell you all you need to know to distribute your BBS-related programs. Notes: This is an excerpt from that file, summarizing how to send files: (1) Submit files in ZIP format. (2) Include a File_Id.diz file in your archive, which meets standards. (3) Include a description of your file, usually in the netmail or email message used to transmit the file. (4) You must be the program's author to release programs, or have their written permission to do so. (5) Check files for viruses before sending them. See the file for further details. Files can be sent to Ruth via Email using the address listed above or you can transmit them to the DDS FTP site. 10/02/01: Added ddsdoors FTP directory link. 01/22/02: Ruth was inactive from May 2001 to early January 2002. She is still dealing with health problems, but has resumed some LORD activity, and is updating her DDS web-site with files sent to her in the past several months. LORD Authors can also send their files to me, for publication on Fidonet, through my Camelot LordNews FDN.

Dawn Bidot --- Legend of the Red Dragon Inn --- (Alternate Email:

Question: ... Also, on your web-site, ... Are you still doing work on your Lord files? Or are page updates about something else? Answer: I haven't really updated my site in quite awhile now. I am just leaving it the way it is. Plus I do not write any programs for LORD. I've been too busy with my work, and my other webpage, which has nothing to do with LORD, it's about Avon, which is what I've been so busy with.:) 03/27/01 Status: Fully inactive.

Mike Ehlert --- BBS Archives --- PC Micro LORD Addons Page
--- PC Micro LORD Utilities Page --- PC Micro Door Developer Kits Page

Authors and others can send programs for distribution to Mike Ehlert and have them posted on the web-site. Please check their web-site first so as to not send files that they already have. This applies to any site you send files to, of course. April 2000 Note: PC Micro changed their name to BBS Archives, and changed web-site addresses. BBS authors may still send their programs to Mike for hosting, as of November 2000, including LORD programs. Red LORD barline

Other LORD Fans/Authors Notes:

This section covers authors who have not ever contacted me. I suppose some people don't bother to read their email, which is sad, or these people just didn't care enough to just write they were not interested.

Tony Brown: (No valid Email address known) -- TonyTown Software (Closed)     Author of Crack House, Devil's Rage, and Thieves' Bridge LORD2 IGMs. 03/27/01 Status: "Dead Site". Programs are believed to be unsupported. Author not reachable by email. 01/15/04: Former web-site,, no longer exists.

Max Larivee (presumed dead) -- FieldSoft IGMs (Closed)

His LORD II IGMs were: DarkCloak Tavern, Dragon's Volcano, Fortress Liddux, GreenTree Grocery Store, HillSide City, Penyon Manor, Sandland Village, SeaDeep Passage, The Sea Fortress, Seth Able's Music Shop, The Smith Farm, Trends Village, Violet's House, and The Wishing Well. One other IGM, Gannon Keep was listed on-site, but was never downloadable. June 2000 Note: Site was closed in May 2000, and author was never accessible by email, all programs are unsupported. 03/10/03 Notes: Was briefly available again in for around half of 2002. 03/20/03: Resumed email contact with Max, web-site will be brought back to fully active status soon.

Thomas Reilly -- The Mad Systems: (No valid Email/site address known)     His Lord2 programs are: A Day In the Life of Thomas (IGM); Lord II Advice, Lord II Menu, and New World (Lord2 n.w. program). And two Lord menuset programs: Simpson Lord and Spiderman Lord. 11/11/2000 Note: Reilly does not respond to email messages. 03/27/01: Site classified as a "Dead Site". 07/20/01: Site closed in late June, or early July, 2001.

Romeo: (No valid Email/site address known)     Red Dragon Castle and Red Dragon's Hide-Out LORD2 IGMs. April 2000 Note: Web-site closed around March 2000, never accessible by email, programs are unsupported.

Thomas Torbech: (No valid Email/site address known)     Author of Bunny Cave LORD2 IGM. Manager of LORDLIST email service (no longer in existence). 11/11/00 Note: Web-site not accessible, password-only access. Author not available by email. 03/27/01 Status: "Dead Site".

Joseph Watson -- joeCODE WT-LORD IGM Page -- Main WT-Lord Page
WT-Lord Newsletter (July 2001) --- WT-Lord Discussion Board
Alternate Email:

Notes: No entry received for newsletter. One of two people currently producing programs for Wildcat Tournament Lord, he has the following IGMs for it, many released this year: Ask Clinton, The Blacksmith's Shop, Bob's Beer, Carnal Knowledge, EverGreen Cemetery, Indian Joe's Horse Barn, Joseph's Revenge, The Mad Dog, The Mad Mage's Tavern, Merry Christmas, The Mines of Mt. Avalon, Our Town, Redneckin', The Rue Morgue, Russian Roulette, The Twilight Zone, Up Country Fishing, The WCX-Files, The Wishing Well, and The Witch Doctor's Hut IGms. Ask Clinton was taken over by Joseph, from Janet Terry.
11/11/00 Note: Joseph has released more IGMs since December 1999. They are all listed on his web-site, or on my LORD Links Page. Joe currently has developed 26 WT-LORD IGMs. Those needing help with WT-Lord can contact him for help. Those wishing to register WT-Lord itself will need to contact Metropolis Gameport, who owns all rights to Tournament LORD. 04/03/01: For current information, see LordNews Issue #6. 10/02/01: Updated entry headers. See LordNews Issue #8 for current WT-Lord news. 11/28: Also see LordNews Issue #9 and later versions. Two WT-LORD IGM updates were released in November 2001.
Red LORD barline

Available LORD web-rings information:

Legend of the Red Dragon WebRing Join page - Michael Preslar.
Legend of the Red Dragon Domain Ring - Lord Neko/Colby Reich.
04/03/01: Neither ring's homepage is available. Both rings are available, but no one seems in charge anymore.

LORD II Webring - Jay Weber (Elric). 04/03/01: Still in operation. Not currently being managed by Elric, due to his computer problems..
The WT-LORD WebRing -- Thomas Kloos. 04/03/01 and 07/20/01: Still in operation, but is classified as an "Abandoned Site". 09/14/02: Current email address obtained in August 2002. Former author of Sharky's Place WT-LORD IGM, which was sold to Frank "Solitude" Rauhuff.
Red LORD barline

Active LORD Authors Status Listing Section:

Tournament Lord: Joe Marcelletti, Joseph Watson, Janet Terry, John Winter, Mike Snyder, and John Elson (assumed active). Lord and Lord II: Michael Preslar, Peter Jackson, Jason Brown, Elric (Jay Weber), Tien Lung, Korombos, Codax Dragon, Bryan Turner, Ken Weitzel, Joel Gathercole, Mike Dillon, Max Larivee, Michael Bujold, Bryan Stanbridge, Steve Gargolinski. Perhaps Thomas Reilly and John Elson. LORD Web-site webmasters: Bobby Queen, Ruth Argust, and Mike Ehlert.

June-December 2000 Notes: As of June, Janet Terry, John Winter, and Max Larivee had closed their web-sites and were unavailable by email. In November, the IceRage and Lord II: CNW sites were both closed. Joe Marcelletti, Joel Gathercole, Mike Snyder, Peter Jackson, Michael Bujold, and Thomas Reilly were all unavailable by Email. In December, Joel reopened the Lord II: CNW site. Bujold was available by email again, but was no longer doing LORD2 programming work. Steve Gargolinski is fully inactive, and classified a Former LORD author. As is Bujold and Elric. 2001 News notes: Bobby Queen became totally inactive following his weight loss surgery in March. Ken Weitzel went from full Inactive status to Lost author status. Tien Lung, Jason Brown, and Bryan Turner stopped doing new LORD programming during the year. Janet Terry became available by email again during the Fall, and published her first novel in November. John Elson resurfaced, became active again, and released Lord Web FAQ v3.00 in November. Elric remains completely inactive and may never return to LORD2 programming. The IceRage site and Marcelletti became available again during late Summer. Mike Snyder is accessible by email, but sends form letter responses initially to all incoming mail. Bujold has disappeared again, and is classified a Former LORD Author. Rewrote entire paragraph.

Kiteria's Korner! - hosted by Bobby Queen. web-site updated in early June 2000 by Bobby and myself, with major revamp, including getting rid of frames, and adding new pages to site. Maintained by Bobby and myself for Suzanne Franklin. 2001 Notes: Various site pages updated during the year, with the Lord Links Page, Lord Archives Page, and LORD IGMS Page updated several times. Some LORD Article pages updated to reflect changes in LORD through v4.06. Site classified as Semi-Active. All updates are posted on my web-site, and occasionally uploaded to the Kiteria site by Bobby. Use file if you want current copies of Kiteria web-pages. 09/14/02 Note: Kiteria's Korner operation taken over completely by myself in April 2002. Is now located at: (Relocated in January 2003 to 02/22/03 Note). Red LORD barline

Listing of Fully Inactive LORD Author's Sites:
Section revised on 12/11/2001:

LORD/LORD II FAQ Sites - Long-Term Inactive: L.O.R.D. Inn - Bidot; KnyteHawk's LORD II IGM Programming - Elder; Eric Richardson's LORD FAQs. Dawn Bidot, Orion Elder, and Richardson are all Former LORD Authors.

Closed Lord Sites: Adamax Creations; Avalin Software; IceRage Technologies; Lord II: CNW site; Michael Adams Programming page; Tieftech; Romeo site; Sunshine IGMs; and TinySoft. Adamax site's author and Becky Benjamin are unavailable by Email. Shawn Highfield and Joe Marcelletti reclassified as Former LORD Authors. Joel Gathercole is working on getting back online. IceRage reopened at new location in August 2001.

LORD programs sites - Long-Term Inactive status: Simmons Software - David Simmons; L.O.R.D. Help Text files - Richard Troiano; No-Name Productions Page -- Padgett; and pHsoft Homepage - Barrientos.

Abandoned LORD Sites: Arctic Productions - Fountain/Obery; FX Sound Systems - Collard; Carlton Griffin's LORD Utilities; Blackfist Lord Page. None are available by email.

Former LORD2 Author's sites: Miniature Lord2 Page - Spencer Vickers; and Rhodes' Ramshackle Roost - Chet Rhodes. (Uses frames)

Semi-Active Tournament LORD Authors: Distant Places Page - Prowler Productions. Mike Snyder.
Icerage Technologies - Joe Marcelletti. Original site was closed in May 2000. Site reopened by Shannon Talley in August 2001.
Red LORD barline

1999 LORD Programs Release Listing Section:

04/03/2001: Replaced paragraph listing with files listing of Lord files released/downloaded in 1999. Listing is in alphabetical order. Some files were released before 1999.

ALEV0_22 ZIP    41823  11-27-99  Advanced LORD Editor v0.22
ASCIISET ZIP     4965   9-06-99  ASCII viewer utility for Lord2
BOBS28   ZIP    56903   4-28-99  Bob's Beer v2.8 WT-LORD IGM
CARNAL15 ZIP   171338   6-26-99  Carnal Knowledge v1.50 WT-LORD IGM
CAVE14   ZIP    91979  11-10-99  The LORD Cavern v1.40 LORD IGM
CAVERHP1 ZIP     9443   6-19-99  Lord Cavern RHP Set 1
CAVERHP1 ZIP     9463   7-25-99  Lord Cavern RHP Set 1 update #1
CAVERHP1 ZIP     9551   9-18-99  Lord Cavern RHP Set 1 update #2
CAVERHP2 ZIP     7423   7-25-99  Lord Cavern RHP Set 2
CAVERHP2 ZIP     7528   9-18-99  Lord Cavern RHP Set 2 update #1
CHRIST25 ZIP    18290  11-08-99  Merry Christmas v2.50 WT-LORD IGM
CLINTN20 ZIP    29696   6-26-99  Ask Clinton v2.0 WT-LORD IGM
CNW-1200 ZIP  2546690   8-04-99  Lord II: Complete New World v120.0
CNW-1201 ZIP  2570642   6-25-99  Complete New World v120.1
CNW-1300 ZIP  2631406   7-01-99  Complete New World v130.0
CNW-1301 ZIP  2687319   8-02-99  Complete New World v130.1
CNW-1340 ZIP  2587487  12-24-99  Complete New World v134.0
CNW-1341 ZIP  2588523  12-24-99  Complete New World v134.1
COURT10  ZIP    23156  11-23-99  County Court v1.0 WT-LORD IGM
DARKCT13 ZIP    13238  11-12-99  DarkCloak Tavern v1.30  LORD2 IGM
EVER20   ZIP   241404  11-19-99  EverGreen Cemetery v2.0 WT-LORD IGM
FG_V2-0  ZIP    72283   8-31-99  Fun & Games v2.0 LORD IGM
GTG15    ZIP    10089  11-12-99  GreenTree Grocery Store v1.50 (IGM)
HSCITY11 ZIP    12019  11-12-99  HillSide City v1.10    LORD2 IGM
IDFED11  ZIP    12546   8-27-99  IDFEdit v1.10 Lord2 utility
IGMH_1-7 ZIP    74340   4-01-99  Haunted Mansion LORD IGM
IGMX_4-0 ZIP    67665   4-01-99  IGMX Lord utility
INDIAN13 ZIP    58098  11-23-99  Indian Joe's Horse Barn v1.3 WT-LORD IGM
JOSEPH10 ZIP    45570   9-18-99  Joseph's Revenge v1.0 WT-LORD IGM
KALV7-0  ZIP    76488   4-07-99  KDrive Kit Addition for LORD v7.0
KD_V7-0  ZIP   325665   4-07-99  KDrive v7.0 for Turbo Pascal 7.0
L2FN_B5  ZIP   425441   2-25-99  Final Nightmare beta 5 Lord2 N. W.
L2FN_B5A ZIP   443110   7-31-99  LORD II: Final Nightmare beta 5a
LMEDIT10 ZIP    12372   8-28-99  Lmonedit v1.0 Lord utility
LORD402  ZIP   331519   6-30-99  Legend of the Red Dragon v4.02
LORDWF21 ZIP    84176   2-11-99  LORD Web FAQ v2.1
MADDOG14 ZIP    30368   8-30-99  Mad Dog v1.4 WT-LORD IGM
MARTY16  ZIP   115827  12-06-99  Marty's Mercantile v1.6 LORD IGM
OSLORD15 ZIP    28149   7-03-99  Star Trek: Orig. Series Patch v1.5
OTOWN28  ZIP   183029   8-30-99  Our Town v2.8 WT-LORD IGM
OUTS13   ZIP    94548  11-10-99  The Outlands Tavern v1.30 LORD IGM
PLANUPG2 ZIP    39041   8-26-99  Planets: TEOS Upgrade package
PRIMARY  ZIP    15053   7-25-99  C/C++ files for game writing
RED10    ZIP    36277  10-07-99  RedNeckin' v1.0 WT-LORD IGM
RUE15    ZIP   251974  10-07-99  The Rue Morgue v1.50 WT-LORD IGM
RUSS10   ZIP    12490   3-07-99  Russian Roulette v1.0 WT-LORD IGM
SDPASS13 ZIP    19071  11-12-99  SeaDeep Passage v1.30  LORD2 IGM
SEAS99   ZIP    85466  12-10-99  Tis the Season Xmas 1999 LORD IGM
SETH22   ZIP    10170  11-12-99  Seth Able's Music Shop v2.20 (IGM)
SFORT21  ZIP    29461  11-12-99  The Sea Fortress v2.10 LORD2 IGM
THOD200  ZIP     5623  12-04-99  The House of Dreams v2.00 LORD2 IGM
THOMAS-1 ZIP    42843  11-12-99  A Day in the Life of Thomas (IGM)
TIEN400  ZIP     7182  11-12-99  Tien Lung's House v4.00 LORD2 IGM
TOMS15   ZIP     7478   4-09-99  Crazy Tom's Hut v1.5
TRACK21  ZIP    43052   9-13-99  Across the Tracks v2.1 WT-LORD IGM
TZONE10  ZIP   241967  10-07-99  The Twilight Zone v1.0 WT-LORD IGM
VIOLET15.ZIP                     - No details remembered on program.
VIOLET27 ZIP    19878  11-12-99  Violet's House v2.70   LORD2 IGM
VLORD15  ZIP    18059   7-03-99  Star Trek: Voyager Patch v1.5
VOLCAN13 ZIP    18973  11-12-99  Dragon's Volcano v1.30 LORD2 IGM
WCXF26   ZIP                     - The WCX-Files v2.60 WT-LORD IGM
WGUY120  ZIP    45254   7-31-99  Wise Guy v1.20 (updated docs)
WGUY120  ZIP    45282   4-19-99  Wise Guy v1.20 LORD IGM
WITCH27  ZIP    94768   7-26-99  Witch Doctor's Hut v2.7 WT-LORD IGM
WTLORD29 ZIP   696120  11-05-99  Wildcat Tournament Lord v2.90
WTLRD29C ZIP   695759  12-13-99  Wildcat Tournament Lord v2.90c
WWELL12  ZIP     9920  11-12-99  The Wishing Well v1.20 LORD2 IGM

End of revised 1999 LORD releases listing. 
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Primary Download Sites for LORD Files: (Rewritten 12/11/2001)

Active download sites for obtaining LORD files, excluding those run by single authors.

(1) My Castle Camelot web-site pages - Links listed in next section.
(2) Camelot LordNews FDN - My official Fidonet LORD files distribution site.
(3) LORD Legacy FTP Site - hosted by Michael Preslar.
Closed down in late November 2002.
(4) LORD 1 IGM List. - Lloyd Hannesson. Resumed active status early February 2003.

Fully/Mostly inactive sites, since May 2001:
(1) DDS Lord and Lord II BBS Door Files - Ruth Argust. Resumed active status around Spring 2002.
(2) LORD Addons Page - Mike Ehlert.
(3) Official LORD II IGM Archive Site -- Bobby Queen. 09/14/02: Relocated under new management (Max Larivee) in May 2002 to:
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My Castle Camelot LORD web pages: (Rewritten 12/11/01)

LORD Links Page - comprehensive listing of LORD Newsletter issue files; known LORD, LORD II, and Tournament LORD sites; and some Telnet/web-site links for playing LORD games online.
LORD IGMs Page - lists known LORD IGMs; LORD IGMs Help files; LORD IGMs Support files; and LORD IGMs patch or registration files.
LORD II IGMs Page - lists known LORD II IGMs, Complete New World files; LORD II Play Guides; and LORD II New World files.
Tournament LORD IGMs Page - Lists Tournament LORD IGMs; one WT-Lord utility program; and two WT-LORD IGM play guide files.
LORD Utilities Page - Lists Lord Utilities.
LORD Menusets Page - Lists LORD Menusets, Miscellaneous LORD Utilities, and IGM Programming files.
LORD Links Summary Page - Bare-bones version of my master LORD Links Page.
Old LORD Versions Page - Lists older versions of the LORD, LORD II, and Tournament LORD programs. Also lists known TEOS programs. (Discontinued in April 2002. Content relocated into LORD Utilities Page.).

Kiteria's Korner! - Managed by myself. Site backup archive: Site's LORD Links, LORD IGMs, and LORD Archives pages are updated periodically.
These LORD Authors Newsletter files. Currently, as of December 2001, there are nine finished issues available. The tenth issue, LordNews Issue #10, is in development. Scheduled release is early February 2002. See the LordNews Issues Links Section to download/view the various issues.
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Dragon Graphics sites:

(1) The Dragon Archives; (2) Dragon Art Gallery; (3) Dragon Lair - 167 pages of dragon pictures;
(4) Malathar's Animated Gifs; (5) Words to Suzanne.

LORD Files Sites - All Inactive:

(1) Goldengate LORD Server BBS FTP; (2) Goldengate LORD_FDN FTP; (3) Goldengate LORD II FTP; (4) Goldengate WTLord_IGM FTP; (5) Galileo I. C. Games Library; (6) File Library Page - No updates since Nov. 1995; and And (7) Goldengate ddsdoors FTP (Mostly inactive since May 2001.) Red LORD barline

Playing LORD on the Internet:

These are sites where you can play LORD games online: Acad's World --- Hellas BBS Homepage (Koukos) -- 03/27/01: Updated site address. The Litter Box --- BBS Networks site --- Telnet site. Added in April 2000: 01/20/02 Note: Deleted Frogland BBS link, not valid now. --- Telnet site. Some other Telnet sites are listed on my LORD Links Page. Red LORD barline

LordNews Issues Links Section: (10/30/04)

Web-Page Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Released on April 28, 2000. -- Issue #1 Archive
LordNews Issue #2 - Released on Jun. 26, 2000. -- Issue #2 Archive
LordNews Issue #3 - Released on Jun. 28, 2000. -- Issue #3 Archive
LordNews Issue #4 - Released on Sept. 20, 2000. -- Issue #4 Archive
LordNews Issue #5 - Released on December 20, 2000. -- Issue #5 Archive
LordNews Issue #6 - Released on April 19, 2001. -- Issue #6 Archive
LordNews Issue #7 - Released on August 05, 2001. Issue #7 Archive.
LordNews Issue #8 - LordNews Issue #8 Archive
Released on Oct. 08, 2001 in two parts. Recombined into single web-page on May 28, 2002.

LordNews Issue #9 -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 03, 2001.
LordNews Issue #10 -- Issue #10 HTML Archive. Released on February 06, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 -- Issue #11 HTML Archive. Released on May 18, 2002.
LordNews Issue #12 -- Issue #12 HTML Archive. Issue released on Oct. 07, 2002. Last revision 03/31/03.
LordNews Issue #13 -- Issue #13 HTML Archive. October 2002 - June 2003 coverage. Released on Aug. 03, 2003.
LordNews Issue #14 -- Issue #13 HTML Archive. Covers July 2003 to present date. In progress.
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Text Version Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Text -- Issue #1 Text Archive. Released on December 20, 1999.
LordNews Issue #2 - Text -- Issue #2 Text Archive. Released on April 05, 2000.
LordNews Issue #3 - Text -- Issue #3 Text Archive. Released on June 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #4 - Text -- Issue #4 Text Archive. Released on September 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #5 - Text -- Issue #5 Text Archive. Released on December 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #6 - Text -- Issue #6 Text Archive. Released on April 19, 2001.
LordNews Issue #7 - Text -- Issue #7 Text Archive. Released on August 05, 2001.
LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part One -- LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part Two
LordNews Issue #8 Text Archive. Released on October 08, 2001.
LordNews Issue #9 Text Version -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 04, 2001.

LordNews Issue #10 Text Version -- LordNews Issue #10 Appendix
Issue #10 Text Archive. Last Appendix files update: Apr. 29, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 - Text -- Issue #11 Text Archive. Released on May 18, 2002.
LordNews #10 Data Files: Contains Authors-Info.txt, Lost-Authors.Txt, and Usable-IGMs.txt files.
LordNews #11 Data Files: Contains Unusable-IGMs.txt, CC11igm1.txt, and CC11igm2.txt files.

LordNews Issue #12 - Text -- Issue #12 Text Archive.
LordNews #12 Data Files -- Contains the BadPatch.txt and PassTest.txt files.

LordNews Issue #13 - Text -- Issue #13 Text Archive.
Patched LORD Apps Listing. Appendix for LordNews Issue #13.

Go to the LordNews Table of Contents Page. Red LORD barline

Issue Contributions Section:

Updated 12/11/2001: Issues were originally intended to cover three months each. Some ended up covering only two months, and one covered four months. This issue was originally released in December 1999 in Text format. Issues #2 and #3 also were released originally in Text format. HTML conversions were made of the first three issues and released between April and June 2000. Starting with Issue #4, all newsletters were created as web-pages, with accompanying text versions made when they were officially released. Issue #2 was released in April 2000. Issue #3 was released in June 2000. Issue #4 was released in September 2000. Issue #5 was released in December 2000. Issue #6 was released in April 2001. Issue #7 was released in early August 2001. Issue #8 was released in early October 2001. Issue #9 was released in early December 2001. Issue #1 is dedicated to friends who were extremely supportive: Michael Preslar, Bobby Queen, Bryan Turner, Jason Brown, Tien Lung, Elric, Mike Dillon, Joe Marcelletti, Korombos, Bryan Turner, and many others. Notes on Newsletter participation/content: (1) Anything about Lord programs or Teos is eligible for inclusion. Brief mentions of non-Lord programs will be allowed if desired. (2) To receive the newsletter, please subscribe to it via the Form on my Castle Camelot Lord Links Page.

Issues #4-#9 release dates: LordNews Issue #4 - Sept. 20, 2000. Issue #5 - Dec. 20, 2000. Issue #6 - April 17, 2001. LordNews Issue #7 - August 04, 2001. LordNews Issue #8 was released on October 08, as two web-pages (Later recombined into one web-page): LordNews Issue #8. And LordNews Issue #9 was released on December 04, 2001. Development of LordNews Issue #10 was started on December 09, 2001. Section rewritten on Dec. 11, 2001. Red LORD barline

LordNews Issue #1 Modification History:

HTML Conversion Notes: Initial primary conversion of Issue #1 to HTML format was completed on April 28, 2000. I hope you all enjoy reading this web-page. Secondary conversion work done on June 24-26, adding Modification History section. Also closed up some paragraphs. Printing Info: Using Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, this page is 20 pages long (as of 4/06/01). This includes updates made since the original release. The following LordNews issue links section was replaced on April 04, 2001. And updated on July 20, 2001. 11/28: All relevant Issue #1 entries updated as needed, including the LordNews Issues Links table.

Original Ending and Modification Notes:

LORD IGM Authors Newsletter #1 started on November 25, 1999. Development ended on December 20, 1999 at 03:07 am. Released via Listbot on Dec. 20, 1999 at 09:54-11:07 pm. Revision notes (from CCIGM-01.TXT): Minor update on April 19, 2000 - Added web-site address for Jason Brown's entry. Major update on June 24, 2000 - Added Modification History section (on this HTML conversion page), including information in LORD Newsletter Files section. Major update, early April 2001: In preparation for their relocation to the new Lordnews subdirectory on my web-site, I've updated all of the past newsletter issue files, text issues first, to bring them up-to-date. Work covered checking email/web-site addresses to see if any needed updating, adding update notes for closed web-sites, etc. 04/06: Updated ccigm-1.htm through ccigm-5.htm issue files, to basically use same information, and update note entries. Where appropriate, I've added notes on whether authors are active, inactive, or now classified as "Dead Sites". Update on ccigm-01.txt done on March 27. 04/06/2001. Red LORD barline

Post-release Notes:

April 2000, June 2000, and November 2000 Update notes
04/19/2000 Notes: Added web-site address for Jason Brown. Site closures info added for Night Fire Software, Romeo site, and Vandora Software. Updated P. C. Micro entry due to web-site address and name change. 06/24-26/00 Notes: Major page revisions made. Site closure info added for FieldSoft IGMs, WT-LORD Webring, and WT-Lord Online sites. Updated LORD Reborn site address. Added the following LORD Newsletter Files section. Revised this section. 11/11/00 Notes: Unless noted otherwise, all dates should be viewed as being for 1999. I have updated the page to fix the way I presented author's names and email addresses, and updated the Email/site addresses if needed. Notations have been added to update the file as to which authors/sites are now inactive or closed down. Updated web-page access counter code. Updated LordNews Issues links section.

April 2001 Update Notes: Started on April 03, ended on April 14. First complete overhaul of issue files since LordNews Issue #4 was released last year. All email/web-site addresses checked and updated if needed. Short update notes, or status notes, added to author's entries, or other issue sections. Each issue's Text version files are now located in the Lordnews directory on my site. 1999 Lord program releases section layout revised and updated. Several paragraphs were combined together in places, and Question:/Answer: tags were added to entries as needed. LordNews Issues Links section updated, and includes links for Issue #7, to be used when it becomes available in June 2001. Removed previous notes for this section on April 14, and reworded paragraph.

July 2001 Update: Corrected email/web-site addresses, changed authors' status entries as needed. See 07/20/01 Notations for changed portions of web-page. 08/02/01: Minor editing changes made. 08/20/01: Fixed some email address links. Replaced LordNews Links section. Added LordNews mailing list update paragraph. 10/02/01 Changes: Removed email and/or web-site links for sites closed since last update -- Michael Adams Programming, Angels Planets: TEOS, TinySoft, Elysium Software, Sharkware, and TiefTech. Removed several old links, previously marked as closed. Update notes added for David Simmons, Bryan Stanbridge, Janet Terry, and Icerage entries. 10/31/01: Replaced LordNews Links Section. 11/28/01: Updated around a dozen author entries, and other newsletter sections. 12/10-11/01 Updates: Revised LordNews Links section. Replaced LordNews mailing list subscribe info. Rewrote update entries for Robert Fogt, Paul Koukos, Joe Marcelleti, Michael Preslar, Bobby Queen, David Simmons, Mike Snyder, Bryan Stanbridge, Bryan Turner, and Elysium Software. Remaining sections all rewrote to varyin degrees, as part of complete overhaul of this web-page. 12/21: Fixed some spelling errors.

2002 Notes: 01/20: Did link check on web-page; fixed link errors, removed one dead site. Replaced LordNews Links section. 01/22: Changed update note for Ruth Argust's entry. 01/29: Codax Dragon entry updated. 02/07: Sight-checked all Email links, updated Issue Links section, re-posted Issue #1 HTML archive to Camelot LordNews FDN. Entry updates: Janet Terry, Joe Marcelletti, Bryan Stanbridge. 03/06/02: Replaced all Vagabond Software web-site links. 04/03: Removed GeoCities site links, except for access counter. 09/07/2002: Updated email links - Bryan Turner, Mike Dillon. Issue links updated. 09/13/02: Revised LordNews/LadyScripts Lists HTML Forms code section. Revised Bobby Queen's entry. 09/14: Revised HTML code for Netscape v7.00 compatibility.

January 2003 revision. Replaced old GeoCities URL links to work with current web-site. Updated LordNews Issues Links section. 02/22/03: Revised invalid links for old Lordlegacy site links. Fixed some email address links. 03/09: Replaced Janet Terry entry header. 03/11: Michael Bujold, Shawn Highfield entries updated. 08/05/03: updated issues links section. January 2004: Brought various author entries up-to-date. Updated LordNews Issues Links table. 10/30/04: Updated LordNews issues links section.

06/25/07: Brief update to replace hyperlinks. Replaced them with site URLs. See site's camelot5.htm web-page for info on LordNews List subscriptions. Red LORD barline

01/13/09: I will replace the web-page counters code eventually (maybe). Fixed some HTML coding errors.

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