Castle Camelot LORD Authors Newsletter #9:

LordNews Volume 2, Issue 5 -- Created by Donald Tidmore
Coverage period: October 01, 2001 - December 01, 2001
Officially Released on Tuesday, December 04, 2001.

January 2003 URL revision.

LORD Newsletter Issue #9 Introduction:

This is the ninth issue of the LORD Authors Newsletter. It has been two years since I restarted the newsletter, with Bryan Turner's permission. He was the original author of the newsletters. I've decided Volume 3 will start with the tenth issue, which will mark the third year of my newsletter work. Issue coverage is from October 01 through December 01, 2001. The issue is primarily about DOS LORD. 32-bit LORD ports, LORD II, TEOS, and Tournament LORD info was provided by Michael Preslar, Duncan Idaho, Shannon Talley, Robert Fogt, and Joseph Watson. Unless otherwise noted, all dates are for 2001. 11/30: Some data has been archived inside CC9Note1.txt contains October development notes info. CC9Note2.txt contains the November development notes. CC9-Update1.txt contains an summary message to active LORD authors of the issue's coverage, as of November 21th. CC9-PrismInfo.txt contains my notes on the Prism BBS HTML interface, which is used by non-BBS users to participate in various Fidonet mail conferences. And CC9-VPascal.txt contains information from Michael Preslar to me about Pascal compiler stuff.

Fidonet LORD Echo info: 11/28: Janis Kracht, head of Fidonet, in North America, set up my own Fidonet Distribution Network in early October. Since then, I have been handling all LORD files distribution via FTP to her web site. I requested, and received today, permission from her to be designated the official Fidonet LORD files distributor. The Camelot LordNews FDN now contains five directories. Wtlord directory was added this weekend, for Tournament Lord material. The original four directories are lordfile (classic LORD files), lord2fil (Lord II files), lordnews (Lord newsletter issue archives), and miscfile (misc. files). LORD/TEOS programs that I find, or that are sent to me, are distributed periodically to Fidonet, one FTP server, and one web-site.

I keep my LORD programs collection backed up, for public access, on Michael Preslar's Lord Legacy FTP Site. (Closed down in December 2002.) I am also working with Lloyd Hannesson on the LORD IGMs List database. Any LORD IGMs that we find are being listed in the database. It currently contains most of my LORD IGMs collection, and will have entries for all known IGMs finished in December 2001. Lloyd is designing scripts that will allow visitors to vote on their favorite IGMs. You can also download IGMs, which are being rated as to usability. LORD IGM Authors will be able to log in and upload new or updated IGMs. You can contact me via Email; use my web-site's Guestbook; send short messages through the LordNews Entry Form Page; or use the Fidonet LORD Echo, at 1:18/450, for messages to me. All programs sent to me need to be .ZIP files with file_id.diz files included.

Official release Notes: 12/04: Worked on issue spelling checks and error checking. None of the newsletter status messages released in November, were ever distributed by the mail server. A new LordNews List was set up for me in December by Shannon Talley. Subscription info is available at the bottom of this web-page, on my Lord Links Page, and in LordNews Issue #10. This issue was distributed manually to LordNews List members early Tuesday morning in archive format. The Issue #9 files were officially released to my web-site, and posted to the Camelot LordNews FDN on Tuesday afternoon. 12/31/01: Reworded this paragraph. Red LORD barline

LordNews #9 Misc. Notes Section:

LordNews #9 - Table of Contents:
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LORD IGMs Testing Section Recent LORD Programs Listing
Lord Authors Status Info LordNews Issues Links Section
Newsletter Contributions Section:  

LORD Site Closure: Billy England site. No new LORD sites noticed; and no re-opened LORD sites were noticed. 12/04 Update: The L.O.R.D. Archives site, run by Lord Neko (Colby Reich), closed sometime ago. Discovered closure yesterday during page link check of my LORD Links Page. Michael Everett's site links were also indicated as closed. Web-Site Updates: 11/12: Replaced pictures on my Castle Camelot Waterfalls Homepage with two waterfall photos. Replaced pictures on my HTML Resources Page. 11/19: Replaced pictures on my Index Page. 12/01: Replaced photos on my Browser Resources Page. Replaced photos on my LORD II IGMs Page. Red LORD barline

Official LORD News Section:

Michael Preslar -- -- Elysium Software -- ICQ #9590896
Alternate Email:, --- BugZilla

10/04 Question: What is the current status of the Elysium site? Answer: Elysium is still going. The domain is down for awhile, due to problems with the hosting service Network Solutions. Until the problems get fixed, the domain is nonexistent. In the meantime, use 10/16: The Joseph Masters IGMs and utilities are being slowly worked on. There is little or no feedback from sysops/players regarding the, so it's hard to continue work on them. 11/06 Question: Is there a way where LORD can filter data transmitted by IGMs to cause player record changes that forbids major jumps in stats? Example: Free World's casino option giving anyone 500 strength points per casino visit. Answer: No, there's not. Each IGM is a stand-alone program, and thus Lord can't police what they do or don't do. True, there are some IGMs that change the game flow dramatically. But it's up to the sysop to decide which IGMs he'd like to have, and which ones he thinks aren't right for his game. Question #2: Why is LORD 4.06, and earlier versions, displaying text messages with starting words missing, and some messages overlaying previous screen data? Examples: Bank transfer notices and Romantic Mail messages. Answer: This is an old bug in Lord. I'm not sure when this bug originally showed it's head, but I believe it showed up sometime around 3.55 or so. (The `. you see in the text data files was added by Seth to prevent this bug.) I've been working on tracking it down. It's a rather elusive bug.

11/06 Question #3: Can LORD be updated to add a fourth Skill, to add new life to the game? Answer: When I first got permission to work on Lord, I thought to myself, "Wow. There are so many things that could be added, changed, etc ". Around the same time that I got that permission, I also started getting email messages from people telling me not to change the game. That I'm not Seth. Keeping this in mind, I can't just add something to the game. There are a lot of things to consider. Not only does the things I do to the game have to add to the game play, but it also has to keep a lot of fans happy. Matter of fact, look through the whatsnew.txt file, and take note of the things I've done. You'll notice that I've mainly just been fixing bugs, cleaning up the game to make it run faster, and adding functionality, so that the game will run on more systems, more nodes, etc. The only 2 things I've added are Lady (the scripting language so people can write their own random events), and the "Talk to the Old Man" in the Tavern in the Forest. I didn't add the gnome Blackjack game. Seth added that in 4.00.

11/12: Sources: Lord Legacy News page, Fidonet LORD echo messages. Michael: Been a while since I wrote some news for this site. ... In a nutshell, the day job is so bad, when I get home from work, I don't want to spend any more time in front of the keyboard for that day. Although I wish it would, BBS coding doesn't pay the bills. The day job is required. Especially with my wedding approaching in 6 months. ... Here's the status of the different projects. (1) LORD - More work has been done so that the game runs as fast as possible. It's getting to a point where I'd have to rewrite from scratch to make it go any faster. The 100% CPU bug is gone in most places (online fights is still a hog). More range checking has been added to help make sure people never get negative numbers (gold, fights, etc). and I have just about finished adding fighting routines to Lady. Those are the big things. The bug that eats text from the left side is still there. I'm still working on tracking this one down (almost seems like some sort of a string buffer overflow, which is really odd with Pascal programs. C yeah, but Pascal?). (2) Lord32 and Lord/2 - The Win32 and OS/2 versions. They're both at about 60% ported. Neither are at a public beta stage due to some major parts that need to converted. But these ports are hacks for the most part. They should be rewritten. None the less, they compile, and work as expected in most parts. Both Lord/32 and Lord/2 are compiling OK. Lord/32 does support the door32 format.

(3) Lord/x - I've not touched this one in awhile. Sorry Unix fans. It's a bit hard to do this port with only one monitor. I've got a 4 port belkin box, so I can switch between screens and what not. But it's hard to read yellow text / blue background Pascal, and then switch over to white on black C. Lord/x is still at about 75%. With Lady, IGM support, maintenance, and mail functionality still needing to be added. Lord/x is compiling and what's there works properly. It uses stdin/stdout. A Perl script was written by a friend, that redirects Input/Output to a web-page. (4) WebLord - The guy that's working on this project needs certain paperwork (non-disclosure, non-compete, etc) before he can go any further. Legal issues and what not. So he's waiting on that from MGP. He's at the point where you have to match up Lord/WebLord source code, and can't get access until Gameport approves that. So WebLord's future is in Gameport's hands. And if you know me at all, you know I don't do time lines. I try not to, any ways. I've had too many bad experiences with them in the past (for instance ... "I'll have that done next month. Oh no, I was laid off and now I've got to find a new job and move!") I've had a lot of requests from people for info on how they can help the porting process. Honestly, there's really only one way: Help develop the tools I'll end up using. For Lord/x, I'm using libdoor. It's a Unix doorkit, written in C, by Knightwalker, one of the WWIV/x guys. For Lord/32 and Lord/2, I'm using Freedoor, a Virtual Pascal door kit by Mike Hodgson. Want to help? Grab your compilers, grab these open sourced tools, and give it a shot. Not only would it help me out, but it'd help everyone else that would use those kits. And maybe it's a strange obsession with white dresses and tuxedos, but I've also had a lot of requests for the date of my wedding .. April 20th, 2002. That's plenty of news for now. Enjoy.

11/10: Source: Fidonet LORD echo. T-Lord: This program is written in Borland C v3.0. I'm still working on becoming familiar with the language, as well as becoming familiar with how MBBS/WG modules work. For anyone wondering, these modules are re-entrant. Meaning that you hit a key, the module does what it needs, and then it exits back to MBBS/WG until the user hits another key. So it's tricky. But you're right, Donald, most of my attention is, right now, pointed towards the LORD ports. 11/19: Source: Fidonet Lord Echo. When you report a problem, please tell me what LORD version you found the problem in. I can only fix bugs in the current version. Not to mention, the bug you mention could've already been fixed. For instance, The Jennie lock-up bug. That was only in 4.02, but was fixed by a patch available from me, and thus the bug isn't in 4.05 or anything afterwards. That patch isn't available any more, and I prefer that people not distribute it. I only want people to distribute versions that don't need a patch. Before someone reports a possible bug, they should first check the current LORD version's whatsnew.txt file. It lists the changes from version to version: bug fixes, additions, things taken away, and occasional bits of info that Lord lovers might find interesting.

Regarding the zero Bank Balance problem, the way that was working has been changed for the next version. The player has a lot of gold. Bank interest would add a bunch more. Turbo Pascal has a limitation of 2,000,000,000, so the added interest would make your bank account negative. Whenever you enter the bank, it checks your gold in hand and gold in bank, and if either are negative, it resets it to 0. It can't tell what you had before it went negative, so Seth did the best he could. (Your gold amounts could also be sent negative by an IGM.) The way it is in 4.07 (the version I'm working on) .. When maintenance is ran, it checks to see if you have room for the interest. If not, it sets you at 2 billion. The bank still checks to see if any of the numbers are negative to help prevent cheating from an IGM. Details on the VD Event: The VD event isn't just for male characters. It's for both sexes. As for charging for giving birth .. Nathan (the healer) would have to charge both the female and the male. Wouldn;t be fair to just charge her. Then again. Knowing that the "how many times I got laid" stat is one people use to rank themselves .. Why charge for it at all? More realistic? Reality is cool and all, but if it were that great, people wouldn't want to play any kind of role- playing game. None the less .. We have to remember that it is just a game. It's meant for enjoyment. If we all scrutinize every single random event, player interaction, and other what-not, it goes from a fun game to something of a cult. :)

Regarding additions to LORD: Question: Once a player has mastered all three skills, LORD itself stops awarding any more skill points. And sometimes when an IGM awards you a Skill point it isn't added to your Skill's points total by LORD. According to Lordcfg, you are allowed to go up to 100 skill points, however LORD isn't directly incrementing skill points past 40. Answer: The limitations I added in the new Lordcfg only limit what Lord does, not the IGMs. Matter of fact, there never really has been limits on the numbers. Lord would limit itself on how it used the numbers, but not on the numbers themselves. I've only recently added those. Whenever an IGM gives the player another skill point, it's also the IGM's responsibility to calculate the player's skill usage points. Question: Since the new 32-bit ports of LORD will require people to redo IGMs anyway, couldn't they include an fourth skill perhaps? Would adding a few more Weapon and Armour options hurt the game? Answer: To me, yes. The win32, os2, and Linux ports aren't supposed to be different games. They're the same game, they just run natively on the OS, instead of requiring any kind of OS emulation. If a sysop decides to run the win32 binary, he should get the exact same game play that the DOS, Linux, and OS/2 sysops get.

Something else to consider about major changes to the game .. Most IGMs are written to support what the game currently has. In the past, whenever Seth added something new to the game, there were dozens of IGM authors waiting to add support for Seth's new stuff to their IGMs. These days, there are lots of IGMs, but fewer authors, and I'd guess 65%, maybe 75%, of the available IGMs aren't supported any more. Which means .. A major change to the game would also render these unsupported IGMs useless. I can add stuff to the game, sure. But there's a high price to pay for it. Unsupported IGMs wouldn't be usable, utilities and add- ons would be obsolete, not to mention the effects on the huge fan-base Lord has. I'm sure there are other things that could potentially suffer that I've overlooked.

11/30 Note: I asked Michael on Fidonet's Lord echo for help with understanding how to do LADY Scripts, and information about the Virtual Pascal program. I have stored the Pascal info in as cc9-Vpascal.txt. Question: Since one can get 1 AS point from the Hammer Stone, could there be another random event that would reward the player with a Defense point? And please bring back the Old man part where you can get 5 charm points (or lose them). Answers: The 'charm stick' event has been added back. I overlooked that one, and forgot to script it in Lady. As for random events that award defense points. These could be added, sure. I'm not the kind of guy that's going to tell anyone what they can, and can't, add in with Lady, an IGM, utility, or whatever else. Lady Scripts: If people write them, I would love to see what they come up with. As for testing them, if they work the way you want in your Lord game, they will run the same way in other people's games. Distribution of Lady scripts: I feel that this should follow along the same lines as an IGM, since it's something written by a 3rd party author. I've got easier methods of script installation and management that'll be in the next version. So now would be a good time to write your scripts, and then when 4.07 comes out. Update what's necessary so that your scripts can be easily installed and un-installed by the sysops. Suggestions on how to write lady scripts: Do lots of source code comments. If you know you're going to pass your script around to other people, add comments, so other scripters can see what youre doing. Otherwise, it's completely up to the scripter. Some people like games where the IGMs, scripts, etc, all follow a certain theme. Others like all sorts of crazy stuff. Some like adult material, others like only G-rated content. Lady scripts are like most other hobby software. They should, first and foremost, make the scripter happy. Then if it makes someone else happy, cool. If not .. Ah well .. No harm, no foul.

Question: Can one code an random Lady event like this: For Level 1-4 players, give them 5 defense points for having their Armour polished and cleaned by the town's blacksmith. Level 5-8, give them 10 points. And the rest would get 15 points. Answer: Can that be done? Sure. Rather easily. For example: @case &Plv 1 (line break) 1: set &N1 to 5 (line break) 5: set &N1 to 10 (line break) 10: set &N1 to 15 (line break) @endcase 1 (line break) @writeln `2You gain &N1 defense points! (line break) @writeln `D&N1

12/01: From 11/29/01 Fidonet LORD echo messages: The blackjack game in LORD has a 5,000 gold bet limit, set by Seth, reason unknown. Reason for it crashing on you unknown, but the game is rather buggy and needs to be rewritten or left out of LORD. LORD has been fixed so that players can't knock another player's bank balance over the 2 billion limit through bank transfers. Those 2 billion limits would still exist even if LORD was recompiled using Delphi. Two basic reasons though for the limit. One, there's no real need for more Gold. And Two, it's tradition that you can only get so much. One value in having a lot of excess Gold in LORD involves team play. Where your lower level team mates need the gold. As for the question about odd money transfers from Seth for females, I'll just say that not everything in LORD is random. Why does View Stats only show MASTERED when you reach 40? The players have to be given some sort of goal. While the ultimate goal is to beat the game (if the game isn't set in unlimited mode), there are other things that could be considered goals as well. Such as whether or not the player has mastered a Skill. If they never master it, I'd think that arguments could be made against skill levels as a whole. Question: Besides yourself, Lloyd Hannesson, Bryan Turner, and Marty Blankenship, are there any other Lord authors currently active who would take on others' old Lord programs? Can't name anyone specifically, but I'm sure there are others. The easier thing for you, and these AWOL'd programmers, to do, would be to contact Lloyd, Bryan, Marty, or myself, and we'll take it from there. If we don't have the time to take care of the work, I'm sure we'd know someone who does. (Hey guys, not trying to speak for you, just offering a simpler solution for a potentially hairy problem.)

Question: Asked about whether there is, or will be, an example Windows LORD IGM, similar to Barak's House. Answer: I've yet to create all of this, but the way it will work, more than likely. In the info. file, instead of the comport, the handle will be there. An extra line will be added to the info. file so that the IGM knows whether to treat the comport/handle number as a comport, or as a handle. That'll be the biggest change from DOS IGMs to Win32 IGMs. Other changes will depend on the language the IGM was written in, the IGM kit used (if one was used), and what all the IGM does. As for Win32 Lord running DOS IGMs, that should be fine. As long as the sysop has the proper BBS setup. If its a DOS IGM and has fossil support, the sysop will need what he's using today - a virtual fossil, com/ip, netmodem, or the like. As for examples of Win32, OS/2, or Linux IGMs, I can't predict the future, but I'll say that examples will more than likely happen. If I've got the time, I'll try to throw some out. And I'll at least convert the Joseph Masters' IGMs over. In response to your question about Turbo Pascal for Windows, none of the Turbo/Borland Pascal compilers were ever fixed, other than Delphi. There are patched CRT units that programs can grab and use instead of the broken ones, however. Using these means that the programs compiled with it won't have the RTE200 bug. As for TPW, I don't know, since I've only used it for 10 minutes once.

Question: Can LORD generate the 3rdalt.txt file itself so that people don't have to rely on old utility programs like LordMenu if they want a two-column Other Places menu? Lord doesnt generate the 3rdalt.txt file. If it exists, it will get displayed instead of what's displayed in 3rdparty.dat. This LordMenu program youre speaking of, I've never used it, or heard of it before. But I prefer to only use a maximum of 5 IGMs at a time. Can't offer any clues for your friends on what causes IGMs to give the user the "Time Limit Exceeded" message. If you come across any more TEOS programs that need checking over for possible RTE200 problems or other problem fixes, send them my way, and I'll take care of them. Question: Could directions to old LORD authors on how to turn over old programs to you or others for continued support be posted on your site? Directions on would be possible, but not on Since I work on the game (that's owned by Gameport) and work on other stuff (that I own or I adopted), I have to keep them separate. I do that by keeping the site limited to Gameport programs.

Question: Can one write Lady scripts to do random events that used QWKIGM stuff about unused stats which LORD was not using. Where an IGM could have more functions in combination with the scripts. Is that feasible? Answer: It's not possible currently, and I don't know if I'll add support for that or not. One of the things I had hoped to do with Lady was prevent the "missing authors" problem from happening again. That's why Lady scripts aren't compiled or encoded. If I add the ability to run IGMs ... Why make Lady? Why not just add some new way to add IGMs to the Forest? In a nutshell, Lady is there so that people can customize their game in another way. Whether or not the person knows how to program in Pascal, C, or any other language. And, you don't have to worry about the author disappearing. You've got the source. If it's broken, it could be fixed. Adding the ability to run IGMs from a Lady script would circumvent that ability, as well as destroy Lady's reason for existance. Question: Can Lady scripts be written where one could act as a resolution to the Olivia situation? Such as to allow players to avenge her death by finding and killing her murderer, and getting a reward or rewards. Or would you have to write an actual IGM to handle that? Answer: I'd like to think that Lady could be used to recreate almost any IGM ever created. Since I'm still around, if there's a command that's needed but doesn't currently exist, I can add it. Altogether, I don't see why Olivia's ending couldn't be written in Lady. Question: Is there a way for people to combine player records from one LORD game, that was being closed down, into another game? Answer: A program to do this could be created, but really shouldn't be used. Say you've got 2 games going on. You've got a character created in both games. You close one game, and move all those players to the other. You've now got 2 characters in one game. Not a good thing. Red LORD barline

LORD Authors Notes Section:

Active Authors Contributions:

Marty Blankenship -- Gamemaster BBS web-site -- telnet://

The hours of operation for his BBS are 8:00 pm - 6:00 am EST Monday- Friday; and all day on Saturday and Sunday. His Marty's Mercantile IGM, current version is v1.50, is undergoing updating. Due to a mix-up, it was released as When registered, with a free registration code, it gives the player an extra place to visit -The Pet Shop. Which offers Horses and Fairies for sale/purchase. Cost is very low: 8,000/10,000 gold. Prices will be raised in next version. The code may be requested by email, or by logging on to his BBS via Telnet, and getting one there while online. He has also been working on a non- LORD game called Word Jumble. He's using QuickBasic for his programming, so doesn't have to worry about RTE200 problems. 11/18 Note: Most of my conversations with Marty have been about the IGM. I have placed the valuable info inside my Lord Play Guide files in his IGM entry. A few points worth inclusion here: Don't buy the weapons/armour - they don't give you AS/DS points. This is being fixed. Marty provided me a list of weapon/armour info for his IGM, and is studying suggestions I made on name/price changes for them. Gem theft in Jewelry Shop: If caught, you lose all gold and gems on hand, and receive HP damage when thrown out. You retain Thief skill points currently obtained for successful thefts. This will be fixed so the game doesn't abuse LORD, by allowing people to quickly increase in Skill points. Currently, you retain any rewards received in the IGM, and that is being studied for change. Horse/Fairy purchases will have raised values, but once purchased, you will NOT lose them, if caught stealing gems. The game will provide users with more experience points when updated. Clothing department: He's adding Boots, and the user will receive a couple of defense points for each purchase.

I'm using the LORD v4.07 beta on my BBS. In Other Places, when you type the IGM number to enter, you have to enter them backwards. This will be fixed quickly. People can get access to the beta by contacting Michael, however he's behind on sending files to people. Back to IGM updates summary: In weapon/armour exchanges, the player will be receiving Gold for the old equipment traded in. The video games in the IGM grant the user 10 Charm (Fighting), 10 Exp. points (Thinking), and 10 Defense points (Adventure). The Exp./Defense points rewards will be changed to be Level-dependent. The gem stealing is a 1 in 10 chance of being caught. If the random number is less than 4, they get caught. This will be changed to give a 50% chance of capture. My BBS is running on a K6-2 with 3D graphics at 333 MHz. Of the programs you wanted info on, The Graveyard, Socrates Shop, and Free World are working fine. He's looking for his v1.50 IGM source code, after finding the v1.00 code. 11/20: Still looking for v1.50 IGM source code. He is willing to take over old LORD programs for continued support and development, if they are written in Basic. 11/25: I will have an update out around Christmas, and I am now back in the Fidonet nodelist. The new address is 1:2320/303 in case anyone needs it. 01/29/02: Marty's Mercantile v1.70 was released on January 14, 2002. Marty is now working on revamping David Taylor's IGM, Dave's Inn.

Jason Brown -- Jason's IGMs Page --- Jason's Homepage

10/10: The proper usage of the LORD Cavern and Outlands Tavern IGMs is to have each in their own separate directory. They both use extra.cfg for configuration details, so have to be kept separate. Renaming the setup.exe can result in problems also, for each program. The RHP files for the Cavern don't work with the Tavern, so don't try to use them with Outlands. In the Tavern, if someone buys a room for the night, then returns to play more that same day, you get a penalty. Basically, you wake up really tired. In the Cavern, it is preset to limit players to 13 kids, rewarding the player instead with increasing amounts of experience for each kid they find, via a trip to the orphanage to find them a home. My notes on Outlands Tavern: The IGM is very lucrative when using the "Other things to do" option. One can get as much as 120 Gems from one visit. For my info, read my dgt-lord.txt LORD IGMs play guide. It covers 12 IGMs I have found of much value, including the LORD Cavern and Outlands Tavern. Notes: Also wrote/produced LordStat utility, two LORD Cavern RHP Sets, RHPTest utility, The Gateway LORD IGM, and the Stones! LORD2 IGM.

04/16/04 Notes: Revised entry header info. If you are using Outlands Tavern v1.5 or v1.5a, the IGM can be run in the same directory as L.O.R.D. Cavern, Forest Outhouse, or The Gateway IGMs. The L.O.R.D. Cavern adoption was changed to 16 kids in v1.5.

Charles Culver

10/19: Started work on updating Gallagher's Performance and my other IGMs to remove the RTE200 problem. 10/31: I recompiled all of them, and am still getting the RTE200 problem. I think the problem is related to the TPU unit I used for BBS/modem communication. It had special writeln functions designed for door games. The units were called: IGMdrive, IGMconst, IGMmisc. Any copies I have found seem to be old still, and don't contain any fixes for the RTE200 problem. Note: I sent Charles the Turbo Pascal replacement library, and that helped to solve his problems. 11/02: Received update of Gallagher IGM from Chuck. Unable to use due to "Time Limit Exceeded" error message. RTE200 problem solved. 11/11: I am continuing work on fixing the three IGMs, Gallagher, Lottery, and Mosh Pit. I am running into a problem with LORD 3.55 not running, due to the RTE200 problem. Have recompiled the IGMs again, fixed some errors and problems, and they are working for me, in local mode testing. Haven't worked on Mosh Pit yet. 11/12: The Time Limit thing is fixed in Gallagher. There was a procedure that had to be called in the start of the IGM code. I've sent you the new revisions for testing of Gallagher and Lottery. Will fix the .doc files to correct errors you indicated. 11/13 Notes: Gallagher IGM works now without problem. Lottery IGM still has the Time Limit problem. 11/19: I have redone the Gallagher IGM completely, and it is now working far better. All three IGMs are going to be redone this way, because I like the way the first one turned out. The Installer, main program, and maint program are now combined into a single .EXE file. You just have to use /xxx switches to run the maint and installer, while the main program can be run without switches. I had TONS of bugs too that I never even noticed before. Have attached latest file for Lottery v1.5 for testing.

11/21: The program's maint component is what runs each night in the Lord event.bat file. When run, it chooses the winning numbers for the Lottery game, and checks the daily ticket purchases. If anyone is a winner, it sends them an Lord mail message with the reward. I fixed some more problems with Lottery. Had the wrong installation instructions in the .doc file, and the ANSI splash screen was reporting version 1.0. Gallagher has been fixed up, and is now one .exe file like Lottery is. Usage is Galag-15 /i to install, just like Lottery. Both appear to be working fine now, and are attached for testing. Current filenames: and Testing result: Neither worked, giving me "T.L.E." messages again. 11/28: I'm unable to figure out where that error is coming from. I've noticed that if I run LORD in full screen mode, not windowed, it gives me the Time Limit problem. When LORD is run in a window, the IGMs work fine. I'm going to wait until I get these bugs worked out before I tackle the BIG IGM. MoshPit is probably 3 times the amount of code that the other two have, and I'm not looking forward to it. 01/29/02: Chuck released his IGMs to me to find new homes for them, not wishing to spend more time trying to fix Lottery, which has been troublesome. Details are in LordNews Issue #10.

John Elson -- 3dham Software -- LORD Web FAQ v3.00

11/17: I have released a new version of LORD Web FAQ, version 3.00. It can be downloaded from:, and is online at: You asked about the zero bank balance after having 2 billion the previous day problem. It is a combination of an old bug, and a fix introduced in LORD 4.00. If you have more than 2 billion Gold (or Experience), it is possible for it to roll over to negative numbers, due to the number system being used. The bank interest can make the balance go negative, and some IGMs could do the same thing. Before 4.x, LORD would convert it to 200 million if it was in the bank, or 2 Billion if it was on Hand. This was the basis of the "instant wealth" trick. Seth decided that was not a good thing, so starting with v4.0, the negative numbers on Hand and in the Bank were converted to Zero. The same thing can happen if someone transfers money to you, and that is sometimes used as an advanced strategy.

Michael Everett -- Bobo's BBS --- Telnet:

11/11: Things aren't going so good in my little BBS world. The worst thing that happened was my ISPs web server crashed and they found out all of their backups had not been working ever! Since I worked there and thought they were making backups all the time, I of course didn't have a backup. Somehow my email wasn't messed up until just recently, and so basically nothing but my Telnet side of the BBS is working. I am currently working on moving my DNS services to another provider and setup my own web server and email. Currently (one of my 3 domains) is actually up and simply forwards users to a Java Telnet client to my BBS. Now that the web situation is almost fixed, I'm working on setting up email (using Exchange 2k) @ Once that is working, I'll add and to my new DNS provider, and make all the email work for them too. I am of course working on the Telnet side of the BBS and that keeps me pretty busy as well. If I ever get all this junk finished and get ahead in school, I'll start recreating all my web sites. Hopefully, I'll have time to do it all right, and actually make something that is functional and looks nice too. So that's what's up in my world. On the good side, my BBS is still getting 100+ callers a day even though the main web-site is down, and doesn't work either. 12/26/01: Removed email/site links. Site closed all month. 01/29/02: Michael is still offline, working on finding new host for his web site. Details are in LordNews Issue #10. 05/08/02: Restored entry heading info. Web-site went back online a couple of months ago. 04/16/04: Removed two hyperlinks from header. See Mike's Downloads page to access his SuperColored Monsters archive.

Chris Hamilton

11/22: Found your LORD site, and it brings back old memories. I saw my name as unreachable on your Old IGM Author's list (inside LordNews Issue #8, Part Two. See ccigm-8.htm.) I am alive and kicking, but my LORD IGM Morph's Gymnasium is not. I'll try and track down the source code, which is I think in Pascal, and release that, or at least the registration key generator if I can find it. Thanks for bringing back old memories. IGM testing notes: Have tested Morph's Gym v1.60 after receiving Chris's email. Gymcfg.exe and Gym.exe files both have RTE200 and work after patching with tppatch. The morph.exe file ran OK. Parts of IGM only work when registered, rest works fine, once the user patches the .exe files.

Lloyd Hannesson -- Tech'n Software -- LORD I IGM List -- Alt. Email:

11/02: We've finished moving now, and are still getting settled in. The move was made on the 15th, and we now have a new kitten. She's a cutie, and we spend our free time playing with her. Should be able to get back to work soon on the LORD programming, and web-site updates. 11/10 Note: Author of Felicity's Temple, Warrior's Graveyard LORD IGMs; and Ye Olde Farm LORD2 IGM. 11/19: I'm not currently running a BBS. I ran one for a long time, but it was taken down when I moved into my last apartment. I had it up briefly, but had to take it down again. It doesn't look like I'll be able to put the BBS back up again at my new home currently. I will work on fixing the Graveyard's problems. I'm not ready to tell people how to find the Ghosts in my IGMs yet, but will put that in the IGM docs when final versions are released. This is what I can tell you about the ghosts. In the Graveyard, there are 2 ghosts that are sex dependent, Mike for girls, and Tanya for the boys. Jim Bob Jones is totally random. There is like 1 in 1000 chance to find him (I'll have to check the code to be sure though). George the ghost is also a ghost that is hidden, and can be found by hitting the proper key stroke at the right screen. In response to your question on taking over old LORD programs, if anyone needs to have their IGMs fixed up, I will take care of them. They will be recompiled and updated as needed, and posted on my web-site.

Gary Hartzell -- Gary's Lord Page

10/07: My new system is up and working great. Got some work to do on the BBS now, which includes getting rid of, or updating, the IGMs that won't run now. I got the new version of Barak's House and will install it soon. One classic IGM that wouldn't run for me was Violet's Cottage. A couple other IGMs that I had to remove are Aladdin's Palace, Morph's Gym, and the MegaBucks Lottery. No scheduled opening for the Arena BBS yet. 10/20: Got a new LORD IGM finished, just in time for Halloween. You can download Trick or Treat (from this URL, as of 04/16/2004:) Haven't put the BBS up yet. Having second thoughts about doing so. I've always wanted to put up a board dedicated to LORD, set up my way, but the fear of hackers is stopping me from doing so. All it takes is one hacker to screw up a system. I may set it up as a private BBS, where someone must e-mail me for the Telnet address. 11/10 Note: Gary's other RHP Script IGMs are The Abandoned Mines, Garrison's Training Grounds, and Merry Christmas. All of them are run using Jason Brown's Gateway IGM. 04/16/04: Replaced links for Gary's site, and for file. See to obtain Gary's other LORD programs, or see my LordApps.htm web-page. 10/30/04: Updated Gary's header. He has changed his email address, and does not want it posted on web-pages. You can reach him via a contact page on his new web-site, at, or via me using email.

Mike Hodgson -- Mike's Development Page

10/22: I will have the documentation for Freedoor 1.20 up soon. I'm trying to get some more updates to the code done first, before I start re-writing the documentation, otherwise it'll be an endless cycle of documentation updates as I change things. As for the problems with ANSI, it pretty much comes down to lazy programmers. They didn't take the time to code properly, and now their software isn't working correctly. 11/07: Found FreeDoor v1.30 released on his web-site. 11/26: FreeDoor v1.35 was released on Nov. 13. 01/29/02: Replaced email address link; Mike is semi inactive currently.

Duncan Idaho -- VisualMatrix Homepage

10/07: DuneLord2 coding is coming along. Haven't done as much as I could have. I have a rush job for a web-page dedicated to a friend of mine who's fighting her 2nd case of cancer, and appears to be loosing this one -sigh- but that's almost all done. The work I'm doing on DL2 at the moment is, as I said I was planning, rewriting the major quests. Making things look pretty and ensuring they work the way I mean them to, etc. Also found a bug in one of them, allowing a player to kill a certain NPC multiple times, thus allowing the player to receive an almost infinite amount of Solari (money) and experience points. Fixed that though. will be going through a revamp real soon. I got a brand spanking new Javascript menu-bar and recoded it to suit my needs, and I'm dying to implement it into the page... won't be an overnight job, but it isn't far off at all.

11/22: Sorry for being late writing back. I made the mistake of expecting my hardware upgrades to go smoothly. But I am back, 2 formats and 5 re-installs later. On-top of that, I'm a father again to a healthy boy, Cody James Barron. (Took mother's family name. -grins widely-) But, now that I'm back in action, and have somehow managed to clear the unearthly amount of work I had banked up, I have more time free to get back to work on DuneLord. A while back, I told you I was considering re-writing the major quests. Well, I'm now thinking of re- writing the entire thing. Taking the true Dune story-line into account more, and rewording things a bit. I'll let you know of the decision there. Regarding your previous question regarding a Lord2 World based around David Eddings's books. Having recently finished re-reading the Mallorean, I think I might just do that. I'll pencil it in as a possible idea for now, and decide on it when I've got time for another World. And finally, people can now use as a secondary address for me. That address should always be valid, as I will always have my domain up, no matter if I change ISP's or not.

11/24: Rewriting all the junk in DL2 will not take a long time. There is another reason why I've got to do this rewrite. I modified the Lord2 engine to make it suit the colour-scheme, and I just KNOW someone will fiddle with the code. Messing it up, they will realize they've already deleted the DL2 archive, and will download normal Lord2. Then install that over the top. Trust me, DL2 with a plain L2 engine over the top will look hideous. So I'll revert to the L2 engine and make it look pretty, rewrite what needs doing and then slam a release in everyone's face. I've done an hour or so of coding, and have already fixed a pile of bugs in the fight engine. It is so complex that it's hard to get your mind around it. I'm cleaning up some alignment problems in the text now, and will rewrite the quests. Then I'll be ready to fire out the first release of DuneLord2 since 1999. 12/26/01: DuneLord beta #1 was released on Dec. 24, 2001, and is available from my LORD II IGMs Page.

Paul Koukos -- Hellas BBS -- Hellas BBS Files Page -- Telnet: - ICQ: 9899458 -- Freq Files:

10/22 Notes: No info received from Paul this month. 11/07: Robin Hood v4.0 update, dated today, found on Paul's Hellas BBS site, along with update of the file. 11/18: Both files released again on November 16, and on November 25. 11/30-12/03 Notes: Started igm testing of Robin Hood igm, and had trouble for 2 days getting it to work. Problem turned out to be that the distribution archive had a 0-byte FILER.EXE file inside, which kept the IGM from executing. 12/03 update of IGM posted on Paul's site fixes problem. IGM is fully usable.

Chris MacPherson -- Chris's web-site

10/10: Received your email message from my sister. The address you originally tried to reach me at died a long time ago, along with my web-site. The Pawn Shop IGM I developed years ago for LORD was released as freeware. I haven't worked on it since I first developed and released it. In fact, I haven't programed in Turbo Pascal since I made the IGM. It was the only reason I even bothered to learn TP. It's still good to know that LORD and its IGMs are still out there being played. I appreciate your interest, and if you have any other questions, feel free to write to me, and I'll see if I can answer them. I took a quick look at your site and it looks quite extensive as far as linking to LORD IGM's. Do you know of any Telnet- able BBS'es that have my IGM up and running? Certainly a blast from the past for me. 11/15: Thanks for all the info, files and feedback. I managed to find my old source code and even my old copy of Turbo Pascal. I'll take a look and see if I can re-compile my code. I'm afraid all PGP keys, email addresses, URLs and FIDO addresses are way out-of-date and do not work; and if they did it wouldn't be me, so don't attempt to use them. (Reference is to IGM documentation files data.) 11/18: I have replaced the crt.tpu files on my system using the method you sent me. Not really sure what else I am supposed to do with the other files you sent me, but I have since encountered 2 problems when trying to re-compile my source code. (1) When trying to recompile pawnshop.exe, I get an "Out of Memory" error. (2) Psetup.exe recompiles without error, but attempting to run the install portion, gives me the following runtime message: Runtime error 002 at 0000:07C4. Any ideas? (Note: Relayed Chris's message to Bryan Turner for his assistance.) 11/21: The RTE200 bug has been fixed with the CRT.ZIP file you sent me, and with Bryan Turner's help. I'm still having a problem with RTE 002 (CPU speed problem). Attached for testing: IGM Testing notes: Program unzipped and installed for me fine, at 933 MHz. Have not tried to actually use IGM features yet. Copyright info in docs only thing noted that needs work. Reminder to the rest of the old LORD authors: LORD is owned by Metropolis Systems, so you need to give them copyright acknowledgment when updating your old programs. 12/01: Last beta of Pawn Shop v2.00 still had RTE 200 lockup problem. Chris has been unable to solve IGM's problem. May stop trying to fix it completely. 01/29/02: Chris stopped responding to email, and has abandoned his IGM.

Bryan Stanbridge -- Micropics Files Page

10/19: Still working on getting those programs recompiled. Most of the source code is on my network back home, and not accessible here at school. Will work on the IGM updates when I'm home next. 11/01: The Apothecary and Grizelda's House IGMs are based on random events, and were designed back at the beginning of the IGM craze when Seth was very clear about what a good IGM should do. I followed those rules. No prize is too big, and there are always possibilities for negative consequences. I made them to be as fair as possible within the guidelines. Most IGMs didn't do that, so you end up with incredibly unbalanced modules, and I didn't want to, nor did I, write those types of modules. As to LORD Suburbia, there has been great interest in that IGM that spawned even before I started writing it. At the time it was the first to have a bank, and the first to let you own your own property to reduce the worry of staying at an Inn. It is incredibly straight forward and very configurable by the sysop. I believe only one secret exists in the entire module (in the Dark Alley) and it is alluded to by the Priest. That one is also more balanced than many standards these days. The only complaint I ever had was that it was hard to kill people in their houses. What that person didn't know, however, was that you can pay (again in the Dark Alley) to boot someone out of their house so you can beat them to your heart's content back in the fields. I won't get to fixing the RTE200 problems until I get time from school, which probably means Thanksgiving break. The music is going well, and is taking up more of my life. The marching season has ended, but now I get to use more time to read and study for my classes. And take care of my girlfriend.

11/02: When I recompiled Suburbia, I used tppatch.exe on the executable file before releasing it. 11/03: I'm working with the Marching Band part-time while working on finishing up my first Bachelor's Degree. I'll be turning 21 this Thanksgiving, which is my birthday. We stick candles on a delicious pumpkin pie, instead of on a cake. 11/10 Note: Released RTE200 patched IGM update archives for Bryan, on Camelot LordNews FDN, of Apothecary, Grizelda's House, and the Pathedit utility. Files are named,, and Bryan will work on IGM updating after Thanksgiving. 11/08 Notes: Question: What is the relationship between Grizelda and Apothecary? Nearly every item you find in Grizelda's and Apothecary will be usable in the other IGM exclusively. There is even one set of items, whose names I can't remember right now, that will spawn a whole trading session between the Apothecary and Grizelda's mother. Eventually you do see actual rewards, but most of the initial rewards are purely handled in the two IGMs. When entering the Apothecary, typing WEIRD at the prompt, will give you a Gem. My business name has been changed to Purple Frog Productions for my music enterprises, and the programming stuff is under its umbrella now. Micropics has been closed as a legal entity. 11/25: I enjoyed my 21th birthday on Thanksgiving day. But I'm sad because Ohio State beat Univ. of Michigan, and my girlfriend is an OSU fan. Will start work this week on the IGMs updates, and determine how much has to be done. I would love to promise a holiday release, but I haven't actually seen the code in a long time, so I don't know how clunky it is. Or how much I'll have to rework it and streamline it. Eliminating the RTE200 problem on two IGMs, and doing regular updates on all three is planned. My goal is to try to have all three IGMs updated by Christmas. 12/01: Bryan is compiling a To-Do List of what needs to be done for his three IGMs, other than the RTE200 code recompilation. He wants people to send him ideas for improving the IGMs, new feature suggestions, and bug reports.

04/16/04: Replaced web-site link in header. Bryan's site is located at He is no longer working on LORD programming, but still supports his IGMs.

Shannon Talley -- LORD Cheats Page (CLOSED) -- Fidotel LORD site (CLOSED)
telnet:// (CLOSED) -- Icerage Technologies (CLOSED)
-- Joe Marcelletti: All email contact is/was via Shannon.

10/31: DT: Did you ever manage to get to where you were could return to normal web-site addressing, following the changes during the summer caused by the Code Red virus? Yes and no. Check this out. Use and it will take you to the correct port (82). It's a pretty neat deal! So, yes - you can type a normal address, and "no" - it's not going to run on that regular port (80) but you will be automatically forwarded to the correct one. 11/28: I really don't have much in the realm of news... I've got a really hot tournament running which will be "up" on Sunday. I do plan on running a Christmas Tourney - which will be something along the lines of a 20-deed tourney with a Dragon Statue going to the winner. As is the winner of the current tourney. Folks can see the statue on the FidoTel Lord site,

Joseph Watson -- joeCODE WT-LORD IGM Page -- Main WT-Lord Page
WT-Lord Discussion Board -- Alternate Email:

11/12: I haven't done any programming to speak of in the last 10 weeks. My job has been keeping me busy. About 6 days/6 hours a week since August ... I had one weekend off since the end of August and didn't want to program but rather get away for a couple of days. I started programming again this weekend with a couple of fixes and updates. Depending on the reports back they will be released soon. Regarding Bobby Thornton, I haven't been in touch with him much the past several months either. He does live about 30 minutes from me, but due to my work schedule, I haven't had time to get together with him. ... You might try posting on the discussion board to him. Last count I had, he checked it almost daily. In regards to WT-LORD, I'm sure you saw my posts several months back concerning it's future and updates to fix bugs ... My questions went unanswered by IceRage and were answered by Shannon Talley. Looks like IceRage has lost most, if not all, of the source to WT-LORD. And we are not to expect any updates. That means the game is unsupported, so that is the reason I haven't posted there in several months. ... No need, I now know the things I'm interested in won't ever come to pass. Maybe the above info on my work schedule the past 3 months will clue you in on why I haven't been staying in touch with anyone. It's nothing personal against anyone but rather I have had little time for myself and family and they come before a game. 11/14: I have a new version of Merry Christmas, The Mad Dog, and Indian Joe's ready to go as soon as I sit down and update the docs for them. 11/22: I've posted new updates to Merry Christmas and Indian Joe's for download. You can pick them up on my BBS or web-site:; Telnet: It's been awhile for these two IGMs but finally I've gotten time to get back to programming. Enjoy, Joe. Red LORD barline

Inactive/Semi-Active Authors Contributions:

Bobby Queen

10/02: The Kiteria's Korner site was down awhile last month, due to damage to the server caused by lightning. That wiped out parts of people's web-sites in the process. The ISP is now called Twave Communications, and they are owned by a Florida company named Durocom. 11/06: I've got a head cold and my wife's doctor did not refer her for the stomach surgery. Otherwise I am fine, and have lost 132 pounds so far. My wife was diagnosed with advanced arthritis in her left leg, and is taking Vioxx for that now. And I'm still having back trouble. 12/04: Heard from Bobby yesterday, and he's doing real well on the weight loss schedule. Will include some details from him in Issue #10 when I start work on it next week.

12/01 Kiteria's Korner notes: Some of the LORD Article web-pages have been updated to cover LORD v4.06. Primary changes have been about the Jennie Codes, marriage/divorce information updates, and continued work on spelling checks. Links for accessing my ongoing LORD Play Guide files were added to site's Articles page. Lord Archives page updated on December 02 to cover LordNews Issue #1 - #10 links, and to list Lord Web FAQ v3.00 file. (12/03/02: Kiteria site is off-line currently. See Kiteria's Korner! site archive.)

05/08/02 Update: Bobby shut down the Official Lord2 IGM Archive site and Kiteria's Korner in early April 2002. I have taken over full control of the Kiteria's Korner site. Bobby has transferred control of the Lord2 Archive to Max Larivee. No web-site address available yet for site, but it is being fully revamped by Max currently. Bobby is now Fully Inactive, but continues to moderate the Lord echo on Fidonet.

Bryan Turner -- Vagabond Software
Vagabond Software Mailing List -- Bryan's software Registration Page

10/22: Bryan is acting as co-coordinator for my new Camelot LordNews FDN on the Fidonet. His primary focus is on his non-LORD programming. 10/27: At my request, Bryan has updated Barak's House again, to v2.01. This version fixes a problem with Barakcfg.exe, where it didn't work correctly in a second LORD game setup. The previous update fixed the Runtime 200 error in the source code at my request, following my getting permission to have the IGM updated from Seth Robinson. 11/02: For those other LORD programmers dealing with RTE200, the problem is located inside the Turbo.tpl file. If you need help with it, I will instruct you on how to fix the problem. Or you can send me the source code, and I will recompile it for you with Visual Pascal v2.10. 11/07 Note: I officially released Barak's House v2.01 this afternoon through the Fidonet in my Camelot LordNews FDN, and on the Lord Legacy FTP site. 11/10: Bryan owns and supports InterLord, Fireside Chat, and the six Vanadia LORD IGMs. All are freeware and can be registered on his web-site. Red LORD barline

Former Authors/Miscellaneous Info Section:

Robert Fogt

11/19: Received Robert's LORD/LORD2/TEOS files through a web-site he set up, for my private use. He located the files on old floppy disks, stored in his closet. LORD utility that reads your 3rdparty.dat file and creates a 2-column alternate Other Places Menu file. Includes source code. Has to be recompiled to fix RTE200. The last version of Hal's Ocean View Resort TEOS IGM. Source code for the Ocean IGM, that includes the registration key generator. (Sent to Michael Preslar on Nov. 30th for checking for possible problems.) Immigration Office TEOS IGM. An TEOS utility that forces all planets to be public to make the game more fair. Searchlight BBS utility. Think it displays a random quote. An ANSI to SANSI converter. Sansi is "Seth ANSI" that Seth uses in LORD and Planets: TEOS. I think I made it so that you can have cooler pictures in Planets IGMs. All of these programs are now freeware. 11/21: Robert found three more old files, which are also to be released as freeware. Searchlight BBS utility. If you have an ANSI BBS or an ANSI door game and the caller has RIPterm, this will put a RIP graphical keyboard at the bottom of the screen. The source code for the Outhouse Lord IGM. (Will be used to recompile IGM for RTE200 problem, and make it usable again.) Searchlight BBS utility. The new style of door.sys will not work with ANSI door games, like Planets: TEOS, since when callers are using RIPterm, the door game doesn't think they have ANSI. This fixes that problem. Keep in mind these files are old and probably won't work on newer Pentium computers.

11/25: You asked what I knew about IGMs developing the "Time Limit Exceeded" message. I think the IGMs may just be reading the wrong line of the door.sys file. A line in the file tells the door program how much time they have left, and rightly kicks the user out when the time limit is exceeded. There were two different door.sys versions, one before RIP graphics and one after RIP graphics. Maybe it is expecting the older version? 11/30 Note: On Robert's behalf, the following work is being undertaken by myself and Lloyd Hannesson. He is releasing all of his LORD, LORD2, and TEOS programs as freeware, so I am going to update his various Lord files' documentation files accordingly. And where needed, do RTE200 patching of programs. LordMenu note: Has RTE200 but can be patched. Usage however with Lord 4.06 causes a player.dat corruption problem. Also with LordMenu loaded and its two-column Other Places menu in use by LORD, the Outhouse IGM when I tried to retest it again caused the DOS window to crash in Win- ME. So I advise people not try using either program currently, with LORD 4.06. Lloyd is going to update LordMenu and Outhouse by recompiling their source code, thereby eliminating RTE200. Hopefully the other problems can be solved easily. 12/26/01: Deleted last 2 sentences. LordMenu and Outhouse no longer need interim updates done just to change documentation files, as that will be done now by Lloyd. Refer to his web-site for news on when they are re-released next year.

Suzanne Franklin -- Kiteria's Korner!

11/09: I'm doing OK. I got my flu shot and a mild touch of the flu right now, so I'm a little out of it. I'm taking Milk Thistle for my liver. The last blood work showed no more damage. I hope the next one will show improvement. I won't have the operation, my insurance won't cover it, and I can't afford it. I keep trying to quit smoking but so far with no success. Dying is not an unwelcome thing. I'm ready. Don't worry about me, I'm OK. Tell Bobby thanks for his worrying, but it's not necessary. I'm hanging in till I can let go. Love, Suzanne. Note: Everyone please keep praying for Suzanne's health to recover more. And keep visiting her Kiteria's Korner web-site, which is maintained by myself and Bobby Queen. 04/16/04: Replaced Kiteria's Korner site link. Site is operated by me since January 2003.

Joel Gathercole

10/17: Still working on getting my Lord II:CNW site back online with a fast connection. I'm out in the boonies here in Canada, and its much harder to get high-speed access set up. We're working on setting up a local wireless Internet service. 12/26/01: Replaced email link. The Yahoo email account is over quota, and not accepting new mail. Joel's web-site is still closed, as of Dec. 31, 2001.

Steve Gargolinski (No valid email address) -- Black Dragon Software (CLOSED)

11/12: I'm busy with college classes now, although I am helping Seth Robinson beta test his new game. So I haven't done any LORD work in a while. Maybe sometime later down the line I will. Oh BTW, my programs should all work fine.

Harvey Hall 10/18, Fidonet LORD echo. Told me about a second fix for the Runtime Error 200 problem, named pent2.exe, that works better than TPPatch. Has also had problems running Lord IGMs that have on-screen gibberish using Windows ME. Indicated that it is because Win ME doesn't load ANSI.SYS. He referred to putting it in autoexec.bat, but you can't load ANSI there. 11/18: The only thing allowed by Win-ME inside Autoexec.bat is SET commands. So both of the system config. files are off-limits to the Win-ME user, as to loading DOS programs.

Shawn Highfield

10/08-09: The TinySoft web-site was closed, when I cancelled my @home account. I forgot to back it up, so it's gone forever. I have not been able to locate the source code for the Sommer's Shiny Things Lord IGM. It was made using Borland Pascal, and Virtual Pascal for the Win/OS-2 stuff. The source code is somewhere on an old QIK80 tape, but I don't have a drive to get the info from. The tape might not still work anyway. So consider the code lost for good. 12/13/01 Update: Shawn found the source code on a backup CD-ROM, and it has been turned over to Lloyd Hannesson for recompilation. It has RTE200, is patch-able, but the configuration program doesn't work.

Janis Kracht

She is the Fidonet Zone Coordinator for North America. International coordinator, IFDC FileGate Project. E-Mail: ftp/Telnet: ICQ: 25251567. FidoNet: 1:2320/38 (1-502-245-6778). If you need help getting a Fidonet address, she can provide it.

Brian May -- Crazy Boy Productions LORD page -- Alternate email:

10/14: I finally found my source code to all my IGM's. It will take me awhile to get back into the swing of things, since I haven't coded in C for over 5 years. I wrote all my IGM's in C. I know back in the old days ANSI.SYS was required to display ANSI symbols properly. Also, I'm in the process of trying to setup a BBS on my Linux system that will be accessed by Telnet. I have the board working (WWIV/X) but I'm not able to get the doors working as of yet. I think its really cool what you are doing. LORD was a big part of my life in the early to mid 90's. Once I get myself acquainted with C again, I will try to get these problems fixed. It may be related to the ANSI.SYS problem, since this error was never reported over 5 years ago. 05/08/02: Updated entry header info.

Kenneth Padgett -- Kenneth's Site

11/23: I'm still around, just swamped with work, life, etc. I may release the source code, and a freshly compiled/fixed executable, for Hiding in the Shadows LORD IGM. Just don't hold your breath waiting. It basically will depend on when I can find time to do the work and re-packaging. If I release the source code, any other author who wants to take over the IGM and continue its development may do so. Haven't done any code checking yet, as I'm still searching for my Turbo Pascal install disks. I'll try to make one of my upcoming New Years resolutions, to put up a new web-site with an updated H.I.T.S. v2.00 IGM, perhaps with source. I'm sometimes delayed on email replies, so if people write me, I will respond to them when my schedule allows. In response to your question, feel free to rezip/patch the existing version and include the freeware.txt file, and release that for me. I have found the newsletter very informative. Thanks for taking time to compose it. It's a very valuable resource for the Lord'ers out there. 11/26 Note: Kenneth's web-site is under development, located at 12/03 Note: Have sent file to Kenneth for evaluation and approval before releasing RTE200 patch update of Hiding in The Shadows IGM for him. Approval received from Kenneth. 12/26/01: Hiding In the Shadows v1.50 was publicly released on December 04, 2001. 02/27/02: Replaced Kenneth's email address. The old one,, will stop working fairly soon. 04/16/04: As of January 2004, Hiding in the Shadows IGM is being updated by me. The current beta may be accessed from my IGM-Beta Files Page. Current version is v1.64 Beta.

Seth Robinson -- - Robinson Technologies

10/10: Answers to some questions on LORD, LORD II. The reason I closed my BBS 2 years ago was that I couldn't keep paying for 6 phone lines while getting only 10 calls a day, and I never got into the web-BBS stuff like Wildcat or GCom. The web-site offers nearly the same thing I had though, and the BBS's main purpose was to test new versions of LORD. Which wasn't needed after I sold the Lord programs. The LORD II game has two endings, one Good and one Evil. Instead of resetting itself, though the game lets people keep playing and never really stops. You can win as both good AND evil with the same character if you play long enough. Tournament LORD isn't more difficult than LORD, it just had some new options such as "auto declaring a winner and resetting the next day after so many days" and advertising itself for the first few days. It also had new features like a chat room. It simply needed a different name so people wouldn't confuse it with the DOS BBS version. Tournament versions were for Worldgroup and Wildcat system and support lots of people playing at once. More-so than the DOS version. 11/13: Seth had a hard drive crash recently, and lost some of his email. So if you sent anything to him lately, you might want to check to see if he got it. 11/14: Asked Seth how many IGMs LORD was able to support without third-party utility usage, and about whether one could use a two-column display to list installed IGMs. Answer: Ok, first, later versions of LORD did support 99 IGM's internally, and it could list them all, but the list ran off the screen when you got too many. And yes, if a file existed (was it called 3dparty.alt or ??) it would show that ANSI file instead.

11/19: You asked if I ever regretted selling the LORD programs. The amount of cash I sold LORD for was quite substantial and helped financed my other work, so no, I don't regret selling it. (After working on it for 7 years I dubbed it "finished" and wanted to move on. As I've always said, anybody can write their own LORD clone anytime and many did, I played one on the net last week. (Can't remember the name) but it is REALLY close to LORD. It would have been great to make it freeware or GPL it, but then I wouldn't have got paid. Without pay, I can't afford to write new software, so you see how it is. I was able to move nearly all the data off my OLD HD (a 70 gig) to a new one (120 gig I bought yesterday), and keep my NTFS file system with Win 2000. So all is well, no re-installing! I also recovered my old mail, so all is well! I think RTE200 showed up about when we hit 400 MHz. At that point things starting crashing because one of the Borland geniuses used an int where they should have used a long.

David F. Simmons -- Simmons Software

11/22: Happy Thanksgiving greetings. I've received your messages, but have not had a chance to do anything with either IGM yet. I am still working 60+ hours a week, with an additional 1.5 hour drive time each day. Also, my Father had a stroke about 2.5 months ago. I really haven't had the time necessary to dig the IGMs' code out. I still plan to fix them, but don't know if I'll have time in 2001 to pursue it. Notes: David's two Lord IGMs are Knights of the Golden Horseshoe, and Shauna, Princess of Sorcery. Both have RTE200, and Shauna is unusable at 933 MHz. The Knights IGM was tested in late December. It is also unusable.

Rick Smorawski

10/06-09: I came across your LORD page, and wanted to let you know that I wrote the Hidden Spring of Turgon IGM. It was done five years ago, using Turbo Pascal, and I never noticed any problems with it back then. I don't know if I have the source code still. Will look around to see if I can find it, and see about updating it for the RTE200 problem you reported to me. 11/04: I've looked everywhere for the source code, and it is lost. I wrote the IGM when I was 16 years old, and I really enjoyed your analysis of how the IGM works. From what I recall about it, the Jars will go up/down at random in affecting player stats - - experience, gems, Hitpoints, Strength, Defense, and Charm. One option gives you a small chance of finding a million in Gold. 11/07: Attacking the Old Man isn't a positive thing. There is something in the IGM that will turn your character's name into "Village Idiot #(char number)". Attacking him might be it. The IGM does some negative number error checking. I'm thinking about rewriting the IGM from scratch. Note: The IGM can give a player negative gems and Forest fights. And it is good at taking away a horse, then returning one, through repeated drinks from the Spring. The source code is lost, as it was not on the old hard drive. But more is coming back to me. Attacking the old man isn't a positive thing. I don't totally remember what it does. There's something in the IGM that will turn your character's name into "Village Idiot #(char number)"... Attacking him might be it. If I get time I'll try to set LORD up and try the IGM out. Perhaps remember more. My Fidonet addresses are 5 years old, so don't try using them. There is some negative number error checking in the IGM, but I don't know to what extent. (IGM Testing note: It gives negatives for Gems and Forest Fights when they go below zero.) I've been entertaining the idea of rewriting the IGM from scratch and maybe writing more. 11/10: My life is hectic right now, so I don't know if I'll be able to rewrite the IGM, or another one, in the immediate future. But I'm definitely considering it. It would be fun to do, and I will have to brush up on my Door/LORD programming knowledge.

David Taylor -- David's site

11/20: I'll be getting the source code for my Davey's Inn LORD IGM together sometime soon, and updating it. I've been extremely busy lately, and unable to get that done before now. If someone like your friends Bryan Turner or Lloyd Hannesson want to take over my program, that's fine with me. The IGM was written in QBASIC using a door library that is different from the Pascal version, so it shouldn't be plagued by the RTE200 problem. Still working on my web-site. Have made progress on my shopping cart software for it. 04/16/04 Note: Web-site is not available. Has "under development" notation when site is accessed.

Jason "Elric" Weber -- EarthDrake Software -- Alternate email:

10/07: I'm still around, but have been plagued by computer troubles. As you know, my computer died some 2 years ago. Every time I've tried to get a replacement, something always happened, and left me computer-less again. About a year ago, my wife got a good job with Shands (a big hospital that's a part of the University of Florida). When she got the job, she had high-speed net access at work, so she didn't really need to use her laptop computer at home. She let me borrow it as a temporary computer replacement, figuring that within 6-8 months, we'd be able to buy a new computer for me. I didn't do much on it, other than read e- mail and visit some web-sites. Just before my wife let me use the laptop as a temp computer, I had to use it to do something, and I noticed a file in her root directory, called I had no idea what it was, so I renamed it to thief.bak, and rebooted. I didn't get any error saying that it was an important file, so I had Norton Antivirus check it. It detected nothing wrong, so I deleted it. (Side- note: I searched the Symantec virus database for info, and it couldn't find anything. DGT)

A few weeks after I had started using the laptop, it had a (standard) system crash, which required me to reformat and reinstall. Apparently, was a virus, and had already gone into effect, waiting for the inevitable re-install of Win98. It seems the re-install is what triggered its malicious nature. After awhile, I was tweaking the system, and had my first experience with the MSCONFIG program. I never knew it was there. Anyway, since it showed my autoexec.bat file, I noticed that had left a nasty message in it (something about how if it wanted to, it could have turned my computer into a pile of melted plastic). I got rid of that, and checked again for a virus, but got nothing. At the end of July, an online friend discovered he had somehow gotten on his system, so I told him what it did to me, and to get rid of it. Shortly after he did, he could no longer boot into Windows. He had to boot into DOS, and use Scandisk. It reported that parts of his HDD were physically corrupted, so he had it fix them. I'm not sure why, but it worked for him. It took him about a month to get back to where he could boot into Windows again. At the end of August, I had a similar problem. I was surfing the net, and Windows crashed. I tried to reboot, but it never made it past the Win98 boot screen. I reformatted and reinstalled Win98, but got all kinds of errors. Every time I ran Scandisk, it found new areas of the HDD that were damaged, and it fixed them. was slowly destroying the HDD of the laptop! As of this point in time, I can only boot the laptop into Safe Mode (which isn't too great, since the Win98 reinstall never finished, so a lot is missing), or into DOS.

Around the beginning of September, I contacted a friend's friend, who builds computers. I told him what I was looking for, and he got started. I got my new machine around Sept. 17, and once again, I got hit by a virus. This time, it was Nimda, which was brand new. Norton didn't even have anything to stop it. Fortunately, it only plagued me for about a week, and did no harm. Meanwhile, on the morning of the 2nd day that I'd had the machine, I came downstairs to discover that my daughter had poured milk all over my computer desk. Fortunately, the only thing killed was the keyboard. Two days later, my monitor started to die. I now have a new monitor, and a replacement keyboard. Unfortunately, the metal bar under the space key is gone, so it sticks like crazy, and makes typing a pain. I'll be buying a new one soon. So, anyway, that's where I've been. As for L.O.R.D., I'm currently no longer active in developing anything. I'm currently working on ROM Hacks, Baldur's Gate customization, and GameShark code hacking/creating. Maybe sometime in the future, I'll return to L.O.R.D. I can always hope I do, since it was some of the most fun I've ever had. I'm sorry it's been so long since you've heard from me. I did something to tick off the computer gods, and they made me pay. The web-site that I am most active in updating is located at It's currently the best place to get the latest info on what I'm up to.

Aaron Wornom -- Sweet Dreams Software

10/31: Added Aaron's new email address. He has restored dial-up access to his BBS. The number is (757) 851-4039. Please do NOT use the old email address any longer. Author of Easter Egg Hunt and Barber Shop WT-LORD IGMs. 04/16/04 Note: Web-site no longer lists LORD info. Support status of Aaron's programs is unknown. Red LORD barline

Miscellaneous Notes Section:

10/31 Notes on LORD ANSI situation: Microsoft fixed Windows ME and XP, so that you are not allowed to load device drivers in the config.sys file. This information was obtained on the Microsoft web-site. If you need ANSI support for playing LORD, and use Win-ME/XP, then download the PC Magazine utility program ANSI.COM v1.30L. Then unzip the program files, and add ANSI.COM to your LORD start.bat file. Include full directory path to the program. LORD IGMs, such as Sherwood Forest, are fully usable again with ANSI.COM in usage. ANSI.SYS can be used on Win 95/98 systems, and ANSI won't run on any system that is running ANSI.SYS. The program is freeware. Note: Win-ME won't allow any DOS programs to be loaded through autoexec.bat. It only allows SET commands. 11/18 Entry #1: Found a web-page for a free 32-bit cross-platform Pascal compiler, called Virtual Pascal. For Windows, OS/2, and Linux usage according to web-site info. The program archive is 10 MB, and can be downloaded at:

11/18 Entry #2: Background info on why WT-Lord is unsupported. I learned this back in August, and it is listed in Shannon Talley's entry inside LordNews Issue #7. This is a summary. The Icerage site closed down in May 2000. He was operating the web-site and doing personal WT-Lord programming on the company's equipment, so when he quit on them, things started happening. They shut down the computer that was running the Icerage site. When Joe jumped ship on them, to switch employers, he forgot to take his WT-Lord programming and web-site files with him. Later they refused to allow him to return and obtain them. I asked repeatedly why he didn't pay them to retrieve his personal files, and was never answered. He either was/is too proud to apologize and make restitution to obtain the WT-Lord material; or it was destroyed last year. Either way all WT-Lord players/authors were betrayed by his actions. The way I understand things, if you do personal work on an employer's property, and leave their employment, they are legally entitled to deny you access to it later. It is also, I think, unethical to use company resources for personal gain. Possible future development? By Joe, none. He only offers registrations for WT-Lord. The basic version is FREE, and the 50-node version is $50. Following the WTC/Pentagon attacks, he has said that all registration money for WT-Lord will be sent to the victims funds set up in New York City. Further development would require a full rewrite from scratch, and he shows no interest in doing so (that I know of). For another person to do so, they would have to obtain legal permission from Gameport, who owns the Tournament LORD game. Joe was only licensed by Seth to do the Wildcat version, and can't, or won't, transfer the license. As for Icerage IGMs, they are all labeled "finished" and will never be updated. For more info, write to Joe at Red LORD barline

LORD IGMs Testing Section:

The following IGMs have been fully tested, and all work correctly. Some require patching for RTE200. Special note: All of Ken Weitzel's IGMs checked so far, about half of them, work only if you have ANSI.SYS support. On Windows ME/2000/XP systems, you have to use the PC Magazine ANSI.COM utility, in order to be able to run his programs. Tested as of 12/02/2001, all programs are current versions: A Visit to Santa Claus, The Apothecary, Apu's Pawn Shop, Barak's House, Castle of L.O.R.D., Castle Coldrake, Dragon's Claw Tavern, Felicity's Temple, Free World, Gallagher's Performance, Grizelda's House, Hidden Spring of Turgon, Hiding in the Shadows, L.O.R.D. Cavern, Let's Go Fishing, Lord Suburbia, Lord Wheel, Love Shack, Marty's Mercantile, Morph's Gymnasium, Old Skull Inn, Outlands Tavern, Phil's Bar & Grill, Reflections, Rest and Relaxation, Robin Hood, School Days, Seth's Cottage, Sherwood Forest, Tis the Season Xmas 1999, Seasons 2000, Turgon's House, Violet's Cottage, Warrior's Graveyard, Werewolf (crippled until registered), Wise Guy, and The Wise One.

These IGMs are unusable, for various reasons. In some cases because the RTE200 problem can't be patched. In others for other reasons, such as configuration problems. I can only report on IGMs tested in Local Mode, as I do not have a BBS to test them in a BBS environment. Unusable in Local Mode: Caldor's Orphanage 0.05, Dragon's Bones Shipyards 0.09, The Graveyard 3.30, Pool of Transformation 1.10c, Red Dragon Casino 1.50. Redwood Restaurant and Tavern 1.10, Socrates Shop 1.15, Spellbinder 1.01a, and Spellbinder's General Store 1.30. Unusable RTE200 IGMs: Fairy Peddler 3.00, Forest of the Raven 2.30, Haunted House 1.01, Hospital Lobby 1.01, The Jewler 2.30, Larissa's Lair 1.00, L.O.R.D. Huts 1.00, Lord Ski Resort 1.00, LORD Trivia 1.00 (Robert Strange), LORD's Realm 0.13, Mysterious Hut 1.00, The Mystified Mage 1.00, Oasis of El Sayal 0.90, Obo's Black Market 1.10a, Old Man's Cave 1.00, The Outhouse 1.30, Pawn Shop 1.20, Pleasure's Paradise 1.99, Psyc0's Inn 1.00, Realm of Immortals 1.00, Realm of Lore 1.43, Red Dragon Pet Shop 1.00a, Red Dragon's Bank 1.60; RimWell, Isle of Witches 2.10; Rodger's World; Sandtiger's Bar 1.02 (Masters); Shauna, Princess of Sorcery 2.00; SinCity Church 1.00, Silver Knight's Castle 1.00, Skill Training Center 1.04, Strong Man I's Race Trek 2.00, SunShines' Fairy Land 2.60, Warrior's Village 1.20, and Weapons of War 2.53b.

IGM Update status notes: Work is being done, or is planned, on these programs by their authors, or on their behalf. Charles Culver: Gallagher's Performance, Lottery, MoshPit. Chris MacPherson: Pawn Shop. Chris Hamilton: Morph's Gymnasium. Robert Fogt: LordMenu, Outhouse; and Ocean View Resort TEOS IGM. Lloyd Hannesson: Warrior's Graveyard, and Felicity's Temple. Bryan Stanbridge: Apothecary, Grizelda's House, and LORD Suburbia. Marty Blankenship: Marty's Mercantile. Brian May: Dragon's Claw Tavern, and Wise One. Bryan Turner: Updated Barak's House for me, with Seth Robinson's permission. Is helping other LORD (Pascal) authors deal with the RTE200 problem. When last heard from, in September, Jay Cochrane was supposedly working on IGM updates. He is non-responsive to email since then. David Simmons is going to work on his IGMs, especially Shauna, when he has time. No updates possible, due to lost source code: WT-LORD program - Joe Marcelletti. Hidden Spring of Turgon - Rick Smorawski. And all four IGMs by Trevor Herndon.

Notes on programs by authors who have not sent in contributions for this issue, or other recent issues. Some are inaccessible due to lack of a valid email address, and/or no participation in Fidonet LORD Echo. Ahkenaton - All programs are considered to be unsupported. They are: City of the Sun God, Daemonica, Fairy Peddler, Galactic Warriors, Grizelda's Place, and various non-IGM programs.

01/29/02 Updates: (1) Codax Dragon is still attending college, and is semi-active. Heard from him yesterday, so he is still around. Released his Cruises Lord2 IGM beta last week for others to try out. See my Lord II IGMs Page if you want a copy. (2) Ken Weitzel resurfaced on Fidonet in December 2001, and is now available again, in the Doorgames and Lord echoes. List of his IGMs: Caverns of the Creators, Forgery, Greasy Spoon, Let's Go Fishing, LORD Test, Lord Wheel, Lordy, Messenger, Picnic, Poor House, The Races, Reflection, Rest and Relaxation, School Days, Sherwood Forest, and the Tis the Season Xmas. His current email address is Red LORD barline

Recent LORD Files Section:
October 01 - December 03, 2001.

Notes: Some sections are listed in alphabetical order.

                              Recent LORD IGMs:
TRICK100 ZIP     4871  10-22-01   Trick or Treat v1.00 LORD IGM
BARAK201 ZIP    61805  10-25-01   Barak's House v2.01 Lord IGM
ROBIN4   ZIP   177718  12-03-01   Robin Hood v4.00 - 12/03 update

                      LORD IGMs undergoing Beta Testing:
GALAG15  ZIP    54603  11-22-01  Gallagher's Performance 1.50
LOTTER15 ZIP    55885  11-22-01  Lottery 1.50
PAWNSH~1 ZIP   101673  11-22-01  Pawn Shop 2.00
Testing results, as of 12/02/01: None work yet, due either to RTE200
problem or to "Time Limit Exceeded" error message problem.  12/26/01
Note:  Gallagher/Lottery IGMs were retested and are now usable.  I am
awaiting approval from author to publicly release them.

                LORD IGM/utility RTE200 Patch updates:
APOT172P ZIP    65577  11-08-01   The Apothecary v1.72p
GRIZ172P ZIP    59344  11-08-01   Grizelda's House v1.72p
PATHEDIT ZIP     7187  11-08-01   Path Editor for Bryan Stanbridge's
                                  three LORD IGMs
HITS150  ZIP    92931  11-27-01   ** Hiding in the Shadows 1.50
    Contains RTE200 patched .exe files and rewritten doc. files.
    12/26/01 Note: Publicly released on December 04, 2001.

                             Recent WT-LORD IGMs:
CHRIST27 ZIP    20850  11-18-01   Merry Christmas v2.70
INDIAN14 ZIP    77590  11-26-01   Indian Joe's Horse Barn v1.40

                      Recent LORD Utilities/Text files:
LORDWF30 ZIP    89076  11-17-01   LORD Web FAQ v3.00
LORDMENU ZIP    26290  11-20-01   LordMenu 1.21 with source code
NPCLD290 ZIP    68289  10-16-01   NPC Lord v2.90 (RTE200 patched)
PATHEDIT ZIP     7187  11-08-01   Path Editor - RTE200 patched
L444     ZIP    79725  12-03-01   League 444 files - 12/03 update

                       LORD Programming-Related files:
CRT      ZIP    30733  11-07-01   Pedt Scragg's TP Library for RTE200
                                  * Now has an file_id.diz added.
FD11XDOC ZIP    23259  10-05-01   Freedoor 1.1 Documentation
FDOOR120 ZIP    88152  10-05-01   Freedoor v1.20
FDOOR130 ZIP    89806  11-07-01   FreeDoor v1.30
OCEANV~1 ZIP    87698  11-20-01   Ocean View Resort TEOS IGM source
OHSOURCE ZIP    76212  11-22-01   Outhouse Lord IGM - source code
T-PENT2  ZIP     6093  10-24-01   Pent2.exe RTE200 patch utility
TPBUG    ZIP    66308  11-02-01   (corrupted) RTE200 recompile files
FDOOR135 ZIP    88954  11-26-01   FreeDoor v1.35 BBS door toolkit

                     Non-LORD Programming-Related Files:
ANSI13L  ZIP    42856  11-17-93   1:39p  ANSI.COM v1.30L PC Mag. utility
   Note: For Windows ME/XP users. Replaces ANSI.SYS driver so that
   various old LORD programs will work correctly.  Example: All of
   Ken Weitzel's programs are unusable without ANSI.SYS or ANSI.COM
   running on your system.  Not needed by Windows 95/98 users.

             LORD Newsletter Issue files - Current status:
CCIGM-01 ZIP    32167  10-15-01  LordNews issue #1 text files archive
CCIGM-02 ZIP    26097  10-15-01  LordNews issue #2 text files archive
CCIGM-08 ZIP    56027  10-15-01  LordNews issue #8 text files archive
CCIGM-8H ZIP    59947  10-18-01  LordNews Issue #8 HTML files archive
Issues #3-#7 have not been thoroughly updated yet, as of Nov. 13th.

                     Castle Camelot Miscellaneous Files:
DGT-LORD ZIP   My LORD Play Guide Files archive
               -- Updated on-line 2-3 times per week (usually).
KIT-FILE ZIP   Master Archive: Kiteria's Korner! web-site pages.

End of recent LORD releases listing.  
Red LORD barline

LORD Authors Status Notes:

Active Authors run-down: Fully active: Michael Preslar, Shannon Talley, Duncan Idaho, Gary Hartzell, Bryan Stanbridge, Lloyd Hannesson, Charles Culver, John Elson, Michael Everett, Joseph Watson, and Marty Blankenship. Working on IGM updates, as of last contact: Brian May, Jay Cochrane, Chris MacPherson, David Simmons, Paul Koukos. Bryan Turner is working on his non-LORD projects, and with assisting Culver and MacPherson with their IGM updates. Semi-Active: Mike Snyder, Mike Dillon, Sallee Huber, Bobby Queen, Robert Olsen, Robert McLeod, Elysium Software, and Kiteria's Korner site. No activity reported this issue by Chuck Brogan.

Former LORD/LORD2/WT-LORD Authors: Joseph Marcelletti, Jason Brown, Shawn Highfield, Jay Weber (Elric), Steve Gargolinski, Spencer Vickers, Suzanne Franklin, Dawn Bidot, Seth Robinson, Trevor Herndon, Kenneth Padgett, Vamsi Tadepalli, Rick Smorawski, Chet Rhodes, Michael Adams, Tien Lung, Voodoo Knight, Eric Richardson, Robert Fogt, Marc Ryan, Ken Weitzel, Nannette Thacker, and Tony Brown. Active LORD files sites: LORD Legacy, my web-site. and the Tech'N Software's LORD IGM Listing database, Fidotel. Semi-active Lord sites: LORD II: the Awakening. Inactive Authors run-down: Semi-Inactive: Orion Elder, Michael Bujold. Fully inactive: "Black Omen", and Ruth Argust. DDS site. Note: If I forgot anyone or classified you wrong, my apologies. Red LORD barline

LordNews Issues Links Section: (10/30/04)

Web-Page Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Released on April 28, 2000. -- Issue #1 Archive
LordNews Issue #2 - Released on Jun. 26, 2000. -- Issue #2 Archive
LordNews Issue #3 - Released on Jun. 28, 2000. -- Issue #3 Archive
LordNews Issue #4 - Released on Sept. 20, 2000. -- Issue #4 Archive
LordNews Issue #5 - Released on December 20, 2000. -- Issue #5 Archive
LordNews Issue #6 - Released on April 19, 2001. -- Issue #6 Archive
LordNews Issue #7 - Released on August 05, 2001. Issue #7 Archive.
LordNews Issue #8 - LordNews Issue #8 Archive
Released on Oct. 08, 2001 in two parts. Recombined into single web-page on May 28, 2002.

LordNews Issue #9 -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 03, 2001.
LordNews Issue #10 -- Issue #10 HTML Archive. Released on February 06, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 -- Issue #11 HTML Archive. Released on May 18, 2002.
LordNews Issue #12 -- Issue #12 HTML Archive. Issue released on Oct. 07, 2002. Last revision 03/31/03.
LordNews Issue #13 -- Issue #13 HTML Archive. October 2002 - June 2003 coverage. Released on Aug. 03, 2003.
LordNews Issue #14 -- Issue #13 HTML Archive. Covers July 2003 to present date. In progress.
Red LORD barline

Text Version Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Text -- Issue #1 Text Archive. Released on December 20, 1999.
LordNews Issue #2 - Text -- Issue #2 Text Archive. Released on April 05, 2000.
LordNews Issue #3 - Text -- Issue #3 Text Archive. Released on June 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #4 - Text -- Issue #4 Text Archive. Released on September 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #5 - Text -- Issue #5 Text Archive. Released on December 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #6 - Text -- Issue #6 Text Archive. Released on April 19, 2001.
LordNews Issue #7 - Text -- Issue #7 Text Archive. Released on August 05, 2001.
LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part One -- LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part Two
LordNews Issue #8 Text Archive. Released on October 08, 2001.
LordNews Issue #9 Text Version -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 04, 2001.

LordNews Issue #10 Text Version -- LordNews Issue #10 Appendix
Issue #10 Text Archive. Last Appendix files update: Apr. 29, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 - Text -- Issue #11 Text Archive. Released on May 18, 2002.
LordNews #10 Data Files: Contains Authors-Info.txt, Lost-Authors.Txt, and Usable-IGMs.txt files.
LordNews #11 Data Files: Contains Unusable-IGMs.txt, CC11igm1.txt, and CC11igm2.txt files.

LordNews Issue #12 - Text -- Issue #12 Text Archive.
LordNews #12 Data Files -- Contains the BadPatch.txt and PassTest.txt files.

LordNews Issue #13 - Text -- Issue #13 Text Archive.
Patched LORD Apps Listing. Appendix for LordNews Issue #13.

Go to the LordNews Table of Contents Page. Red LORD barline

Newsletter Contributions Section:

This issue was started on October 09, 2001. My thanks to: Marty Blankenship, Jason Brown, Charles Culver, John Elson, Michael Everett, Robert Fogt, Suzanne Franklin, Steve Gargolinski, Chris Hamilton, Lloyd Hannesson, Gary Hartzell, Shawn Highfield, Mike Hodgson, Duncan Idaho, Janis Kracht, Paul Koukos, Chris MacPherson, Brian May, Kenneth Padgett, Michael Preslar, Bobby Queen, Seth Robinson, David Simmons, Rick Smorawski, Bryan Stanbridge, Shannon Talley, David Taylor, Bryan Turner, Joseph Watson, Jason "Elric" Weber, and Aaron Wornom. Thanks also for long-term support to old friends such as Mike Ehlert. Image credits: Skipped using pictures in the newsletter. Pictures used in earlier issues will be removed from use sometime next year. The only graphics used here are the red Lord barline and background graphics files. They are both public domain. My web- pages are all done using a DOS text editor, Wordpad, and my old Professional Write word processor. The pages are designed for Netscape browsers primarily, and are tested under Communicator 4.78/v4.79 and MS Internet Explorer 5.50 SP2. Last spelling check made on December 01. Text file covers 26 pages; web-page covered 24 pages on release date. Text Version posted in three sections to LordNews List between 1:20 am and 2:02 am, Tuesday, December 04, 2001. Officially released CCIGM-09.TXT/ccigm-9.htm files on my Castle Camelot web-site, and to the Fidonet Lord Echo on Tuesday afternoon, December 04, 2001. Red LORD barline

12/10/01: The LordNews mailing list is used to distribute newsletter status/update reports or actual issue release files to members. 09/13/02: The second HTML Form was added to LordNews Issue #12's web-page on Aug. 27, 2002. LadyScripts Mailing List is for public discussion of LADY Scripts programming ONLY.

06/27/2007: Replaced old LordNews/LadyScripts Lists section with new HTML Form dialog code.

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Post-Release Updates: 12/13/01: Fixed email address link error for Joel Gathercole. Fixed Issue #10 archive file's link. Edited Shawn Highfield's entry. 12/26/01: Some paragraphs reworded during preparation for issue's printing. Removed hyperlinks for Michael Everett. Brief updates added: Duncan Idaho, Robert Fogt, and Kenneth Padgett. Seasons Greetings to all my friends. Added HTML code (above) for subscribing to the new based LordNews mailing list. With revisions, Issue #9 is now 24 pages in length. 12/30-31/01: Combined some paragraphs together, removed some un-needed wording here and there. Printed web-page.

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06/27/07 Note: All web-sites formerly hosted on were either closed since 2003 or have been relocated. IceRage Technologies is closed; Kiteria's Korner is relocated; Lord2 IGM Archive Site is closed; and FieldSoft IGMs is closed. Did brief update to replace hyperlinks. The Kiteria's Korner web-site was returned to Suzanne Franklin in June 2006, and is now located at 01/13/09: I will replace the web-page counters code eventually (maybe). Fixed some HTML coding errors.

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