Castle Camelot LORD Authors Newsletter #13:

LordNews Volume 3, Issue 4 -- Created by Donald Tidmore
Started February 04, 2003. Coverage Conclusion Date: June 30, 2003.
Officially released on: August 02, 2003.

LORD Newsletter Issue #13 Introduction:

Here is the thirteenth LORD newsletter issue, covering LORD news from October 07, 2002 through June 30, 2003. Issue's purpose: To report on my own LORD programming activities, and those of my other LORD friends. The only activity to report on is for regular LORD and LORD II. A tiny amount of activity was observed for WT-Lord in late 2002, but none since January 01, 2003 has been seen. There is zero activity for Planets: TEOS or Worldgroup Tournament LORD, other than whatever has been done with them by Michael Preslar. Unless things change, future issues of this newsletter will cover only LORD, LORD II, and their 32- bit ports.

Fidonet contact info: I can be reached via Netmail, LORD echo, or the DoorGames echo on Fidonet, using 1:123/450. If you need a LORD program released, send it to me. It will be posted to my official Camelot LordNews FDN site, to the new LORD Archives site set up by Michael Everett. My ICQ Contact Info: #238685196 (Belgarion). However, I don't use it very often.

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LordNews #13 Misc. Notes Section:

LordNews #13 - Table of Contents:
LORD News Reports LORD Authors Notes Section
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Miscellaneous Info Section LordNews Issues Links Section
Newsletter Contributions Section:
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08/02/03 Official Release Notes: All web-site and Lordnews data file hyperlinks were verified last night. All email hyperlinks use -NOSPAM to prevent spammer's harvest robots from having easy access tot hem. So before using an email link, remove the -NOSPAM segment. This issue has one related text appendix file -- Patched-LordApps.txt, which I created in March 2003, and updated this morning. It covers patched Lord apps released in the last nine months period, along with official igm recompilations. Final spell check was done of ccigm-13.htm on July 31th. Around a dozen author entries were added/revised on July 31. Released to LordNews List members on Saturday night via Email. Released to Fidonet, web-site, and other online sites on Sunday night, August 03, 2003.

Email address changes notations: Gordon Lewicky switched at end of December 2002 to glewicky (at) Michael Dillon changed to gsvalore (at) Charlie Wardick changed to chasware (at) Bryan Turner changed to v (at) in December 2002. Stefen Enns changed to stefenenns (at) Red LORD barline

Official LORD News Section:

Michael Preslar -- -- Elysium Software -- ICQ #9590896
02/22/03 entry. 11/19/02 LordNews List: Over the past few months, I've been rather quiet. Here's why. First reason, I have been rather busy working on a very large project for a client. I've got three months of development time invested already, with another 3-4 more to go. Half a year's work for a year's rent. Since these pay checks pay the rent, this project has priority over all of my other programming. Second reason, I have been dealing with some personal health issues. The details are reserved for my wife, family, and doctor, but I will say that I'm fine. These issues have kept me from the computer, outside of trying to earn a living. I'm hoping that these issues are taken care of within the next 2 months or so.. Until my health gets back to normal, I don't know how much time I'll spend in front of the computer. And that's the proverbial that. I wanted to let you guys know what all was going on .. To let you guys know that I haven't disappeared..

04/25/03: 11/26/02 Info. Michael wrote in to people, including myself, who were using his server, that he needed immediate help with the server bills. Only a few people had done so, and it wasn't enough to cover them. He asked people to send in donations to his mailing address, which is: Michael Preslar, 3310 N 93 Ave #232, Omaha, Nebraska, 68134. A few days later, he let us all know that the server was shut down.

03/08/03 Issue #12 notes: The domain closed down completely in late November 2002. It has not been rebuilt. A place-holder site is setup as, but is not usable. All -based email/WWW/FTP/Telnet/IRC server links are currently dead. Michael's work on LORD was suspended in November 2002, while he works on a paid contract programming job. For those who are wondering, LORD is not dead, but it is in the freezer at the moment.

04/18: April 14 update: According to the site statistics, people actually come here.. Whoever you are, why not drop a line and say "Hi".. I'm involved with a lot of different projects, so I figured I'd spit out a quick update so that you guys knew what all was going on. The main thing going on right now is a project for one of my clients. I've written more than 15,000 lines of PERL code for this project over the past 6 months.. (Which should help you to understand why you haven't seen me working on anything else..).. It should be done soon, and will be damn cool once its finished. I'd give you guys a URL to hit for more info.. But the little non-disclosure agreement I signed won't let me until the project is finished.

LORD: LORD, LORD2, Teos, and all of the related projects are on the back burner until I get done with the client work. The client work pays the bills, LORD doesn't.. Got to do what I've got to do.. Savage Kingdoms: I've started a web-game version of SK.. It's nowhere near complete.. Once client work is done, then LORD 4.07 is done, then I'll finish SK/web..

LORD/web, LORD/x, LORD/32, and the ports of LORD2 and Teos: Once SK/web is done, then I'll finish up these ports. I've also got some other projects that are in the planning stages.. Once I can tell more, I will. And that little list dictates what I'll be doing for the rest of this year. Well.. Client work will have to let me do all of that :) Oh.. If I've forgotten something off of my list, email me and let me know.

05/13/03: Michael announced in his Lord_Dev mailing list yesterday that a new beta compile of LORD v4.07 is now available. I have tested it and can confirm that it no longer crashes when the Pawn Shop IGM I am currently developing runs its maintenance work. There is also a beta of Lord/32 available. 04/25/05 edit: The LORD 4.07 beta is obtain-able using "send me lord" message, sent to the files (at) email account, as of April 2005.

05/14/03: Posted 05/15. Hey folks. I've got several bits and pieces of info for your enjoyment. LORD: --- While working on Lord/32, I cleaned up the LORD code base some more. Change 1.. Better error reporting, and more use of error.log .. If some kind of gremlin creeps in, and does its evil deed, error.log will show it. Another change is better file sharing routines. While Seth was writing LORD, he used 2 different methods of file sharing.. file modes and semaphores. I've been working with those pieces of code.. I'm actually using both pieces.. That is.. If LORD is running on a system with Share installed (which includes win98+ systems), file modes are used. On systems without Share, semaphores are used. Since both methods can be used, LORD will be able to run as multinode even on systems that don't have Share. Note about "active" development.. Although I've been actively working on LORD stuffs for the past week or so, my top priority is still client work. Have to pay the bills. Another quick note.. For those wondering.. Yes, LORD for dos and LORD for win32 share the same code- base. Turbo Pascal for dos, Virtual Pascal for win32.

LORD/32: --- The first ever door32 version of LORD has been sent to the people that said they would test.. It should have reached their inboxes now.. Thanks Bryan Turner, Rick Parish (author of Manndoor, the door kit that LORD/32 uses), Donald Tidmore, Rob McGee, LordTime. Aron Hoekstra volunteered his site as a testing ground, but I don't think LORD/32 is ready for that kind of a beating yet.. Aron: When it is ready, I'll let you know. :) In an attempt to make bug reporting easier on everyone, I've decided to use Bugzilla.. What's bugzilla? It's a set of CGIs that allow people to report bugs, view bugs, and other whatnot. How it'll be helpful to us: If one of the testers finds a bug, he can head towards bugzilla, and report it. If the bug has already been added to bugzilla, he doesn't have to add it again. Bugzilla will also be helpful to me, since it keeps a list of bugs.. If I forget about a bug, I can look at bugzilla and find it.

LORD2: --- Yesterday morning, I wondered how hard it's going to be to port LORD2 to door32. I found out: Not that hard. Granted, there's still quite a bit that needs to be done.. But, LORD2 at least compiles to a win32 binary now (and halfway works).. I'll give more info when I can.
          TEOS: --- With all of this LORD news, there's got to be some Teos news too, right? Right. Well, kind of. I haven't gotten into the Teos code for quite some time for various different reasons. However, I will soon get into it to port it to win32. I've no idea how soon; I want to finish LORD/32 first.

Web-site Stuff: --- I know, I know.. My LORD web-site has been hurting for awhile now. Here's the deal.. A lot of the code that the site uses is Embedded Perl, but the web-host that I use now doesn't support that. So, all of that code needs to be rewritten in either PHP or Perl. To slow things down a bit more.. There's some new stuff that I want to add.. And to slow things down just a little bit more.. I personally haven't had the time to work on the site. So.. Here's the question.. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to take over webmaster duties of my LORD site? You'd need to know either Perl or PHP (both would be grand), and be able to work with MySQL. Since we're talking about web-sites.. I've long wanted to create a LORD2 web-site, and a Teos web-site. However, I've never been able to come up with any ideas that would help make the sites unique. What about you folks? Do you have any ideas?

I've got Bugzilla installed and configured: What you can report on: At first, I thought that this would only be useful for Lord/32.. But I was wrong. I've added Lord, Lord/32, Lord2, and Teos to it. This will give us all one central location for bug-lists. Note to any other developers.. If you want your software listed here, let me know. Your software doesn't have to be Lord related.. but it would need to be BBS related. So, any door games, utils, IGMs, mail tossers, whatever.. If you want to use this site, let me know. Viewing the Bug-List: --- At the bottom of every page, there's a link called "Query".. Go there. Once on that page, there are a hundred and one ways to view the Bug-List. The easiest way to get a Bug-List is to choose the product, choose the component, and hit the search button. Adding a bug: --- At the bottom of every page, there's a link called "New". Go there. Then Pick the game.. Then fill out the form. You will need an account to create bug reports. Getting an account: --- Is easy. At the bottom of every page, there's a link called "New Account". Follow that link. It asks for an email address and your name. After filling out that little form, a temporary password is emailed to you. After logging in, you can change the password to whatever you want by following the "prefs" link on the bottom of the page.

07/03/03 Notes: The last current beta of LORD v4.07 available from Michael has Lord.exe file dated June 03, 2003. And Lord/32 is still on its second beta, as far as I know. 08/01/03 Note: See Michael's site for July 14 news notice. Will be included in LordNews Issue #14, in a week or so. 04/25/05: Michael is no longer using the old email address. Michael's official LORD site is now located at link is not working. Michael's old e_maus email address shut down in December 2004. The new account for requesting betas is files (at) 08/26/06 Update: DOS LORD v4.07 was released on June 07, 2006, and the 32-bit LORD versions' development is on hold. See his LordLegacy News page for further details. Because people abused his beta files request service it was discontinued in early 2006. Red LORD barline

LORD Authors Notes Section:

Donald Tidmore: November 2002 Notes: On Nov. 03, 2002, I publicly released the updates of Jason Brown's LORD programs: L.O.R.D Cavern v1.5, The Gateway v1.1, The Outlands Tavern v1.4, LordStat v1.7, and RHP Toolkit v1.2. Released Belgarion's LORD LADY Scripts v1.39, and updates of LORD Cavern RHP Sets #1 and #2, and Outlands Tavern RHP Set #1.

No notes done for December 2002. February 2003 Notes: Worked on finishing ChasWare LORD Player Editor utility. Worked on my new Gem Trader IGM, and on Forest Outhouse IGM v2.00. I adopted it from Robert Fogt after Thanksgiving 2002, and rebuilt it on top of a stripped-down copy of L.O.R.D Cavern v1.5. Worked on Pawn Shop IGM for Chris MacPherson once Charlie Wardick had the IGMDrive components removed, and the IGM was working basically using the ANGEL Toolkit. Began work on current update of L.O.R.D. Cavern, to correct problem with the Skill Use points Riddler event. LPEdit was officially released on February 28, 2002. It is for use ONLY with DOS LORD versions.

March 2003 Notes: Released Gem Trader v2.00 IGM officially on March 18. Released Love Shack v1.40p IGM for Trevor Herndon, with full access to Massage Parlor component, on March 20. Released various LADY script updates in dgt-lady v1.42 on March 20. Prepared web-page for use by beta testers of my LORD programs - igm-beta.htm. To use it, go to: Worked on Gem Trader IGM to create a binary player database, based on study of how one in LORD Cavern worked. Thanks to Jason Brown for the advice on getting it to work. Similar player database adapted later for use in Pawn Shop IGM.

April 2003 Notes: Started work on updating Tobin Fricke's L.O.R.D. Gambling Casino IGM, which eventually I got to work again, by converting it to the ANGEL Toolkit. Started work on RHPTest v1.2a so it would work with RHP Scripts designed for my Forest Outhouse IGM. Started work on Gateway v1.1a beta, using updated RHP language code files. Publicly released The Forest Outhouse v2.00 on April 03. RHP scripts support was added in v2.01 beta. Pawn Shop 2.60 beta in BBS testing to allow sysops to control player usage of various events. Gem Trader v2.02 beta worked on occasionally, along with LORD Cavern 1.5a beta.

Thanks to the following friends who have spent the months since June 2002, helping me test various events work on nearly a dozen LORD IGMs and Utilities. Jason Brown, Charlie Wardick, Gordon Lewicky, Gary Hartzell, Michael Everett, Paul Koukos, Michael Preslar - for information received, Joe Kinjin, Chris MacPherson, Tobin Fricke, Rob McGee, and a few others who've given me support when I needed it. Joe is a BBS sysop at Anime Madness - - who helped with Pawn Shop IGM development.

May 2003 Notes: Officially released The Nice Hag v2.00 IGM, my second LADY Script conversion project, on May 06. Released Gallagher's Performance v2.00 IGM for Lloyd Hannesson, also on May 06. Officially released Gem Trader v2.10 IGM on May 09. Released The Forest Outhouse v2.10 IGM on May 13. First-stage work completed around May 15 on Gem Trader v2.13 beta, enabling adoption of Children. Worked after May 14 on tweaking Setup program for Forest Outhouse IGM. Continued work on LORD Cavern v1.5a and Pawn Shop, etc. Released the L.O.R.D. Gambling Casino v2.00 IGM publicly on May 26.

June 2003 Notes: 06/05: Redesigned the previous paragraphs. Released for public usage Nice Hag v2.10. Worked on updates of The Gateway v1.1a beta, RHP Toolkit v1.2a for final BBS testing. Worked on final beta of LORD Cavern v1.5a. Initial work slowly going ahead on two projects in Outlands Tavern v1.4a beta: ensuring that a sleeping player will only be subject to attack by one enemy at a time, and creating new Food/Drink menu. Pawn Shop work nearly ready for public release. Will be starting new LADY Script IGM conversion project, Ruined Castle, soon, which Michael Everett asked for awhile back. Notes about LPEdit, for its users: LORD locks the player.dat record of a player while it is using it. So any changes made to someone's record who is online, using Lpedit, are a waste of time. Also, due to the peculiar (to me) way Lord/32 works, it is NOT recommended that anyone use Lpedit with it. Use Lordcfg instead.

07/31/03 Notes: Ruined Castle v2.00 was released on July 10th. Sometime in August, the following IGMs will be released: Forest Outhouse v2.20, Gem Trader v2.20, Pawn Shop - probably as v2.80, RHP Toolkit v1.3, L.O.R.D. Cavern v1.6, The Gateway v1.2. Some variant of Outlands Tavern v1.5 with an usable Food/Drink Menu will be released in August as well. Once the current RHP-Language based programs have been released, I will work on them at a later time, to recode them to use the ANGEL Toolkit instead of DDPlus. Nice Hag's update will to be to include the Bandit plot-line as an IGM-exit random event. Red LORD barline

Active LORD/BBS Authors Contributions:

Marty Blankenship -- Gamemaster BBS web-site (CLOSED) -- telnet:// --
ICQ #4458423 -- Fidonet address: 1:2320/303.
04/25/03 entry: 12/30/02: I just released a door December 25th to the DDSDOORS site and to the Zenet network. DDSDOORS hasn't released the file as of yet. The door can be played with or without a BBS. I have uploaded it to several BBS's that I telnet to as well. 07/03/03: 01/09 info: I have Dave's Inn converted over to the QWKIGM format now, and it is working as far as I can tell. Just a couple of tiny things to finish it up. I have to add a config/setup program to the IGM so it will be easy to setup. It is basically just an INN to spend the night in that has random events that happen the next time you log into LORD. When released, this will be version 1.00, since David Taylor used v0.92b as his last version number. The IGM will retain David's info along with my own info as updater and new supporter.

07/03/03: 01/12 Info: Here is what I have so far for Dave's INN. It is working properly now. I found out that you can't have 2 IGMs that use the QWKIGM engine running on the same LORD game without messing up the registration code if one of them requires it to unlock a feature in one of them as Marty's Mercantile does. I had to go and hex edit the library files of QWKIGM so that Dave's Inn will work with other QWKIGM IGMs. Dave's INN has the config utility built in as it uses the INSTMM.EXE source code. I will be adding this feature to Marty's Mercantile as well as soon as I tidy up the code a bit for Dave's INN. 01/13/03 info: Marty wrote the IGM update in QuickBasic, and is the new developer of the B.O.R.D. door game, that is a spoof of LORD. He was looking into taking over other doors whose authors no longer wished to work on them.

04/19: Dave's Inn seems to be very stable at the moment, just a couple of finishing touches and it will be ready. Our InterBBS LORD game is getting ready to add a few more IGMs to our league game. We are currently running InterLord 3.0 and all of the Vanadia IGMs with Seth's last version of LORD (v4.00a). We won't be running any later version of LORD via InterBBS due to the ease of cheating by the SysOp if they run LORD in debug mode. No way of knowing if debug mode is active in an InterBBS game, so that's why we are sticking with Seth's last version. 07/31/03 Note: Dave's Inn v1.00 was officially released on July 29 by Marty. I will put it into distribution sometime today.

Michael Everett -- Telnet:
04/25/03: 12/17/02 Info. A new BBS site has came out and I think it deserves mention. Its address is and is a database where you can create a profile and select which old BBSes you use to call! You can search for other users who called the same BBS and be notified when new people join the same BBS lists you are joined to. Also it is running the most active LORD and Planets TEOS game I've seen in a while. There were over 100 players in both LORD games and a TON of players in Planets. Its a really good site and I think it has a LOT of potential. You would need to contact the webmaster for more info but I suggest everyone take a quick visit and put themselves and the BBSes they called back in the day into this great online database!

04/25/03: 12/23/02 Info: I got some good news for you, my cousin (Dan [Bluedoor]) is showing renewed interest in LORD :-) So I have put a Windows-based Monster Editor on his PC.. He also has edited the Dragon so we'll include a new Dragon.dat with the Lenemy.dat in the next release of our Super Colored Monsters archive. He has also improved the look of a few of the Trainers and I'm sure he'll have the rest done soon enough. So in short we should have a new set of monsters including the dragon and all the trainers colorized in the Bluedoor kind of way :-) He also wants to get back into some lady scripting so maybe you'll see another lady script from us. Or at the very least an update for his old scripts... Note: In December 2002, Michael setup the server so I could upload my collection of LORD programs. As of now, in April 2003, the entire collection of files are again available to all LORD fans online. Minus those "do not distribute" RTE200 patched LORD IGMs which I don't distribute online.

04/25/03: 12/23/02 info #2: I really need a good toolkit that I can just install and have a working IGM that just displays text to the screen (locally and remotely) with little to no effort. Some functions for grabbing and changing stats would be good too but if the toolkit can do the above I can figure out the rest. You know of any that do this? In C or Pascal? I think I may have a version of K-drive that works but since Korombos is hard/impossible to get up with I'd rather use someone else's toolkit.

Michael - June 16: I fixed The web application wasn't working there for awhile due to some server changes we made a few weeks back. Also added some brief descriptions of the different sections of the site. Also added a redirect so that will send you to so it's a little easier to remember.

07/31/03 note: Hyperlink for Supercolored Monsters page is inaccurate. It is now: ... I am not listing the entire URL, which is very long. 08/26/06 Update: SuperColored Monsters page no longer exists on Michael's site. Removed its hyperlink.

Gary Hartzell -- Gary's Lord Page
02/22/03 entry. 12/31/02: Found that Gary's web-site was shut down. His IGMs page is still online, but not viewable by Netscape 4.7x/4.80 browsers - which is what I use on daily basis. It is only viewable with MS Internet Explorer 5.5/6.0 or Netscape 7.00. Anyway, Gary is out of LORD programming for past few months. His family had to replace computer system after October crash that killed his CPU processors. And he was dealing with family health issues, which I won't get into here. Gary started work in January 2003 doing technical support for a web hosting company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he and his wife Nancy live. He is learning the ALAN programming language, and working on writing an interactive fiction text adventure game. Gary is still supporting his RHP script-based IGM programs, and I will provide any needed support for RHP scripts as a whole, if anyone has problems running them with L.O.R.D. Cavern, The Gateway, or The Outlands Tavern IGMs by Jason Brown.

07/03/03: 06/21 info: I have my LORD page fixed up now, and have updated the .txt files of all of my RHP Scripts, and have uploaded them to the site. The new URL is 07/31/03: Revisions of his scripts are available since July 10th, including Merry Christmas v1.01. His other scripts were updated with new contact/web-site information. 10/29/04: Updated Gary's header. He has changed his email address, and does not want it posted on web-pages. You can reach him via a contact page on his new web-site, at, or via me using email.

Paul Koukos -- Hellas BBS -- Hellas BBS Files Page -- Telnet:
ICQ #: 9899458 -- Freq Files: -- AIM/MSN: hellasbbs
02/15 Notes: Paul is not an active LORD author currently, but he remains an active LORD webmaster. And he's helping to beta test each LORD program that I develop. Thanks, Paul. 12/28/02 Info: Paul changed the URL for Robin Hood v4.01 to: The patch for DYIGM is working as far as I can see. It still says unregistered but it does not have the delay in getting out of it.

Chris MacPherson -- Chris's Homepage (Closed down)
C.C. LORD Beta Apps Page -- for d/ling Pawn Shop beta
02/21/03 entry. Heard from Chris on Nov. 24, 2002 and made arrangements with him to work on updating his Pawn Shop IGM for him. Started work on Pawn Shop v2.01 coding/testing on Nov. 25, but IGM did not become actually usable by anyone until Dec. 24, 2002. IGM was using IGMDrive and that was source of its RunTime Error 200 problems, which are not responsive to RTE200 utility patching. Only solution that worked was for Charlie Wardick, my programming teacher, to take the IGM and rewrite it to use a different tool-kit - A.N.G.E.L. by Jimmy Rose. We finally got past all the usage problems and started full BBS testing of Pawn Shop rewrite in early January 2003. The IGM's version 2.50 beta is being tested on Joe Kinjin's Anime Madness BBS --; a Telnet BBS set up by Charlie Wardick, and on Paul Koukos's BBS.

Other than ongoing problem with Michael Preslar's versions of LORD, v4.02 -- v4.07 beta, the IGM is now fully stable and working very well. Charlie Wardick discovered that all versions of LORD by Michael crash whenever maint.bat is executed by LORD -- even when file only has DOS commands. Michael is aware of problem, -- and it was fixed in May 2003. Those people using Seth's versions of LORD do not have to deal with maint.bat issue. I found a dozen or so LORD IGMs, looking over the Usable IGMs List, that use maint.bat. I re-installed some and tested them with various LORD versions. Preslar's versions all crashed when LORD thought that the player.dat file was corrupted by the maint process. Re-tested Oasis of El-Sayal IGM, which I patched for RTE200 last year, and it seemed to work reliably in May 2003's limited testing period. {Rewritten 06/11/03.}

08/26/06 Update: Chris turned over authorship of The Pawn Shop to me in early August 2006. It is still in development for release as v4.00. His web-site is currently closed down. Deleted hyperlink for the site. Joe Kinjin stopped testing the IGM back in 2005.

Rick Parrish -- R and M Software -- ICQ #: 52881679
07/31/03 rewrite: The work on MannDoor tool-kit is the only Lord-type programming done by Rick this year, that I am aware of. The previous release of MannDoor was on December 07, 2002. He's rebuilt his web-site using PHP language-based web-pages. The current version of MannDoor was released in mid-June 2003 on Rick's web-site. 03/26/04 Note: Rick's web-site URL is now, and his web-site is now called R & M Software. Replaced all old Mannsoft references. 08/26/06 Update: MannDoor v6.06.15 was released on June 15th, 2006. See his News Page for further details.

Bryan Turner -- Vagabond Software -- Vagabond LORD Page
Software Registration Page -- ICQ #: 106168174
Pegasus Flight BBS - -- BBSNews Site
04/15/03: Nov. 2002 Vagabond List notes: Although it is not 100% up and running (40 out of 85 doors complete) I do have 3 games of OOII and 3 of LORD up and Running as well as other doors. Yes Pegasus Flight FINALLY is online! Here is my address list: Telnet: telnet:// --- telnet: telnet:// --- NewsSrv: news:// (Must be registered on the bbs) --- Ftp: --- Cdroms : (Only 8 online will put the other 22 when I get a moment). As soon as I finish all the doors and put all the file areas up I will also add in ELEweb at (About 3 weeks.) For you lord nuts, there is over 100 Megs of OLD IGMs laying around in the File areas.

02/15/03. 02/09/03 Lordnews list: Regarding the web page: Until Lord/32 gets closer to release, there is not going to be any more w32 IGMs. Although I will keep mine to where they can compile. Please do not come to me for help with coding them as there is not any way that You (whomever is reading this) can test them (unless you downloaded software before this). Once Mike gets LORD/32 out the door, then I know there will be a w32Igm frenzy. If you use Manning's (Rick's) door kit, it is VERY simple to transfer from DOS to W32. Bryan Turner. Pegasus Flight /32.

02/15. Vagasoft News: The Registration Key for GAC software is now on the web page. You can download it and register all the GAC software. OK boys and Girls. Here is a biggie. I have registered on as vbsoft and will be placing some projects on the open source chopping block. As well, in the future, I will be releasing all my VBDOS code as open source. Pretty much I am going 99% open source. Before you ask. NO, Overkill IS NOT going open source at this time. And before you ask.... DO NOT ASK.. When I release them as open source, I will make an announcement here (The web site and the Announcement list) and not before. As well, there is not going to be any Rhyme or Reason in the order that things go open source. All but 2 of my projects are going open. OO is one and I refuse to say anything about the other until a later time. I have already requested Sourceforge to let me put mine up, and as soon as I hear from them I will put them up and get this going. That is all. (for now).

07/31/03: Feb. 19, 2003 Fidonet: For those of you that do not know... I am open sourcing all my stuff. (well 90% of it anyway). I am looking for a C coder that would like to be the "Man in Charge" so to speak over at Source Forge for the GAC software line-up. This will be all the IGMS and Interlord. The person chosen will be in complete control of the open source project. 08/26/06 update: Bryan is retired from LORD programming. His Vagasoft Mailing List was discontinued sometime around 2004, and its hyperlink has been deleted. See Bryan's news releases on his web-site for further info on his activities, or visit the BBSNews site at

Charlie Wardick -- (no web-site)
Email: chasware (at)
11/26/02: For those of you that hadn't seen the announcement elsewhere, Check out and you get a test drive version of Gutterbowl v3.x in both 16 and 32-bit versions. 11/17/02 Fidonet: Charlie thanked Bryan Turner, Solitude, Sean Dillon, and others for offering to host a web-site for him. He reported that reason for going with Jimmy Rose as host was that all of his programs were using the ANGEL toolkit, including the new Gutterbowl 2003 beta. Which now allowed players to bowl a 3-game series, in both 16-bit and 32-bit versions. 05/15: In regards to seeing/playing the latest GutterBbowl and the highly unfinished Daring Rednecks of Legend games, folks can go to telnet:// Also my outdated but still mostly accurate web-page is at: Chas. (There is no email hyperlink for Charlie at his request.) 08/26/06 Update: Gutterbowl 2003 was released on Aug. 25, 2003. DROL development was ended without an official release in 2003. Charlie's ChangeLing LORD IGM is now supported by me. Red LORD barline

Inactive LORD Authors Contributions:

Mike Dillon -- Crystalline Realms (CLOSED)
02/22: Fixed email link. Mike is now using 02/26: New web-site is online at The old site's host,, is closed down. 04/25/03: As of Nov. 2002, Mike was planning to do his GreyDrive C/C++ toolkit project. But he didn't know when he would an usable program for others to use. 04/16/04: Web-site closed down in 2003.

Lloyd Hannesson -- Tech'N Software, LORD IGM Database (CLOSED)
Alternate Email: -- ICQ #: 5185235 or 892077.
04/29/03: Lloyd is not doing LORD programming at this time. He is, as far as I know, still working towards leaving bachelorhood in a June wedding. The web-site's pages are gone, while the site undergoes a web-site server relocation. That includes the Lord IGM Database section. I have no idea when he'll be back online with everything. As of July 03rd, Lloyd is still off-line and has not been responding to email. I assume he is now happily married. At last contact, he had moved into a new house. 08/26/06 Update: Lloyd quit doing LORD/BBS programming completely in fall 2005, and no longer supports or develops any BBS programs that he had written or adopted. His LORD web-site was restored for awhile in 2004, and then closed down permanently in fall 2005.

Jay Hodges -- -- BackAlley Software -- ICQ #37314895
02/22/03 entry: 11/10/02: Please visit Fill out the form and get free registration numbers for several of the IGM's! Please let me know if they work out for you. I need an immediate call for someone to send me a valid registration code for any IGM's needing codes that are marked as N/A right now. (Orphanage possibly, and Werewolf) then the free reg. codes will abound! ... I doubt if I will be rebuilding any of the IGM's at this point, hopefully providing free reg. codes (and continued research for hints on the IGM's) will keep everyone happy! Notes: Jay's LORD programs are BackAlley Bar, BackAlley Church, BackAlley Orphanage, Elaikases Tower, Forest of Intrigue, Seth's Cottage, and Werewolf IGMs; and the Randmon utility. He is unable to provide much support for them due to the source code having been lost, as reported in Issue #12. 11/11/02: I just got Werewolf codes added this morning! I know you were interested in this IGM specifically, so I thought I would send a notice. I am pretty sure that the other IGMs do not require registration, with the exception of Orphanage, but I will have to check on that this evening. 04/18/03 - 12/30/02 Info: Since I made the reg-codes available online, I am not planning on rebuilding the IGMs at this time. Anyone should be able to generate codes for any of the IGMs for free now, by accessing the site.

Kelly Jeffery (No valid email address)     07/31/03: Jan. 31, 2003: I'm going to run some test games on LORD v4.07 and test out some new scripts. My main game is a private game running 4.06 but I got frustrated writing LADY scripts for it because of the random # generation problems, and you could not write to files. My new game will run 4.07 on a new server that I'll have next week. It will be a fun project as I'm going to try to run it emulated over Linux, but it will keep the LORD game separate from my other services and I can invite more people into it. Have you had any success with the file opening and writing commands in 4.07? The documentation is not very extensive and I always get errors like "cannot open 1" when i try to open a file. It would be nice to be able to write to the log. I'm not much into IGMs because I think most of them out there ruin game balance and none of them seem to publish their code so you can't edit them (another reason I like LADY.) I was thinking of testing the IGMs that Vagabond puts out, like their Inter-igm. I would not mind being put on the Pawn Shop beta list. I used to play this game religiously when 3.5 was the current version of LORD. Now its fun to bring it to a new generation.

02/01/03: I was really hoping to use Preslar's Linux beta for the new server. Doestn't look like that's going to happen since the FTP site is down, so it looks like I'm going to have to go the DOS emulation way to get it working on my Linux box. I'm really excited about running LORD on that server as I'll be able to increase the # of users. Today I downloaded the Gateway, Outlands Tavern, and a lot of your RHP scripts. I definately need to look into those and start looking into scripting some of my own events. It's really too bad about LADY, that has a lot of potential but just falls short of being able to do some great things with it. File writing and reading would be the ultimate thing, since you'd be able to keep data in a separate file (not to mention writing to the LORD log.) Based on the whatsnew.txt you'd think the file writing was supported, but it just gives me lots of errors whenever I try to @openfile. I'll play around some more on my test game. I guess I'll start pestering Preslar and see if he responds... not too hopeful about that. I haven't looked too much into your RHP scripting, but I like the idea of open source IGMs. I'm not experienced enough (at least right now) to write my own IGM but can handle simple scripting languages.

08/26/06 Update: Deleted email address hyperlink for Kelly Jeffery. It stopped working around 2004. Nothing was ever released by him publicly.

Jim Koltz (No valid email address)     02/15: He is the author of Silver Knight's Castle, one of the LORD IGMs currently listed as unusable due to un-patchable RTE200 problem. Reason for IGM not responding to patching utilities is usage of IGMDrive. He has his source code and is looking into recompiling it, and then releasing a new version. No recent news reported by him since Feb. 15, 2003.

08/26/06 Update: Deleted email address hyperlink for Jim Koltz. It stopped working around 2004. He never did any work on his IGM, which is reclassified as a Dead IGM.

Note: For benefit of others dealing with IGMDrive, here is the basics on situation. Korombos is MIA for over two years now, and is not expected to ever return to BBSing. That is 100% surety, given info I have in confidence and can not divulge. IGMDrive's .TPU files have RTE200 built-in, and it is not possible to change that. So every procedure, function, or variable name that is defined by IGMDrive has to be rewritten or replaced to use code from A.N.G.E.L. Toolkit and Charlie Wardick's code library. This is how Charlie and I have been able to resurrect the Pawn Shop IGM for Chris Macpherson, so I guarantee that it is do-able. Easy? No, it is hard work to replace procedures and functions and tweak them into working right. Worthwhile to do it? Yes, if you care about your program(s) and want others to still be able to use them, who have 450+ MHz systems. You can use either DDPlus, A.N.G.E.L, or MannDoor tool kits to recode your program. Personally, since I know it works, I recommend using ANGEL.

Shannon Talley -- LORD Cheats Page (CLOSED) -- Fidotel LORD site (CLOSED)
telnet:// (CLOSED) -- Icerage Technologies (CLOSED)
02/22/03 entry. 11/17/02 newsletter: The FidoTel - Fidonet gateway NNTP (Usenet) server is back online! Simply go to and login, and then go to the Main (front) page for instructions on accessing the news server. You'll be able to access "ALL" Fidonet conferences via our NNTP server. Note: Shannon departed for overseas naval duty in early January 2003 and is not expected back home until possibly as late as May, or even longer. He is in the Persian Gulf area as part of the military force build-up for war with Iraq. Since Dec. 31, 2002, Shannon has been providing hosting for my Castle Camelot and Kiteria's Korner web-sites. 03/20: The Iraq war began yesterday. Hopefully, Shannon is not going to be directly involved in it. Red LORD barline

WT-LORD Authors Contributions:

Janet Terry -- The Realm of Vandora (Closed) -- ICQ #: 6695096
02/15 Notes: Janet is an inactive WT-Lord author, who is focused on book tours to promote her romance fiction novels. From LordNews List 02/08/03 mail: I'm still lurking in the background here, reading along. I'm always around the PC somewhere. My ICQ is 6695096. We have a good LORD game going on, if anyone still plays it. :) Hi Orion, I could put some time into it (the LORD Mud idea). Not much but some. I could do some rough graphics. I'm not the best artist in the world and would rather see someone who is better at fantasy art than I am do it, but looks like we will have to do the rough draft alone. It will be pretty simple really the way I see it. A graphic town square with exits by hot links that take you to different areas. The only reason I haven't done it before is that I am terrible at databases. We need a database to keep track of the users score.

08/01/03 Note: During links checking, could not find proper URL for Realm of Vandora, so have removed its hyperlink. DGT. 08/26/06 Update: Janet is now using jsueterry (at) for email. Updated email hyperlink. She is retired from WT-LORD programming. Her web-site is 100% devoted to romance books publishing related topics. Red LORD barline

LORD II Authors Section:     Fieldsoft IGMs and L2Archive Info:

Max Larivee (presumed dead)     -- FieldSoft IGMs (CLOSED)
03/20 Note: He has resumed email contact, and will be bringing his web-sites back up-to-date soon. 03/24: Max, as author and spokesman for FieldSoft IGMs (, reports: "The programming team has been decimated. Work will mainly focus on re-creating a new team, getting new Telnet Distribution BBSes, and answering email's. As of today, work on IGMs such as Forgotten Realms and Old Hallow Tree has been abandoned, and work on Barak's House (for LORD2) and Mount Ice has been temporarily suspended. We are currently in desperate need of a good ANSI Artist, and as usual, are also seeking new IGM authors who wish to join and/or learn to make IGMs for LORD 2." Max also reported that he is no longer using ICQ.

05/13/03: I have released two LORD II IGMs for Max tonight, via Fidonet and the Nightfall Games LORD Archives: DarkCloak Tavern v1.40 and Mount Ice v1.00. 05/31/03: Max's work slowly progresses on creating Barak's House for LORD II, with its two interactive games requiring a lot of coding and testing. Max is still working on remake of SeaDeep Passage, which instead of being a blank passage with a town, will be a maze. It will have pyramid-like intrigues and puzzles to solve. Both of Max's web-sites are being updated periodically. 06/09: Max is tutoring a new Lord2 author, name not revealed, who worked on Lord2 IGMs years ago but had not released anything. He's relearning the Script Language.

Max - 06/17: I've released SandLand Village v2.2. It fixes a minor problem and includes more songs. A JPG file is included that is Max's new Dragon Scale Award, for LORD II IGM authors. The archive name is, and is available from the Fieldsoft IGMs site, Camelot LordNews FDN site, Official LORD II IGM Archive, and the Nightfall Games LORD Archives site. The new author Max is tutoring is Steve Stanzak, nickname is Leprendun. He does not know yet if the guy is serious about writing for LORD II.

06/18: I asked Max for an analysis of the current work on LORD II, since I was curious about it. Max: Here is the only thing I've heard about LORD II since the last official version (v1.02) came out somewhere in 2001: The beta version had some clean-up to allow a slightly more efficient running of the software itself (seeing there was some unused leftover programming in it due to multiple people working in LORD II's programming in the first place), and that LORD II shouldn't have too much problem being converted to Win32, seeing over half the job is completed by a converting utility of some sort. Other than that, I've heard nothing since I've initially reappeared in early 2002. That's why I put little emphasis on LORD II itself, and more on IGM writing and The Scene's community. That's the only thing I can personally work with to get people's interest.

Max: I still haven't found a BBS with an active LORD II game. Every BBS I go to, I keep ending up in a dead game, player being level 5 perhaps (in LORD II, you need at least level 40 not to get damaged from the said-to-be hardest area and some IGMs were created with even harder creatures), and no player having used it in months. I play every so often so that if intrigued player comes by, they'll see something new in the Daily News, hoping to get interested people to join up.

I asked Max about his LORD II programming award, and learned this: It is something I started out when I noticed I would no longer be the only active LORD II IGM author, a month or so ago. The Dragon Scale Award, sort of an Emmy Award for IGM authors. I decided it would be dedicated to the best 5-star IGM released though the year, every year, starting when I took over the Archive. In 2002, I was the only one who released IGMs, so I shoved it in my best achievement that year, which was SandLand Village v2.x (if you played LORD II and compared v1.x, you would have been astonished at the work done to the remake). It has the addy for the OL2 IGM Archive, and I'll encourage the IGM authors by giving them one every year, as well as making publicity for the site by having their archives distributed with a JPeg such as the one in SandLand Village. Look at dsa2002.jpg in, if you want to check it out.

Max - 06/22: I was playing Door Games on Warzone BBS ( when I got to talk with the Sysop. His name is Tim Smith, and he's the IGM author for Biggie's Smoke Shop (LORD 1 IGM) as well as Wizard's Keep (LORD 1 IGM. Apparently he might still have the source code for them, I was reporting bugs to him, he says he didn't check his IGM out since he shifted to Win2k. In other words, I suppose that means he has the source codes. 07/31/03 note: Max learned that the guy lost the Biggies IGM code, but he still has the code for the second LORD IGM. He is considering releasing it for others to use. See LordNews issue #14 for further info.

08/26/06 Update: Deleted all of his email address hyperlinks, which are now all invalid. Max has been missing for over two years and is presumed to be dead. The Lord2 Archive site was turned over to Michael Preslar by me in June 2006. It has not been officially re-opened yet, and is being redesigned by Preslar. Max's FieldSoft IGMs site is dead, but is kept online by Shannon Talley as a memorial to him. All of Max's IGMs are now classified as Dead programs. His Lord2 Web-ring died soon after his disappearance in 2004. Deleted following hyperlink for the relocated Lord2 Archive Site. Red LORD barline

Official LORD II IGM Archive Site (Currently closed)
03/24: Max Larivee, administrator for the LORD II Archive Site, reports: "The site has been updated, and work on rating IGMs is underway. I am still waiting to get submissions for the LORD II: The Scene official WebRing." Red LORD barline

Other LORD II Authors News Section:

As of June 30, 2003, only five people were considered active LORD II programmers. They are Michael Preslar, Duncan Idaho, Joel Gathercole, Max Larivee, and Jonathan Yeldon. Jack Porovechio, Max Larivee, and Joel Gathercole are the only known active LORD II webmasters -- that I am personally aware of. 08/26/06: Currently, Michael Preslar is the only LORD II programmer that is active. Idaho, Yeldon, Porovechio are all lost authors. Gathercole is retired from BBS programming. And Larivee is believed to be dead since summer 2004.

Joel Gathercole -- (CLOSED) -- Alternate Email: -- ICQ: 16277704
04/18/03: 11/23/02 info: I've been working with a small Canadian corporation that wholesales PDAs. I'm looking for someone who is interested in being a dedicated manager for the LORD II: CNW project, but nobody is interested. Netrique, 1-866-826-8111, 07/04/03: 02/05/03 info: When Joel emerged from his "shell" in February, he brought the LORD II: CNW site back to life. It is now hosted on the corporate server, after a temporary residence on a friend's home server, following the demise of the server. He has some 40 megabytes of Lord2 archives, in case anyone is looking for something. He has the server back online, and has fixed most of its links.

His is still around, but has been mostly inactive over the past year. Joel is a CTO - Corporate Technology Officer. He handles all of the company's technical stuff. If other LORD2 authors want an email account, using the domain, they should contact Joel. Joel is available in ICQ, at #16277704. In February, he did not have the Lord II Telnet server operational again. And he has not notified me otherwise since then. He planned to continue working on his Java-based LORD2 project.

07/31/03: Feb. 05, 2003: I've been very busy with my new company. So Lord2-CNW development may take a bit longer. I actually want to get a Lord2-IBBS Telnet/Rlogin server running again. We'll be getting a dedicated high-bandwidth connection here soon, as it is needed for company matters. We are working towards a decent OC3 server. Has LORD II worked at all under Linux? Since our servers and desktops are all Linux, I would feel weird installing Win98 or something just for a Lord2 server. That server would be publicly available for people to play on from our internet terminals world-wide, in 18-24 months. The web-site that I own,, has been up and running on our small servers here (ADSL) and is not fully perfected yet, but is still helpful. CNW News: I have a small update on the local server, but have not compressed it yet. It was actually completed about a year ago. You can get the files at 07/31/03 Note: I did not hear anything personally from Joel since February 2003.

08/26/06 Update: Joel's CNW site was off and on at times in 2004, then was closed down. Deleted its hyperlink. He is retired from BBS programming. Red LORD barline

Duncan Idaho (No valid email address)     -- (CLOSED)
02/22/03 entry. 11/04/02: Good news/bad news report. Bad news first, Virus hit my system last week big time. I don't know what it was, but it dropped my entire system in under 10 seconds. I had to format C: and D:, and E: is so screwed up, it won't spin up any more. All my Lord2 stuff was on E:. I've lost everything I'd done on L2WoT, DUNELord2, and L2: Eddings Style. Now, the good news is A) that I've got my system back up and running, and B) Yes, I do plan to restart my work on the new worlds. Just things are now majorly delayed, and set back. But I'll keep you informed, as usual. 11/04/02: Work on updating my web-site -- at - is slow process. I also lost my collection of DUNE TV series MPEG files, but I'm rebuilding it. Duncan is his nickname, and I've promised to not give out his real name. So do NOT ask. His daughter is now 5 years old, and his son is now 1 year old. 07/12/03: 06/20/03 info: Duncan had been plotting out a storyline for his PHP-based LORD Game. But it somehow just disappeared on him. So he's been having a long run of bad luck with Lord II programming.

08/26/06 Update: Deleted email and web-site hyperlinks. Both are dead. I lost contact with him sometime in 2004. Red LORD barline

Jack Porovechio -- LORD II Walkthrough: 06/01/03: Max Larivee reported to me that Jack Red Porovechio has joined the LORD2: The Scene web-ring. His web-page is a Resource and Info type LORD2 site. The address is, and the site is called "LORD II Walkthrough". 07/31/03 Note: This web-page uses bad language, and therefore is not suitable for children to view, in my opinion. The author does not list his email address online. Red LORD barline

Jonathon J. Yeldon -- no web-site. 05/31: Max Larivee discovered him, and sent me two brand new LORD2 IGMs by Yeldon for distribution earlier this week. The IGMs are named Beldon Village v1.00 and GreenTree Mountain v1.00. Jonathon started work on GreenTree Mountain last year, and he completed work on it this year, after finding the LORD2 Archive site was open again. He developed Beldon Village in one-two months, and is already working on a second version. The file names are and 06/17/03: Max Larivee reported to me that Jonathan also wrote the FrostGlint Keep IGM. He may be working on a v3.00 of it. See LordNews #14 for further info. Red LORD barline

Fully Inactive Authors Contributions:

Orion Elder --- MudPlanet.Org
02/15: I don't, often, do much as far as BBSs or LORD goes anymore, though I do find a few things interesting here and there (seeing as I do a bit of programming as well). Personally, I would like to see someone grab a copy of a MUD and make a version of LORD based off of that (though I doubt it would happen... if you'd like to try this I would do what I could to help ... even lending use of my own codebase to do so). :) * Chronicles - -- * MUD-Con - -- * MUD Planet Administrator -

02/08 response to Janet: MUDs are text-based (Just as LORD is)... graphics never enter into play, aside from web-pages, and advertisements. I was offering use of the codebase I provide (Chronicles ...), however I wouldn't be able to do anything more (at the moment) than fix any bugs you run into, and offer suggestions on how to do some things. I could also help in teaching anyone interested how to build (the concept would be most similar to IGMs ... by building, you create rooms, monsters, and objects each of which can use a pseudo- program code so that you can have talking objects, rooms, or monsters, make them interact, etc).

Basically, LORD II is very close to what a MUD is. The only difference is that not all MUDs implement a Wilderness system (the mapping system used in LORD II is called Overland mapping or Wilderness mapping), though there are systems out for doing exactly that. Most MUDs currently are pretty much text based. Each room is a description of what is in that room. Each mobile or mob (monsters) can be made to be anything you want it to be. Objects are completely configurable as well.

The underlying system could be used to make a very, VERY cool LORD game. I don't have much time (mainly because my work goes into developing the codebase itself), is one of the key reasons I've not done this myself. If anyone IS interested in this, though, I can explain a bit more... and if anyone is interested in trying to accomplish this just let me know and I'll do what I can to help out. :)

Would be nice to see what could be accomplished by the people who really like and care about LORD, in a new medium that is as configurable and expandable as a MUD is (the source code for most MUD systems come with the package, so that you can re-program even the most basic of concepts within the game). By the way, I'm not trying to take the focus away from LORD (in case anyone gets that impression), I'm simply thinking of another way to give focus TO lord (if a MUD version of LORD is made and gets noticed, it could be used as a way to direct focus to LORD itself).

Brian May -- Crazy Boy Productions LORD page (CLOSED) -- Alternate email:
02/21/03 entry. 12/01/02: I've stopped LORD programming work until summer of next year, unless I find some free time or need a distraction. LORD programming doesn't pay the bills, although it is a creative outlet, so it must take a back seat for paid projects so that I can afford my wedding in June 2003.

Kenneth Padgett -- Kenneth's site (non-LORD):
12/15/02: Kenneth reported that he had not found his source code ZIP disk backup yet for his Hiding in the Shadows IGM. He was still busy unpacking boxes from his move to a new house. 07/31/03: As of my last contact with Kenneth, on Jan. 21, 2003, his old web-site was finally shut down by Prodigy. He did not have a web-site with either HITS or LORD stuff on it. And he was still searching for the source files. Red LORD barline

Former LORD Authors Section:

Ahkenaton (No valid email address)     Children of Galaexy (CLOSED)
05/03/03: Heard from Ahkenaton on April 30: I just recently started to get back into bbs/door scene. I downloaded the ANGEL kit a while ago, it's great. I've started to do a new version of Daemonica (5.0), I'm rebuilding it from scratch in Delphi with a different storyline. I had only planned on doing Daemonica and Galactic Warriors if anyone is still playing that. I appreciate the effort you put into keeping the LORD games updated and alive, I had basically given up for a while. Galactic Warriors and Daemonica I still have the source code for, will have to check the archives to see what I have left and what I dumped. I don't mind you updating some of them, don't really have a lotta time these days, I'm working on a new door as well. Thanks AK. -- CoG Home Page: 07/31/03 Note: Am unable to get two-way email contact with Ahkenaton. But it is good that he is showing new interest in LORD again anyway. 08/26/06 Update: He never resumed email contact and his C.O.G. web-site died in summer 2006. All of his programs are classified as Dead and Abandoned. Deleted email/web-site hyperlinks.

Brian Bosscher. 12/18/02: I've searched my dad's computer files and could find no trace of my LORD programs' source code files. So the IGMs can't be updated. Note: Brian graduated from college in mid-December 2002. 03/24: Brian checked his father's old computer system and was unable to locate any old programming files. So he reports the source code is confirmed lost for Aladdin's Bar and Skill Training Center LORD IGMs, and he is unable to provide support for them as a result. In regards to Aladdin's Bar, the hex-edit patched version is unusable. When used, installation process leaves 3rdparty.dat destroyed with binary garbage added to end.

Robby Dittmann. 03/24/03: I'm no longer involved in LORD II programming. 04/25/03. Heard from Robby in late September 2002. This didn't get into Issue #12, so here it is: "I had actually completely stopped worrying about LORD2, until a kid in my Scout troop started a BBS and stumbled across my IGMs. He was pretty impressed to find out that I had written them. He's off at Georgia Tech now, and wants to run a BBS from there. I've told him he can be the official Mamoosoft site if he wants to, but I'm not sure how many folks are actually running LORD2 anymore. That was what got me started hunting around the net to see who was still around from the old days. As for me, I've been busy teaching and working with the Boy Scouts. I've been dedicating a lot of time to teaching Scout Leaders how to incorporate more spirituality into their Scout programs. I've not been programming at all, except some minor HTML and Powerpoint stuff for myself and my wife."

Mike Eheler. 05/03/03: Found Mike in October 2003. He was the author of the HateMail IGM, and Deluxe LORD Editor utility programs. Both of which he lost the source code to, so he is unable to provide support for them. Rewrote initial 03/24/03 entry. At last contact, he was thinking of resuming LORD programming. Have not heard from him in a few months.

Stefen Enns 03/31: Stefen notified me today of his new email address. The old email provider went to a pay service format, so he switched email providers. The new address is

Tobin Fricke. 03/24: Found him this morning using Google search engine. He's the author of the L.O.R.D. Gambling Casino IGM and was able to find his source code. Which he has turned over to me, and I am working on getting it to recompile. Am lacking some public domain components at moment for that to occur. 05/03/03: In April, I was able to get the IGM working again. I am working on version 2.00 of the IGM. It was rebuilt using the A.N.G.E.L. Toolkit. 06/11/03: Finished work on IGM and officially released it in late May 2003.

Bram Luknight. 03/24: I found the author of Haldar's Arena this morning. He no longer has the source code to anything he wrote for LORD, and is unable to provide any support for the old program(s). He granted me permission to distribute any patched archives of the IGM if it ever becomes usable again. The IGM failed to respond to the three RTE200 patch utilities ctbppat.exe, pent2.exe, and tppatch.exe. But it may be fixable via hex- editing.

Charles Mandeville -- no active web-site.
02/21/03 entry. 11/10/02: Have been busy for past month or so. Got promoted at work, and wife is working holiday hours. Still have some old hard drives to check out to see if they contain my old LORD programs and source code files. No email contact with Charles since November 2002, that was worth listing here.

Jacques Shake -- --- File requests:
12/12/02 Fidonet info. Posted 04/19/03. For those of you who have been waiting for it and those who have never tried it; Ken Weitzel has just released the 2002 version of his Seasons LORD IGM. As usual it's very heart-warming and well made. It's available via ftp at: or via the WWW at: look for Ken Weitzel under Member pages. There you'll find all of his products. If you can't get via the two methods above, you can always freq it from 1:202/1324 or send me an email or a netmail and I'll get it to you somehow. If you do get it please honor Ken's wishes and brighten someone's holiday this season in his name. Thank you. Jack.

Bryan Stanbridge -- Purple Frog Productions Homepage
Purple Frog Files page
07/31/03: Jan. 05, 2003. I'm doing fairly well except for persistent aches and pains, caused probably from the percussion drums and computer usage. I'm not programming IGMs right now, but I have discovered the world of PHP web-site programming. I am currently developing a web application to manage a 7200-character database along with over 100 magic items, spells, rules, and other goodies. If that goes well, then we'll see about getting back into programming more than I have been. Music is still my life and I graduate in April with a senior recital in February, so my time is busy. Bryan.

Marvin G. Wise, Jr. (No valid email address)     -- WiseGuy Software (Dead site)
05/15/03: He still hasn't found his C-based IGM's source code, as of mid-May 2003. But when he does, he needs someone with C experience to work on the program's update. Any volunteers? 08/26/06 Update: Deleted invalid email address hyperlink. Marvin never re-established contact with me. His IGM and web-site are both classified as Dead. Red LORD barline

Lost LORD Authors Notes Section:

As of 03/24/2003, all attempts to locate Becky Benjamin, Larry Patterson, Ricky Friesen, and some other old authors continue to be failures. I've tried reaching old LORD authors through the ICQ network, but that was a total failure. Retested Willy Tart's Carnival IGM. It continues to reject perfectly valid paths entered to my LORD game, and refuses to exit to DOS prompt. Retested Red Dragon Flea Market. It continues to report "Invalid parameter" after you install it, and try to run it from LORD. Retried testing of Oasis of El-Sayal IGM. Decided that the IGM has no problems, other than the maint.bat issue. Which is taken care of, as of May 2003, at least for local mode users of LORD 4.07's beta.

Was able to get Dragon's Breath Mountain IGM installed and running in LORD. It is by Friesen, and has "do not distribute modifications" wording in its docs. My RTE200 patched copy is and is available upon request. I used ctbppat.exe on the .exe files, and dbcfg.exe was fixed by replacing the Divisor. Dbreath.exe was fixed by patching the Delay routine. Warning: Do not EVER try to run it from DOS prompt. It locks up the DOS prompt and won't exit, so you end up having to shut down the DOS session. Retested Dragon's Breath Square again. It continued to not work. Retested Business Department - after RTE200 patching, one ends up with "node.dat is missing" and RTE 002 error messages. Config program claims it is installing IGM but nothing actually happens. Retested DK-Lotto. After RTE200 patching, the IGM continued to report RTE200 when run from LORD.

Current unusable IGMs report - 03/24: 61 IGMs including Silver Knight's Castle - being worked on by author, and LORD Gambling Casino - being worked on by me, are still unusable - for non-IGMDrive related reasons. 16 IGMs are confirmed unusable due to usage of IGMDrive. And 5 unusable IGMs are confirmed by their authors to be Lost Source code classification. Current Usable IGMs report - 03/24: Tested (or known to be usable from author) - 149 IGMs. In confirmed beta update status - Dave's Inn (until late July 2003), The Pawn Shop, The Outhouse. I did not test the TeamLord igm patch personally, but it works for Michael Everett. Submitted to Michael Preslar - no response. Non- Distribute IGMs that now work - 10. Non-Local IGMs remains at 6. Red LORD barline

Recent LORD Files Section:
Covers October 07, 2002 -- June 30, 2003. (07/04/2003)

Recently Released LORD IGMs List:

SEAS2002 ZIP    87006  12-15-02   Tis the Season Xmas 2002
GATE11   ZIP    80458  12-31-02   The Gateway v1.1 - revised docs
OUTS14   ZIP   102530  12-31-02   Outlands Tavern v1.4 - revised docs
CAVE15   ZIP   114507   1-29-03   L.O.R.D. Cavern v1.5 - revised docs
GEMTR200 ZIP   100502   3-18-03   The Gem Trader v2.00 (IGM version)
LOVE14P  ZIP    51481   3-18-03   Love Shack v1.40p
OUTH200  ZIP    75906   4-03-03   The Forest Outhouse v2.00
HAG200   ZIP    91985   5-06-03   The Nice Hag v2.00 (IGM version)
GALAG20  ZIP    54704   5-06-03   Gallagher's Performance v2.00
GEMTR210 ZIP   111586   5-09-03   The Gem Trader (IGM) v2.10
OUTH210  ZIP   101348   5-13-03   The Forest Outhouse v2.10
LORDGC20 ZIP    98898   5-26-03   L.O.R.D. Gambling Casino v2.00
HAG210   ZIP    93206   6-04-03   The Nice Hag v2.10

LORD II Programming:
DARKCT14 ZIP 13527 5-13-03 DarkCloak Tavern v1.40 IGM MICE10 ZIP 18003 5-13-03 Mount Ice v1.00 IGM BELDON ZIP 8340 5-31-03 Beldon Village v1.00 IGM JYINN ZIP 8274 5-31-03 GreenTree Mountain v1.00 IGM SLVIL22 ZIP 69175 6-17-03 SandLand Village v2.20 IGM ============================================================
Official LORD Betas Info:
BETALORD ZIP 290563 5-24-03 LORD v4.07 beta LORD32 ZIP 207935 5-14-03 11:20p LORD/32 beta #1 for Windows LORD32 ZIP 213715 5-20-03 12:00a Lord/32 beta #2 for Windows * Available by Request only from Michael Preslar * LORD/X - I did not keep records on the Lord for Linux beta. =============================================================
RTE200 Patch IGM updates:
CLOMLE1P ZIP 29,737 10-15-02 Clomp LORD Editor patch TEAMLO~1 ZIP 68,671 01-28-03 TeamLord.exe RTE200 patch DBMV74P ZIP 102921 3-24-03 Dragon's Breath Mountain v7.4 patch -- Note: Use ctbppat.exe to fix or get copy from me. ==================================================================

LORD IGM Betas Info:

Work by Marty Blankenship:
DAVINN10 ZIP    68534   1-12-03  Dave's Inn IGM beta
    -- Was officially released on 07-29-2003 by Marty.
    Work by Jason Brown:   34576   6-29-03  RHPTest/32 beta #7 - 32-bit Utility
    My LORD Programming work:
CAVEWORK ZIP   137823   6-30-03  The L.O.R.D Cavern v1.5c beta IGM
GATEWORK ZIP   105559   6-29-03  The Gatewav v1.1b Beta IGM
GEMTWORK ZIP   125770   6-27-03  The Gem Trader v2.16 Beta IGM
HAG-WORK ZIP    96355   6-27-03  The Nice Hag v2.12 beta IGM
OH2-WORK ZIP   102940   6-27-03  The Forest Outhouse v2.15 beta IGM
OUT-WORK ZIP   132846   6-30-03  The Outlands Tavern v1.4b beta IGM
PAWNWORK ZIP   238538   6-30-03  The Pawn Shop v2.76 beta IGM
RHP-WORK ZIP   105845   6-30-03  RHP Toolkit v1.2c Beta Utility
RUINWORK ZIP    98602   6-27-03  The Ruined Castle v1.60 beta IGM
    -- v2.00 was officially released on 07-10-2003.

LADY/RHP Scripts/Archives Info:

CAVERHP1 ZIP    14920   6-20-03   L.O.R.D. Cavern RHP Set #1 1.20
CAVERHP2 ZIP    13036   6-20-03  L.O.R.D. Cavern RHP Set #2 1.20
DGT-LADY ZIP    91055   6-07-03  Belgarion's LORD Lady Scripts v1.46
OTRHP1   ZIP    11375   6-23-03  Outlands Tavern RHP Set #1 v1.16

LADY Scripts:  As of June 30, 2003:
BANDIT   LDY    11232   5-27-03  The Bandit v1.07
BLUEFARY LDY     1678  12-29-02  Blue Fairy v1.00 - Everett
CHARMTAX LDY     7075   5-17-03  Charm Tax v1.18
DRAGPOOP LDY     5898   2-07-03  DragonPoop #2 v1.03 (*)
GEM2     LDY     1038   5-17-03  Two Gems v1.05
GEMFAIRY LDY    10604   2-07-03  Gem Fairy Trade v1.02 (*)
GEMTRADE LDY    33317   5-27-03  Gem Trader v1.16
GOLDTREE LDY     1053  12-28-02  Golden Tree v1.00  - Everett
HIGHSPIR LDY     2773   5-27-03  High Spirits v1.09
NICEHAG  LDY    15036   6-04-03  The Nice Hag v1.21
OUTHOUSE LDY     4271  12-31-02  The Outhouse v1.00
POLISH   LDY     1877   5-17-03  Polish Armour v1.10
PRETSTIC LDY     1234   5-27-03  Pretty Stick v1.05
RUINCAST LDY     6802  12-29-02  Ruined Castle v1.00  - Everett
SHARPEN  LDY     1861   5-17-03  Sharpen Weapon v1.10
SKILLUSE LDY     2027  12-31-02  New Skill Use v1.03
TROLL2   LDY     3550   2-07-03  The Troll #2 v1.02  (*)

(*) - Requires post-April 2002 compile of LORD v4.07 beta,
      due to use of FAIRY Lady script variable.

RHP Scripts - As of June 30, 2003:
ALCOVE   RHP     9475   6-25-03  The Secret Alcove v1.26 RHP
BANKGOLD RHP     5533   6-24-03  Bank Gold Experiment v1.01 RHP
    (Not designed for actual use by IGM users.)
BATS     RHP      520   6-23-03  The Crazy Bats v1.00 RHP
BATS2    RHP     1954   6-24-03  The Scary Bats v1.07 RHP
CANYON   RHP     2327   6-15-03  Canyon v1.10 RHP
CANYON2  RHP     2825   6-24-03  The Canyon #2 v1.02 RHP
CITY     RHP     5031   6-22-03  Lost City of Darborne v1.11 RHP
DMINE    RHP     1403   6-22-03  Diamond Mine v1.11 RHP
GEMSPILE RHP      942   6-24-03  Pile of Gems v1.06 RHP
GTC      RHP     7143   6-23-03  Garrison's Training Grounds v1.00 RHP
HOBBIT   RHP     2310   6-23-03  A Random Hobbit v2.00 RHP
LASTSTND RHP     3721   6-29-03  The Last Stand RHP
    (Not released yet for public usage.)
MAGICIAN RHP     3272   6-22-03  The Magician v1.11 RHP
MINES    RHP    10720   6-23-03  The Abandoned Mines v1.12 RHP
MUSHROOM RHP     1396   6-23-03  The Mushroom Patch v2.00 RHP
POLISH2  RHP     3065   6-24-03  Polish Armour v1.03 RHP
POOL     RHP     2784   6-22-03  Prehistoric Pool v1.12 RHP
ROCK     RHP     1113   6-24-03  The Strange Rock v1.12 RHP
SHARPEN  RHP     1256   6-24-03  Sharpen Weapon v1.02 RHP
SHINY    RHP      844   6-22-03  The Strange Shiny Thing v1.10 RHP
STRANGER RHP     8422   6-24-03  Meet A Stranger v1.00 RHP
TRICK    RHP     7507   6-23-03  Trick or Treat v1.01 RHP
WATRFALL RHP     2202   6-22-03  The Waterfall v1.14 RHP
WOMEN    RHP     7280   6-22-03  The Cavern Women v1.14 RHP
XMAS     RHP     5080   6-23-03  Merry Christmas 1.00 RHP

Recent WT-LORD Programs:
CHRIST28 ZIP 21,280 12-28-02 Merry Christmas v2.80 =================================================================
Recent LORD Programming Utilities:
MANNDOOR ZIP 67,203 12-15-02 MannDoor Toolkit Dec. 2002 ver. ANG10TP ZIP 89,025 11-18-02 ANGEL Toolkit v1.0 - TP 7.0 ANG10BP ZIP 124,902 11-18-02 ANGEL Toolkit v1.0 - BP 7.0 ANGL09V ZIP 414,015 11-18-02 ANGEL Toolkit v0.9 - V.P. ANG10D7 ZIP 168,428 11-18-02 ANGEL Toolkit v1.0 - Delphi ANG10D7W ZIP 169,262 11-18-02 ANGEL Toolkit v1.0 - Delphi/WcCode There are a dozen or so Delphi version files available from Jimmy Rose's web-site. I've only listed two of them here. Abbrev: TP - Turbo Pascal, BP - Borland Pascal, VP - Virtual Pascal. ODS600 ZIP 270919 5-13-03 OpenDoors 6.00 Source code MANNDOOR ZIP 217125 6-27-03 Manndoor v03.06.08 Toolkit - June 2003 ============================================================
Recent LORD Utilities:
LORDST17 ZIP 36853 12-31-02 LordStat v1.7 RHPTST12 ZIP 82769 12-31-02 RHP ToolKit v1.2 LPEDIT10 ZIP 95664 2-28-03 ChasWare LORD Player Editor v1.00 L444 ZIP 79220 2-17-03 Hellas BBS lordnet league file ============================================================

Misc. Castle Camelot LORD Files:

DGT-LORD TXT    53933   3-20-03  Belgarion's LORD IGMs Guide part 1/3
DGT-LORD ZIP    77854   3-20-03  Belgarion's LORD IGMs Play Guides
DGT-LRD2 TXT    50142   3-20-03  Belgarion's LORD IGMs Guide part 2/3
DGT-LRD3 TXT    68544   3-20-03  Belgarion's LORD IGMs Guide part 3/3
IGM-PAGE ZIP    32075   6-04-03  Archive: Revamped TrentSoft IGMs Page
IGMPAGE  HTM   118326   6-04-03  Source: Revamped Trentsoft IGMs page

End of recent LORD releases listing, for LordNews Issue #13.  
Red LORD barline

Miscellaneous Info Section: (09/14/02)

Rules for LadyScripts List. It is for LADY script discussion only. Rules for LordNews List: Please do not send large graphics files to list members or large .ZIP files. Either one is repeated in the next LordNews Digest message, in MIME format. If you need to distribute something, please post it online somewhere, then include an URL hyperlink in your message. Then members can decide whether they wish to access the zip file or graphic. This also protects people who have small email accounts.

LORD Site Status changes, 05/31/03 revision: Abandoned: Canucksoft (Michael Bujold). LORD Site Closures: The server. Gary Hartzell's Arena BBS. Justin Pasher's Lazor Software page. Carlton Griffin's page. Tech'N Software.

As of 08/01/03, I have determined also that these Lord sites are closed. Brian May's site, the Dore site, Acad's World, Tonytown Software, Chris MacPherson's Pawnshop page. and the Galileo Games Library site.

Web-site pages updates: 12/15/02: Two bikini swimsuit pictures replaced on my Swimsuit Links Page -- featured Sofia Vergara and Jenna Jameson. 02/14/03: Five pictures replaced on the LORD IGMs Page - 1 cat, 4 waterfalls. 02/20/03: Two waterfall pictures replaced on the Tournament LORD IGMs Page. 04/07/03: Two bikini swimsuit pictures replaced on Swimsuit Links Page -- Amber Smith and Cindy Margolis. One waterfall and one cat picture added to HTML Resources Page. Features my Siamese cat, Simon, and High Falls, Grand Portage State Park, Minnesota, USA. 04/08: Replaced pictures on the LORD Links Page. It now features Lower Punchbowl Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, USA; High Falls (Muskoka), Ontario, Canada; and Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon NP, Arizona, USA. 04/09: Added photo to the Browser Resources Page: Middle Copper Falls, Alpine Lakes Region, Washington, USA.

Jimmy Rose - - Atlantis Homepage
04/18/03: 11/16/02 Fidonet info (Reformatted). NEW DOORKIT RELEASE! A.N.G.E.L. - Atlantis Network Game Engine Library - Version 1.0. Delphi 32-bit Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP version update! Now available for Delphi versions 2.0 through 7.0! Native WC5/Winserver versions also available! Turbo Pascal 7.0 and Borland Pascal 7.1 16bit DOS versions now available! Atlantis Software is pleased to announce a new release of the Atlantis Network Game Engine Library, a state-of-the-art multi-platform BBS Door programming library for Delphi, Borland, and Turbo Pascal. This library will allow Door programmers to create 32-bit Windows Doors with internal Telnet support and easily port DOS based Doors to the Windows environment. You can create doors for DOS, Windows, and Winserver using the same source code! { 06/11/03 Removed features list details.} Download the latest A.N.G.E.L. version from: 06/11/03 Notes: Having used ANGEL on a daily basis for the past six months, I can affirm it is highly efficient for LORD programming, or any other BBS programming usage. So I highly recommend it to all new Lord IGM/utility writers, or to old ones looking for a new tool-kit. Donald. Red LORD barline

LordNews Issues Links Section: (10/30/04)

Web-Page Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Released on April 28, 2000. -- Issue #1 Archive
LordNews Issue #2 - Released on Jun. 26, 2000. -- Issue #2 Archive
LordNews Issue #3 - Released on Jun. 28, 2000. -- Issue #3 Archive
LordNews Issue #4 - Released on Sept. 20, 2000. -- Issue #4 Archive
LordNews Issue #5 - Released on December 20, 2000. -- Issue #5 Archive
LordNews Issue #6 - Released on April 19, 2001. -- Issue #6 Archive
LordNews Issue #7 - Released on August 05, 2001. Issue #7 Archive.
LordNews Issue #8 - LordNews Issue #8 Archive
Released on Oct. 08, 2001 in two parts. Recombined into single web-page on May 28, 2002.

LordNews Issue #9 -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 03, 2001.
LordNews Issue #10 -- Issue #10 HTML Archive. Released on February 06, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 -- Issue #11 HTML Archive. Released on May 18, 2002.
LordNews Issue #12 -- Issue #12 HTML Archive. Issue released on Oct. 07, 2002. Last revision 03/31/03.
LordNews Issue #13 -- Issue #13 HTML Archive. October 2002 - June 2003 coverage. Released on Aug. 03, 2003.
LordNews Issue #14 -- Issue #13 HTML Archive. Covers July 2003 to present date. In progress.
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Text Version Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Text -- Issue #1 Text Archive. Released on December 20, 1999.
LordNews Issue #2 - Text -- Issue #2 Text Archive. Released on April 05, 2000.
LordNews Issue #3 - Text -- Issue #3 Text Archive. Released on June 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #4 - Text -- Issue #4 Text Archive. Released on September 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #5 - Text -- Issue #5 Text Archive. Released on December 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #6 - Text -- Issue #6 Text Archive. Released on April 19, 2001.
LordNews Issue #7 - Text -- Issue #7 Text Archive. Released on August 05, 2001.
LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part One -- LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part Two
LordNews Issue #8 Text Archive. Released on October 08, 2001.
LordNews Issue #9 Text Version -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 04, 2001.

LordNews Issue #10 Text Version -- LordNews Issue #10 Appendix
Issue #10 Text Archive. Last Appendix files update: Apr. 29, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 - Text -- Issue #11 Text Archive. Released on May 18, 2002.
LordNews #10 Data Files: Contains Authors-Info.txt, Lost-Authors.Txt, and Usable-IGMs.txt files.
LordNews #11 Data Files: Contains Unusable-IGMs.txt, CC11igm1.txt, and CC11igm2.txt files.

LordNews Issue #12 - Text -- Issue #12 Text Archive.
LordNews #12 Data Files -- Contains the BadPatch.txt and PassTest.txt files.

LordNews Issue #13 - Text -- Issue #13 Text Archive.
Patched LORD Apps Listing. Appendix for LordNews Issue #13.

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Newsletter Contributions Section:

This issue was started by myself on Feb. 04, 2003. First draft was prepared by Rick Parrish in December 2002. The background and barline graphic images may be used by others. You may also use logo graphics from my web-pages for linking to my web-site. This issue was prepared using QEdit DOS Text Editor and Wordpad; and tested for compatibility with MS Internet Explorer v5.50/6.00 and Netscape Navigator v4.80/v7.01 web browsers. The black cat icon is used with Ruth Argust's permission. It is NOT public domain, and is copyrighted by her. The American flag icon is public domain.

This issue is comprised of information from or about the LORD activities of many people, including my own LORD activities. Issue #13 is primarily devoted to news reported by myself, Michael Preslar, and Max Larivee. Max has done a wonderful job of learning LORD and LORD II news items, and sending them to me. The issue's author entries are attributed to the following participants: Active Authors group: Michael Preslar, myself, Marty Blankenship, Michael Everett, Paul Koukos, Chris MacPherson, Rick Parrish, Bryan Turner, Max Larivee, Jonathon Yeldon, Gary Hartzell, and Charlie Wardick. Inactive/Former Authors: Jim Koltz, Jay Hodges, Mike Dillon, Lloyd Hannesson, Janet Terry, Joel Gathercole, Duncan Idaho, Orion Elder, Brian May, Kenneth Padgett, Ahkenaton, Brian Bosscher, Robby Dittmann, Mike Eheler, Stefen Enns, Tobin Fricke, Bram Luknight, Charles Mandeville, Jacques Shakes (representing Ken Weitzel), Bryan Stanbridge, and Marvin Wise. Miscellaneous Entries: Kyle Jeffery, Shannon Talley, Jack Porovechio, and Jimmy Rose. No info in several months from "Solitude".

03/08/04 update: Updated for printing purposes. 10/29/04: Updated Gary Hartzell info. 10/30/04: Updated LordNews issues links section. 08/26/06 Notes: Added notations to these entries: Michael Preslar, Chris MacPherson, Rick Parrish, Bryan Turner, Charlie Wardick, Lloyd Hannesson, Kyle Jeffery, Jim Koltz, Janet Terry, Max Larivee, Joel Gathercole, Duncan Idaho, Ahkenaton, and Marvin Wise. Kiteria's Korner site turned over to Suzanne Franklin who resumed its ownership/management in late August 2006. Official Lord2 IGM Archive Site was turned over to Michael Preslar in June 2006. Deleted "Acquiring LORD Betas" section, and edited the following email info paragraph.

06/25/07: Brief update to replace hyperlinks. Replaced them with site URLs. See site's camelot5.htm web-page for info on LordNews List subscriptions. Red LORD barline

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