Castle Camelot LORD Authors Newsletter #14:

LordNews Volume 3, Issue 4 -- Created by Donald Tidmore
Started Aug. 09, 2003.

LORD Newsletter Issue #14 Introduction:

Here is the fourteenth LORD newsletter issue, covering LORD news from July 01, 2003 through current date. This newsletter is for coverage of news relating to Legend of the Red Dragon BBS door games. Coverage of Wildcat/Worldgroup Tournament LORD is done whenever news becomes available.

LORD Email Contact Info: Please use gtidmore (at), or ktidmore (at) to contact me. If either is unusable by you, then use donald.tidmore (at) I can be reached on Fidonet using either Net-mail, the DoorGames echo, or the LORD Echo, using 1:123/450. I stopped using ICQ in 2004. Email address reminder: Remember to remove "-NOSPAM" from all email addresses listed (as hyperlinks) in this web-page before trying to use them.

LORD, LORD II and WT-LORD files distribution. If you release a LORD-related program, send me a copy for distribution to Fidonet, via my Camelot LordNews FDN. I will also post your files to the server, BBS Archives server, and to the server. Regarding LORD II files, Max Larivee has vanished and his web-sites and web-ring are classified as abandoned. Michael Preslar is now taking care of the Official LORD II IGM Archive site, and will let people know when it becomes operational again. 09/30/06: The server was off-line for awhile in September 2006 but is back online now. I am updating Mike Ehlert's BBS Archives server's LORD files collection for him currently. And I am updating the LORD files areas of Shannon Talley's Fidotel BBS periodically. Work on Eric Wheeler's site is on hold, due to my inability to login to his FTP server.

LordNews/LadyScripts List info: Use the appropriate HTML form to subscribe to a list. *ALL* new subscriptions now have to be confirmed. LadyScripts is *ONLY* for LADY/RHP script programming discussion. LordNews is for main-line LORD discussion. Limited usage for non-LORD BBS topics is permitted. Please do NOT send non-text attachments to either list. List members who get the Digest format get non-text files as uuencode, which is hard to deal with.

12/13/03 Note: I've added a third HTML form, the one in the middle, for people to use to subscribe directly to the LordNews List's Digest.

06/26/2007: Replaced old LordNews/LadyScripts Lists section with new HTML Form dialog code.

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LordNews #14 Misc. Notes Section:

LordNews #14 - Table of Contents:
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January 2005: 01/11: Released Kiteria's LORD Bank v1.00 LORD IGM. February Notes: 02/16/05: Updated my entry. The Gem Trader v1.30 and Belgarion's LORD LADY Scripts v1.60 were released on Feb. 14, 2005. Released Kiteria's LORD Bank v1.20 on Feb. 16, 2005. March News: 03/21: Released Turgeon's House v4.00 and Love Shack II v2.20 LORD IGMs. 03/23: Began work on new IGM, Doofus the Gnome -- Released in June 2006. April News: 04/08: Chris Martino, Orion Elder; Closed sites; Max Larivee, Bryan Turner (header info), Recent LORD Files Releases section. 04/25, 04/27: Michael Preslar. May News: 05/18: Released Belgarion's LORD Lady Scripts v1.60, and Hiding In the Shadows v2.50 LORD IGM. June News: 06/11: Released The Gateway v1.3, The L.O.R.D. Cavern v1.7, The Forest Outhouse v2.50, The Outlands Tavern v1.6 LORD IGMs; and RHP Toolkit v1.4 LORD utilities. Updated Lost Lord Authors info (below). July News: 07/02: OddWare site is closed down. 07/07: Tim Smith and Michael Preslar entries updated. 08/22: Revised Chris Martino entry. Updated my entry and Recent Lord Programs section. 08/27: Updated Recent Lord Programs section. September News: 09/21: Released RHP Toolkit v1.5 and H.I.T.S. v2.50 Player Database Editor v1.00 LORD utilities. Joseph Watson, Recent LORD Programs; Notes on Charlie Wardick, Frank Rauhaff, Rick Parrish, and George Batalias, Jr; Lost Authors section. October News: 10/06: Updated Recent LORD Files section, Joseph Watson entry. 10/13: Recent LORD Files section. Released Turgeon's House v4.20, TurgEdit v1.00, Violet's Cottage II v1.20, and Vio2Edit v1.00 LORD programs. November News: Updated my entry. December News: 12/19: Added Ken Weitzel entry. 12/22: Updated my entry.

January-March 2006 News: 02/26: Released DoofEdit v1.00, JackEdit v1.00, and LS2Edit v1.00 Player Database Editor utiltiies. Distributed CrossRoads Inn v1.00 and Runt-Abu's Home v2.10 LORD IGMs for Craig Lang and FionaCat. 03/14: Released ConvKB10 and KLBEdit v1.20 utilities for Kiteria's LORD Bank IGM; and LordStat v2.00 utitity for LORD and LORD/32 for Windows. Updated Recent LORD Files Section. Updated Jay Hodges entry.

April-August 2006 News: Will do notes later for April-July period. 08/06/06: Updated Michael Preslar section; revised Lord Closures section; revised sections for Duncan Idaho, Janet Terry, Frank Rauhaff, Max Larivee, and Ahkenaton. September News: 09/25/06, 09/30/06: Updated Michael Everett entry. 12/23/06: V4.08 betas of LORD, LORD for Windows, LORD for Linux, and LORD for OS/2 were released in late September 2006. October News: 10/24/06: Updated Bryan Turner entry. December News: 12/23/06: Updated Joseph Watson, Michael Preslar, Michael Everett, Jacques Shake, and Ken Weitzel entries.

Lost Lord Authors update, 07/01/04: Have lost contact with Jim Koltz, author of Silver Knight's Castle IGM. Lost contact with Ahkenaton and Jay Cochrane over past several months as well. All three are classified as Lost Authors, as of mid-July 2004. Contact was lost with Janet Terry over the summer of 2004 - and regained in April 2005. 05/18/05: Doug Rhea, owner, has source code/key generators for Trevor Kooy's Lord Life IGM; and I will handle its update for him, sometime later this year. 06/11/05: Doug located Joshua Eckerman, who sent him two disks containing his LORD files in the mail. He was unable to read the 3.5" disks, and hoped Doug could do so. The disks were lost by the U.S. Post office, so Eckerman's programs are all dead now. Doug has also located John Hutton, who is living in a new home. He is searching for the source code for Socrates' Shop. Michael Everett is trying to get Jay Cochrane's Lord IGM and non-LORD BBS program files but has had no luck so far, as of September 2005. No progress has been made on John Hutton and Jay Cochrane situations as of late December 2005. 07/07/05: Tim Smith, Chris Martino, and Max Larivee are now classified as Lost Authors. Max has been missing since early summer 2004. 09/21/05: Rick Parrish is now classified as a Lost author for 4 reasons. No valid email address; no updates of web-site since May 2005; no response to web-site contact form messages; and no activity on Fidonet.

Closed LORD Sites: Black Dragon Software by Steve Gargolinski no longer exists. Canucksoft by Michael Bujold has a "place-holder" web-page, and basically does not exist now. 01/15/04 notes. Tony Brown's TonyTown Software site also no longer exists. 02/13/04 notes: Aaron Wornom's Sweet Dreams Software site is closed. Removed abordo Night Owl cd-rom site links, and links. 03/25/04: Aaron Wornom's site is online again, but no longer lists LORD info on his WT-LORD IGMs. Seth Robinson's web-site is closed. Lord site is closed. WT-Lord site is closed. 07/22/04: Mad Systems Files page is closed. 07/25/04 Closures: Mike Barrientos's phsoft page, the [SYS] L.O.R.D. site, and Sallee Huber's site, and Legend of the Red Dragon Domain. 03/29/05: Timothy Ward's T and T Software site is closed. An alternate site exits but its file links are worthless. Re-classified John Elson's site as dead. No updates since 2001. No reference to LORD FAQ page on main page. 04/08/05: Orion Elder's site is closed. 07/02/05: OddWare site closed down in late June 2005. Chris Martino has been a Lost Author since late May 2005. Max Larivee has been a Lost Author since Summer 2004. Official Lord II Web-site is classified as abandoned and fully inactive. Joel Gathercole's CNW site closed down in late 2004. 08/13/05: Lloyd Hannesson shut down his LORD IGM List site in early August 2005, along with his Tech'N Software web-site. 08/18/05: Janet Terry no longer has any WT-Lord related web-pages online. Joseph Watson's main WT-Lord page stopped working properly in mid-June 2005. 08/22/05: WarZone BBS web-page and Telnet site are closed. Duncan Idaho's VisualMatrix site is an empty page. 11/30/05: The site is closed until Michael Preslar can find a webmaster to run it, who knows the PHP language.

Abandoned sites - 2006: Max Larivee's Fieldsoft IGMs; Frank Rauhaff site.

Closed Sites - 2006: 02/09/06: Found these sites no longer exist: site, site (Ahkenaton), site (Preslar), site (IBM Classic BBS). June 2006: Official LORD II IGM Archive Site: Transferred to Michael Preslar - still not operational 6 months later. 07/26/06: Knightsoft, Dawn Bidot's LORD Inn, and Purple Haze sites. 08/06/06: Chris MacPherson's web-page, Janet Terry's domain, Duncan Idaho's site. 08/26/06: My Kiteria's Korner site: Turned over to Suzanne Franklin. 10/22/06: Eric Wheeler's site. 12/04/06: Godlike Productions, Canucksoft, Eye of the Hurricane BBS. 12/09/06: Jacques Shake's BBS, Ken Weitzel's web-page. 12/23/06: Michael Everett's Bobo's BBS Telnet site.

New LORD Sites: 2004: OddWare. Warzone BBS. Lloyd Hannesson's LORD I IGM List Project site went back online in mid-March 2004. 04/16: Janet Terry's web-site is back online, but it is still undergoing revisions.

LORD site address changes: Michael Adams' site is now located at TEOS Lord v1.70a archive, released in June 2003, is available from there. Simple email address archive update. Email is now 03/25/04: Rick Parrish's URL has changed to 06/25/04: Learned from Michael Adams that he has moved again. His new URL is 07/25/04: New URL for Dragon Art Gallery site is: .

Web-page pictures info: August 2003 News: 08/19/03: Replaced waterfall photos on my Index Page. It now features Majestic Falls, Oregon, USA; and Gorge Falls, Michigan, USA. 08/20: Replaced photos on my LORD IGMs Page. It now features four waterfalls and one lady cat. 09/10: Added swimsuit picture of Cori Nadine to my Browser Resources Page. Replaced two waterfall pictures on my HTML Resources Page. The photos are of Vernal Falls, Yosemite National Park, California, USA; and Bridge Creek Falls, Bend, Oregon, USA. 11/13/03: Replaced three pictures on the LORD Links Page. New waterfalls covered now are Koosah Falls, McKenzie River, Oregon, USA; Hamma Hamma Falls, Hamma Hamma River, Washington, USA; and Sahalie Falls, McKenzie River, Oregon, USA. 11/14: Replaced two pictures on the Swimsuit Links Page. Daisy Fuentes and Heidi Klum will be featured for the next 3-4 months. 12/13/03: Replaced two pictures on the Tournament Lord Files page. New waterfalls featured are Brandywine Falls, in British Columbia, Canada. And Falls of the Pool, Robson River, Canadian Rockies, Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia. Canada. 04/07/04: Replaced two pictures on the Browser Resources page. New waterfalls featured are Mossy Rock Falls, in Washington, USA; and Nevada Falls, in Yosemite National Park, California, USA. 08/27/05: Replaced two pictures on the Swimsuit Links Page. New photos are of Jenna Jameson and Marissa Miller.

Virtual Pascal Info: As of March 2005, Virtual Pascal is no longer in development. See web-site for further info. Web-site uses PHP, and should not be accessed using old web browsers. The last available version is Build 279, v2.10. The executable file is 12.67 MB in size. Red LORD barline

Official LORD News Section:

Acquiring LORD Betas, as of 04/25/2005: To obtain LORD 4.07 beta, for use with either 4.05pb or 4.06, send email message to files (at) For LORD 4.07, use subject of "Send me Lord". For LORD II, use "Send me Lord2". For TEOS, use "Send me TEOS". For Lord/32 Beta, use "Send me Lord32" (as of March 2005). In message text, simply state what you are requesting. You have to use a separate message for each program beta that you request. Users are advised to always backup their current game before using a beta version. Send bug reports to Michael, if you spot anything that needs fixing. Red LORD barline

Michael Preslar -- -- Elysium Software -- ICQ #9590896
LordLegacy.Com -- LORD Beta requests:
09/10/03 Notes: No updates made to LORD v4.07 beta since July 20, 2003. No updates seen for LORD/32 beta since May 20, 2003. Do not keep track of Lord2 beta's status personally. From July 14 entry on Michael's web-site, LORD-related info only: "... Cleaned up DDPlus, an old doorkit for Turbo Pascal. Really, all I did was fix a bunch of bugs, clean up the code, and get rid of a lot of global variables. Maybe one day, I'll throw in Maarten Beker's EleCom, and coerce DDPlus to work with Win32 and Linux systems.

But what about Lord? Obviously, I've been working on other stuff, but what about the mainstay, Legend of the Red Dragon? Yeah, I've been working on it too. From time to time, I go back and clean up more of the original LORD code-base. But what about Lord2 and TEOS? I've been working on those as well. More specifically, getting them to compile for Win32.

11/07/03 Notes: No activity observed on LORD 4.07 beta since late July 2003 - until early December 2003. No activity on Lord/32 beta seen since late May 2003 - as to release of beta compiles. I do not have knowledge of status of work on TEOS or LORD II. Donald. 11/07/03. 12/30/03: Learned from Charlie Wardick that people can check up on Lord/32's progress by playing it online at telnet:// New users have to register a logon BBS identity. No details available from Michael's web-site, other than Christmas postcard of him and his wife, regarding his LORD-related programming work.

01/01/05: As of Dec. 30, 2004, Preslar's e_maus email account was no longer valid. 04/27/05: A quick freebie, January 01, 2005: Something I whipped together a couple of weekends ago. It allows you to create you own customized right-click (context) menus for your website. Written entirely in php. Enjoy.

04/27/05: Goodies - February 01, 2005: I've got a couple of goodies for you folks.. 1. The Win32 and *nix versions of lord are now in beta testing. 2. is a bug tracking program I wrote that'll make it easy for you guys to report bugs you find. 3. is back open for business. 4. And it includes a nifty chatroom that I wrote -- . 5. I'm finally happy enough with ElyEdit to release it. .. ElyEdit is a Win32 GUI ANSI editor (and 10 color code sets, like pipe, renegade, synchronet's asc, etc). So there ya go. Enjoy.

04/27/05: Doorkits - March 02, 2005: Hey folks.. At one time, I wrote a DDPlus "face" for MannDoor. Using this, doors written with DDPlus could be compiled with MannDoor, with only a few changes. Someone has asked me to do something similar for KDrive. However, I can't just create a face, since KDrive has a lot more to it than just a doorkit. I'd have to create a clone. So question number 1 is: Would anyone else be interested in a KDrive clone? Question number 2 is: What other doorkits would you like to see a face or clone for?

04/27/05: An update - March 28, 2005: Okay gals and gals.. First order of business.. The new layout. I got bored this afternoon, and wanted a new project to play with. This new layout is the result of that. The previous layout, I had for, what, 2 or 3 years. Something like that. Next order of business.. I had talked about doing a KDrive clone. Well, I got as far as I could with it. If you have a door that uses KDrive, and you want to compile it to door32, then let me know, and we can work it out. Next up.. Lord .. Lord/32 now runs IGMs properly, as well as maint.bat .. The only thing that's not tested is allowing the player to sleep in the IGM. So far, I've gotten the following igms to work: Barak's House, Seth's Tribute Lotto, Lord Lotto, Aragorn's Timer.. I'm working on rewriting Team Lord. Next up.. Lordnet .. Point 1) the code is a _mess_ If I were to ever release a new version of this, it would have to be rewritten from the ground up. Not something I really want to do. Point 2) Since its so easy to telnet to different boards, the reasoning (to me) of hooking up lord games is moot. Next up.. Lord 2 .. If you telnet to telnet:// You'll find a door32 version of Lord2. Just in time for Lord2's 10 year birthday .. Its buggy, which is why no one else is running it yet. *PLEASE* hit my board, and play lord2. Help me beta test it.

04/25/05: Michael is no longer using the old email address. 04/27/05: Added info from Michael's web-site; added hyperlink to header for his chat room. Added from LordNews List mail, March 2005: For those who plan to make 32-bit LORD programs, there are only three Pascal compilers one can use: Borland Delphi, Free Pascal, or Virtual Pascal. Whichever tool-kit one uses will have to be updated to specifically cover Lord/X and Lord/32. At the current time, MannDoor is the only tool-kit program that contains the revised player.dat file used by LORD v4.07 beta, LORD/32 beta, and LORD/X Beta. 06/07/05 Notes: Michael is back in the LORD Echo on Fidonet, as of June 01. Dialogue is in progress there about Lord/X Beta. Added link for his new (CLOSED) web-page. Which is where you go to play/test the Web-Lord beta. Note that you MUST use a PHP-compatible web browser with this new site.

07/07/05: Learned on June 30 that Lord/32 beta is now running the maint.bat file. Michael released several messages about new LORD LADY Script commands on LordNews List on July 04-05. (1) Hey folks.. Better put.. Hey Lady scripters! I've got a few new thigns for you guys.. Its my birthday (Im 26 today! yay!), but instead of me getting presents, I'm giving them.. Anyways. Some new Lady commands: @openfile &I<1,2,3> -- This opens the file lorddir+ .. And gets it ready for you to read or write to. Note that Lord's directory is automatically put on the front of the filename. Yes, you can specify a subdirectory like 'mydir\filename.txt' (you have to make sure the subdir exists yourself though!) 'mydir\filename.txt' would get turned into c:\lord\mydir\filename.txt

@writeln &I<1,2,3> whatever you want -- This writes data to the filehandle that you specify. @readline &I<1,2,3> &S1-40 -- @readline &I<1,2,3> &N1-40 -- This reads from the file into the string or number variable. And finally @closefile &I<1,2,3> -- This closes the file once you're done with it. You'll note that I specified &I<1,2,3> ... This means either &I1 or &I2 or &I3 .. and yes. Only 3 file handles are available. There's a good reason for that, which Ill save for some other day. An example: @openfile &I1 michael.txt -- @writeln &I1 Hey there &S12! How are you today! -- @closefile &I1

Now.. There are also 2 new variables: &play -- This is the player's record number from player.dat .. It is unique for each player. This variable isn't really all that useful to me, but I felt that other scripters may find it useful when storing data with the new file commands. &playedtoday -- This is a very useful one! This variable returns either a 1 (true) or 0 (false), depending on if the player has played the event that day. Something to keep in mind, however. The "played today" status is only updated when &playedtoday is called. If your script never uses &playedtoday, then Lord will not keep track of usage! An example:

@if &playedtoday = 1 then
  @writeln You find the Haunted Shop again, but the doors are locked. Maybe
  @writeln they'll be open again tomarrow.

A few more things in store.. - The ability for scripters to create maintenance events (This will probably go along the lines of any event that starts with MAINT_, and exists in maint.ldy, will be ran as a maintenance event). - An easy way to install, and uninstall, lady events.

07/04/05 LordNews List #2 message. Yesterday, I announced some new Lady commands relating to file handling. It hit me this morning that I needed to add a few more. So I have. @openfile &I<1,2,3> -- I introduced this one yesterday. But I'd like to clarify something. When the file is opened, the file pointer is positioned at the beginning of the file. @rewritefile &I<1,2,3> -- This is the equivalent to a pascal rewrite() .. That is, if the file exists, it will be truncated / emptied out and the file pointer will be put at the beginning of the file. If the file doesn't exist, it will be created. Like @openfile .. lord's dir will be pre-pended onto the beginning of .. can contain subdirectories, however, Lady will not create those subdirs for you. You have to do that.

@appendfile &I<1,2,3> -- If filename exists, it will be opened and the file pointer will be put at the end of the file. This is useful for when you want to add text to an exsting file (like lognow.txt) .. If filename doesn't exist, it will be created. Like @openfile, lord's dir will be pre-pended onto the beginning of .. can contain subdirectories, but Lady will not create those subdirs for you. That's your job.

Also New! If the file maint.ldy exists, it will be scanned for events that are named #@MAINT_ .. if any events are found matching that naming scheme, they will be run when Lord runs its daily maint. Say you have an event named BIGEVENT in the file bigevent.ldy .. And its a lotto or something. Youd add an event to maint.ldy named MAINT_BIGEVENT that does your lottery stuff and saves the data to a file. Your random event would then read in that file for the number of the day. Easy, eh?

07/04/05 LordNews List #3 message. Note: Im posting this to both sponsored mailing lists to try to get this in front of as many people as possible. I really would like feedback on this one, so please! Speak up! With IGMS, when installing them, the igm itself just adds 2 lines to 3rdparty.dat and poof: The igm will be listed in "Other Places" .. Uninstalling was easy too. The igm just had to remove their 2 lines from the file. Adding Lady events to the forest isnt as simple. a &rnd needs to be updated, and then a case statement needs to be added for the event. Not all that tricky, really, but cumbersome, and really not as easy as it could be. So I've come up with a solution (I think.. Thats why I want peoples opinion). Lets assume that Bob Smith writes a new event, and he wants to distribute it. The event is in its own file, bobevent.ldy .. Somehow, lord.ldy's &rnd needs to be updated and a case statement for that event needs to be added.

Heres my thoughts.. bobevent.ldy would have 3 events in it. 1 named @#INSTALL .. 1 named @#UNINSTALL.. and the third named whatever Bob wants to name it. @#INSTALL would have some special Lady commands that specify the event to run, what file its in, the author, a unique id for the script (so people can easily upgrade their lady scripts), create subdirectories, etc. @#UNINSTALL would have some special Lady commands that remove any files that @#bobevent created, remove any directories from the @#INSTALL portion, etc and then @#bobevent would be the actual event. Im liking this idea. A lot. The only downside I can see is that each event would have to be in its own file. What do you guys think?

07/04/05 LordNews List #4 message. I asked Michael some questions about the Lord.ldy file editing, and about editing the test.ldy file, and this is his response: Donald Tidmore wrote, and I replied: >I assume you are primarily thinking of people adding entries to the >lord.ldy file. Yes. Only the lord.ldy file. test.ldy is meant as a developers tool, and should only be modified by the lady scripter themselves. Therefore, Im cutting out everything from your message that pertains to test.ldy. >So structure of lord.ldy probably needs a makeover, so the install/un-install >process will work better. Not necessarily. Though I probably will just to make things cleaner. Im also considering creating a subdirectory under lord called "events" where all lady scripts would live. the lord dir already has a ton of files in it, no need in adding a ton more. >Example: case item 6 runs either MerryMen or Uglystick. If someone >un-installed >uglyStick, how would the un-installer program know how to rewrite >case #6 to just >run MerryMen, and do without the IF-then-else code it currently has? I'd have to change the code from "@runsub UGLYSTICK EVENTS.LDY" to something more generic, such as "@runsub LORD LORD.LDY" >I know it would not mean anything to older versions of LORD, but is >there any way >for Lord 4.07, Lord/32, and Lord/x, when they are running Lady >scripts to have a >variable that tells the script what version of Lord is in use? Although this isnt related to the Lady event manager, and therefore shouldve went in its own email, Ill respond anyway. There is a lady command @verreq .. its used like "@verreq 407" meaning .. You must be running version 4.07 or better to run this script. If a script requires a certain version, but Lord isnt of a high enough version, the script exits with an error message telling the player to tell the sysop to upgrade.

07/04/05 LordNews List #5 message. Okay folks.. Ive mentioned that Im working on a way to allow sysops to cleanly install and uninstall Lady scripts. Here is some more detail on my thoughts. First and foremost.. Each event would have to be in its own file. And would contain at minimal 3 events.. @#INSTALL, @#UNINSTALL, and @#WHATEVER_THE_REAL_EVENT_IS. An example script file, assume this is in the file bigevent.ldy ...

@eventname BIGEVENT
@author Seth Able
@authid LORD1.2
@replace LORD1.1
@makedir bigevent
@runsub BIGEVENT &filename
@file bigevent/bigevent.txt

@del bigevent/*.*
@rmdir bigevent
@del &filename


@writeln You found an old man! Isnt he cute!  

Okay.. The sysop would download the script (zip/file) .. and put it in his lord directory. He would then go into Lordcfg -> Editors -> Events -> (A)dd Event .. Itd prompt for a filename, so he puts in bigevent.ldy .. Lordcfg would then run and process the @#INSTALL event.. Once done with that, LORD.LDY would be recreated with the new event added in. Later on, if the sysop decides to uninstall the event, he'd go into lordcfg -> editors -> events .. pick the event to uninstall, go into its submenu, and choose (U)ninstall .. LORD.LDY would be recreated without the event, and then lordcfg would run the event @#UNINSTALL from the bigevent.ldy Simple, eh? So what do all of the @commands in @#INSTALL mean?

@eventname BIGEVENT .. this is the @#EVENT to run.
@author .. the author of the event.

@authid LORD1.2 .. this would be a unique id to the event itself (not
unique to the author, but unique to the event!) .. I havent done any
coding concerning this yet, but this would be used so sysops could
easily upgrade their events..
@replace LORD1.1 .. LORD1.2 would replace LORD1.1 .. Again, not
something Ive started code on, but I think its a very needed piece of

@makedir  .. if the script creates files, and wants to store
those files in its own sub directory, this command would create that
subdirectory for you.

@codebegin ... @codeend .. everything in here is what would be added to
LORD.LDY .. up to 10 lines

@file bigevent/bigevent.txt .. This registers a file that will be used
by this script .. You can repeat this line up to 10 times, with a
different filename on each line.

And in the @#UNINSTALL section. First, any @file's from @#INSTALL
would be removed.  Then we process @#UNINSTALL.

@del bigevent/*.* .. Remove anything in the bigevent directory ..
@files's should cover everything that an event creates, but ya never

@rmdir bigevent .. Get rid of the subdirectory that was created for this

@del &filename ... &filename is a special variable. Ill get to it in a
minute. But basically, this command just deletes a file.

The &filename variable:  Imagine that Bob Smith creates a new
event, and stores it in the file bigevent.ldy .. and it has some
@runsub's in it that refer to its own file.. i.e. @runsub PART2
bigevent.ldy .. I install it on my game..

Then Joe Rootbeer creates another event, but saves it in a file
named bigevent.ldy too.. and it has @runsub WHATEVER bigevent.ldy ..

I go to install the second bigevent.ldy .. I see that the filename
already exists, so I rename Joe's file to joe.ldy .. This will work as
far as installing the event, but all @runsubs (and possibly the
@#UNINSTALL) would be broken.

Therefore. The coders would do a @runsub WHATEVER &filename .. To ensure
that theyre calling the WHATEVER event from the same file the @runsub is
in.   Neat and clean, eh? 

Note: I try my best to format text from email messages to look good in the HTML newsletter, so please ignore anything that looks strange as a result. Thanks, Donald. 07/07/05 note. 08/06/06: Will work on getting this section fully updated eventually. Michael released DOS LORD v4.07 on June 07th, 2006, which in a way was a birthday present for me . Work on the 32-bit versions was frozen and still is that way now. The Windows version works pretty well and it runs IGMs that are created using the Manndoor Toolkit. The OS/2 version runs fairly well, but does NOT run IGMs yet. I do not have usable info on status of Lord for Linux. Removed hyperlink for Michael's Chat Room which was dead. Removed hyperlink for which died in early 2006. See and for further information. Removed dead hyperlink for file.

12/23/06: One compilation of DOS LORD, LORD/32, LORD/2 (for OS/2), and LORD/X was released in late September 2006 as v4.08 Beta. All require the users to use a new v4.07 registration code, and all require complete game resets, as did v4.07. All LORD programming by Preslar has been dead since that time. His personal web-site has been fully inactive since late October 2006 when he started having only photos and YouTube videos accessible on it. The LordLegacy site has been fully inactive since June 2006 when DOS LORD v4.07 was officially released. Red LORD barline

LORD Authors Notes Section:

Donald Tidmore: July 2003: 08/09/03: Released current update of Outlands Tavern RHP Set on July 3rd. Released Forest Outhouse RHP Set on July 3rd. Released Ruined Castle v2.00 IGM on July 10th. Otherwise, took month of July off from Lord programming. Betas work info: L.O.R.D. Gambling Casino v2.03 sent out July 29th. Nice Hag - June 27 compile. Gateway, Forest Outhouse - July 04 compiles. Gem Trader - July 06 compile. Pawn Shop, L.O.R.D. Cavern, Rhp Toolkit, and Outlands Tavern - July 10 compiles.

August 2003: No programming news to report for month. September 2003: Started development of Turgeon's House v3.01 beta for Mike Ciesiensky on Sept. 15th. In progress: Pawn Shop, Gem Trader, Forest Outhouse, and Outlands Tavern. Released LORD Gambling Casino v2.10 IGM on Sept. 16th.

October 2003: Released The Nice Hag v2.14 for public usage on Oct. 05th. Will do Bandit event in IGM at a later date for version 2.20. Work progressing on Food/Drink menu coding for Outlands Tavern. November 2003: 11/07: Released The Gateway v1.2 and The L.O.R.D. Cavern v1.6 IGMs. 11/08: Released The Forest Outhouse v2.20 IGM, Forest Outhouse RHP Pack v1.05, and the RHP Toolkit v1.3 Utilities. 11/09: Released updates of LORD Cavern RHP Sets #1 and #2, v1.25; released LORD Cavern RHP Set #3 v1.00. 11/10: Released The Gem Trader v2.20 LORD IGM; and MZK Lord v6.00 LORD utility for Matt Marlor.

December 2003: 12/03: Released The Pawn Shop v3.00 LORD IGM officially on Dec. 02nd. 12/30/03 Notes: Placed Ken Weitzel's Seasons 2003 IGM into distribution on Dec. 15th. LADY/RHP script work done earlier this month: Gem Trader v1.18, Gem Fairy Trade v1.03, The Nice Hag v1.22 and v1.23, The Secret Alcove v1.28 (RHP), The Bandit v1.07, The Charm Tax v1.19, New Skill Use Point v1.04, The Outhouse v1.01, Polish Armour v1.11, Sharpen Weapon v1.11, Pretty-Stick v1.06, and Two Gems v1.05. Placed versions 2.00 and 2.20 of Marty's Mercantile IGM into distribution for Marty Blankenship after Christmas Day. Released The Pawn Shop v3.10 and The Love Shack II v2.00 officially on Dec. 30th. Both IGMs put into distribution on the 31th.

Notes on glitches with L.O.R.D. Cavern v1.6, The Gateway v1.2, The Forest Outhouse v2.20, and the RHP Toolkit v1.3 programs. Discovered situation with players with near-max or maxed-out Experience points, where some RHP script events would wipe out stats, such as Experience. Problem traced to rewards tipping field beyond either the MaxInt or MaxLongInt Pascal constants, which caused the adjusted LORD stat amount to go negative. There was a second glitch in the RHP units Num_Bounds function that then resulted in the player losing their entire Experience Points stat. Problem has been fixed in The Outlands Tavern v1.4H beta. Will re-open the other programs next month and re-release them with the updated Num_bounds related code.

January 2004 Notes: 01/02: Officially released The Outlands Tavern v1.5 LORD IGM. Will complete work on remaining parts of Food/Drinks Menu at a later date this year. Resumed work on The Pawn Shop on Dec. 31th, after finding glitch with handling of Owner Salary payments. IGM is currently v3.12 beta. 01/04: Released Turgeon's House v3.20 officially tonight. Also released RTE200 patch of Jenny's Kitchen v1.5 IGM, which I got from Marty Blankenship. It has been tested in Lord v4.07 beta after patching and seems to work properly. (Removed IGM from circulation at author's request 02/07/2004.) 01/05: Fixed some documentation glitches in Outlands Tavern. Recompiled IGM as v1.5a, and re-released it for official usage as 01/06: The Nice Hag v2.15 beta is now available for BBS beta testing with The Bandit event coded, tested, and enabled. When player encounters Bandit in the IGM, they only lose 25% of their Gold and Gems. Visiting the IGM more than 5 times a day will trigger the Bandit's appearance also. 01/07: Resumed work on The Ruined Castle IGM, as v2.01 beta. 01/23: Resumed work on Turgeon's House, with v3.21 beta. 01/27: Started work coding Violet's Cottage II IGM on the 26th. So far, First Floor events are fully coded. ATM Service and View Stats are other portions that are fully usable. Received Hiding in the Shadows IGM code from Kenneth Padgett on the 26th. Will start update work on it soon.

02/03/04: Hiding in the Shadows v1.54 beta is available for beta testing from the web-site, and is fully functional. Violet's Cottage II v0.40 beta is progressing. Second Floor and Basement events were finished at end of January. Kitchen and Bathroom events are now fully usable. 05/23/04: Released The Ruined Castle v2.20 LORD IGM.

07/03/04: Released The Pawn Shop v3.40 IGM. Violet's Cottage II is in v0.95 final beta stage, and will be released shortly officially as version 1.00. Hiding In the Shadows will be released soon as version 2.00. And Turgeon's House v3.30 will be released next week. Work on L.O.R.D. Cavern, Outlands Tavern, and RHP Toolkit was resumed in mid/late June 2004. All three are available for beta test downloads from the web-site. Realm of Lore IGM's Config utility is fully updated, but the IGM itself is not available for BBS testing yet. August News: 08/03/04: I turned the Lord Gambling Casino IGM over to Chris Martino on June 26th for support and development. So anyone who wants/needs support for it should contact Chachi. He is already at work on the IGM's update. I released Turgeon's House v3.30 officially on July 14th.

September News: 09/15/04: Reopened Forest Outhouse IGM for new development. 09/27/04: Finished work on Hiding in the Shadows v2.00, and did official release of it. Still working on fine-tuning Violet's Cottage II. October News: 10/23/04: Stephen Gibbs found a problem with Shadcfg.exe's operation while using H.I.T.S. v2.00. That was quickly fixed, and as of Oct. 03, 2004, the IGM now allows the user to configure the IGM for between 1 and 5 visits per day. Initial changes to the IGM included reduced punishment for captured vault robbers at Stephen's request. Fixed some usage aspects of Garden of Lust and the Large Man. Added fully tested code for new wish in Wishing Well event for Sex Change on Oct. 05th. Added fully tested code for second new wish, Flirt with Violet Again, also on the 5th. Stephen reported that IGM was not working properly when played remotely, and he worked on the program between Oct. 06 and Oct. 12 to fix the BBS usage issues. On Oct. 19th, I finished work on the Violet Flirt wish, and added code for Flirt with Seth Able Again wish, which is fully tested. IGM is currently at v2.07 beta, and the URL is:

10/23/04: Work on my latest IGM, Kiteria's LORD Bank, began on October 01th, 2004. It is currently at v0.40 beta, and is in beta testing on Stephen Gibbs's Australia BBS, and at other sites. It allows players to access their LORD Gold in Hand and Gold in Bank stats inside the IGM. Players also have a 2 Billion Gold in IGM Bank account. First stage work was completed when the IGM started protecting Gold Balances between days. Second stage work is underway, featuring Gems Banking, where players have a 500 Million Gems Bank account. Maximum size of the Gems account may be changed at a lower time to a lower value. IGM will be released as first official version once the Gems and Gold Banking code is verified as working properly by my beta testers. Next stage work will be to allow players to transfer Gold and Gems from their IGM Bank accounts to the other player's IGM Bank accounts. People wishing to play the new IGM need to be aware that bank balances will be lost when each new primary development starts, due to player database format changes making it impossible to continue using the old database data. (Officially released on Jan. 11, 2005.)

10/15/04: Reopened development of The Gateway IGM. It now uses and GW-Extra.cfg files. It is currently at v1.2B beta, as of Oct. 23rd. Turgeon's House was also reopened for short-term development to fix remote BBS usage glitches on the 15th. It is currently at v3.32 beta. The two IGM's URL's are: and Apologies for taking so long to finish this issue, but I've been easily sidetracked to other things the past few months.

12/01/04: Officially released Turgeon's House v3.40 LORD IGM. Working towards getting final testing done on Hiding in The Shadows v2.15 and on my newest IGM, Violet's Cottage II v1.00. 02/16/05: Officially released Belgarion's LORD Lady Scripts v1.50 on December 07, 2004. Officially released Violet's Cottage II v1.00 LORD IGM on December 25, 2004. IGM is my second tribute IGM dedicated to Trevor Herndon. It was my fifth solo LORD project. Officially released Kiteria's LORD Bank v1.00 LORD IGM, which is dedicated to Suzanne Franklin. This was my sixth solo LORD project. Officially released Kiteria's LORD Bank v1.20 LORD IGM on Feb. 16, 2005. Officially released Kiteria's LORD Bank v1.30 bug-fix IGM update on Feb. 23, 2005.

March 2005: Officially released Turgeon's House v4.00, now based on ANGEL tool-kit; and The Love Shack II v2.20 LORD IGMs on March 21, 2005. Re-opened development of The Gem Trader IGM, and started development of Doofus the Gnome IGM on March 23, 2005. April 2005: Started development of The Werewolf II IGM on April 13, 2005. I turned over Realm of Lore IGM to Chris Martino for support/maintenance in early April 2005. May 2005: Chris is making Lord/32 versions of Chasware LORD Player Editor, Kiteria's Lord Bank, The Nice Hag, The Ruined Castle, Turgeon's House, and Violet's Cottage II for me. He also will handle 32-bit version of Hiding In the Shadows. 05/18/05: Officially released Belgarion's LORD Lady Scripts v1.60 and Hiding In The Shadows v2.50 LORD IGM. June 2005: 06/09: Released The Gateway v1.3 and The L.O.R.D. Cavern v1.7 LORD IGMs. 06/11: Recompiled LORD Cavern v1.7 after discovering/fixing a small glitch. Released The Forest Outhouse v2.50, The Outlands Tavern v1.6 LORD IGMs; and RHP Toolkit v1.4 LORD utilities. Re-classified status of Joshua Eckerman's 4 LORD IGMs, whose source code is currently lost, thanks to the U.S. Postal Service. Arrangements are in progress with Doug Rhea for me to handle updating Lord Life IGM for him.

Summer 2005 programming: With assistance from Jay Hodges, I started learning 32-bit LORD Programming in early July 2005. Conversion of Outlands Tavern and Hiding in the Shadows igms to ANGEL tool-kit will be started sometime this year. I will work on a recreation of David Simmons' Shauna, Princess of Sorcery IGM at some point. 08/22/05 Notes: Work is in progress on Chasware LPEdit, Chasware Lpedit/32 - for Lord/32, Doofus the Gnome, Gem Trader, LordStat, The Love Shack II, The Pawn Shop, Violet's Cottage II, and Werewolf II. I've created Player Database Editor utilities for use with Gem Trader, Doofus, Kiteria's Lord Bank, Pawn Shop, Violet's Cottage and Werewolf igms since July. Updates of Nice Hag, Ruined Castle, and Turgeon's House will be done this fall. As of 08/09/05, I have re-assumed ownership of Lord Gambling Casino and Realm of Lore IGMs. ANGEL versions of The Gateway, The Forest Outhouse, and The L.O.R.D. Cavern will be started sometime later this year. At some point, I will be working on Lord Life igm for Doug Rhea. I am also working on the Free World II Lord/32 IGM that Chris Martino created and then abandoned following his disappearance in late May 2005. I have source code for his unfinished Pony's Coffee Shop Lord/32 igm also, but have no current plans to work on it.

September-December Notes: 11/30/05: I have two Lord/32 programs in development: ChasWare Lpedit/32 and Free World II. I located George Batalias, Jr., but he has been unable to get any response from the guy who was storing his old computers which has the Free World's source code on them. So the Free World DOS Lord IGM is officially un-supportable. I have several Lord IGM utilities in progress: ChasWare LPEdit, ConvBank, ConvHits, DoofEdit, JackEdit, KLBEdit, LordStat, ShadEdit, ShopEdit, and WolfEdit. Lastly, these DOS LORD IGMs are in development: Doofus the Gnome, The Gem Trader, Hiding In the Shadows, Kiteria's LORD Bank, The Pawn Shop, Realm of Lore, The Village Hut, and Werewolf II. I assumed support and authorship of The Village Hut from its author, Ken Davis, on Nov. 22nd. Work on Realm of Lore was resumed in late October 2005. Stephen Gibbs is assisting me with development of Realm of Lore and Village Hut currently, and has done other much appreciated IGM coding and testing for me of other programs this year.

11/30/05: I officially released RHP Toolkit v1.5 on Sept. 20, 2005; Vio2Edit v1.00, TurgEdit v1.00, Turgeon's House v4.20, and Violet's Cottage II v1.20 on Oct. 12, 2005. 12/20/05: I officially distributed Lord Cops v2.00 for Michael Preslar, and Tis The Season Xmas 2005 for Ken Weitzel. 12/22/05: I officially distributed CrossRoads Inn v1.00 for Craig Lang, and Love Shack II Player Database Editor v1.00 for myself. Fionacat's Runt-Abu's Home Lord IGM will be released sometime soon. Red LORD barline

Active LORD Authors Contributions:

Marty Blankenship -- Gamemaster BBS web-site -- telnet:// --
ICQ #4458423 -- Fidonet address: 1:2320/303.
08/12/03: 07/29: Received Dave's Inn v1.00 from Marty for public distribution, which was done on July 31th. Marty is working on Marty's Mercantile and changing its install procedure to work like Dave's Inn. He expects to have version 2.00 released before Christmas. 07/31: Asked Marty if he had received any feedback on the Mercantile. And no one besides myself has given him any. You sysops out there should be ashamed of yourselves when you forget to at least compliment a BBS author for releasing updates of their programs, I think. Marty is running an InterBBS LORD game that offers the following IGMs: the Vanadia IGMs, Pawn Shop (old version), Graveyard 3.3, Marty's Mercantile, Let's Go Fishing, Barak's House 1.00, Dweebo the Geek's Clubhouse, and Violet's Cottage. His BBS is open from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am EST Monday-Friday, and all day on Saturday and Sundays.

12/29/03: 12/18 LordNews List msg. I have been working on version 2.0 of Marty's Mercantile. So far I have added the install and uninstall inside of the IGM the same way that I did with Dave's Inn. I have added the gauntlets, cleaned up some of the displaying of the prompts. Fixed it where it will start writing to the daily log when a person plays the IGM. Version 1.7 wasn't writing to it all the time. I have a couple of more things to add to it before it is ready to be released. Have you ever been in a department store and the make an announcment that a vendor is demonstrating an appliance or knives or something similar. You go watch the demo and they give you something free just for taking the time to watch? I want to add something like this to it as well, just got to figure out what I want to demo and what the freebie would be. This may have to wait for a later version, but I promised a new version around Christmas and it looks like I'll make good on my promise. :)

12/30/03: 12/26 info. Received Marty's Mercantile v2.00 from Marty. He initially released it on the 22nd, but found a small flaw and had to recompile it. This release version has a marty.exe file dated 12-25-2003. File name is, and it is available from the LORD IGMs Page, and other locations, including Marty's BBS. 12/28/03 info: Reported a couple of glitches to Marty with the new IGM release, which he fixed with version 2.20. Marty is planning further work next year on Marty's Mercantile and with Dave's Inn. The glitch with v2.00 involved having two entries made in 3rdparty.dat and lognow.txt for the IGM when the Configure and Install processes were executed. The next version of Marty's Mercantile will charge for the gauntlets. New filename is

04/08/04: 12/28/03 info: No feedback received yet on Dave's Inn v1.00. I've been thinking about updating that one as well. I need to figure out how if a person sleeps in the Inn, the next day, when they go back into Lord, the IGM would be able to say something else when the player was returned to the IGM. I read your post in the newsletter about the configure part of Marty's Mercantile. I had it going to the wrong spot in the program instead of jummping back to the beginning. I got it fixed and now it's at version 2.2. Here is the newly updated and fixed version. In a later version I'll get it to charge for the guantlets instead of giving them away. I wanted to make good on my promise to get a new version out. DGT: The new filename is, and it is available from the lordapps.htm web-page.

04/08/04: 01/01/04 info. I think I found out what Lord is doing with the out.* files during maint. I had a player in the IGM overnight other than myself and his out.* file didn't get deleted, just mine. I think Lord is deleteing out.0 during maint as I'm player 0 in player.dat. I'm able to go back to the IGM any other time except during Lord maint. You may have been lucky just because your players weren't player 0. Place your player 0 in an overnight IGM and see if it doesn't get deleted during maint. It's the only thing that I can come up with because every other time it is working fine. (Note: I did as Marty suggested and experienced the problem also, in early January.)

04/08/04: I never could find the place where I downloaded the Jenny's Kitchen, but I did zip up the files for the IGM. It is version 1.5 which I am attaching to this message. (DGT Note: Later found the IGM's author and he requested that all copies of be removed from circulation.) I found someone else that has used the QWKIGM library and got his IGM. The only thing is I had to use my old install program to install it because he left out the install program in his zip file. The name of the IGM is called Cathedral of Nalishar. I am going to try and track him down to see if I can take over updating his IGM. (DGT Note: This IGM is by one of the lost Lord authors, who can't be located via search engine research.)

12/28/04: Marty released version 2.5 of Marty's Mercantile on Christmas Day. It is accessible from his BBS, and from my LordApps Page, and other sources.

Chuck Brogan -- Acad's World -- -- telnet://
09/10: 09/07/03. I'm still alive and somewhat active. After two years I have finally started updating the hints file for WT-Lord. So far I have only updated the acronyms for Joseph's Revenge, Bob's Beer, Dodge City; and added Lady Cara's Tea Parlor. I've also put the IGMs in alphabetical order. I'm somewhat unsure of some of the rewards or punishments but I'll show what I have figured out anyway. I'll continue to work on this file a little each week until I finish with it, well, maybe never really finish as that are so many secrets that still remain to be found. I've dropped my Internet Maine web site. The correct URL to use is now: . The most current hint file can be viewed there or downloaded in zip format. I also have the week's previous update on my Road Runner web page, however I'm not updating that site as often as it needs, so much work that I don't have the time for it at the present.

10/07/03: Chuck Brogan has released a new update of his WT-Lord IGM Hints web-page, and its archive version.

Mike Dillon -- Crystalline Realms (CLOSED)
12/29/03: 11/01 LordNews List msg: To write an IGM for LORD in C or C++ is relatively simple. First you need to use a toolkit (I recommend OpenDoors because it's still being handled by several people that are experienced in C and C++). You can tell opendoors to not load standard drop-files (e.g. door.sys, etc). You can set it up to read the LORD drop-files that it sends for IGMs to read (you can find the info on these files in the comments of either my C++ version of the (LORD) Structures or the original structs given in the LORD archive.) After you set up and read those files, you just perform normal door activities (using the doorkit's functions like od_printf()). From there you just need to write the output file that LORD will read if you are going to change any of the user's stats. That file is also given information to in the structs file. I have never written a C or C++-based IGM for LORD, but I have looked it up and know that opendoors is capable of handling it really quite easily. I hope some of this information helps.

Michael Everett (no valid email address) -- Telnet:// (CLOSED) -- No web-site. -- LORD Files site
No programming activity. Takes care of the Nightfall Games BBS server, which is the current, primary source for LORD programs. Location is 04/08/04: 12/22/03 info. My poor bbs server finally kicked the bucket so to speak and I'm planning on building my new server this week. I've got all the parts in besides the ram! I really hope the ram gets here before x-mas as my BBS has already been down for like 2 weeks. Also we are upgrading web servers next month so if we have some downtime with the IGMs web-site that might be the cause . I'm gonna try and make everything as transparent as possible though!

09/25/06: Removed Supercolored Monsters Page link. It stopped working several months ago. Removed email link - it stopped working in late August 2006. Removed telnet link and web-site link for same reason. FTP server and web-site were discovered to be off-line on Saturday night, Sept. 23rd, 2006. 09/30/06: Replaced hyperlinks for his email address and Nightfallgames site. It was offline periodically during September 2006 due to trouble with hackers. 12/23/06: Both email addresses used by Michael went dead in early November 2006, and are still dead now. The NightFallGames server is still operational. The Bobo's BBS Telnet site is dead, as of today's check. No info has been available from anyone on what happened to Everett.

Jay Hodges -- -- BackAlley Software -- ICQ #37314895
BackAlley Church/32 Lord/32 IGM Beta Page -- telnet://
06/10/05: Jay has been working on recreating BackAlley Church, using MannDoor, for Lord/32 usage with assistance from Chris Martino and Michael Preslar. You can download v5.0a from his web-site and help with its development by providing feedback. Jay has been very helpful to me in my recreation of his Werewolf IGM as well in the past two months. 03/14/06: Jay is now using jay (at) for LORD-related email. He is working on Pony's Coffee Shop LORD/32 IGM that I had source code to, which was created by Chris Martino in early 2005 before his disappearance.

Joseph Watson -- joecode WT-LORD IGM Page (new URL 04/16/07) Main WT-LORD Page (DEAD)
WT-Lord Discussion Board -- Alternate Email: jmwatson@cox-
Joe's WT-Lord News Letter - July 2004

07/27/04: Added current URLs for Joe's WT-Lord Newsletter which was last updated on July 04th, 2004, and for the Wt-Lord Discussion Board. Joe released The Trailer House IGM on May 16, 2004. An update of The Twilight Zone was released on April 13, 2004. The current address for the Discussion Board is: Probably due to Javascript issues, some of Joe's web-site pages are not accessible using Netscape v4.80. Another new IGM is titled "Shut the Pie Hole", and it was released on April 13 also.

12/28/04: Joseph Watson updated his web-site today with all of the WT-Lord IGMs he has released this year. These are the new IGM version updates: Joseph's Revenge v2.00, Twilight Zone v2.20, Merry Christmas v3.00, Rue Morgue v2.10, EverGreen Cemetery v3.30, Shut the Pie Hole v1.20, The Witch Doctor's Hut v3.30. New IGMs posted are: Rhonda's Romantic Single's Club v1.10, and Trailer House v1.10.

09/21/05: Joseph has changed his email address to (Remove -NOSPAM before using email hyperlink. He has taken his BBS down so it can be relocated. The Trailer House v1.3 was released on May 1st, 2005. The last WT-Lord Newsletter done was for March. He was working on an update for Lady Cara's Tea Parlor in June. He interviewed me for his July newsletter, but has not put it online yet. He's had trouble with his computers all summer. The BBS system has to be rebuilt, and he's had trouble with his wireless Internet service. He sold his house and is moving to a new one this month. His new internet service provider is Cox Communications. Although he's had computer problems, he has not lost any of his programming code/program files. 10/06/05: Web-site is back online.

12/23/06: Joseph has changed his email address. The new one is jwatson (at) He has not released anything since July 2006 when he released four IGM updates. Joseph's Revenge v2.1 was released on July 17, 2006. The Twilight Zone v2.5 was released on July 24, 2006. And The Mad Mage's Tavern v3.0 and Up Country Fishing v2.0 were released on July 26, 2006. 04/16/07: Nothing has been officially released by Joseph since July 2006. 01/23/08: I have had zero contact with Joseph in over a year, and his web-site appears to be dead. All of his WT-Lord IGMs/Utilities are presumed to be dead. His main WTLord page has been non-functional for over a year.

No entry until needed: Paul Koukos, Chris MacPherson, Rick Parrish, Bryan Turner, Charlie Wardick. 09/21/05 Notes: Charlie is out of BBS programming completely in 2005. I'm going to be handling support of his Changeling IGM since Frank Rauhaff is too busy to handle it. Rick seems to have disappeared, and his email address is not working, as of September 2005. Rick was working on update of Manndoor tool-kit, and its status is unknown currently. If anyone needs the latest available Manndoor files, they can get them from me or Jay Hodges. I located the author of Free World, George Batalias, Jr., and he is going to see if he can get his program code to me. He left his BBS computers with a friend a few years ago, and did not know when I heard from him if the guy still has them. Red LORD barline

Inactive LORD Authors Contributions:

Short note. Unless I am told otherwise, everyone not listed above this point is an inactive LORD author. You have to either actually be working on LORD, LORD II, or WT-LORD programs, release something in past six months, or be an active BBS webmaster/sysop to be classified as Active.

No entries until needed. Jay Hodges, Kelly Jeffery, Mike Dillon; Jim Koltz - AWOL status. WT-Lord section: Removed until someone sends in actual Tournament Lord info.

Orion Elder - no web-site
12/29/03: 11/01 LordNews List msg. Awhile back I asked about IGMs in C. Does anyone happen to know of any IGMs written in C with the source code released? I've recently started playing LORD again (WT-LORD, actually... but I can't see forking out $139.00 for wcCode when it has a rather limited use, in my opinion). I don't know if WT-LORD can run regular IGMs, but that doesn't really matter either way. I have an urge to code, and right now I'm more or less avoiding MUDs (I got rather fed up with the whole community).

I know someone mentioned some file or kit, but I can't seem to find the e-mail about it, anywhere. The reason I ask, is I'd like to see some examples of how a C language (or even C++, for that matter) IGM runs. If anyone knows if WT-LORD can run regular IGMs, that would also be appreciated, but, as I said, I've got the urge to code and want to see what I can crank out. :) Thanks much. Orion Elder. * Chronicles - * MUD-Con - * MUD Planet Administrator -

12/11/03: 11/18 LordNews List discussion on DOS LORD IGMs usage under WT-Lord: You gave me an idea. What would be nice would be if - and I don't even know if it's possible - a door could be written to run regular lord IGM's? We'd have to ask Joe (from Farpoint) if he knows of some way to create something like this... or even if it's possible..? Sorry for the late reply, it took me until just now to remember this. Back when I ran a BBS (long time ago), a friend gave me a copy of the WCCode stuff as a birthday gift (I lost it, and I'm forking out $139 for something I will likely not be using). But, while I had it, I wrote a little WCCode proggy I called Multi-Door.

The Purpose of Multi-Door was simple. It created 'temporary' drop files for use with the door games. Basically, it allowed a person amount of characters by modifying their name field to add a number onto the end. It cut down on people creating multiple-logins, as well as boosted players in my doors. I had it set up so that you could run any door game using multi-door. So, unless I'm forgetting everything completely (or it has changed drastically in the several years since I did anything), a WCCode program can execute external programs. Otherwise, my Multi-Door proggy wouldn't have worked at all. My players loved the thing, though, because it allowed them to 'name' the characters. All they had to do is run the menu entry for LORD, which opened Multi-Door, choose the number for the player they wanted to use, and voila. :)

The reason for my long-winded message is to basically say, I'm pretty sure an IGM could be written to run external IGMs. I.E., IGMGate or something... that is, if the WT-Lord drop file is the same, and uses the same mail codes. Otherwise, that would probably be a bad idea. ;) I'll leave that up to anyone who might be crazy enough to try.

12/29/03: 11/18 LordNews List info. That was, more or less, what I was getting at. I'm not sure how WT-LORD handles IGMs (some, I think, mentioned that it can't run DOS IGMs), hence my suggestion of creating a WCCode IGM that will run the DOS IGMs. IE in other places, IGM 32 = The Gateway. The Gateway would just be a specialized menu that could run a DOS IGM. It could even be set up to work seemlessly, instead of providing a menu. That way you just set up the Gateway to run . When they open that IGM from the 'other places' menu, just have it externally open the IGM, making any adjustments necessary. The key problem I can think of, since I would guess most of the mail codes are the same, would be if the players.dat (or whatever it is called), lists the players in a different format than the LORD players.dat. But, yes, I do believe it would greatly expand what could be done with WT-LORD. :) 04/08/05: web site no longer exists. Removed hyperlink.

Gary Hartzell -- Gary's Lord Page --
08/12/03: 07/08: I fixed the missing section of code in Merry Christmas, in v1.01, and I have also fixed up the text files for each RHP script. I would not mind having a 32-bit version of RHPTest when it becomes available from Jason Brown. Will do some more work on my other RHP scripts sometime soon. Note: was put into official distribution for Gary on the Camelot LordNews FDN. It and his other RHP script IGMs can be accessed from Gary's web-site, or from my web-site's LordApps Page. 04/08/04: 01/02/04 info: I haven't looked at LORD stuff in a very long time. There are three main reasons for this. First, the LORD game where I was pretty active went down. With being busy with work and the limited number of LORD games out there, I wasn't able to find another active LORD game, to get involved in, which I liked. Furthermore, I really don't want to host a BBS on my home computer anymore. I don't trust Windows enough anymore to allow anyone else to log into my computer. Working at a place that uses UNIX instead of Windows has made me paranoid of Windows at best. Second, I was waiting for LORD 32. Has there been any progress on this? Lastly, some of my ideas for IGM's would need to be programmed as stand-alone IGM's. I couldn't find a way to make them work using the Gateway's scripting language. Coding in 16-bit Pascal isn't really an option for me. So, between these reasons and Verizon eating my mail, now you know why I've been out of the loop. Note: If anyone has trouble reaching Gary, you can try using his gary (at) address.

10/23: 10/01/04 message: The server will mostly be my own customized game of LOGD. DragonPrime will still be the place for developers. I will be putting up a small web site dedicated to LORD/LOGD. But, I will point people looking for comprehensive coverage of LOGD to Dragon Prime and LORD to Castle Camelot. 10/17/04 message: Learned that Gary is discontinuing his email address, and he prefers that the new email address not be listed on web-sites. People can contact him through me, or via a contact page on his new web-site. It is located at, and will cover both LORD and LOGD (Legend of the Green Dragon). 10/20/04 message: Received updated documentation from Gary for his part of the Outlands Tavern RHP Pack archive (, which is available from my web-site and his site. He will update his LORD Gateway RHP Scripts at a later time to reflect his new email and web-site information. 10/23/04 message: The address will be closed down shortly. He is still working on the new web-site, and has designed a contact form for people visiting the site to use. He is also working on the new game server for playing LOGD. He is celebrating his sixth wedding anniversary tomorrow with his wife Nancy.

Duncan Idaho -- No email/web-site info known.
12/11/03: 11/19 message: Yes I'm still around. I'm in the middle of exams and assignments at the university. Last two weeks for the year. Just moved house also. Been a busy man. Got made a student representative at college for my entire level (90-odd students) and will be doing the same next year. Regarding my work on Lord2, etc, I've made stuff-all progress. Rather disappointing, but time just hasn't favoured me lately. I'll get there in the end. 04/08/05: Web-site does not exist yet. Still has "place-holder" page in use. 08/22/05: Status of site is unchanged as of mid-August 2005. 08/06/06: Duncan Idaho's email address no longer exists. Neither does his VirtualMatrix web-site. He is classified as a Dead/Former LORD II Author, and all of his BBS programs as classified as Dead now.

Rick Parrish -- -- ICQ #: 52881679
06/26/04: Learned from Chris Martino that Rick has released a new version of Manndoor. Info from Rick's site says the update is a recompile of the Virtual Pascal-specific units to be compatible with build 279. 07/03/04: Posted ZIP file,, to Camelot LordNews FDN containing Rick's manndoor.rar archive and a BBS file_ID.diz file. The RAR archive contains details on the revised structure of LORD's player.dat file which is used by the two betas of Lord/Linux and Lord/Windows.

Jacques Shake (no valid email) -- web-site (CLOSED) -- Ken Weitzel's files page (CLOSED)
01/13/04: 12/13/03 info: Jacques sent me Ken Weitzel's latest Tis the Season Xmas 2003 LORD IGM when it became available. It is available from under Ken Weitzel. All of his doors are there. The IGM ( was put into official distribution on the Camelot LordNews FDN, and on NightfallGames LORD Archives site, on Dec. 26th. (Yes I was slow about posting it online.)

12/13/03 Fidonet posting: Ken Weitzel's latest Seasons 2003 LORD IGM is available for download from Look for the link to Ken Weitzel's page. You can also find all of Ken's other doors on the same page. Enjoy and please give Ken some feedback to show your appreciation. If you have questions, you can contact me at Jack. 04/08/05: The URL for the Weitzel page is: 12/23/06: Jacques Shake's web-site disappeared in November 2006. His email address is also dead, and he has not been on any Fidonet BBS-related echoes in recent months.

Ken Weitzel -- Ken's web-page (CLOSED)
12/19/05: Ken's old email address,, is no longer in use. He is now using KWeitzel (at) To use the email hyperlink, remember to remove the "-NOSPAM" portion before sending a message. He's finished the Seasons 2005 LORD IGM and it is available from him via email. 12/20: Posted the IGM to Camelot LordNews FDN, Castle Camelot web-site, Fidotel BBS, and to the server. 12/23/06: Ken is unresponsive to email since November 2006. His web-page ceased to exist in late November 2006 when Jacques Shake's BBS disappeared along with Shakes's web-site. Ken recently re-appeared on Fidonet but has not given info on the situation. He failed to release an update of Tis The Season Xmas for 2006. All of his LORD IGMs have been reclassified as dead.

Bryan Stanbridge -- Purple Frog Productions Homepage
Purple Frog Files page
08/12/03: 07/16: I am not getting back into IGM programming, as of yet. However, a few new exciting opportunites have arisen for me, which includes possibly a new telnet BBS. Obviously if I end up with one, I will probably start coding again. I've updated my web-site and I have new forums there at: Both of these avenues should become useful resources for users of my IGMs, (and if enough people start visiting the forums, for other things). The Apothecary v1.76, Grizelda's House v1.76, and Lord Suburbia v2.01 are available on the site through the sites, and they are the current official versions. If you're curious as to what I've been doing this whole time, you can check out which is an online RPG, without all the graphical bells and whistles. 04/08/04: 01/02/04 info: At this point, all of my development time is spent on The Arena online game, located at As for my LORD IGMs, anyone wishing to register them just needs to write me an email with their Name and BBS name data.

Shannon Talley -- BBS site
telnet:// -- Icerage Technologies --- LORD Cheats Page --- Fidonet: 1:275/311
08/09/03: Shannon returned home in late July 2003 from his naval duty. He has done work to stabilize the LordNews and Ladyscripts Lists so members can do subscribe/unsubscribe requests again. Both lists now require confirmation for new members. 09/10/03: Received 09/03/03. "The key-maker and programmer of WT-Lord, Joe Marcelletti, has been MIA for several months. I have no idea where he is. Thusly, the Icerage web-site has been simply changed to reflect that IceRage no longer supports WT-Lord nor provides registrations. If Joe ever resurfaces, then we'll change things back and make an announcement." Note: Removed Icerage URL from entry header.

10/21/03: Shannon got the Fidotel BBS up and running again early last week, using Cox Internet Business Services. If anyone is linking to Fidotel sites using "", the :81 part is no longer needed. He is still living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is hosting a new WT-Lord Tournament beginning in November and lasting about a month. It is the annual "turkey shoot" Lord tourney, with a nice dragon statue to the victor. He usually gets close to 50 contestants each year. Here is the advertisement:

10/21/03: -=-=- Come one -=-=- Come All -=-= To the Thieves -=-=- To the warriors -=-=- To the wizards who dabble in magic! -=-= A call to arms has begun!! -=-= FidoTel Proudly Sponsors another "Annual Lord Turkey Shoot". An incredible dragon statue goes to the one who is victorious!!! The Tournament will start the morning of November 23rd, and will end the morning of December 1st (Eastern Time). May the Victor enjoy their spoils! ---

12/29/03: 11/12 Fidotel news. Hello FidoTel Surfers, The LORD tournament is currently underway. If you didn't join in, it's not to late to go enjoy the fun. FidoTel has gotten back to basics, and enhanced what FidoTel was founded for... FidoNet Echomail. We have weeded out some of the old echos, but we plugged in another 81 brand new echos!! So, stop by and check them out. Tip: Send a blank Email (doesn't matter what's in it) to, and FidoTel will respond with a list of all Fidonet and World Wide Backbone conference areas & the associated Fidotel Conference Number. The Email can be saved as a text file for future reference so you can "Search" it for your favorite conference.

12/11/03: 11/18 LordNews List discussion on DOS LORD IGMs usage under WT-Lord: Response to Orion Elder message. Shannon: Well - Wildcat! Winserver can and does run DOS based doors already. However, in WTLORD - it would be great to be able to run DOS based IGM's... I don't know if it uses the same mail codes or 'what'.. And - I also know a trick would be to bring the variables/money/etc.. back into the game after the door is finished. Wow.. Something like that would certainly open up WTLord to a new level!

Janet Terry -- The Realm of Vandora (CLOSED) -- ICQ #: 6695096
05/29/04: 05/10/04 email: It's been long enough, but we are finally back up and running on our home server. Now we have access to our mailing lists and such. It is a good day. Looks rainy in Ohio. Another work day. Another day of blessings. At least we have jobs and can earn money. Some folks lost theirs. Mother's day was good for me. I came out like a bandit. Kids visited. Gave me some memorial gifts and a great dinner. Hope everyone is doing ok. Let me hear from you. Janet. Just My Best, Inc. An Elite Publishing Company. -- URL -- e-mail -- P.O. Box 644, Springboro, Oh 45066 -- Phone 937-748-4277 - Fax 937-748-4098. 04/22/05: Got newsletter from Janet, and she is currently using jsueterry (at) email address. Revised header info. 08/06/06: Janet's Vandora Software web-site was closed last year, as was her domain. No one is currently supporting her WT-LORD programs, which are all classified as Dead programs currently. Her primary work continues to be in the romance books writing/publishing industry.

Bryan Turner -- Vagabond Software -- Vagabond LORD Page --- -- ICQ #: 106168174 -- BBSNews.Org Site
Software Registration Page--- Pegasus Flight BBS - telnet:// -- Operation OverKill Page
12/11/03: 11/18 LordNews List discussion on DOS LORD IGMs usage under WT-Lord: Response to Shannon Talley message. Bryan: You know that Manning, over at, wrote an IGM/32 door to test his LORD 32 IGMs. Although he did not go any further, he could probably pop it to a DOS door with no effort. Since he used MannDoor, it does cross-compile. 03/25/04: Rick Parrish's URL has changed to

12/11/03: 11/20 LordNews List message. As most of you know, I have not been doing much coding as of late due to personal problems. Although Robby Dittmann came back into the swing of things a few days ago. For those that don't know, Robby and I (well really Robby), wrote Seasons 97 for Lord 2. Since the time of year is coming closer, we are now releasing Seasons 03 for Lord 2. You can get it from the Lord Page or you can get it from here (using this hyperlink): Seasons O3 For Lord 2 Have fun and Remember to donate to a charity this year! DGT Note: I've posted to the Camelot LordNews FDN, so it can be accessed there in the Lord2Fil directory. It is also posted to the Nightfall Games LORD Archive site as in its Lord2 IGMs Directory.

11/29/04: Bryan's Vagasoft BBS News Page is now located at 04/08/05: Revised entry header info. 10/24/06: Deleted dead link for VagabondSoft mailing list. Added headers entry link for his Operation Overkill site. Revised headers entry link for his Pegasus Flight BBS, which is now using telnet:// He is discontinuing all usage of email registration for all of his BBS programs. Info obtained from his web-site pages. 07/01/08: Bryan stopped doing BBS programming completely. The Vagabond Software is now located at, and his old site no longer exists. Red LORD barline

Lost LORD Authors Contributions:

Covers authors of LORD, LORD II, and WT-LORD programs who have vanished in the 2003-2006 time period.

Chris Martino (no valid email) -- OddWare (Closed June 2005)
01/22/04: Located new LORD IGM "The Land of the Free" on Oddware web-site -- 05/29/04: Located one new LORD utility on the OddWare site, which is now at Lord2Html v2.10 was put into limited distribution by me on May 23rd on the and FTP servers. Due to author's usage of extended filename,, I chose to not try renaming it for Fidonet posting. Located two new IGM updates on OddWare site: Land of the Free v1.1b and OddWorld v1.1b. Both igms were posted to my Fidonet FDN site on April 16th, 2004.

04/08/05: I've turned over Realm of Lore IGM, created by Paul Mullins, to Chris. He will handle its future support and development. Chris is developing 32-bit versions of my LORD programs for Lord/32 beta usage: Nice Hag, Ruined Castle, Love Shack II, Violet's Cottage II, Kiteria's Lord Bank, and Chasware LPEdit. He is handling the updates of all of the Joseph Masters' LORD programs for Michael Preslar, and is developing 32-bit version of Robert Fogt's original Outhouse IGM. See News page on web-site for non-LORD OddWare News.

07/02/05 Notes: Chris Martino vanished in late May 2005 and has not been heard from since early/mid-May. All software in progress by him is now classified as dead. I will handle all 32-bit program versions of my igms in the future with Jay Hodges' assistance. The OddWare web-site closed down in late June 2005. I do not know who will take over work on the Joseph Masters LORD programs for Michael Preslar. 08/22/05: The Telnet link is no good. As of 08/09/05, I have re-assumed my authorship of the Lord Gambling Casino and Realm of Lore LORD IGMs after waiting three months for Chris to show up again. I have also adopted his unfinished FreeWorld II Lord/32 IGM, which I had source code for. I also have source for his Pony's Coffee Shop Lord/32 igm but have not done any work towards compiling and testing it.

Tim Smith (no valid email) -- Warzone BBS Page (CLOSED)
01/22/04: Author of Biggies Smoke Shop and Wizards Keep LORD IGM programs. Biggies IGM re-released in early January 2004 by author, but with same version number and archive filename ( as was used in original release in November 2003. Obtained Biggies IGM update from Oddware site: -- which is for programs by Eli Sanford, Time Smith, Solitude (Frank Rauhaff), and some others. Obtained Wizards Keep IGM from the Warzone BBS web-site. Released both IGMs to Fidonet, other normal distribution channels on Jan. 22nd, 2004. 07/07/05: Removed email info. Email address no longer exists. All BBS programs by Tim Smith are now classified as Abandoned/Dead software, and he is now classified as a Lost Lord Author. 08/22/05: Web-site and Telnet site no longer exist.

Frank Rauhaff "Solitude" (no valid email/web-site)

12/11/03: 11/24: Asked Frank the status of his WT-Lord igms work. Frank: As for releasing anything WT-Lord wise, I looked at the source the other day, and am trying to remember where I left off. I just quit my second job. So now, I will have more time for programming, once I finish cleaning up my house for my appraisal, that is coming up soon. As for the LPEedit .. not really sure what that is.. but I'm always interested in converting stuff over for Wildcat Lord. I will let you know more as I progress in my programing :).

05/29/04: Learned in January 2004 that Bryan Turner was going to turn over development/support of Charlie Wardick's Changeling v2.00 LORD IGM over to Frank. Discussed matter with him and sent him the Changeling code that I had from Charlie, since he'd had trouble getting it from another source. Frank 01/29/04: As far as my programming goes I am still doing it. I am looking for beta testers to test it for me. I am working on school stuff for work to get certified for work, but once I finish that, then I will probably work on my stuff all the time.

08/06/06: I adopted The Changeling in late 2005 with Charlie Wardick's permission, and with Frank's knowledge and consent. I will eventually do a new ANGEL toolkit based version. Frank's email address quit working in early 2006. His only web-site is dead, and I see no point in listing its URL here. It appears to be abandoned. All Wt-Lord programs owned/created by Frank are classified as Dead. He never released any betas or official versions of anything he was working on. Red LORD barline

Max Larivee (Presumed dead) -- FieldSoft IGMs (CLOSED)
08/25/03: 07/07 info: I've been continuing work on my newer IGM. I get the feeling it will be a great one, since it modifies the way you finish a game with an intrigue. And it contains multiple buildings that could all be IGMs to themselves, if such was my wish. FieldSoft IGMs Entry: 07/07: A new BBS has joined the Distribution BBS List, listing banners and having the IGMs available for download as well as the IGMs themselves installed on a current LORD II game. I am releasing updates of my IGMs, which are SandLand Village v2.3 and HillSide City v2.3. Sandland had a bug in its compatibility with an NPC and the Mount Ice IGM. And HillSide City needed some rewriting, slight graphical changes and I added some new stuff.

Work is halted for the current moment on Barak's House for LORD II, as well as the LORD II Advanced project, because inspiration on other IGMs has my personal attention. Such as, I've started work on a large-content IGM called Dragon Tooth City, which will both raise fun for evil players, and intrigue for good players (when they attempt the final "Good Guy's Quest". I would like to remind people that we are still offering free LORD II IGM Tutoring, which has no "joining us" conditions, and that we're looking for an Ansi Artist and some new Authors with fresh ideas and perhaps a good sense of humor to spice up IGMs made by us. Other than that, a well-deserved web-site upgrade is underway, which should have our Links Section finally fixed! Oh, and PLEASE send comments, and perhaps suggestions, our way at cracktus (a)

07/09 info: Max released Mount Ice v1.1, after getting feedback from two distribution site BBS's about a problem, which is now fixed. He is staying very busy, working on creating over 20 new IGMs, and about a dozen IGM upgrades. He's got a lot done on his Dragon Tooth City project.

12/29/03: 11/24 info. A lot has happened to me in the past months. First off, I've moved (again), which temporarily cut off my internet provider (seeing it was on my roommate's computer). Also, I've bought myself a new PC, and I am yet to test Lord2 on Windows XP (otherwise I'll just go back to Win98). Work has, as you've guess, stalled, due to the change of PC I've been going through, as well as change in housing! It's purely temporary, you can bet I'll soon enough be back to work.

05/29/04: 01/18/04 Email: Dragon Tooth Island is slowly coming at bay, and hopefully will be finished soon. I've been given some suggestions about it, and so I further delayed the v1.0 to make it more bold and filled. I've also considered having a similar town for HighAlignment Players, but I'd have to find different activities, kinda like opposites or so. I'm also writing down all I can think of for a Stones! v2.0 that wouldn't come across other IGMs, making it more compatible, and getting back the ideas of what was in the initial v1.0 before it was given to FieldSoft IGMs, making it more diversified.

04/08/05 Note: Max has not been heard from since January 2004. has reclassified the L2:Scene web-ring as abandoned. I have similarly re-classified Max as a Lost Lord2 author/webmaster, and both web-sites are currently classified as Fully Inactive and Abandoned. 08/06/06: After waiting two years for Max to resurface, which never happened, I concluded like others have that he is dead. In early June 2006, I turned the Official Lord II IGM Archive Site over to Michael Preslar. Michael agreed to find a qualified Lord II manager for the site, or to run it himself. All LORD II programming has ceased to exist in the last 2+ years, other than what Preslar works on. As a result, no one else was around to handle the site, which I was entrusted with by Bobby Queen years ago. Max has been classified as Dead, but neither I or Doug Rhea have been able to get legal confirmation of that fact. His Fieldsoft IGMs site is dead, but Shannon Talley has been willing to leave it online. All LORD II programs created/adopted by Max are classified as Dead/Abandoned. All of Max's email addresses are dead. 10/24/06: All attempts to learn anything about Max's whereabouts/fate have been unsuccessful by me and Doug Rhea. He has been presumed dead since Summer 2005.

Max Larivee (Presumed dead) -- Official Lord2 IGM Archive (CLOSED)
(Dead Site. Turned over to Michael Preslar in Summer 2006.
08/25/03: 07/03 info: Jonathon J. Yeldon has updated GreenTree Mountain, and here is the file, attached with this email. It's version 2.01, and he now has a ReadMe File, as well as a File_Id.Diz and a version number on the archive file's name. It's now a five-star on the OL2I Archive. 07/07 info: OL2 IGM Archive Entry: We are continuing the full re-evaluation of every LORD II IGM, while keeping newer IGM releases a priority. We still have over a hundred IGMs to go through. The testing work has taught me the value of changing the way IGMs were rated, and of beta-testing them fully. Out of the rated IGMs, 4 are considered completely defective (some could be fixed, there's no such things as Source Codes in LORD II IGMs) and 10 are considered problematic (problems that allows the IGM to work, but that bothers the use of it).

Don't forget to join the LORD II: The Scene official web-ring if you have a web-site that is ever related to LORD II. We also offer help for those who wish to create new web-site (personal favorite IGMs, tips, walk-throughs, story, author release, BBS LORD II files, rumors, forums, ratings of your own, you name it!). Please also remember to have bulletins or whatever you need to publicize about you and/or LORD II in our bulletin section, all by sending us an email at cracktus (a)

Tim Smith Entry: 07/07: Max reports: Tim Smith has confirmed that he lost the source code to Biggie's Smoke Shop, and as of now doesn't expect to be re-writing it from scratch. On the other hand, he has another IGM called Wizard's Keep which he might release. It was initially created for his own personal use, which is his BBS (WarZone BBS, telnet at He has a few problems with it when it's used by on-liners, when the BBS is under Win2k (not tried under WinXP; works fine, or so users reported to him, when he was under Win98). Max reported in July that he had not obtained Tim Smith's email address yet. Tim uses the handle of MrProper on his BBS, I assume in his BBS games. As usual, Max promised to keep me informed of any additional Lord2 news he finds. Max rated Jonathon Yeldon's GreenTree Mountain 2.01 igm his "Featured IGM of the Month" in July. Once again, I thank Max for his dedication to the LORD II game, and his work on finding new Lord2 authors. 07/12: Received info from Max about Hilton Janfield's LORD III project idea, which is detailed in Hilton's entry. Donald.

08/29/03 - Max: I've been taking the month of August off, to enjoy the rest of Summer. The web-site has been upgraded for several banners and links, all to LORD II community web-sites. The Nominees for the 2003 Dragon Scale Award so far are Mount Ice v1.x and FrostGlint Keep v3.x, FGK being in the lead. I'm rather pleased to see more than a single IGM author in the LORD II community, and won't stop pushing to get more. The scripting techniques taught by many authors over the past years are helping to make each new IGM better than those produced previously.

A BBS Sysop going under the name of MasWarrior, of Warrior BBS, has freshly opened a Message Forum dedicated to LORD II, and offers to host Forums to anyone who wishes to. The Archive has itself his own category including two Topic Forums so far. The forum is phpBB compatible, offers many options including message, announcements and polls. MassWarrior may be reached on his forum, which is situated at through private messages. Users must register, but registration if of course free.

Rating IGMs should resume normally in early September as expected, though I continue until then to keep my eyes on the LORD II Scene, making sure I ain't letting adrift any question, comment or letters people my write, as well as checking on updates from any Active or Inactive LORD II related web-sites.

05/29/04: 01/18/04 Email: The website is due for an update, which I'll be doing soon as soon as I fetch out my web editor anew. The Webring is still active, and so far doesn't annoy members like it once did. Joel has put the WebRing Table on has website and has applied. I have validated him and he is added to the webring. He should be added to the top listings of my websites link pages soon. 04/02/05: Max has not been heard from since January 2004. Currently both of his web-sites are fully inactive, and classified as abandoned. has officially declared the L2:Scene web-ring as being without an owner.

06/10/2006: Max is assumed to be dead. I have transferred the Official Lord II IGM Archive Site over to Michael Preslar, who will find a new manager for it, or handle it himself. Until that is done, Shannon Talley has been continuing to keep the current L2Archive site operational at my request, for the past several months. 01/23/08: Preslar never put the site back online, so it is 100% dead. The old site can still be accessed at if you want to see it. Red LORD barline

Other LORD II Authors News Section:

04/02/05: Michael Preslar is the only person who is actively working on LORD II programming. Max Larivee has disappeared. Jonathon Yeldon is not actively doing LORD II igm work. Joel Gathercole is still off-line, but is still around up in Canada. 06/10/06: LORD II add-on programming is considered to be 100% dead.

Joel Gathercole -- No LORD2 web-site -- Alternate Email: or -- ICQ: 16277704
01/13/04: I'm back in 2004! I'm back working on the CNW project. Please come by and play at my new CNW GAME SERVER. This also means the iBBS LoRD2 is also back, so please requests are welcome. I've also lost a few updates of the last CNW pre-release, the files were dropped on the FTP server over 2 years ago. And now they are gone. If anyone out there that was grabbing files from the CNW FTP server back then, still has them, please contact me ASAP. There are a few files I'm looking for that do not exist in the current CNW, which I desperately need. Thanks. Joel Gathercole, VieDigi Inc., phone:1-514-739-9292, fax:1-514-905-0831, -

12/26/03 info. This is a lot to think about, upcoming releases and so on.. There will have to be a new release very shortly, to reflect my new status changes, such as re-opening the CNW server, and remove all that old web-site stuff and replace it with I need to first re-make that Java Lord2 thing, so ANYONE can play by just going to the web-page, I bet I can get players easily, it's just developers which would be tricky. Releasing the other IGMS will also be a huge task which I do not think I can do alone, or even should bother with. I would like to know of all the new (if any) Lord2 IGMs that were released from Dec2001-present. So I could put them in a new CNW. As for GamePort, I never did get a response from them. I will try to contact them again, and ask to purchase or transfer full reseller and developer rights. telnet://

01/13/04: 01/06/04 info. Hello everyone, This is Joel Gathercole, webmaster of and admin to LoRD2: Complete New World (CNW). I'd like to mention that the web-site is back up, and updated. Also like to mention the LoRD2:CNW game server is back up. telnet:// I would like to invite anyone who still enjoys LoRD2, to come by and play again. I'm preparing to release CNW v.137.2 patch in the coming days. ENJOY!

05/29/04: From Lord2 List Digest #157. Hello folks, The past couple of days I've been removing junk from the website, and am about to add in a proper igm rating system, plus a proper lord2 bbs list system. I've also moved a few things on the server side around. Please telnet to and not just, thanks. My girlfriend has started playing LoRD2 and loves it, she's been playing every day for like a week now. She has also pointed out many bugs that were not recorded and fixed. So, soon I'll also have a bug reporting tool on the website, so i can easily work on this stuff. The CNW server is still on a dish connection, slow upload speed, however it will be moved first week of July, as I am moving. My office here still does not have the 2gbs connection, (its just next door). As soon as we get this, I'm of course moving the web site and the cnw game server over there. Wahoo.. speed!! Enjoy. Greenie.

08/18/04: The domain is not available currently. Joel's registration ran out and he has not got things straightened out yet. He will be back online sometime soon.

Hilton Janfield. 08/12/03: 07/09: Hi, how are you? I must admit, I was surprised to find a recently-updated LORD 2 page... How active is the LORD 2 'community' today? I have been working on what we shall call "LORD 3" for some time. I am currently seeking permission from GamePort/RTsoft ... although I plan for it to be a free release. What it is intended to be is a single-player RPG, utilizing modern computers, although with a very "retro" look to it (modern 3d hardware is utilized, but the game is 2d, and the engine design is a cross between Final Fantasy II and LORD 2 itself (old-school graphics, screen-by-screen play)). The storyline will be based primarily on LORD 2's original storyline, and much of the original game design is retained, although my (on paper) plans call for a considerably expanded and more complete world, with a lot more history and gameplay. Completely non-linear gameplay is also part of the plan (as well as multiple story paths). Of course, IGM development (as well as New World) will be possible, as much like LORD 2, the entire game is scripted.

I have attached a couple of early development screenshots of the Stonebrook area for you to check out. (Note: screen layout has changed from a 640x480 (40x30 tile) to 800x400 (50x25 tile) layout to better match the sizing of the original game, and to give some UI space below the screen). I will be looking for some assistance in this project, if it is to go ahead, and was wondering if you or anyone else out there might be willing or able to help. DGT Notes: Hilton's screen pics are available from me via email or from him, if you wish to see them.

08/29/03: Max Larivee reports: "After a lot of chatter with Hilton Janfield, the engine he's preparing to use for his project is of greater scale than expected. It won't exactly work with pre-determined variables, but would have the possibility of as many items as you wish, as well as stretching the world map as wide as you'd wish. For instance, early plans stretches the distance between Stonebrook Village and GreenTree a lot, seeing (as how) StoneBrook Village is supposed to be so isolated from the rest of the world, perhaps with an elven forest in between as LORD II seems to mean. (Recall the Tree Elf Road on the map just right from GreenTree). Cities and villages would also be stretched a lot.

The Map Editor will also allow an infinite creation of the map, choosing between a lot of predetermined tiles such as those that will be found in the original game, or self-created tiles, allowing authors with more advanced graphical talents to add some never-seen-before landscape to it. Progress continues, but this is a long-term really large project, longer than creating a New World in LORD II, but it's coming around. No web-site is intended as of now as long the engine itself, and a user-friendly map creator isn't completed. From then on, the necessary info will be added to a web-site to allow people to start creating IGMs, or helping out Hilton Janfield himself on the original game content."

Tien Lung -- Godlike Productions (CLOSED)
05/29/04: 01/16/04 Email: I contacted Tien and asked him if he was still supporting his Lord2 programs. He was willing to turn them over to either Max Larivee or Joel Gathercole in January. I have not followed up on the matter since then. Following his troubles, reported in LordNews Issue #12, with a hard drive crash, Tien was able to recover some of his data files. A good friend who works at Symantec worked on the project for free, for him.

"I assume that by this time you are happily married. Send me details for the newsletter." Tien: I am more than happily married now. The wife and I are expecting our 1st born son any week now as she is now 8-9 months pregnant. So I guess I'll be getting very busy soon :) I asked Tien about his web-site status, and this is his response: I have discontinued trying to resurrect the old website although it still seems to load. I've started work on a new site for D&D based on a world of my own design. But I have no idea when it will even be ready. I'm still working on making it unique as a lot of code for the design is "borrowed" from other sites. The basic skeleton is set, I just have to correct the content.

Jonathon J. Yeldon -- no web-site. 08/25/03: 07/09 info: I've finished v3.00 of Frostglint Keep, and have now started work on Beldon Village v2.00. I'm also going to work on a web-page for my IGMs soon. I don't know any inactive IGM authors personally, but my sister was working on a new world add-on for L2 a couple of years ago. I don't think she still has the work she did on it, but I'll bug her about continuing it or maybe making an IGM. Also, I noticed Duncan Idaho was on the newsletter. I played LORD 2 on the same dial-up BBS as him years ago. I remember he was working on an IGM called 'Castle of the Damned'. I think he also made a couple of other IGMs that were installed on his own BBS, but I doubt he still has them if he lost his new world add-ons. I checked out your Castle Camelot site and noticed you have a downloads page for LORD 2 IGMs. I've attatched a copy of Frostglint Keep V3.00 in case you want to add it. DGT Note: was put into official distribution for Jonathon on Jul. 08th, 2003. It can be downloaded from the LORD II IGMs Page.

08/25/03: 07/12 info: Thanks for putting the Frostglint Keep IGM up on your web page. One of the things you suggested gave me an idea for another IGM. I thought about your idea of people playing with magic they didn't know how to use, then I came up with the idea of an alchemist's lab. The player would find a city left in ruins from the alchemist's experiments. Upon finding the lab, they'd have the chance to make one potion per day. They could search the city for potion formulas (presenting puzzles or fights) or just mix things at random. I asked my sister about her new world addon, but she doesn't seem interested in continuing it. She lost her progress on it because of some problem with her hard drives sometime last year. I'll keep on pestering her about making IGMs though.

05/29/04: 01/06/04 email: I'm still interested in making LORD 2 IGMs, and I've made some progress on a second version of Beldon Village. I just haven't worked on it for a while because of exams and then holidays. I probably won't have time to finish the update this month since I'll be away from my computer for most of it. I'll try and finish Beldon Village 2.00 in February, though. As for the survey, I play LORD regularly on the Vortex ( and Warrior BBS ( The Vortex has two games of LORD running. The first has Barak's House, Violet's Cottage, and Moondust's Country Fair. The second has Free World, and Socrates' Shop. The Warrior BBS has one game running Barak's House, The Graveyard, Jenny's Kitchen, The Latrine, Backally Bar, Backally Church, Backally Orphanage, Marty's Mercentile, Jadov, and The Realm of Vanadia. I wasn't sure if the survey was only for LORD 1 IGMs, but just in case, Warrior BBS has a game of LORD 2 running Ice Mount, Seth Able's Music Shop, Stones!, and HillSide City. Red LORD barline

Former LORD/LORD2 Authors Section:

Michael Adams -- Michael Adams' Homepage -- Wolfsheep: Michael's Programming Page
01/23/04: 01/16/04 info: Greetings once again. It's been a while. Anyhow, I have addressed your comments as I am able to. I regret that I have not been active in the community in some years: I've gotten an AS degree, held a few jobs, and been trying to date. The life of an 22-year-old geek. :) ... I had to move web-sites when the last host went down for a good month. ... My personal web-site is probably on its 5th host, and the closest project I had besides it was my "Bob & Margaret Nexus" I ceded to another person years ago. About the only thing I remember of the TEOS site was that it was on Xoom before they became NBCi. Sorry. As a footnote, the guy that took over the "Bob & Margaret" site ceded his Yahoo group to me. The group files (located on the web-site) contain relics I saved from that site.

The Linuxfreemail email address hasn't worked in years. Yahoo has remained stable for me. However, I am not doing any LORD2 development at this time: I have not had a BBS since 1999, and am only now able to participate in them again (DSL line + telnet access). Regarding your questions on the program, Slug's User Registry is a non-LORD door program I wrote in Pascal in 1996-1997. I can no longer competently code in Pascal, and nobody ever bought it. The LORD2 IGMs I wrote in 1997 and 1998, and used them on my BBS. Feel free to distribute all of these, with modifications, and give due credit. Michael Adams, Phone: 407-647-1832. Email: cwolfsheep (at) Web-site: - As of Jun. 25, 2004.

Ahkenaton (no valid email) -- Children of Galaexy (CLOSED) --
10/07/03: 09/28 info. Checked in with Ahkenaton and got following report. "I got very busy over the summer, and I am still working on Daemonica. It's progressing slower than I'd like because the time factor is limited. I have found the code for Moguls (will do that next), and a few of the others. Can't find the Fairy Peddler as yet though. I will send that to you as soon as we find it. I'll get back to you soon, and will check out what else we have and send you something. I definitely don't have the time to work on anything else.

08/06/06: He never sent me anything following that September 2003 contact, and I was never able to re-establish email contact with him in 2004, 2005 or 2006. All programs by him are classified as Dead/Abandoned. The Children of Galaexy web-site is closed, and the domain is up for sale. No real name was ever known for the guy. site still exists, but doesn't list anything whatsoever about BBS door games.

Robby Dittmann. 12/29/03. 11/18 info. It's Robby Dittmann from Mamoosoft! How ya doin? I need some help. I've got a young friend who wants to set up a telnet BBS that would be the new home for Mamoosoft. The problem is that he can't quite get the doors running under linux. Do you know how to do that? And if not, can you refer us to someone who can? I'm amazed that LORD and Lord2 are still so popular. Who knows... maybe I could be talked into programming again! :) I've copied this to him, and we'd appreciate any help you could give us.

11/19: It's nice to know I was missed. I really figured the whole thing had died out until this college kid who used to be in my son's Boy Scout Troop started doing telnet BBSing, and was shocked to learn that Mamoosoft was me. Now, I'm half tempted to write some more. I don't even have my old files anymore. I'll need to get them from you, and see if anyone has that old decompiler utility to get the source code back. I've forwarded the reply from Bryan to the kid who's setting up the board. Hopefully he can get it running soon. So who else do you keep in touch with from the old days? I found my IGM files and a decompiler, so I'm set. In fact, I've already talked to Bryan about Seasons 2003.

Matt Marlor --- MTekk IT Services
11/11/03: Hi Donald, Just a short note to let you know that yes, I am still alive. I saw a match for your site come up in a vanity search on Google, read it, and found my name on the list of authors who could not be contacted. I do not actively program for LORD anymore, but at the beginning of this year, I got a little nostalgic and looked at my old programs again. I have a version of MZK LORD which was never released publicly prior to my decision to shut down my bulletin board forever and cease all BBS related programming. Looking through it, I believe the majority of the program was complete - if not all of it - and it was a far superior version than anything previously released - it is very heavily customizable. Naturally this suffered from the CRT date problems, but I recompiled it early this year and it all appears to work just as well as the day it was first written.

The program was contemporary to LORD 3.26 - and possibly a couple of later versions - but I have tested it with v4.x successfully. This version includes an Install program (as well as an uninstall program), and program called ReadLord which provides the documentation for MZK LORD. The documentation is reasonably comprehensive and it represents quite a bit of work on my behalf at the time (way back in 1995 :-) ). The Install program has a CRC checker integrated which will detect if the program has been tampered with. I am not actively supporting MZK LORD, and have not done so since the closure of my BBS. Nonetheless, I am happy to provide an email address for queries. As I have my own business, and run a professional web-site, I would rather not post the email address that I am currently using. Anyone who wishes to reach me can do so at mmarlor (at) By the way, ReadLord has an easter egg in it. Press S at the main menu. Terrible, but it was funny at the time :-) Matt Marlor, MTekk IT Services. .

12/29/03: 11/12 info. I was lucky enough to still have all the original source code, as well as my copy of Turbo Pascal. I sourced a replacement CRT unit and was able to simply recompile. Had a bit of fun playing with the old game again :-) LORD 4.06 is the latest version I tested with, and it appeared to work fine. Perhaps I'm not up to date with a few newer features, but everything that was in MZK LORD seemed to work as per normal. I started MZK LORD before the IGM's really kicked off, so of course it was a utility rather than an IGM. Thus I was always able to play with any applicable records - it was just a matter of choosing whether to modify a player or not (in some cases I chose not to so as to avoid spoiling the game for users).

My main challenge was to avoid corrupting the LORD files. I had some really nifty features - such as swapping NPC's into the monster files and back out - and it was of course essential not to run MZK LORD while users were online. Once I started getting users from USA and Germany logging into the BBS for the latest version, I knew I had to take that seriously to keep the distribution going as far afield as possible. Hence the emphasis on START.BAT and MULTI.BAT in the install program and docs. The advantage of doing NPC utilities the way I did it was that I had "unfettered" access to the game. Ultimately I could do the most cataclysmic events (such as the Red Dragon burning down the inn) without hitting my head against limitations. I never released MZK LORD 6.0, but I had some great feedback from my users who played the "development" version of LORD. I would hear both sounds of awe and screams of anguish, which was an indicator that I was doing something right ;-)

I think that two factors had a major say in my exiting the BBS game. The first is that no sooner had I agreed on an Australian distributor for MZK LORD (to take some load off my own board) than the Sysop in question tragically died in a car accident, which affected me greatly. The second is that I started a job which was very demanding. Sometimes I regret leaving so suddenly - mainly because of the great programs I was writing, which included a number of general BBS utilities like Whoson doors and tagline generators - but ultimately I know that otherwise the BBS would have died a long, slow death. I don't think I even remembered MZK LORD 6.0 when I made the decision. Hence why it never got released. My exit from BBS gaming was in late 1995/early 1996.

Charlie Wardick -- (No web-site)
-- Email: chasware (at)
01/13/04: 12/15/03 info. I've begun work..... well not really, but the ice has been broken with regards to creating a Pascal-based IGM interface for the game Ambroshia. It's all talk and theory at the moment. If it happens: 1. It will be based on the ANGEL doorkit. 2. It will be only 32-bit (at least initially until 16-bit AMB exists, and it may never). Good opportunity to port Lord type IGMs over to AMB (or create new ones) which is currently supported in a huge way. Anyone can learn to write 32-bit AMB IGMs if they have Delphi. If you are interested, let me know, and I'll provide info updates on the work to you.

12/19/03 info. See for details on Ambroshia. And check their bbslist link for direct telnet bbs access. 04/08/04: Charlie is doing initial conversion work on Paul Mullins' Realm of Lore LORD IGM for me to the ANGEL toolkit. He is also working on Gutterbowl 2004.

08/06/06: Will update Charlie's info eventually. Summary: He released GutterBowl 2003 on Aug. 25th, 2003. No further betas for Gutterbowl were ever released. He quit doing any BBS work in 2004 or maybe 2005. I adopted his Changeling IGM in December 2005 from him. Doug Rhea handles registrations for Gutterbowl on his web-site for Charlie. Charlie's ROL ANGEL conversion did not work properly when I started full-time work on the IGM in Fall 2005. So I rebuilt the IGM using the original DDIGM-based code, and it is still in development now. Charlie's old Chasware mailing list shut down in 2005.

Jason "Elric" Weber -- EarthDrake Software (DEAD site) -- Alternate email:
04/08/04: 12/03/03 info: I'm alive, but my computer's not. My motherboard and/or processor are fried, and my HDD no longer has a FAT32 partition on it. No idea when I'll be back up & running, other than sometime after New Years at the very earliest. Until then, I go online with my wife's old laptop, but not very often, as it's slow. I also don't check my e-mail very often on this thing. The best way to reach me right now is probably via my message board, located at . If you register, I'll have to approve your account so that you can post there. It's something I was forced to do to stop a handfull of morons who took delight in attempting to destroy my board. Red LORD barline

Recent LORD Files Section:
Covers Jul. 01, 2003 forward. (May 2008 update)

Recently Released LORD IGMs List:

 LORD IGMs and LADY/RHP Scripts Released in 2003: 
OTRHP1 ZIP 11698 07-03-03 Outlands Tavern RHP Set MINES112 ZIP 5437 07-03-03 The Abandoned Mines 1.12 (RHP) GTC100 ZIP 4646 07-03-03 Garrison's Training Grounds 1.00 (RHP) TRICK101 ZIP 5256 07-03-03 Trick or Treat 1.00 (RHP) FORHP1 ZIP 11593 07-03-03 Forest Outhouse RHP Set v1.01 XMAS101 ZIP 3838 07-08-03 Merry Christmas 1.01 (RHP) RUIN20 ZIP 99845 07-10-03 The Ruined Castle v2.00 SUB201 ZIP 88372 07-27-03 LORD Suburbia v2.01 LORDGC21 ZIP 101815 09-16-03 LORD Gambling Casino v2.10 HAG214 ZIP 95473 10-03-03 The Nice Hag v2.14 CAVE16 ZIP 150389 11-09-03 The L.O.R.D. Cavern v1.6 CAVERHP1 ZIP 16982 11-09-03 LORD Cavern RHP Set #1 v1.25 CAVERHP2 ZIP 15255 11-09-03 LORD Cavern RHP Set #2 v1.25 CAVERHP3 ZIP 13008 11-09-03 LORD Cavern RHP Set #3 v1.00 FORHP1 ZIP 12017 11-09-03 Forest Outhouse RHP Pack v1.05 GATE12 ZIP 111409 11-09-03 The Gateway v1.2 GEMTR220 ZIP 121081 11-10-03 The Gem Trader v2.20 OUTH220 ZIP 115238 11-09-03 The Forest Outhouse v2.20 PAWN300 ZIP 163077 12-02-03 The Pawn Shop v3.00 MARTY20 ZIP 89702 12-26-03 Marty's Mercantile v2.00 MARTY22 ZIP 89701 12-28-03 Marty's Mercantile v2.20 LOVE200 ZIP 120701 12-30-03 The Love Shack II v2.00 PAWN310 ZIP 167814 12-30-03 The Pawn Shop v3.10
 LORD IGMs and LADY/RHP Scripts released in 2004: 
OUTS15 ZIP 142631 1-01-04 The Outlands Tavern v1.5 OTRHP1 ZIP 12423 1-05-04 The Outlands Tavern RHP Pack v1.18 OUTS15A ZIP 145026 1-05-04 The Outlands Tavern v1.5a THOUSE32 ZIP 72649 1-05-04 Turgeon's House v3.20 BGSS11B ZIP 125363 1-23-04 Biggies Smoke Shop v1.1b LAND10 ZIP 123056 1-21-04 The Land of the Free v1.0 ODDWORLD ZIP 138738 1-21-04 OddWorld v1.0 WK10 ZIP 123003 1-21-04 Wizards Keep v1.0 HAG230 ZIP 100773 3-25-04 The Nice Hag v2.30 LAND11 ZIP 123371 4-12-04 Land of the Free v1.1B ODDWOR11 ZIP 139717 4-12-04 OddWorld v1.1B RUIN22 ZIP 109893 5-23-04 The Ruined Castle v2.20 PAWN340 ZIP 199475 7-03-04 The Pawn Shop v3.40 THOUSE33 ZIP 78020 7-14-04 Turgeon's House v3.30 HITS200 ZIP 103909 9-27-04 Hiding In The Shadows v2.00 THOUSE34 ZIP 81601 12-01-04 Turgeon's House v3.40 SEAS2004 ZIP 87063 12-06-04 Tis the Season Xmas v2004 LADY_150 ZIP 95545 12-05-04 Belgarion's LORD Lady Scripts v1.50 VIOCOT10 ZIP 134423 12-25-04 Violet's Cottage II v1.00 MARTY25 ZIP 91941 12-28-04 Marty's Mercantile v2.50
 LORD IGMs and LADY/RHP Scripts released in 2005: 
MARTY251 ZIP 92665 1-11-05 Marty's Mercantile v2.51 KLBANK10 ZIP 108343 1-11-05 Kiteria's LORD Bank v1.00 KLBANK12 ZIP 115006 2-16-05 Kiteria's LORD Bank v1.20 KLBANK13 ZIP 115980 2-23-05 Kiteria's Lord Bank v1.30 THOUSE40 ZIP 118411 3-18-05 Turgeon's House v4.00 HITS250 ZIP 149697 5-18-05 Hiding In The Shadows v2.50 LADY_160 ZIP 98742 5-18-05 Belgarion's LORD Lady Scripts v1.60 GATE13 ZIP 126965 6-10-05 The Gateway v1.3 CAVE17 ZIP 162842 6-11-05 The L.O.R.D. Cavern v1.7 OUTH250 ZIP 152177 6-11-05 The Forest Outhouse v2.50 OUTS16 ZIP 160976 6-11-05 The Outlands Tavern v1.6 THOUSE42 ZIP 196391 10-12-05 Turgeon's House v4.20 VIOCOT12 ZIP 209725 10-13-05 Violet's Cottage II v1.20 SEAS2005 ZIP 87943 12-20-05 Tis the Season Xmas 2005
 LORD IGMs and LADY/RHP Scripts released in 2006: 
CRI1-0 ZIP 104694 2-22-06 CrossRoads Inn v1.00 HOUSE21 ZIP 168185 2-22-06 Runt-Abu's Home v2.10 LOVE250 ZIP 206294 5-21-06 Love Shack II v2.50 GNOME20 ZIP 201559 7-17-06 Doofus the Gnome v2.00 GEMTR250 ZIP 247200 12-30-06 The Gem Trader 2.50
 LORD IGMs and LADY/RHP Scripts released in 2007: 
HITS270 ZIP 236691 1-01-07 Hiding In the Shadows v2.70 KLBANK15 ZIP 226484 1-14-07 Kiteria's LORD Bank v1.50 GYM230P ZIP 84534 5-11-07 Morph's Gymnasium v2.30 patch COL230 ZIP 80854 5-14-07 Castle of L.O.R.D. v2.30 patch LCRHP1_E ZIP 29666 6-29-07 LORD Cavern RHP Set #1 v1.30 LCRHP2_E ZIP 29508 6-29-07 LORD Cavern RHP Set #2 v1.30 LCRHP3_B ZIP 25814 6-29-07 LORD Cavern RHP Set #3 v1.10 KLBANK16 ZIP 223415 7-31-07 Kiteria's LORD Bank v1.60 HUT220 ZIP 198259 8-15-07 The Village Hut v2.20 THOUSE43 ZIP 215757 9-01-07 Turgeon's House v4.30 KLBANK17 ZIP 226462 9-18-07 Kiteria's LORD Bank v1.70 HITS300 ZIP 265723 10-04-07 Hiding In The Shadows v3.00 WOLF2-10 ZIP 215655 10-31-07 WereWolf II v1.00 RUIN23 ZIP 206325 12-01-07 The Ruined Castle v2.30 GEMTR260 ZIP 235568 12-19-07 The Gem Trader v2.60 VALDAY10 ZIP 200840 12-25-07 LORD Holidays v1.00
 Recent LORD IGMs: 2008: 
LORDGC23 ZIP 205244 9-05-08 4:30p LORD Gambling Casino v2.30 PAWN400 ZIP 491434 9-05-08 4:30p The Pawn Shop v4.00
 Recent LORD IGMs: 2009: 
In progress: CHANG240.ZIP - The Changeling v2.40 CHANED11.ZIP - ChanEdit v1.10 ======================================================================
LORD Utilities: 2003 Releases:
RHPTST13 ZIP 127523 11-09-03 RHP Toolkit v1.3 MZKLRD60 ZIP 276302 11-10-03 MZK Lord v6.00
LORD Utilities: 2004 Releases:
LRD2HTM2 ZIP 57648 1-21-04 Lord2Html v2.00 LPEDIT12 ZIP 101501 3-22-04 ChasWare LPEdit v1.20 42325 5-14-04 Lord 2 HTML v2.1
LORD Utilities: 2005 Releases:
RHPTST14 ZIP 134388 6-11-05 RHP Toolkit v1.4 (RHPTest/LordType) KBEDIT10 ZIP 70139 8-31-05 K. L. Bank Player Database Editor v1.00 HS25EDIT ZIP 64605 9-20-05 H.I.T.S. v2.50 Player Database Editor v1.00 RHPTST15 ZIP 133274 9-20-05 RHP Toolkit v1.5 (RHPTest/LordType) TURGED10 ZIP 70844 10-12-05 Turgeon's House Player Database Editor v1.00 VCEDIT10 ZIP 70879 10-12-05 Violet's Cottage II Player Database Editor v1.00 LCOPS200 ZIP 41920 12-19-05 Lord Cops v2.00
LORD Utilities: 2006 Releases:
DOOFED10 ZIP 72599 2-26-06 DoofEdit v1.00 Player Database Editor JACKED10 ZIP 73215 2-26-06 JackEdit v1.00 Player Database Editor LS2ED10 ZIP 72307 2-26-06 LS2Edit v1.00 Player Database Editor CONVKB10 ZIP 19023 3-14-06 ConvBank v1.00 Player Database Converter KBEDIT12 ZIP 72562 3-14-06 KLBEDIT v1.20 Player Database Editor LORDST20 ZIP 59632 3-14-06 LordStat v2.00 IGMCHK ZIP 6769 5-01-06 InterLord IGM Check ------------ Note: IGMCHK not distributed at Bryan Turner's request. MANNDOOR RAR 226791 6-28-06 MannDoor Tool-Kit v6.06.15 DOOFED11 ZIP 72272 7-17-06 DoofEdit v1.10 Player Database Editor ROL2ED10 ZIP 74011 11-19-06 ROL2EDIT v1.00 Player Database Editor CONVRL10 ZIP 20276 11-20-06 ConvLore v1.00 P.D. Converter JACKED11 ZIP 73789 12-30-06 JACKEDIT v1.10 Player Database Editor PSCONV10 ZIP 39015 12-04-06 PAWNCONV v1.00 Config File Converter SHOPED10 ZIP 119313 12-04-06 SHOPEDIT v1.00 Player Database Editor WOLFED10 ZIP 74272 12-04-06 WOLFEDIT v1.00 Player Database Editor
LORD Utilities: 2007 Releases:
CONVHS11 ZIP 20925 1-01-07 ConvHits v1.10 P.D. Converter SHADED10 ZIP 74726 1-01-07 SHADEDIT v1.00 Player Database Editor KBEDIT13 ZIP 77153 1-13-07 KLBEDIT v1.30 Player Database Editor LPEDIT14 ZIP 116794 5-11-07 ChasWare LPEDIT v1.40 CONVKB11 ZIP 25741 7-31-07 ConvBank v1.10 IGM utility KBEDIT14 ZIP 76338 7-31-07 KLBEdit v1.40 IGM utility LRDMNU14 ZIP 35894 7-31-07 LordMenu v1.40 utility HUT2ED10 ZIP 83419 8-15-07 Hut2Edit v1.00 IGM utility TURGED11 ZIP 76762 9-01-07 TurgEdit v1.10 IGM utility CONVKB12 ZIP 26073 9-18-07 ConvBank v1.20 IGM utility KBEDIT15 ZIP 77256 9-18-07 KLBEdit v1.50 IGM utility CONVHS12 ZIP 23393 10-04-07 ConvHits v1.20 IGM utility SHADED11 ZIP 78277 10-04-07 ShadEdit v1.10 IGM Utility WOLFED11 ZIP 88069 10-31-07 WolfEdit v1.10 IGM Utility LORDST22 ZIP 75058 11-27-07 LordStat v2.20 utility RUINED10 ZIP 76637 12-01-07 RuinEdit v1.00 IGM Utility JACKED12 ZIP 78760 12-19-07 JackEdit v1.20 IGM Utility VALED10 ZIP 78981 12-25-07 ValEdit v1.00 IGM Utility CONVRL11 ZIP 26702 12-28-07 ConvLore v1.10 IGM Utility LC2ED10 ZIP 85523 12-28-07 LC2Edit v1.00 IGM Utility OUTSED10 ZIP 89104 12-28-07 OutsEdit v1.00 IGM Utility
LORD Utilities: 2008 Releases:
CHANED10 ZIP 76933 5-11-08 ChanEdit v1.00 CONVHS10 ZIP 10909 6-09-08 ConvHits v1.00 LGCED10 ZIP 77688 7-30-08 LGCEdit v1.00 ROL2ED11 ZIP 82395 7-31-08 ROL2Edit v1.10 LGCED11 ZIP 78750 9-05-08 LGCEdit v1.10 SHOPED11 ZIP 160625 9-05-08 ShopEdit v1.10 CONVLS10 ZIP 37899 10-10-08 ConvSkel v1.00 SKELED10 ZIP 92726 10-10-08 SkelEdit v1.00
LORD Utilities: 2009 Releases:
LRDMNU15 ZIP 58107 2-18-09 LordMenu v1.5 -- re-release of program with correct compilation included. =====================================================================
LORD II Programming:
JYINN201 ZIP 10,269 07-03-03 GreenTree Mountain v2.01 IGM FROST300 ZIP 12,674 07-08-03 FrostGlint Keep v3.00 IGM HSCITY23 ZIP 17,443 07-08-03 HillSide City v2.30 IGM SLVIL23 ZIP 69,354 07-08-03 SandLand Village v2.30 IGM MICE11 ZIP 26,995 07-09-03 Mount Ice v1.1 IGM SEASONS3 ZIP 12,904 11-21-03 Seasons 2003 for Lord II IGM Note: Nothing was released during 2004-2007 for LORD II. Following the disappearance by Max Larivee in Summer 2004, all LORD II programming ceased to exist. That includes work on LORD II itself. ============================================================
Official LORD Betas/Programs Info:
B32LORD ZIP 389178 4-16-06 Lord for Windows beta BETALORD ZIP 330842 4-16-06 LORD v4.07 beta I did not collect/use betas for LORD for Linux or for LORD for OS/2, so I have no information on them here. The LORD Betas are no longer in distribution as of late May 2006 - for v4.07. L408B-D ZIP 451722 9-23-06 DOS LORD v4.08 Beta L408B-W ZIP 786646 9-23-06 LORD for Windows (LORD/32) v4.08 Beta No work - that is available to the public - has been done on the LORD games since Sept. 2006. Preslar is working on v4.08 currently, but does not allow anyone to obtain new compilations. ==================================================== LORD407 ZIP 440505 6-07-06 DOS LORD v4.07 -- Officially released by Metropolis Gameport and Michael Preslar on June 07th, 2006. The 32-bit ports have not been released yet (officially) for Windows, Linux, and OS/2. ** IMPORTANT NOTE: *ALL* registered users of DOS LORD *WILL* need to contact Metropolis Gameport at support (at) to obtain NEW registration codes. See the News Page on the web-site for further details. 06/08/2006 Notes. ** You do NOT have to pay for new reg. codes if you have a valid registration already. DOS LORD v4.07 registrations are fully usable with the 32-bit LORD v4.08 betas also. 12/09/2006 Notes. =============================================================
Note: Covers archives released since July 2003: IGMHINTS ZIP 25519 10-08-03 WT-Lord IGM Hints and Tips - Brogan ------------ IGMHINTS ZIP 22520 4-15-04 WT-Lord IGM Hints and Tips - Brogan PHOLE10 ZIP 46379 7-27-04 Shut The Pie Hole v1.00 TZONE21 ZIP 313177 7-27-04 The Twilight Zone v2.10 CHRIST30 ZIP 21183 12-28-04 Merry Christmas v3.00 EVER33 ZIP 339131 12-28-04 EverGreen Cemetery v3.30 JOE20 ZIP 55154 12-28-04 Joseph's Revenge v2.00 PHOLE12 ZIP 60644 12-28-04 Shut The Pie Hole v1.20 RHONDA11 ZIP 104589 12-28-04 Rhonda's Single's Club v1.10 RUE21 ZIP 336173 12-28-04 The Rue Morgue v2.10 TTH11 ZIP 289452 12-28-04 The Trailer House v1.10 TZONE22 ZIP 321910 12-28-04 The Twilight Zone v2.20 WITCH33 ZIP 142238 12-28-04 The Witch Doctor's Hut v3.30 ------------ COURT12 ZIP 32975 1-13-05 WT-Lord County Court v1.20 MADDOG18 ZIP 44660 1-13-05 The Mad Dog v1.80 WITCH34 ZIP 146175 1-13-05 The Witch Doctor's Hut 3.40 WWELL13 ZIP 23184 1-13-05 The Wishing Well v1.30 TTH13 ZIP 313919 6-05-05 The Trailer House v1.30 ------------ JOE21 ZIP 56769 7-26-06 Joseph's Revenge v2.1 MADM30 ZIP 74873 7-26-06 Mad Mage's Tavern, The v3.0 TZONE25 ZIP 351203 7-26-06 Twilight Zone, The v2.2 UCF20 ZIP 83379 7-26-06 Up Country Fishing v2.0 There was nothing released for WT-Lord between June 05, 2005 and early July 2006. Joseph Watson WAS the only person doing WT- LORD programming currently, and he has released four updated IGMs in mid/late July 2006. Nothing has been released since then. 05/15/08: He has been unresponsive to email for over 16 months, and his web-site appears to be dead, as of mid-May 2008. *ALL* WT-Lord programming now appears to be completely dead. ================================================================

Non-LORD files:

Released by Charlie Wardick:
GB2K3V3  RAR   280885   8-25-03   Gutterbowl 2003 v3.0
GBIGMV3  RAR   290202   8-25-03   Gutterbowl 2003 IGM Pack

Note: Gutterbowl registrations are handled by Doug Rhea on his web-site for Charlie Wardick, using
PayPal hyperlinks.

Wildcat INS Door Games by Joseph Watson:  (Not for WT-LORD)
BTRIV16  ZIP    47980   7-26-06   Advanced Bible Trivia v1.6
JAC11    ZIP   193782   8-22-06   Jacob's Ladder v1.1
LOTN4U30 ZIP   242613   8-22-06   Ladies of the Night 4U v3.0
MUSIC11  ZIP    50681   7-26-06   Music Trivia v1.1
SCIFI13  ZIP    55437   8-22-06   Super Sci-Fi Trivia v1.3
TVTRIV16 ZIP    41011   8-22-06   Television Trivia v1.6
ULTREK16 ZIP    45529   8-22-06   Ultimate Trek Trivia v1.6
WCDICE13 ZIP    43797   8-22-06   Wildcat INS Dice v1.3
WCFING11 ZIP     4343   8-22-06   wcFinger v1.1
XFILES16 ZIP    57900   7-26-06   The X-Files Trivia v1.6

32-bit LORD Programming:

LORD and LORD/32 IGMs released by Jay Hodges:
BAC50A   ZIP    65433   6-09-05   BackAlley Church/32 v5.0a
BAC50A   ZIP    97015   6-15-05   BackAlley Church/32 v5.0a
BAO50A   ZIP    90169   6-15-05   BackAlley Orphanage v5.0a
SC50A    ZIP    82968   6-20-05   Seth's Cottage v5.0a
ET50A    ZIP    85626   6-27-05   Elaikses Tower v5.0a

The archives contain two versions for DOS LORD and LORD/32.
Abandoned Lord/32 programs by Chris Martino:
FWII10   ZIP    63741   4-08-05   Free World II 1.00 beta (Chris)
-- Adopted by me in August 2005 since I had the igm's source code
-- so I was able to provide support for it as my own Lord/32 IGM.

ARATIME  ZIP    61501   6-15-05   Aragorn's Timer Lord/32 utility
BANK     ZIP    75239   6-15-05   Kiteria's Lord Bank/32
HAG      ZIP    66029   6-15-05   The Nice Hag/32
LGC      ZIP    67358   6-15-05   Lord Gambling Casino/32
NPCLORD  ZIP    99492   6-15-05   NPC Lord for Lord/32
OUTHOUSE ZIP    52755   6-15-05   The Outhouse for Lord/32
RUIN     ZIP    73477   6-15-05   The Ruined Castle/32
SANDBAR  ZIP    99765   6-15-05   Sandtiger's Bar for Lord/32
SHACK    ZIP    95794   6-15-05   Love Shack II/32
SLOTTO   ZIP    52581   6-15-05   Seth's Lotto for Lord/32

These LORD/32 programs' development is dead, with exception of
the Free World II IGM, since late May 2005.  Until he disappeared,
Chris was working on Lord/32 programs for himself, me, and Michael
Preslar.   He created two brand new Lord/32 IGMs - FreeWorld II
and Pony's Coffee Shop.  I have assumed support for the FreeWorld
IGM.  He had done usable Lord/32 versions of Aragorn's Timer, NPC
Lord, Sandtiger's Bar, and Seth's Lotto for Preslar.  And he had
done usable Lord/32 betas for me of my Kiteria's Lord Bank, Nice
Hag, Ruined Castle, and Love Shack II igms.  None of which I have
Manndoor-based source code for, so I am unable to support any of
those programs.

He also had usable Lord/32 betas in progress for himself of Robert
Fogt's original Outhouse IGM, and of Lord Gambling Casino.  I
have resumed my authorship of the LGC IGM, and I don't have any
plans to recreate the Lord/32 version of The Outhouse.  He was
working on other programs but never sent me, or anyone else that
I know of, usable betas of them.  So practically everything by
OddWare ended up in the Abandoned Software and Lost Source Code

03/14/06 Note: Jay Hodges has assumed support and
development of Pony's Coffee Shop LORD/32 IGM that Chris Martino
created, which I had source code for.  05/31/06: This IGM
is now being developed by Jay's friend "Pony", whose actual name
I do not know.
Work by Jason Brown:
RHPTEST32.ZIP  37,163  07-31-03 RHPTest-32 utility beta

Status Note: Dead program.  Was written in C++.

Betas by Lloyd Hannesson:

GRA20B   ZIP   102444  11-26-03   Warrior's Graveyard 2.00 beta IGM

Never publicly released.  Lloyd quit doing LORD programming in
mid-August 2005.  He has heard of some bugs in his igms, so he
is going to work on them again, as of 01-18-2007.  Eight months
later, nothing has been released by him yet, as of 09/19/2007.

My LORD Programming work:

 LORD IGM Betas status as of December 24, 2010:
In official release processing:
CHANEDIT ZIP    78816   2-17-09   ChanEdit v1.10
CHG2WORK ZIP   210039   2-17-09   The ChangeLing v2.40

  Current LORD IGM betas:
BONEWORK ZIP   328099   2-17-09   LORD Skeleton v0.83 Beta
CAVEWORK ZIP   254922   2-17-09   LORD Cavern v1.75.8 Beta
HAG-WORK ZIP   195503   2-17-09   The Nice Hag v2.38.5 Beta
OUT-WORK ZIP   310272   2-17-09   The Outlands Tavern v1.68 Beta
ROL-WORK ZIP   327153   2-18-09   Realm of Lore v1.97.8 Beta
TAVEWORK ZIP   255054   2-18-09   Outlands Skeleton v0.60 Beta
VC2-WORK ZIP   235141   2-17-09   Violet's Cottage II v1.30 Beta

05/15/08 note 1: O.S. Tavern is the ANGEL version of Outlands
    Tavern, and is not available to anyone who is not on
    my beta testers team.  It does not run RHP scripts,
    allow prisoners to be killed in the Dungeon, or sleeping
    players to be attacked in their rooms yet.

05/15/08 Note 2: The Outlands Tavern's DDIGM version is being
    rewritten by Dennis Collins to work without arrays.  He's not
    finished testing it fully.  It and LORD Cavern, along with
    RHPTEST.EXE, are being used to test the new RHP Language unit.
    Which Dennis has rewritten to work more reliably in the LORD
    IGMs, and in IGMs he is creating for his new Sorcerer game.

02/19/09 note 1: LORD Skeleton is now the ANGEL version of the
    Realm of Lore IGM and is fully functional.  Outlands Skeleton
    is fully functional, except that it doesn't run RHP Scripts
    yet.  I am working on enabling that feature currently.

    LORD Utility Betas Status as of December 24, 2010:
CONVOUTS ZIP    42109   2-18-09   ConvOuts v0.75 beta
CONVSKEL ZIP    39113   2-17-09   ConvSkel v1.06 Beta
FW2-EDIT ZIP    85852   2-18-09   FW2EDIT.EXE v0.87 Beta
HAG-EDIT ZIP    77850   2-17-09   HagEdit v0.30 Beta
LC2-EDIT ZIP    79094   2-17-09   LC2Edit v1.08 Beta
OT20EDIT ZIP    81413   2-17-09   O.S. Tavern Editor v0.65 beta
OUTSEDIT ZIP    81674   2-18-09   OutsEdit v1.08 Beta
RHP-WORK ZIP   194148   2-18-09   RHP Toolkit v1.56 Beta
SKELEDIT ZIP    82044   2-17-09   SKELEDIT v1.05 Beta
VIO2EDIT ZIP    79677   2-17-09   Vio2Edit v1.08 Beta

Note: FW2EDIT is used with the LORD/32 Free World II IGM.

    My LORD/32 Programs Status as of December 24, 2010:
FW2-WORK ZIP   172068   2-18-09   Free World II v1.22 Beta
LP32WORK ZIP   120522   2-18-09   ChasWare LPEdit/32 v0.85 Beta

Note: Free World II development is in inactive status. I work
on it periodically.  It is close to being finished.  Last program
updates for FWII and LPEDIT/32 were done in May 2007.

02/19/09: I forgot how to get Virtual Pascal to run, so neither
program is in development currently.

    Un-Supported LORD/32 IGMs done in 2005 by Chris Martino:
BANK-L32 ZIP    83528   1-26-06   Kiteria's Lord Bank/32 beta
HAG-L32  ZIP    74286   1-26-06   The Nice Hag/32 beta
HOUSEL32 ZIP    61012   1-26-06   The Outhouse/32 beta
LGC-L32  ZIP    75615   1-26-06   Lord Gambling Casino/32
RUIN-L32 ZIP    81740   1-26-06   The Ruined Castle/32 beta

-- The Free World II igm was created by Chris Martino who
disappeared in May 2005.  I have adopted it so it is fully
supported.  Neither Free World II or Lpedit/32 will be released
officially until I am sure that they work properly for others.

Lordstat can be used with Lord/32, as well as DOS LORD.

Miscellaneous LORD Files:  (File dates are not up-to-date often)
DGT-LORD TXT    73367   1-20-09   Belgarion's LORD IGMs Guide part 1/4
DGT-LORD ZIP   109414   2-19-09   Belgarion's LORD IGMs Guides archive
DGT-LRD2 TXT    74036   1-20-09   Belgarion's LORD IGMs Guide part 2/4
DGT-LRD3 TXT    76809   1-20-09   Belgarion's LORD IGMs Guide part 3/4
DGT-LRD4 TXT     3649   1-20-09   Belgarion's LORD IGMs Guide part 4/4
IGM-PAGE ZIP    38805  12-23-08   Trentsoft LORD IGMs Page archive
IGMPAGE  HTM   145174  12-23-08   Revamped Trentsoft LORD IGMs page

RHP/LADY Scripts Archive Files Info:  as of December 24, 2010:
CAVERHP1 ZIP    32821   2-18-09  LORD Cavern RHP Set #1
CAVERHP2 ZIP    30559   2-18-09  LORD Cavern RHP Set #2
CAVERHP3 ZIP    27515   2-18-09  LORD Cavern RHP Set #3
FORHP1   ZIP    27822   2-17-09  Forest Outhouse RHP Set
OTRHP1   ZIP    31356   2-17-09  Outlands Tavern RHP Set
DGT-LADY ZIP   136655   2-17-09  Belgarion's LORD Lady Scripts

RHP Scripts Files Info:  as of December 24, 2010:
ALCOVE   RHP    12886   7-03-08   5:00pU The Secret Alcove v1.26 RHP script
ARM-INFO RHP      153  12-08-08   3:23aU LordStat: Armour Info RHP             
BANDIT   LDY    12078   5-31-07   4:03aU The Bandit v1.07                      
BANKGOLD RHP     5778   4-20-07  11:00p  Bank Gold Experiment RHP              
BATS     RHP      824   6-07-08  10:03pU The Crazy Bats                        
BATS2    RHP     2895  11-07-08  11:56pU The Scary Bats v1.05 RHP script       
BLUEFARY LDY     2141   4-05-06   2:44aU The Blue Fairy v1.00                  
BURLAP   RHP     3103   6-07-08   4:09pU The Burlap Bap RHP                    
CANYON   RHP     3007   7-18-08   4:24aU The Canyon v1.10 RHP script           
CANYON2  RHP     3809   6-08-08   3:17pU The Canyon #2 v1.02 RHP Script        
CAVERHP1 ZIP    32821   2-18-09  12:51aU LORD Cavern RHP Set #1 v1.27          
CAVERHP2 ZIP    30559   2-18-09  12:51aU LORD Cavern RHP Set #2 v1.20          
CAVERHP3 ZIP    27515   2-18-09  12:51aU LORD Cavern RHP Set #3 v1.00          
CHARMTAX LDY     8068   5-31-07   3:58aU The Charm Tax v1.20                   
CITY     RHP     7307   7-10-08   9:00pU The Lost City of Darborne 1.11 script 
COAST    RHP     8003   6-07-08   5:30pU Mystic Coast RHP - unfinished         
DEAD-SEX RHP      156  12-08-08   3:23aU LordStat RHP Script                   
DGT-LADY ZIP   136655   2-17-09  10:13pU Belgarion's Lady Scripts v1.60        
DMINE    RHP     2000   6-08-08   3:10pU Diamond Mine 1.11 RHP Script
DRAGPOOP LDY     7029   5-31-07   3:57aU DragonPoop #2 v1.04 (Fairy rescue)    
DT_GNOME LDY    22017   5-31-07   3:55aU Doofus the Gnome modified             
FLOWERS  RHP     1637   3-29-08   3:23a  The Flower Patch RHP
FORHP1   ZIP    27822   2-17-09  10:13pU Forest Outhouse RHP Set 1.01          
FOSAMP2  RHP     8055   6-09-08   2:38aU Forest Outhouse test script           
GEM2     LDY     2238   5-31-07   3:53aU Two Gems v1.07                        
GEMFAIRY LDY    13310   5-31-07   3:52aU Gem Fairy Trade v1.04                 
GEMSPILE RHP     4043   6-07-08   5:30pU Pile of Gems v1.04 RHP Script         
GEMSTONE RHP     1679   6-27-07   4:57pU The Magic GemStone RHP                
GEMTRADE LDY    61282   5-31-07   3:48aU The Gem Trader v1.30                  
GENDER   RHP      152  12-08-08   3:23aU LordStat RHP script                   
GNOME    LDY    21620   5-31-07   3:49aU The Gnome v1.10                       
GOBLIN   RHP     3504   6-27-07   4:57pU The Goblin RHP                        
GOLDTREE LDY     1525   4-05-06   2:44aU The Golden Tree v1.00                 
GOOFY1   LDY     8381   4-05-06   2:44aU Goofy Events #1 v1.10                 
GRIZELDA LDY     3159   5-31-07   3:39aU Grizelda's Rampage                    
GTC      RHP     7597   6-07-08   5:30pU Garrison's Training Ground RHP        
GTC100   ZIP     4646   7-03-03   1:57aU Garrison's Training Ground archive    
GWSAMP2  RHP     7944   6-09-08   2:38aU The Gateway test script               
HIGHSPI2 LDY     4004   4-05-06   1:44aU Lord/32 High Spirits script           
HIGHSPIR LDY     6458  11-23-07   2:59pU High Spirits v1.10                    
HOBBIT   RHP     2468   8-09-08   4:05pU A Random Hobbit RHP                   
HORNY    LDY     1788   5-31-07   3:29aU Horny                                 
JOINT    RHP     1581   7-03-08   4:25pU Dude With A Joint RHP                 
KIDSTEST RHP     2708   8-18-07  11:47pU ** RHP testing script                 
KIDSTST2 RHP     2709   8-10-08  10:40pU ** RHP testing script                 
KILLERS  RHP      141  12-08-08   3:23aU LordStat RHP script                   
LASTSTN2 RHP     4086   8-06-07   5:50pU ** The Last Stand (edited copy)       
LASTSTND RHP     3828   8-06-07   5:50pU The Last Stand - unfinished           
LCSAMP2  RHP     3719   6-11-08   2:29pU ** LORD Cavern testing script         
LCSAMP3  RHP     3743   1-17-09   7:03pU ** LORD Cavern testing script         
MAGICIAN RHP     3607   8-09-08   4:06pU The Magician 1.11 RHP script          
MINES    RHP    11050   4-06-06   5:00p  The Abandoned Mines RHP               
MINES112 ZIP     5437   7-03-03   1:57aU The Abandoned Mines archive           
MUSHROOM RHP     1415   8-09-08   4:04pU The Mushroom Patch 2.00 RHP           
NICEHAG  LDY    30227   5-31-07   3:28aU The Nice Hag v1.27                    
OROOM10  ZIP     2543   7-18-02   1:28pU Our Room v1.0 O.T. RHP Script         
OTRHP1   ZIP    31356   2-17-09  10:13pU Outlands Tavern RHP Set archive       
OTSAMP2  RHP     7854   8-10-08   9:50pU ** Outlands Tavern testing script     
OTWATER  RHP     5670  11-07-08  11:30pU The Underground Waterfall RHP         
OUTHOUSE LDY     6020   5-31-07   3:27aU The Outhouse v1.02                    
PALACE   RHP    17066   6-08-02   4:32p  The Palace - unfinished               
POLISH   LDY     3407   5-31-07   3:26aU Polish Armour v1.12                   
POLISH   RHP     3231   6-07-08   5:29pU Polish Armour 1.03 RHP script         
POOL     RHP     3285   8-06-07   2:34pU Preshistoric Pool - Gateway script    
PRETSTIC LDY     2219   5-31-07   3:26aU Pretty Stick v1.06                    
RANDOMN  LDY     1909   8-17-02   2:26pU Preslar's Random LADY test script     
ROCK     RHP     1498   6-08-08   4:01pU The Strange Rock RHP script
ROCK2    RHP     1148   4-05-06  12:44aU The Rock #2 RHP                       
RUINCAST LDY     8052   5-31-07   3:25aU Ruined Castle v1.00                   
SEXCHANG LDY     3517   5-31-07   3:22aU Sex Change script
SHARPEN  LDY     3385   5-31-07   3:21aU Sharpen Weapon v1.12                  
SHARPEN  RHP     1559   6-07-08   5:29pU Sharpen Weapon v1.02 RHP Script       
SHINY    RHP     1394  11-07-08  11:30pU The Strange Shiny Thing v1.10 RHP     
SKILLUSE LDY     3647   5-31-07   3:20aU New Skill Use v1.04                   
STRANGER RHP     8853   7-03-08   5:00pU Meet A Stranger RHP Script            
STRENGTH RHP      158  12-08-08   3:23aU LordStat RHP Script                   
TAXMAN   LDY     4314   5-31-07   2:53aU The TaxMan                            
TRICK    RHP     8037   4-06-06   5:00p  Trick or Treat RHP
TRICK101 ZIP     5256   7-03-03   1:57aU Trick or Treat RHP archive            
TROLL2   LDY     4301   5-31-07   2:50aU The Troll #2 v1.02                    
TROLLBRI LDY     5732   6-21-07  12:49aU TrollBridge script                    
UGLYSTIC LDY     2052   5-31-07   2:49aU The Ugly Stick v1.04                  
WATRFALL RHP     3337   6-08-08   3:02pU The Waterfall v1.14 RHP script        
WEAPINFO RHP      157  12-08-08   3:23aU LordStat RHP Script                   
WOMEN    RHP     9067   6-08-08   2:59pU The Cavern Women v1.14 RHP script     
XMAS     RHP     6629   6-08-08   1:46pU Merry Christmas v1.01 RHP Script      
XMAS101  ZIP     3838   7-08-03   3:45pU Merry Christmas RHP archive           

Notes: BankGold.rhp is not for actual IGM usage.  LastStnd.rhp
has not been publicly released yet by Jason Brown.  The Mystic
Coast and The Palace Beyond scripts were never finished by
Gary Hartzell, but are both functional.  Version numbers are not
always up-to-date in this listing.  The Other Room was never
finished by Paul Koukos, and is an abandoned RHP script.

LADY Scripts Files Info:  as of December 24, 2010:
Note: These have not been worked on much since Spring 2006.
DGT-LADY ZIP   136655   2-17-09  10:13pU Belgarion's Lady Scripts v1.60        
BANDIT   LDY    11985   4-05-06   The Bandit v1.07
BLUEFARY LDY     2141   4-05-06   The Blue Fairy v1.00
CHARMTAX LDY     7976   4-05-06   The Charm Tax v1.19
DRAGPOOP LDY     6990   6-19-06   DragonPoop #2 v1.03 (Fairy rescue)
EVENTS2  LDY   138268   4-05-06   Single-file copy of my scripts
GEM2     LDY     2043   4-05-06   Two Gems v1.07
GEMFAIRY LDY    13332  11-23-06   Gem Fairy Trade v1.03
GEMTRADE LDY    61100  10-18-06   The Gem Trader v1.18
GNOME    LDY    21268  10-18-06   The Gnome v1.10
GOLDTREE LDY     1525   4-05-06   The Golden Tree v1.00
GOOFY1   LDY     8381   4-05-06   Goofy Events #1 v1.10
GRIZELDA LDY     2865  10-18-06   Grizelda
HIGHSPIR LDY     5865   1-31-07   High Spirits v1.10
HORNY    LDY     1577  10-18-06   Horny
NICEHAG  LDY    30123   3-21-07   The Nice Hag v1.23
OUTHOUSE LDY     5956   4-05-06   The Outhouse v1.00
POLISH   LDY     3261   4-05-06   Polish Armour v1.10 - LADY
PRETSTIC LDY     2133   4-05-06   Pretty Stick v1.05
RUINCAST LDY     7814   4-05-06   Ruined Castle v1.00
SEXCHANG LDY     3300  10-18-06   Sex Change
SHARPEN  LDY     3297   4-05-06   Sharpen Weapon v1.10 - LADY
SKILLUSE LDY     3563   4-05-06   New Skill Use v1.03
TAXMAN   LDY     4101   4-05-06   The TaxMan
TROLL2   LDY     4223   4-05-06   The Troll #2 v1.02
UGLYSTIC LDY     1976   6-19-06   The Ugly Stick v1.04
2TEMPHP  LDY      892   9-06-03   Two Temp HitPoints
ME-LADY  ZIP     6241   5-09-06   Michael Everett's LADY Scripts

03/14/06 Update: You can use all of the LADY scripts listed
above with LORD/32 for Windows with these exceptions:  Due to a
problem with LORD/32's LADY script engine, The Gem Trader, Gem
Fairy Trade, and The Gnome scripts are unusable with LORD/32
currently.  The script engine is unable to process commands such
as @promptn in LORD/32 correctly.

Note: Following the death of Gordon Lewicky, if any further
revisions are needed for his LADY scripts, I will be taking
care of that for him.  11-23-2005 note.

End of recent LORD releases listing, for LordNews Issue #14.  
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Miscellaneous Info Section: (09/14/02)

LORD sites openings - OddWare site. LORD sites closures: Icerage Technologies, Brian May's site, Dore IGMs site. On-Ramp BBS site (; Ahkenaton's site. Non-Lord site closures: The Pedt Scrag site and another RTE200 patch site, both in United Kingdom. Relocated LORD Sites: Oddware; Acad's World. 04/16/04: Reopened Sites: Seth Robinson's site.

Web-site pages updates: July 14, 2003: Replaced waterfall photos on my Waterfalls Homepage. Replaced swimsuit photos on Swimsuit Links page - features Lisa Dergan and Elle MacPherson currently. July 15, 2003: Added two waterfall photos to Lord II IGMs Page. Red LORD barline

LordNews Issues Links Section: (10/30/04)

Web-Page Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Released on April 28, 2000. -- Issue #1 Archive
LordNews Issue #2 - Released on Jun. 26, 2000. -- Issue #2 Archive
LordNews Issue #3 - Released on Jun. 28, 2000. -- Issue #3 Archive
LordNews Issue #4 - Released on Sept. 20, 2000. -- Issue #4 Archive
LordNews Issue #5 - Released on December 20, 2000. -- Issue #5 Archive
LordNews Issue #6 - Released on April 19, 2001. -- Issue #6 Archive
LordNews Issue #7 - Released on August 05, 2001. Issue #7 Archive.
LordNews Issue #8 - LordNews Issue #8 Archive
Released on Oct. 08, 2001 in two parts. Recombined into single web-page on May 28th, 2002.

LordNews Issue #9 -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 03rd, 2001.
LordNews Issue #10 -- Issue #10 HTML Archive. Released on February 06, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 -- Issue #11 HTML Archive. Released on May 18, 2002.
LordNews Issue #12 -- Issue #12 HTML Archive. Issue released on Oct. 07, 2002. Last revision 03/31/03.
LordNews Issue #13 -- Issue #13 HTML Archive. Released on Aug. 03, 2003.
LordNews Issue #14 -- (this web-page) -- Issue #13 HTML Archive. Covers July 2003 to present date.
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Text Version Issue Files:

LordNews Issue #1 - Text -- Issue #1 Text Archive. Released on Dec. 20th, 1999.
LordNews Issue #2 - Text -- Issue #2 Text Archive. Released on April 05, 2000.
LordNews Issue #3 - Text -- Issue #3 Text Archive. Released on June 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #4 - Text -- Issue #4 Text Archive. Released on September 20, 2000.
LordNews Issue #5 - Text -- Issue #5 Text Archive. Released on Dec. 20th, 2000.
LordNews Issue #6 - Text -- Issue #6 Text Archive. Released on April 19, 2001.
LordNews Issue #7 - Text -- Issue #7 Text Archive. Released on August 05, 2001.
LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part One -- LordNews Issue #8 Text, Part Two
LordNews Issue #8 Text Archive. Released on October 08th, 2001.
LordNews Issue #9 Text Version -- Issue #9 Archive. Released on December 04, 2001.

LordNews Issue #10 Text Version -- LordNews Issue #10 Appendix
Issue #10 Text Archive. Last Appendix files update: Apr. 29, 2002.
LordNews Issue #11 - Text -- Issue #11 Text Archive. Released on May 18, 2002.
LordNews #10 Data Files: Contains Authors-Info.txt, Lost-Authors.Txt, and Usable-IGMs.txt files.
LordNews #11 Data Files: Contains Unusable-IGMs.txt, CC11igm1.txt, and CC11igm2.txt files.

LordNews Issue #12 - Text -- Issue #12 Text Archive.
LordNews #12 Data Files -- Contains the BadPatch.txt and PassTest.txt files.

LordNews Issue #13 - Text -- Issue #13 Text Archive.
Patched LORD Apps Listing. Appendix for LordNews Issue #13.
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